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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 12, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> special thanks to all the brave men and women who have served our country this veterans day. "special report" is next. on this veterans day, the obama administration is taking new criticism from democrats. on its plan to destroy isis. this is "special report." >> good evening, welcome to washington, i'm brett baier. i it's veterans days, thank you to all the men and women who served or are serving. today president obama took part in traditional veterans day ceremonies, much of the focus remains on men and women still in uniform and the kinds of threats they may be facing in the immediate future.
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new criticism coming from the president's own party. correspondent kevin corke has the story from the white house. >> in laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns, president obama paused to remember and thank those whose service to country we honor this veterans day. >> what has always made america great. what has always made us exceptional are the patriots who generation after generation dedicate themselves to building a nation that is stronger, freer, a little more perfect. >> but even as the president saluted the troops, his administration's convoluted strategy to fighting isis in syria is facing renewed criticism. from members of his own party. >> the problem is we don't have a comprehensive strategy. >> critics say it's more than just a loss of blood and treasure. it's the apparent lack of direction. the administration now on its third strategic approach to solving the problem, watching syrian rebels take the fight to isis and the assad regime hasn't
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worked, neither has the plan to train and equip syrian fighters, despite a cost of more than $50 million. the pentagon is sending a group of special operations forces to advise and assist. in an editorial dubbed plan c, "u.s.a. today" said quote obama's previous hands-off policy has helped foster chaos, a refugee crisis, the rise of isil and now intervention by russia. >> i don't think it's a strategy that will work long-term. i think isil is a grave threat to the region. >> instability punctuated by increasing attacks by russia on the very syrian rebels that washington has armed. this as a russian proposal to end the crisis has been rejected by syrian opposition leaders. meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry an israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu met today, a head of kerry's major policy speech on syria, set to take place tomorrow, some gop lawmakers believe that strategy should include more u.s. boots on the ground. something the president has
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vid vowed to avoid. >> how many times do they have to say we want to kill you before we take them serious? >> brett, the very next step in the administration's combined military diplomatic approach is tomorrow's speech by secretary kerry. and what the white house is betting is that he'll be able to convince russia and iran to help out with a managed transition to power for the assad regime and a cease-fire in syria. a long bet indeed. brett? >> kevin corke live on the north lawn, thank you. president obama said today he is not satisfied with the quality of veterans' health care. the situation has been of course in the news for sometime now. but is anything actually improving? correspondent doug mcelway takes a look. >> 18 months after the scandal involving falsified wait times and patient deaths first surfaced, the va hasn't fired a single phoenix time employee for wait time manipulation. department wide, only three have been fired. but the chief maintains the va is improving.
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>> our average wait times are down to five days for special care. four days for primary care. three days for mental health care. but we still have opportunities. >> his critics maintain he grossly understates the problem. >> bob mcdonald says a lot of the right things. but if almost from day one. he's been captured by the bureaucracy at the va, he's become an apologist for the va. >> upon advice of counsel, i exercise my fifth amendment right and decline to answer that question. >> alleged corruption and mismanagement still proliferate. last week, two va executives refuse odd to testify at a senate hearing there was news last week that the va has halted benefits to some living vets after wrongly declaring they were dead. and va's major facility construction program routinely comes in hundreds of millions of dollars over budget and is years behind schedule. now, bipartisan attempts to fix the va are being politicized with democratic presidential front-runner, hillary clinton, accusing republicans of wanting to privatize it. >> privatization is a betrayal.
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plain and simple. and i'm not going to let it happen. that accusation drew a swith rebuke from senator john mccain who called it inaccurate and offensive. >> it's a boogie man scare tactic that hillary clinton is using, is the plan that my group published and gives a veteran a choice to use the va or go outside and seek private care. >> secretary mcdonald maintains the va is adopting the best principles of the private sector. he and the obama administration and clinton oppose the va adopting the toughest discipline the private sector can mete out, firing bad employees without lengthy appeals and arbitration. >> more on this with the panel. what do you think? do you think things are getting better in health care? let me know on the day after the fourth debate has candidates scrambling
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to early voting states, to make their case about how they won and how they performed well on the stage. last night's fox business network debate in milwaukee marked another step closer to the first voting in iowa. 82 days from now. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in new hampshire tonight with debate fallout. >> the debate ended at 11:17 p.m. eastern and at 8:30 this morning, donald trump was in new hampshire, beaming about his performance. >> we started off with 17, and one by one by one, they're disappearing. disappearing. to watch as they go out. >> ben carson, who spearheaded debate reforms was pleased. >> i thought it was excellent. it was not about the moderators. it was actually about the candidates. and i hope it will set a new standard. >> at once skewering the media and hillary clinton, some said carson had the best line of the night. >> i have no problem with being vetted. what i do have a problem with,
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is being lied about. and then putting that out there as truth. when i look at somebody like hillary clinton, who sits there and tells her daughter and a government official that no, this was a terrorist attack. and then tells everybody else -- that it was a video -- where i came from, they call that a lie. >> on immigration, ted cruz joined trump against amnesty. while jeb bush and john kasich argued mass deportation won't work. >> a country of laws, have to go out and they'll come back, but they'll have to go out and hopefully they'll get back. >> we know you can't pick them up and ship them back across the border. >> they're doing high fives in the clinton campaign right now when they hear this. >> we're told of being told it's anti-immigrant. it's offensive. >> bush, cruz, carly fiorina and marco rubio clashed with trump and rand paul on military spending and foreign policy. >> we have to decide what is
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conservative and what isn't conservative. is it fiscally conservative to have $1 trillion expenditure -- >> i know that rand is a committed isolationist. i'm not. >> we can't continue to be the policemen of the world. >> donald is wrong on this. we're not going to be the world's policemen but we sure as heck better be the world's leader. >> bush announced the
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endorsement of 1996 presidential nominee bob dole. fiorina got some audience support. i would figure out how to separate those people who can afford it. versus those people, or the hard-working folks who put their money in those institutions. let me say another thing? >> rubio had one of the more memorable lines nist on job training. >> for the life of me. i don't know why we have
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stigmatized vocational education, welders make more money than philosophers. >> we're on this veterans day, ted cruz is trying to bring his momentum from last night's debate to the granite state and we're at a vfw, which is packed, the fire marshal might be taking a look at this soon. one of the things that ted cruz plans to do tonight is to go after hillary for what he says is her offensive dismissal of the management crisis at the veterans administration. cruz is also pressing what he thinks is his advantage as a conservative opponent to amnesty. he thinks that that juxtaposes him to the rest of the field pretty strongly in the coming
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israel's suspending a series of meetings with european union officials, to protest the eu's decision to begin labelling exports from west bank settlements. israel called the move shameful. and fears the labels will be a political stigma. more protests today on the west bank. a palestinian official says dozens were wounded in clashes with israeli soldiers on the anniversary of the death of palestinian leader yasser arafat. about 10,000 people demonstrated in kabul, afghanistan over the brutal killings of seven minority shiites. the beheaded bodies were found saturday. no group has claimed responsibility yet. at one point during today's protests, some demonstrators tried to climb the walls of the heavily fortified presidential palace. guards opened fire. wounding 10 people. seven children are among the 14 dead tonight, after the sinking of a wooden boat
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carrying refugees off the turkish coast. it is just the latest tragedy in the ongoing migrant crisis. and tonight a look at the political aspect of the situation for european countries, trying to deal with the influx. senior foreign air fairs correspondent greg palcot has more. >> it's being called a human catastrophe, wave after wave of refugees and migrants continue to come to europe, 800,000 so far. >> we cannot sustain hundreds of thousands of people continuously on the move across so many countries. >> sometimes tragic endings. 14 migrants killed today, including seven children, when their boat capsized crossing from turkey to lesbos, greece. some 60 european and african leaders are meeting in the mediterranean island nation of malta. focusing on migrants coming from poverty-hit affecten countries and coming up with $4 billion in aid to encourage to stay home.
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>> this is about building opportunities for people. protecting people's life. >> the hitch is, europe is being swamped now by refugees, fleeing hot spots. the majority coming from war-torn syria and the majority of those, wanting to go to germany. >> i want to stop again after everything, destroyed in syria. >> joirm was welcoming to all migrants, but that attitude is changing there and throughout europe. >> today in slovenia, they were erecting a barbed-wire fence to keep migrants out. these barriers reminding some of the cold war curtain that divided europe and germany. even german chancellor angela merkel is sounding tougher. >> translator: this agreement is about an action plan. this action plan will fight illegal immigration and do more for legal possibilities to do more in europe. >> the migration summit in malta ends tomorrow. float of refugees into europe shows no signs of ending. >> greg palkot in london.
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more indications that the russian air disaster was an inside job. counterterrorism source tells fox news one of the working theories has a bomb planted at or near the fuel line. with fuel burning off the explosive residue. another source says there is intelligence related to a two-hour timer. investigators are focusing on the 90 minutes prior to takeoff. interviewing ground crews and others, with access to that plane and reviewing surveillance video. we're about two weeks into the third sign-up period for the president's health care system. all indications are the response has been far from overwhelming. and clearly less than the administration is hoping for. tonight correspondent rich edison explains and examines the latest with obamacare. >> to help those without health coverage afford insurance, obama health care customers offers tax credits. only about a third of those eligible are actually using them. >> we need twice as many people
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signing up in order to be assured of getting a good spread of risk and therefore a sustainable cost for people. >> the robert wood johnson foundation and the urban institute estimate 24 million in the united states were eligible last year. the study says by march only 41% had elected a plan. by june, only 35% of them enrolled. half the people without insurance and who qualify have never heard of these tax credits. >> clearly there is a lot more that, to be done. in getting people who are eligible for these tax credits, to even know that it's a choice for them. >> another problem? cost. the administration says the second cheapest plan on the federal exchange will cost $7.5% more next year. >> consumers are faced with higher premiums, higher deductibles and narrow networks, the rate increases we're looking at only tell part of the story. >> the administration says with government subsidies, most consumers can find plans for less than $100 a month.
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obamacare supporters say the plan offers better coverage and the primary goal is to reduce the number of uninsured. the administration says 17.5 million have gained holt insurance because of obamacare. americans started signing up for 2016 coverage this month. they have until the end of january to select a plan and apply for tax credits. for those earning too much, $100,000 a year for a family of four, no subsidies. a popular white professor at the university of missouri has resigned after initially refusing to cancel an exam and urging students to attend class. despite threats of racial violence. dale brinkham canceled the exam and made the resignation announcement. after a backlash to his message to students, no the to give in to bullies. the campus has been rocked by racial tension which led to the resignation of the university president and chancellor more.
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stocks were off, the s&p 500 was down seven, the nasdaq fell 16. still ahead, it is a multibillion-dollar industry, funded by some of the world's top sports leagues and broadcasters. why have some in government trying to take down daily fantasy? first, hillary clinton's shadow, looming large over the republican debate last night.
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hillary clinton was not on the debate stage last night in milwaukee, physically, but she was in the spotlight. in fact, hillary and preventing her from being president was perhaps the one issue all of the gop candidates could agree on. chief white house correspondent ed henry is here to break that down for us. good evening, ed, it was a
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debate largely about the economy. but boy hillary factored in. >> we crunch the number, when you combined both debates, hillary clinton was mentioned no less than 49 times, her aides are fine with that they believe the phrase middle class when they checked the numbers, was only mentioned eight times. believe that the republicans are ceding that ground to her. they're focused on putting the heat on her. >> hillary clinton has said that barack obama's policies get an a, really? one in ten people right now aren't working. >> when we talk about the cronyism of washington, hillary clinton embodies the cronyism of washington. >> wait until you see what hillary clinton will do this country and how she will drown us in debt. she is the real adversary tonight and wefocused as republ >> governor christie was the king of clinton mentions in the undercard debate. 21 candidate mentions of
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clinton. christie had 13 of them. jeb bush, 28 mentions of hillary clinton in the primetime debate, nine by bush, seven by fiorina. remember, jeb bush warned that the clinton camp will be doing high fives if republicans go further right on immigration. clinton sfoeks spoeksman brian fallon quickly tweeted -- yes, we are. >> a different topic. hillary clinton, it appears you know doing a 180 on the issue of veterans health. >> last month she did this interview where she downplayed the scandal with rachel maddow. it didn't get a lot of coverage. she told msnbc it was not as widespread as republicans claimed. she took a lot of heat for that. now she's trying to say well, it's actually was a big problem. she's unveiled a reform plan in time fof veterans day and continued the damage control with this new video. >> you remember the very best that our country has to offer. and i'm thinking about you today. i'm thinking about my dad and generations of veterans past.
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thank you for serving and happy veterans day. >> now clinton never apologized for the original comments, but as clarified, she only meant the va problem was not so bad as to justify republican plans to privatize the va department. clinton's new reform plan includes the option of going to private health providers with va insurance. it's at least partial privatization. >> interesting. and last thing, late today, another development on the hillary email front? >> a federal judge saying we don't know how big this will be. that basically ordering the state department to release even more documents. 700 new pages of records from her time as secretary. the washington examiner notes what's significant is that it includes not just her emails, but written records from top aides. they need to be turned over this is interesting, by december 1st. close to the iowa caucuses. and the new hampshire primary. >> they want it to go away, but it's not going away. >> it's hanging out there. the drip-drip continues. >> it sounded like a good idea
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at the time, so why is one state scrapping a multimillion-dollar effort to keep track of handgun fingerprints? that's next on the grapevine.
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fresh pickings from the political grapevine, after 15 years, millions of dollars and absolutely zero crimes solved, the state of maryland is pulling the plug on an idea to chronicle ballistic fingerprints for gun
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buyers. the "baltimore sun" reports since 2000, the state has forced manufacturers to fire every handgun sold in maryland. the state collected more than 300,000 bullet casings, which were photographed in the hopes of ultimately uploading the images to a computerized system. that system cost an estimated $5 million to set up. maryland democratic state senator bobby zurichen said of the situation quote if there was any evidence whatsoever, any evidence that this was helpful in solving crimes, we wouldn't have touched it. a top french tv weatherman is out. fired after writing a book critical of climate change theory. the news channel france 24 reports philippe verdier announced his dismissal in an online video. a petition on calling
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for verdier's reinstatement has received about 18,000 signatures. the washington nationals lackluster season isn't over. or is over and yet it seems any can't stop losing. the team's 2016 calendar was released with a gorgeous picture of a baseball stadium on the cover. you would think it was the nationals stadium. the only problem, it was not their stadium. the editors mistakenly used a picture of boston's famous fenway park on the cover instead of national's park. the league has tried to take the team off the hook. quote our licensee used an incorrect photo of its 2016 nationals calendar, a product that the nationals were not involved in producing. we are working quickly to rectify the situation, including recalling the calendars from retail. well if you watch any sports on tv, at all, you are by now familiar with the seemingly unending flow of advertisements for what are called daily fantasy sites. billions of dollars are at
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stake. so naturally, the government is getting involved. and the gloves are coming off. senior correspondent rick leventhal has the tale of the tape tonight from new york. >> winners get immediate cash pay-outs. >> it may be game over in new york state for the daily fantasy sports sites that have blanketed the internet with the lure of payouts. draft kings and fan duel after a 2006 law declared game of sports a skill. new york's attorney general says all those ads are misleading. calling it illegal gambling. issuing a cease and desist orders to the sites to stop accepting wagers from new yorkers. daily fantasy sports is neither victimless or harmless and he says it's clear that draft kings and fan duel are the leaders of a massive billion-dollar scheme intended to evade the law and
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fleece sports fans across the country. today we have sent a clear message, not in new york and not on my watch. the sites are vowing to vigorously pursue all legal options. draft kings says new york's actions are an unfortunate example of a state government stifling innovation. technology and entrepreneurship. and acting without full and fair consideration of the interests of consumers. fan duel took it a step further saying this weekend's contest will run as normal with to restrictions for new york users to play. fan duel received a letter from the new york a.g., but no immediate action is required. sports attorney daniel wallach says the sites are doomed. in a matter of weeks, we have 28 class actions three federal criminal investigations. state legislatures around the country taking a harder look at this. the dynamic has shifted from whether we should regulate it, to whether these companies can survive. >> wallach says that the daily sites determine a game of chance, the operators could be subject to indictments, arrests and a seizure of assets, for
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now, both companies continue to take money from new york customers, they said they have five days to respond to the a.g.'s order. >> thank you. the espionage shoe son the other foot tonight in berlin. german media are reporting the country's intelligence agency has spied on the fbi. u.s. arms companies, the world health organization and the french foreign minister just to name a few. the government is not confirming that. two years ago you may remember german officials reacted with anger to news that the u.s. had eavesdropped on german targets, including chancellor angela merkel. the winners and losers in last night's presidential debate and what comes next? we'll hear from the panel.
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i'm going do keep my eye on the ball here. that is, that our real adversary, the peenor person we need to defeat is hillary clinton. so i was going to make sure i spent my time last night,
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letting the american people who are watching know i have a plan to beat hillary clinton. >> whatever we have, i would give the problem an opportunity. if you start with the premise, everything is a problem, the end is near, it's kind of hard to imagine how you're going to fix it. >> because the minute you change a system and allow just one crack in it, everybody starts moving toward that crack and pretty soon you have another and you wind up with a 75,000-page tax code like we have right now. that's what we don't want. >> some of the sound today as candidates head to early states. after last night's fourth republican debate on fox business network. steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. julie hayes and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. fallout, julie, where do you think we stand? has the needle moved from this debate? >> i don't think it has, that's
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the most striking think about this debate. we emerged from it with the field largely as it was. the one take-away that may move things a bit is that jeb bush lives to fight another day. he didn't have a standout performance, but he had a kpt t competent, in some ways confident performance. some anxiety around his campaign may have eased a bit. >> one of the big exchange of the night was between marco rubio and rand paul. everybody seemed to have a moment this was one of theirs. >> marco, how is it conservative, how is it conservative to add $1 trillion expenditure for the federal government, that you're not paying for? how is it conservative, how is it conservative to add $1 trillion in military expenditures? you cannot be a conservative if you're going to keep promoting new programs and you're not going to pay for them. >> we can't even have an economy if we're not safe. there are radical jihadists in
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the middle east beheading people and crust fiing christians. >> i know that the world is a safer and better place when america is the strongest military power in the world. >>. >> you started to hear that the crowds went crazy after marco rubio finished that answer. i think it was a good moment for both of them. rand paul spoke more and spoke more forcefully than he has in any of the previous three debates. he made his points very well. think the problem for rand paul. even if he makes that argument very well, he's making it to a small sliver of the republican party so he can get everybody excited. there aren't that many noninterventionists in the republican party. it limits to what he's expanding to. rubio i thought had a good debate. not as good as his other debate, in my view. i thought he missed an opportunity. i thought his answer was good. but he could have said senator paul ronald reagan expanded the military in a significant way. that's what i'm preposing to do here. do you think that ronald reagan was really a liberal on national
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security. there are other things he could have said that rubio i think usually hits those opportunities, he didn't hit them last night as many times. >> charles? >> i was thinking exactly of that when i watched the debate. i wasn't under the colleagklieg, i wasn't sweating or thirsty. that's the obvious answer. reagan's central plank was the military buld-up and it worked. it defeated the soviet union. they called off the cold war as a result. i do think that rand paul had his best night. and i give him points for courage and candor. i mean his sort of isolationism is not a popular strain. but he went with it. he went up against the rest of the panel. he also did an answer on what's wrong with our economy. but i just knew he was going to go to the fed. which is the driest, least sexy and slightly quirky of all answers. but he believes it. and he went with it. so i give him credit for that.
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it was a good night. but not good enough i thi change the trajectory. julie is right, i don't think anybody really changes his or her fortunes. but if you look at the stage, you saw the two wings, you had rand paul and you had kasich, who you could just see falling through a trap door. and then you have carly fiorina. and jeb, who i think are also rather tentative. and then you look in the center and you saw the final four. >> you know, last night in the post debate, analysis, i said that ted cruz was a winner, maybe the winner. i said rubio had a good night in getting pressed by bill o'reilly on who won. but there was a harrowing moment for ted cruz. take a look at this. >> we rolled out a spending plan, $500 billion in specific cuts. five major agencies i would eliminate, the irs, the department of commerce, the department of energy, the department of commerce and hud.
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>> look, i just think the department of commerce is such a base of cronyism, we need to eliminate it twice. >> that was a good response. he went on to say it was the department of education. as opposed to rick perry, bowled through there. >> any time as a candidate you're about to tick off a certain number of agencies is you should stop. the problem with perry spoke to a deeper concern about his campaign. no one is questioning ted cruz' intellect. i think he gets a bit of a pass on that. >> texas and naming agencies, keep the two away from each other. >> remember, perry stopped and said oops, it was the "oops" that killed perry. it wasn't the missing piece. >> the other thing cruz did was he started laying i think the predicate for attacks to come with sugar subsidy mention that anybody on the stage, there's nobody who is really dealing with sugar subsidies, other than marco rubio. >> yeah, this was i think one of the most interesting and maybe
1:45 am
underappreciated dynamics of the entire night. ted cruz clearly setting up these attacks. i would say on sugar subsidies and what he calls corporate welfare. and also on amnesty. he kept talking about amnesty and it was very clear to me he was targeting marco rubio and maybe jeb bush. but he seemed to be setting up future attacks. >> we should point out, as is often the case and has been for the last four debates, the online polls overwhelmingly say donald trump won this debate. we note that his followers hit those polls hard. but what do you think happened to donald trump? did he have a good night? >> let me just say if the online polls are predictive, we would now be in the 16th year of the ron paul administration. because he won all of those polls. it measures nothing. look, trump had a so-so night. all of his debates have been so-so. he had a couple of moments where he got booed. where he was a little bit rude to carly and a little bit rude to kasich. it kasich he actually said, i
1:46 am
built a company worth billions of dollars. i don't have to listen to someone like you. that's an interesting remark. and he got booed on that. but for him, i think he and carson are judged by sort of a different standard. which is -- do they project what people who are very anti-establishment feel? and what do they offer? carson, i think offers to the people who think politics are dumb and corrupt, a kind of moral strength. and what trump offers is sort of brute, but you know, unashamed strength for the country. and he represents that. and until that changes, i think they're going to stay up there. just one point on the agencies, when he approached that i'm thinking don't do numbers. you can name agencies, but never say in advance how many. >> what the number is. i try here every night i always try to say don't number it because you may not make it to the end. >> to the final number.
1:47 am
>> and -- >> three reasons that he's wrong. >> julie, final word for all of the conventional wisdom that we're starting to see this race change and that rubio and cruz may be the finalists. i mean carson and trump, are still way ahead. >> they are way ahead. there is no one close at this point. everyone you talk to who works for an establishment-minded politician says the race will change. it will happen. voters will start really thinking seriously about who they want to be president. we'll see. >> i heard you make a good point in your conversation with bill o'reilly, you said more that hillary clinton becomes the inevitable nominee on the democratic side, the more that republicans may opt for somebody who looks like they can beat her. to this point it's been very theoretical on the democratic side, she's had a fight. but i think if republican primary voters look at her as the presumptive nominee, they may turn to people who they think can beat her more easily. >> i love to be cited. next up, a look at veterans
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health care.
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not been as widespread as has been t. has been made out to be. as president, within the first 30 days of my taking office, i will personally convene the secretary of veterans affairs and the secretary of defense to begin regular joint meetings and direct them to sync up their systems. coordinate efforts at every level and enforce zero tolerance for the kinds of abuses and delays we have seen. >> hillary clinton after saying the v.a. scandal is not as widespread as we're made to believe has done a 180 and has come out
1:52 am
forcefully about a v.a. healthcare plan. let's just give you an update where things are across the country. they are not5e good. according to the v.a., the latest report november 1st, you can he seat numbers here nearly 70,000 currently waiting beyond 90 days for an appointment. there are antidotal stories all over the country and the rate of 30 days over a preferred date. you see here. and by state the different facilities 30 days, the wait of aappointments scheduled over 30 days. and there hasn't been a single person fired from phoenix where all of this started 18 months ago. we're back with the panel. steve? >> so this perfectly incapsulates the problem with the v.a. and the problem with the way the politicians handle the v.a. at large. hillary clinton last week literally down played with rachel maddow the scope of the problems, not that big of a deal. everybody making a big deal
1:53 am
out of it, not that big of deal. and then because it's veterans day and because she is running for office she goes and gives a speech fixes on her face most stern look and gives authoritative speech about what she is going to do. if the problem isn't that widespread why do you need a top-to-bottom commission when you are president? of course you don't need that the problem isn't identifying the challenges that the v.a. faces right now. we know those challenges. i looked up general accounting office which surveys what the federal government is doing literally produced four separate studies in the:t(s past three weeks about the problems with the v.a. we know what the problems are. the challenge is getting politicians to have the will to fix them and to talk about veterans programs at a time when they're not seeking votes: times are down but you look this is still epidemic. >> it's enormous problem. not just timed also. reports about homelessness
1:54 am
gone down but still enormous problem still some young people fought in iraq and afghanistan who have come home and even if they aren't suffering from life-altering injuries, their lives are are changed irreparablably and this is the system that is supposed to help them. the hillary clinton comment sometimes when you do this job you hear candidates say something and you just know that that is something that is going to trail her through election day next year if she is the eventual democratic nominee. >> this is one of those moments. >> it's one of mows moments because you look at the numbers that i think is really hard to argue that this isn't systemic widespread problem. >> even john mccain jumped on it it friday evening and largely got overlooked over the weekend last weekend we talked about it a couple of times. >> this is all political. she is trying to cover her trail for her dismissal last week and the solution is the classic liberal solution. every word she said about examining the problem and no tolerance exactly what obama said about this two years
1:55 am
ago when it happened and we know that nothing has been done. the root problem here and the reason that the democrats are not going to be able to solve this is because you have to ask why do we have separate v.a. hospitals? she railed against privatization because that's a real key word and it sounds really awful. another way of saying that is to say she is you would be pro-choice that a veteran would have a choice whether to go to a private hospital or a v.a. hospital and why do we need a separate system? 150 years+ñ ago, yes, military medicine was probably advanced over what the private sector had had. today that is not true. it's totally. what you really ought to do is give them vouchers to go anywhere. but a democrat will never consider that because it gives a person choice. >> we will follow this story. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a veterans day surprise.
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1:57 am
finally tonight, we honor those who served our country and are serving our country but veterans day came early for one soldier. the american warrior initiative hosted an event yesterday in charlotte where vietnam veteran who jorge sanchez was moved to tears as he listened to u.s. army captain sean parnell talk about his time on the battlefield. little did sanchez know he was invited on stage to be recognized for his service
1:58 am
in vietnam, it would include a surprise ofágs expenses paid trip to san antonio, texas to see his son's graduation from air force basic training. >> i had no idea at all. you know, you pray. you pray and so my answers were -- my prayers were answered. but it is that pride and that love for your country that makes every single veteran want to do this. >> thank you, mr. sanchez and thank you for all your service to the country. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unstill unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. "special report" online, remember that? it b >> it's thursday november 12th and a fox news alert. an american airlines passenger saw fuel pouring from the wing. how the airline ended up explaining itself.
1:59 am
>> tensions on another college campus are on. ordering another president to resign. >> (chanting) >> they are warning their critics we are armed. where this is unfolding now. >> news that could impact women across the country. birth control pills accidentally replaced with sugar pills? "fox & friends first" starts right no ♪ >> good morning. thank you for watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. we will satisfy you with the
2:00 am
news of the day. >> i am lee agabriel in or ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. >> image seeing this at 40,000 feet, fuel pouring from the wing of a plane ch>> t. >> the terrifying video by a passenger whose quick action may have saved the passengers. >> the last thing you want to see fuel gushing out of the wing of the plane. they didn't know it was happening until an alert passenger pointed it out. that passenger tweeting this video to the airline mid flight. you can see out the window a steady stream of fuel he alerted them and the pilot headed to dallas went to huntsville, alabama where the passengers safely evacuated. they blamed it os a


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