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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 11, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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watch our show to stay up with current affairs, right? >> we have parade going on in new york city a little bit. >> always nice to see celebrations. we'll see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" begins right now. andrea: this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. with us here today, harris faulkner, democratic strategist and fox news contributor, julie roginsky, actress and commentator stacey dash is back and #oneluckyguy. concerned veterans of america, pete hegseth. welcome back. thank you for your service and everything your organization >> thank you, andrea. i want to thank veterans and their families and all they do to help us. andrea: i like your haircut. very dapper. what a night in milwaukee, they
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were sparring over immigration and. fourth gop debate host the by the fox business network and "wall street journal." almost immediately ben carson asked about the controversy over his pasts using the opportunity to turn the tables a bit on hillary clinton. >> i have no problem with being vetted. what i do have a problem with is being lied about. and, then, putting that out there. as truth. when i look at somebody like hillary clinton, who, who sits there and tells her daughter and a government official, no, this was a terrorist attack and then tells everybody else that it was a video, where i came from they call that a lie. and -- [applause] andrea: and we saw early fireworks erupting between donald trump and governor john kasich over immigration. "the donald" saying that the millions living illegally in america need to go.
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>> we're a country of laws. we either have a country or we don't have a country. we are a country of laws. going to have to go out and come back but they will have to go out and hopefully they get back. but we have no choice if we're going to run our country properly and if we're going to be a country. >> if people think that we are going to ship 11 million people who are law-abiding in this country and somehow pick them up at their house and ship them out to mexico? think about the families. think about the children. come on folks, we all know you can't pick them up and ship them back across the border. it is a silly argument. andrea: marco rubio and rand paul trading barbs over military spending and what the true meaning of conservativism is. >> i do want to rebuild the military. i know rand is committed isolationist. i'm not.
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i know the world is stronger and better place when the united states is stronger military power in the world. >> marco, how is it conservative to add a trillion dollar expenditure for the federal government that you're not paying for? how is it conservative, how is it conservative to add a trillion dollars in military expenditures? you can not be a conservative if you're going to keep promoting new programs you're not going to pay for. >> may i respond? andrea: meantime all eyes on jeb bush who came out swinging, well for job, what some interpreted as an effort to save his struggling campaign. the former governor taking trump to task for wanting russian president vladmir putin to shoulder the job of wiping out isis. >> donald is wrong on this he is absolutely wrong on this. we'll not be the world's policeman but we better be the world's leader. without us leading voids are filled. the idea it is a good idea for
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putin to be in syria, let isis take out assad and putin will take out isis, that is like a board game. that is like playing monopoly or something. that is not how the real world works. we have to lead. we have to be involved. andrea: our own sandra smith one of last night's moderators joins us live from milwaukee. sandra, fantastic job to you, to trish, to neil and to maria and reporters from "the wall street journal." you guys did a fantastic job than the last debate. some said it was more policy than personality. but you pressed them. you got answers. what stood out to you last night? >> certainly having governor christie and governor huckabee set up for a fierce debate in that first debate of the night which i moderated and obviously having governor jindal and senator santorum there, it was a really interesting dynamic. you point to a really interesting point, andrea.
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governor christie, he made it very clear, well, a, that he didn't really feel like he needed to be in the first debate but he used it as an opportunity to focus attacks not on candidates standing beside him but on hillary clinton. andrea: speaking of that, we've got that sound. take a listen to chris christie last night. >> if you think that mike huckabee won't be the kind of president who will cut back spending or chris christie or john kasich, wait until you see what hillary clinton will do to this country and how she will drown us in debt. she is the real adversary tonight. we better stay focused as republicans on her. hillary clinton is coming for your wallet, everybody. don't worry about huckabee or jindal. worry about her. >> sending a big government republican to d.c. is not enough to fix this problem. not enough to beat hillary clinton. we have to change the direction of our country. andrea: he really went after hillary clinton and i think christie was the standout. we talked about this yesterday on "outnumbered."
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who would stand out and perhaps get on the later debate last time around, i think it was chris christie. >> you know, senator santorum, really showed up last night. i mean they all came to play. obviously i'm referencing a lot in that first debate but in the second debate as well. you really got the feeling that these candidates came into milwaukee. they now this was big moment, the last debate before we all head into the holidays. everybody was trying to make their mark. so it was a substantive debate. i mean it was a heavy policy-filled debate. the response that we're getting from voters we finally asked questions people wanted answered. we heard from those candidates, andrea, on taxes, tax reform, regulations, business, small business, corporate taxes. i mean we heard everything from these candidates, even foreign policy we got to. it was a amazing to have a real debate, andrea.
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harris: harris now, hey, sandra. >> hey, harris. harris: i enjoyed they had longer period of time to talk. i realized in first debate there were four people on that stage. that is certainly an advantage in that sentence. i felt like people could complete the sentences. you guys split up time well. and as viewer appreciate that. a couple things came to find, the next gop debate is december 15th. this sets it up. will we lose people off the first stage question i had going in. they needed to prove everybody wrong not putting them on the big stage. that is what i was seeing in social media, people wanted to see. from what i'm watching and kind of response that i'm seeing, sandra, christie would have done that santorum got very loud at one point. bobby jindal was taking shots at everybody. is anybody talking about governor jindal's strategy, last night? because he got kind of chippy? >> social media response he seemed to be the weakest point
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in that debate because he went on attack on all the candidates. the other candidates used it as a means to attack hillary clinton and democrats. and that moment with senator santorum where he got fierce and got loud when he was applauding the democrats for being so strong in their fight. it was certainly a moment a lot of people are talking about as we react this morning, harris. harris: it was trending on twitter right after he said it. one of the items trending. that's interesting. >> you referenced the format, harris. that was a big difference in that debate. we had 90 seconds for candidates to respond to a question. if there was follow-up they got another 60 seconds. it really allowed them to have really constructive debate with us not having to get too involved. they were really turning to each other and challenging each other on immigration and taxes and business and wages and so, it was a really good format. and that bell really came in
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handy, didn't it? harris: i kind of liked it. andrea: it was a little bit like a game show so it made it fun. sandra, you and the other moderators were able to tie in foreign policy and cost of that and how you would deal with that i want to go to pete, because we have a veteran on the couch on veterans day. pete, there was really memorable moment in the second debate where you saw carly and trump spar how to deal with vladmir putin. take a listen. >> if putin wants to to to knock the hell out of isis i'm all for it 100%. i can't understand how anybody would be against it. >> one of the reasons i said i wouldn't be talking to vladmir putin right now is because we are speaking to him from a position of weakness, brought on by this administration. so i wouldn't talk to him for a while. andrea: this is a debate just taking over at the republican party. how to handle isis. how to deal with putin. your thoughts on that exchange. who won? >> i think carly fiorina has been really strong talking about
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national security i thought she did in that exchange. the green room comment is a swipe. in reality she and others are strong talking about foreign policy or national security whether carly fiorina or marco rubio or ted cruz and donald trump is on a little lightfooting when it comes to foreign policy. there is lot of depth and nuance that he really don't want to get into. she did. she did a good job cutting to the chase. andrea: julie, another debate you thought was pretty notable was one between rand paul and marco rubio, the one we played into the intro about spending. rand paul tried to speak out on behalf of fiscal conservatives. you're costing too much money with expanded tax plan. this is why rubio won the night i thought. he turned it around, rather than getting hit on spending issue took it to the military. we want a strong national defense. the audience went wild. who could disagree with that. rand paul, didn't step up and
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didn't link the cost of war. he didn't put him back. i thought rubio won. harris: strong national defense but i don't want to go bankrupt. that is what paul said. >> i thought rubio and don't agree with a lot of his policies, and math doesn't add up when it comes to the budget, paul was right on that but debating he blew everybody away. we had a twitter, harris last night. harris: we did. >> there is no contest, that rand paul -- excuse me marco rubio owned the night. he was prepared on attacks come his way to rebut them. nobody else seemed to me as prepared and erudite and refuting and rebutting a tax as marco rubio. he is very formidable candidate. he proved to the republican party why i think he should being nominee. he can take it to hillary than anybody on the stage. >> showed his confidence and very strategic what he was saying i thought which was very impressive.
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i still think carson and trump held their position but rubio definitely, definitely has gained ground. >> andrea, interesting to watch bush not attack rubio in this debate. clearly a strategic if decision to back away. andrea: a different strategy. jeb did better than he normally does. he normally does pretty terribly. it is all relative. he had a step up. it was better. a lot about kasich, who i thought harris came off on kanye west of debate. he was rude. harris: came off as complainer. not happy with the time he was getting. that is always a slippery slope. i was paying a lot of attention because we were doing the digital debate on and doing post-analysis. we were getting a lot of information. i paid a lot of attention to tweets and facebook postings of newt gingrich picked out marco rubio ad winner, ted cruz in second place. among women on facebook the people who got the most
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mentions, ben carson, donald trump, in this order, ted cruz, in third. ted cruz makes both lists of women and men in terms of facebook, not just association but conversations of people, what there are talking about. this is interesting too, top issues discussed during debate. it is economics debate, taxes. immigration, minimum wage, jobs health care. foreign policy didn't make that list. i thought that was really interesting. as you watch social media and people going back and forth, what i call the great focus group of the room this is what was happening. andrea: i do think your point, harris, is a good one. trump seemed to warm up a little bit. that is where he hit his strong suit, immigration. i agree, stacy, carson played it a little bit safe. sandra the ceo on the stage, most seasoned, carly fiorina, most seasoned outsider on economy got a lot of good answers. i thought neil cavuto summed it up very well about the debate.
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it was not about us, the moderators, it was about you the candidates. a job well done, sandra. come on back home. we miss you. >> thank you. hey, happy veterans day to pete. pete, i can't see your haircut but i'm sure it looks fabulous. andrea: he looks 12, sandra. >> military regulation, sandra. thank you. >> thank you for all your help and all your promotion. it bass historic night for fox business network and historic night for the party. they all seemed to be happy with it. andrea: great job, sandra. pass our congratulations on to the rest of the fbn team. hillary clinton unveiling her plan to revamp the veterans affairs department insisting the problems are not as widespread as republicans make it out to be. a look at her proposal and how it may factor into the 2016 election. university of missouri on high alert after protests on
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racist incidents on campus. students, telling police to report any hateful or hurtful speech or actions to them immediately. what falls into those categories? we'll look into that. is this an overreaction. catch more "outnumbered" on the web. owe tee, baby., click that tab. give us your winners and losers, because we'll log on and hear from you now. ♪
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♪ >> we serve here at home or overseas, in wartime or in peace. whether you serve proudly in the army, the knave, air force, marines, or coast guard, you are part of an unbroken chain of patriots who have served this country with honor through the life of our nation. harris: it was a beautiful day today in our nation's capitol. that is arlington national cemetery in virginia. the president honoring those who served our nation on this veterans day at the cemetery there. we're learning more about hillary clinton's new plan to revamp the struggling veterans affairs department which has
9:20 am
been plagued by a backlog of long wait times and deaths because of them. as of november 1st, a total of more than six million appointments were scheduled. more than 8% with wait times of more than 30 days. that is an increase from previous months. we are going in the wrong direction. now hillary clinton, who recently walked back her claims the va wait time scandal was overblown. so she has a plan to fix the system. the former secretary of state with veterans yesterday and outlined her proposal. she says she wants to increase accountability, update the computer systems and fight any republican efforts to privatize veterans health care, promising there will be quote, zero tolerance for the kind of abuses we've seen. watch. >> if we can maintain the most advanced military in the history of the world, and fight wars across vast oceans an continents, we can figure out how to insure that no veterans ever have to wait in line for weeks or months to get care, no matter where you live, no matter
9:21 am
what your needs are. [applause] harris: the u "usa today" is reporting that the va department doled out more than 142 in dollars in bonuses to -- $142 million in bonuses and executives and employees. talk about bad timing for that. right up there with fixing system is fighting republican. >> that's right. that is what she does best, actually then go at substance how to fix it, scare opponents. they want to privatize it. they want you push you out into the private market. before she proposed plan, downplayed scandal. she called it overblown. she release the plan it was political cover for the mistake she made by downplaying it. we looked at plan thoroughly immediately. if you liked va under obama you will love it under hillary clinton. harris: that sounds like bumper sticker. >> she is doubling down on single-payer top down bost run health care system va.
9:22 am
there is nothing to fundamentally restructure it. there is buzzwords about accountability. there is nothing how she will hold people accountable. she will not give veteran real choice. 90%. want the choice to go to va or see private provider. it is common sense. what a majority of americans experience. yet veteran can't get it from va. she looks at folks proposing those type of solutions, she will privatize it and shut it down. >> may i ask a question, i'm sorry? how exactly would you allow a veteran, i hear you they should go to private hospitals. how do you pay that? voucher system. >> way dollars fall to veterans. my organization put together a report. we released it earlier this year. when hillary is talking about proposals to privatize, she is talking about concerned vets for america. our report would not privatize it. allow dollars to follow veteran as opposed trapping them inside va system.
9:23 am
>> which would only entice the va to step up performance where dollars follow veteran. much like charter schools. wall street gave a lot of money in charter schools, a lot of liberals got behind them in new york pause they work. the same could benefit veterans and give them choice to have them do better because they want the money. someone like hillary clinton is not into it. i don't understand how she could run the va but barely could run the state department. veterans were die, military officials dying under their watch. how will it be different. harris: i want to hear a little bit from her. stacy, i follow you on instagram. i know how much work you do with veterans this is hillary clinton earlier this week. >> this election is all about the veterans who served us to make sure they get health care and benefit they have earned and deserve. harris: also tweeting about it today. you know one thing that crossed my mind, just then i mentioned awkwardness of timing with her
9:24 am
comments and having to walk them back, so on, so forth, you will need them if you're going to be president next time. you will need everybody in the military if we continue to go down a road piecemealing how to fight the enemy in the middle east. all the wars going on. your thoughts? >> my thoughts are, she has no precedent for follow-through or for doing anything frankly. so, you know, the the -- in me thinks her plan is not going to happen. pete's plan would be much better one. she is only doing this to vet votes. that's it. she is only saying this, not for the veterans. i shouldn't have use vet votes. make it seem like she is for veterans. she doesn't care. she only says to get votes. harris: what are you hearing among veterans? i'm curious. >> they want to be respected. they want to be thought of, you know, accounted for.
9:25 am
you know, they want to be used, they want to be appreciated. you know -- harris: yeah. >> utilized. the utilized. not put on the wayside and only considered a va hospital is only thing they need. they need more than. harris: you heard the president at the top of his speech today at the cemetery talk about creating jobs with military veterans. this report comes out, $142 million in exec bonuses. >> perfect disconnect between washington, d.c. and the real world. casey, you're right, vets want to be empowered. if hillary clinton wants to make this election about vets and va. then let's make -- it has systemic problems. this is not one size scandal this is bipartisan scandal. downplayed it. now doubling down on bureaucracy. she will pay for it. we make sure people understand that she is using scare tactics as opposed to substance. harris: republicans are calling
9:26 am
it no laughing matter but hillary clinton responded with a laugh, one man wanted to strangle carly fiorina. was it all in good fun or time for apology? battle for guantanamo bay is heating up. one lawmaker threatens to take the president to court if he uses executive action to close the prison in cuba. stay close. ♪ at rates. at rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... this is brad. hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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♪ . harris: tensions remain very high at the university of missouri. campus police arrest ad suspect they say posted racial threats on social media. the school remaining on edge as you might imagine after toppling of the school's leadership over racist incidents on campus. one student went on a hunger strike. football players walked off the field. they took that picture arm in arm. that went viral. police said students who witness
9:31 am
hateful or hurtful speech or actions to report it immediately. the email does not define exactly what constitutes hurtful speech. meanwhile the missouri assistant communications professor who confront ad student reporter has resigned. actually it was a courtesy appointment with the school of journalism. she wasn't officially a teacher. now she is officially unemployed. in a video of the confrontation that went viral, melissa click is her name, calling for muscle to remove student journalist. you know that gets people hurt. she reportedly apologized. and remains assistant professor at the university's college of arts an sciences. pete is directing like a pilot on the tarmac, trying to get planes to move. you feel very strongly about this. >> i do. where does it end. hurtful speech end. harris: can we start with hurtful speech? that is actually not, that is not hate speech necessarily. that could be, i don't like your new hair cut.
9:32 am
>> like i said yesterday. it is subjective. something so subjective. how do you regulate it? how do you regulate hurtful speech? >> of course racist speech is terrible. no one supports, hateful, racist speech, however, we're creating these bubbles, cocoons, whether in yale or here in missouri i can't be harmed at all. don't say anything that makes me feel bad. you know why people love donald trump? donald trump is competing against this political correctness invaded not just every aspect of our society but most especially college campuses. not it is just hateful anymore. it is hurtful. harris: i found hurtful as journalist, i call her a near-professor. but the near-professor sore click, put her hand up and called for muscle in that crowd. she could have gotten people hurt by that. what did she mean by that? didn't want photo journalist there for espn doing some stuff. didn't want reporters to report
9:33 am
the story. that hurt me as journalist. can i complain? >> that hurt me as anybody believes in the firstment, this guy at espn, a student at mizzou, somebody needs to hire him. amazing where he rebutted them. explained to her the law. she is the adult in the room. he is a student. pete, i can not agree with you more. you are so right. these whole safe zones, hurtful speech, what happened to the first amendment. i'm not suggesting hateful speech or hate speech that will get somebody killed. what is hurtful speech. did i offend your feelings. not even in the same choir book? what happened to colleges expanding different horizons and coming to your own conclusion. insane what is going on college campuses these days. harris: andrea, i heard you say tyranny of the small group, the minority, people who are squeaking. there were incidents on this campus, we said it on the couch all week long that needed attention. obviously there were problems on that campus.
9:34 am
my big concern, are they even concentrates on it now? they are trying to keep it tamped down. i feel they are trying to control it by controlling speech. andrea: more than that what do they want? they want policy changes. students want to weigh in on hiring decisions. sorry, guys, it doesn't work that way. >> your white privilege. andrea: this is public university. , government property. as emmy winning journalist that is very important. our judge, one lucky guy from monday, said that was clear violation of the civil rights act. the color of authority. to try and bully which is violating the first amendment. i'm sorry, first amendment rights, you can say what you want, and you can be offended and people will be offend and they will be hurt. these kids are supposed to be getting educated on these things. instead they're being educated on opposite. campuses unfortunately are complete -- >> how about learning how to have dialogue, debate about things.
9:35 am
instead of going up in arms and deciding to regulate and bring in the police and arrest people? how about discussing what are hurt feelings and in specific situations, instead of making a blanket statement that, you know, hurtful feelings are this. harris: one-on-one communication is very important. remember judge napolitano as you were saying andrea, no one has the right not to be offended. that is not a right. >> not a right. harris: hillary clinton under fire for laughing when a supporter said he wanted to strangle carly fiorina. was it just a joke? or should she really apologize? ♪ what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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♪ >> hillary clinton is coming under fire after an exchange at a veterans roundtable event of the outrage coming after clinton joined in the laughter when a
9:40 am
veteran spoke being let go from hewlett-packard while republican presidential nominee while carly fiorina was head of the company. happened to be there. >> every time i see her on tv i want to reach through and strangle her. [laughing] you know, i know that doesn't sound very nice. [laughter] and -- >> i wouldn't mess with you. [laughing] >> there is that laugh. republican national committee calling for clinton to apologize saying quote, hillary clinton and democrats lost all credibility claiming to be a party that stand up for women. jokes about committing acts of violence against women are in poor taste and should be condemned every time. clinton spokeswoman saying it was joke. hillary clinton doesn't hesitate to speak out against hateful and threatening rhetoric. this vet didn't intend to express either of those things and republicans should not try to pretend otherwise. as our resident hillary clinton apologist -- >> that is my job.
9:41 am
>> laughing off the question they can claim to be party stands up for women. what do you think of the rnc response? >> hillary shouldn't laughed and said something not saying those kinds of words. i'm wonder why the rnc was silent in 2008, when woman stood up, to john mccain and how do we beat, word rhymes with witch, mccain didn't disavow it. let's be consistent. when donald trump went after carly fiorina's appearance i thought it was repulsive. there is no excuse for this kind of rhetoric. say this one side does it and this side doesn't. every time they make personal attacks on somebody's looks and vet did was inexcusable and hillary laughing about it was mistake, or john mccain in 2008, people should stand up and condemn it. should not be part of the issues. >> you mentioned donald trump, i want your opinion. how should candidates being held
9:42 am
to questions asked of them and their response in real time? harris: depends what was happening at moment this was not a question. this was joking about the fact this guy wanted to strangle carly fiorina. that is not a question. if you're harkening back to what happened with donald trump, there is always the opportunity to clarify and that's one thing. but in this there was opportunity to stop it. stop it. that is not funny. instead she made herself the victim. oh, i wouldn't want to tangle with you. no, in that moment you were supposed to stand up for the other woman. you were supposed to stand up for the other woman. >> you mean a girl's girl, hillary clinton, didn't stand up for women everywhere? no, she cares about herself and that's about it. she is the same woman who went after bernie sanders for what? raising his voice above three decibels at her? she said that was sexism because he was yelling. or you know, he went after her. that back and forth i thought was one of her lowest moments. i would like to see one of republicans stand up, say they would like to strangle hillary clinton.
9:43 am
what do you think would happen then? it would be national scandal. media would be running with it. harris: consider the source. >> donald trump's misconstrued comments about megyn kelly were such a big deal. what hillary is doing is nuclear. this is nuclear. like you said, she's a woman. she should not be laughing. she should be something in defense or saying that is not right. that's not proper. and, i'm happy you agree with that because, this is your party and -- >> not my party. listen i'm not taking responsibility for this. i think it was wrong for her to do it. >> let me play devil's advocate. how many of us looked through the screen, every time i see that guy, i want -- doesn't mean literally. >> you have a lot of anger, pete. i wouldn't want to strangle anybody. >> in some ways it is colloquialism. i'm not apologizing for statement. he shouldn't have said it. >> he said i know that doesn't
9:44 am
sound nice. >> that was opening salvo, no, it doesn't, don't say it again. andrea: she is the hurt of queen of hurt feelings. queen of protecting women and feets. made it about herself. why wouldn't xi have the natural instinct to jump in and defend another woman? harris: funny thing, funnier thing than her laugh, watching andrea do her laugh. >> we'll see that in outnumbered overtime. holding out for mr. perfect, researchers find women are way pickier in finding love. why that could mean spending lots of time with cats. ♪ do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at
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harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. we can't wait. we know you can't either. first jon scott what is coming up in second hour of "happening now." hey, jon. >> hey, harris. america is honoring those that fought for our freedom today. despite the sacrifices for our veterans some are still struggling to get the health care they need.
9:49 am
we'll go inside of va to see if progress is made. a socialite who killed her? joe's crab shack is pulling trigger on no tipping policy. will other restaurant chains follow suit? we'll get into it, "happening now." harris: very interesting, thank you, jon. >> see you then. andrea: ladies listen up, holding out for prince charming could be reason you're single. one writer pointing research and a book. some women are pickier than ever about men and suggesting their standards may be a by the new high. deal breakers for women include, bad sex, disheveled appearance and other things. guy's big pet peeve when women talk too much. harris: uh-oh. andrea: comes down to women refusing to settle for someone at some point. the author says what happens is just not enough. quote, good men to go around and there is just a lot of single
9:50 am
women out there stacy, looking at this list here. they are saying if women meet a guy who is lazy, disheveled appearance, too needy and gives them bad sex. they're being too picky. thoughts? >> that is not too picky. those are perfect, those are valid points, valid needs. women need a man that's not lazy. who knows how to take control. who knows how to be good in bed just like a man wants a woman good in bed, we want a man good in bed. not settle ever. harris: we're not asking for the world here, julie. what is wrong with the study. >> single, single, that is the problem. what are we asking for, harris? don't want you chumps. sorry, breaking news. >> not single. >> breaking news. harris: we are breaking news. >> that is all the news we're going to break. that's it. >> fox news alert.
9:51 am
andrea: there is ink about he will and alone. i'm never alone. i'm not too picky. requirements here seem like reasonable ones. i'm talking about julie, women i overheard in manhattan, i want him to speak in instrument or three foreign languages. why can't have graduates degree. i want to turn around, get over yourself, girlfriend. you're not a 10. >> even if you're a 10 there is always a 20 right behind you. i don't think it's a lot to ask. that list is not a a lot to ask. maybe why i'm still single. pete, what men want somebody good in bed and somebody doesn't talk to much. shut up and get in bed? is that what guys want? >> i can't confirm those. confirm or deny. harris: oh, my goodness. >> you have to find somebody you like, get along with, ultimately. >> that wasn't criteria. >> i did market research. depends on your phase of life. harris: that's true. >> your standards will shift, based on college student, late
9:52 am
20s, 30s, 40s, it will all change. andrea: the problem is, harris this, is women in their 40s. they are the ones too picky which is sort of the issue. harris: my grandmother, god rest her soul, she was more than 100 when she passed away. she knew a lot. you don't want to be so difficult no one can make you simply happy. older you get it gets more difficult because we're set in our ways more. we are pickier and pickings are slimmer. that is the way it goes. i want to get back, i love breaking news. congratulations on that, putting a ring on it. >> thank you very much. harris: that's awesome. andrea: we assume he checked all the boxes? >> yes. andrea: harris you went, ow oh, talk too much. there was funny story about courting with your handsome husband tony. >> we'll do it in overtime. >> most important thing to be best friends. that is the most important
9:53 am
thing. harris: that is very true. andrea: do hillary imitation. harris will tell a story. this overtime will be -- she is supermodel with loads of success, like $350 million worth of it. gisele bundchen is not the reason why mrs. tom brady says she has been the world's top model for so long. ♪ at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. [cricket sound] richard. didn't think you were going to make it. hey sorry about last weekend, i don't know what got into me. well forgive and forget... kind of. i don't think so!
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so you stay steady ahead. ♪ no happy veterans day. well, she's the world high paid model. gisele bundchen, worth reported $386 million fortune, says it is all about her personality. the former victoria secrets model has new $700 coffee table book moved delk photos of herself reportedly already sold out. but she doesn't think success is based on her good looks. watch. >> are you best because of the look that you had or -- >> not at all. >> no. >> i don't think so, not at all. >> is it because, what? >> i think because of my personality. >> do you? >> i think i have never complained.
9:58 am
they said, gisele, go there, below zero in bathing suit. start jumping that is what i do. harris: never complain? what about time she started discussing when her husband was not doing well on the field and mad at receivers. >> and the pool cover. harris: catch the ball. >> she's beautiful. she should say some part, she is a model. has to do with her looks. but also her saying has to do with her work ethic i think it is true. a lot of models can be difficult. a lot of actresses can be difficult and affects your career. if she is good working person there on time, knows how to hit her mark, knows how to pose, knows what to do, no matter what conditions are, she should be noticed for that. that should be something that is noted. harris: $700 coffee table book. >> i bought one. harris: that is a lot of -- >> what is so demeaning saying, yeah, i'm worth all the money because i'm a beautiful woman. what is so demeaning my career is based on my looks?
9:59 am
i understand people want to pretend they're smart or have amazing personality. frankly she makes the living off the fact she looks the way she looks. i don't think there is any shame. what is the problem? >> a lot of beautiful people that don't have 700-dollar coffee table books. she is clearly beautiful and astute businesswoman. >> exactly, yeah. harris: what you say is so interesting. i would see there is overlap between acting and modeling in that sense. think about all the actresses we hear bad things about. >> they don't show up or know their lines. >> contrasting with naomi campbell. gisele more well-liked. she wouldn't get booked on the jobs if she wasn't a team player. she is. she has good reputation on the industry. she is gorgeous. >> so beautiful and -- andrea: tom brady, says producers can't forget the arm charm. harris: she is terrific in her own right as businesswoman. she had incidents. >> naomi campbell?
10:00 am
>> much prettier for the record. >> men for years have been reading maxim for the personality. harris: good to have you here. readout numbered overtime. remember it will be juicy. click on the "overtime" tab. we're back an noon on tv. "happening now" now. >> please are arresting a 19-year-old man who made a threat on campus. >> this comes as racial tensions are rattling the university. we are covering all of the news now. a week of racial tensions that are boiling over. are the media sidestepping the issue in the name of political correctness. >> she was found in the laundry room. >> it sparks a desperate search for a killer. one key piece of evidence is


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