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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 12, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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million at auction. the 29.6 carat rock set a new record for any jewel or gem. wow. when are you going to bring it in and show it to us? >> i wish. thanks so much for joining us. the death toll is rapidly rising after a pair of coordinated homicide attacks in a suburb of beirut, lebanon. 37 people dead. nearly 200 injured in what's being called one of the deadliest attacks in the country in years. one explosion targeting a mosque. minutes later another at a baker. a third attacker found with his vest still intact. investigators believe he was killed by accident by shrapnel from the other blast. what's the latest on a possible
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motive? >> reporter: we understand the area targeted was the shiia neighborhood in beirut. the regime really for the last two years been the most effective fighting force for the syrian regime there. we have seen regular although not for about a year now carried out by sunni militant groups. this is really appears to be another attack where you're seeing sectarian violence which is the root cause of what we're seeing in syria and iraq. we've seen it also in turkey as well. it appears this is just another one of these attacks today's
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attack does appear to be whether it's militia or isis or another rebel group carried out an attack that's killing three dozen people, wounding nearly 200. it should be pointed out that lebanese officials think the numbers will increase in the next few hours. >> what does this tell us about the war in syria? >> reporter: really two things. keep in mind there are supposed to be talks starting in europe in the next two days or so to try to bring together all these different groups to find some kind of political solution in syria. that's very unlikely. civil mass been trying this for a long time. we're also seen today in a u.s. and kurdish assault against aye sis in other parts of the country. we're not sure if these are directly related to these two possible sort of scenarios in terms of this offensive against
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isis or the talks. it is important to that these are happening as this attack is going on. they can't be forgetten. this is really a regional war at this point. it's not just a syrian or iraqi war. it's involved the entire region. >> thank you. let's move on the politics now. a fierce backlash over his mass deportation plan. he defended the deportation plan during tuesday's debate pointing to a controversial program carried out during the eisenhower administration. >> believe me when i tell you, mr. trump, that was brutal what they did to those people to kick them back. i mean the stuff they did was really brutal and could never happen today. >> i've heard it both ways. >> you know me. we would do it in a very humane way.
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>> i know that your candidate, marco rubio, has changed his policy on immigration over the last couple of years. what did he think about hearing donald trump's plan to go back to what ike had done? >> we need a serious immigration plan. that's what marco rubio is proposing. we have to give the american people confidence that we're going to get serious about illegal immigration and secure our border. that's what he wants to do first, secure our border and verify so that the american people are comfortable or have confidence. >> to keep it clear for our viewers, what is mr. rubio's plan for the 11 or 12 million illegal who is are here? >> you can't even begin to deal with the 11 million people that are in the country illegally until you have secured the border and give people confidence that we won't have future illegal immigration.
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then you have to modernize our immigration system to people can come here legally. once you've dope those two things you can deal with the 11 million people that have been here in the country. you have to secure the border first. >> let's talk about another one of his competitors. jeb bush said he's a better bet against hillary clinton. why does he think that and what would you say to make your candidate a better matchup? >> well, i think this campaign is a generational choice. he's laid out a very specific agenda. a very detailed agenda for a new american century that will empower families. it's going to make america strong and create 21st century jobs and give people the skills they need to build this. >> it's interesting because jeb bush says the opposite.
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they are coming at it from two different points of view. the only person that can go up against hillary clinton has this background and this experience. obviously, he's saying your candidate does not. >> he understands what it's like to raise a family in the 21st century. you had a report about the continued violence in the mideast. he's been working on these issues for the better part of five years now and nobody has shown better understanding and better forsight about what's going on in the middle east. >> i want to throw this at you too. msnbc host chris matthews saying he's not sure ted cruz and marco rubio are his panpanic. listen to this. >> a fellow spanish surname. is he going to say he's for
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amnesty? >> are they hispanic? >> of course. that's just silly. this is a serious election. you look at the world around us, all the violence we just spoke about and here in the u.s. unemployment, families don't know where they will get their next paycheck from. these are the issues we need to talk about in this important election. that's what my boss, marco rubio, will continue to talk about. >> great to have you back. thanks. hillary clinton facing deeper legal trouble today. the fbi expanding its investigation of her e-mails beyond mishandling secrets. now they're looking at possible felony violations including cover up crimes under the same law that sent martha stewart to prison. chief intelligence correspondent live for us in washington. what have you learn today? >> intelligence sources say t fbi has expanded its probe of hillary clinton's e-mails with
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agents exploring whether there are violations of a federal false statement statue, the same that got martha stewart in trouble when she lied to the fbi. it pertains to material false statements. it's not required that the statements are given under oath. >> martha stewart was having a conversation with an fbi agent and her lawyer in the fbi agent's office. she was not sworn to tell the truth. she was asked about certain activities and she lied about them. as a result of those lies, she was prosecuted and convicted under this very statute. >> the judge said in 2004, a jury convicted her about making statements about her stock trades. it could apply if clinton and
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her aids were not forthcoming. it's not publicly known who the fbi has interviewed. director james comey avoiding commenting. >> what do we know about the independent classification review? >> two u.s. government officials said the fbi is doing its own classification review of the clinton e-mails reaching out to the intelligence agencies that got the information and have final say on classification issues. this moves cuts out what's become a grinding political process at the state department. >> under secretary for management patrick kennedy that the top secret e-mails would have been pulled from unclassified sources, including news reports. members of the benghazi select committee continue to empathize the use of this remains a very
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serious matter. >> it is now readily apparent there was high level classified information that was contained on a server that didn't have the normal protections to have this secured. secretary clinton server did not meet that standard. >> former fbi agent with nearly two decades of experience says the bureau goes directly to the source because that's what their investigative protocol demands. >> thank you. unleashing on isis today looking to take back one major town. is this the best way to defeat isis and prove ground troops won't actually be needed. we're going to ask a few presidential candidates and senator rand paul. new surveillance video showing the exact moment that a home completely exploded.
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surveillance cameras capturing the blast as it levelled the duplex like pancakes. 14 victims sent to the hospital. two with burns. three of the homes will have to be competely demolished. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the home to go up. kurdish forces kicking off a major anti-isis operation today.
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there you can see our bombs raining down from the skies as ground forces taking the fight to isis in iraq. the strategic town stuffed near a highway. while the president sent 60 special ops troops to the country, they are staying well behind the line. rand paul is author of our president and their prayers and my guest on the real story today. when we see this action going on today with our own forces dropping the bomb, is this what you were talking about during the debate with regard to what your foreign policy would be or was marco rubio right in calling you an isolationist? >> the real debate is over marco rubio was a fiscal conservative.
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i think adding a trillions and adding a trillion dollars in child tax credits is not paid for, i don't think that's very conservative. these child tax credits currently have a 25% fraud rating and improper payment rating and the investigator general found that 48ds op these were going to illegal immigrants. with we do his plan, my fear is many more illegal immigrants will be getting tax credits and welfare transfer. i don't think conservatives are for that. >> that's one part of the issue. another part was for military spending. >> i'm for a strong and robust military. we spend more than the next ten countries combined. you add russia and china together and you add eight more countries until you get the how much we spend. we should have national defense
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be a priority but doesn't mean a blank check. where i don't think marco rubio is conservative is he want a trillion dollars with a t. i think as we go further and further into debt we become weaker and we become less safe. the biggest threat to our national security right now is our debt. i think marco rubio, if he had our way would pile on so much new debt that we would be enundate enu inundated. >> it does bring into discussion what is a fiscal conservativcon. a lot of your base has been the younger people in our society. we're watching now this unrest unfolding on campuses at the university of missouri, yale and now ithica. many demonstrators are using first amendment rights on both sides of this debate including out bursts over an e-mail about discriminatory halloween k
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costumes. >> you pretend to love and talk about. >> the backlash coming after the professor in the room's wife wrote a letter in response to the political correctness warning. senator paul, what are we to make of these protests that continue to grow across our college campuses? >> kind of boggles the mind. comedians, famous comedians, jerry seinfeld said he won't perform on college campuses anymore because they have become intolerant and have no sense of humor. i was joking the other day in iowa and on a ten foot by ten foot platform and joking that i hope i didn't wander off because i was in the free speech of free speech zone. i think we need to have more salespeopl speech. you met people in college with wildly different views and that's how your opinions were
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shaped. it was a free exchange of ideas. i think we have gotten intolerant. >> now it's changed. another one of your competitors chris christie said it was partially president obama's fault for putting us into this mind set. would you agree with that? >> i don't know if it's one person's fault or not. we've become overly sensitive where people can't have a joke or have an opinion. only certain opinions are acceptable on college campus. i think we need more robust debate and really should be this. if do you challenge climate change it's almost like they will put you this prison for challenging the religious dogma of climate change on college. that's crazy. >> good to see you again. we have a major lawsuit sparking a huge debate. dozens of women become pregnant despite being on birth control pills. would a mix up with medications force a pharmaceutical company to pay dozens of surprised parents tons of money?
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plus veterans day celebrated across our great country this week. remembering those who sacrificed so much. how do you honor veterans every day of the year? should we all be doing something every day of the year to honor our veterans? tweet me at gretchen carlson. hope to read your comments. i brought in some protein to get us moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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120 mothers in eight states
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found out they were pregnant while taking birth control. they mislabeled the packages of pills rotating the order 180 degrees leaving the wrong pills on the wrong days. nine months later, surprise. now some of the moms want millions in damages to pay the total cost of their children livelihood until age 18. do they have case? >> yes and no. depends on the facts. in most states this is cause of action. if a manufacturer or distributor puts a product in the marketplace and there's a defect in the product or the labeling and you're harmed because of that, you can see. you can sue for different thing, different amounts of money, different causes of action. some states permit you, in case like this, you're suing for wrongful birth. you can get the full amount of the cost of raising the child, the majority.
11:25 am
some cases you can just get your medical bills. some cases the jury will examine your own negligence and whether or not you should have known this wasn't working. >> i don't know if they would have that because the manufacturing admitting they had the pills reverse. >> they claim this happened on one package. between 94 and 128 plaintiffs here. we have some fraud or the manufacturer is wrong and it happened on more than just one package. these are not cases they settle easy because they don't want to open the flood gates of litigation. they will put the plaintiffs to their proof that is very difficult if they no longer have the package. >> the interesting things, you say it would be up to the plaintiff, the woman, the mother, to be able to prove what? >> that she bought the product. that it was mislabeled, that she used the product and because she
11:26 am
followed the instructions on the product she became pregnant. unless she has the package and the package by an independent person of knowledge, physician or pharmacist, her case is going to fall because she doesn't have that aspect of the proof. >> yeah. just so people know, in 2012 it cost $241,000 to raise a child before age 18. >> that's before college. >> a lot more after they go to college. thank you. >> this is one more follow up for you. new developments on the reported ticking time bomb that took down that plane in egypt. we're going to ask a former bomb technician who detonated hundreds of explosives in iraq and afghanistan what clues they may give us about our enemy. did hillary clinton really try to join the marines back in the 1970s? you won't believe what she's saying the recruiter told her. plus, black box from the
11:27 am
fiery plane crash in ohio now become examined. we're learning how something found in the freezer aisle saved man's life who lived in a nearby apartment. for the millions of americans suffering from ringing in their ears, there's no such thing as quiet time. but you can quiet the ringing with lipo-flavonoid, the number-one doctor-recommended brand. relieve the ringing with lipo-flavonoid.
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bottom of the hour now. hillary clinton sparking new questions about an old story claiming she tried to enlist this the u.s. marines but turned down. ed henry is with us.
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the washington post gives her two pinochios for this claim. >> she revised this story and said at the age of 26 or 27 pe went into marine recruiting station and rejected. maybe the dogs will take you. that's military slang for the army instead of the marines. the washington post today gave her two pinocchios because it would have happened in 1975. she said she moved to arkansas at that time to marry bill clinton. the post said seems hard to believe she was thinking about a life in the marines when bill clinton was being touted as the next attorney general of arkansas. they say there's enough holes she has an obligation to address the circumstances now that she raised it in campaign context. the paper said while her staff has previously said when she was first lady maybe she wanted to become a judge advocate general
11:32 am
that a former marine lawyer said it's leudicrous that she would have been rejected. this marine official said they were looking for more lawyers to bring into the marines. >> interesting. is the clinton campaign pushing back on the story? >> they're not really saying very much. that's raising more questions. the other question is whether there's a double standard. remember dr. ben carson in the fox business debate that as a republican he's getting more scrutiny than clinton has. watch this. >> we should vet all candidates. i have no problem with being vetted. what i do have a problem with is being lied about and putting that out there as true. >> democrats sharply disagree with that and saying bill and hillary clinton have been under the microscope for decades. the washington post says if she
11:33 am
comes forward with more information they're willing to change it. frightening new details about the terror attack that took down the russian jet in egypt. investigators have uncovered a two hour timer that may have been placed on a bomb sending debris flying across the peninsula killing all 224 people on board. let's take a closer look at this with staff sergeant johnny joey jones. great to have you back. >> you immediate these bombs. you detonated these kind of bombs in iraq and afghanistan. what would it take to do that with a bomb like there one on the russian jet? >> it's quite simple. there's three main components with one of these. the main charge of power source and an initiator. it would be the part they found, the timing device. that timing device could be used to arm it or set it off. really anything that will flash a light, make a noise or create a response can be used as an
11:34 am
initiator. >> in this case they are saying it was a two-hour timer. how does that factor into it? >> most ieds are compromised of a victim operated which mean you do something to set it off, command operated, which means the enemy sets it off or a timer. no one has to do anything. once it's set in place it will go off. it can be mechanical or an alarm. most ieds that function are designed pretty simple. a washing machine timer could be used. >> what does it say to you about who did it, isis or not? >> one thing to note here is that if it is some type of timer, that means the enemy was not aboard the plane and didn't set this off which was the big tendency with al qaeda. this is more operatal, more
11:35 am
tactical. they didn't want to lose someone, a bomb maker to have it done. it al suggests if it were place they believe it was which was along the fuel line that someone working at the airport was there to face it and it wasn't in luggage. we do have sniffers, means of finding precursors. this would have circumvented all of that. >> there's been a lot about the security at the airport in egypt. in the united states airports are we sniffing for this kind of stuff on baggage. >> i have fake legs. when i go to the airport at tsa they swipe my hands and my legs. without the legs, they wouldn't be swiping me. the precursors are the only things they can use for. the material used to make the explosives. they are really common. tsa does a lot more intimidation than detection. there's only so much you can do. >> truly. there's really no way then to screen for this once it is
11:36 am
actually for sure on the airplane? >> well, not really. you can look for heat signatures. you can continue to look for electronic devices that are sending out the signal but beyond that it comes down to perception. when i was in afghanistan, we didn't have magic tools that found these bombs. we looked at how the people around them were acting and the earth looked. looking for things that are out of place, looking for people that are nervous. that's your number one detection there. >> fascination discussion with you. somebody who has done so mump work in this area. thank you for your service and for the interview. now to a deadly plane tragedy right here at home. new surveillance video shedding some light on a crash in oh that claimed nine lives. the plane plummeting into an airport building before busting into flames. a twist of fate in a frozen food likely saving the life of a man who lived in that apartment building. trace gallagher live with more
11:37 am
on this amazing story. what was it? >> we've heard the saying that timing is everything. this is the very definition. 38-year-old jason bart lee was in his apartment 39 minutes before the jet crashed into it. he had to get ready for work. he decided he had time to run to the bank. on his way home he checked his clock and it was 2:45. he would have been home in a couple of minutes except he decided to run into a convenience store to pick up dinner for that night and breakfast the next morning. he got too hot pockets. the microwavable pizza meals. the jet crashed at 2:53 right as he was walking out of store. when he got to his apartment complex and saw it was on fire, he said his first thought is what did i do thinking he left the stove on. a neighbor told him about the crash. jason says he went from being grateful he wasn't inside to wanting to cry. he still says he gets nauseous thinking about it. all nine people on board the plane were killed.
11:38 am
their names have not yet been released bewe're told they were realtors from florida. a woman who lives on the top floor and is normally home but on the day of the crash she took her dog to the pet store. investigators have recovered the jet's black box. it's being analyzed in d.c. a pilot who landed in front of the doomed jet said he was on the very same frequency but never heard the other pilot issue a distress call. >> making me hungry for hot pockets. thanks. plane forced to make an emergency landing because of a fuel leak. it was on its way to dallas, texas. it diverted to alabama after passenger noticed fuel leaking from the wing as you can see right there. another passenger said the flight left late because of refueling issue. the airliner said it will book a
11:39 am
replacement flight for all 41 customers. president obama awarding the highest military decoration, the medal of honor. he threw himself on top of a suicide bomber to save the lives of his soldiers. here is he. >> i learned something. life is not predictable. you ask yourself why am i here and they're not. that's a tough question. it is one of the toughest ones you'll every face. >> four people died in the attack. even more would have been killed if he had not stepped forward. disturbing and potentially deadly discovery made in one family's snack. what they found in their grapes that made them gasp. plus, are you watching tv or is your tv watching you? the creepy setting you may want to find that's leaving some viewers very upset.
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we're watching developing news overseas and isis claiming responsibility for bombings that killed dozens of beirut. that's as american forces are backing up the kurd s in real make or break battle. dr. ben carson taking a very tough stance on crime this afternoon. not when it comes to one of his close friends and business partners. that's from a brand new investigation how ben carson is responding top of the hour on shepherd smith reporting. see you then. your food is the last place you'd want to find a deadly spider. that's what happened when one woman brought home some grapes. the black widow spider caught her eye as she began washing the fruit. >> i grabbed it with a pair of
11:44 am
pliers. i missed it first time and it fell into the bag. that's when you could see the red hourglass. i was like you've got to be kidding me. >> exactly. we welch's called the family and said they have the problem before since they don't use pesticides on their organic produce. smart andd to hand when it comes to vizio's tv. they are monitoring your viewing habits and sharing them with advertisers so you can be tracked across your phone and other devices. here to talk about, liz mcdonald. what can these tvs know that we're doing. >> it's really creepy that tvs are watching what you watch. it could be a dvd, streaming television. it could be youtube video or commercial. what's happening is the smart tvs are downloading that
11:45 am
information and every one or two seconds and sending that information to third party companies like advertisers. what happens with samsung and lg tvs is the software is disabled. you physically have to turn it on when you buy the tv. with vizio it's already automatically turned on when you buy a vizio smart tv. >> what companies are affected by this but those are the ones you are mentioning. samsung has it disabled. >> that's right. >> what else can you do? let's say you have a vizio tv. >> you have to find the opt out function on the software. you have to go and find opt out to shut it off. what's going on is that when they are downloading the content, they are picking up your internet address your television because you're streaming via your internet.
11:46 am
what the third party advertisers are doing is they'll take your internet address and start zooming ads to your mobile devices and your smart phones. that's the play here. it's advertisers and data companies like cognitive networks who wants your viewing data to use it and make money. >> vizio must be getting paid to do this. this is obviously not good publicity for that company. >> what's really interesting there isn't a law that says they cannot do this. there's these loopholes that smart tvs are operating in. if you have a smart tv, watch out. you have to make sure the software is turned off or else everything will be downloaded by another company and used to make money off of of it. >> at least they're not watching us. at least not yet. >> god help me there. >> me as well. good to see you. >> same here. >> my next guest is one of only
11:47 am
five soldiers to survive quadruple amputation. his inspiring new book and the two things he tells people about his remarkable life. >> i believe god's got plan for all of us. after seeing travis in action, the word bravery has more meaning to me now than it could ever have.
11:48 am
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time to check out what america is clicking on. a daredevil in a swing suit take to go the sighs in panama city, weaving in and out through sky scrappers, catching it on his gopro cam.
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a limited edition liquor can run up weird $200 a bottle. and speed releasing lists of the most annoying away behaviors. top spot is seat kickers. u.s. army staff sergeant travis mills was on his toured tour of duty iny afghanistan when his life was forever changed by an explosive device. >> got 20 feet april from it, said, okay, took my bag off, set it down, and -- >> sergeant mills lost both of his legs, one arm, and part of the other arm in that blast. he became one of only five soldiers from the wars in afghanistan and iraq to survive a quadruple am mutation himself now book "tough as it comes" is an inspiring story.
11:52 am
i wish you were here in person. i saw you at a book party and wanted to meet you in person because your story is so incredibly inspiring. i know it must have been cathartic to put it down on paper. >> absolutely. i appreciate the time today that you have for me. it was something that i felt strongly about doing because with my experience, this. >> meeting soldiers going through the same thing in the hospital that their months behind my recovery process, and going to boston bombing victims and talking to them, was telling them, it's okay, going to get better, never give up, never quit. the book is just an echo of that, and i keep pushing forward with it and tell people to keep pushing forward in life and never let anything get you down. >> want to read a quote you live your life by: i don't hold the value of my service in the military above anyone elses. i don't think i served better or harder or greater than any other
11:53 am
soldier. i'm just thankful i was able to serve my country don't think the challenges in my life are any greater than anyone else's. wow. you don't? on some days you don't think the challenges and the sacrifices you have had are greater than others? >> i absolutely don't. i'm just fortunate to put my legs on, walk out with my daughter, take her to school, pick her up, go to the gym and work out and take my wife on dates. when i woke up in the hospital i told my wife to leave me. take everything we have, not that it's much, but you deserve better than this, and i don't hold it against you. i love you too much to put you through this. she decided that was the wrong thing for me to say and she would be there for me. once i found that out. my daughter would be there there's ways to get through this, through the situation i was in, i just put my head down and pushed through and now i'm fortunate to be fully recovered
11:54 am
and help people and speak national will you and i have cool tricks. that doesn't hurt. i can do that all day. >> so you obviously have a good sense of humor, and you are the life of the party when you are there. you also, in speaking about giving back you have set up a foundation, travels tell me about what you're trying to do? >> other absolutely. i started a 501(c)(3) to give back, my wife and i wanted to give back for all the love and support from people throughout the country and the world. we want people to understand that they don't have to live life on the sidelines. they don't have to go through situations like i went. >> think their life is over. so we bring them to maine, this project is a massive renovation, smart technology, and we show how to kayak, swim, tube. anything. i want people to know life is not over, they're not done, and keep pushing forward, and it is
11:55 am
empowering to know you can be independent when kayaking with family, snowboarding. just about accepting the new normal and going forward with it. we're building networks and encourage everybody to check out travis and we answer e-mails right away. >> you're an inspiring person, travis mills. i encourage everyone to pick up a copy of your book and come see you speak if they're in you're area. >> have a wonderful day, i appreciate the time. >> wonderful guy. right? another alert to tell you about. a verdict in the so-called good fella's trial of an alleged mobster, charged with being part of one over most successful airline heists in history.
11:56 am
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16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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welcome back to "the real story." time for my take. we feed toured two veterans and who gave a lot to keep the country safe. they're not asking for any special attention or flynn to feel sorry for them. they don't want people's pity. instead they want to inspire us. what can we de? some airlines allow vets to board their airplanes before anyone else and some restaurants offer free meals. what about something more? vets tell us they want leadership opportunities, they want jobs. they want our support when they come home. the military is full of strong people and leaders. the best thing vets say we can do is buy from companies owned and operated by veterans and hire vets or help them get job training.
12:00 pm
of course, it's always meaningful to also say, thank you for your service, but we should or or some think about our vets not injure on veterans day or memorial day but every day. thank you for being part of "the real story." here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast. i'm "shepard smith reporting." here's what ising he. dr. ben carson calling for trackdown on insurance fraud but not when it comes to a friend, buddy oh hem him rake in millions of dollars. now his campaign responded. then what do you call a guy who invades another country, props up a mass murdering dictator and lies. donald trump says don't call vladimir putin a gangster and calling united states rival for it. 100 women suing the makers of theirs birth control pill claiming they got pregnant but a the company put the pills in the wrong place. how do you prove t


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