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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 11, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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i know this. this is also a depiction of the skinny suit. unbelievable. ida, good job. do we have anything lieutenant colonel, to cut the cake? >> we'll do that in the after the show show. >> oh, will we. >> come on in. bill: good morning. the day after the fourth republican debate. what a night it was for fox business. and the question this morning. did anyone move the meter? martha: so you have the economy, you have foreign affairs. both hot topic as republicans slam things like the minimum wage hike. but disagree over possible bailouts for the banks and take over isis or vladimir putin. >> fir of all thank you for not
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asking me what i said in the tenth grade, i appreciate that. >> i want a government so small you can barely see it. i want more money in the private sector. >> we all have a different tax plan. each one of those tax plans is better than the mess we have right now. >> the secret sauce of america is innovation and entrepreneurship. it's why we must cut our government down to size and hold it accountable. innovation and entrepreneurship is crushed by the crushed load of a 73,000-page tax code. >> there are more word in the irs code than in the bible and not a one of them is as good. >> for the 11 million people. come on, folks, we know you can't pick them up and ship them
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across the border, it's a silly argument. >> we are not the world's policeman but we better be the world's leader. without us leading in the the voids are filled. >> it took the telephone 75 years to reach 100 million users. it took candy crush one year to reach 100 million leaders. let me pick this apart. you see style and substance in what was a pretty serious and sober and i would argue substantive debate. who do you believe had the substance last night? reporter: marco rubio, ted cruz,
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and carly fiorina made some good points as well. there was a lot of substance. and in terms of style with substance that would be my list. donald trump was good, but maybe it was better he wasn't as bombastic as he was in the past. but they made smart comments about tax reform. bill: on style points did anybody score for you? reporter: i think that -- i thought ted cruz did well in terms of style and marco rubio. bill: peel back the layer for our viewer. what was the stated strategy for you and neil going into the
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debate. report report way you and martha did it at the beginning of this election cycle, we didn't want it to be about us. we knew our roles. the most important thing we needed to do was to help the voter better understand each candidate's proposal and general leadership skills and help the voters and the viewers distinguish then them. if we do that i think we will have served the audience. bill: i are joaned it at home and kudos to you and the people at fox who pulled it off. during the breaks you seat most interesting interaction. you have you to described, many
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of them were coming up to the table and arguing for more time. the distribution of time seemed to be pretty even. about a minute or two or each candidate. reporter: we had them clocking tonight the live struck outside the debate hall. >> rand paul said i was in the that segment. governor kasich was making sure he was heard a number of times, jumping in but when all was said and done everybody had equal for close to equal time which is what we wanted. remember, this time fox news channel and fox business network sparnld the amount of time. we gave them 90 seconds as opposed to 60 seconds. what's interesting in terms of style, during the commercial break marco rubio and jeb bush,
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they were not speaking -- we didn't see the jabs we saw between them in the last debate. but there was ice there. bill: see you back in new york, thanks, maria. martha: speaking of marco rubio. he blasted president obama saying he treats our ally benjamin netanyahu with less respect than he gives the ayatollah in iran. the center in also taking on russian president vladimir putin. >> i never net vladimir putin but i know enough about him to know he's a gangster. he's intaik chicago an organized crime gangster who runs a country and uses the middle despite the fact that his country is a disaster. bill: this question about the military and dealing with isis on the horizon.
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>> the egyptians, the usedies, they know isis is the fight. we are the strongest military on the face of the planet and everyone has to know it. bill: she said she would support a no-fly zone in syria. martha: new jersey governor chris christy, bobby jindal, mike huckabee and rick and tore up were in the early early debate. >> if you think that mike huckabee won't be the kind of president who will cut back spending or chris christie or john kasich, wait until you see what hillary clinton will do to this country. she is the real adversary and we
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better stay focused as republicans on her. hillary clinton is coming for your wallet. don't worry about huckabee or jindal, go after her. martha: bobby jindal said she need to elect a conservative and christie was not conservative enough. bill: former florida governor jeb bush joins us live. kentucky senator hand paul steps by as well. very interesting for maria. there apparently is a piece of video that shows the two of them having an exchange as they went to commercial break. old friends and we'll see where that relationship is going in all of this.
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so one of the topics that showed division in the republican ranks is immigration. donald trump says he will undo the president's actions and deport i will hill immigrants by the millions. he cited eisenhower as the reason this could work. bill: jeb bush needed a win. we'll ask him how he feels about some of his big moments. he already traveled from milwaukee, waking up in des moines, iowa. >> even having this conversation sends a powerful signal. they are doing high fives in the clinton campaign when they hear this. that's the problem with this. we have to win the presidency. the way you win the presidency is that practical plan.
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and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at >> we are not going to be the world's policeman, but we sure as heck better be the world's leader. the idea it's a good idea for putin to be in syria and let isis take out assad. and putin take out isis. that's like a board game. that's not the way the real world works.
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bill: he joins me from des moines, iowa. welcome to america's newsroom. i can't count the number of articles i read last week saying you needed a good night last night. you scored. how did you feel about it? was it your best debate? >> i commend fox business and the squal -- andthe "wall streer asking substantive questions. i did have a good debate. i got to talk about who is the most qualified to take on hillary clinton. i got to talk about issues for people who believe their chances for success are limited. bill: your team wa -- was puttig out word four team would be more
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aggressive. given the format for that debate. 90 seconds to talk. a more serious tone. does that suit you better, do you believe? >> i'm not great at the one-liners. we need to reform our tax code so people can put money in their pockets and begin the plan for their lives again. under barack obama we have had declining income even though we are in a tepid economy. those issues we talked about last night for important for the voters. i got to talk about substance. i applaud the moderators for asking the right kind of questions. bill: here is a moment. >> hillary clinton has said that
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obama's policies get an "a." really? one in ten people aren't work. one in seven people are living in poverty. that's not an "a." one in 10 children isn on food stamps. is that an "a"? that's not an "a." bill: what you did not pivot toward is marco rubio. is that by design or did that not fit the line of discussion? >> this an election will who is the best person to lead the country and h best person to take on hillary clinton? i have a proven record, 32 years in business, 8 years as governor with a proven record. hillary clinton has 8 years as
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the united states senator passed three laws, bills, page laws, a highway and a monument, and a post office and a failed foreign policy. we need someone who has a record to run against. the likely nominee on the other side wants to double down on the famed economic policies of this president. bill: maria bartiromo described 2000 the two of you during commercial breaks as two guys not talking to each other but there was a clip where you did have an exchange and senator rubio was asked about this. what was it all about? >> we had a cordial exchange at every break. i go to mass at noon before the debate and marco and his lovely wife are normally there as well. prior to the debate he made fun
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of my paleo diet. he's a gifted guy, but i think i'm the best one to lead the party into the next election. every time we talked it was a cordial conversation. bill: your campaign informed us bob dole is on board. it's veterans day. what is the significance of him with you? >> bob dole is an american hero. i'm honored to have his support. 12 medal of honor recipients support my temperature campaign. bob doyles an iconic political figure. i admire him so much. he reminds me of my dad. these are the people from the greatest generation who served selflessly in so many ways.
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>> the next debate one month away december 15 in nevada. we'll see you hopefully before then. martha: there is a lot of buzz about the candidate and the moderators. how did they do? who better to ask then thowrd kurtz. report report controversy surrounding dr. ben carson's past. what he has to say about that intense scriewt new from earlier days. >> we have to start treating people the same and finding out what people think and what they are made of. people who know me know that i'm an honest person. salt. pepper. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich.
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bill: according to facebook ben carson was the most talked about. then trump, rand paul, then ted cruz. top candidate discussed by women. martha: rubio. bill: ben carson. top candidate discussed by men? martha: rubio. bill: rand paul. most engaged state during the debate. virginia. martha: they are in there, they play a big role.
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the's good news. nicely done. lots of praise for the moderators last night. how did they do. the's ask our media experts howard kurtz. good morning, great to have you with us today. they said they didn't want it to be about them, they wanted it to be about the candidate and the questions they are answering. reporter: that's what happened. the lead story in "u.s.a. today" said it all. it was two hours of substance about issues people care about. taxes, healthcare, the economy. there was no bashing of the moderators. a little wonkie at times.
6:25 am
martha: when you have got the gotcha questions and you are pitting them against each other. the candidate jump out and have more liberty to go after each other. i thought they were better behaved last night in part because the moderators set that tone. if thing are out of control people jump in. donald trump sometime disappeared for long stretches because he didn't want to interrupt. i don't think there was anybody on that stage who wouldn't say they had a full opportunity to get their message out. martha: that's a theme peer seeing with donald trump. er type we watch him we hear the
6:26 am
phrase you just said. he seems to disappear for a while. it seems to work for him because he continues to rank number one. i want to play one moment from ben carson. >> i have no problem with being vetted. what i do have a problem with is being lied about and putting that out there as truth. martha: he was refer together scrutiny his biographical claims have come under during the course this week. was that question well handled in term of getting an answer? and how did he do? >> i thought at that moment we didn't see some of the anger that he has at the media that he displayed last week. very cooly dismissive. at that moment he did we needed
6:27 am
to do for the night. he could have gone out for pizza and he still would have had a good night. ben carson had a good debate. donald trump was a little more restrained. in pure debating terms marco rubio and ted cruz were the most fast passionate. then there was jeb bush, his best debate by far. whether that moves needle for jeb at this stage of the campaign is hard to say. martha: howard, thank you. beautiful day out there in milwaukee. good to see you. bill: a lot more to get to on this debate. but first some incredible video to watch, a plane crashing right into an apartment building and apparently woman in a nearby apartment was recording her own
6:28 am
rea when she saw that. martha: kentucky senator rand paul trying to make some moves. how tid he do last night? we'll ask the senator when he joins us live. >> is it conservative to have a trillion in transfer payment, a new welfare program that's a refundable tax credit. and marco's plan for a trillion in new military spending and you get something to me looks not very conservative. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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martha: senator rand paul getting a lot of attention last night trying to set himself apart from the pack. here he is take on rubio on military spending. >> the family is most important institution. i want to rebuild the american military.
6:32 am
i know rand is a committed isolationist. i am not. >> marco, how is it conservative to add a trillion expenditure to the federal government that you can't pay for? how is it conservative to add a trillion in military pen tiewrs. you cannot be a conservative if you are going to keep promoting new perhaps you are not going to pay for? martha: that was a big night. good morning. when you look back at that. how did you feel about that exchange? >> i think it's one of the most important discussions we can have. we just raised the debt ceiling because people on one side like marco want more military spending and people on the left week chuck schumer want more
6:33 am
entitlement spending. we are getting further mired in debt. i don't think we are a stronger nation the further mired we are in debt. >> you know, the comeback from senator rubio had to deal with the threat we face from putin, from isis, the china is building islands in the south as and we can't stand by and let that happen. is he right? >> i agree completely. we spend more on the military than the next 10 countries combined. you add russia and china together and eight more country, then you add up to what we spend. i'm for a strong national defense. but i'm not for bankrupting the country in the process. it's a good debate to have. how much is a good thing and how much is too much. martha: it felt at the moment we were seeing the old rand paul.
6:34 am
you were getting back to your knitting, the stuff that put you on the map. maybe that attention that prompted you to run for president. do you feel you are getting back to your secret sauce so to speak? >> i feel like i have always been the same. i got a moment to express myself. >> i thought fog was very fair in the allotted time. you saw the almost an equal amount of time for each candidate. i think it's a format as much as anything. but i think my message has been the same. people say you changed this -- you changed this or that. number one thing that caused me to run is the debt.
6:35 am
martha: didn't you temper your message regarding being isolationist? you said you have to engage with enemies when they present a threat to this country. is that fair? >> i spent a lot of time counteracting what i think is a wrong description because i'm not an isolationist. in counteracting that people say he's the opposite. there is a spectrum from being never involved to being involved alled the time. i always said i'm more toward the midland. i would have voted to go to afghanistan. i'm also involved in being engaged diplomatically. but it doesn't mean i'm in love with most of the intervention in the middle east. and i consistently said toppling dictators has led to the rights of radical islam.
6:36 am
martha: we had paratroopers showing what we can do in europe the past week and discussion about upping our numbers in europe to show putin he better not mess with us. would you be in fave of continuing to strengthen our presence in urine? >> i think we do have obligations around the world. but i think that president obama sending 50 people to war in syria is the dumbest thing i have ever heard of. that's the most underwhelming use of force i ever head. part of it is because we haven't decided as a nation. constitution says congress decide and when to go to war. martha: we don't want to put up national polls. you are 11th in iowa and 9th
6:37 am
in new hampshire. if you had a good night how do you translate that into moving up in these polls? >> the polls mean absolutely nothing. we had a poll in kentucky a week before the governor's race and they had the republican down by 5 and he won by 8. even the polls people are reporting. 75% of the people in the polls are undecided. this race is wide open and we shouldn't use the polls to discount anyone. i think we ought to report on the campaigns and see what happens. martha: senator paul, thank you. good to see you this morning. >> i would do away from with the education -- the -- commerce -- let's see -- i can't the third
6:38 am
one i can't, sorry. oops. bill: that moment from rick perry in 2011. senator cruz was on the verge of perhaps one of his own when he promised to close five federal agencies but named only four. >> but on top of that today we rolled out a spending plan, $500 billion in specific cuts, he five major agencies i would eliminate. the irs, the department of commerce, the department of energy. the department commerce and hud. in 215 specific programs. bill: after the debate he was opposite with megyn. >> i think the think the department of commerce is such a base of cronyism we need to eliminate it twice. bill: he said he would eliminate the department of education.
6:39 am
he was an outstanding speaker and debate at princeton university. martha: i never heard him miss a mark when he tries to list things. but perry's example would warn people not to tell how many things they would enumerate. bill: cruz had a funny line coming back. martha: things got heated last night. this exchange between governor john kasich and senator ted cruz over bailing out the big banks. so who won the crowd over during that moment. interesting outcome. we'll debate it. >> in the name of jesus! bill: university of missouri, remember the professor who would not let a journalist do this job.
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martha: the grand jury has indicted 106 people after a biker brawl. the grand jury is set to meet again to consider charges against another 76 bikers. >> when a bank is ready to go under and depositors are getting ready to lose their life savings, you don't just say we believe in philosophical concerns. >> why would you then bail out rich wall street banks but not mom and pop. >> i didn't say that.
6:44 am
>> they were talking about what you would do with depositors. would you let these banks shut down. my argument going forward, the banks have to reserve the capital so the people who own the capital start the pressuring the banks so they don't take these risking actions. >> what would you do if the bank was failing. >> i would not let the people who put their money in there go down. >> bill: john kasich and ted cruz clark over who you save and who you don't during a bailout. did anyone get better of that argument there? >> no, i don't think they did. the populist argument is nobody wants to bail out a bank if you are running in a republican primary. obviously that's the right thing
6:45 am
to say and ted cruz said that. but let's remember how we got this mess it was president bill clinton who got rid of glass-stegall. it had created a wall between bankers and wall street. and that wall was brought down. the american taxpayers bailed out the banks. they like to tell us they did us a favor because they paid us back with interest. >> john kasich clearly got better of that. he kairts about the consumer and bank user. dodd-frank very important. that's what p who we have to protect, consumers. banks have to have higher balances which would prevent this from happening in the first
6:46 am
place. bill: mission to risk-free. >> government created the problem of a real estate boom? under republicans and democrats alike fannie mae and freddie mac. everybody gathered together and said homeownership is part of the american dream, let's create a bubble and ghost stepped in our president george w. bush, banks are told to byter banks. to take money. bill: that's fair and balanced answer. but she started off, september of 1999. that's when congress passed the laws or the bill that was signed into law by president clinton. that was the beginning of all that. every american has the dream to own their own home. what did we find out during the collapse? that some people are renters and not buyers.
6:47 am
because they did not have the resources to gift access to the loans the banks were giving out so easily. >> we created the atmosphere and the mosthe mo during s operandi. by the time you left the closing your mortgage was sold to a secondary market. it was all a fictitious thing and it was bundled and sold again. >> fiorina was right by the happening even perhaps to a greater extent under bush. >> it was dodd-fringe asleep at the switch in congress. >> the idea that banks are too
6:48 am
big to fail gives them a carte blanche and that's not the kind of financial consideration. bill: jeb bush said the small banks in the community are getting wiped out because they don't have the resources the big banks do. >> you have to have higher limits so banks don't fill. if they can't' meet that requirement they are likely to fail and that can hurt the consumer. bill: brad, was there a clear winner or loser for you? >> rubio did an outstanding job. he toad up to the attacks given to him by rand paul. especially talking about immigration and the child tax credit. >> rand paul was outstanding in terms of the economy and the military.
6:49 am
and i think jeb bush is bert than he gets credit for. martha: the fourth gop debate is now in the books. many of the candidate looking to move that needle forward. did anybody get a boost out there? we'll ask chris stirewalt coming up. >> all of a sudden the plane dropped out of the sky. it plowed right into the building there.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
by report republican candidate not the only ones trying to get their message across. hundreds of protesters gathering in milwaukee.
6:53 am
other demonstrators angry over the justice department's decision not to press charges against a former milwaukee police officer. that was outside. now back to inside later here. e scene of a small plane crash in akron, ohio, where nine people are believed to have lost their lives. it happened last night. it burst into flames. mike tobin is in our chicago bureau with the latest. reporter: investigators have yet to release the identities of the people on board. there were two crew members and seven passengers. it was a twin engine private jet. they are not saying if it crashed because it hit power
6:54 am
lines. or it hit power lines because it crashed. the house it hit was empty. >> i didn't see a plane. i just thought the building blew up. we are knock on doors, get out, get out. reporter: thing were still exploding. power lines down all over the place. reporter: the plane had taken off from dayton, ohio when he crashed on descent. the owner of the company said it was a perfectly maintained aircraft and he's at a loss for word. a survivinger of a woman on board aircraft said this was a group of real estate developers
6:55 am
out of bo broke oh broke boko r, florida. this woman was on snapchat where she is recording something and she hears this explosion. wow. bill: we have live pictures from arlington national cemetery. it's veterans day. we'll take you live there and watch the ceremonies. we'll all pause and thank you who served and will continue to serve today. for all of you we say thank you. martha: immigration and foreign
6:56 am
policy dug into deftly by the fox business team. who stood out as the major contenders. some tense moment last night as well. reporter: ronald reagan walked away at reykjavik. >> why do you keep interrupting everybody. . (0209fox555a.ecl) chris christi
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> martha: a night of issues and ideas on the gop debate last night. voters received quite a bit to chew on. >> we will have a wall. the wall will by built. the wall is going to be successful. if you think walls don't work all you have to do is ask israel. >> who sits there and tells her
7:00 am
daughter and a government official that no, this was a terrorist attack and then tells everybody else it was a video. where i came from that call that a lie. >> if the family breaks down society breaks down. you cannot have a strong nation without strong values and no one is born with strong values. they have to be taught to you in strong families and reinforced in strong communities. >> the politics would be different if it was lawyers crossing the rio grande. or people with journalism degrees were coming over and driving down the prices in the press. >> i have a plan that would cut taxes. not 11-12 trillion and would put my children further in debt. >> this president and hillary clinton don't believe the united states has a lead
7:01 am
iraq realize we will be shooting down planes. be ready to send your daughters and sons to iraq again. i don't want to see that happen. >> martha: welcome, everybody. brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i am martha maccallum. >> bill: and i am bill hemmer. the candidates covering immigration, defense, and the military. chris is standing by with a look at the winners and losers in milwaukee and john roberts is there as well.
7:02 am
john, let's start with you. good morning there. >> reporter: good morning to you, bill. fox business promised a discussion of policy and that is exactly what it delivered. it didn't stop the spearing back and forth between the candidates over the policies they would pursue. military spending and putin's entering into syria were topics >> how is it conservative to add a trillion in military spending? >> there are radical middle east beheading people. the chinese taking over the south china sea. i know the world is better and safer when america is the strongest military power in the world. >> if putin wants to go knock the hell out of isis i am all for it. >> let's isis take out assad and
7:03 am
putin take out isis? that is like a card game. >> reporter: even the degree of warfare was missing the bigger point from chris christie. >> i think on the main stage you saw a lot of people interrupting, a lot of back and forth against each other. the fact is it differences between us on the stage while real are much, much less significant than the differences we have with hillary clinton. >> reporter: christie was talking to me this morning and told me he hopes his performance will propel him back to the main stage in las vegas on december 15th. >> bill: it has happened before. who got the better argument when it comes to immigration, john? >> reporter: it went around and around but i think you would have to give to ted cruz. there was a lot of pointed
7:04 am
discussion and sharp differences on immigration particularly over what to do about the 11 billion people in the country already and the cost of the immigration. >> the mainstream media doesn't see immigration as a politic issue. it would be different if it was lawyers crossing the rio grande >> to send them back is not possible. we need to allow people to earn legal status where they pay a fine, work, don't commit crimes and learn english. >> reporter: senator rubio said he learned his lesson after the gang of eight bills when it comes to immigration. >> the lesson i learned is the people of the united states don't trust the government when it comes to illegal immigration.
7:05 am
that means we need to pass a border law and actually act on it. >> reporter: jeb bush was better than the last three debates but it appears the students continue to outshine the master. >> martha: you saw the comments this morning so far but now we have chris from milwaukee with his own list of the winners and losers. great job by fox across the board. in my mind, a lot of people did well last night. they acquitted themselves properly and looked smart out there. did anything change, though, in terms of the dynamic in this race? >> reporter: the biggest thing that changed was the fact eight was better than ten.
7:06 am
the primaries are getting closer. we are now less than three months away from whether voters start expressing their opinion and it is hard when there is ten. our colleagues at fox business network did a bang up job getting the the issues and now republicans have a lot to chew on. everybody, i also agree with you, acquitted themselves well. only one candidate had a bad night and that was john kasick who argued the whole time. >> martha: grumpy may not put points on the board for you. he feels like his message is not getting across. he wants to be clear he has something to say up there. it is interesting to see the different opinions pining up there.
7:07 am
i don't know how we will do as a result of this, chris. >> reporter: i do. but we don't have to talk about that right now. ben carson had a very good night in the sense he may not be ted cruz, tremendous debate champion and courtroom dare devil, but he answered the questions effectively and turned it around on hillary clinton very well. he got done what he needed to do. but rubio and cruz continue to be the class of the election and they continue to improve and i think you will see them in the drivers seat at some point. >> martha: yeah, you said you liked having eight people. someone wishes it was nine people, clearly. i want to play sound from him because he was in the undercard debate. >> the bottom line is believe me, hillary clinton is coming for your wallet.
7:08 am
don't worry about huckabee or jindel. what do you think? >> reporter: i think kasich is going to be getting the undercaunder card but it has to be eight, then six, then four, and then two. >> martha: tough competition out there. it will be interesting to see how it dwindles down over the next few months. >> bill: speaking of the earlier debate, there were a number of buzz worthy moments including this one with bobby jindal going over chris christie on standing up for conservative principles in government. >> chris, i will give you a ribbon for participation and a juice box but in the real world it is about results. >> bill: the two of them have a history that goes back a couple years.
7:09 am
they were mixing it up. jindel's point is you need a conservative in the white house. not a big spending republican. and that is where the decision lies. >> martha: he needs to knock somebody out and went in ready for a fight and wanted to poke holes in other's records and we will see if he is successful. >> bill: when was the last time you drank out of a juice box? >> martha: very recently actually. donald trump and john kasich arguing last night and here is some of that. >> you cannot ship them back across the border. it is silly argument. it makes no sense. >> all i can say is you lucky in ohio you struck oil. that is the one thing. >> martha: there is more where
7:10 am
that came from including one candidate who said he is tired of being called anti-immigrant. >> bill: and new developments at the university of missouri. a professor speaking out after being caught on camera after trying to kick a journalist student out of a protest. >> who wants to help me get this reporter out here? i need some muscle over here. well, this is a first. at&t and directv are now one. so get ready to laugh here and cry here. scream over here and freak out over there! and maybe go back to laughing here. and crying there. try not to laugh here though, it's rude. and maybe don't cry here, people will get the wrong idea. introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t.
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7:14 am
>> we will have a wall. a wall will be built. the wall will be successful. >> if people think we will ship 11 million people who are law-abiding, in this country, and somehow pick them up at their house and ship them to mexico. think about the children. think about the families >> all i can say is you are lucky you struck oil. >> martha: donald trump and kasich sparring over immigration and how different their plans are. and probably the most google part of the debate is trump referencing an immigration plan from the 1950's. >> eisenhower, great president.
7:15 am
he moved a million and a half illegal immigrants out of this country. moved them just beyond the border. they came back. moved them beyond the border again. they came back. didn't like it. moved them way south. they never came back. >> martha: referring to an initiative under president eisenhower that dropped illegal immigration by 95%. jonah goldberg is here and tucker carlson as well. gentlemen, welcome. great to have you both here. >> good to be here. >> martha: that was one of the most thought provoking sement -- statements of the evening. >> kasich first point is i am better than anyone else in
7:16 am
america. and his second point is because you cannot deport everybody you cannot deport anybody. and that is every bit as ludicrous as trump's claim you can kick everybody out. it points up the truth which is the establishment has a vested interest in immigration and massing scale immigration because their donors point it out. he points out you guys are getting rich from this and that is true. >> martha: i sense there is a hunger for conservative idealism. for somebody to swing for the fences and say we can do that even if it is in donald trump's case, his idea to kick everybody out, and maybe if he gets to try to carry out that plan it turns out being 1.3 million but it sends a message that says we can do it. and john kasich is saying we
7:17 am
cannot do that. what plays out stronger with voters, jonah? >> when people say there is no simple solution the response these days is you are not looking hard enough. i think tucker is right. both kasich's position is ridiculous and trump's position is ridiculous. you get ahold of what you can fix where you can. people don't want to hear muddy answers to things. trump benefited in this debate, i think, because kasich managed to become the arrogant jerk on the stage and make trump seem humble and reasonable by comparison. that is some feat when you talk about donald trump. kasich hurt himself. rubio was brilliant to stay completely out because he is vulnerable on these issues.
7:18 am
and the debate transpired into a stocking horse without the main guy who has the most to worry about being a part of it. >> martha: how about jeb bush? how did he do? all of the talk was he had to make a mark. >> i think bush made the point that it is unamerican to enforce the law. he didn't attack mark rubio. we had read reports his super pac is going after him for opposing abortion too vigorously. you are too conservative, mark rubio. but he did not do that. it is hard to see how this advan advances his cause. i heard some saying it did. perhaps. but it is hard to see it. >> martha: let's look a little at ted cruz from last night. >> i will say for those of us who believe people ought to come to this country legally and they
7:19 am
should face the law we are tired of being called it is anti-immigrant. it is offensive. >> martha: how did that do for him? >> cruz had a good night and that was a great answer. he gets to something that drives me crazy. when people ask me my preferred immigration policy my answer is to have one. whatever the policy is stick to it and enforce it. one thing that drives me crazy about the republican party is the fact the republicans are on the other side is infuriating. just because we want to enforce the law doesn't mean we don't
7:20 am
like immigrants. >> cruz is an immigrant. he was born in canada. >> martha: you look across the stage and see the backgrounds and diversity on the stage and on the end of the debate stage it speaks volumes in and of i itself. it is very interesting. thank you, guys. >> bill: i can talk about this for days. there is so much to go through and decipher and try to figure out what is the next strategy for these men and women. >> martha: i think they are going to be locked in close numbers for a while. >> bill: you will not get another debate for a month. so you have this to chew on. today is veteran's day and this is the picture from arlington national ceremony. we will watch the ceremony in 45 minutes at the 11th hour on the
7:21 am
11th day of this 11th month. >> martha: you have heard from the candidates. but what did the viewers think? we have a way to find out. it is called facebook. ahead, the moments that got the biggest reaction in real time including this. >> i do want to rebuild the american military. i know rand is a committed isolationist. i am not. i believe the world is a stronger and better place when the united states is the strongest military place in the world. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in.
7:22 am
7:23 am
it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose.. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis.
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i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. >> mr. trump ought to know we should not speak to people from a position of weakness and senator paul should know that as well.
7:25 am
one reason i said i would not be talking to president putin, although i have met him, not in a greenroom but in a business room. >> bill: the cheering made it easy to tell what got the audience fired up. what about the online audience? jolene kent was in charge of that. who was the most talked about candidate on social media? >> reporter: ben carson, trump, paul, cruz and carly fiorina were the most talked about. we wanted to look at the top issues on facebook. this was an economy-focused debate. what resonated with the facebook users? no surprise here voting with the pocket book and the second most poplar issue was immigration,
7:26 am
followed by minimum wage, jobs, and health care. so you can see people are still feeling anxiety about the economy. hoping to hear more from the candidates and they got that. >> bill: was there a difference in how candidates resinaonated h gender on facebook? >> reporter: if you look at men on facebook and who they were talking about? their number one candidate was senator rand paul. he had a moment with rubio where he talked about military spending and he was followed by carson, trump and carly fiorina. if you go over to women, it was different. ben carson continues to resonate with women in iowa taking the top tier followed by trump, cruz, paul and carly fiorina.
7:27 am
i want to point out one person missing from all of the list coming in in dead last on facebook is jeb bush of florida. >> bill: interesting results. thank you, jo. good job in milwaukee. see you back in new york. top social moment on facebook? >> martha: i would say the moment between rand paul and mark rubio on immigration. >> bill: and entitlement and defense. it must be true it was on facebook. >> martha: we were live tweeting with everybody else. here is a question for you. a republican jfk? is there such a thing. our next guest says one candidate sounded a lot like the former president. >> bill: and shedding light on the health care for the veterans. here is jeb bush weighing in on the topic in milwaukee. >> i don't think we need an
7:28 am
agtater and chief. we need a commander and chief who will revamp and fix the broken veteran's administration. that is my pledge to you.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> if you think that mike huckabee won't be the kind of president who will cut back spending or chris christie wait until you see what hillary clinton will do to the country. >> if we don't -- we don't reduce the irs. we get rid of the irs. the government has no business knowing how much money we make and how we made it. >> this is a fundamental choice. sending a big government republican to washington, d.c. is not enough to fix this problem. it is not enough just to beat hillary clinton.
7:32 am
>> if someone says we need someone who can win in a blue state bobby says we need a conservative. >> americans are not going to quit shopping or buying but it would be nice if americans could control how much they paid in tax rather than having the government reach in and take it out before they could spend it. >> i will give you a juice box for participation but it is about cutting spending. >> i respect the democrat party because they fight. they are not willing to back down. they are willing to stand up and fight and win. i respect them because they are willing to take it to us. >> i spent seven years of my life in law enforcement and here is what they should note tonight: when president christie is in office i will have your back. >> martha: you just saw the best
7:33 am
moments from the early debate last night. louisiana governor bobby jindal attacking rivals, christ christ aiming much of his fire at hillary clinton, and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum claiming he could win a blue state, and mike huckabee defending medicare and social security programs. >> bill: the second debate fell to rubio encouraging vocational training in america and answering about minimum wage. >> i don't know why we have stigmas on vocational learning. welders make more money than philosophers. we need more welders. >> bill: they are fact-checking that. our viewers know we charged you
7:34 am
with picking out three different points from the debate last night. the first one you zeroed in on was mark rubio. here he is talking about technology. >> it is not just a different economy. it is changing. it took the telephone 75 years to reach 100 million users. it took candy crush 1 year to get to that many users. you said rubio had a great night. why? >> the way he made the point about vocational education and talking about about candy crush. he is a good debater and that is one reason why i think he is the guy on the stage health care hillary clinton is most afraid of. he has always tied himself as a
7:35 am
jgeneratio generational member of change. this goes against hillary clinton who is a candidate who is older and been around for a long time. he is like the republican jfk to her richard nixon. he is the republican bill clinton to her bob dole. she is the last bit of the baby boomers and he would be the first generation-x president. >> bill: that is a strong line to say. we didn't ask you to tell us who had a bad night but you told us. you think john kasich had a bad night? >> he defended the minimum wage, declared the amnesty support and supported it bailout. if we wanted to throw in the hat and get in the democratic debate that would be a winner.
7:36 am
but this doesn't work in the republican party. i think he barely made the stage with 3% and he is .05 from falling off the stage. >> bill: trump is the third person you want to single out. this is what he had about having a tax plan on behalf of the republican challengers. >> we all have a different tax plan, some i don't agree with, but each one of those tax plans is better than the mess we have right now. >> bill: pretty generous as a competitor. you say he was nice but substance-free. >> instead of talking about rubio being sweaty and carson being low energy he complimented them. he was being supportive. but the interesting thing is what fox business did yesterday, which i thought was interesting,
7:37 am
was they gave every candidate 90 seconds to answer so you can expand on your ideas. this was a debate with the most substance. trump was the only candidate who didn't get the buzzer. he didn't have 90 seconds of material in any answer. it was low substance. the other thing is he got caught in a big lie. when he said i got to know putin very well because we were on 60 minutes and did well that night. putin was in moscow. he was in new york when he did that interview. he didn't meet vladimer putin but made it sound like he had. carly fiorina is getting beaten up saying she didn't meet him in a green room. >> bill: she was commenting on what she heard from trump earlier. i think the most interesting thing you said is when trump didn't get to the bell because
7:38 am
how often is it hard to get a candidate to stop talking. >> it is like that old saturday live skit when dana carter was playing george bush 41 and they would say you have more time, wouldn't be prudent, no new taxes. trump was up there build a wall, make america great. >> bill: our bell is up now. thank you, mark. come back, mark. thank you. >> martha: problems are still plaguing the va a year after reports surphafaced of extended waits to get help and some reports show some veterans died before they got health care at all. we look at where the department stands today. doug mccallway is living. despite the efforts to shapeup the va new problems are continuing to surface here.
7:39 am
>> reporter: they sure do. just last week, mcdonald was called out for talking about disciplinary actions not being taken against employees who manipulated data. and last week they declared some veterans dead and cut off their benefits. mcdonald offered this defense: >> it takes time to create a system that is not operating properly and time to fix it. we have a great team in place and applying the best principles of the private sector. >> reporter: he cited the progress saying the va had had seven million more health care appointments than prev and providing faster wait fair. >> five days for specialty care, four days for primary care and three days for mental health care. >> reporter: he said the application of private sector
7:40 am
principles doesn't work with a government institution. the va handed out $142 million in performance bonuses it was reported just as the scandals were breaking. >> bill: 21 minutes before the hour. two candidates have secret service protection and with that comes the nicknames. what would the nickname be for donald trump and dr. ben carson? dig deep. >> martha: still crowded out there. did last night's debate do anything to thin out that herd? we will ask two experts when we come back. >> a clinton presidency will corrode the nation because of the clinton way: say whatever you have to, lie as long as you can get away with it. we must beat hillary clinton. carly fiorina can beat hillary clint clinton. i will beat hillary clinton.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
>> bill: trump and carson are getting nicknames. trump's nickname is mogul and carson is known as eli. hillary clinton was dubbed evergreen as first lady. did you know that? >> martha: a dozen gop contenders took the stage in milwaukee but the question remains. how soon until some of the candidates start getting stage left there. ed rollins is here and joe trippi is here as well. great to see you, two. i am dying to hear from you about who stood out and who might be getting the stage. ed, starting with you. >> everybody had time to talk. we need to get three or four more people off the big stage.
7:45 am
the two people going in who know less about anything are trump and carson. trump blustered, carson, nice man and they are not getting moved out. rubio is the most articulate man on the stage and i think ted cruz did the same. someone like carly fiorina who makes a good presentation but talks about zero base budget that is not realistic in government. it means you start from scratch. you cannot start from scratch when 50% of the budget is social security and entitlement. people get them because they earn them. >> martha: i think you sjeb bus getting? >> i think jeb did better than
7:46 am
normal but still maybe not good enough. >> martha: joe, you make an interesting point about an issue you think we heard a lot of last night and both sides of the immigration debate. we keep going back to it as so central in terms of defining who these people are. >> kasich and bush pushing back on the wall was a big point. cruz talking about if we join the democrats on amnesty we will lose. that is a big divide in the party that is still, i think, whoever wins that debate is going to have a dig determinant in how the party does next year. i think it is going to be the critical issue in terms of picking the nominee. i think rubio and cruz did well last night.
7:47 am
i agree with ed. i think jeb bush, if he comes back and stabilizes and starts the move, i think we might look back from last night and say it started last night. i think we might agree with did better and looked like he was getting to the message he was comfortable with delivering and had some umph behind it. he dragged at the end. >> i think joe touches on something important here, ed. it is where is your party on the issue of immigration and will your candidate be the person who wants to build the wall or the person who believes that, you know, you have to be compassionate toward these families. and that is, i think you are right, joe, the deciding factor. >> i would argue building the wall is the more sealable position. i am not advocating that as my
7:48 am
position. i don't think you can have a serious discussion in the party with the divide. at the end of the day it is more about border security and what have you and we will talk about other issues. >> ed, i think jeb bush was right when he said the clinton campaign was doing somersaults at the other side of the debate last night. i think jeb was right about that. democrats like myself feel the scary part of the republican party, if they start to expand beyond the normal base/reaching out, and if they go the other way and do the wall and we will deport 11 million people and i agree that is the energy in the primary and that is what is actually getting trump -- a big part of where he is. but if that is where the party ends up, i think it spells big problems in november. i could be wrong. >> i would argue and you a great
7:49 am
strategist: you have to win the primary. the primary voters are not motivated by compassion right now. that is a bipartisan effort. you will not win a republican race with those issues. >> martha: big change is what is getting people to leave their mark. jon scott is coming up next. good morning too. >> jon: one candidate making a big splash was the louisiana governor bobby jindal going on the defense against chris christie. and 106 people arraigned in the massive biker brawl in texas that left nine people dead. how do the courts handle such a big case? and pulling the plug on online
7:50 am
fantasy sport web sites. >> bill: it is veteran's day and we will hear the story of two special women making sacrifices for the country as we remember the sacrifice of so many today. >> the men and women in uniform put on the uniform of our nation and went halfway around the world and faced dangers on our behalf. we promised them if they did that when they came home we would take care of their medical care, make it possible for their kids to go to college, and they would be able to buy into the a home. home. [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name.
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>> bill: it is veteran's day and service comes for many leaving scars for a lifetime. there is a program called operation man helping veterans heal. we want you to meet a veteran who suffered body wounds in iraq and the director and operator of men and ladies. on january 1st, women go to the combat. what does that mean for america, corporal? >> i think it is a huge step in the role of women. if they are able to do it it is amazing. >> bill: operation mend helps what? >> it provides speciality medical care and psychological care for wounded service men and women. what the ban does is help expand and provide services for women.
7:55 am
>> bill: is there a difference in gender when it comes to treatment of men and women? >> we are doing research now on gender differences and we see there are a lot of similarities. some of the differences are risk factors. women are more likely to have anxiety and depression on top of their ptsd and also more likely to precent with less irritability -- present -- but avoidance. >> bill: did you feel that? what was your experience? >> i did. i suffer from ptsd from my injuries in iraq and suffered from a lot of anxiety and depression which i had to seek help for. >> bill: how could this operation mend help you? >> they are a wonderful program. they helped me with my confidence, my scarring, dr. joe personally helped me with mental issues on anxiety and helped me
7:56 am
to recover so i can go on a day-to-day routine. >> bill: you are going to walk down a parade in a minute. >> i am. >> bill: my best to you. thanks for being here. >> martha: we thank them for their service. and moments away from the wreath laying at arlington national ceremony where we will take you live to watch. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
7:57 am
the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at enforce mack ..
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7:59 am
>> we focus on veterans day. i have some more notes. more retrospectives coming up on last night which was a terrific night across the board and we will be on the radio coming up moments away. bill: another victim day. i hope he is ready. jenna: thank you to our veterans
8:00 am
and we wish them all well and their families. goodbye, everybody. >> the president about to participate in a wreath laying ceremony and will make remarks at arlington national cemetery on veterans day. welcome to "happening now". i am jenna lee. jon: i am john scott. if you know of a veteran of for a hearty handshake and you're saying today, this is the day honoring the service of those who wear the uniform in our country and president obama will be laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown at arlington national cemetery. we expect the president to be there any moment. it was just about exactly year ago, the scandal at the veterans administration came to light in this country, a scandal that is boiling today.


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