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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 10, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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will join us with both debate reaction. we'll see you here tomorrow night. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thank us for this post debate edition of the factor, live. two hours of verbage from milwaukee. did anything important happen? did candidates help or hurt themselves? any new things put on the table? we'll address all of those things. the guy i think is perhaps the smartest evaluator of political musings in the country, charles krauthammer joins us. now, full disclosure, you won't
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stay up this late until you say that, but it's true. >> that and the small amount that you deposited in my cayman island account. >> i think the headline is substantive debates tend to be less exciting. we got a substantive debate. and the intermural arguments were on policy rather than personal stuff. so i thought in a way, it was a step up, but it was less exciting than a cage fight. the guy with the most at stake was jeb bush. unfortunately he had another weak night. i don't want to kick him around, but one question, he gave an answer, then, fiorina followed up with a smashing sort of out of the park answer, and there is a split screen of bush nodding
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and encouraging her. >> what question? >> it had to do with russia. others i thought were relatively weak were kasich and carson. i don't think carson hurt himself. he was still in persona. he had a nice, deflecting remark going on. >> let me challenge. kasich said a lot of things. he had a lot of air time. but he fell back on the old ohio thing and bush stayed away from that. right? people have a tendency to tune out. it's ohio, ohio. ben carson vanished. just vanished. now, i don't know whether that was the fault of the moderators, but he didn't have a lot of questions directed to him and one he fumbled was macro economics. would you break up the big banks and he's clueless.
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so a agree. he didn't have a good night. >> the reason he sort of vanished is that all of the others or just about all of the others would intervene, and push themselves. >> he didn't do that at all. >> if you're weak on policy, you're going to stand back. you want to hide. >> do you know who didn't intervene? donald trump? >> exactly. >> he didn't say we're go -- we're going to have a tally but trump is kind of the old, you know things that worked for him, he said. he didn't intervene. >> no. he didn't. i don't think it depends on the air time, but the force in which you stand, and if you get into one on one, how you come out. he was the only one that got booed, to fiorina, why are you always interrupted and kasich, i led a big business and he did
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his usual thing. he went on and on about the free trade agreement and china stealing our lunch. and there is nothing in the agreement on currency manipulation and rand paul said one thing, china is not part of that agreement. so what trump did is went to his strong suit, on i think was an irrelevancy. i'm not sure he hurt himself. he seems never to hurt himself in materials of the polls. >> but. no, correct me if i'm wrong. with all of these debates now, and with all of the weeks we have been paying attention, you want to have momentum. you have to build momentum. it looked to me that donald trump didn't build momentum tonight. you would agree, correct? >> he's sitting on his lead.
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>> two guys enjoyed momentum are rubio and cruz. >> well, rubio had his usual stellar night. it's amazing. there is no subject on which he is not fluid and forceful, and passionate. i mean, look. how sincere it is i'll leave to others but he comes off as someone who cares, he's able to turn the questions around and make them forceful. i think he led the field. i thought fiorina did very well. and rand paul, he takes the most unpopular positions, rubio called him an isolationist. i thought he had a good night. he is defending positions that are not main stream, you know? withdraw from foreign policy stuff. he talked about the fed i thought too much. but it was fun night i thought he did the as best as one could
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have expected. >> come on, you can't say we didn't spend money on the military. that killed it. that wiped him out. >> i know. i think he was up seven against one on this issue. it's not a main stream position. >> that is a big deal. >> yes. but it's what he believed and i thought he carried it off fairly well. >> he'll drop to 3%. i predict. he's not going to get anything out of this. conservative americans want a strong defense. and rand paul, time after time, looks weak on it. you can be articulate and weak at the same time. >> well, we're talking about who did well on a public debate. >> i expect that. >> of course, you're both a seer and a simple man. and amazing combination never seen before. so in that case, yes.
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you can tell which way it's going to go. fiorina and cruz made it. >> the only person we didn't mention very much -- no, we got them in. so you say the loser tonight is jeb bush because he had to do something. had to create a moment and he didn't. 30 seconds. >> look. i think this is basically what we've seen in all of the debates. rubio, fiorina, the more glib ones. cruz, i throw in rand paul because he hasn't had a good night until now. i think he's treading water with trump and carson. you got what you've expected. kasich i don't think helped himself terribly much though he had a lot of air time. when you talk about substance and don't make artificial fights it's a bit more of a snoozer but it's a better way to do our politics than the cage fights. i think it was a good night over all. and the moderators, i thought had really good questions.
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they did not intrude themselves and it was a very good contrast between the two financial networks. you know. >> absolutely. >> fox business as opposed to ideology of cbnc. >> undisputed winner, fox business network. >> you can go to bed now. i know your jammies are close by and we appreciate you staying up. >> coming up, goldberg, powers, rove, and bret baier.
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you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run.
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they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. impact segment tonight, one of the most intense exchanges of the debate was this. is it conservative to have a trillion dollars in transfer payments, a new welfare program, a refundable tax credit?
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add that to marco's plan for a trillion dollars in new military spending and you get something that looks to me, not very conservative. >> the family is the most important institution. i do want to rebuild the american military, i know rand is a committed isolationist. i'm not. i believe the world is a stronger place with the united states in the world. >> how is it conservative to add a trillion dollar expenditure to the federal government? how is it conservative to add a trillion dollars in military expenditures? >> joining us now with former economics advisor to president obama. here in new york city, a lot of verbage out there. a lot of details. >> a lot. >> what stayed with you? >> i thought that tonight, the candidates just staved the same.
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meaning we're not going to see anyone jump to a different position. i thought trump did no harm. carson played it safe. the others, i mean rubio had a great night. krauthammer was right. he helped himself by that debate you just played because he came back with a strong answer about the military, however, what rand was doing was very smart. he went after him for spending and that child tax credit. i know it glazes over you. >> it is not the glaze. i can understand the child tax credit. i come down on rubio's side, because i believe the american family needs a break, but military spending there is no way rand paul win that's debate. he didn't win with the republican crowd. >> that is where he lost. >> right. and big. >> a lot of people believe that rand paul has a good point when he says we cannot go back on fighting those wars. the problem, bill, is that he
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did not link the cost of rubio's plan to the cost of war. and rubio says we want a strong military, who is going to disagree with that? >> it's psychological more than tactical. so you're looking at it from a different point of view. which republican on the stage tonight, and one name, okay, could convince you to vote for him or her? >> oh, sheesh. you know, it's compared to what? but i thought at the beginning of the debate, kasich was sounding relatively reasonable to me. that probably means he's doomed but he was sounding more reasonable. >> so kasich is one of the more moderate of the eight. kasich. >> yes. >> he's looking at it. >> the tax part. >> yes. he looks at policy from a human point of view.
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>> i did like that. you know. >> right. >> when they started talking about their tax plan, all we're missing is ricardo monteblan saying "welcome to fantasy island". then, they didn't call on him again, for i felt like an hour. >> with kasich, also, jumping in whenever he wanted to. when tomorrow, we total up the minutes you'll find he got a lot of air time. would you see that not just republicans, but independents, democrats who are not ideological, everybody is uneasy about the economy. would you see that? >> yes. i think the economy is only growing okay. it's not as bad as what the republicans say. >> 50% of the american workers are earning less than $30,000 a
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year, that is almost armageddon. that is where we are. okay. now, one of the things donald trump capitalized on is immigration. they have to go. okay? but to me, and cruz is in that crew, too, when nobody said and what should have been said is that the courts would never allow a mass deportation. the federal courts would block it for years and years and years. so why are we talking about this? talking about "fantasy island" why are we talking about it? >> because it's a huge issue and a cost issue. candidates like jeb bush destroyed themselves on this because they took that compassionate approach saying we've got to protect the family and the children. >> they did. >> do you know what, bill? this base does not want to hear we can't do something. so donald trump says we're going to deport them. others say no, you can't. the audience doesn't want to hear it. the republican base wants
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solutions. they don't want to commit to a different place. >> go ahead, doctor. >> there is an insight to. that people don't want to hear no, you can't do that. you heard let's stand up to russia, fly jets over putin's house or whatever they're going to do. that said i was surprised on both immigration questions and when rand paul got into the discussion with rubio about defense. each of the kind of liberal positions actually got a fair amount of applause as well. conservative position did get a lot of applause but there were, in the audience, people -- the. >> the pea -- tea party is just a segment of it. the federal courts would block any mass -- so why are we talking about it?
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it ain't going to happen. this just drives me crazy. like when you say, andrea, when a republican candidate says well, look. i'm going to cut taxes to 10%. and balance the budget and pay down the debt. i'm going no. no. you're not. >> people don't want to hear no. >> okay. but -- >> you think -- >> do you think they accept this? >> in. the position of republicans on immigration has been more liberal on spending and wars so austin does make a good point saying when the republican party says we shouldn't be meddling, you do get applause lines. >> that is what makes the republican party. >> my pajamas? i don't have them. >> krauthammer is. >> what did you call me? before this?
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>> midnight tantaros. she's going out tonight. there is a big post debate party at cbgbs or something. >> how did the moderators do? bernie goldberg with an assessment, moments away.
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how did the debate moderators do? >> as a candidate whose brand has been trust, are you worried your campaign which you said is bigger than you is now being hurt by you? >> well, thank you for not asking me wla i said in the tenth grade.
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i appreciate that. when i look at someone like hillary clinton who sits there and tells her daughter and a government official that no. this is a terrorist attack and tells everybody else it was a video. where i came from, that called that a lie. >> dr. carson talking about benghazi and the hearings held. joining us from miami bernard goldberg. so i thought, and the reason i'm saying this to goldberg is we're almost role reversing tonight so he didn't have to say anything bad to say. >> i thought they're very professional. one thing i think was needed in a debate that lasted that long and was policy was that, some
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commentary about what was realistic and what wasn't. i think a moderator can offer his or her own opinion. am i wrong? >> in other words if someone says i'm going to lower the tax rate to 10%, do this, that, and it doesn't add up, yes, the moderator has rights to say the numbers don't add up. can i comment on that sound byte you just played of dr. carson? look, i'm not a fan of dr. carson but on this he's absolutely right. hillary clinton was exposed. i don't like using this language but she was exposed as being a liar at the benghazi hearing for the precise reason dr. carson mentioned. she told her daughter and prime minister of egypt the real reasons. she was a liar. how did the main stream media
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play the story? that it was the best week of her presidential campaign. that the republicans were just out to get her. and they're worried in third grade, ben carson was picking his nose on the playground. they have every right to ask whether he's embellishing his life story since his campaign is about his life story but the double standard is infuriating and he's right about that. >> so he got points, dr. carson for that answer. and he, the thing about thanks for not asking me what i said in tenth grade that was rehearsed because carson's campaign knew it was coming. i thought other questions were good, they were pithy. but as i pointed out earlier when a donald trump says and a ted cruz says we're going to
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deport everybody, they can't. the courts would block it. i think the moderator almost shut it down at that point but look. the federal courts are never going to allow people to be dragged out of their houses and deported. they're going to litigate forever and everybody know that's is true. >> well, the republican audience, let me put it this way. being reasonable and smart on these issues isn't necessarily the thing you want to be during this campaign cycle. . >> i think moderators have an obligation. >> yes. they could have said that and perhaps should have said that but republican primary voters, when donald trump said he's going to round up 11 million people, take them out of their homes, what happened when he said that? his poll numbers went up.
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>> listen, i'm not blaming trump for saying it. trump wants to get elected. trump said it. he will try to do it. i'm 100% positive trump would try to do it. but he's not going to get through the courts. so i'll tell him that and how he reacts. >> if you or i were there, one of us would say nice try but it isn't going to happen. i watched the under card debate, too. okay? and chris christie was really good. i wish he were, look, i know i'm dealing in the real world. he wasn't on the stage tonight on the big boy stage, but if he were, we'd be talking a lot about him right now. absent him, because, again, i'm living in the real world, he wasn't there, i thought marco rubio did very well. i thought he did exceptionally.
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>> he's good at that format. very good at that format. >> that is right. he's not only good, he's not only knowledgeable which is important, he's good at politics. because part of being, running for president is showbiz. i mean that in the best sense. >> he is good at that and speaks quickly and with passion. he got behind the american family. >> he's good. i agree. >> and chris christie was good tonight and would have been good on that stage and i think it's a loss to him and republican voters. >> maybe his poll numbers will go up now and he'll be in the next one, we'll see. bernie goldberg, everybody, as the factor moves along, we have kirsten powers, a left hander,
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personal story segment there was some creativity on the debate stage tonight. here is an example. >> i understand that when main stream media covers immigration it doesn't see it as an economic issue. but i can tell you for a millions of americans at home watching this, it is a very personal economic issue. and i will say the politics of it would be very, very different if a bunch of lawyers or bankers were crossing the rio grand. or if a bunch of people with
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journalism degrees were driving down the wages in the press. then we'd see stories about the economic calamity that is befalling our nation. >> i think that was a clever way to make his point. what did you take away from his debate? there is a lot of chat. a lot of chat. what stayed with you? >> well, i think it was a very substantive debate. everybody said, the moderators did an excellent job. in that way it wasn't as exciting as other debates because it was so substantive. but i feel like everybody is pretty much where they started out. that you didn't see a lot of shifts, except that donald trump i don't think was as dominant as
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he's been in the past and i don't feel like the audience was with him as much. he wasn't getting as much of the sort of cheering and clapping that he had in the past when getting a push back from john kasich and from jeb bush. >> what about jeb bush? he needed to have a big night. >> right. >> krauthammer says no. >> yes. >> i thought he made good points. what about him? is he done? >> you know, i don't think he's done. i think we need to wait for people to vote before saying people are done. but i agree with charles that he didn't do anything to break out. he continues to be very, sort of unsteady, frankly in these debates. >> it's not his strong suit. >> yes. he doesn't seem sure about what he's saying and i think it's smart he didn't get into any fights with marco rubio.
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>> let me ask you this, powers. >> yes? >> there is no doubt of all of them, marco rubio is the best debater and the most comfortable in the forum, right? >> okay. >> ted cruz would be second. carly fiorina, third. all right? they know how to do that format. right? >> sure. >> people on stage, bunch of moderators here come the questions and then, boom, boom, boom, they frame them. but is that what we want to elect a president off? being a good debater? >> that is a great point, bill, i talked to a lot people about this. if you look at someone like a jeb bush, i'd be saying this is a very substantive person, someone who really seems to love policy and cares about policy and knows what he's talking about. but he's just not campaigner but might make a great president. >> could you vote for jeb bush? >> i've never voted for a
11:36 pm
republican. >> never? in your life? >> no. no. i'm a democrat. >> you're not a leming are you? there has got to be some good republican candidates somewhere along the line? >> yes. there has. >> i voted for democrats and republicans, i'm independent. >> right. but i would in theory and i think, yes, that jeb bush would be the kind of person i would consider. >> you want a sensitive person to vote for? >> yes. i want a sensitive person. i want someone who doesn't want to round up 11 million people and rip family as part and deport them for example. >> in theory, as i said, that is never going to happen but those people who are here illegally have no right to be here and i don't disparage anyone who believes that because they're right according to our law, they have no right to be here.
11:37 pm
>> but that doesn't -- >> so they're on the right side of the law. let's not be too quick. >> but sometimes there are -- well, but there is a practical effect of it. >> i have a terrific immigration plan posted on but you liberals have a tendency to look down your nose morally at people who want the law enforced and i think that is wrong. >> i don't think i look down my nose morally at anyone. i just don't believe we should be ripping families apart and deporting them. >> but if you deported them together then you won't be ripping them apart. >> yes. >> they'll all go back to honduras on the same flight. >> that is very humane of you. >> i see it both ways. it's not humane to have 12 million people violating our law and be rewarded for it.
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>> well, we don't have enough time to debate this. >> i have to put it out there because it was a large part of the debate so we have to put out there. kirsten powers, very sensitive. and coming up, karl rove. who helped themselves? who hurt themselves? then, bret baier will tie
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thanks for staying with us. we continue with our analysis of the republican debate in milwaukee tonight. we have karl rove select a significant moment. >> if we're going to knock out isis, i am for it 100%. i can't understand how anyone would be against it. >> the idea, it's a good idea for putin to be in syria? let isis take out assad and let putin take out isis? that is like a board game. that is not how the real world works. >> we have no idea what these people are going to represent. they may be worse than assad.
11:43 pm
>> right. there rove, why did you pick that clip? >> welsh i didn't. someone else did. >> i thought you picked it. >> no. no. note at all. i thought it was an interesting exchange. there is donald trump defending keeping assad in power, an enemy of our allies in the region, threatening israel and there he is, donald trump defending keeping him in power. >> wait, wait, wait. with the history of what happened in libya. >> yes. yes. >> and what happened in iraq? >> no. what happened in iraq after u.s. troops were withdrawn and we removed our influence and our leverage. >> in libya, removing him from
11:44 pm
power. >> here is the point, next president better have a plan in syria, otherwise, it's going to continue to be a source of instability in the region and an opportunity for putin to reassert russian influence in the middle east which they were thrown out. and someone on your staff pick that had moment. i won't have pick that had moment. i picked two sets of moments. jeb bush attacking hillary clinton saying she gave barack obama and a, is that best we can do? ben carson saying hillary clinton lied on benghazi. and elsewhere tonight we had a number of those instances where the republicans wisely framed selves by opposing clinton. >> it better than last. >> trump gave an extended riff
11:45 pm
on how bad the asian trade deal was, because china did this and china didn't get that. and etc., etc. there was a sharp retort from rand paul saying wait a minute, china is not part of the trans-pacific trade deal. showing up trump for not being -- trump did well tonight, but not as well as the rest of the group but wasn't substantive on a night where the moderators were pushing for substance. >> you say trump did well, why? >> he said entertaining things but i think that if he ranked everybody, rubio of course, he has done well in everyone of them. he's in the top, top, ben carson did well compared to expectations. >> but you didn't see him.
11:46 pm
>> right. but the guy who on most was ted cruz. he did well on amnesty thing. lawyers and journalists. he did well on his tax cut. he escaped talking about how he wanted a 16% european style value-added tax on business but did a good job of avoiding that. he was weak on the bank of america question with jared baker was bailing them out, then, he said i want the federal reserve to be the lender of last resort which is bailing them out. >> you know as well as i do, it's the impression the audience takes from the debate. not the words that are said. it is the impression. >> that is one of the important things. other thing is -- >> we've only got a minute with you, left. okay? rubio? good impression? >> correct. >> yes. >> cruz, good impression.
11:47 pm
correct? >> somewhat good. not as good as rubio. >> trump, good impression? no? >> no. just the same old, same old. but didn't hurt himself. >> carson? >> i think he did hurt himself well. begin to see he knows sound byte but doesn't know substance. >> carson? did he hurt? >> no. helped himself. >> okay. jeb bush. needed a big night. everybody said he didn't get it. you say? >> i disagree with charles on this one. i think he had a good night. i think he had a great answer on the economy, gave a great retort to donald trump. he brought up discussing about small banks and everybody echoed it. i think he had a good night tonight. certainly night he needed. >> thank you. >> bret baier on deck. and closing thoughts and i promise to keep them pithy. we're coming right back.
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tonight, we wrap things up with the legendary anchor, special report, bret baier. again, i had to do that to get him to stay up this late. >> thanks bill. yes. you and krauthammer. we have a disagreement between charles krauthammer and karl rove about jeb bush's performance. you're the tie breaker. you say? >> i say it was his best debate so far, but is it good enough? we don't know. he was clearly prepared, he was ready. he took a lot of swings at hillary clinton. in almost every answer, something done effectively in the first part of the debate
11:52 pm
that chris christie did in the under card debate very effect e effectively. that is polling well with g.o.p. voters. they're tired of them going after each other. i don't think he finished strong in the debate and i'm not sure the performance is going to calm donors that are think are anxious to have someone in the finish line. i don't know if i'm your tie breaker but the best debate he's had so far. >> not a ten pointer in the poll situation? >> i just don't think he's comfortable on the stage. it's not his forum. >> carly fiorina is interesting. we're going to have her on the factor tomorrow, and donald trump on the factor tomorrow, and carly fiorina has no chance to be the nom neechlt no. >> you're making that
11:53 pm
declaration? >> yes. it's no spin zone. she's not going to win it. >> she thinks she is. >> no. you don't go from nobody knowing your name like cheers, nobody knows carly fiorina outside of the real political devotees that watch the debate. this deeb yale will put in 10 million people. >> north of that. i think 15, 16. that is my bet. >> wow. i'm going with 10 to 12. so fiorina, though, up there, very provocative in the sense that she really has a command of the issues. she really does. and i almost feel that if she had been a senator, for example or a governor, that she can get it. >> i agree.
11:54 pm
she made converts to carly fiorina tonight. she had a really goodt. she's well performed in this format. she's a little programmatic at times. but she is well prepared. >> she looks authority, and she shows confidence. >> i agree. >> this is a very strange political year because voters are angry. they're angry and donald trump reflects that anger and ben carson to some extent as well but in a different way. and fiorina, she looks like she's a little teed off but not as teed off as trump is. that is what is holding her back. >> maybe. let me give you a broader thing
11:55 pm
about the race. i think that, and joe trippi shares this feeling is that you know, because of the e-mail scandal and focus on it and because of the surge of bernie sanders, the focus is hillary clinton being president, i don't think sunk in to a lot of the g.o.p. primary. it just wasn't in their focus. now, with the almost inestibility she's going to be nominee and could be the next president if republicans don't get their act together, i think you're going to see a lot of focusing on hillary clinton. chris christie said don't worry about jindal. it's hillary clinton that is going to come after your wallet. >> who is better equipped to, in your opinion, handle hillary clinton? you know trump is going to go
11:56 pm
right after her throat, you know that. no holds barred there. he doesn't have a politically correct bone in his body. a lot of republicans are going to say that is what i want. i don't want someone like john kasich. who is probably better at policy. i want someone that is not going to only beat her but destroy her. >> i agree there is a lot of anger out there and trump is saying he's going to shake things up. when you look at some of trump's answers on foreign policy, for the people who follow foreign policy, they weren't, you know comforting, i don't think. i think it goes cruz, rubio, fiorina, and i think carson had a really good night too. >> but he didn't get a lot of air time. he wasn't around that time. all right, bret baier, staying up late for us. coming up, i'll have closing thoughts on the spectacle this
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thoughts on the spectacle this
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tonight, parting thoughts, the fox business debate had more substance than the cnbc one. that, i can tell you. take aways were these. all candidates would cut taxes big time. john kasich the most moderate about tax cuts, ted cruz the most dramatic. no irs on his watch, but who would collect? marco rubio probably the most talkish. donald trump toughest on illegal immigration. and ben carson kind of vanished. a few questions came his way. he's not an interrupter. rubio and cruz nominated the verbage. governor bush didn't make
12:00 am
mistakes but didn't outperform the others. there, you have it. thanks for watching this special edition of "the factor". miss megyn is next. just remember, we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, the american people now with a much clearer picture of where the candidates stand after a substantive debate for the republicans. the field smaller this time around, with just the top eight contenders on the main stage, squaring off on important issues to voters, the economy. welcome to a live midnight edition of "the kelly file", everybody, in moments we'll be joined by frank luntz in new hampshire. but first, in milwaukee, the spin is in full swing, you can see it from the back of that man's head, see? action. common themes were smaller


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