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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 10, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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$15 an hour wages. watch the debates tonight on the fox business channel. we will have full coverage if and analysis back here again tomorrow on "the real story." thanks for being part of a great show today. i'm gretchen charlson. here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, i'm "shepard smith reporting." donald trump versus ben carson, ben carson versus the media, jeb bush versus marco rube whynd as the rest of the republican candidates looking to stand out somehow from all of that in tonight's gop debates on the fox business network. ahead, how the candidates are each attacking each other and why trump is again bringing up carson's past. how carson is getting backup from a former classmate. a report that jeb bush's buddies plan to pour tens of millions of dollars into helping him attack marco rubio and how rubio is using bush's own words against him. i'll speak live with the debate moderator maria bartiromo about what she wants to learn
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from the candidates and ask her, maria, have you spoken with megan? let's get to it. >> now, "shepard smith reporting," live from the fox news deck. >> here we go. first from the deck, smells of republican civil war a little bit, doesn't it? hours away from the next gop debate on the fox business network and the candidates are out swinging as a new poll suggests dumb neck and neck with ben carson nationwide. donald trump is hitting carson hard over his past. >> you can say anything about anybody and their poll numbers go up. no matter what you do. if you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. this is the only election in history where you're better off if you stabbed somebody. what are we coming to? >> oh, man. ben carson has written about overcoming a violent temper as a kid.
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faced serious scrutiny over his biography. something the carson campaign calls a liberal media witchhunt. the campaign is back with a video. the top ten things the liberal media think are important. >> number one, in college, ben carson threw away a glass bottle in a paper products only receptacle. >> ben carson has been sticking to his life story in the face of questions from reporters not answering questions frankly very often. but certainly facing them and trying to raise money off them. he sent out an e-mail this morning, this came about 8:17 a.m., in it he has an emergency appeal for money. on the vicious lies. quoting the media is now going off the rails and we need resources to fight back 24/7. won't you help? today a former classmate at yale is confirming parts of his story in which ben carson claimed a professor named him the most honest student. that classmate tells the website buzzfeed he's 99% certain most of the story is accurate. meantime fox news has just
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learned that the secret service has code names for the two frontrunners. a source tells us trump will go by mogul, remember in one debate he suggested the name humble. bell carson will likely go by eli, which means god is most high or fantastic quarterback, not sure. as the frontrunners try to hold their top spot lower polling candidates are locking in and going back and for own, especially these two. today word that backers of jeb bush's struggling campaign are considering spending $20 million to go after marco rubio. that's according to the reporting of the "new york times." it reports that bush supporters may hit rubio for lacking experience and for his hardline stance on abortion rights. rubio said in a recent debate he's never supported any hows to allow abortions even in the cases of incest and rape. the problem is jeb bush was one of rubio's biggest backers in florida's politics before they became rivals after the same
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job. now rubio's campaign is using his former mentor's own words against him. listen. >> i'm a huge marco fan. he's probably the most articulate, conservative on the scene today and a good. >> the hardly the message jeb bush will send tonight about his one-time buddy turned number one rival. carl at the site of tonight's business network debate in milwaukee. what's the thinking of whether this sniping will carry over into the debate? >> the candidates have been complaining about what they say are liberally biased questions in the previous debates and got you questions, to the enough time to answer and too much yelling and not enough answering. they say they want to talk substance tonight. the moderators our fbn colleagues want to focus on jobs, economy and real policies. with the elbow they've been tossing in the last couple days there is going to be some. donald trump has been relentless going after ben carson. ben carson has been largely
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challenging and criticizing the media for going after his history but it's been trump using it as a political weapon. the trump/carson dynamic may be difficult for the doctor to avoid answering some of those questions if the mogul decides that he wants to lean in on these very issues and question carson's credibility. he in terms of favorability and likability and trust worthiness is far and away ahead of the rest of the republican pack partly why trump keeps pounding on these issues and they're going to talk about issues. trump put out his china policy which talks about his desire for accountability and trade around the world and related to the chinese he doesn't want to start a pro tegsist or trade war but be serious and keep the playing field more level and ben carson in the last couple days put out his white paper, his policy specifics on how he would abolish the irs, in his case, a 15% flat tax. they both come to the table loaded with policy. a question of whether or not they're going to be firing real bullets when it comes to the
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name calling. >> the bush/rubio battle, they were besties, same church, everything. >> everything changes when you're running against one another. in context the type of sniping happening right now is nothing compared to what's going to start in a few weeks. you mentioned that the bush super pac, right to rise, for which when he was not yet a candidate raised $100 million, well mike murphy his long-time buddy running that super pac is going to start opening the checkbook and a lot will be aimed at marco rubio. $20 million out of 100 means another 80 that bush could use to attack other candidates and this ain't bean bag there will be the attacks that will change the tone dramatically in the next few weeks. be realistic the voting hasn't started. we're playing flag football. the helmets don't go on until february of next year and it will be very tough then. >> i'm sure it will if this is any indication and it is. carl, have fun. good to see you. thanks. bring in ed o'keefe, political reporter for the "washington
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post." there may not be any blood left in these people by the time they get to the democrats. >> that's true. this prommed rival we've sort of been waiting to see unfold -- the rivalry see unfold over the last few months is well under way, bush versus rubio fight certainly one drama expected to play out to some extent tonight. the amount of telegraphing going on i think in the last few days between the two candidates is notable. they saw some of this before the last debate, seeing it again and we'll see who they get into this or stick to the stauns. >> i don't understand the tell graphing that came apparently, i would assume, from the bush camp, feels almost it might have been a rubio plant, the stuff from this morning, we're going to spend $20 million, that's exactly the kind of thing that was the reason he fell last time. oh, your campaign tells you this will be good for you, talking about bush now. i don't get it. can you help me understand it? >> i don't entirely get it either, shep. it's important to draw the distinction.
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the bush campaign, the official thing set up in miami, is doing one thing. this is the super pac that's based out in los angeles with mike murphy doing something entirely different. the problem is most americans don't realize or care and bush helped to raise most of his money before he officially became a candidate. no matter how you look at it it's bush seen as attacking his one time friend and neighbor. we'll see the rubio campaign was poised to release that video that they did earlier today of jeb when all the sup port of and nice things he said about him in the past. you can expect that that would be part of what rubio might suggest on stage. >> attacking dr. carson has been something that the candidates have largely tried to avoid until right about now. i wonder, the degree to which you think that's dangerous for even donald trump? >> i think, you know, if you're someone who would like to be in ben carson's position, sorry, but that's essentially what has to be done. as carl said, this ain't bean bags. if you want to get ahead draw
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attacks. trump has started to do that. others have suggested, i heard chris christie suggest as well carsons has some questions to answer about his past and carson, frankly, look he can claim it's the liberal media, they're doing their job. you climb to the top of the polls we want to know who you are, some of it pans out, some doesn't. he's raised millions since the story started surfacing last week so he's doing just fine, at least financially, and, you know, i suspect he'll find ways as well tonight to perhaps draw attention to those reports and yet at the same time, it comes with the territory. >> he draws attention to the reports, he blames the big bad mean liberal media but doesn't answer the question. i mean, candidates have had to answer questions of voters since time began, that he should be an exception to the rule is kind of ludicrous. >> it is. it is. and, you know, the sooner you answer them the sooner these things go away. that's the lesson learned by others who have done this before. members of both parties have
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faced this scrutiny, own up to it quickly or they let it linger. many cases look, candidates are always given a chance to respond to these things before they come out. he could have participated in the reporting, his campaign could have answered questions, perhaps some might not have surfaced if he had. >> yeah. ed o'keefe from "the washington post" and, enjoy the night, thanks. >> take care. >> i know you'll be watching with us tonight on the fox business network up the dial, round one 7:00 eastern, 6:00 central, sandra, trish and bureau chief jerry and then the prime time event, 9:00 eastern, 8:00 in oxford with kneel cavuto, maria bartiromo, and the journal's editor in chief. maria bartiromo will be my guest in a little while. did you talk to megan because i am curious. find fbn on your tv going to fox finder giving you the power to prosper if you're not a fan become one. the student protesters at the university of missouri won
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battle one, but the wounds have not healed. one day after missouri's president resigned the school report is taking a historic step to deal with accusations of racism on its campuses coming up from the fox news deck on this debate day in the usa. the great beauty of owning a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans for generations. this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa, with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation. citi got involved very early on and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa. i really believe we only live once, and so you need to take an idea that you have and go for it.
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return to the field. but students say problems over racism at missouri are far from fixed. officials announcing several changes they say they will implement over the next few months as a result. for starters, the school has named the first interim vice chancellor for inclusion diversity and equity. they say that job will focus on matters dealing with race. the university reports it will review all policies related to staff and student conduct, providing more support to people who claim discrimination. finally, all four miss sourry campuses will have task forces that address inclusion. these are the first changes after several incidents of racism on campus just this semester. the student government president a black man said somebody on cams pus yelled racial slurs at him. last month members of a black student organization said a drunk white student yelled the "n" word at them and recently somebody drew a swas tis ka and feces in a dorm bathroom.
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protesters blocked the former university's car at a homecoming parade. he wouldn't get out, wouldn't talk with them and they didn't like it. police row moveds the protesters. finally on saturday, more than 50, i should say more than 30 black football players said they would not play until the president was out. their coach then stood and locked armed with them. missing games meant that mizzou would miss out on millions of dollars and now mizzou has a couple job opening. mike tobin live in our newsroom. the students have shown they have power in this matter no doubt. >> particularly the football players that you mismentioned. au all of the students participating celebrating today. the protests began after the incident which the student body president said racial slurs were shouted. many forms of protest that boiled up including the hunger strike of jonathan butler. but it was not until november 7th a group of black football players took a stand and refused
12:16 pm
to practice or play until the university president resigned and ended that hunger strike. twos days later, they had two resignations. it didn't hurt the coach backed them. >> this is not about football. it's about my players need my support and i'm going to support them. >> following the resignations one student told the cameras this is just the beginning. >> mike tobin in chicago, thanks. congress may have thrown a serious wrench into president obama's plans to close gitmo. it's part of a $600 billion defense spending bill that cleared the senate today. now the white house has spoken out on whether the president will actually sign it. that's coming up on "shepard smith reporting". ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
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there's a new wave of violence in jerusalem today. israeli security forces say they shot and killed two palestinian suspects after several attempted stabbings across the city. this comes after what's been relatively a calm two-week period in jerusalem after the israeli army deployed hundreds of troops there. images in our slide show this afternoon. see police carrying a wounded israeli man after a stabbing on a train. the cops say two palestinian boys as young as 12 and 13, stabbed a security guard before he shot one of them. no reports of any deaths, thankfully, here. you can see police arresting one of the boys after the attack and see him here in the bottom right of the screen here. that's my understanding. no right over here i guess. is that the right one? yes, here. police in -- here's a closer look at him. police in israel say that they killed a palestinian man who they say tried to stab a guard at a checkpoint. it's been a calm couple weeks but that seems to have changed today. president obama will
12:21 pm
probably sign a defense bill even though it bans the government from moving detainees from guantanamo bay to the united states. that is the word from the white house. the senate just hours ago passed a bill, 91-3. the house passed it last week. the white house says the $600 billion bill covers funding for important defense programs. >> that certainly is not a reflect a change in our position or the intensity of our position about the need to close the prison at guantanamo bay and the need for congress to actually cooperate with us in doing so. >> president obamas has been trying to close gitmo since he took office. one of the first executive hite house has suggested the president may still take executive action to close gitmo but some critics say he needs congressional approval. the pentagon set to release a plan to indicate the government could send detainees in colorado, kansas or south carolina. local lawmakers are protesting that idea. katherine harris in washington. what else are we learning about
12:22 pm
the plan from the pentagon? >> shep, those familiar say the plan is not to close down the operation completely but keep the military trials open at guantanamo and that means the 9/11 suspects, the self-described architect of the attack, khalid sheikh mohammed would stay there. it's messed up legally with the cia enhanced interrogation program, still no trial date. fox news has been to the camps more than any other broadcast network and under the dwrafts some, but not all of the camps would be emptied with detainees subject to indefinite detention because there's not enough evidence to prosecute in court, would be shipped to usa facility. under this scenario critics say it's hard to argue the administration is following through on its pledge. >> depends on what your definition of close is. if close means the entire detention military commission's mission is gone that's not going
12:23 pm
to be completed under this plan, i don't think. >> experts don't doubt the president has the executive authority to move detainees but congress has made it impossible for him to pay for it with the defense budget blocking money for transferring prisoners to the u.s. >> what happens if the u.s. does transfer detainees to the united states? it's lightly an unknown but there is a concerning precedent for the administration. ali al marri an alleged al qaeda sleeper agent held in army brig. his team argued they didn't have the authority to hold him without trial and ali al marri won. the terrorism charges did not stand, convicted of credit card fraud and recall he had a civilian sentence reduced and went home to qatar. >> the reason they're no longer there today is because of the
12:24 pm
federal court ruling. the white house will learn they don't have the authority to keep guantanamo detainees in the united states. federal judges will make that decision. >> one of the administration's big arguments for closing the camps is that jihadists use guantanamo as a rallying cry but when you talk to independent analysts they say the jihadists are over gitmo and moved on to other topics and isis rarely mentions the detention camps. >> maria bartiromo live next. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in.
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it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. fox report, more headlines from the news deck. russia working on an assault system that could get through any missile defense system that the united states and nato allies develop. that word from vladimir putin. he says the u.s. is trying to gain a military edge developing a missile shield in europe. in texas, cops say they've arrested a person of interest in the shooting of a judge outside her home near austin over the weekend.
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we reported on this yesterday. cops told the austin statesman newspaper they're questioning a person with a pending matter in the judge's court. investigators have said they think the shooting was an assassination attempt, that's a quote. the judge is expected to survive. good luck getting a big mac today. thousands of fast food workers from coast to coast holding protests. the demonstrations in cities including new york, los angeles, and chicago, they're calling for minimum wage of $15 an hour for we can't have that food. where new seafood combinations like the new grand seafood feast are stepped up, spiffed up, jazzed up... yeah, this stuffed lobster tail, handcrafted brown butter scampi, and jumbo hand-battered shrimp are that good. or try the new ultimate wood-grilled feast. that bourbon brown sugar glaze gets ya preeetty fired up. with new dishes like these, why wait to celebrate? but just like this time of year, this is too good to last. so hurry in.
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just hours away from the republican candidates taking the stage if milwaukee for tonight's debates on fox business network. one of the prime time moderators is our own maria bartiromo, fox business global market editor and host of "morning with maria" on fox business network monday to friday, 6:00 a.m. eastern. hello, my friend. >> hello, my friend. how you? >> i'm great. this has not been a campaign season of policy. nobody seems to care on the republican side at least about
12:30 pm
policy. they seem to care about personality. how are you going to make them care? >> well, i think the american people care and i know my role is to work for the american people and voter out there. we will make them care asking the questions that the american people care about. we have to remember why de we do these debates, right. what's the point of the debates? the point is to help the viewer and voter better understand their -- the candidates' proposals on economic issues, the issues that matter to the american people, and to help the voter better distinguish between the different plans. >> one of the frontrunners if you say there are two frontrunners, one has a budget idea or a taxing idea, that the economists say would add trillions of dollars to the deficit. how do you get them to talk about that? >> well, i think you have to open the conversation. when you look at all of the tax plans that have been presented actually they do add to the deficit over a decade.
12:31 pm
they cost anywhere between 2 and $12 trillion. they're trying to make the case that yes, it will make the deficit and debt move higher over the near term, but then growth will take over and that's how you begin the balance. so we'll see about that. i think that is one of the key questions. i mean you can lower taxes and, you know, it sounds great, but how are you going to pay for it? >> i'm curious like to a person, like what will you cut to make your smaller government plans that you are professing? what do you cut first and second and third? >> that's right. and that's when you really do get into granular issues that really matter to the american people because when you're cutting departments, cutting agencies, when you're cutting money, it actually impacts what people will feel and so that's what we really need to do tonight connect the dots about what the policies that look good in headlines mean to the average guy and gal out there. i think that's why we want to focus on economic issues. >> have you talked to megan?
12:32 pm
>> yes, i have. >> how did that go? >> well, i mean, look, i watched that debate and i think megan was fantastic in that debate. i don't know that there is a way to prepare for somebody coming at you and i, frankly, have not prepared necessarily for some witty answer or any comeback to somebody, you know, coming at me from the stage. i think as long as i know my stuff, i keep to the issues and make sure to have the the right follow-ups because i do understand where their policies are and where there may be holes there, i think i've done my job. >> hold them accountable which i know you will. >> exactly. >> because i ask you a question that you don't find comforting and comfortable, that doesn't mean you can just slam me to the floor. i know you're not going to allow that. >> absolutely. and the key here is that the viewer is watching. we're all in fish bowl, right? >> it's all our fault too. >> exactly. and so, you know, when somebody is up there filibustering or
12:33 pm
talking about something that has no, you know, meaning in terms of what the question was, i think the voter figures that out. voters are smart. you're right. just blowing off a question is probably not going to work. >> if they blow off a question that should it tell you something. can't wait to see you. congratulations on getting this far. we'll be watching and cheering you on. >> thank you so much. of course. remember the undercard is at 7:00, prime time at 9:00. maria and neil and the head of the editorial board at the "wall street journal" going to be fantastic. the politicians can talk all they want but in the end the people have the final say. what do voters want to hear tonight? the fox business network sent jeff flock to chicago to find out. hello, jeff. >> they want to know the questions you asked maria right now. a lot of people like the thought of red meat out on the campaign trail, well the voters we talked to today in chicago say they don't want red meat, they want meat and potatoes.
12:34 pm
>> i would like to hear how they will better the nation, not calling each other names. >> trump being hilarious is something you want to hear. >> is that entertainment or -- >> entertainment. he can't win. zero chance. >> what are you hoping to hear tonight? >> just better questions where all the candidates aren't attacking each other? what do you want to hear from the candidates at this point? >> what their plan is. i don't want to hear the spin. i'm tired of the spin. >> people should stop picking at each other and talk about the subjects that are relevant instead of, you know, what this candidate wores the other day or had to say. >> shep, this is a democratic stronghold, manny's deli in chicago, typically a democratic place, but a lot of democratic folks watch these debates not just for entertainment on the
12:35 pm
republican side but some have a shot at voting republican come november maybe. >> put the bussing over there they can use you. the back and forth between donald trump and his fellow republicans but they weren't his only target. he went after hillary clinton. blake berman from the fox business network live in milwaukee. hello, blake. >> hi, shepard. good afternoon. a major rally last night that donald trump held in illinois. thousands of people inside an arena there and right off the bat, he went after hillary clinton. no real surprise there. however he launched quite possibly one of his harshest attacks yet, if no the harshest certainly one of to date, he suggested that there is potentially a different motive for hillary clinton's presidential run. here it was. >> hillary is running for a lot of reasons. one is because she wants to stay out of jail. >> that, of course, a reference to the ongoing fbi investigation
12:36 pm
looking into the setup of her e-mail system. trump doesn't feel that democrats are going to eventually prosecute clinton and if he gets into the white house he will take this issue, quote, very, very seriously. shepard. >> won't he. he criticized her work on "snl" as well. >> there was i think simply put the best way to put this, a lot going on last night. in that speech. one of the things he went after his performance on saturday night live from the past weekend versus hillary clinton's a few weeks ago when she made the cameo and he said he had better ratings which he did than hillary clinton and used that as a comparison the latest one against clinton. clinton asked about this yesterday and she said, well you just have to judge the performance. so normally when candidates go back and forth about poll numbers, here we have in this cycle the latest edition, i guess, candidates sort of going back and forth about their late night television comedy ratings. shepard? >> they love them.
12:37 pm
that's for sure. >> nice to see you. >> you can watch the debate tonight only op fox business network. round one 7:00 eastern, 6:00 central, sandra smith, trish reagan and gerald sooib and then the prime time event 9:00 eastern time with neil cavuto, maria bartiromo and gerard baker to find fbn on your tv go to finder and enjoy the powers to prosper. president obama tried to get around congress but so far he hasn't been able to get past the courts. a panel of appeals court judges upholding a ruling that blocks the president's immigration plan from taking effect. his executive order would delay deportation for some 5 million illegal immigrants including children, children of those who are here illegally. in a two to one ruling the judges found i quote, the district court did not err and did not abuse its discretion in
12:38 pm
issuing an injunction while 26 states challenge the president in court. a dissenting judge cited with the white house, suggesting the lower court overstepped its bounds, writing and i quote, i have a firm and definitive conviction that a mistake has been made. the administration announcing it will appeal to the highest court in all the land. >> we're confident in the power of the legal arguments and that's why i think you've seen the department of justice make such a quick decision to move this on up the line to the supreme court. >> but the texas governor greg abbott who filed the lawsuit challenging the immigration plan says, quote, president obama should abandon his lawless executive amnesty program and start enforcing the law today. it will be at least several months before russia lifts its ban on flights to egypt after the deadly airline crash there. that's the word from the kremlin today. the move is a major blow for egypt's tourism industry. the country is one of the most popular destinations for russian travelers.
12:39 pm
this comes as an -- excuse me this comes as an egyptian media outlet, a number of them, accuse the west of conspiring to scare off tourists and destroy the country's economy. u.s. and british officials have now said that intelligence reports suggest a bomb did bring down that russian jet. an islamic state group in the sinai peninsula has claimed responsibility. egyptian officials say it's too early to say what caused it. all of the presidential race political drama may be raising your blood pressure. a major study that changes the rules about treating high blood pressure. the news affects tens of millions of americans and could save lives. would have been a nice [ inaudible ]. stay with us.
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evidence of e. coli bacteria the a the restaurants now. you'll remember that the mexican fast food chain voluntary closed 43 restaurants last month out of, quote, an abundance of caution after dozens got sick. health officials still haven't found the source. according to chipotle it will restock its restaurants with a fresh supply of new ingredients and the company's chairman and ceo said and i quote, we're sorry to those affected by the situation and it's our greatest priority to ep sure we go above and beyond to do better in any area of food safety. the stock is back now and everybody knew it would come back. didn't buy it because i'm dumb. lowering your blood pressure below the guidelines could help people live longer according to a government study. the details came out this week. right now, doctors recommend patients get their systolic blood pressure the reading down closer to 140 or lower. that's the upper number like 140
12:44 pm
over 90. but researchers say there is evidence if patients bring that number down even further to 120, that would reduce the risk of heart attack stroke and heart failure by 25%. according to the centers for disease control and prevention one in every three u.s. adults has high blood pressure but only half have it under control. the cdc reports it's a factor in the death of about a thousand americans every day. rick lev vanle that, dramatic numbers. >> hypertension affects more than a billion worldwide and a big problem in the u.s. among older adults. the national insti tultss of health commissioned a study, clinical trial to see if lowering blood pressure might affect the well-being of more than 9,000 people who took part, lowering also their target level for acceptable blood pressure from 140 over 90 to 120 over 80 and sure enough the study found after one year, people in the lower pressure group were 25% less likely to have a major heart problem or heart related death. >> today, marks the beginning of
12:45 pm
the new era of individualized treatment where intensive therapy can save lives, particularly for a common disease like hypertension. >> the doctor says there are nearly 17 million americans who could enjoy significant health benefits if they just lower their blood pressure. >> just take a pill? >> well there are different ways. you can lower your sodium intake, exercise, weight is a big part of this. there are common cancer drugs you can take generic drugs that are cheap. what did i say? >> cancer? >> generic drugs. >> generic. forgive me. >> no. >> that can help pem live longer. a big part of the study. investigators treated half with three different drugs to reduce their blood pressure to 120 over 80, that group had a 27% lower risk of death. not everyone can handle these drugs but the doctor encourages everyone with high blood pressure to find out if they qualify. >> it is disturbing to all practitioners we are actively treating hypertension. about one in three is either
12:46 pm
undertreated or untreated for blood pressure and so blood pressure control in general is poor, not just in the united states, but the world over. >> again the takeaway basic lower your blood pressure and improve your quality of life. >> go too low and the quality goes down. >> and only certain people can do this so you have to talk to your doctor. >> talk to your doctor and get the checkup. >> and buy chipotle stock when the e. coli hits. >> i said it that day, i'm going to buy a little tomorrow because it's going back up. it went right back up like we knew it would. >> all of the money you would have made. >> stupid me. nothing but stupid here. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> a skier dodged death after tumbling 1600 feet down a mountain. i know. somebody caught it on video or i wouldn't believe it, right. >> yeah. >> i'm going to go this way. >> all right. >> chris has something on this. phil, how far again? >> 1600 feet. >> i don't know, man. that's tough. >> so this happened in alaska and a production company was filming a professor skier at the
12:47 pm
time, he had his mic on at the time. hear him struggling there. >> kind of. >> yeah. >> yeah. it's pretty incredible. he had an airbag and deployed that and how he was able to avoid traumatic injury. >> no bones broken. >> no bones broken, we haven't heard anything about that. he does say he's okay, so i assume. >> wow. >> only assume that he's doing fine. production company shot the video in april but only uploaded it last week and gottenp more than 150,000 views on youtube. >> add a few right now. >> i think so too. >> thank you. >> yep. >> officials in indonesia watching too many movies. the anti-drug agency reported it's planning to use crocodiles to guard death row inmates. according to reports indonesia's anti-drug chief proposed building an prison on an island and surrounding the island with
12:48 pm
as many crocodiles as possible. the chief points out unlike some prison guards you cannot bribe crocodiles. ahead, terrifying moments for a police officer as a suspect rams an suv into his car. >> stop! stop! >> the rest of that video and how the officer is doing coming right up. [meow mix jingle slowly and quietly plucks] right on cue. [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... this is brad. hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. hi hey you look good. thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right.
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breaking news. there's been a plane crash. a small plane crashed into an apartment building. these are live pictures. the plane is back behind that. front trucks covering them all. live pictures in from akron, ohio. reporters on the scene say two people inside this small plane did die in the crash. everybody in the apartment
12:52 pm
building said to be okay. the neighborhood is near the airport where the plane was landing. witnesses there say they heard loud explosions but we haven't seen evidence of a fire. two people dead inside this small plane that crashed inside an apartment building. updates out of raakron as they come. new video shows a police officer firing at an suv before it rammed its cruiser. police say the officer is fine and they arrested the suspect who also had only minor injuries. trace gallagher live with the video and more on this. >> when the suspect got near that elementary school, she tried to turn around that car and flee the scene. the officer was going to put a spike strip on the ground to blow her tires. she goes at the patrol car at 50 miles an hour. watch as the officer starts shooting to no avail. >> stop!
12:53 pm
stop! stop! >> crazy. surprisingly the officer wasn't injured and at that point officer officers have now arrived. we pick up the action from their body cams. the suspect clearly on some kind of drug because watch what she does next. play this. >> taser, taser, taser! >> screaming went on for quite some time. she had to be tased and dragged out of that suv. >> that officer wasn't hurt at all? >> he was not hurt at all. now he's spoken out saying at first he was concerned the suspect might try to gain entry into the elementary school nearby and that's when he tried to use the spike system. then he said it soon became apparent i was not going to have time to do this and she intended on trying to hurt or kill me. i responded in the way my training and instincts led me. i thanked the public, his fellow officers and god. he's back on duty by the way.
12:54 pm
the suspect has been identified as 41-year-old woman who is facing four felony counts. she remains in jail in tulsa. >> wow. that was quite a thing. and the story, too. thank you. the ohio state quarterback j.t. barrett pleading guilty in his drunk driving case. the 20 year old apologized in court today. police in columbus ticketed him at a checkpoint on halloween night. his lawyers say the quarterback was giving a lift to a heavily intoxicated friend. he has to pay a $400 fine and create a three-day alcohol education program. he'll also have to give up his driver's license for six months. the team suspended him one game. he served that this past weekend. the buckeyes still won. ohio state is playoff bound and urban meyer says he plans to have barrett start this coming saturday against illinois. we'll be right back with a
12:55 pm
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12:58 pm
updating our breaking news. a small jet crashed into an apartment complex in akron, ohio. we don't know what kind of jet. we don't know details. we just learned from fox 8 in akron that it was a small hawker 25. two people inside the jet died. it clipped an apartment building. everyone in the apartment okay. two people dead inside the plane that crashed. sony is pulling the plug on beta saying it won't sell the video as of this spring. who knew they still made beta tapes? they managed to hang on for 40 years. they were revolutionary when they first appeared in '75. >> you can break the time barrier.
12:59 pm
to record the present and save it for the future. >> vhs cassettes were cheaper to make and record longer periods of time but still beta hung on for 40 years. on this day in 1903, a woman got a patent for a windshield wiper. some drivers would stick their heads out the window during a storm. that's what they would do. the woman named mary anderson drew a plan for a window cleaning device. she never made any money from the thing. one company refused to buy it because execs said they didn't think it had any practical value. the patent expired but windshield wipers became standard on most cars a decade later. now they're on planes after a woman secured a right for a revolutionary new idea 112 years ago today. should news break out of serious nature, we'll bring in
1:00 pm
because that's what we're employed to do here. the rest of the afternoon we'll talk a lot about the huge debate coming up tonight on the fox business network. the main man over there for that is your man, neil cavuto. he's coming up live from milwaukee. have a great afternoon. this is it. tonight's the night. now live from the milwaukee theater where it's all about to go down, neil cavuto. >> welcome, everybody. they are sizing it up and checking out the debate stage for the fourth major confab of all presidential candidates that will begin. the pressure is on some of those candidates that may not be doing as well in the polls and among those who are whether they can really stand out. whether one debate will do that or two debates will do that is anyone's guess. what we're focin


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