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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 10, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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martha: we leave you with this. bill: yes, we do. martha: godzilla. found outside after shopping center near houston. he is 50 years old, this reptile, 13 feet long. weighs 1,000-pound. bill: make movies about guys like that. martha: wonder what he was looking for at the mall? bill: handbag. pair of shoes. debate, prime time. fox business. martha: see you there. everybody, have a great night. ♪ jenna: what is the event of the day. we're hours now from the start of fourth republican presidential debate tonight on the fox business network. hope you're off to great day so far. i'm jenna lee. jon: i know what we're doing tonight. i'm jon scott. our sister network fox business is partnering with the "wall street journal" to give candidates a chance to focus on what most voters call their top issue, the economist. the top eight candidates square
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off tonight at, i'm sorry, at the milwaukee theater in wisconsin. trump trim and ben carson neck-and-neck at top of "real clear politics" polling average with marco rubioing in third place. ted cruz and jeb bush in the middle of the pack. rand paul, carly fiorina, john kasich rounding out the top eight. it seems to be anybody's game. washington bureau chief jerry seib writes in "the wall street journal" today, it may seem odd thing on verge of fourth republican presidential race, but the fight for the republican nomination has never felt more unsettled. gerald seib, one of the moderators of the 7:00 p.m. undercard debate. he joins us live from milwaukee. donald trump has been at or near the top of the polls for a month now, maybe a little more than that, but you say this thing is far from over. very unsettled. how? >> look, i think one useful perspective to remember in 2008 rudolph giuliani led the
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republican field through the most of preceding year 2007, for eight or nine months and i disappeared rapidly when it got closer to voting. this is first of all in general a time which stability on the surface is probably not stability in reality. the second reality, ben carson, donald trump, two front-runners while benefited from outsider status are so unorthodox in their candidacies you can't be sure that will really hold. donald trump arouses a lot of negative feelings among a lot of voters including fairly hefty number of republican voters. ben carson does not have fully formed policy plan. there is not a lot of substance there yet. maybe those are fatal flaws, maybe not. you have beneath them, people who might be finally about to rise. you mentioned marco rubio in lead-in. ted cruz is there. people tire of donald trump and ben carson in outsider lane. i think jeb bush ultimately will have to have a moment somewhere along the line.
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maybe tonight is that moment. he is simply too powerful to fade away. chris christie in the under card debate i will moderate tonight has found his voice. he found a couple issues that work for him. he is rising new hampshire. that is not reflected nationally yet. he has a chance to stand out tonight. that could change things. it feels unsettled rather than stable. jon: back to the front-runners in just a moment but you mentioned something regarding jeb bush and his performance tonight somewhat echoes what charles krauthamer said on "special report." i want to play that for you, and get your reaction. >> i think in the end this debate is all about one thing, jeb bush. he has had three bad debates. one more and he will not drop out of the race but he will really be "dead man walking." he has to show a spark. that he has to show a moment. entire season is theatric cal. the ones risen have the moments. jon: what about theatrical, is
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that driving this candidate season? >> sort of it is up to this point but i don't think jeb bush does theatrical particularly well. i don't think it has to be a moment but a performance people will remember. the cards are right for jeb be b it will be substantive debate. it will be focused on economics. he has fully formed economic plan. he is in mainstream where republican voters are on tax issues. it plays to his strengths. he describes it. will he get a chance to do it well? i think in the latter he will get a chance to do it well. i don't know that he needs a moment. he needs a performance. he needs to stand out correctly for first time in four debates. jon: when you talk about donald trump, 29% of voters or 29% of republican voters have negative feelings about him. i think 56% of voters overall. if that's the case, why is donald trump sitting there in the poll position on stage? >> well i think because he has tapped into the prevailing
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sentiment which is, disgust with washington, anger at establishment, lack of confidence in established figures. he is very decidedly non-establishment candidate and he is basically decided that the way to succeed is to cut through the static by saying i'm going to go do tough things. i'm going to succeed. we'll knock things down and remake them. he is not being very specific what that means. at this moment that seems not to have been the primary thing that voters are looking for. what i'm suggesting in the column that we're talking about here is that maybe that is about to change. you get to november and december. january before the february 1st iowa caucuses, vote remembers done making statements they have to make choices. maybe that will be a different dynamic. jon: speaking of dynamics eight candidates on change for the big debate as opposed to 10 or 11. you have four candidates in the undercard. will that allow more substance and time for thoughtful answers
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and perhaps give americans a better feel for who these candidates really are? >> i think yes. i think the short answer to your question is yes. i think there will be fewer candidates on the stage for main debate. in the undercard debate i think you have four very serious, substantive candidates. they will be given a little more time under rules of these debates to give an answer to a question. you will have hopefully, i think by design you should have a little more serious policy discussion which hopefully leade about style or extreme statements. real debate about substance, rather than performance would be a good thing i think. jon: you're the moderator tonight for the first debate. are you nervous? >> you have to be a little nervous boeing into this these things. in the end it shouldn't be about the moderators, it should be about the candidates. if we manage to make that the case i think we're all ahead. jon: great answer. jerry seib, "wall street journal." we'll be watching tonight. >> thank you.
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jon: don't forget you can catch the republican presidential debate live on the fox business network live from milwaukee, wisconsin. first one, jerry seib comoderating, 7:00 p.m. followed by the main event at 9:00 p.m., followed by analysis from the fox business network and "wall street journal." go to www to find it in your area. jenna: new questions about the fate of the prison at guantanamo bay and roughly 100 detainees still held there. the president still trying to fulfill his campaign promise eight years ago to shut it down. we're learning pentagon latest plan to do just that is expected to be presented to congress this week. if they may use a executive order to shut down the facility for good. can he do that? catherine herridge is live in washington with more on whether the administration's goal can
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actually be accomplished, catherine? reporter: thanks, general knee. 50 detainees are on deit tension not enough evidence to prosecute them in court but enough to that they remain a threat to u.s. national security. we've been there more an any other broadcast networks. the detention prisoners are healed in medium security cams. for the administration there is a precedent a al qaeda sleeper cell agent was arrested and held in navy bringing in south carolina after 9/11. his team of lawyers successfully argued that the bush administration didn't have authority to hold him without trial. he won and terrorism charges did not stand. he was convicted of credit card fraud and had civilian sentence reduced and he went home to qatar. >> during the bush administration we had three enemy combatants in the charleston bringing. the reason they were there were federal court rulings.
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they don't have the authority to keep guantanamo detainees in the united states. federal judges will make that decision. >> the president has identified this as national security priority. because he doesn't believe that it's worth millions of dollars of a year to hold these detainees in a way that only serves to recruiting tool for extremist organizations around the globe. reporter: but a leading group that monitors terrorist propaganda that guantanamo is so yesterday and jihadist moved on to new topics according to middle east media research institute. quote, the topic of guantanamo prisoners appeared frequently in al qaeda propaganda in past years however the topic received little to no attention in the last year or two, dealing with the rift between aq, al qaeda, isis has been dominating feature in aq's release during that period.
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gitmo hasn't received much attention in official isis releases. also critics argue the plan to close the camps and move them to the united states doesn't in the end solve the problem, only changes the zip code, jenna. jenna: interesting debate. still continuing. catherine, thank you. reporter: you're well come. jon: jon: president obama's immigrant amnesty plan suffers a set back. federal judge blocking measure which would halt deportations of five million illegal immigrants by executive order. shannon bream gets into the details. she is live in washington for us now. shannon? reporter: jon, conservatives hailing a decision as win for constitution, victory for rule of law but the fight is far from over. it's a win for now for those opposed to executive action president obama announced about a year ago, measures which would block deportation of millions who are in the u.s. illegally. texas is leading 26 states in
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total, leading the fight. here is governor greg abbott. >> the president does not have the unilateral authority to grant amnesty to millions of people. that is do we have the rule of law in the united states of america or do we not? and what this federal court of appeals said, the rule of law still applies even to the president of the united states of america. reporter: white house official says the administration's strongly disagrees with yesterday's ruling, adding that the legal fight is presenting people who are contributing to society from working on the books, paying taxes and being held accountable. the justice department says this, quote, the department is committed to taking steps that will resolve the immigration litigation as quickly as possible in order to allow dhs to bring greater accountability to our immigration system by prioritizing the removal of the worst offend, not people who have long ties to the united states and who are raising american children. the administration could now appeal this decision to the supreme court. many of its supporters are
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vocally today calling for it to do that as quickly as possible. keep in mind if that happens and justices decide to hear this case, likely hear it in march or april with a decision in late june, right in the middle of the 2016 presidential race. jon? jon: fascinating stuff. shannon bream in washington, thank you. jenna: prosecutors say a woman rejected a coworker row mon take advances so he kidnapped her. how she managed to escape his house of horrors. plus, concussions increasingly common in football from the pros to high school, even peewee leagueses. hollywood's top star is bringing issue to the screen. member of fox news medical a-team weighs in on that. who do you think will win the gop debate tonight. go to to join the conversation. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in.
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it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. jon: right now some crime stories we're tomming on "happening now." a couple found shot dead inside
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of an suv what is being called a crime of passion. police in philadelphia are still searching for the shooter. both victims apparently were in relationships with other people. a new orleans man arrested for kidnapping a coworker, accused of holding the woman against her will inside of his home. she managed to escape and was rescued as he tried to get her back into an suv. investigators still looking for another man they say might have been involved. the jury in the "goodfellas" trial will continue to deliberate today. vincent asaaro, for his role on the 6 million-dollar lufthansa robbery at jfk airport. jenna: concussions in football are on the rise. almost all deceased former nfl players researchers found suffered long term aftereffects from concussions a new will smith movie about concussions premiering at a
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hollywood film festival today. dr. marc siegel is live with details in our new york city newsroom. doc? >> jenna, in the film, "concussion." he plays the part after doctor who discovers degenerative brain disease, known as chronic traumatic inseparate lopathy or cte. it has concussions, and permanent brain damage are on the rise. department of veterans affairs in boston university recently found, get this, jenna, cte in 9% of nfl players they examined and 79% of all football players. the disease is debilitating t afflecks football players and others from other sports that receive repeated blows in the head. not all experts agree that the problem is so common. dr. russell lanser, who led research on junior eau's brain,
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a famed linebacker who killed himself in 2012 and later found to suffer from cte, the doctor says this. >> one thing we have to keep in context is, going from a concussion tore a mild traumatic brain injury to some longer term effects that would include cte, you have to keep in mind what appears to be very low frequency of that developing. >> you know of course seau's death was so tragic. he would like to see changes on the gridiron. suggest as so-called eye in the sky, independent athletic trainers or neuroconsultants on both sides lines during the games. pro football hall-of-famer, sports broadcaster, harry carson, he is incredible, i talked to him. he played linebacker for the new york giants in '70s and '80s, struggles with his own problems from repeated concussions sustained on the field. he says football is team sport that builds character and great comradery.
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he warns parents need to understand what their kids get into when they suit up. >> unfortunately you can't make the game safer. you can put all the sophisticated helmets that you want on players, but, again, the helmet protects the skull. it does not protect the brain. >> doesn't protect the brain, jenna. not all concussions are apparent at time they are happening. experts say a few bad shots in high school can affect your ability for the function for the rest of your life. jenna. jenna: dr. siegel thank you. >> thank you. jon: an important meeting in the oval office. president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in the same room for the first time since the nuclear deal with iran was reached. we'll explore what this means for u.s. ties with israel. plus it almost looks like a bomb went off. debris from a tree scattered across an entire neighborhood. what happened here. >> i saw the tree just exploded
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we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. jon: one homeowner near san francisco hopes the phrase, lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place, is true. this is all that's left of a massive 100-year-old redwood tree, blasted into oblivion after a bolt of lightning hit sending debris everywhere. >> she had just picked up cup of coffee just inside of this window here, turned and was headed to the back of the house when lightning hit and piece of the tree came through the window. >> it was unbelievable. i never heard a sound like that before. >> it shocked me. i'm very sad and at the same time i also feel very lucky that
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i'm alive. jon: the force of the blast strong enough to scatter pieces of that tree all over the neighborhood. >> the security of israel is one of my top foreign policy priorities. and that has expressed itself not only in words but indeeds. we have closer military and intelligence cooperation than any two administrations in history. >> i think this is a tremendously important opportunity for to us work together to see how we can defend ourselves against this aggression, this terror, how we can roll it back. it's a daunting task. jenna: president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu meeting face-to-face first time in more than a year yesterday in the white house. you saw that play on our show yet. including stopping isis and enforcing the nuclear deal with
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iran. we have fox news contributor, author and columnist written about issues and big stories along with it. a little bit of delay we have with tel aviv. we're glad to have you on you on the program. what did you think of meeting? was it productive? >> i think it was productive in the sense that both president obama and prime minister netanyahu wanted to clear the air. each one has good domestic reasons, political reasons for doing. i think that president obama does not want the democratic party to go into the 2016 election with voters who are pro-israel on democratic side thinking there's a problem between the party and israel. and i think it's pretty clear that prime minister netanyahu would like to make it clear to the electorate in israel that his bad relationship with obama over the past year or so, maybe more than that, hasn't done lasting damage to israeli-american relations.
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jenna: do you think it has? >> no, i don't actually. i think it is pretty clear from the polling, israelis are assiduous polling on the american-israeli relationship, that still overwhelming of majority of americans in both parties, and including independents, favor israel, at least over the palestinians. and something like 70% of americans, 6%, depending on which poll you're looking at. so i don't think there's a crisis. i think there was a problem with the iranian negotiations and diplomacy. i think americans and israel saw it very differently but i don't think now that the deal has been concluded it will be an ongoing problem. jenna: you mentioned some of the domestic politics at play. of course we're entering into an election cycle. i thought it was interesting, one of the things you've written about, netanyahu being urged by someone the u.s. jewish
8:27 am
leadership to act less republican. tell us why. >> well, you know, bibi has a very close relationship with the republican party. that was amplified this past year when speaker boehner asked him, invited him to address congress and he did an sort of went to the american people over the head of president obama. most american jews, as i'm sure you know vote democratic and, so it's, it become as an issue for some, for the jewish community in america. they would like to be a bit closer to one another. having the israeli prime minister closer to the american political center is helpful to everybody. i think that is probably the main thing. there is one other issue. that is on the assumption that hillary clinton will be the democratic nominee for president, the clintons are popular here. bill clinton is extremely
8:28 am
popular. people are comfortable with hillary. they see her as much less pro-palestinian or neutral than obama has been. and so, you know, all of the republican candidates, with the exception of paul are seem to be fine. so, i think, either way it is going to be an okay result, as far as most israelis are concerned. jenna: i was curious about that because one of the big questions that has come up in past debates. we have a big debate tonight that will be focused on economy. we know sanctions when it comes to iran and enforcing the nuclear deal, those are big topics as well. we have a lot of republican candidates coming out very strongly in favor of breaking up the nuclear deal as it stands. how is a potential change in leadership in the united states being viewed in israel in that prism? >> well, i'm not so sure that people believe that the nuclear deal having been made is so
8:29 am
easily broken. we're watching israeli side accustom itself to the, to the deal and if it can be convinced the united states will monitor and enforce the provisions of the deal, i think most israeli, israeli leadership, except for the far right here, will go along with that without much trouble. but certainly on other issues including the palestinian issue, people are watching carefully and, it has been noted that most of the republican candidates have been singing the kind of music that appeals to israeli ears. jenna: interesting. we'll be watching for any comments tonight on that. meantime the united states and israel are trying to negotiate further aid deal when it comes to military support for israel. we'll be watching dollar amounts and the time frame potentially assigned to that. great to have you on the program. thank you very much. >> thank you, jenna. jon: potential break in the case of a district judge shot in her own driveway. what police have learned about
8:30 am
this attack. an investigation exposing red flags on the granting of security clearances to our country's top secret information. now one lawmaker is demanding action.
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jenna: right now quick look what is still to come this hour of "happening now." a man standing trial accuse of killing his wife and posting a picture of it on facebook. how the defense is is trying to convince the jury he is innocent.
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bad news for anyone with a sweet tooth. new sugar guidelines released for better health. more fallout for "rolling stone" magazine over retracted campus rape story with a fraternity now suing for millions. >> every year he has a, at least 1000 new defendants charged with felony crimes. so that's 16,000 people charged with felony crimes. she has dealt with. when you're sending people to prison and sending people to death row, not everyone is happen with that. jon: breaking now a texas judge recovering from a shooting. investigators think she was targeted in an attack taking place in the driveway of our austin home. police say judge julie kocurek was lured from her driveway, then ambushed by an attacker. police in houston three hours a way are questioning a man who may have a connection to the judge. joining us now, an investigative reporter for the austin american
8:35 am
statesman. tony, let's start at the beginning. you know this judge well. on friday night she was returning home. was it her son who was driving her? >> that is my understanding. they were coming home from a high school football game around 10:30 at night. as they were pulling into their driveway in an affluent west austin neighborhood -- jon: a driveway with a gate, right? >> a driveway with a gate. here's the deal. someone, apparently the shooter, this gunman, apparently placed an obstruction in the gate or right in front of the gate, requiring the driver of her car, again believed to be her son, to get out of the car to move it. it was at that point, according to law enforcement that the judge was shot. did not take a direct bullet but was instead injured severely by shrapnel and broken glass during this incident. jon: incredible to me. somebody apparently jumped out of the bushes basically, and
8:36 am
fired several shots. must have shattered the windows, she was hit by shrapnel and glass but not directly hit by any of the bullets. >> that is my understanding of course the big questions now whether or not this person potentially had been stalking her in the weeks and months before this happened? could he have followed her home from this high school football game? a lot of unanswered questions. but of course this raises new questions too about how state district judges are secure. not only when they're on the bench but also in their homes. there tends to be a lot of protection for federal judges across the country but that level of security, from what my understanding is, is that it is significantly different on the state level. and now we're beginning to see a push by local judges here for more security. again not just when they are in their chambers or on the ben but potentially even when they are in their own homes. jon: someone has been arrested as a, well, arrested in connection with another case but
8:37 am
they are considered a person of interest in her shooting. that person is under arrest in houston, we understand. do you know anything about that person and what the connection might be to the judge? >> yes. this was all breaking very, very late last night. i actually worked the phones overnight trying to figure out, first of all, who this person is and what his connection to the judge is. we are still working through gathering a lot of that information but what i am learning is that this person who again is being held in questioning, for questioning in this incident, had a hearing, a court date set in december in this judge's court. he was on, what is called deferred adjudication here in texas. it is a form of probation and apparently prosecutors recently filed a motion with the judge to revoke his deferred adjudication, which potentially or even likely was going to send him to prison. jon: wow. a lot of information yet to be uncovered in this very scary case. we certainly wish the judge well
8:38 am
as she recovers. >> absolutely. jon: tony plohetski, from the austin american statesman. >> you get bet. >> i am convinced of it. jenna: chilling to hear that. new investigation by "60 minutes" revealed potential flaws in the screening of federal employees and contractors with high security clearance. one u.s. senator is calling for action. in a letter to homeland security chairman tom ron johnson and tom carper, he write this is, this national security issue, government accountability issue. government and congress must not sit idle. we have a lot, we want to play some of the "60 minutes" investigation for our viewers to see it. first of all you received very high security clearance in your line of work. what was that like for you? >> well, like anyone who was investigated, the fbi or retired
8:39 am
fbi officer comes out and does a long, thorough interview of you. they talk to all your neighbors. they go to your school. they talk to people who know you. you of course list every place you ever lived and every place you traveled. access to banking and financial information. it is thorough chubb. it takes many months to happen. i did that when i initially served in the navy and in pentagon in civilian position it was much more thorough investigation. that is the way it works. jenna: allegation in the "60 minutes" report, speaking to workers that went through the background checks, simply volume of people that are trying to get approved for security clearance is so high, sometimes the most basic checks aren't happening. that leads us to issues like we've seen with bradley manning and edward snowden. what is your understanding of the work load and some of the contractors happening to move these background checks to private enterprises to get them to be done quicker? >> so after 9/11 the demand
8:40 am
signal for security clearances just exploded. there were hundreds of thousands of requests for people with security-cleared positions and so the bureaucracy just didn't keep up, jenna. so there were, according to this "60 minutes" report, i mean scores and scores and scores, piles high of folders of people awaiting adjudication. so the thorough adjudication i got pre9/11 is not the type of thorough adjudication that some of these people conducted. and so, for example in the two cases you mentioned, then of course the fort hood shooter or washington navy yard shooter there were red flags just waving in their background. jenna: right. >> they just didn't go the extra step to flag that. jenna: an example of that is bradley manning. who even in the initial application to join the military should have been flagged because some of his past behavior. his superior officer warned her bosses before even left for iraq
8:41 am
saying, he should not come. he is a problem. listen to what happened in iraq. i want to play this sound for our viewers. >> he screamed no, at top of his lungs and came and punched me right in the face and body slammed me at the same time. so i put him in a hold. i asked him if this is what he wants? he said he is just tired of everybody watching his activities. >> this guy has done multiple things at this point that a soldier could be court-martialed for. >> yes. >> he's a train wreck. >> yes. >> and his security clearance never gets pulled? >> correct. jenna: the explanation was that for they needed somebody with that security clearance, even though she had confronted him saying don't bring cameras in here. this is place you can't take photographs. how does that happen, that he is allowed to punch an officer and nothing changes? here then afterwards he spills all of our national secrets. >> look, jenna, you know i'm military guy.
8:42 am
this is appalling to me. that is not a red flag. that is a crime scene in front of everyone's face to see. that's an assault under article 128 of the uniform code of military justice. his chain of command should have yanked him. i don't care how badly they needed him, they need to do something. like nidal hasan, this guy is handing out a business card very disturbing to people, essentially calling for jihad. his chain of command gave him good fitness reports, nonetheless. jenna: we have segments over and over again. i have only 30 seconds left, cully. where is, the problem seems so big the genie is out of the bottle, if you will. how do we get it back under control? >> congress needs to exercise their oversight capacity and demand accountability. and demand probably that these security clearances, some of them go back and rescreen and rescrub some of ones with red flags. pc culture has to stop. where national security matters pc is it out the door. jenna: certainly well-said.
8:43 am
gives us a lot to think about today. thank you very much. >> thanks. jon: we all know it tastes good but too much of it isn't good for you. that's why dietary experts are releasing new recommendations of sugar intake. how much of it should you be really eating? if you ever been left something strange as part of an inheritance, you're not alone. our sister network has a hit show bit. its host joins us for a preview of the new season.
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big day?
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ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. jenna: new information that sweet tooths may not want to hear including present company. for the first time the food and drug administration recommending a cap on daily sugar consumption, suggesting americans limit sugar intake to no more than 10% of their daily calories but american heart association is releasing slightly stricter guidelines, recommending no more than 100 calories of added sugar a day for women. that is about six teaspoons. 150-calories a day for men, nine
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teaspoons, no more than 50 calories for children ages 1 to 3. jon: the hit show, "strange inheritance" returns tomorrow for season two on fox business network, four new episodes. the season shares stories of people who get bequeathed unusual items as part of an inheritance. just in time for veterans day, one episode where a millionaire leaves his children the largest fleet of military tanks in the world. jamie colby is the host of "strange inheritance." she is here with more. you have on sod ball stories out there. >> not everybody makes the cut, jon. a lot of people wrote in with their inheritances. one of the ones that air night one a gold mine someone inherited. that was viewer submission. jon: nothing wrong with that would i like to have a gold mine. >> why not? tanks. you and i you don't have to ask us twice to drive a tank. exactly what i got to do,
8:48 am
sheridan assault vehicle. josh littlefield, amassed 222 tanks, worth $230 million. left to the kids. keep or sell? they give jamie a test drive. take a look. jon: good. >> this pocketbook to the best of my knowledge and belief was once the property of george washington. >> you're a vip. >> yeah. >> okay. know what i love about her? jon: george washington drove a tank? >> no. you know what that? i want to give you breadth of these different inheritances, this woman, she inherited george washington's pocketbook, what they called wallets. not related to george washington. we weaved through how she got it. it was in a museum. it got stolen. it is worth over $100,000. she won't sell it. she is so proud at senior center. they take day trips to go see it. some people sell, some people keep, some people benefit. some people have huge burrens. we do a lot of authentication.
8:49 am
one of the ones we did, only known autograph photo by shoeless joe jackson. he was illiterate, jon, couldn't sign his name. he did once. we found it. let's play that. how likely was it that it was legitimately signed by joe jackson? >> in my head i'm thinking, i'm sure you also have a big foot/loch ness monster dual signed baseball coming behind that as well. >> wait until you see csi approach what it takes to authenticate a baseball card or particular photo. so much in the episodes. they're half an hour each. great american families. four episodes tomorrow night. 26 total. i've been everywhere. i know people will love the adventures. if you have an inher tans, plug, jamie@"strange inheritance".com. we have looking for amazing inheritances. they have to be kind of bizarre. jon: we'll be watching. >> tomorrow night, 9:00. jon: want to see you drive a tank.
8:50 am
catch jamie on "strange inheritance," 9:00 p.m. wednesdays on fox business network. new episodes start tomorrow. jenna: "rolling stone" magazine facing another big lawsuit. how much a fraternity from the university of i can't looking to get over the retracted story about alleged rape. a man accused killing his wife and posting a picture of her body on facebook. how the defense is trying to prove their client acted in self-defense. this holiday i can count on someone's kid mistaking me for santa.
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8:54 am
tonight's moderators. we'll talk to her live. >> sickening new footage what appears to show isis slaughtering 200 children. this warns that christians could vanish completely from the middle east within a decade. >> forget 80 cents on the dollar. the gender pay gap in the rest of america has nothing on hollywood. >> our #oneluckyguy will weigh in, superman himself, dean cain is back. "outnumbered." see you at top of the hour. >> happening up his cape. jon: that will be a good one. jenna: trial now underway for a man accused shooting and killing his wife and posting a picture of her body on facebook. derek medina's lawyers say his actions were in self-defense. phil keating outside the court in miami with the very latest. reporter: jenna, in instant derek medina went from showboat to worldwide deranged villain posting his murdered wife on facebook. he is facing life in prison if
8:55 am
convicted by this jury of first-degree murder. he is claiming a unique battered spouse syndrome defense, claiming his abusive wife was punching him over and over and over. medina noticeably cleaned up look and getting rid of super long beard and hair he had grown in jail. medina is the first person ever believed to use social media to post his dead victim on internet. he wrote this, quote, i'm going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife. love you guys, miss you guys, take care. facebook people you will see me in the news. prosecutors contend jennifer alfonso wanted to leave medina and his controlling relationship. and told him so that morning. pointing out medina left the kitchen argument, went upstairs, grabbed his gun, returned downstairs to shoot and kill her. >> mr. medina disclosed beating and hitting his wife. this is a summary judge -- >> proffer. >> it's a proffer, right.
8:56 am
this is summary of his letter. reporter: the defense team's first motion for mistrial denied by the judge this morning because of jailhouse narc they said, jailhouse snitch, apparently implicating medina's previous plans for premeditated murder. the prosecutor began her opening statement for the jury, 25-0, 25-0, that was the defendant's amateur boxing record in the ring, alluding to the fact there should be great doubt that medina could lose a physical altercation with his five foot seven wife. testimony takes place this afternoon. jenna: a case we'll continue to watch, phil. thank you. jon: next hour hour of "happening now," u.s. makes up most of the coalition fighting isis. could we have to pick up more? why the u.s. might lose allies in the fight against the terror army.
8:57 am
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jon: we will see you back here in one hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ ♪ andrea: this is " outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros, and with us today, harris faulkner, melissa francis is back, stacey dash is here again, and today's #oneluckyguy, tv's superman dean cain is back from hollywood and, dean, you're outnumbered. welcome. >> thank you very much. i'm very outnumbered and, hashtag very lucky guy, is what i would call it. great, great company. i'm happy to be here. harris: well, we're surrounded by hollywood. little house on the prairie, clueless there -- andrea: harris, we're outnumbered. harris: it's my dream! andrea: and we have a hollywood topic later in the block, but first, ole


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