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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 12, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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never miss my favorite tweeted pic of the day. set your dvr to record "on the6!sws record." you can live and play back "on the record" 11:00 p.m. each night. good night fro tonight on "red lie" students from yale try to shutdown a free speech event. we will ask an uh plan nighs more set song to comment. and jeb bush refuses to shake marco rubio's hand? does n he know they go for the terrorist fist jab. and what is the best tv show to star sanders? it is not the lair rue sanders show. -- larry sanders show. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm will carr. a massive storm system is sweeping across the central section of the united states. we have seen twisters and violent thunderstorms in the
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midwest and heavy snow dumped on the rockies. parts of colorado have already seen a foot of snow. a student arrested in connection with on-line threats against blacks at the outer of -- university of missouri. hunter park is being held without bond charged with making a terrorist threat. racial tensions lead the president and chancellor to reside. we are learning more about the nine victims on board a private jet that crashed into an apartment building. it killed everyone on bored including both pilots. all seven passengers worked for a real estate company based in florida. a deadly standoff on the grounds of a hospital in san francisco. authorities say officers shot and killed a gunman who was pointing a rifle toward the california pacific medical center. no one else was hurt. at least one more has been destroyed by grassfireses in oklahoma. winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour is making it tough to stop the flames.
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the task force has been deployed to assist the area firefighters in other local agencies. one precious stone is breaking more than the bank. this blue diamond is selling for $48.5 million. the 12karat plus diamond set a record price for any jewel at action. it was purchased by a private hong kong collector. i'm kill carr. now back to the real reason you are here. "red eye." welcome to "red eye." hello. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the "red eye" news deck.
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hi, andy. nice tie. >> thanks, man, you too. >> let's welcome our guest. she spent most of her career in a bottle. joanne noah chin ski. the way college kids worshiped him you would think he was norm. she is loyal to everyone except her country, sherry davie. and he is the tallest thing in new york that doesn't have trump written on it. mammoth comedian ben kissel. let's start the show. >> student activists -- i am starting to think they are intolerant of other ideas. on tuesday a group of yale university students stormed a panel on free speech and then later spit on attendees. it focused on a protest last week over an administrator's racially insensitive e-mail. the add straiter dared to
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suggest that maybe the school should not tell students what halloween costumes to wear. one of the speakers from freedom for individual rights and education said at one point looking at the reaction to the e-mail you would have thought someone wiped out an entire indian village. somebody posted the comment to facebook which lead to protesters chanting genocide is not a joke. according to the yale daily news several panelists were spat on as they left. hmm. kv vin, i will -- kevin, was that an accurate description of what happened? >> yes, more or less. they had to drag one jackass out of the actual forum. and then as we came and went there were a bunch of idiots outside chanting "genocide is not a joke." to which i responded, yes, but you yale kids are. i did not witness spiting, but i did see the video of that going on. >> no one spat on you? >> no one spat on me.
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i was kind of hoping they would. >> what made you think it would be a good idea to go to the yale campus and talk about free spoof in we know that's a no go. >> it is a doomed issue on college campuses. i went because they paid me. i work at national review so anytime you are invited to do anything for a bill buckley program you go. they weren't actually able to quite disrupt us. we all have pretty good voices of the. >> you did get through it? >> we pinned up the talk. we finished up the talk. i was talking to a novelist. when the thing happened with the kid inside we didn't have any idea what was going on inside. he was making the funny barking noises. the poor campus cop has to carry him on the shoulder and put him down and handcuff him. he looks bored to death. another one of these jackass kids being a jackass.
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nobody really cares about this stuff. everyone knows it is performance and it is not politics. it is a way of them demonstrating their social value to other people. not their social valueses, but their social value. what kind of music do you like? what kind of protest do you go to? those kinds of things. i feel kind of embarrassed by them. one group of people in the world that has a right to protest, you really feel bad for it is yale kids. their lives just are not going to turn out well at all. >> yale lives matter. >> you mentioned thurston-howelle. he looked down on the yaleys and they are still getting it. you can laugh it off and no one can take them seriously, but who does take them seriously are the people losing their jobs. >> do you remember the "don't tas me, pro." dude?
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turns out he is a hero. i had no idea. everyone is following his foot steps as if he did something courageous. >> it is interesting because he was being tased. you have students now which it is taking place in the imagination. >> at least in my generation we were tased when we pro -- protested. >> i actually have some sympathy. i feel bad for current college kids. there is no cool thing to protest. by the way we are putting boots on the ground in syria, but that's not a big deal. it could be a rational college protest. they protested segregation, the 70s, the draft and things like that. now they are protesting halloween costumes. you can't be win knee the pooh because -- winney the pooh because it will offend somebody with irritable bowel system. >> they are protesting the fact that somebody said don't get all excited about the
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halloween costumes. it is one removed past. >> you know what too, it seemed to me like it was perfectly safe. if you look at the video -- first of all it was shot exceedingly well. it is amazing how the angle was shot over the guy's shoulder. you cannot be real. what ever happens -- what happened to i may not agree with everything you have to say, but i will die defending your right to say it. what happened to that? jay you sound like an american, sherry davis. >> i am a regular old american. >> we fought so hard to get our independence from england and now here we are arguing over these things. >> and you gave us language and you blood edie stroy it. >> you are not even far enough removed.
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>> the way things have changed, selective silencing is not activism. it is pathetic. and it almost makes you long for the days of of hacky sack battles and rap bay the tell -- battles. since you both have different ideas and you are so vocal about this will, have a little throw down of words. see which side comes out the winner. where is that spirit? i think it will start with hollywood. we need to have some film showing some award battles -- some word battles. >> we can't go to films either. we are boycotting -- quinten -- you know who i am talking about. that dude. >> we can't go to see his movies anymore. >> people who make entertainment decisions based on politics should boo beaten with sticks. it is like people who watchly gnaw -- lena-dunham and say
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now i can vote. if you are that person you should stay home. >> sounds like that all the time. >> stay home. it would make me happy. students acting hysterical, what about the professors? a missouri assistant professor resigned from a courtesey appointment after a confrontation with a journalist. >> can i talk to you? >> no, you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> hey, who can get this reporter out of here? help me get some muscle out of here. who is going to help me. >> you need to get out. you need to get out. >> you need to go. >> ma melissa click -- that's a great name. she should work at buzz feed. an assistant communications
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professor at the missouri school of journalism was trying to block a student journalist from shooting photos on a public quad. it was posted on-line after the university of missouri assistant president rue signed following -- resigned following a week of protests. she has resigned, but still is a professor in the communications department. seems like she has some problems communicating. >> major problems communicating. first of all i just realize she can have a fishery -- like a marina that sells the tackle. that was a terrible joke. >> it was a very good joke. >> she started the fight with this young man and then requests muscle at somebody 6-7 being the clean up guy really sucks. you say to him? what do i have to do now? i must defend your honor of
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course. >> there was a ben kissle that was ready to lay down -- >> can i just smoke a bong? you make us the warrior. >> you know what, she goes and resignses right away as well. resignses right away. she is obviously ready for her back up career as a jean jacket bedazzler or whatever else she does with her bloody life. >> it is a good second career. >> very good second career and under rated. what is amazing too, tom, is i read into this a little bit as well that apparently she wanted a media free zone. she is a journalism professor. with instagram and college students there is no such thing as a media free zone. she is trying to shut everything down. isn't college like that? >> i didn't notice that. how did you catch that? >> because there will be protests about him.
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>> you are probably racist. >> i am 100% chinese. it seems like college is a place where you go to develop resiliency and debate skills. between all of these safe spaces and peanut butter allergies, we are raising a nation of [bleep] in this country. nobody is allowed to protest. i think that we would like a pbj and a shiny bowl. >> i love shiny bowls. >> who does president love shiny -- who doesn't love shiny bowls. >> we spend a lot of money living in those dorms. i am paying for room and board. >> these professors who are actively engaged with the students in this way, we are loaners when they were in school and never found a group to fit into and now they think they found it. i went on rate my professor and she has a b plus rating. students tend to like her, but she is teaching the classes of like it is the "50 shades of
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gray" class. she teacheses classes about certain tv shows. she has a book coming out about why thomas the tank is problematic. her dissertation was on the whiteness of martha stewart. we are not dealing with a woman who by our standards we would like to take a class with, but it seems like students really like her. again i think it is a selective group of students. >> i think volume three of the whiteness in martha stewart. >> i didn't nomar that you stewart -- i didn't know martha stewart was white. i just learned that. >> thomas the tank engine is massoginst. >> another gop debate has come and gone. the best debate so far in trms of the moderators were last night's debate and the one hosted by fox news. i hope my can dore does president get me in trouble. on wednesday morning donald
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trump appeared on morning joe and was harshly critical as the other candidates on the stage. >> other than yourself twho -- who had the best performance? >> i don't think anybody did poorly, i really don't. >> that criticism was alt -- a little tepid. when i asked about carson he didn't hold back. >> how did ben carson do? >> i thought he did good. they didn't ask him a lot of questions. he didn't have a lot of air time. but he did good. >> i don't want to be critical. i like him to start off with. i like him. i don't want to be critical. last night they were asking questions and ben and i have gotten along well. i have actually become friends with a lot of the people that are up there. >> in fairness, trump said he only slept 90 minutes and so i guess he was off his game. two people who don't appear to be friends are jeb bush and marco rubio. look what happened during a commercial break.
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>> rubio approaches bush who appears to shake his hand at him. rubio instead turns and speaks to trump. so what did you -- what did rubio say to bush? we were able to isolate the audio. that was a little number on -- snub on bush's part. what did you think of the debate? there was not a lot of drama, was there? >> they actually seemed to want the candidates talk about what they will do in office which has been unusual for the recent debates. it was not the moderators trying to make the show about them. i thought it was nice looy done. i thought for a longtime this was basically a cruz versus rubio race and i think the debate last night solidified that view. jeb was not much of a
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presence. trump is still in it, and i hope he stays in it until tuesday when my pook on trump -- when my book on trump comes out. >> what is the title? >> "the case against trump." >> so i am starting to gleam where this is headed. >> a little national review liberal bias. >> trump seems to be going -- trying to go mainstream. he used to attack everyone and now he is playing the nice guy. >> that's what i was thinking. he was trying to get more prepared for general and have more of a moderate emotional stance. he could be the drunk guy who just broke all of the glasses at the dinner table who is trying to slowly exit. it is really tough to say. if you look at trump's twitter you can see he sleeps about 90 minutes a day in 30-minute increments. he is like the kramer. he is like kramer from
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"seinfield" just quick power naps. he sleeps less than christian bale in "the machinist." he needs only a few hours of rest and he can get that hate back. >> he is trump though. he does what he wants to do. he can survive on just a little sleep. joanne, you said that i think cruz impressed you. >> yeah, cruz did. and i was never a fan of cruz. i actually listened this time and he really did layout some really good points. he has also tamed that very preacher speak. i always look at the performance of the candidates and how they talk and how they bounce off questions and things. i thought he did well. i was engaged a little more with him. >> but you have to listen. >> yes, you do. i mean, i'm still a rubio fan for sure. like you said, i thought the two of them both did really well. they had great performances. >> great substance and obviously kevin he is an
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intellectual. he thought those two guys did well. does it help to rate these people? >> you know, i don't know about rating them. they didn't do that well as you thought. and then trump being so nice the day after, it was nice because we heard ben carson was nice. some college kid will run in and spit on him. >> you think he is just bored? >> i cooperate do it. >> that's what i love about rand paul. i love watching him seconds before the debate starts. he is looking at his watch going i hate this. >> you can tell he does not like it. we have to go. coming up, bernie sanders has a tv show. don't worry. it was canceled 30 years ago.
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eye" with tom shillue is the greatest show on television. thanks, mom and dad. keep the compliments coming. turns out it is not the greatest show of all time. that title belongs to bernie speaks, the public access show of bernie sanders. the show had everything, hard-hitting interviews. >> what did you get to bring in the biggest fish? >> $100,000. >> that's a lot of money. that's a lot of money. >> it had children running away screaming from interviews.
12:24 am
>> sir, come here a sec. i want to introduce you to bernie. >> oh my god! such a frightening person. >> he even ruined his son's christmas vacation. >> with me today is my special guest, this is levy sanders who is my son who is just spending the christmas holiday back from college in springfield, massachusetts. what role did the city take in the last five or six years? there has been a lot of discussion? >> he looks miserable. >> they put millions into the university. >> it is nice to see bernie hasn't changed a bit. >> one half of one percent of the population of the united states owns -- well let me tell you. in fact, the -- one half of
12:25 am
one percent of the population owns 35% of the wealth. the wealthiest 10% of the population own over 70% of the wealth. >> i thought we were going to be able to stay tuned and catch the contemporary violin and piano. >> i like the "flock of seagulls." >> is that what it was? >> it is amazing how he looked 80 like 30 yours ago. it is amazing. he never changes. >> he has held up. >> exceedingly well. >> and his views have held up, have they not? >> i have been out on the campaign trail. when i first saw him i wanted to run away like that little girl did. the old-fashioned socialist kind of thing is -- bernie is
12:26 am
the flip side of donald trump. it is a similar anti-trade and anti-immigration-type of stuff. you look at him talk about it and it is a conspiracy to flood the country with cheap latin american labor and it sounds like pat buchanan. it was a really strange evolution on the left i think. >> it is amazing how little the argument that bernie makes has evolved. it sounds exactly the same about the income distribution, et cetera. >> it is like an episode of "mr. rogers" but mr. rogers is telling everyone to kill the rich. >> wasn't that the subtext of it with the trolley and feeding the fish? >> nobody wanted to be around this man whatsoever. i think he has digressed with his presentation. i think he was slightly more charming back in the day. now he has adults running away
12:27 am
from him. >> he's angry. >> what is amazing is i will say, i agree that the similarity between him and trump is whether you greaty or disagree they sound authentic. this is who he is. this is what he believes in. that's why he -- it is appealing in an uncle saul kind of way. i want to get him a blanket. >> he reminds us of an uncle or grandpa. his son was not charmed to be hanging out with dad. >> his son was the first guy to feel the burn in his arm holding that mic up for 45 minutes. >> why couldn't bernie hold the mic? was his son making $15 an hour sph. >> probably not. he said you are my son. you are endebted to me. there was another one. it was a wine tasting fundraiser and bernie said do you have anything that follows the bottle of wine i usually
12:28 am
drink? that's when i realize bernie and i have a lot more in common. >> it took trader joe's to get three bottle its -- a $3 bottle of wine to the mket. >> i'm sure he is happy about it. coming up, half time. no shennanigans. i am doing a show in boston on november 14th. come and say hi.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm will carr. a major battle is underway in northern iraq to retake a strategic town that has been in isis control since last year. kurdish officials say 7500 fighters are closing if on the mountain town from three fronts. the offensive is being backed by a u.s.-lead air campaign. isis is releasing a new individual yoy threatening to attack israel. the terror group didn't give any details where or when an attack may take place. they warned egyptian sol scwers will booy killed if they carry out military operations against the scree hoedists. -- the jihadists. they claimed to be behind a russian crash in egypt. >> heavy winds, rain and snow are hitting sioux city, iowa. it is causing a major travel headache especially for truck drivers.
12:33 am
>> it has been rough, slow going. 55 miles an hour from kansas city is all i could get. i just want to go, go, go. the violent storm system has brought tornadoes to some areas in the midwest and parts of colorado have already seen a foot of snow. all chipotle stores closed to an e-coli outbreak will be back in business late are today. they voluntarily closed the oregon and washington state locations last month despite extensive testing. the ors of the outbreak has not been found. dozens became sick with e-coli. president obama visiting arlington national cemetery for veterans day. the president laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. the president urging americans to not only think about our war heros on veterans day, but to keep them in mind year-round. good idea. i'm will carr. let's get you back to the show you love, "red eye." welcome back. it is time to find out what we
12:34 am
got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy in the "red eye" news deck. hi, andy. >> hi, tom. can't believe we are already at half time. >> it is hard to believe. what if we wrbt really -- weren't really at half time. think about it. let's start with you, kevin. you were there. you said when you heard the protesters chanting genocide is not a joke, you said of course not, but yale students are. that's not funny. genocide is not a joke. >> genocide is not a joke. that's true. yale students kind of are. >> i am assuming nobody bothered to explain to them that nobody said genocide was a joke. >> no. of course the irony there is that the whole thing they were upset about was someone pointing that out. that's not trivial. if something bad happened that's what they get upset about and not the fact that someone is dressed as a french
12:35 am
man for halloween. >> you shouldn't ever dress as a french man for halloween or ever. you also said nobody spat on you, but you wish they had. is this a fetish thing? >> i just like violence. when there is an opportunity i like to take it. >> glad i'm over here in time square and not in the room. tom you mentioned thurston was a harvard man and looking down on yaley's. do you think that's why? because of thurston howwell? howelle? what happened i may not understand what you say, about you i will defend your right to say it. i think it is i don't care what you say so shut up. you can fit it on a bumper sticker. >> i think you just crystallized the new off the fire generation. this is it. you've got it.
12:36 am
you are so quick, andy. you're sexy. >> quick and sexy. an interesting combination. >> i tripped you up there for a minute. you can feel the mileses of -- the miles of space between us and time square suddenliy just got much closer. >> it really did. now i'm scared. joanne, you said hollywood needs to make films on word battles on college campuses. have you seen the "pitch perfect" movie? >> oh yeah. that's like singing words. >> still words. >> yes. however, those are words written by other people. it would be healthier if the students wrote the words themselves. >> that's fair. probably not as good as a movie. >> definitely not. >> nothing is as good as "pitch perfect." >> i am a rebel wilson guy.
12:37 am
>> by the way, tom, all of these protesters, we keep mentioning that they keep saying -- they talk about the feed for safe spaces. i mean, you know that some long-time viewers know this i counsel co-eds. there are no safe spaces. just safe words. >> i'm sure that resonates. >> you should check out the tent city. maybe you can help some of the people. >> not the kind of people i tend to counsel. let's move to the university of missouri. first, ben, please apologize for your quick bait joke. >> i apologized. >> you didn't apologize. you said it was bad, but you never said you were sorry. >> i can't apologize for this. >> that's on you. >> well, you are so -- >> it is on you. i tried to help. >> she should open up a fisherie and call it quick bait. >> now i get it.
12:38 am
>> quick bait. >> a repeat offender. >> i got it the first time. >> pretty highbrow stuff. >> maybe just leave it in your draft folder next time. >> okay. >> sherry, you said that click resigned. she resigned from her courtesey appointment to the journalism store. she is a professor of mass media at the undergraduate level. i want to make that clear. >> thank you for clearing that. it was really important. it was very important for you to say. >> did you ever figure out what a courtesey appointment is? >> it glorifies volunteers or maybe she gets credit for it. >> maybe it is a title, but not extra pay. >> that's probably what it is. >> i do not believe you are 100% chinese. i am putting that out there. >> you just don't get the the joke, do you? >> i guess not. >> kevin, if the vice president of the missouri student sew -- association she
12:39 am
was on msnbc i guess that is, a little before we taped. she said, quote, i am personally tired of hearing that first amendment rights protect students when they create a hostile and unsafe learning environment for myself and other students here. i assume you agree with this? >> that's exactly the kind of top shelf thinking you expect from america's 103rd best university. >> skip that. let's go to the debate. kevin, you said for once the moderators didn't try to make it about them. did you notice though -- this is something i noticed. the journalists complaining about this on twitter. they were really upset they were letting the candidates go at it instead of jumping in and making themselves the focus. >> i try not to follow journalists on twitter. they are not interesting people. >> wiser man than i. you said cruz impressed you. this was the first debate where the sound of his voice didn't annoy me. i thought he did well. >> agreed totally.
12:40 am
>> i felt bad for jeb. he tried so hard to be a tough guy and it is not him. >> the one thing i like was the high five comment with the clinton camp. high five's are just awful. >> that's true. >> the other thing is -- nobody -- the casual line will never stop being amazing. he met putin in the "60 minutes" green room. and all of these things are easily checked, put they say them anyway because people like you, tom, will let them. >> i will checkup on you. she said it wasn't in the green room before a show. >> oh stop. >> it wasn't in the green room. she didn't deny she was in the green room. >> shooy said it wasn't before the show and then called it like a one on one manage or something like that?
12:41 am
>> she never said i was bt in the green room. >> you are part of the problem. >> you sexist. >> an interesting stat. kasich lead in the moments that said shut up at my tv. on bernie sanders' public access show. i learned a few things of his son. he is sanders' only biological son, but not born to sanders' first wife. the other thing i learned which is more interesting is sander's first wife was named debra messing. >> what? no. >> a starter wife. >> i am not making that up. >> baby daddy. >> i am done. >> thanks, andy. we will say goodbye to kevin williams. thanks for coming by. i know you have to get back to the desert where you live literally and emotionally. time to take a break. wes welker playing football when we come back.
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wes welker is coming out of retirement to once again play football. he signed with the st. louis rams and it is making some people so uncomfortable they are writing articles like this one on deadspin. wes welker is back and it feels terrible. the wide receiver has had at least six concussions. and because of all of the attention around football and
12:46 am
brain injuries lately we all know the more concussions you have had, the more likely you are to get another. even though players players and fans say he hospital play pause he could be killing himself, an article asks if he should put them in the context of regular choices we make all the time. they say overall the question welker had to answer, should i do something that will offer me enjoyment today, but may bring negative consequences in the long run? >> it reminded me of the recent story that bacon and hot dogs cause cancer. everybody i knew said i don't care. i will never give them up. are we willing to ago -- sacrifice a few years at the end of our life to do what we enjoy today. i will ponder that this sunday when i watch football with a blt in my hand. >> andy, welcome to the panel. i love this story because it max you think, doesn't it? >> no. >> wait a minute. >> it is a good story. >> when i read about welker and the concussion i thought
12:47 am
he shouldn't play. and then i read it and said let the guy do what he wants. he likes football. >> you can think those things simultaneously. you should say he should be able to play if he wants. he is an adult making a decision. you can also disagree with his decision. you can think, you know, maybe not the best idea in the world. young people say things -- this includes me back when i was young. back in the 70s. they always say i don't care later down the road. you mentioned years. othis will cut five years at the end of my life. what do i care? i am doing it now. how many of those pome get to the point they are grandparents and watching their grandkids grow up and then they get sick. they don't suddenly wish, you know what i wish i had those five years now. you can think both things. >> he is a football player. he is one of the greats. he is amazing and let him play. >> i agree. let him play. he is a 40-year-old man and he can make his own decisions. >> is he 40?
12:48 am
>> very close to it. at this point the damage has been done. it is like if you are at a friend's house -- it is true. if you are at your friend's house and you don't want to spend the night, but you had three beers you may as well have 10 because either way you are over the dui limit. and all of a sudden the nfl is concerned he will kill himself. a person and he was allowed to have a 15-year career. this is blown way out of proportion. >> wow. joanne, i think you should take offense at him comparing this to dui. >> no. i don't take offense. i don't know what the two have to do with each other. >> the damage is done. >> it is almost like going out -- it is like going out with a pushy guy when you are already pregnant, i guess. it is so shocking. was that a bad analogy? i think i am drunk right now. >> terrible analogies. >> you have to think about the
12:49 am
future. so a better analogy is do i want to save for retirement now at 27 or do i want to spend the money. if i have the money, let mooy spend it and worry about the rest of the money later. no, i think about the future and i started a roth ira when i was 25 and i will be grateful when i did that when i am old. i hope i get there. >> i don't even understand what that has to do with it either. i tell you one thing -- i'm sorry. i think i am drunk. anyway, what i think though is these -- what do they call when they hit you on the head sph i think i have a concussion. i think they affect you now. forget 20 years down the road. he could do more tremendous damage immediately. forget down the road. >> that's true. >> head injuries are serious. >> that's what ben is completely and utterly wrong. i can't believe he said that and we had to cut his mic and kick him off the table.
12:50 am
the damage is not done. >> every team you get a concussion you do more damage. >> what if every time you get a concussion it is easier to get another concussion. hopefully the damage is done because he won't get another concussion. >> we have to go. >> if he gets it again he could become very spart. >> fair point. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story. i said you better sign it...
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oh well. luck is in the air. um... td ameritrade. you got this. next "red eye", ben, jaime and michael moynihan. every year veterans day gives >-our gratitude to the brave men and women who served in the armed forced. it also gives us the chance to stick our foot in our mouth and say dumb things. i read this interesting column former marine paul moony wrote about the comments he hears on veterans day. first on the list, i was going to join the military, but -- and when i said that to andy he nodded his head like he hears it all time. andy a veteran of the u.s. marm me, correct? >> yes.
12:55 am
i almost joined and did you ever kill anybody those are the worst. my answer was i almost joined it is well i am glad you found something better to do than serve your country. my answer to did you kill anyone was i never have wanted to until now. don't say those things. if you have to say something say thank you for your service or whatever or feel free to say something. >> that is amazing. i did want to do this story. i wanted to have andy on the panel. i knew anyway, sherry, do you -- i would say these things. i talked to vets and i say -- i say i wish i -- i always wanted to join the army and i never did. they say yeah, shut up, jerk. >> i satisfy silly things like green is my favorite color to the men in service. i have to tell you my -- it is veterans day and i want to say , give a shoutout to my dad
12:56 am
who is a easy vet -- u.s. veteran. he served in the 82nd airborne in vietnam and it was the same that captured his father. he was an uh stree yn -- austrian soldier. >> sticking with the 80s good ball theme. big john candy fan. i was going to join the military, but then i watched "animal house" and chose to go to college. that's what you want to influence you and hopefully you can make the right life decisions. >> it wouldn't have worked. >> thank you for my freedom. >> do you wish andy a happy veteran's day. >> he got very angry at me for not saying the happy veteran's day of the i did a tweet this morning to all veterans
12:57 am
thanking them. >> you know i am not awake in the morning. >> i will tweet you after the show. special thanks to sara, ben, andy levy and kevin williamson. that does it for me. i'm tom shillue. see you next time. fun any more.
12:58 am
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>> special thanks to all the brave men and women who have served our country this veterans day. "special report" is next. on this veterans day, the obama administration is taking new criticism from democrats. on its plan to destroy isis. this is "special report." >> good evening, welcome to washington, i'm brett baier. i it's veterans days, thank you to all the men and women who served or are serving. today president obama took part in traditional veterans day ceremonies, much of the focus remains on men and women still in uniform and the kinds of threats they may be facing in


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