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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 10, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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tune in tonight for a late debate edition of "the kelly file." tonight at midnight, complete analysis, senator ted cruz, frank luntz, chris stirewalt. see you then. welcome to the special edition of "hannity." the gop field on the issues. now, tonight for the hour, we want to examine the most pressing issues facing you, the voters, and break down in detail where each of the 2016 gop candidates stand. now, the republican hopefuls have been hitting the campaign trail hard, laying out their platforms. watch this. >> we're going to have a border. we're going to build a wall. mexico is going to pay for the wall. we're not paying. >> we start talking about shipping 10, 11 million people out of our country, which is impossible to do. breaking up families. that's irresponsible. >> we should screen people, but
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we should take in some people. >> then this is part of our values as a country. >> this administration stands up and says, oh, yes, we're going to accept 100,000 syrian refugees into this country. honestly, we do not know how to vet these people. >> we're going to make the american dream bigger and better and stronger. >> simple flat tax would produce 4.9 million new jobs. >> steering money from people who will be getting money in the people to pay for a media concern is robbing peter to pay paul. >> i balanced the federal budget with a team of people. we fixed ohio. and i understand how all these programs work. >> putin is establishing an alliance with iran and putting a foothold in the middle east, something that he hasn't had for 40 years. >> i would get along with russia and i'll get along with putin. and he is not going to make us look bad any more. >> obamacare fundamentally
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fosters the relationship between the people and the government. >> for people whose premiums have now gone up, they can thank president obama. >> under no circumstances will iran be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. >> on my first day in office i'll cancel this reckless and irresponsible deal with iran. >> to kick things off we start with immigration. donald trump is taking credit for sparking a national conversation on this hot button issue. just yesterday the fifth u.s. circuit court of appeals pushed st obama's overreach on immigration by blocking the administration's plan to protect 5 million illegal immigrants from being deported. yesterday the justice department announced it is planning on appealing the decision going right to the supreme court. one thing is crystal clear, america has a broken immigration system. here's how the gop candidates plan to fix the problem. take a look. >> we're going to have a border. we're going to build a wall.
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mexico is going to pay for the wall. we're not paying. >> i would secure the borders, north, south, east and west. that does not necessarily mean you have to build fences and walls. we can take advantage of electronic surveillance, drones and a variety of technological features. >> three main corridors with which people cross the southern border. we need more wall but personnel. you need a mandatory e-verify system and a track system to track and prevent people who overstay visas. in the 21st century immigration has to be based on what skills do you have, what will you contribute? >> we'll finally, finally secure the borders. >> we need an e-verify system. obviously we need to enforce the border so that we don't have continuing flow of people coming into our country. coming here legally ought to be easier than coming here illegally. and there ought to be strategic based on our economic needs not based on everybody else's needs. >> here with react the author of
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the brand new book "sold out" how beltway crap weasels are screwing america's best and brightest workers. michelle malkin. your daughter's doing better. congratulations. you've been sharing that with the public. you wrote the book "invasion." it came under heavy fire back in 2002. >> yeah, that's right. >> this issue is now front and center. >> mm-hmm. >> and your new book really takes it to the next level because so many american workers are being displaced by this competition that's coming in, outside workers, either legally or illegally. >> yeah, that's right. for much of the last quarter century, we've been trying to push on both fronts to get people to understand the devastating impact of massive illegal immigration on american workers at the low end of the pay scale. but this book is really trying to put at the forefront the fact that collusion between big government and big business and both political parties is having a massive devastating impact on
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america's best and brightest workers, our tech workers. >> this is the reality. both parties don't want the wall or else the wall would be built right now. >> that's exactly right. >> republicans, they want to cater to big business and cheap labor. the democrats are playing long ball and they think this will be a generational shift in voting. >> and a way to guarantee a permanent democratic ruling majority. and that's my frustration with so many of the establishment republicans is that they're committing civilizational national suicide by signing on with abominations like the gang of eight. and you definitely want to have a candidate that has the right instincts and spending his whole entire campaign apologizing for making the wrong decision in the first place. >> donald trump i think you can argue has the toughest illegal immigration plan out there. disagree? >> i don't disagree. we break down in the last chapter of "sold out" the positions, the lip service that's paid to immigration enforcement and protecting
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american workers and compare it with the actual records. no question about it. the reason why donald trump has appeal is because he's got this alpha male projection of confidence on everything that he says and people have been hungering, obviously, for somebody who is not going to apologize for every last decision that they've made and every last thing that's come out of their mouth. unfortunately, even with having a good platform, which is in large part a credit to people like jeff sessions who have been doing yeoman's work for years on this issue, donald trump has shown that he's a little bit confused because he has bought into the same american tech worker shortage myth that's been propagated by these big business ceos and their water carriers and all their front groups in d.c. it doesn't exist. there are 11 million out of 15 million americans who have so-called stem diplomas who cannot find jobs in those fields because they're being fired with replacements. >> it's right up there with the
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economy. >> no question about it. invasion was about how immigration has to be treated as national security issue. these foreign guest worker rackets are definitely a threat to our economic security. that decision yesterday at the fifth circuit court of appeals was huge. it was landmark because it wasn't just talking about how these people were avoiding deportation. you have the obama administration in collusion with a lot of republicans who agree with giving these people work documents and circumventing the law. >> because republicans give away their own enumerated powers. they tried to punt with obamacare and it backfired and they may win this time, but it still doesn't make -- they should be doing these things themselves. >> if you're a constitutional conservative, prove it and stop being a sellout. >> great new book. good to see you back. >> thank you. >> also another huge theme in the 2016 race for the white house is the rise of the nurjt outsider candidates. you have donald trump, ben
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carson, carly fiorina, senator ted cruz, they've all benefited from their willingness to go against the establishment and shun political correctness. here are those candidates explaining what makes them different from their establishment rivals. watch this. >> i have to say what i have to say. you know, i have to be honest. i'm a straight shooter. they would like me to be more politically correct. i went to an ivy league school. i'm like an intelligent person. >> i'm not going to change and become, you know, a vanilla envelope that they can accept. they're never going to accept me. because i don't believe in political correctness. >> who will stand up to washington? now, if that's the central issue, the natural next question is, okay, who actually has stood up to washington? my record is markedly different than anyone else on that stage. >> ours was intended to be a citizen government. we were never intended to have a professional political class. citizens, we must take our
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government back. >> here now is the president of the national center for policy analysis, fox news contributor lieutenant colonel former congressman allen west. good to see you, sir. >> good to be with you, sean. >> the year of the outsider. the year of the insurgent. here's the big question for me. one is why and number two is by the time people go vote, do they make it all the way to the end? in other words, do people, do they go all the way or do they begin to second guess? >> well, i think it's a very interesting assertion that you put out there because when i start to look at who is falling out early, it's all these governors, the people that have the executive experience, the people that have policies and records that they can run on. you have rick perry that's gone, scott walker that is gone, jim gilmore and george pataki not even invited. the thing is can this sense of personality and emotionalism and this outsider atmosphere really sustain them for the long run? and that is what is going to be
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so integral in this first fox news -- fox business news debate because it's going to be about hard economic issues and will they really be able to show a vision to get job growth going in this country? >> the battle between the establishment and more conservative wing of the republican party is nothing new. you had ronald reagan sitting with gerald ford, he nearly took the nomination from him. this is an old battle with republican ranks. is it healthy for the party? i would argue it is. in the end the republican party has got to be a different party than a watered-down version of what democrats are offering. >> no, i think you're absolutely right. it is healthy for the party. and i think it is healthy to show a clear delineation between constitutional conservatism and progressive socialism. it is very healthy that we have a process in the gop as opposed to a coronation, it seems, on the democrat side. so i think that you will see a
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better candidate that comes out in the end who will go up against hillary clinton, the bernie sanders or whoever they put up. >> who do you like of the insurgent candidates? any one or two of the people that stand out that you think you're going to vote for? >> no, i think it's still very early. but the prism i'm looking through is who can be a true commander in chief who can restore our military capacity and who can stand up to vladimir putin and russia and xi jinping in china and iran and all the islamic terrorist groups that are out there. come 2017 this will be a very different looking world. and we see it taking shape already in the middle east. >> colonel, good to see you. coming up the black lives matter movement has gotten a lot of attention on the campaign trail. we'll show you how the gop candidates have responded to the group and where they stand on the issue of race in america. also later president obama his failed foreign policy has left the next commander in chief with a lot of problems to fix.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good evening. president obama will take the fight over his immigration plan all the way to the supreme court. it follows an appeals court's decision monday to uphold a ruling which blocks the president's effort not to deport some 5 million illegal immigrants. republicans call the plan an illegal executive overreach. a small business jet crashed into an apartment building in akron, ohio. the fiery impact killing at
7:15 pm
least two people on board and shaking homes several blocks away. investigators are still trying to determine how many people were on board the ten-seat jet but say no one was inside the apartment building. encouraging news about former president jimmy carter's fight against cancer. 91-year-old carter says tests show he's responding well to treatment and doctors have not found new cancer growth. i'm kelly wright. now back to "hannity." for all your headlines, log on to welcome back to this special edition of "hannity," the gop field on the issues. now race has become a major issue. now the black lives matter movement has received a lot of attention. and we've also seen all of this with racial tensions rising at the university of missouri this week. here now with reaction, fox news senior correspondent geraldo rivera and the black sphere's kevin jackson.
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it drives me crazy. you're a hispanic american. you're my friend. your life matters, geraldo. when bernie sanders says, no, all black matters or all lives matter, your life matters. there's something inherently racist and wrong with the democratic party that they just can't say the words "all lives matter" because they do. >> the aspect of black lives matter that they tend to focus on is black lives that are claimed by men or women wearing blue. that's the only black lives that seem to matter to these groups. they don't care at all about that 9-year-old boy lured into the alleyway in chicago to be intentionally murdered by a rival gang. they don't care about the 14-year-old killed in retaliation to that just yesterday. there is a real space in our society for a legitimate civil rights group activated by the need to raise up by their boot
7:17 pm
straps an entire population. >> it isn't this group. >> it's not this group, pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon. this isn't the group. but the democrats are just pandering and sucking up to them. it is nauseating that they can't say the words "all lives matter." >> it is. and i think i disagree a little bit with geraldo that there's a need for another civil rights movement. look, blacks are achieving in this country. and we had the situation that happened in missouri that's over nothing. geraldo, i would ask you, how many people have said derogatory things about you in your career that you just brush off. >> today? >> sean -- >> this week? >> exactly. the same with you and the same with me. you get called names. you raise your children -- in fact, the behavior of the guy that claimed he got the racial epithet thrown at him is the behavior of a child. a guy that didn't get past the second grade. i taught my 8-year-old to dismiss those kinds of calls. yet here we are talking about
7:18 pm
the university of missouri as if black people had just begun to matriculate into this school. this is the height of ridiculousness. and the idea that we are building civil rights movement around people like michael brown who break into stores -- who steal from stores and want to kill cops. we build civil rights movement around people who don't want to follow the letter of the law and get arrested for the cigarettes or whatever they're doing. >> the university of missouri's experience where they capitulated to threats and intimidation, mark my words, this is next frontier for the black lives movement. they've found resistance going up against cops. they found resistance in urban areas. now they've picked a soft target usually run by liberals who tend to capitulate when confronted. the brave new world of the black lives movement, it will spread like wildfire throughout campuses in this country. it will be absolutely
7:19 pm
destructive of the academic environment. they will militarize or be militant in that context where they have a reasonable chance of success. here they had the president of the university of missouri and the chancellor of all the state-run universities in missouri resigning as a result of their efforts. they've now linked up with the black players on the football team to deny and deprive the institution of the revenue from the football game unless they capitulate. i think this is a very distressing development. this is anarchy for sure. what gets done? do children, our young people, are they going to be educated in this environment or, rather, will they learn to be separate, will they learn to be -- that only militancy and threats can prevail? i think it's very distressing. i'd love to hear from the president on this one. >> real quick, kevin, we're running out of time. >> one other quick point. they made a comment that if the football coach had not
7:20 pm
capitulated, he wouldn't be able to recruit plaqblack players bee they wouldn't want to come to the school. that's the height of ignorance and racism that black parents wouldn't have understood if he had done the right thing we'd be happy to send our kids to him. wrong on so many levels. >> thank you very much. coming up next on this special edition of "hannity" -- >> i would knock the hell out of isis. frankly, if russia wants to do it also, i'm okay with it. >> obama labeled them the jv team but isis poses a serious threat to national security. how the republican candidates would take on this terror group. that's next. all of that and much more on the special edition of "hannity" straight ahead. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me...
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welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." the gop field on issues.
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the next commander in chief will face many national security challenges including dealing with isis. here's how some of the candidates would deal with that terror group. let's take a look. >> create a safe zone within syria. the turks have said they'd cooperate. an area protected from the ground and in the air. and from that spot is where the rebel groups that will take on isis and assad can help organize this. >> we can work with our allies to work with isis and train them, get them better weapons. i'm not talking about rebels. i'm talking about allies in jordan, egypt, saudi arabia. the emirates and use american military hardware and trainers, american military air power. >> we need to re-establish forward leaning military presence to be able to take out isis and as it relates to syria, this has been made extraordinarily more complicated by inaction. >> boots on the ground in iraq. >> i would knock the hell out of isis.
7:24 pm
and if russia wants to do it as well, i'm okay with it. >> making sure they don't have access to any of the internet related social media so that they can communicate and recruit. >> isis poses a clear and present danger. they're the face of evil. they're crucifying christians, beheading innocent christians, jews and muslims and they've declared jihad on america. and we need a president, commander in chief that makes unequivocally clear we will destroy isis. >> i think it's critical that we degrade isis as quickly as possible. that's boots on the ground to destroy isis. this is the best way we can go now to actually assert ourselves more aggress ib live. >> bill cowan and colonel david hunt. i believe that ted cruz is right. these are the modern-day nazis. they have zero compassion or empathy. it's convert or die. and it's a war against civilization.
7:25 pm
so we seem to have retreated from this war. how do we re-engage? >> the issue is with the air campaign we're running now for months and months, $8 million a day isn't working. we have been doing raids but on a limited basis. the problem is you can't get this done without soldiers fighting. and my point is -- continues to be we have to have middle eastern countries involved on the ground with us. and we haven't been able to get that done. it's not working in syria, it's not working in iraq. those are failed countries along with about three others. and this issue is not going to go away. >> colonel cowan, i get nervous when we talk about boots on the ground again especially because we don't win wars any more. they become politicized. then all these people go fight, die and leave their limbs on foreign soil, then we retreat, then ramadi and mosul and fallujah and tikrit end up in the hands of isis. is there a way that we could
7:26 pm
surgically strike their locations and take these people out that way? is that possible? >> well, we can do surgical strikes, without a doubt, sean, the problem is with surgical strikes comes collateral damage. that's the price you have to pay. that's the price that has to be paid if we're going to do the things we need to do in terms of taking out the isis leadership. we clearly know where many if not most of the isis leaders are, the various command centers down to mosul. david is exactly right. boots on the ground need to be our middle eastern friends and neighbors who have an interest. >> i agree bringing in the allies and the people. what about world war ii and hiroshima, nagasaki? yeah, there was plenty of collateral damage, but it ended a war. do we now have to consider, you know, protecting american lives in light of the political atmosphere where wars always get
7:27 pm
politicized? vietnam, 58,000 people died, we walked out of there, 5,000 people die in iraq and afghanistan we walk out of there and hand it back to an even worse enemy. i'm concerned about sending boots on the ground. >> i've been saying for some time we need to have the debate -- the american public needs to have the debate about the threat that isis poses to us and the way we have to go after them. that includes collateral damage. before d-day, before general eisenhower allowed troops to go into france we asked the french resistance what are you going to feel about collateral damage, civilian casualties, their response to us was war is war, do what you have to do. that's what we should expect out of anyone over there. >> what's your aspect of fighting a war a different day. >> i've been agreeing about this for 14 years. it's two democrat, two republican presidents. we've been at war now for 14 years.
7:28 pm
bill had a son serve in this past war. the issue is not military might. bill's right. we have to have a discussion, public discussion about how you want to fight this because right now the american public have been disengaged. the press has been disengaged. people running for office are disengaged. we're still in a war on terror and it's been politicized with military solutions. they will not work by themselves. it needs an awful lot more of diplomatic, religious, political, economic fight. a total war, but we have not ever done that since world war ii. >> if we're not going to fight to win a war, i don't believe we should be sending soldiers over there any more. we have now political sized too many wars here. but thank you both for being here. thousands of iranians recently celebrated the 36th takeover of the embassy in iran by burning flags in the streets.
7:29 pm
chanting repeatedly, death to america, while this president trusted in rogue regime in tehran enough to negotiate a nuclear deal with them. here are the 2016 gop candidates reacting to this disastrous agreement. take a look. >> what we did with that stupid deal with iran is the worst thing that has probably happened to israel since the initial israel -- since day one. >> you have to know how to negotiate. you have to know how to verify, how to make sure that there's appropriate accountability. you have to be able to take down their infrastructure. >> under no circumstances will iran be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. a three o accuratic zealot that chants death to america. this will not happen. i think i'm the one candidate and the one president that the ayatollah khamenei will understand, i'm not bluffing. >> on my first day in office i'll cancel this reckless and irresponsible deal with iran. >> until and unless you open
7:30 pm
every military facility, every nuclear facility to real any time anywhere inspections by our people not yours, we the united states of america will make it as difficult as possible for you to move money around the global financial system. >> are they going to want to do business with the largest economy with the greatest respect for the rule of law or trade that in for an iranian economy that's controlled by the iranian revolutionary guard that has no rule of law? >> to do what he did with iran and the way it's gooding to threaten israel now -- because after we signed the nuclear agreement with iran, the supreme leader of iran said that israel will not exist in 25 years. lieutenant colonel ralph peters. during these negotiations, the iranians said that the destruction of israel is nonnegotiable. during these negotiations they chanted "death to america."
7:31 pm
after these negotiations they canted "death to america." they burned american flags before, during and after. why did this president do this and how do we undo this? >> well, because he's desperate for a legacy. he has a myth of himself that be my the magical force of his personality can turn enemies into friends. we never had negotiations with the iranians. what we had was this administration's slow surrender to iran. but you know, when i see all those films of people chanting "death to america" and burning flags, yes, we get wired up about that, but it's the wrong thing to get wired up about. because that's not really about us. it's about the domestic situation in iran. political factions vying for what comes after ayatollah khamenei dies and he's rumored to be in ill health. they can't get young iranians interested. what we need to be concerned
7:32 pm
about actively and what the candidates need to address is what iran is doing strategically. iran owns iran -- sorry, iran owns iraq, iran owns syria. iran has veto power over everything going on in lebanon. supporting healthy, supporting an insurgency quiet for the moment in bahrain. they supported hamas. iran, backed by russia, is taking over a broad swath of the middle east and the obama administration refuses to see it. this is the ostrich administration. it's so bad, sean -- >> so they're building an empire. it's really shia versus sunni battle that they are winning dramatically. >> yes. >> and taking over greater and greater influence with an alliance with russia and vladimir putin. so i guess the question is where does this end? because this to me seems like munich 1938 on steroids. >> yeah, well, it ends with the
7:33 pm
most far flung, the greatest iranian empire for 2500 years since the battles of marathon and themopoli, et cetera. that's really their ambition. it's gotten so bad, this administration's policies have been so wrong-headed, disastrous, that even the strikes we're making against islamic state, against isis in syria and iraq ultimately benefit iran. we're doing their dirty work. our air force, our marine, naval, air, we're flying missions basically on behalf of iran because when islamic state is gone -- and i want them gone -- iran inherits that stretch of the earth. >> scary. >> the incompetence of this administration is not only without precedent in our history. you have to reach world history to find such incompetence. >> scary scenario. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> coming up next -- >> you've got to do both.
7:34 pm
not just grow the economy by cutting taxes and being able to freeze regulations but also to be able to reduce your exp expenditu expenditures. >> the candidates have been offering up their plans to fix the economy and cut taxes. eric bolling and melissa francis are here. i (state your name),
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some serious side effects can lead to dehydration which may cause kidney failure. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. go to to learn if you may be eligible >> test test. >> test test. >> test test. >> test test welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." the gop field on the issues. now the latest fox news poll shows voters by a wide margin that republicans think that donald trump is the most qualified candidate when it comes to handling the economy. senator ted cruz is the only other 2016 republican contender in double digits. now, here's donald trump and his republican rivals explaining their economic policies. >> we're going to make the american dream bigger and better and stronger before.
7:40 pm
we're going to get rid of all these horrible regulations. we're going to open up, do business, we're going to have fun, create jobs, be taking jobs back from all over the world. >> you can see that this tax plan, the simple flat tax would produce 4.9 million new jobs, increase capital investment by 44% and every income group in america would see your after-tax income grow by at least 14%. so if you're a single mom making $40,000 a year, it means your after-tax income is an additional $5,600 a year. >> if we can make it easier, faster and cheaper for americans to access the skills that they need and we can make the american economy the most competitive in the world, we're not going to have an economic recovery, we'll never have the.
7:41 pm
you start doing that, i promise you that you'll start seeing a lot less complexity in how the rules occur. >> you have to do both, not just grow the economy by cutting taxes and being able to freeze regulations, but also to be able to reduce your expenditures in education. we're going to block grant all the money back. cut the gord ion knot on regulations. don't ever send it down here. keep in it the states. >> it have a tax plan that would wipe out all 70,000 pages of the tax code and the irs. my tax plan would have your tax return on one simple post card, one single rate for business and one single rate for individuals. >> and here with reaction, co-host of "the five," eric
7:42 pm
bolling and the co-host of "after the bell" melissa francis. all of them have much better plans than what we have now. it's not working. millions of americans in poverty and on food stamps and the lowest rate of participation in 30 years. any one tax plan stand out to you. >> there's a lot of fantastic dramatic change. overall i really like trump's plan. it's very straightforward. it's understandable. lowers the rates a lot. you really drill down on the details, marco rubio's plan looks timid but in there he really cuts a break to sole proprietors, individual business owners, mom and pop stores. they need that. those are the guys that achieved the american dream, that hire people. that's how you get out of poverty. >> three things to me imperative to grow the economy and accelerate growth, one would be energy independence. we have all these untapped resources. second, all these multinational corporations that want to bring money back, let them repatriate
7:43 pm
that money. that would be a huge boom to the economy. why not make america the corporate tax haven of the universe. all those companies would park here. >> if those are the three things that you want, i would say trump is very high up on your list. i would also say jeb bush wants to do the similar thing with three or four tax brackets but jeb's are higher than trump's, rubio's is the highest of them all. ben carson, he calls it a tithing, he gets very vague after that. i'm not sure how that will work. the one thing you need to ask with your tax plan, love everything about it, how much will it cost and what are you basing your number on? if the economy grows at 2 1/2% is where we've been, how much is it going to cost -- >> you know what's in the equation, that is spending. i like the penny plan. >> no, no. >> yes! >> sean, you can't touch
7:44 pm
mandatory spending. none of these guys can touch mandatory spending, discretionary -- >> you tell the american people this, you cut one penny out of every dollar every year. you do it for six years, americans will do that so we stop robbing our kids blind. >> you have to work for entitlements. you are on the right track. you can't have a tax plan without the other piece. >> you have people that want to be president of the united states. they're going to get there on january 17. the first thing they'll do is start nailing some mandatory spending. so what you're going to have is let's look at social security -- >> you got to raise the age. >> but nen the other side will say that's fine but let's look at military. you'll end up with the biggest log jam in the world. >> melissa is right, too, because they'll raise the eligibility age and means test
7:45 pm
it. and that's all coming. there's no lock box because they squandered it. >> trump says don't change the eligibility date and so does jeb bush -- i'm sorry, carson. >> i love trump's tax plan but he doesn't have a great idea to pay for these things. if you score it on growth marco rubio does the best -- >> the highest rate. >> no, for growth. becausy unleashes sole proprietors. >> you have to cut the spending -- >> you have to have growth. >> you got to also rein in spending. >> lower the corporate tax rate. >> good to see you both. coming up, the disturbing practices at planned parenthood clinics and how the republican candidates respond to that. and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable
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. welcome back to this special edition of "hannity", exposing planned parenthood videos has gotten a lot of attention on the campaign trail. we have the vice president of wta research, and also, leslie marshal, and political reporter, michelle fields. michelle, we can't seem to get republican candidates to take a
7:51 pm
simple stand. continue to fund womens' health issues but not planned parenthood. that seems like an issue to me. >> absolutely. this is a fiscal issue. you're being fiscally responsible. planned parenthood does not need taxpayer dollars. there are plenty of clinics where people can get better services without taxpayer dollars. this is an issue everyone should be talking about. >> leslie, i understand you're a liberal and want big government and if they gave the money to womens' health issues they needed to add more than a half billion dollars, how do you argue republicans don't like women? i know that is a lie, a myth that is perpetrated every election year. but if the money were to go to other womens' health groups would you have an objection?
7:52 pm
>> well, first of all, i don't think republicans hate women. i think what they propose speaks for itself. planned parenthood isn't the only clinic that receives federal funds and 97% plus of the -- >> would you happy with the democrats if. >> they have it, sean. they already this this money through planned parenthood. and other clinics providing millions of women with health care. why do we want to take that away? >> lisa, my point is that money will continuing to spend on womens' health issues but not planned parenthood. to me, that is legitimate considering they're on tape breaking the law. >> sean, if democrats cared about womens health care they'd want the money to community centers that provide mammograms and things like that. planned parenthood doesn't provide mammograms.
7:53 pm
they have lied for years about that. for every planned parenthood across the country there are 20 of the community health centers that previed better care. what this is about for democrats is this fictitious war on women they want to try to paint. and hillary clinton is trying to play the gender card. the reason why is she has nothing else to offer. >> i like to see them defund planned parenthood and give the money to other womens groups, then, i don't think democrats would have an argument. >> i agree. there is not just a war on women. the war on women really happening right now is, if you look at the economy and the number of women who are not in the labor force, we're talking 56 million people. that is a record number of women. 56 million women. if you talk to women around country they'll tell you they're suffering and their lives have not been improved by liberal policies. if you want to talk about war on
7:54 pm
women, the real war on women is being caused by liberal policys. >> if you're all so great with women, how come you haven't been women supported since 1998 and how come donald trump made a disparaging remark about the only woman running? >> he's no bill clinton when it comes to women, i agree. >> oh. >> ouch. >> coming up, more "hannity" right after this quick break.
7:55 pm
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after the fox business network debate with analysis and you'll hear from several of the republican candidates. so set your dvr tonight at 1:00 a.m., eastern, see you then, thanks for being with us. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thank us for this post debate edition of the factor, live. two hours of verbage from milwaukee. did anything important happen? did candidates help or hurt themselves? any new things put on the table? we'll address all of those things. the guy i think is perhaps the smartest evaluator of political musings in the country, charles krauthammer joins us. now, full


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