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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 10, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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gups. >> we had metal play with caps. they were fun. nobody got killed because of them. >> i think this is a good idea because now you really can't tell if a gun is a toy or if it's real. >> thanks for responses. "fox and friends" starts now. bye. hello friends. good morning. today is tuesday, the 10th of november, 2015. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. this is a fox news alert. a major security scare at one of the largest airports in the country. >> everybody out, everybody out. let's go. quickly, quickly. >> what happened moments before cops boarded that plane and ordered everybody off? >> i'd get off fast. >> meanwhile the stage is set. tonight's republican candidates for president will square off in the fourth debate as donald trump takes ton starbucks over that red cup controversy. >> if i become president, we're
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all going to be saying merry christmas again. that i can tell you. that i can tell you. >> donald is not done. he's threatening to kick the coffee chain out of trump tower. take that, star buckers. >> is that a word? >> also, by the way, it's the number one starbucks. it's in this building. victoria's secret uncovered, revealed what it really takes to earn a pair of angel wings. >> wow. >> behind the wings. behind the scenes to the models and find out what makes them strut their stuff. >> are you forgetting your name right now after watching that video? >> i was concentrating on the prompter. wanted to worry about the guy behind the camera. mornings are better with friends. hi everybody. welcome to studio e here in the heart of midtown manhattan. it's 57 degrees. we have anna kooiman in with us
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this morning. >> good morning. >> we're going to get down to the consequential debate. it's going to be 8 on one stage and 4 on the other. a lot of people not included that wanted to be and others that are that are in a different stage. >> look at this cool video from milwaukee. the time lapse. showing the transformation of the milwaukee theater where tonight presidential hopefuls square off in the fourth republican debate. tonight it's on the fox business network. >> neil cavuto and our john roberts is live in milwaukee with what to expect. good morning john. >> reporter: good morning, anna, steve and brian. what we can expect tonight. the fox business network is promising a policy heavy debate. no gotcha questions. much different than the debate in boulder two weeks ago. that's not stopped the candidates from sniping at each other. last night at a rally in the capital of illinois, springfield, donald trump
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continued to hammer ben carson over his life story. trump seemed dumbfounded that carson is trying to reinforce the narrative that he was violent as a child. >> you can say anything about anybody and their poll numbers go up. you stab somebody and the newspapers say you didn't do it. and you said yes, i did. i did it. this is the only election in history where you're better off if you stab somebody. >> what are we coming to? >> in a new twist, ted cruz is taking shots at marco rubio. a sign that cruz now sees rubio as his biggest competition. cruz suggesting that he and not rubio is the real conservative in the race. i asked rubio about that yesterday. >> ted cruz is trying to slide into one of your lanes and say marco rubio is not in the conservative lane. i occupy that lane. >> that's political talk. at the end of the day, i have the most conservative record in
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the record. everybody group that follows the senate has me ranked in the upper tier. >> the candidate with the most riding is jeb bush. after three lackluster debate performances, he really needs to bring it tonight or he risks wholesale defection of his supporters to the rubio camp. as it was put last night, if he doesn't bring it to the table, bush will still be in the race but could be the walking deld. anna, brian, steve. >> john roberts live in milwaukee with the latest. things kick off at 7:00 on fox business. if you want to know where it is, go to fox finder. you'll find it. also, you can watch it streaming live on the computer. >> grab your popcorn. >> a lot of people want to focus on economics and other issues. let's focus on donald trump and his view on coffee. donald, it turns out that he's one of the many americans who are ticked off and beside themselves because starbucks has
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taken the snowflake and the christmas decorations off their cups. yeah. it's red for the season. but is that enough? >> is it enough to put eggnog latte, available during the holidays, but not put the look of christmas on your cup? >> there are a lot of people who miss the christmas adornments on the cups cups. dunkin' donuts hasn't put out their cup yet. nonetheless in springfield, illinois, a republican town and state that leans to the left, donald trump was fired up over coffee and taking a look at starbucks and maybe it's time for a boycott? listen to this. >> did you read about starbucks? no more merry christmas on starbucks. no more. [ boo'ing ] >> look, i'm speaking against myself. i have one of the most successful starbucks in trump tower. maybe we should boycott
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starbucks. i don't know. seriously. i don't care. by the way, that's the end of that lease. but who cares? who cares? but today a big story that starbucks is taking merry christmas. no more merry christmas. i will tell you, lots of big things, lots of little things. you can call this anything you want. if i become president, we're all going to be saying merry christmas again. that i can tell you. that, i can tell you. >> it's going to be the law. you got to say merry christmas or go to jail. >> you must. that's why donald trump is resonating with evangelical christians each though he isn't necessarily one. he may not be exactly like me, but he supports things like this. come on, these cups, they're still christmasy to me. they're red and white and green. it's not like they need three wise men and manger scenes before. they were scarves and snowflakes. >> they want the scarves and
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snowflakes. >> my wife has the best idea. the person in front much her at starbucks yesterday. you want to know my name. my name is merry christmas. everybody should write that on every cup. >> you'll wind up with the wrong order. how many marys are there? >> we were talking about getting rid of the word christmas. it's all part of the -- being inclusive and change the culture. there are a lot of people who don't want to change the culture. when it's christmastime, they want to celebrate christmas. this is what's said about starbuc starbucks. should we expect a secular company to embrace christianity. i stopped drinking it years ago back when their chief executive officer said he did not want to do business with me, a gun toting bible believing offspring of white privilege.
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>> he goes on to say where is the social media outrage over the christians in the middle east being persecuted and killed for their religion? it seems -- for people to get upset about their coffee doesn't semo owe. >> i like that in the morning. >> kwun thing about starbucks. i will say this. my sister works at one. they have announced that they are extending 100% tuition-free four-year college benefits for the spouse or child of every u.s. vet who is working 20 hours a week or more. >> that is unbelievable. >> that's huge. >> it is great. this is the same privilege that they have offered to the people who actually work in the stores. but they're giving it to their spouse or their children. this is not to go to any college. this is to go to the online version of arizona state university. nonetheless, a great perk. they say that you can take it and have access to 49 online
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degree programs. but there's no commitment that you have to stay with starbucks after you graduate. >> wow. you could go to dunkin' donuts. you'll be a celebrity. i went to starbucks. >> i don't like dunkin' donuts better. i think starbucks coffee is too stropg. >> i agree. it makes you spend more money on our mocha chock owe latte. >> you can make your own machine. decorate the cups and tell them it's the holiday. >> are you on team starbucks or dunnin? >> just folger's. >> how about taster's choice. >> smelling that coffee for 50 years. he's got no forehead. >> all right, good morning to you all. enjoy your cup of coffee while i bring you this fox news alert. a scare at miami
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international airport. it forced dozens of passengers to evacuate their flight moments before take-off. watch this. >> everybody out, quickly, licker quickly. >> quickly, quickly they say. officers boarding the plane in search of a man who made it through with a package. they found nothing dangerous in the luggage. it delayed more than 50 flights. 9 other planes had to be diverted to other airports. it under scored heightened security measures in the wake of that terror attack in egypt on that russian airliner. a new orleans appeals court blocking an initiative. republicans criticize the plan as an illegal executive action. the administration argued it was within its right. the white house could ask for another hearing. the chicago bears snapping a
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two-game losing streak and did it with style. >> second and ten. the pocket. what a grab for the touchdown. by zach miller. one hand. snatched it out of the air. >> nice job. coming late in the fourth quarter and the bears beat san diego 22-19. the chargers lost five straight games and hold a 2-7 record. the cubbies. you know it's the bears. those are your headlines. >> illinois. >> da bears. >> 11 minutes after the hour. a big shakeup in the university of missouri after a wave of protests over racist incidents they say. two top members step down as of yesterday. >> leah gabriel joins us with reaction. >> it sure is. the hits keep on coming for the university of missouri administration as they try to reo store a sense of normalcy
3:12 am
after weeks of anti-racism prose tests on campus. he will step down from the university of missouri, columbia by the end of the year. this came almost following the resignation of tim wolf after threats of a walkout from staff and students. all this stemmed from allegations that the administration did nothing to stop acts of racism happening on campus within the student body. students say it's just the first step. >> moment brought us close together. it's kind of what is my brother doing. i'm there with him. what is my sister doing? i'm there with her. >> this is only the beginning. i i've seen a lot of movements before this point. >> i've never felt that unity. >> more than two dozen players refused to take the football field in saturday unless knows changes were made. the entire team is expected to practice later today. steve, brian and anna back to
3:13 am
you. >> leah gabriel with the latest. the guys leading the charge. senator on the short list to become vice president, he will join us live. do you know what it takes to become a notorious secret angel. we'll take you behind the scenes of the auditions coming up.
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fox news alert. a suspicious package forces dozens of passengers off a plane moments before take-off. >> everybody off. everybody out. let's go. quickly. quickly. >> the alert amid a russian plane likely taken down by a bomb on board. here now with more on what it means, a virginia senator tim kaine. welcome back, senator. how it might relate to what we saw happen to that russian plane. >> it's still early to tell on that. this is generating a lot of discussion here on the hill. what we saw basically when hezbollah decided to move over into syria and prop up the assad regime, then sunni extremists
3:18 am
started going after hezbollah sites in lebanon. similarly, as russia decided to get more deeply involved in syria. this claim of isil in the sinai that they're now going after russia to punish them for that is something that we have to take seriously. because we've seen it happen before. we don't have the definitive answer on the russian plane incident, but the signs are looking more and more likely that it was a bomb. >> senator, i've been watching you and reading senator feinstein and adam shif, two democrats who are kerpd that we're not taking the fight to the true enemy. that enemy is isil, isis, whatever you want to call it. 55 guys on the ground won't do it. what is the administration saying when you ask them for a strategy? >> well, great question. we're having two more hearings today in the foreign relations committee on this subject. i think the strategy in iraq is pretty clear. whether it's succeeding or not and when you think of it is
3:19 am
clear. in syria, what we have is basically three challenges. the assad challenge, the isil challenge and the worst humanitarian crisis since world war ii. the u.s. doesn't have a coherent strategy for putting them together. we're going to be challenging administration witnesses today to come up with it. i'm challenging my congressional colleagues, we shouldn't be in mornt 16 of a war without a vote of congress. >> guys like you and women have to step up and say it's not enough, it's not about party. here's the thing. after 9/11 we got hit. we knew where to go. get bin laden. if we get hit now, it's get isis and rack a. why are we waiting to get hit? >> there are coordinated plans to move toward there. it's a matter of time, we've made gains in the past summer and had good partnerships. >> senator, everyone says it's a stalemate. we have not made gains. we're a flat-footed draw and
3:20 am
they're continuing to grow. >> that's oversimplification, we've made gains in northern iraq and syria. we have lost ground or stalemated elsewhere. because of our partnership with the kurds, we've made gains. it isn't a comprehensive strategy. i put a lot of blame on the president and also on the shoulders of congress. since the president started this war august 8th, 2014, congress has had a hands-off approach about this. >> absolutely. our arab allies have fallen off the face of the earth. kurds have yet to be armed by us directly. it's frustrating. i know you feel it. i watch in the closed circuit hearing and i know you're passionate about it. senator, thanks for joining us. >> you bet. there's a great con senn shus growing, we look forward to keeping the push back. >> thanks so much. coming up straight ahead, california governor jerry brown says you have a right to die. but when it comes to drugs that can possibly save your life,
3:21 am
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24 minutes after the top of the hour on this tuesday morning. quick headlines for you. that giant sinkhole in front of a brand new mississippi ihop. now prompting a state of emergency. meridian mayor, percy bland, says more than a dozen cars are being pulled out of the 30-foot wide by 370-foot long hole. engineers trying to figure out why the drainage structure collapsed in the first place. look at that crazy picture. you've heard of cow tipping.
3:25 am
how about car tipping? police looking for vandals who flipped several smart cars on to their sides in denver. tow trucks were called in to flip the cars back on to their wheels. not very smart. anna, over to you. >> steve, thanks so much. is this what the left considers pro choice? california governor jerry brown signing a bill to give terminally ill patients the right to die. but vetoing a bill that would give the same patients the option to try federally unapproved, yet potentially live saving treatments that could save their lives. a few years ago, sara american han nearly lost her life to cystic fibrosis. they initially denied her the chance for a lung transplant because she was too young for the plagues. luckily, that decision was overturned due in large part to public pressure that we here at fox newschannel are proud to be a part of. our next guest is continuing to fight for patients like sara.
3:26 am
darcy olson is the awe nor of the book the right to try, how the federal government prevents americans from getting the life-saving treatments they need. good morning. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. thank you. >> when you hear about a piece of legislation like this being vetoed, you think about all the patients and their family members going, we don't have time to wait. >> right. >> i mean, the right to try laws are about giving people with terminal illnesses the right to try to save their lives when their mortality hangs in the balance. we're talking about, i like to say, let's get the lifeboats in the water. >> the fda is saying they're trying to streamline the process. they said that in february. they haven't said if it was in response to public pressure or -- you believe they're doing that. >> the fda says one thing and does another. unfortunately. when i was researching this book, i interviewed the head of the center for new drug development. i said, do you think thee rhett i can cli it would be a good
3:27 am
thing if people with the terminal illnesses could access the cutting-edge -- she sighed and said it would be another burden on the health care system. >> another burden to save the lives. >> to save these lives. on the opposing side, the association of northern california oncologists said they wouldn't support it because it would take advantage of the patients' frailty. what do you think? >> i like to let patients speak for themselves. they're saying look, i'm at the end of the road. i've exhausted the standard procedures. i need the right to try to save my life. i have four children at home, i have a spouse. so what this would give them access to is drugs and treatments that are under investigation at the fda. it can't just be anything. it has to be under study. but it may still be five or ten years away from the final green light. >> troubling when you think about -- >> takes 15 years to develop a
3:28 am
new drug. >> you think about the cancer patients that could potentially be helped. >> in your right to try, you give examples and you brought some along today. andrea sloan, what's her story? >> she was a heartbreaking story. she was about our anyone. she was a great advocate. she quit her job to help people who were troubled and be an advocate for the poor. after seven years, she exhausted all her options with ovarian cancer. it took so long for the fda to finally approve that, within a few beaks of finally getting approval under compassionate use, she passed away. in texas, her family and friends fought and it's actually called the andrea sloan right to try act. as her mother said, it took the fda 24 days to turn it around. when you're terminally ill, 24 days is a lifetime. >> right. >> what we're saying is that -- >> physician says life or death. >> if a physician says something is indicated for you, you should
3:29 am
have the right to take it. you shouldn't have to ask the government for permission to save your life. >> darcy olson, the book is the right to try. thanks a lot. >> thank you. 28 minutes after the hour. coming up on "fox and friends," terrifying moments for a police officer caught on camera. a woman rams into his patrol car. >> stop! stop! that's not even the craziest part. we'll show you what happens next. then the unemployment rate is down but it's not telling the entire story about the economy. charles payne from fbn on what to watch for at tonight's fox business gop debate. first, a happy birthday to country music singer miranda lambert. she's 32 today. the best of everything is even better
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hello friends. 33 minutes after the hour. your shot of the morning and behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to become a victoria's secret angel. >> finally. >> what are you doing on november theth and 10th? i don't know. >> why don't you come join us? >> really? >> it's like "american idol" with underwear. >> unbelievable. get over here with your bikini on. >> that's model gigi ha did overwhelmed to earn her angel wings for the show. we thought it would be behind closed doors. >> they considered over 500 mod tolls walk the runway but only 44 made the final cut. >> the live event is tonight in
3:34 am
new york city. but it doesn't air on television until december 8th. >> in other words, new yorkers have a choice. do they want to go to the live show or watch the fox debate? >> we talked about this before. we have had a chance to meet the victoria's secret models, all different venues. >> they all come by. >> they're wonderful people with marvelous personalities. they don't just sit there and say look at me, i'm pretty. they talk back. >> they're sitting there crying and squealing and normally, that's so awful. women when they do that. >> a lot of times i wrestle with conversation with super models. something about victoria's secret models, they're conversant. >> we had a super model on and brian read she didn't have a bellybutton. he said that to her. she said i have a bellybutton, what are you talking about? it was viral for about a year.
3:35 am
>> turns out she didn't have one. she didn't want to admit it. now you're calling her a liar. ♪ >> i don't know what happened. >> brian, were you trying to get her to pull up her shirt or what? >> i guess so. just trying to make small talk. >> of course. good for you. >> can't blame a guy for trying. good morning to you all. i have a serious stories. headlines. a person of interest linked to a shooting a powerful texas judge taken into police custody on unrelated charges. austin police keeping tight-lipped on that person's connection to district judge julie coe sewer he can. the judge recovering from wounds this morning. horrifying moments caught on camera. you won't believe this one. an out of control suv purposely rams a cop car in oklahoma. watch this. >> stop!
3:36 am
stop! >> can you imagine that happened to a sand springs police officer who was patrolling for a stolen vehicle when that suv hit the gas, slamming into him head-on. amazingly, he wasn't hurt. he quickly started chasing the woman who was behind the wheel and that's when things got more bizarre. watch this. >> do not move! put your hands-on top of your head! [ bleep ]. >> come on out. >> taser, taser. >> ooh, she claims she was god right there. police hit that woman with a taser. they climbed through the sunroof and put the cuffs on her. she faces a long list of charges including a dui. college students across the country calling for a huge list of freebies paid by you, the taxpayer. the organizers of the million student march not only want free college tuition for all, they want current student debts
3:37 am
forgiven and $15 minimum wage for all campus employees. the protest only done on a grassroots level so far. that's all planned for this thursday. a vietnam veteran in tampa will finally be reunited with his original 1953 west point class ring after he lost it in the vietnam war. retired lieutenant colonel lost it in hawaii. it was in the box of a another man killed in action in vietnam. >> i couldn't believe it. it was like the note in the bottle. i could have done the same thing, putting it in a bottle south china sea and hung around in l.a. and waited for it. >> he will not be reunited with original ring later this morning. that means a lot to him and his family >> lot of memories. now to extreme weather. remember the floodwaters soaking texas? cheng out what happened on three
3:38 am
school buses. >> look at the window. it looks like that's noah's bus. the children got off safely. let's hear the latest in the forecast. >> good morning. the view along the east coast, we're tracking rain from the mid-atlantic into parts of the northeast. you're going to need the umbrellas. we have a little bit of drizzle starting in new york city. but as we head westward, there's a massive winter storm developing. it's producing heavy snow across the great basin, the sierras of california as well. it will be moving eastward, bringing blizzard conditions late tonight into tomorrow across colorado and other areas in the high plains. we'll keep a close watch on that. for tomorrow, looking at the risk for severe storms from texas to iowa, including tornados being possible during the afternoon and evening hours. possibly even into the overnight. let's head back inside. >> maria, thank you very much. meanwhile, the economy is going to be in the spotlight at tonight's fox business network
3:39 am
gop debate. even though the unemployment rate is down at 5%, according to the government, that's not the whole story. >> like the labor force participation is vague. what about that rate? it remains at the lowest since 1977. someone has to bring that up. >> what's going on and what solutions do the candidates need to offer up? charles payne, the host of making money with charles pairn joins us now. >> good morning. >> household income has been stagnant for six years. >> household income is down. i mean, this is absolutely shocking. it's one of these things where we know that there's a serious problem. it's sort of like the country is put into neutral and drifting away from the prosperity we're used to. that's why the participation number is where it is. millions of people dropped out of the labor force, completely quit the labor force. >> those aren't just people who retired. a lot of them can't find jobs. if the government says, there are all these government numbers, the administration uses the one that makes them look best. if the unemployment rate is 5%,
3:40 am
what do you say the real rate is? >> there's one number to call. the u 6 has it at 9.8%. >> double. >> there are other ways to look at it that it's as high as 18%. we're a big country. we know it's bad. it's awful. >> you put together where some of the jobs are and who is creating them. health care, 45,000. retail 44,000. food services 42,000 in october. >> go inside those numbers. >> health care, we know that's a huge area of growth. that's going to be strong for a long time. we have a nurses' shortage and those kind of things. you see 44,000 retail and food services, those aren't good paying jobs. professional services and professional business, that was a strong number. that kind of shows the bifurcation of our country. certain areas are very strong. but the other parts of our nation, job market is awful. >> because it is a debate on the
3:41 am
economy and about jobs. does that give one of the candidates and i'm thinking of donald trump, does that give him a leg up? he's a billionaire. he's been a mogul. he's run businesses for years. it could. but not necessarily. he runs a private business. it's hard to know exactly how many people work for him. the bottom line, he's had to navigate the economy and build a fortune throughout t for me, the most important thing is, it gets back to the participation rate. how do we rejuvenate that american entrepreneurial spirit? >> that's the case. >> last year we hit the lowest level of entrepreneurship in the history of this country. it's barely coming back. in 1996, veterans were 13% of all new entrepreneurs. now it's less than 6%. we need to find a way to rejuvenate that american spirit. we've gone through seven years of rhetoric, anti-wealth, apt success rhetoric. when obama care regulates us and everything else. but the candidate that can convince me that they can bring
3:42 am
back the american spirit, that's how you spark this economy. >> shark tank this every high school. >> fox business tonight at 7:00. to find it where you live, go to fox finder. the president's -- trying to stop immigrants from being deported got blocked again. could this put an end to the president's executive order for the dreamers? judge naacp here to break down the decision for us. >> it was the photo finish no one saw coming. a police officer helps a runner across the finish line after a nasty spill. both of them join us live just ahead. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha!
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new overnight, president obama's plan to protect 5 million illegals from deportation facing another setback. the new orleans-based federal appeals panel has ruled against it blocking the initiative. so could this put an end to the president's executive order regarding the dreamers? here right now to weigh in is fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. judge, we're talking about the 5 million that's estimated, young people in the country who were brought into the country by their parents who were not in the country legally. this three-panel -- three-judge panel has said, you know what, mr. president, you can't do that, you can't say don't deport them? >> here's what happened. the president announced to people in the southern hemisphere, come here and i won't deport you. i will tell you how to stay here legally and here's how to do it. he made it up. some of the things suggested are very good. get a job.
3:47 am
register with social security, pay taxes, become a part of the community. that's not the law. if you're here illegally, you're subject to deportation. the problem with this is, it imposed a tremendous financial burden on states, particularly texas. they now had to provide financial resources, health care, school, et cetera, to people who weren't working, weren't paying taxes and weren't here legally. texas sued. 24 additional states joined texas. you had half the states suing the president of the united states arguing that he rewrote the law and changed what congress wrote. a federal judge in texas agreed and ep joined, stopped the president from doing this. last night an appellate court in new orleans, which is -- takes care of texas, reaffirmed the injunction, made it permanent. this is a very, very rare event in american history where the courts permanently prevent the president of the united states from doing what he wants to do.
3:48 am
>> so the president has got a bunch a lawyers. he could haul that court into the supreme court. >> he will probably try to do that. i think it's a difficult time for the president in the middle of the supreme court's term. as we're approaching a presidential election. think about it. this is a victory for the rule of law. whatever you think about immigrants, open borders person or a build the wall person, wherever you are on that spectrum, you want the congress to write the laws and not the president. that's the system we have in this country. >> i don't know how many times you have sat in that chair and talked about how you can't just make it up if you're the president of the united states. you've got to follow the rule of law. now, which something that has come to haunt him, there are three branches of government. co-equal branches of government and the judiciary has said, you know what, you're breaking the rules. >> it is the job of the judiciary to say what the constitution means and what the laws mean. when one of the other two branches exceeds the authority
3:49 am
that the constitution gives it, it is the job of the judiciary to put them back in nair box. that's what they did with the president of the united states last time. look, he is probably going to try and down play this. he's probably going to suggest an appeal. it's a -- as i said, a victory for the rule of law and a profound personal defeat for him. >> judge andrew napolitano. >> congratulations on your daughter passing the bar exam. >> yes, thank you. >> all the best in the doocy you household. >> thank you very much, judge. she would like to be a judge someday. i know people. still ahead on this tuesday, remember that e. coli outbreak at dozens of chipotle restaurants. we got a big update on that in a couple of minutes. plus, we showed you this picture. an officer helps a marine runner cross the finish line after a terrible fall. we're going to get their story when the runner and the cop join us live next. good morning, guys. you're next on "fox and friends."
3:50 am
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3:53 am
when a runner at this weekend's rock and roll marathon in savannah fell just 200 yards short of the finish line an officer stepped in to help him finish the race. the pictures and their story have gone viral. >> marathon runner robert lacroix and sergeant john kane join us live from jacksonville, florida. robert, you're 200 yards from the finish line, saturday, it's hot. you are a cancer survivor, you wanted to run this for your father. what happened to you 200 yards from the finish line? >> it was very humid, and i had
3:54 am
gotten real tired, and i think i was kind of dragging my feet a little bit and i fell down. and, trying to get back up, and they were telling me, stay down, and i'm not sure i knew how injured i was. i knew i had to get up, i wanted to finish the race. i kept telling them let me finish the race. i was running for my father, he died of cancer in april of this year. and sergeant john helped me get up, and helped me to the finish line, the last 200 yards, i think. >> yeah. sergeant john kane, wow, seems like he's your hero. you've given him your medal saying he deserves it more than you. sergeant, when everybody else was saying sit down, you're injured. what made you say i'm going to help this guy finish the race? >> i think it was the competitive spirit and the compassion, and his passion that he had for wanting to finish the race. when i seen him on the ground and he was pleading to finish the race, my heart went out to
3:55 am
him. i knew i had to do something to help him. >> officer, he told you that he was running the race for his father. and so, you weren't going to stop at anything. you were going to carry him across the finish line if you had to. >> absolutely. whatever it took to get him to that finish line was the most important thing for me, and getting him there was the reward for me. >> robert, how much training did you put in for this? and what does it mean for you? because it's an emotional thing, too. it's not just a physical thing for you trying to get in shape. you're doing it for purpose. >> i run like ten miles a day, and i do a lot of speed work and stuff like that. and just did a lot of training to get there. i knew that last little bit of space i had to cover to finish, i was going to make sure i finished. i didn't want to stop there. >> sure. officer, you know, there are a lot -- there are stories on the mainstream media all the time about bad cops. we just saw something real good done by a cop down there in saf nan over the weekend.
3:56 am
>> thank you. >> kind of makes you feel great. >> absolutely. and these kind of events, or these kind of things, happen all over the country, and officers are not normally recognized for this. and i'm glad that i'm one of the voices for all of those officers that haven't been recognized. >> yeah. just happened to have somebody in the crowd getting video of the entire thing. and it's gone viral and we can see why. robert and sergeant john cain, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> officer, next time, wear tennis shoes. you never know if you're going to finish the race. >> thank you. i will. >> all right. all right, coming up, fox business network channel has the big debate tonight with the republicans. so what does america's mayor rudy giuliani want to see from the candidates? find out. he joins us live from new york city. coming up. watching football together
3:57 am
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jeb bush: leadership means it's not about yappin'.. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. have 8 layers of kellognutritious wheat...heats and one of delicious sweet. to satisfy the adult and kid - in all of us. ♪ ♪ nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into. and delicious sweet for the kid you'll never outgrow... feed your inner kidult... with frosted mini-wheats®
4:00 am
hi, everyone, good morning. today is tuesday the 10th of november, 2015, i'm arna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. a major security scare at one of americaaries largest air courts. >> everybody up. everybody up. everybody up. let's go. quickly, quickly. >> what happened moments before police boarded that packed plane, and ordered the evacuation. and the stage is set for tonight's fox business channel's debate. the gop presidential debate number three, and all eyes -- excuse me number four, on front-runner donald trump. what does he need to do to stay ahead? he looks happy there. 2008 front-runner, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is here live with some advice. and in other news, first it was those saggy pants. then the pop polo collars. >> remember that? >> and the newest fashion trend,
4:01 am
might just be the most bizarre yet. >> really? >> that's right. it's the -- it's the clip-on -- >> huh? >> last week, they had me wearing the skinny suit, and today you're looking at my bun. >> oh, my goodness. >> live from new york, that's not my hair! all right. the stage is set. the countdown is on, steve. anna? >> where tonight presidential hopefuls square off at the milwaukee theater for the fourth republican debate on the fox business network. >> look at all the work that went into that stage. well it's ready for tonight. john roberts is live in milwaukee with what we can expect from that stage, starting at 7:00 eastern time this evening. john? >> good morning to you. look at how beautiful it is outside here in downtown
4:02 am
milwaukee. ted cruz described the last debate in boulder, colorado, on that other network as a cage match. and the fox business network is promising this one will be far different. the moderators will ask substantive questions about policy, and not questions designed to pit the candidates against each other. but, that has not stopped the candidates from going at each other in the run-up to this debate. last night at a huge rally in springfield, illinois, donald trump unloaded broadside ben carson, jeb bush, and the fast rising marco rubio. >> i look at a guy like rubio, who is very, very weak on illegal immigration. he was a member of the gang of eight. you know what the gang of eight was? come in. come in. come on in. he was a member of the gang of eight. very weak. >> for his part rubio refrained from personal attacks on the campaign trail, preferring to push his message. but after a week of defending his use of a party credit card
4:03 am
rubio indicated to me he's not about to sit back and let trump or anyone else bash him on it. donald trump continues to say your personal finances are a mess. what do you say -- >> i don't think someone who has taken like donald trump has four companies into bankruptcy is in any position to lecture anyone about finances. but when it comes to the charge card of the republican party, we've put it out there. most people that look at it think it's a silly story and assume it has nothing to do with the future of america. >> i also asked rubio about the criticism of his participation in the gang of eight bill. he told me he acknowledged that that bill was flawed. but said it was the most conservative bill that they could get through a senate that was run at the time by harry reid. he said he hoped when he sent it to the republican house that the house would make it much better. of course, that bill went nowhere in the house and left rubio wounded because of it. we'll see if he's asked about that tonight. >> john roberts live in milwaukee, thank you very much. >> he never voted on it actually. when it came up he said i'm
4:04 am
voting against it, even though he helped construct it. rudy, welcome back, mr. mayor. when you talk about a red-hot issue, you talk about immigration and he was working an it, was senator rubio, with the gang of six, with democrats, to come up with a way forward. will that hurt him tonight? >> i hope not. because i essentially agree with that, with a comprehensive approach. although i also agree with the position, and the emphasis on security of the border. secure the border. make sure people don't get in illegally. and then deal sensibly with the people who are here, rather than maintain the fiction that we can deport 12 million people. which we cannot do. >> although, don't know whether or not that's going to come up because tonight's debate is going to be about the economy. who really has to shine tonight? i mean, i've heard some pundits say, you know, this is pretty much jeb bush's last chance. if he doesn't have a great debate he's toast. >> it's not his last chance. he needs to have a good debate. his numbers need to come up.
4:05 am
they've got to be in double digits. but it doesn't have to be tonight. any time over the next two months is plenty of time to do it. >> but it hurts you -- >> yeah. >> and also it hurts when you get on the phone and say -- >> it's much better to be at 20% than at 8% or 4%. but people come from behind and do it? john mccain did it to me, to romney and huckabee, right? he was -- >> sure, but -- >> he was in last place. >> you were the front-runner about eight years ago. >> there was a point in time which i was number one, thompson was number two, huckabee was number three. romney was number four, mccain was number five. and within three months it all switched around. >> how did mccain turn it around? >> through a new hampshire strategy. he lived in new hampshire. he quite legitimately won that vote. he outsmarted us in new hampshire. >> you went to florida. >> we thought we could deal with it by winning in florida. but by the time it was oaf, he had won new hampshire, south carolina, and he basically took my votes away in florida. because we shared the same vote. ee is exly more moderate
4:06 am
republican vote. every one of my voters he was number two. every one of his voters he was number two. and it was either him or me and i think that might be the case with rubio and with bush. you might have a kind of similar situation. >> if that's the case they're about third and fourth. but who's taking ben carson and donald trump? >> let's see where they are a month from now. >> yeah? >> let's see where they are. >> the way things have been going, this is the election for the outsider. how well carly fiorina seems to be doing, dr. ben carson and donald trump. will that remain? or will people start to think, you know what? i think i need somebody who has had a little bit more political experience, when it comes right down to it? >> people change as you get closer to the election. that might have helped john, also. john had more experience than anyone else. so now you start getting toward the election, some of the people with less experience, whether it was me or -- i had been a mayor, huckabee had been a governor, they take a look at john and say, well, john has more experience. the thing i want you to notice,
4:07 am
the person they really go after all the time, the person beating hillry. ben carson. and that person used to be chris christie. >> right. >> i remember being on the show with you a year and a half ago and telling you that. he was the only republican leading hillary in the polls. what at the time did all the rest of them do? bridgegate, totally phony issue against christie took the number one candidate out. i was the only republican beating hillary when they went after me. and right now the only republican beating hillary, by i think eight points, is carson. >> sure. >> that's why he becomes the target. i have no doubt about it. >> what do you think about how they are making him a target the mainstream media where they call into question they're going through his autobiography with a fine tooth comb. well, did he ever really try to stab a guy. as it turns out the mother said yes. >> why was he talking about that? that's something, in fact, if you were going to lie, that's something you would lie -- >> right. >> story, it turns out, people
4:08 am
are coming forward and saying, but -- >> three days later. >> there was a story i didn't pay for my yankee ring. i have four yankee rings. i had to produce the check. it took three or four days to find all the checks. >> by then it's old news. >> and you get a retraction on page 16 and it looks like the whole big mayor got $20,000 worth of rings. and then, the press asked me when i had the rings aren't they worth more because they're your rings? >> oh, great. >> that means if i buy a suit i should pay more because it's my suit. >> a lot of people are saying that dr. carson actually won that news cycle because over the weekend he apparently raised $3.5 million. he tweeted that out and said thank you mainstream media because he was able to rally his pace. >> he has something going i didn't have or chris didn't have during bridgegate or a couple of other things, that this is playing swat in republican religious base. what he's talking about is a religious conversion. it's quite legitimate.
4:09 am
he wrote this long before he was running. a young man who had a bad temper. and i accept that. i think ben carson is telling the absolute truth by the way. >> it's on the cover of parade magazine. >> no doubt. he's an honest man. enormously accomplished man. whether he's your candidate or he isn't. i'm not sure if he is my candidate or not. but he's an enormously accomplished man. the reality is he had a bad temper as a kid. and threw his relationship with god, through his relationship with jesus, in his case, right, he converted himself. that's a beautiful story, whether you're religious or not religious that's a beautiful, correct story. >> it is. >> you know ben you know it's i him and my wife has known him long before he was a candidate. this is a very good man. >> here's a guy now beating donald trump by 40 points in south carolina. we know what he's doing in iowa and he's in contention in new hampshire. so he's got people worried. he's got people worried because he's the one beating little. >> that tricky point.
4:10 am
i remember you -- >> mayor stick around. we're going to talk about coffee in a minute. >> all right. >> but right now from joe to headlines. >> good morning. good morning to you all. nine minutes after the hour. we start with a fox news alert. a real scare at miami international airport. watch this. >> everybody out. everybody out. let's go, quickly. >> out, out let's go they say. heavily armed officers ordering dozens of passengers off that plane just moments before they take off. they were looking for a man for a suspicious package who made it through security. that guy was eventually found, but nothing dangerous was in his luggage. that incident ended up delaying more than 50 flights. nine other planes in the sky at the time delayed sent to other airports rather. that respoens now underscoring the heightened security measures in the wake of that possible terror attack on a russian airliner. a person of interest believed linked to the shooting of a powerful texas judge is now in police custody on unrelated
4:11 am
charges. austin police keeping tight lipped on that person's possible connection to the judge. district court judge julie kocurek. they told reporters that they believe the shooting was related to her work. we're also learning new details about that attempted murder last week. the judge and her son were returning from a high school football game when they pulled into their driveway. they found a garbage can blocking the way. her son got out of the car to move that garbage can and that's when the gunman ambushed her, firing four shots. she's still recovering from glass and shrapnel wounds. dozens of people in restaurants in the pacific northwest could soon reopen, as soon as tomorrow after that massive e. coli outbreak. public health officials in the area now they say they found no e. coli bacteria in food samples from the region. the source of that outbreak is still not known but more than 40 people were sickened after they ate at chipotle restaurants in portland and seattle areas. all 43 restaurants in that region have been closed since
4:12 am
the end of october. and starbucks under fire from removing christmas designs from its cups this season. but the company they're stepping up in a different way. starbucks will now offer full college tuition reimbursement for family members of their military employees who work at the coffee chain. the goal is, they say, to get more veterans or active duty service members working for starbucks. nice. just saw a couple marines go by our studio. >> the marine corps's 40th birthday. >> we have a big cake for them. >> excellent. >> that will go great with cake and coffee. now rudy we were talking earlier about what kind of coffee do you like. starbucks, do you like dunkin'. do you like -- >> i have a keurig machine and my wife likes hazel nut and i like doughnut house. >> that's right. >> what do you think about people getting upset about starbucks removing the snowflakes -- >> i have no idea why remove the snowflakes? i mean it's getting so ridiculous. i mean snowflakes, i don't know, they could be for the winter
4:13 am
solstice or -- >> exactly! >> my goodness -- >> it's the holiday season. now for christians, merry christmas. for jewish people, happy hanukkah. kwanzaa or whatever holiday it is, this is the holiday season. so let's celebrate it. i look forward to -- >> i think this is enough -- >> green and white. >> i mean -- >> no? >> why can't they do a christmas thing? come on, it is christmas. coca-colas aa christmas. >> here's what the viewers are saying. tammy says this, this south carolina girl says dunkin' hands down over starbucks. every time i bought my current house because it's so close to a d&d. >> julie says everybody needs to reread how the grinch stole christmas if your christmas spirit is determined by a coffee cup your heart is definitely two sizes too small. >> rudy, two kinds -- >> thank you very much, sir. >> not too controversial. >> the only thing, it's part of a much, much, much big eaissue.
4:14 am
>> the changing culture. >> if you're not aware of that you're living on mars. >> thank you very much. >> make -- he could be watching the debate. we're going to talk about what happened out of mizzou in just a moment. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it works by helping your body to get rid of some of the sugar it doesn't need through urination. this can help you lower blood sugar and a1c. and although it's not for weight loss or lowering systolic blood pressure, jardiance could help with both.
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out at the university of missouri, the football schedule is back on. they're going to be playing football this saturday, after dozens of players protested, university leadership saying they failed to address racism, on the university of missouri campus. but the protests, although peaceful, were still controversial. >> gabriel knows all that. she's been following this impactful story. >> after weeks of anti-racism protests the entire missouri football team is scheduled to be back at practice today. about 30 players 24re9enned to boycott the season unless the university president stepped down. as of last night they got their wish. both president tim wolf and chancellor answered that call. but that was just one of eight demands that students had brought to the university. they also called for an extensive plan to combat a racial discrimination. well, during the protests, students clashed with journalists, who were really just there to cover the story. check it out. >> you need to get out. >> you need to go!
4:19 am
students, can you tell him how -- >> you don't have a right to take our photos. >> missouri students actually built a human shield to block journalists from covering a peaceful protest. students claim that they needed to create a, quote, safe space for protesters. both sides invoked their first amendment rights. and now while the protests were successful, students on campus say that this is really just the first step in correcting a much bigger problem. steve, brian and anna back to you. >> oh, boy. >> i saw the list of demands. they're very lengthy and almost impossible to achieve. i don't know how they're going to do that. thanks, leah. meanwhile, who could forget this message from this 1987 commercial? >> this is drugs. this is your brain on drugs. any questions? >> by the way, can i tell you, it's true. coming up next the second part of our special series on heroin
4:20 am
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ let's get out, moving and grooving. 23 minutes after the hour. first, 11/27, the day after thanksgiving nordstrom will deck their halls for the christmas season. nordstrom says they like to celebrate one holiday at a time. they also give their employees the day off before turkey day.
4:24 am
next nine feet that's how long this gator is which showed up in tampa. a trapper had to be called and the large reptile was taken to a gator farm. finally $500,000. ♪ fish don't bite clock won't jive ♪ >> that's how much the jacket and skirt worn by marilyn monroe in the movie "gentlemen prefer blondes" could fetch when it goes up for auction later this month. over to you and jamie. >> tomorrow, four new episodes on the fox business network and just in time for veterans day, one episode features a millionaire who leaves his kids the largest fleet of military tanks in the world. >> i've got a great big handle i can hang onto here and i could just jump. put your foot on the ack set rater, let the brake off and we're out of here. go for it. >> wow, she got to drive a tank.
4:25 am
jamie, she took one out. >> i wish. >> i'm excited for the new season. we talked about it a little bit on radio. this is one coming up that has a guy whose passion was building his own tanks? >> he likes to tinker and it got a little out of control. he ended up having 220 military tanks from all over the world, including a russian scud missile launcher, and that tank that i drove, the sheridan and the prized possession was his panzer and they sold for as much as $700,000. but there was a dilemma. in order for the family to meet his wishes they had to make $10 million in an auction, which fox business had covered, in order to preserve the collection. so some of it went to museums, some of it went to other collectors. >> so in the end did the family get any money out of it? >> they really didn't need the money. they wanted to make a record of their father's passion. >> right. >> so other people get to share in it. and also, we get to see that
4:26 am
this military museum called the collins foundation, i'm thrilled that we're launching on veterans day. i've been wearing camo and green ever since. >> what was it like driving? >> it's harder to drive. it's not a steering wheel. it's a stick kind of thing. and when he said hit the gas, you know me, like i didn't hesitate. so you'll crack up when you see me operating this and other things that season. >> you also have another episode that you wanted to highlight, too, about a ghost town where a gold mine exists that might still produce some gold? >> i didn't realize that gold mining is back. this town of goldfield is on the resurgence, especially because this young teenager befriended an older woman who was very well-known, martin and his wife duffy. they were part of a that geo special and really brought mining during the heyday here and it may be coming back. he inherited it. she left it to him, a surprise bequeath. now he has to decide. >> when do we see "strange inheritance"? >> 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night after the big debate tonight we
4:27 am
return tomorrow night. four stories tomorrow night. 26 new episodes, still out shooting season two. i got to run. >> you probably have to go now. >> i probably have to do something crazy that you'll see this season. >> people have a story, they inherit something strange they can be on your show? >> they can be. several episodes came from a viewer. and follow my travels and adventures at jamiecolbytv. i love hearing from the viewers. >> you're doing a great job. >> i look forward to a brand-new season. >> thanks, brian. fun stuff. >> meanwhile straight ahead, hopefully this will be interesting for you. you have a skier falling 1600 feet down a mountain. and survives. the dramatic video that you're witnessing. and first it was the saggy pants that i wear on weekends. then the popped polo collars that jesse famous. the newest fashion trend for men might be the most bizarre one yet. steve's participating. it's the man bun.
4:28 am
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what you're looking at in your shot of the morning, check out this duelling duo. a raccoon gets even with a cat who swiped at him on a porch in canada. >> a shooting sprinkler. the fat, furry guy trudges down the stairs after he realizes he's not welcome, then he goes right to the hose, and sprays him with water, brian. >> he may just be cleaning his paws, but that hit the cat enough to make him leave. >> it worked. >> they don't like water. >> the very latest from the animal kingdom and canada. all right it is 28 minutes now before the top of the hour on the big show and heather's got a developing story. >> i do.
4:32 am
good morning. this coming out of southern california, now. another illegal immigrant, this one who had been deported at least six times out of the united states, has now been accused in a fatal hit and run case. ramon jamie horta is now under arrest for running over and killing a man. police say he was driving with a suspended license. horta was first deported in 2001 and has been in and out of jail on a long list of criminal charges, including battery, and also drug possession. well, sea world san diego now changing the way that it entertains thousands of people each and every year. by 2017 sea world announcing that it plans to completely phase out its traditional theatrical performances, that's what they call it. and usher in a new show involving whales, in a more natural setting, that's for its orcas. attendance has declined in recent years following claims of abuse to those whales. and then this one is unbelievable. every skier has got to watch this. a miraculous survival, caught --
4:33 am
well, heart-stopping video. watch this. >> and it goes on and on. this happened in alaska. the skier, ian mcintosh is heard screaming as he plunges 1600 feet down a snowy alaska mountain. that's about 116 stories. amazingly he was able to sit up at the end of the ordeal and talk. listen. >> i'm okay. i'm okay. >> wow mcintosh says he lost control with his footing from a five foot deep trench he didn't see. amazingly, he's alive to tell that story. and could this be the perfect gift for the guy in your life? this is a clip-in man bun? it's now arrived. boy, women are so happy about this everywhere. it's a hair piece to give you all that hipster swagger, steve.
4:34 am
without any of the commitment. just clip it in and take it out whenever you want. you could have a blond or brunette one and it can be yours for just $9.99 on groupon. between that sexy suit last week and now the man bun. >> the thing about the man bun, though -- >> i knew something was -- >> it's my bun. >> is -- >> you know what it's good to cover the bald patch if you have a bald patch. >> i think it's supposed to go up a little bit higher. >> are you kidding? read what my wife just texted me. >> she said your bun is bigger than mine. >> okay. >> honey. all right. >> let me tell you what's going on in the world -- a major attempt to reduce concussions in u.s. soccer players. i'll pick it up later. the soccer federation banning headers from players 10 years old or younger and reducing headers from those between 11 and 13. the new rules will only be for
4:35 am
u.s. soccer youth national teams and academy and recommended for other youth programs. if you're really good, they care. the chicago bears have a two-game losing streak on monday night football and they did it with style. watch. >> second and ten, what a grab for the touchdown! by zack miller! one hand! snatched it out of the air. chicago leads. >> that touchdown came late in the fourth and the bears would hang on to beat san diego 22-19. the chargers now terrible. so many injuries they've lost five in a row. they hold a 2-7 record. steve? >> thanks, brian. >> addiction in america. who could forget this tv message from 1987. remember this psa? >> this is drugs. this is your brain on drugs.
4:36 am
any questions? >> very effective. it has been recognized as one of the top commercials of all time. but all these years later many people still don't realize there is proven research that that story is true. your brain on drugs. today we continue our discussion on addiction in america. we're joined by a man who has committed his life to understanding drug addiction. the director of the laboratory for behavioral and molecular neuroimaging at the institute for medical research. pleasure. >> thank you very much. >> so yesterday we had compelling story about a woman whose husband lost his life to heroin. we're going to talk tickly about heroin because it is such -- first of all how big a problem is heroin becoming in the united states? >> i've been talking to kids for decades. and i've never seen a drug explode on the scene as much as the open yet iates have. i think some of the statistics
4:37 am
suggest 10%, 20% of kids in high school have tried an opiate for nonmedical reason. so it's really kind of explo exploding. >> oftentimes it starts with kids where mom and dad aren't around, they get something out of the medicine chest. right? >> it tends to be the most common ways. right. people leave pain medication, narcotic, opiates, in their medicine cabinet and before you know it, they're gone. they disappear and end up at pill parties. >> yeah. and how many times have people -- have you heard people say well, you know, all these warnings about addiction, it's all in your head? well as it turns out, that's accurate. >> correct. and i do hear it. i hear it all the time. but when you say it's all in your head it really is. meaning, there are dramatic changes in brain chemistry that underlie not only the addictive process but the pathology that subsequently develops. >> okay. you have a c.a.t. scan here of, what -- >> it's actually a p.e.t. scan. and what it's looking at are dope minimum receptors.
4:38 am
obviously in the human brain, dopamine is in high concentration, it is a neurotransmitter. its primary role is movement. >> so you naturally have dopamine in your system? >> absolutely. and it will elevate in response to a natural reward. >> okay. >> so in the picture with the normal brain -- >> right. normal brain you're looking at receptors that dopamine binds to. >> because there's a little extra red in there. >> you're just looking at the colors the reds and the blues. what you see in the chronic heroin abuser over here on the right, over time, because you're elevating dopamine levels so high, receptor numbers start to decrease. so you're actually seeing an organic change in brain chemistry. dopamine receptors. the moll couples that dopamine binds to go away the longer you abuse the drug. >> sure. so this is your brain on drugs. >> that is your brain on drugs. >> all right. so for people thinking you know what? i'm just doing a little
4:39 am
something, eventually they wind up hooked on something terrible like heroin, the shrt-term effects on that person are what? >> short-term, you use heroin, dopamine levels increase, that increase in dopamine produces the euphoria that's associated with the drugs. long-term, if you continue to use the drug, the consequences of an increase in brain dopamine are a decrease in cope amin receptors. >> right. and you know, the -- image a lot of people have of heroin use is, you know, if you do it once, you'll get hooked forever. is that true? >> well, there's some evidence that a single dose can get people hooked. that tends to be not the most common approach. right. people don't -- people get hooked over time. it's not necessarily a single dose. but in some cases it can be. >> and the reason, after they've tried it the first time, the first time you do it, what do you feel? >> so, people report euphoria.
4:40 am
>> you feel fantastic. >> you feel fantastic is what people will report, that's correct. >> okay. that's the first time. you use heroin. then what happens? >> well, because dopamine levels continue to increase as a consequence of heroin use reception number goes down, what that means in the real world is you need to use more drugs to get the same high. so what you hear is people are chasing that first high, and to do so, you need to increase your dose. >> and then, eventually, through time, you cook your brain. >> you lose dopamine receptors, throughout time, i think one of the things we need to lock at, as well is the dopamine story is a compelling one. but, dopamine is linked to other neurotransmitters in the brain and they change, as well. >> the number one thing you want to make sure people understand and we're trying to get through this week during our series on heroin addiction, is people sim -- there are a lot of stories, you need education. >> absolutely. if i could send any message it's
4:41 am
that we need to educate. we need people to understand the drug addiction is an organic brain disease that as you use drugs, your brain chemistry changes. so we need people to understand that, in fact, it's a very real disease, an organic brain disease. >> right. we all know that it's very addictive, it's bad. but your news today is it changes your brain. >> it absolutely changes your brain. >> all right. dr. stephen dewey, thank you very much. thanks for your life's work on this. >> thank you very much. >> it's so important. continuing on thursday, our series will continue with drug addiction in america, you're going to meet the first police department with a pioneer program aimed at tackling the heroin problem head-on, and how it could be a model for the whole country. so stick around for that. meanwhile, 19 minutes before the top of the hour. we've got a fox news alert. brand-new video just in of an arrest in a security scare in a major airport overnight. we are live with breaking details straight ahead.
4:42 am
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some quick headlines for you on this tuesday morning. dartmouth college is under fire forillary clinton to use a venue previously denied to donald trump. hillary clinton will speak in the college's largest auditorium, a place donald trump was told he's not used for presidential candidates. really? and #baked. washington examiner now reporting an audit found hillary clinton has the largest percentage of fake wait toer followered out of all the presidential candidates. they say only 59% of her more than 4 million followers are real people with phones. new video just in shows an up close view of authorities cuffing a passenger at this security scare at the miami international airport. >> a massive response sparked by a suspicious bag underscoring the new better security after that possible terror attack
4:47 am
against that russian airliner. >> following the latest developments from washington, d.c., kristin? >> good morning. quite a scare at miami international airport. the fbi is now investigating how a passenger was able to make it through security with items in his carry-on that were later deemed suspicious. that led to what you see here. armed police boarding planes on the tarmac, passengers were told to put their hands over their heads, and evacuate. >> everybody out. everybody out in the front. to the front. everybody out, let's go. quickly, quickly. >> part of the airport was shut down for nearly 3 hours. 50 flights why delayed, 9 diverted. the passenger in question was finally located. his bag was searched but it turned out to be a false alarm. this just goes to show you the heightened state of airport security after that russian plane crash in egypt according to u.s. and british officials, with each day that passes it seems more and more likely that a bomb brought down that plane, and that isis was behind it. >> this claim of isil, in the
4:48 am
sinai that they're now going after russia to punish them for that is something that we have to take very seriously. >> and the tsa is already taking it very seriously. they're tightening security on all flights coming into the u.s. from another country. they're also vetting airport employees who could be capable of carrying out an insider attack. in fact, that's one of the leading theories for how a bomb might have ended up on that ill-fated russian flight. brian, anna and steve? >> kristin fisher, thank you very much. >> they've got to figure out what happened. >> i know, you know, with them saying they think that it's probably isis that could have brought them down, isis is winning by us freaking out at the airports and that's what they want us to do. it's not just the carnage of killing a couple hundred people on the flight, they want to change the way we do our business and go about our daily lives. >> sounds like down in miami, tools may have been suspicious and tipped off the alert. next up on the rundown on this tuesday, we are helping our nation's heroes get hired.
4:49 am
veterans job fair on the plaza, next. >> but first, on this day in history, 1775, the united states marine corps was started. and in 1970 the great wall of china opened for tourism. and in 1971, gypny tramps by cher was the number one song.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
friends, good morning. now to the trivia question of the day. the answer is tracy morgan. he is 47 years old today. our winner is tim from massachusetts. you'll be getting a copy of brian's newest book. the second it's out, man.
4:53 am
veterans day may officially be tomorrow but we honor our heroes all year long here on "fox & friends." today we are highlighting how veteran, military spouses and service members can start new careers. veteran recruiting has helped more than 100,000 veterans find work with its virtual career fares. we have a sampling of today's fare right here on the plaza. joining us now is managing partner for veteran recruiting kevin o'brien and national employment director for disabled american veterans, jeff hall. good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks for having us. >> hello, good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us about the event that's going on. >> we're kicking off a partnership with recruit military. we're with veteran recruiting and we're happy to be here today to bring on a new part of our employment program to expand our services to the men and women who have served. >> and they're fighting for our freedoms while they're away from their families, and then they come home and they're fighting to find a job. why veterans? >> well, since 2009 we've been hosting the online career fairs
4:54 am
for the military community. it's not a -- they make perfect employees. they have the character and skills and talent that any employer would benefit from having. it just makes good business sense and we're happy to help out any way we can. >> and determination and discipline, as well. we do have a sampling of some of the employers that are hiring. first up we have excelon. good morning. how are you? >> i'm well, thank you. >> tell me about excelon. >> it's an energy services company. we have energy services, transmission, distribution, power plant operations, retail and wholesale energy sales. so we touch all aspects of energy. >> what positions are you hiring for? >> i.t. professionals, engineers, security officers, power plant operators, power line operators, meter readers, utility trainees. >> thank you so much. thanks for what the you're doing. >> thank you. >> next up we have western and southern light. this is kim, good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me about your company.
4:55 am
>> western and southern fpgsal group is a diversified financial services organization. we help folks secure their financial futures through insurance, annuities and retirement services. >> and when you hire veterans what have you noticed about their characteristics? >> i'll tell you what, veterans have the same values that southern financial group have, disciplined execution, commitment to our customers, and the ability to work in a team. >> all right, great. thank you so much. next up we have wells fargo. and this is lance. good morning, thanks for joining us on "fox & friends." >> glad to be here. >> and who are you hiring, and for what positions? >> we have over 5,000 opportunities available right now across our institutions. we are hiring for tellers, personal bankers, call center representatives, financial advisers, and hiring in technology, operations, cybersecurity, our opportunities run the gamut. >> we love that you're supporting our veterans like this. and what kind of characteristics do you notice that they show when you hire them? >> the veterans are in line with
4:56 am
our own vision and values around leadership, integrity and the notion of serving our customers and making sure we meet the needs of our customers. >> clearly an asset. thank you so much for your time today. veteran recruiting ve inin inin career fair. if you know a veteran, family member, neighbors, tell them what's ahead. on "fox & friends" a college faculty member fights for freedom of speech on campus. how do students treat him? >> you did not! you're disgusting! >> we break down the first amendment battle just ahead. plus the stage is set for tonight's fox business gop debate. what can you expect? and the lucky nod rater neil cavuto joins us at the top of the hour.
4:57 am
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hello, friends. good morning. today is tuesday, the 10th of november, 2015, i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. it's a fox news alert. a major security scare at one of our nation's busiest airports. >> everybody out. everybody out. in the front. in the front. let's go. quickly, quickly. >> we have brand-new video of the arrest just in to fox news. the breaking details straight ahead. >> oh, boy. then the stage is set for tonight's big fox debate. on our business channel, in milwaukee, as you can see them putting the finishing touches on things. what kind of questions can we expect about the economy? tonight's moderator, neil cavuto himself, joins us live from milwaukee in about 30 seconds. >> and neil did that entire set himself. >> he's good. >> and some take a look at three different bus drivers. they run straight into raging floodwaters. two of those buses had kids on board. we'll bring you that story.
5:01 am
mornings are better with friends. ♪ well that is the marine hymn and that is a great reason why it's the marine corps's 240th birthday. formed in 1775. >> thank you all for coming in today. this morning this hour we are sporting some beautiful marine corps pins from our friend major jimmy whitlock. thank you very much. guys and gals over there, can we get an ooh-rah? >> thank you very much. they're going to be cutting the cake a little bit later. that's why they're pumped up. they'll be on a sugar high. >> thank you very much for coming and happy anniversary, everybody. meanwhile 90 seconds after the top of the hour, tonight on the fox news debate republican candidates face off on the economy. >> what you're looking at is a time lapse video of the stage setup where it all will go down,
5:02 am
see what the moderators have planned for tonight. let's ask one of them, neil cavuto. thanks for being with us. you've got a busy day ahead of you. >> did you say the debate was tonight? >> you're in milwaukee, neil. >> you didn't tell me. >> yeah, yeah. >> so your question, are you ready to go? >> thank you. >> we're as ready as we can be. you know how these things go when you prepare and get ready for them. you always fear that you leave something out or you're not clear enough. so we keep fine tuning and make sure that we get it just right. >> neil, we all know, the world knows, that after the cnbc debate, your competitor, after they did the republican debate awhile back, there was such cries of media bias, if people missed that debacle we've got a little montage then we're going to talk to you. >> is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?
5:03 am
>> your board fired you. i just wondered why you think we should hire you now. >> they say you act like you hate your job. do you? >> donald trump, when you look at him, do you see someone with the moral authority to unite the country? >> it raises the question whether you have the maturity and the wisdom to lead this $17 trillion economy. what do you say? >> on the home page of the website with the logo over your shoulder. >> if somebody put me on the home page they did it without my permission. >> does that not speak to your vetting process or judgment in any way? >> and then everybody booed. so that's not -- that's how you don't do a debate. how are you going to do the debate, neil? >> well, you know, i always like using the pope's line on these sort of things, who am i to judge? i think a lot of times you could say some questions the tone gets ahead of itself. it's very easy to pounce on information and then seize on it to avoid answering questions. having said that i think that it is very incumbent on moderators regardless of the debate to not make it about them. i want to be as invisible as
5:04 am
possible. which is kind of hard for a guy my size. but my goal is try to step back and let the candidates address the issues. i always find, you know, if you go back in history and look at some of the best debates, the moderators weren't even around to be the issue. it was their question that triggered the memorable lines. it was a question to dan quayle whether his relative inexperience that could prepare him for the presidency that prompted the fams john kennedy comparison to which lloyd bentsen responded famously, you're no john kennedy. it was a question to ronald reagan whether he was too old to be president, that prompted, i'm not going to hold my opponent's youth and lack of experience against him. that was all prompted by a moderator asking a question and the candidate famously reacting. so my job is to ee riis it the kind of questions that don't make it about me. but make it about the candidates addressing the issues that the voters want to hear. >> neil, one of the issues is not economic oriented which is in the front page of every newspaper and the lead question
5:05 am
of ben carson all week about his own personal story. would you be looking at the headlines and if they have a big story today, how his father, they tried to validate his father's story about his days in cuba. does that have a role in the fox business network debate tonight? >> well, i'm not going to give away questions to you. because you might make another best-selling book into it. so i don't want to do that. you're working on one book at a time. my view is anything is fair game, if it's out there, and it gets back to who you say you are as a candidate and your brand it's fair play. the difference is being whether you can overdo something. the same litmus test should apply to one candidate are you applying to all candidates. i think that is the distinction. what i think got dr. carson upset is everyone was looking at what he claimed decades ago, there was little appetite to do the same on the other side. i just want to make sure with all candidates that we get that point across. as you guys know, i don't book a democrat without a republican.
5:06 am
i don't book a bull without a bear. you know, i know it sounds cliche to say but i'm not about red or blue, i'm about green, following the money, where it's going and i've noticed both parties are pretty good at wasting it. some good ideas of what they want to do about it. that's my goal, very simple tonight. stick to the issues that matter. >> on this couch over the weekend i interviewed maria bartiromo our partner moderator for the big gate. she said it's going to be as advertised. we're going to be talking about issues that will drive american families ahead, bringing jobs back to the united states, and better the economy. what about home economics? will you be talking about marco rubio and him releasing his receipts, and the headlines that were made about him using the republican credit card? >> they're just doing what they did. you want me to tell you the questions. you do. you guys are good. >> we will not tell anybody else. >> just between us four. >> i decided to go into kilmeade's personal finances for
5:07 am
another reason and have the candidates discuss and talk about it, whether he only prefers restaurants -- but in all fairness, that's what you look at. >> sure. neil, the day after the cnbc debate, reince priebus described it as a crap sandwich. how would you like people to describe your debate tomorrow morning at this time? >> i don't know, tuna on rye. very light on the mayo. just one wedge of lettuce. look i mean have you guys know you can have a candidate on and you've had jeb bush on, you've had everybody on, someone will be criticizing you for being too hard, others too easy. it's the same interview they're all watching. so there will be fox haters, there will be people who love what we do, people who hate what we do. i have to put the blinders on. maria and are viewing this from the perspective of trying to do our jobs. there will be some people who think we should be roughers. others who say we're too rough. you really can't get away in this process. the one thing we learned from
5:08 am
the prior debate is if the tone gets in the way of the questions then you know something is wrong with the questions. so we'll avoid hopefully that side track. >> neil, we're going to be watching the kickoff at 7:00 p.m. eastern time right there on the fox bit network. if you want to know where it is on your channel changer go to to find the channel that neil will be on tonight. >> don't worry, we got your desk covered. no one's touching it until you get back. >> i noticed that they have an empty box just in case they want to put all my belongings into it. >> no! >> let's see if it's out on the stoop tomorrow morning. >> this is a great city. i could happily stay here. there's a lot of processed meats and cheeses. >> and beer. >> they've got milwaukee -- >> home run. >> neil, thank you very much. good luck tonight. we'll all be watching. >> all right. we're going to head over to heather now. >> good morning. i've got the first question for im.
5:09 am
liverwurst -- love you all in milwaukee. good morning to you all. a person of interest linked to the powerful -- linked to the shooting of a powerful texas judge now in police custody on unrelated charges. austin police keeping tight lipped on that person's connections to judge julie kocurek. though they believe that she was targeted because of her job. last week the judge and her son were returning from a high school football game when they found a garbage can that was blocking their driveway. her son getting out of the car to move that can, and that's when the gunman opened fire. four shots at the judge, she is still recovering this morning. but was not hit by any bullets. now to a fox news alert. brand-new video showing authorities cuffing a passenger after a security scare at miami international airport. just before that plane was set to take off. heavily armed officers evacuating that plane. watch this. >> everybody off. everybody out in the front. to the front. everybody out. let's go, quickly, quickly. >> passengers were told to put their hands behind their heads
5:10 am
as they filed out the plane. even more security swarming the american airlines terminal diverting nine flights and delaying 50 more plus flights. police saying that the man's bag was deemed suspicious after he was allowed through security and then seated on the plane. authorities later determine that that bag was, in fact, safe. but that response underscores the heightened security measures in the wake of what was likely a terror attack on a russian airliner in egypt. football will now resume at the university of missouri today after the president and chancellor both resigned. this comes after weeks of accusations of allowing acts of racism on campus. protesters making a list of demands for the administrators. some of those including a mandatory racism cultural awareness curriculum. ten-year plan for diversity changes. and increasing the number of black students and staff by 10%. well during the protest, students building a human shield to block journalists from covering the news.
5:11 am
>> you need to go. students can you tell him -- >> you don't have a right to take our photos. >> go, go! >> don't have a right. okay. the students claim they needed to create a safe space for protesters. both sides invoking their first amendment rights, they say. and some weather, some extreme weather. remember all the floodwaters in texas? take a look at this video. shows what happened on three separate school buses all trying to battle the raging waters. the drivers say the roadways became impassable too quickly and they had no choice but to drive through it. two buses got stuck, including children on one of those buses but they were able to get off safely. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in about 25 minutes. >> scary enough. college faculty member fights for free speech on campus. so how do students treat him? >> you did not -- >> you are disgusting!
5:12 am
>> that sounds nice. >> we break down the first amendment battle next. >> and angels earning their wings. we'll take you behind the scenes of what it's like to audition for a victoria's secret angel spot. here's a hint. lots of tears. and laughter. keep going. thank you for watching. you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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5:16 am
things getting heated at yale university where students are demanding action against administrators who fail to speak out against offensive halloween costumes. >> -- this is what yale is? do you hear that? they're going to leave. they're going to transfer because you are a -- you are disgusting! >> yep. really tolerant. they are upset with faculty members like that man who said students should be allowed to wear whatever they want at halloween. it's this thing called freedom of speech around. and anyone who is offended should just look the other way. fox news contributor guy benson
5:17 am
joins us from chicago. guy, so what's ticked off a lot of students at yale was an administrator who said, you know what, it's halloween, fun holiday, wear whatever you want. >> get a grip. i mean, seriously. think about this, steve. these are students at one of the most adult, nominally, at least, one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the country and they are in the grips of fear and loathing over a faculty member's e-mail that very politely suggests that maybe people shouldn't totally freak out over halloween costumes that might make them feel uncomfortable. and that's the results. screaming, earlier in the video, there's profanity. i mean it would be funny if it weren't a little bit frightening because it seems like we're churning out a generation of young people at the elite level who feel like their feelings are
5:18 am
paramount, and people who step on that not only should be criticized, but in some cases lose their job. >> well we should point out the man who is being yelled at right there is actually the husband of the woman who said, you know, wear anything you want. >> yeah. >> people said he was disgusting. people said he should apologize. he wasn't going to apologize. he said i don't have to apologize for anything and they said you know what? you should get fired. some tolerant students they are, right? >> yeah, i mean, if you read the e-mail, the original e-mail from this man's wife, it was so nuanced and thoughtful, and even-handed. it was not offensive or aggressive in any way. but that's the whole point. there's this grievance industry, where people are incentivized to bully and silence while wrapping themselves in the cloak of victimhood. it's just so toxic. >> you know, guy, there's a sound bite we ran just about 20 minutes ago. it's of a protest at the university of missouri. they were calling for the top guy to get fired because they
5:19 am
felt he wasn't doing enough to combat racism on the mizzou campus. and we're going to just play a little confrontation here between somebody i believe from one of the student newspapers, and the students. listen to this. >> you need to go! >> students, can you tell him how much -- >> you don't have a right to take our photos. >> go, go, go! >> okay. so there they are at the university of missouri, which does have one of the finest journalism schools in the country. they're an open space, and these kids are rewriting the rules. you can't take my picture there. >> right. they have their outrage. their outrage is weaponized trying to get someone fired, which they succeeded in. but they don't want to be asked about their outrage. and they don't want to be photographed by journalists in a public place. i mean, and this comes back to this concept, this orwellian term the safe space.
5:20 am
of course we believe college students have a right to be physically safe. they do not have a right to be protected and shielded from ideas or thoughts or images that might make them feel uncomfortable. that's exactly the direction we're headed in this country with campuses being the worst. and it's not a healthy thing in a free society. >> we should point out we tried to get a hold of some of the protesters, they have not gotten back to us. if they would like to e-mail us about their safe space, e-mail us at you're a friend of the program, guy. thank you very much for joining us from the windy city of chicago. >> thank you, sir. >> all right. so what do you think about that? the safe space and everything. on college campuses. e-mail us meanwhile a major city is now banning toy guns in public. we're going to tell you where kids will have to put away their feick firearms. although those i believe look real. and he wrote the best seller tuesdays with morery and do you
5:21 am
know author mitch al bomb taught himself how to play the piano? he's going to join us on the curvy couch. appin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eig years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
5:22 am
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5:24 am
time for some quick headlines on this tuesday morning. colorado rockies short stop jose reyes just got arrested last month for reportedly assaulting his wife in a hawaiian hotel room. he's been out on bail since halloween but was charged with abuse. he could be the first major league baseball player to violate the new abuse policy. outrage on and off the football field over the cowboys handling of controversial defensive end greg hardy. fans and players are all calling for the team to pull him after graphic photos were released of his alleged abuse of his
5:25 am
ex-girlfriend. and that's the sports. now over to brian and anna. in his newest novel best-selling author mitch albom has created a fitch nal rock star frankie presto who has real-life music legends talking to him. >> the story goes that it has a profound effect on somebody's life. >> there were these great stories about frankie. >> i'd hang around this local music shop. >> we were looking for a guitar player. >> somebody playing something. >> when he walked in, it was always it's frankie presto. >> those artists and more are appearing both on the inside and out of albom's new book and they're even helping to create a sound track for this book. joining us now is the author of the magic strings of frankie presto mitch albom. thanks for being with us. watching that video you're thinking who is this guy, this
5:26 am
frankie presto? >> is he a real person? >> no, he's all a creation. sort of like a forrest gump character. the greatest guitar player to ever walk the earth. he's so gifted he's given a magical guitar when he's 9 years old for all the suffering he had earlier in this life and it has six strings that can change people's lives. whenever he changes a life it turns blue. so in the book, he's fictional but all the other musicians are real. so he goes through this whole landscape of musicians. he plays with duke ellington, elvis presley, he convinces little richard to record tutti-frutti and so i got a bunch of real musicians to participate in the book and they were so into it that they recorded some videos like you're seeing there as if he was real. i remember frankie, he was in my band. he was so influential. and we created this character that's a lot of fun, because a lot of people are googling him now to see if he's actually real. he's fictional but the story about music and how it affects lives is very real. >> because you're a musician. >> i was -- >> not -- >> but you get the sense of music and you got a chance to do a lot of sports and see a lot of
5:27 am
stars you had a chance to be with the musical star. why do you think they were so willing to be a part of this? >> i think they understand the theme in the book which is, if you're in a band, everybody plays a part in a band. the drummer the beat, the guitar player takes off on the lead but there's a solo. that's the same way life is, too. everybody's in a band in life. that's sort of what the theme of the book is, somebody always has to keep the rhythm. somebody gets to be the star out front. somebody has to hold it back. so this book is kind of about how musicians affect real people but how they all affect one another. we're all in a band. you guys are a wand. everybody has a particular role. your school mates are a band, your work place is a band. i took that team and kind of ran it through the book. >> life lessons are something we take away from your other book, tuesdays with morrie, the five people you meet in heaven, what will we take away from this one? >> well he's an orphan in the book so a lot of people have to come into his life to affect him. he has a blind guitar teacher who affects him. a guy takes him in and teaches
5:28 am
him blues guitar. they all influence him musically but you realize how many people in the world it takes to sort of raise a child. and affect one another. you think of how many people who have affected you over the course of your life. your teachers, whoever gave you your first break, your parents of course. and that's what sort of happens with frankie presto. only it happens with a lot of famous people, as well. >> day one of your book. this has become your home away from home. >> you guys have been great. i almost feel like i come here every time a book comes out. i thank you very much for having me. >> come back any time. >> hardest working guy around. thanks so much for joining us. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead. >> you know them from the hit reality show the jersey shore, now snooki and jwoww are starring in a new show about motherhood? they join us coming up. and, semper fi. the marines are 240 years today. celebrating with superstar larry gatlin, who's got a birthday cake. he's got his guitar and we've got the marines.
5:29 am
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great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at all right. for the past 240 years men and women of the marine corps have been keeping us safe. and today we have the special honor of celebrating their birthday like we do every year. joining us right now is a member of the marine corps and special cake delivery guy, carlos bakery. where is he? >> joe from carlos. bring in the marines cake. here's the cake. ooh-rah! >> very, very nice. we know the tradition. the most senior officer, and that of course, this morning, is major general john luft you're going to cut the cake today. and major come on over. get your sword in hand and tell us the tradition.
5:33 am
what are you going to do for us? >> okay. well the cake cutting ceremony is symbolic of the passing of our experience, our tradition, and our values from one generation of marine to the next. and this is manifested every day in the continuous mentoring of all the marines and junior marines. that's the way we ensure that our marine corps remains in all of it, remains expeditionary fighting force. >> is this happening around the country? >> everywhere there are marines, active duty marines, veteran marines, retired marines, marines two or more are gathered they're cutting a cake. >> it's a cake day. >> tell me about that story. >> this sword was presented to president presley o'bannon in tripoli. >> and we know where they actually got it, correct? >> that's correct. >> so i think you have to introduce people to your right and to your left. >> my name is major neil public affairs officer here in new york. and here we have our oldest marine, who is john dunham born in 1945. and we also have lance corporal bond who was born in 1996. he is our youngest marine.
5:34 am
>> okay so the tradition is the youngest serves the eldest? >> nope the tradition is the first piece of cake goes to the oldest. >> there you go. >> to me the tradition is you get to do what you want. >> correct. >> and we got joe from carlo's here. is this the way you normally make your fondant to be cut with a sword? >> sure, why not? we've done it before. wouldn't be the first time. >> is it an honor for you to be able to do this for the marines? >> this is an honor. this is a big veterans day this week. today's a super special day with the marine corps birthday. couldn't be more proud. >> very good. >> wouldn't be prouder to eat it. >> can i ask you what it means to be a marine? >> well for me it means honoring our core values every day and getting to serve with fantastic marines around the world. >> here's the first piece. >> first piece, the oldest marine person. >> all right. >> okay. >> i hope you like that flavor. >> thank you. >> i don't think he has a choice.
5:35 am
>> there you go. >> how is it? >> it's delicious. >> can i get an ooh-rah? how cool is this? >> we've got larry gatlin here. >> it's one of the great honors of my life. my father is an 89-year-old marine. he's not a former marine or an ex-marine. he's an 89-year-old marine not currently on active duty. he's locked and loaded right now. i got chill bumps all over, ladies and gentlemen. thank you. god bless you. and keep you safe. >> thank you very much. >> all right. now to the youngest. all right. and by the way, "fox & friends" silverware. >> they call get their separate forks, there you go. >> i don't blame you. >> you want some coffee, don't you? >> all right. >> we got plenty of coffee. >> doughnuts and starbucks if you're watching the show. >> all right. marines, thank you very much. happy anniversary. one more ooh-rah for them.
5:36 am
happy birthday. very nice. >> thank you very much. we'll keep the cake here and toss over to you heather nauert. >> happy birthday to the marines out there. big news to bring you from seaworld this morning. now announcing a plan to phase out its controversial killer whale show in san diego. by 2017, seaworld's trademark exhibit will be replaced with one that features a more natural setting for its orcas. that's what they say. attendance has declined in recent years following claims of abuse to those whales. these images and the actions of this police officer in georgia now inspiring the world. runner robert mccoy collapsed just shy of the finish line in the rock and roll marathon. he cut up his knees and his face. but sergeant john cain, who saw this, stepped in to help. they both joined us earlier on "fox & friends" to explain why that moment was so special for them. >> he was telling me stay down and i'm not sure i knew how injured i was, but i knew i had to get up. i wanted to finish the race.
5:37 am
i kept telling them let me finish the race. i was running for my father who died of cancer in april this year. >> when i seen him on the ground and he was pleading to finish the race my heart went out to him and i knew i had to do something to help him. >> and he sure did. helped him cross that finish line. the photo has reached more than 300,000 people on facebook and has been shared more than 1800 times. and victoria's secret giving a behind-the-scenes look at how they choose their angels. take a look at this. what are you doing on november 9th and 10th? >> i don't know. >> why don't you come join us. >> really? >> yeah skrm. >> and then gets a hug from the girl in the bra and panties. the model overwhelmed to earn her angel wings for the victoria secret fashion show. more than 500 models from around the world tried to land one of the coveted 44 spots. the live event tonight in new york city but it doesn't air on
5:38 am
television until december the 18th. how do these guys get that judging gig. not bad, huh? i'll see you back here in a bit. those are your headlines. >> steve and brian are trying out for that. >> all right. did you catch this shout-out from republican front-runner donald trump? he lived there for years and we became friends. he's a really great guy. i want to thank you because i heard you put on a fantastic show before i got there. right? >> that's right. and then there's a hug. he's talking about our friend the one and only larry gatlin. >> could be the next president of the united states. >> could be. in fact i'm going to declare an exploratory committee -- >> really? >> for the whole trip. >> i think i'll just go ahead and go for the presidency. >> go aexplore. >> i'll tell you. this whole thing, look it, that day with donald, i told that audience i said, do not vote for this man just because you like country music. that's the wrong reason. we celebrities have unduly used
5:39 am
our celebrity status to try to talk people into buying everything from underwear to voting -- that's not right. i told them i would be honored to vote for him just like i would for my friend mike huckab huckabee. jeb bush is a friend of mine. i'm going to vote for the republican if it's elmer fudd. >> we want your taste about economics tonight. >> that economics? i would love for somebody to say i'm going to get art laugh ert to be my secretary of treasury or at least my economic adviser because the laffer curve works every time. you want to hear a song? >> 1450ur. >> do we have a choice? >> no. ♪ a lot of good voters are going to start shopping if you all don't cut out the bull's-eye dropping ♪ ♪ i'll tell you for sure and it's true stop picking on each other and tell us what you're gonna do ♪ i mean the american people they're not just mad. they're scared. they come through our record line, our line every night and
5:40 am
say larry what are we going to do? you know, please, tell us. donald trump didn't get rich by being uninformed businessman. he got the best, brightest people, tell us, your old buddy right here. tell us who's going to be the secretary of defense. tell us -- >> you want to see the cab snet? >> tell us something. >> he has told us that carl icahn one of the great negotiators in america will be part of his team. >> let's have general jack kaine be the secretary of defense. and if mike huckabee doesn't get it, let him be the ambassador of israel. >> in your song you talk about how stop beating up on each other and we haven't seen any of the candidates beat up on ben carson over his issues in the press, and the validity of his biography. he's come out with -- >> donald trump has. >> the one exception is donald trump. will that help or hurt donald trump? >> he looks almost -- he's either made out of teflon or
5:41 am
asbestos. >> he's both. >> everything just bounces off of him. would you say asbestos? okay. i'll talk to you -- >> this is a career move for me. >> okay. >> a lady naomi judd went with me to speak at the crystal cathedral and she told dr. shula the first line out of her mouth was dr. shuler you need to know something, eve is the only woman in history without a past. okay. we all have a past. we all have things we're not proud of. leave that alone and tell us how you're going to fix america. >> are you proud of this album you have out here? >> i'm very thankful for it. pride is one of the seven deadly sins and i'm proud of my humility. pay attention i'm brought of my humility. the gospel eleven new songs that i've written. the first time we've ever done an album of all gatlin music and it's a little edgy.
5:42 am
it's a little weird. one of them i talk about my recovery from drugs and alcohol okay and the opening line is -- ♪ i thought i was dancing till somebody stepped on my fingers ♪ so you know where that's requesting. but it's, you know, it's our version. hymn type things harmony songs but it's a little takeoff on the gospel according to matthew, mark, luke -- they had their idea. we have our idea of it. and it will probably torque off a few christians but that's all right, too. >> always a american your. >> god bless. >> when we come back on this tuesday, fox news alert from the white house. the administration firing back at the courts that just overturned the president's order blocking deportation. we're live on the north lawn next. (waves crashing) (audio distortion) (splashing)
5:43 am
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5:45 am
hello and good morning. president obama's plan to
5:46 am
protect 5 million immigrants from deportation now facing a major setback. >> that's right. and moments ago we learned the white house not going down without a fight. we're live on the north lawn with the latest. >> good morning. a texas federal judge had blocked the president's executive order on immigration and now the fifth u.s. circuit court of appeals has upheld that injunction. this could tangle this issue in legal proceedings until after president obama's term. the white house in a statement saying quote this lawsuit is preventing people who have been part of our communities for years from working on the books, contributing to our economy by paying taxes on that work, and being held accountable. the white house says the supreme court and congress have made clear that they have the authority to act like they're doing and president obama last evening again called on congress to address immigration. >> we've still got to work -- our work cut out for us to fix the broken immigration system at a time when we've got so many people playing on anti-immigrant fears. >> now republicans in the 26
5:47 am
states that are suing the administration over the this executive action say the president has overstepped his executive boundaries here. and this morning one republican laid out his approach to overhauling the immigration system. >> secure the border, make sure people don't get in illegally and then deal ostensibly with the people who are here rather than maintain the fiction that we can deport 12 million people, which we cannot do. >> now congressional republicans are reacting to this. a spokesperson for house speaker paul ryan saying in a statement, quote, this decision contributes to the mounting evidence that the president's executive action on immigration was unlawful, and he simply cannot be trusted on this issue. all this as we wait potentially on whether or not the supreme court is going to hear this. back to you. >> all right. that's the big question, rich edison live on the north lawn. thank you very much. >> speaking up, looking to see if the president's going to listen. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. >> from jersey shore to motherhood. that's quite a change. snooki and jwoww are here to tell us all about it.
5:48 am
they're coming in next. good morning, ladies. >> i know bill hemmer is jealous. he's going to tell us what's on his show. >> good morning. tonight is the night. big night to preview the debate with us. great lineup. who's got the most to lose and who's got the most to gain? we'll go through that today. will dozens of gitmo detainees come to the u.s.? senator kelly ayotte says not if she can stop it. we'll talk to her live. and the growing security concerns at u.s. airports. after this russian plane went down mike mccaul will address what you need to know today. martha and i will see you shortly. packed day here in america's newsroom 12 minutes away, top of the hour.
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
hey, everybody, their new reality show jersey shore catapulted our next guests into sudden stardom. now both married and with
5:52 am
children, these two best friends are giving us a glimpse into their world of motherhood. in their new digital series snooki and jwoww, moms with attitude. take a look. >> my kid is actually -- >> don't be jealous. don't hit. >> -- makeup artist. >> don't mind my psycho kids in the background. >> it's life. >> it's life. >> oh, man. right now nicole and jenny farley jwoww and snooki. are you still jwoww and snooki? >> a little bit. >> i like that name. >> as moms, nicole and jenny, we still have that snooki and jwoww. >> until we get to know you, we
5:53 am
should use your nicknames? or just the opposite? >> sure, i means -- >> what's the approach, they expect to see parents from jersey shore. you guys are going to be -- how are you going to be different and alike? >> well, i mean, it's not so much like filming, because it's on a web series. so it's not actually on television, which is kind of cool. but it's different. it's different. >> no limit. >> no limit. >> and you know, showing our families. >> snooki and jwoww but not so much reality. we're, you know, trying to prove something by the end of every series. >> mm-hmm. >> whether it's mom questions, helping moms do it yourself projects. >> which i love doing. >> potty training. our children. just like learning along with other millennial moms. >> in the little clip we showed -- >> they're awesome >> you've got quite a house. you've got the child and the dog is crazy. >> i have two crazy dogs and my
5:54 am
child is -- >> how about your two kids, are they better behaved? >> i mean kind of. because melani has jenny's personality. but my kids 3 and 1, they're crazy. yeah, it's a nut house. >> i want to hear how different this is from jersey shore. you say the production value was a lot different. you said you weren't allowed to talk to any of the producers? what would happen if you did? >> you would never see that producer again or cameraman. 24/7 filming, no cell phone, no internet, no tv. here we're able to talk one-on-one with producers. we're able to talk to our fans and figure out what we should shoot. >> when jersey shore came out, it was such a sensation and there was some crazy stuff there. snooki, what -- when your kids grow up, what is the one episode you don't want them to see? >> i mean, it is what it is. it's not like we killed anybody. we were young and we were partying. and that's what happens. >> you don't want your kids to see what you did. >> it's inevitable, it's going to happen. they're going to see it whether
5:55 am
it's google, youtube, it's going to happen. and i'm just going to say you know what kids? mommy just turned 21, learn from my mistakes. >> and we made a lot of money and that's why you can go to college. >> exactly. and it's crazy that it was six years ago. like, dude, where did the time go. >> six years ago. >> yeah. >> -- another couple minutes? >> of course. >> all right. >> all right, guys. snooki and jwoww will be back in just a moment. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine
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got starbucks is taking merry christmas off. no more merry christmas. i will tell you, lots of big things, lots of little things, you can call this anything you want. but if i become president, we're all going to be saying merry christmas again. that i can tell you. that i can tell you. >> so a lot of people are upset that starbucks, rather than having christmasy things on their coffee cups, it's just red. which led to us asking you, which coffee cup purveyor are you more a fan of, dunkin' donuts, starbucks? overwhelmingly people watching this program said -- dunkin' donuts. >> meanwhile, what about you girls? are you dunkin' donuts or are you a starbucks? >> i grew up on dunkin' but now i like starbucks tea. >> oh. >> gray tea lattes are my thing. >> you can only have one cup of tea a guy dawes -- coffee a day because -- >> i'm pregnant. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> and i waited for the perfect
6:00 am
time to have it. >> okay. it's time for the tea. >> yep. >> all right stay tuned after the show show. you're going to talk to us a little bit more. larry gatlin, come on in. >> all right, everybody. bill: it's debate day. it's 8:00 in the moaning in mill whamilwaukee -- in the morning n milwaukee. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. where will we be tomorrow? martha: you have fox business network and the "wall street journal" giving 12 candidate the chance to share their vague fore their vision for this country. you have


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