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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 12, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we take attendance and it's hurts our feelings when you're not here. see you again tomorrow night. tonight. tune in 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> he looked at me and he goes, um, how old are you? and i said well, i'm 26. i will be 27. he goes well, that's kind of old. >> hillary clinton talking about trying to enlist in the marines. but the "the washington post" says her story might not be true. tonight, we will give you the facts. >> you have got to confront failed education systems, lack of opportunities. we have got to confront poverty and racism. >> the tragic funeral of a 9-year-old boy murdered in chicago held tuesday but some in the gang ridden community still will not discuss what the real problem is. this evening, we will. >> we have to acknowledge that our college campuses,
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they were built off the backs of people with color. >> also ahead radical students demanding pay back for slavery and racial insensitivity in general. talking points is on the case. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪hd hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the newzoñ witch-hunters. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we have been reporting, there are now a number of college campuses in turmoil. the issue seems to be quote racial insensitivity, unquote. talking points as put forth for years there are human beings that are bigoted. always been always will be. ignorant people verbally attack blacks, jews, muslims, pretty much every minority group in america and on the planet. but there is nothing society can do about individual
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hateful behavior unless that behavior becomes threatening to other people. after demonstrations erupted on the campus of the university of mers, a 19-year-old student, hunter park was arrested for making threats on social media. parker -- park, i should say, allegedly considered shooting blacks. so now he is in the criminal justice system where he should be. that's the way things are supposed to work. if you are a threat to another person, you must be sanctioned. but talking points believes the mania at mizzou, yale is politically driven and mostly a ruiz ruse. demanding tuition free public colleges. cancellation of all student debt and $15 an hour minimum wage for campus workers, among other things. as monica crowley pointed out here last night much of this stuff is being driven by organized far left fanatics.
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let's take a look at yale. problem here arose after some yale officials sent out a memo suggesting that students not wear racially insensitive halloween costumes. so what's that? well, the university of louisville wearing a mexican7z֍ sombrero on halloween is racially insensitive. see somebody wearing an aaron island sweater i can say that's racially insensitive to the irish. sombreros are worn in mexico just as sweaters are worn in ireland. can you see how utterly ridiculous the whole thing is after the pinheads directed their students on halloween. so smarter yale faculty said you know what? this might not be such a good idea this halloween memo. we do have freedom of expression in america. bingo they're reacially insensitive, bigots. they should be fired. that's what the whole yale thing is about. at the university of missouri it's a bit more complex there was a report of a swastika being put on a
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dormitory wall. that's unacceptable and illegal. anotrj0âreports a drunk racial things. he has been suspended. but, again, individual conduct does not reflect university policy. listen to this mizzou student. >> he has to acknowledge that our college campuses, they were built off of, you know, the backs of people of color. when we look at how institutions were built, largely plantation owners and slave owners were sending in money to the institution. built within the fabrics of our community and would need to break down and discuss how this is happening on campus and how racism still lives here. >> so, that's what this is all about, racial grievance. but the words racial insensitivity is being used as the hammer. think about it it if i'm a college kid and i ask
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another student to turn down rap music i could be racially insensitivity if. i object-ñç to gay marriage. i could be abs hv homophobe. ifimitate ricky ricardo from i love lucy accent is i could be labeled a bigot. this is dangerous. witch-hunters are running wild. sadly few college administrators have the courage to confronted them. that's the memo. reaction with us now here eric bolling and geraldo rivera. you say? >> i say that i deeply resent having this man sitting next to me. this was supposed to be my safe zone. >> you don't feel safe. >> i absolutely feel. [ laughter ] >> i think the threat was levied by you. >> we are talking about something that happened a few weeks ago where you going it beat him up or something like that. >> >> put that aside let me get to the issue. >> we will get back to rivera's violence in a
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minute. >> go ahead. >> and to my sombrero which i left home. i heard your ricky ricardo imitation. it's awful. i don't mind that college students are off their duff and protesting in favor of things like $15 an hour wages for workers on universities for some kind of mitigation of this onerous college debt. what i resent is when they becomex÷ racist or racialist themselves when they say okay, now it's -- okay, the black students can protest but you white guy that sympathizes, forget about integration. forget about civil rights. the civil rights movement. we don't want you. it's just for us to protest. to me that kind of exclusion, based on race is as racial and as racist as those who call people names. >> you are a bigot. what do you sayym?ç >> i had all the reasons why i agree with you 100 percent. it's crazy, the protesters, they are protesting. sometimes some of these things aren't even real
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incidences, swastika is up for debate. >> there was a report filed by the university. we researched it. >> the cop saw something on the wall. >> the official report at the university of missouri police department that this happened. >> how is that racial anyway? >> swastika is racial anti-semitic sign. >> but i don't believe it was directed against the african-american students. >> it's not just african-americans. they are saying. >> bringing it this as part of their grieve advance. >> they are saying that there is dangerous atmosphere on the university of missouri campus because a number of isolated incidents driven by individuals, troubled individuals who should be prosecuted and that reflects on the whole college campus. now, look, i don't go there. all right, we have a report on monday. waters is out there. we will find out what's going on. but, the witch-hunt something what disturbs me the most. because now everybody who disagrees with the premise is going to be a bigot. you know it i have been labeled -- how many times i have been labeled a bigot on this program?
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>> today.1+ç 42. >> again, there is aspect of crushing political correctness. the yale situation. and to a lesser extent the missouri situation. what are they? if you saw the journalism professor who was stopping the reporters from doing their job, if the reporter was saying the professors. it's okay for you to be here. they are trying to control thought. they are trying to control dissent. they are limiting the intellectual expansion. >> need very strong leadership like mr. damages up in purdue former governor of indiana. he is now the president of purdue he said look, we are not going to tolerate this. >> how do they tolerate it as well. the president and chancellor stepped down based on swastika. one incident. >> racial epitaph thrown at a black caucus maybe a second. we are talking three incidents. one is maybe in question. even if it's not. >> that's my point. >> should a professor --
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down? if that's the standard. >> and the chancellor and disrupt the entire university. >> if that's the standard they are going to set you have a lot of professors -- >> -- you already have about 85% of all college professors left wing. now they want them 100 percent. >> the most important point here though, so you have the left wing protesters, protesting their own. there is no bigger bassian of liberalism than academia. agreed. they are getting their own people thrown out based on, what, three incidences that may or may not be true? >> they resigned. nobody fired them. >> we have to draw a distinction between ache at thissism -- which would you rather? wouldn't you rather see these students protesting, the million students maybe 15 showed up or have them in their parent's basement or in their fraternity house smoking dope and playing video games? i would rather they were outside doing something. >> these two gentlemen stepped down because they were afraid of being labeled as racists.axççów3ç >> that's why they were
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afraid of their football game being cancelled because the black players weren't going to play. >> we are not worried about a million dollars. >> they were cowards. >> they were afraid. >> i think they have to face them. and i like vigorous debate, left, right, center. >> rivera, you are such a bigot. and i saw somebody dressed up like you on halloween. they had the mustache. >> lucy, lucy. >> i told them, you know, you are racially insensitive going around trick or treating like rivera. >> don't tell me that, lucy. don't tell me that. >> i was going to thank them but i'm not bothering. next on the rundown, 9-year-old boy shotñyç dead in chicago. authorities there have no clue how to stop the chaos, the madness, take a hard look at the situation. dana perino on the rise marco rubio and ted cruz in the republican
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>> factor follow up segment tonight, the funeral for 9-year-old tyshawn lee held on tuesday in chicago. the eulogy was delivered by father michaelt lç pfleger. he was not in the wrong place. the murderer, the executioner, the assassin he was in the wrong place. >> we must lock up any individual who seeks by his or her horrific actions to create a new low normal. >> now, father pfleger is a very liberal man and he went on to excoriate the ame
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killer because he is usually a social justice kind of guy that from the actual gang carnage taking place into the larger picture. but here isqywóp what's going on in the windy city. the white liberal establishment in chicago, which control everything, they don't care enough but tashawn and other people to stop the madness. they could stop it but they don't care enough. am i >> well, sir i think it's both sides democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives is that have abandoned poor people. the same poor people dr. king talked about at the end of his life we should not abandon. i'm from i'm from the chicago of the world. i have been to every inner city of this country all 50 states and part of the problem is that, yeah, we do talk about the killings in our community the problems thed me qula doesn't talk about we have these situations where we have rallies and boycotts and challenging the peopleomç in our community committing the
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violence we also talk about the fact that programs that are missing. i was able to get -- let me finish in my lifetime i was raised by a single mother, no father but because of a great public school education because of sports grams. because of after school programs there were resources in place. the relates is when i was growing up it was the beginning of guns coming into our communities. they weren't as accessible as they are now across the board. >> we have to take it one situation taillight. now, there has been no cable news program in the world given more coverage to chicago violence than this program. and not only coverage -- >> -- is that right? >> i put forth solutions. >> okay? the solution is that first you have to stabilize the situation to protect little boys like tashawn and innocent people who are trapped in these communities. and to do that you have to put the national guard in those neighborhoods in chicago. you have to have very aggressive policing. and you have to send a message to the gangs that to be tolerated in the
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united states. that has been egg norred by the chicago administration totally and even met with resistance from some in the community. sir what you are talking about is law and order which richard nixon talked about in 1968. that's not a new solution and not a solution that works. what works is i'm an example of it. if you actually read my book the education of kevin powell i grew up in the circumstances powder keg across the country. because there were programs in place, things there to make sure that i had an opportunity, that's why i'm sitting on this show with you right now. this is not about liberal or conservative or democrat or republican. this is about us as human beings as americans coming together. >> here is where you are making a big mistake and it's a big one, mr. powell. >> no. >> i know you are a man of good intention. but you are making enormous mistake. at the height of the violence here in new york city more than 3,000 people were killed a year, most of
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them people of color. the aggressive policing that rudy giulianiq and bill bratton puth4yçm[ into place cut that down to 300 a year: they d. it by flooding the zone, putting people on the streets in the dangerous neighborhoods and making it impossible for people to come out with guns and shoot other people. that's what you have to do first. you have to stabilize first and then you back with other programs. go ahead. >> well, that's actually ot true. so first of all, we don't know if those statistics are accurate i don't trust anything that came ou[ of giuliani administration because very biased towards my community. number two, there are a lot of people innocently arrested, et cetera. number three, when we talk about our communities, the thing it comes back to are socioeconomic. i'm not just talking about poor people in. it doesn't matter people should knut not live under conditions that lead to catastrophic behavior where a 9-year-old boy is shot. that's what we are talking about. real solutions and then we have to come together. >> look.
8:19 pm
all the rhetoric in the world is not going to protect the poor people. what's going to protect the poor people. >> actually, sir it's not rhetoric with all due respect mr. o'reilly. >> i'm actually in the community every single day. i would like continue to variety people like you out to brooklyn because i have never seen new brooklyn and you can actually see -- >> -- my father is from brooklyn. >> you can seat work we do in the community. >> but i'm talking about income the community on a regular basis and seeing and understanding what these people are going through. >> mr. powell -- >> -- you know we do condemn, sir with all due respect wef4]3 condemn the violence in our communities all the time. >> you have to do something about it nothing is being done. >> i agree. >> nothing is being done about the violence, mr. powell. and kids like tashawn are going to continue to die. we appreciate you coming on. directly ahead, did hillary clinton try to join the marines as a young woman? she says she did but there are doubts. later, gutfeld and mcguirk on sexism running wild in america. wow. up ahead. working on my feet all day gave me pain here.
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>> impact segment tonight. once again we congratulate fox business network for running a very successful debate on tuesday evening. about 14 million americans watched. the questioning was fair and balanced. with us now co-host of the five dana perino. you know, i don't like pundits telling people who won and:d who lost the debates. all right? people who watch can make up their own mind. people who don't watch, you shouldn't really take somebody's opinion as yours. okay? watch the clips or whatever. but the consensus, as far as reporting is concerned, is that marco rubio and truz really had the best moments. do you concur? >> i do. i don't think there was any one winner. everyone did well. partly that's because the moderators let them talk and they could breathe a little bit. i do you think the consensus
8:24 pm
is marco rubio and ted cruz the two first term senators actually had the best performances and i think they are seeing that out on the campaign trail both not just in contributions but also crowd size as it continues to grow. >> okay. so you really have a four person race right now. and people get mad at me when i say look, my job is to analyze, not÷&tç to root. all right? so you have got four viable candidates at this point. that could change. you have got rubio and cruz. you have got carson and trump. everybody else is way, way, way behind and not on the assent. jeb bush is not on the assent. he might be next week and if he is we will certainly report it looking forward to talking to the governor. so, with four in play, that makes it difficult because i don't see big shift anywhere unless somebody makes a colossal mistake so then you have to go into the primaries and they will be scattered all over the place. >> that's what makes it kind of exciting. all summer people thought that trump and carson at some point would falter. they are not faltering. >> when(4 you say cruz and
8:25 pm
riewsh are second tier that's true they are behind trump and carson. >> new polls are going to be tighter. >> i think they will tighten up because people are still sort of shopping around. when they look at the candidates they say okay, i could vote for two or three of those guys. >> they have a first choice and second choice and third. i felt sorry for john kasich. he hurt himself in the debate but kasich basically i is a guy who says, look, i'm a compassionate republican. i mean, didn't your boss, bush. >> that was compassionate conservative. >> he used that and kasich walks the walk. he feels bad for the down trodden. he doesn't want to cut all a the programs. he doesn't want to throw people, you know, who are interesting trouble just abandon them. but in an age of anger against liberalism which is really really under siege right now, he doesn't(i ç8z pla. that message doesn't play this year. >> it's almost as if his experience is working against him. and he is frustrated by it. >> very frustrated. >> it'sig÷i+mç showing. a lot of the feedback was
8:26 pm
negative for kasich was almost more on style than on substance. >> no, no. it wasn't so much because he basically is not going to slash and burn and the republican base wants an avenger. >> except for that you know what his best applause line was was when he countered donald trump on immigration. he actually got the biggest applause line for him. >> there was moderate people on immigration in the audience. rand paul i said almost disqualified himself because of the military aspect. whereas senator paul smart and understands that bigger whatnment is not conservatism is generally about, there is an exception to that, senator, and that's in the military. and so when he balks at bulking up the military as to do he loses support. >> so rubio popped him being isolationist and ted cruz he thought that was his best ground of the night. you can be conservative and reform department of defense and make things more
8:27 pm
efficient and have a military. i thought that was ted cruz's best moment. >> you are agreeing with meow -- now this is going to ruin your reputation particularly on the dopey five program. >> i will will find a way to disagree. >> you kasich and paul got hurt in that debate. >> however, there are some people who think that was paul's best debate asking where has this rand paul been? >> 4% on the polling on consensus. we will see next week. dana perino there sheñn+éfst is. >> didn't disagree enough. i'm starting to worry about it. >> i'm telling you, you agree with o'reilly? kiss of death. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. another controversy for hillary clinton. she once tried to join the marines. also gutfeld and mcguirk the sexismb".o÷ç;edition. apparently american women are under fire all over the place. we may need the marines. i hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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remember when christmas was magical?
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let's get back there. celebrate the arrival of santa at bass pro shops this saturday, and the unveiling santa's wonderland. time passes. hold on to christmas. >> children at risk segment tonight, two big scandals involving young teenagers canyon city high school in colorado hundredsç of explicit photos exchanged some as young as 8. some arrested making sexuallyics police sit video putting it tout there through text messages. dozens have been suspended from school. joining us from los angeles
8:32 pm
dr. brian russell author of the book "stop moaning and start owning." clean-up dr. russell is a clinical psychologist and also an attorney. this sexting business among children is an epidemic now, is it not, doctor? >> it is an epidemic and it is symptomatic of a broader entd of personally irresponsible behavior on the part of kids and adults, the parents in this case that is sweeping the country. when i was a kid, bill, i heard about personal responsibility from my parents. i heard about it at school. i heard about it at church. i heard about it riding around in the car on the radio from people like rush limbaugh and dr. laura. it's not happening as much today and, yet today, these kids can do tremendous damage to themselves and technology, irreversible that we couldn't do. >> well, a i agree with you that it's a far more permissive time in america now. a little bit different it was permissive in the late
8:33 pm
60's, early 70's as you know. and then it went back a little bit and now it's swung way, waya libertine area. but here's the deal. these kids still know right from wrong because they use every bit of technology to mask their behavior. there are apps. there are, what is it snap chat that disappears. there is this. there is that. it's almost impossible if a kid has a machine hand for a parent to do anything about it and what they -- what comes in to them is shocking. and you almost have to be there and monitoring 24/7. >> you made an excellent observation, bill, which is that we don't@ñ hide that which we think is right. we hide that which we think is wrong. and the fact that these kids have gone to great lengths to hide what they are doing actually suggest something good, that they know that it's wrong which begs the question then, of course, why do they feel entitled to continue doing that which they know is wrong?
8:34 pm
>> kids have always been mischievous. some kids will always go into the dark÷>mç side. they will use drugs, they will drink. they will sext. that's human nature. you try to save them. you can't save them all. here a little bit different thing in america now and all over the world there are very few consequences for this behavior, doc. there is no consequences. >> that's right. you will hear parents, as these stories play out saying two things. there will be parents who will say they will define deviancy down as daniel moynahan once said they will say you know, this is just the times. it's not that big of a deal. there is no real -- nothing to see here. and then you will hear parents blaming the school and blaming law enforcement and saying oh, they are making way too big of a deal out of it and you will hear parents say what can i do? there is nothing can i do. well, actually, if -- you can't advocate to the school or to law enforcement your parental responsibility and if you are going to put into
8:35 pm
hands. >> many parents, particularly younger ones want to be friends with their teenagers, okay? >> that's the problem. >> they won't take the machine away or they won't lecture. you know, it's just -- they don't want to make any judgments because think don't want any judgment in their own lives, the adults. this whole thing now really gettingpurzi] be critical mass. last word. >> if you are a parent -- number one, you have got to decide whether and when to put this technology in the hands of your kids. and you ought not to do it until they have established a pretty good track record of showing that they are well versed responsibility. when you do you have not only the right but the duty to monitor, monitor, monitor. if you are clueless and you don't know how to do that talk to the providers. they will help you. you don't have to havel6xccv evy service turned on and monitor everything. >> if the kids misbehave there has got to be a sanction for them. saying look, we told you not to do it and did you it and this is going to happen to
8:36 pm
you. >> consequences are key. >> when we come right back, did hillary clinton try to join the marines as a young woman? she saysac@] "the washington post" is doubtful. gutfeld sexist edition. sexist edition. we're coming right back.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the personal story seeing isment tonight, while dining in comamp hillary clinton told a story how she attempted to join the marines after she moved to arkansas in 1975. according to mrs. clinton, a recruiter turned her down. >> he looks at me and he goes how old are you? and i saidiig[s4]ç well, i'm 26. i will be 27. he goes well, that's kind of old for us. [ laughter ] and then he says to me. maybe the dogs will take you, meaning the army. >> now, that story has been around for decades but the "the washington post" decided to analyze it after the diner deal. their conclusion is the story doesn't add up because there is no documentation. however, the newspaper did locate friends of mrs. clinton who back up her contention she tried to join the marines. with us now jessica
8:41 pm
democratic strategist and from cleveland democratic state senator from ohio. so, isn't it like the ben carson stuff, senator? >> you know, honestly, you know, dr. ben carson, he is, yes, he is under scrutiny right now by the media and part of that is because he is one of the frontrunners running for president of the united states. the most powerful and most important job in the world. he needs to expect to have this level of scrutiny and, yes,. >> hillary clinton is running for president, too. i'm trying, in your opinion, it's the same thing,r!ççisn't it. >> and you are covering this story. absolutely. you know, people need to be held accountable. >> right. and 1975 shy said she tried to join the marines. the post is skeptical and now, jessica, we have a mini situation on our hands. >> by clinton standards. >> it's the same thing. i don't see any difference. >> i think that as capri was saying that both should be
8:42 pm
investigated. maureen dowd went after in 1994 about this story and the "the washington post" two pinocchios. >> what does it mean again. >> not like the biggest lie you could tell like three or four pinocchios is ;tç most lies or the biggest lies but the truth of the matter is is, you know, she should expect the scrutiny and she does this. is a woman at every piece of her life investigated. >> any pinocchios, senator. >> i agree with what jessica8,7u was saying i mean secretary clinton has been under the hot light of scrutiny, most of her adult life. from watergate to benghazi -- from white water to benghazi, here is a woman whose life has been on display and this should be no surprise to her. i do think though that it is a little bit sexist, if i may say so myself he would are not hearing anything about any of the male candidates. >> who tried to join the marines? >> we are not hearing about any of the male candidates.
8:43 pm
>> the male candidates aren't discussing it? >> not signing up for vietnam. >> they talked about vietnam then you could say that. it's got to be contextual. it's not sex isist to investigate whether hillary clinton did or did not try to sign up for the marines. that's what journalists are supposed to do. i mean. >> and youqñ are absolutely right. >> come on. that's what your job is doing and i think it's good to have the conversation. >> i don't think she manages led anybody from. what i read she went down to the recruiter office. i think she had another motivation actually than going to paris island which i can't really see hillary clinton doing to w. all due respect. >> there is no good evidence one way or the other. that's why it's two pinocchios. >> she want wanted to go down and see how they would treat her. >> because of her being a woman. >> i think she was married or about towfç get married. >> yes. first lady of arkansas. t> thinking maybe i would have to get married, i don't know. [ laughter ] >> that's a little bit sexist, too. >> you know me, senator. i'm not a little bit i'm
8:44 pm
sexist. i'm a bigot. i'm a racist. look, let's just get it on the table. i'm everything. last word, jessica. >> well, don't think that she mislead anyone here. we will get to the bought of it ben carson or not, we need to know all at information. i'm glad that he did try to stab someone and take a hammer. i think that speaks to his character as a 17-year-old. >> 13 and then he turned it all around. >> he also says things like the pyramids were used to store grain and called obamacare the worst thing since slavery. >> personal narrative. >> listen, what the doctor says is certainly debatable and that's what we do here we debate. we appreciate it. gutfeld and mcguirk, sexism again. charges all over the place. the guys will analyze in a moment. ♪
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. back of the book segment tonight, what the heck just happened tonight the sexism edition. the latest to be accused of that, governor mike huckabee. >> if elected president, would you keep janet yellen? >> well, my wife's name is janet and when you say janet yelling, i'm very familiar with what you mean. [ laughter ] >> so the governor's pun now being described as sectionist by the huffington post who says huckabee is implying all women are nags. true. this is true. here now bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. the art a of being persuasively correct. you better watch it, man. i have heard you say bad puns almost every hour on the hour. >> i have got to tell you the huffington most post.
8:49 pm
what is yellen by y-ellen. he was basically questioning why ellen degeneres is necessary. he doesn't add the g to yelling. g is the first letter of girl you take away girl you name. he is a sexist homophobe governor huckabee and he embarrasses me. >> that's a good point. >> you really believe it's a good point you? are the only one in the universe. >> i would say another good point, actually. hey, the women criticizing him for saying that we are nags. why is a woman running the fed anyway? you know, my wife, by the way, my nickname for my wife is old yeller and it ain't because of her loyalty. huh? >> all right. we just at the top of the program did this politically correct college campus stuff where now desi arnaz if you imitate desi you are a bigot. you can't. if you are going to make
8:50 pm
everything about sexism, andonñ3 racism, then you diminish the real sex isism and racism, do you not? >> of course. >> it all becomes a hollow joke. >> and the hypocrisy, system. >> in is the same week that the hillary supporter said he wanted to strangle carly fiorina. >> the real joke here is that the huffington post has editors. >> the huffington post is an interesting -- she doesn't run it anymore. but some of the stuff that comes out of there is frightening. >> claire micaskel is a senator from missouri, a liberal woman. and she said this. >> i'm senator claire micaski lirks. it's equally important to encourage more men to sometimes
8:51 pm
just shut the hell's not your thoughts. it's just that we don't value all of them. wow, now, that was satire. >> all i know is when i saw it, i wanted to reach through the tv and strangle her. she looked demented. >> you know what, this is absolutely true. i had to say is she kidding or is it real? that's where we live now. i had to actually say is that what she thinks. >> she was talking about topics that men shouldn't talk about pantsuits, curtains, star wars, car shs. she didn't mention surgery, cures for cancer, building bridges, child nutrition. what she's saying is men, stick to the serious topics.
8:52 pm
we, women, will deal with the trivial. i had discovered the truth. who the hell is this old broad to say shut the hell up. the irony is the senator from missouri. the same week, if she posted that as a professor on the university of missouri >> that's right. but she's telling white men to shut up. >> and by the way, she's a hypocrite to endorse the guy. >> she's a hypocrite as much as anyone else. >> they look a little perplexed. >> i feel that her words are violence against my very soul.
8:53 pm
>> how about mike huckabee, are you okay with him. >> i'm going on the right. we need a faith-based for writing. we're mocking it. >> factor tip of the day. saving dogs and cats. the tip moments away. what if one piece of kale
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o'reilly, you worked over trump and drooled all over rubio. hey, bill, you lowered u.s. to the level of a cnn reporter by asking rubio about his reporters. he told carly fiorina she is not going to win the nomination. would you make that same comment to the men? i did so right before the talking points, said senator paul would not win. catherine harvey. your sexist kond sengs was offensive. >> of course it was. like george, will, i am appalled you did not interview any of the disciples for your book, "killing jesus." appreciate the satire, scott.
8:58 pm
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word of the day, do not be a charlotin. please always remember, the spin stops here, yes, we are loong out for you. breaking tonight, an unbelievable new twist. one student government reportedly rejects a plan to honor the victims of september 11th over wosh ris that acknowledging a tragedy that "non-wliet perpetrators" could increase racist attitudes on campus. that's where we are today. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. just this week, one young man's proposal to have them every year was rejected. with the student


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