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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 12, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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word of the day, do not be a charlotin. please always remember, the spin stops here, yes, we are loong out for you. breaking tonight, an unbelievable new twist. one student government reportedly rejects a plan to honor the victims of september 11th over wosh ris that acknowledging a tragedy that "non-wliet perpetrators" could increase racist attitudes on campus. that's where we are today. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. just this week, one young man's proposal to have them every year was rejected. with the student director of
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diversity and inclusion, saying, "it might make a space that is unsafe for students, even moron safe. we have also seen national attention this week on a similar debate at yale where a administrators are trying to convince angry young people at yale that the exchange of ideas, defensive or not, is the foundation of higher learning, not to mention the first amendment. students were told this week to call campus police if they heard offensive peach or insulting speech, the vice president of the student body, the vice president is now making the case that citing the bill of rights is really no excuse for infringing on her safe space. >> i personally am tired that hearing first amendmented rights protect students when they're creating a hostile and unsafe learning environment for myself and for other students here.
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i think that it's important for us to create that space where we can all learn from one another where we're experiencing a lot of hate like i have in the past. >> a law professor and yale law graduate has experienced a tense experience recently. he's author of a new book "abrah "abraham. the world's first but certainly not last jewish lawyer." all right. i think the viewers know where i stand on this. i've made it very clear. let me take the position of a young wrom we just saw. we have rules and corporations that say you can't talk a certain way and work here. they say why can't we have those same rules on college campuses. you can't talk that way, you can't say those things. this is a constitution, this is a place where you shouldn't have to be subjects to that. >> this is the same people who claim they're seeking diversity.
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the last thing many of these students want is real diversity. they may want superficial diversity of gender and color, but they don't want diversity of ideas. we're seeing a curtain of mccarthyism descend over many college campuses. we have to rebel that it was the stunt's universities who first started burning books during the nazi regime. they don't want to hear diverse views. when i want to i am, "harassing students" by expressing my opinion. this has become a very serious problem not only in american universities, but in yumpts around the wormd, as well. and it is influencing and having a terrible impact on the education of students. >> you have spent your life in a court room and on college
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campuses, on one in particular, and it is an elitist stugsz. when you go to college, at least it was when i went to school, you go and your express your freedom. >> now, they're demanding that the school get all up in everybody's business and the school has to stop when it comes to words. >> it's the worst kind of hypocrisy. they want mommy and daddy, and dean and president to please give them a safe place, protect them, from ideas that may be insensitive. maybe we'll make them think. but it's a double standard. >> students issued a petition saying zionist administrators.
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you know what they mean, jews. blatant aent semitism, nobody spoke a word. when i spoke at johns hopkins university, some painted a mustache on my posters. no con serp about that. it's an absolute double standard. it's free speech for me, but not for me. and universities should not tolerate this kind of hip poc y and double standard. they're all afraid after larry summons got fired and after the president of missouri gets fired, college administrators koent want to confront students. if you have tenure, you have to speak back to the students. you have to call these things what they are. double standard, hypocrisy, bigotry, mccarthyism and the fog of fascism is descending quickly over many american universities.
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we have to fight back against these students. >> the duty to educate doesn walk out the door just because things get tense and uncomfortable. thank you for being here. joining me now with more, peggy noonan, formal presidential speech writer and author of the new book, the time of our lives. and you've been writing in the book we have some of your columns where you talk about what's been happening to the little cup cakes on the college campuses. and not just any college campus, but yale, peggy. at yale we're seeing this. >> last week, the kind of people are not the o prezzed, if you look at it a certain way. they are getting a wonderful education. they are going to go onto elite lives. look, i agree that everything allen just said, this is a really important thing that's happening on the campuses now.
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free speech. even salespeople who don't know what the amendment is. i'm surprised because it doesn seem to have been educated that well by the first amendment. but it is a progressive sort of movement that is dangerous because once they control free spooech, they can be ash xxs of what is said. >> i was reading your book by peter berkowitz and he was saying how you repeatedly criticized the self esteem movement, which subls constitutes flattery for the cultivation. is that what you're seeing? the cup cakes get to school? i see it as unpleasant.
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>> yes, i know. it is an odd thing. you have to wonder about what thirp taugt. how they were, in a way, braught up the past 20 years so that they think the highest value for them is the feeling of personal safety. and so many things violate that feeling of personal safety such as great literature, stories of history that contain horrifying facts of information. they all claim to be so tender and so intimidated by the facts of life. but when you see them up close, at these demonstrations they seem not sbim dated. they seem like intimidators. >> again, let me offer their point of view, which is why should i have to sit at my college campus and pay all of
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this money to obtain an edge kwags and have to listen to somebody say something that is racially offensive. >> i actually don't think our great universities are full of teachers saying racist and sengsist things. but it is true that if study great literature, certainly plenty of the great literature of the west, shakespeare says violence. >> outside of lit rature, you live this thing called life. has that ever delivered to you? >> yes, this is a funny thing. they have an expectation that they will be protected from life. i don't know where that expectation came from as your nana.
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>> you can learn how to be a strong person. you cannot hide from the world and you should not believe people. >> i was at an event in west chest ere today, st. vincent's hospital, great cause, and said to the ladies there that, you know, back in my day, now, these students, you can't offend them, you can't insult them. growing up 234 my house, my mother was the one doing the o fence. it worked out okay. i got a sthik skin. >> also, these young ones don't seem to know that we aadulthoods experience so much of life and constant triggering of events. >> and we're still okay. >> but i have survived, you have survived. >> yeah, you have a glass of wine at the end of the day, you're good to go. peggy, great do see you.
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time of our lives, check it out. we also have breaking news tonight on donald trump taking new heat after he expressed support for illegal immigrants, a program known as operation wetback. up next, fill 78 maker and immigration activist jose varger is here to react. plus, the kelly file just talked to a possible eyewitness. here what the police just told us a short time ago and judge janinepiro joins us. and demanding free tuition at colleges across the country. yeah, here they go again. brian killme has some thoughts on that. and he's very serious about them. >> it's stuff that you want. >> if they leave? >> the country. >> oh, i mean, there's always going to be
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. . breaking tonight, donald trump's campaign is taking some fire tonight after he calls for deporting millions of illegal imgrants along the lines of a program in place in the 1950s chlts under presidents truman and eisenhower, it could have been as much as 1.5 to 2 million
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in what was then called operation wetback. mr. trump addressed the plan with brett behr on special reports chlts. >> i don't even think it's tougher. you can say that he actually was 2.2 million out. i also hear that harry and truman moved millions of people out. those were different days. we were a tougher country. we had laws then and you obeyed the laws. it wasn't like today where people can do whatever they want. that was a different age. i'm saying this, it will be done in a humane way. it will be done professionally. the people can come back in, but they have to do it through a legal process. >> in a moment, we will hear from antonio vargas, an activist himself. plus, aaron trump is here of the trump organization. first, trace gallagher has the story. trace? >> even though president eisenhower has been called a
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dark period in american history, when donald trump says he's heard good reports and bad reports, he's correct. studies from ucla and the texas historical association puts a historical number of those well we low the often cited. but the numbers show that a thousand agents were able to deport up to 3,0 0 illegal immigrants on the way and proved to be a deterrent for those who wanted to cross illegally. illegal immigration dropped by 95% though experts say some of that is due to a guest-workers program that is due to hundreds of thousands of mexican farm workers. the use is also documented.
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the study also compared transport ships to 18th century slave ships. trump's opponent say his plan is unreason shl. the 11.5 million people rounding them up, deporting them may sound good to some people but it's not pragmatic. florida senator marco rubio added this. >> i do not believe you can round up and deport 11 million people, especially people that have been here 15 years, have not otherwise violated the law. and there's got to be a process to deal with that, realistically. >> hillary clinton also snuck in a jab calling the plan un-american and inhumane. trump says it is humane and he will do it. >> jose, thank you for being here. mr. trump has not signed onto that operation, you know,
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wetback as his exact plan. but he does believe in deportation force. what say you? >> well, the term deportation force and humanely don't go together. i don't even know what that means. there are 4 pbt 5 million kids in this country who has at least one parent undocumented. how is that to those u.s. american children? i have to say, by the way, megan, it's fascinating donald trump talks about us like insects off of his backs. i would love for donald trump to come here in los angeles, the epicenter. let's go to mcarthur park. you want to have a conversation about documented and deportation? come here. why? what do you mean? what's your point? >> the point is he's been doing, talking to people. but has donald trump actually faced at least some of these 11 million undocumented people that he's talking about?
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>> what's your point? his point is they broke the law? and what we do, one of the reasons we have immigration enforcement agents is to deport those people who came into the country illegally. >> by the way, when i outed myself four years ago, it's to say what do you want to codo with us? poll after poll has shown that a majority of the american public with a pact legalization. poll after poll has shown that. this is one of the things i've found interesting. donald trump is running on the republican ticket. if you believe in a small government, why would you want to create another large bureaucratic system to deport 11 million people. >> and that is where i'm going to pick itp with my next guest. jose, always interesting seeing you. thank you for being here. eric trump is here, as i mentioned. that's been a criticism that
9:20 pm
we've heard from some republicans. do you know how many agents it would take? >>. >> let me start in a dichbt way. he wants to put america first. there's a hundred million people in this country out of work. you also have a legal systemment you sign up to come into the country legally. >> even like jeb bush who would agree with that, when it comes to deporting 11.5 million illegal immigrants, you're talking about 500,000 people a month. the one estimate is between 400 billion and $500 billion to do it. >> the point sbt just deporting them. it's deporting them legally. he's been so clear about that. i know liberal media wants to misconstrue. it's deporting them and letting them back legally. but they have to come into the country legally.
9:21 pm
and there has to be some checks and balances behind it. what kind of country are we if we can walk across the border and take jobs from people who have lived there their entire lives. that's his point. even though who might agree with him in theory say you know what, it isn't right. they broke the law. they have jobs that americans want. if you accept all of that, there's the method of how do we do it. some people were killed, there were terrible conditions. it was what many people would consider inhumane. that's been the big question. how is it done? >> le's one of the most charitable people you'll ever meet. he wants to see people come into this country illegally. it's just that simple. he wants to see americans who are born here have good jobs. he doesn't want to see people come unchecked. and what is coming into the country? what is coming over the border?
9:22 pm
do you have terrorists coming over the border? do you have people in the middle east coming across the border? how do you have a country like the united states, which is very controversial in many ways. how do you have a country when you have people coming in unchecked. have a process. have people unsigned. have people do it legally. give those jobs back to the americans, you know, who here. >> i have to ask you because i have you here. eric heard in our first segment with peggy and allen. you went to georgetown? >> georgetown. he grew up in a rich family. powerful father, you go to georgetown. what do you make on colleges like yale? >> it's very different for me. my father had me on construction sites at a very, very young age. he made us work. >> and i'm sure he never let you hear any offensive words. >> you don't want type a
9:23 pm
children to have a good time. you work. you learn the trade of your skill. he's an amazing father. and he's an amazing man. i really think he's going to go all the way in this process. >> and then you grow up and realize he's not a cup cake. >> thank you for being here. big development tonight in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal as fox news learns that the feds are looking to see whether somebody close to the case violated a key law, the very same one that sent martha stuart to prison. this same one appears to be expanding and ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do.
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9:27 pm
that law got people like martha stuart sent to jailment it says if someone knowingly or willfully falsifies or conceals or covers up or makes any materially fictitious or false fraudulent statement, they can go to prison. to be clear, we do not know who the f.b.i. is looking at, but it's not good. if you're hillary clinton, you want it to get smaller, not bigger. >> i call the low hanging frut of crimes because it's sort of easy to prove. you don't have to -- it could be hey, hillary, how are you doing. you don't just talk about that server. what is on that server? anything classified? oh, no, no, no. >> even if she's not under oath? >> that's the key here. martha stuart.
9:28 pm
everyone thought it was insider trading. no, it was lying to the f.b.i. agents about the trade she had done. i could go down the list. all of these people were indicted on greater things. but 101 violations were in there. >> but what this is suggesting is they believe that someone in this case may have lied to federal investigators. >> exactly. and if that person was coached, that would be it right there. >> and you can prosecute these cases. >> that's exactly what you're going to say. you get that low-lying fruit. you get that person and you're saying you look at five years, five years of prison in a federal penitentiary. what do you know about that server? >> i would sing like a canary.
9:29 pm
>> i did it, but i didn't do it with any mall las. >> great. good to see you. coming up, big new backlash at some major shopping centers. look at him. he can't hear us. my favorite part. look at him. >> how long can he keep it rolling? plus, breaking news in the murder of a pregnant mother. this is a pastor's wife. she's already the mother of a young boy. we will tell you what she saw a few hours before she was killed. this case has been heating up. judge janine shapiro has been digging and she's here. >> everybody's shaken up now. you know. everybody.
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nerks epir has been investigating. we'll begin with trace gallagher
9:34 pm
on the latest development who secured, by the way, an exclusive interview. trace? >> megynu it's a shattered american dream. a pastor and his wife moved to indianapolis to start a church. they live on sunnyfield court and spend their lives ministering to their congregation. her husband goes to the gym, when he comes home, he finds his wife shot in the head. she was trying to defend herself from a home invader. a couple hours before, a nearby home was burglarized. and a short time after that, a neighbor saw what he thought looked like a suspicious man walking through the neighborh d neighborhood. we just spoke to that neighbor. listen. >> and that neighborhood, it's very strange. to see someone, especially in all black with a hooddie on walking around. and he told that to police.
9:35 pm
police don't know that. >> the husband is not a suspect. police say they have time stamped surveillance video showing him arriving and leaving an l.a. fitness center the morning his wife was shot. >> i have not only lost my ministry partner and support, but also my very best friend. there is no way to prepare yourself for circumstances like these. police have some clues, but not many. megyn, back to you. >> joining me now, judge janine piro, a former new york district attorney and host of judge justice right here on fox. as well as author of "he killed them all". robert durst. she's getting it in the durst case. we'll start with this case. this is chilling, this beautiful, young mother web
9:36 pm
site. it's not some big, fancy home. they didn't have a lot of money. the cops come out and say the husband has been ruled out completely and is definitely not a person of interest in this investigation. does that put a period at the end of the husband didn't do it? >> absolutely not. you start out in the home. you have to rule the guy out. stay tigsically, they always look at the spouse. he says he went to the gym and came home at 8:30. he finds his wife shot in the head on the floor and they have a one-year-old. police say she was defending the toddler from the intruders. but to go back to him. let's say he has an alibi. he was in the gym that morning at around the time that she was shot. that doesn rule out the
9:37 pm
possibility of the police looking at murder-for-hire. it also doesn't rule out the fact was he always going to the gym? is the gym something that he just recently started? what about facebook, twitter, e-mail, finances, telephone records. there's a lot more than this. police always have their reasons for saying what they say. >> we're not always trying to indict that. statistically, they always look at the spouse. what are the possibility here? . they're saying a murder is on the loose. why aren't they releasing any details about the crime or the crime scene. >> and that's important. now they've got a reward out there and somebody gives them information. if there is a master's degreerer on the loose and you've got a burglary on that same street three hours earlier where, apparently, no one was hurt, then you've got to think about the danger zone that somebody's burglarizing a home and taking a gun, that means that they're
9:38 pm
dangerous people. why aren't the police identifying who the suspect may be. they're puting out no information on this. that tells me that either they have no idea or they are focused on someone and they're being very close-lipped about it. >> has the husband said anything? has he made any statements? >> the husband has. when i look at statements, and i try -- and his statement is more about himself than it is about her. and i mean no disrespect to him. i know he's presumed innocence and the police have ruled him out. >> this is a statement that he made. and this statement is all about i, i, my, i, i, my, i, my, my ministry, you know. >> he starts out by saying not only have i lost my ministry partner done. >> and support -- >> but also my very best friend. >> after that, it's i am
9:39 pm
hurting, i rest in truth, he's a minister. that's something interesting, as well. it's a cul-de-sac, megyn. now, think about this. there's only one way to ingress and egress. your normal burglar is not going to pick a home on a cul-de-sac. >> it could be somebody who knew her or a psycho. it could be someone on drugs. >> or it could be a murder-for-hire. we know that they've moved in the last few years an we'll see. >> so this is the case. you know this guy, right? robert durst. this man, thanks to judge janine, is now in a whole lot of trouble. does it take us through the story? >> from the moment i heard about the case, a week before she was to graduate, her husband waits five days for a reporter missing, it was clear to me that
9:40 pm
this woman just didn't disappear. >> you should check it out, it's riveting. >> today, took to the streets demanding a free -- "free" college education. plus, a big, new backlash at some major shopping centers when we come back. look at that. >> there's something that you don't mess with, a jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the
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super poligrip is part of my life now. from the world headquarterings, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> today, students across the country held demonstrations as part of the so-called million student march, demanding free tuition at public colleges. a cancellation of all stunt debt and a $15 an hour minimum wage for campus workers. but when neil cavuto, one of the leaders of this march, had a hard time answering where the money for all of those demands would come from. >> how is that going to be paid? >> great question. >> someone has to pick up the tab. who would that be? >> the one percent of people in society that are hording the
9:45 pm
wealth and really sort of causing a catastrophe that students are facing. >> so where do they go? let's say if you tax them -- they're smart folks, these 1% horders, right? so if they leave here, then who's going to pay for all of this stuff that you want. >> if they leave -- >> the country. >> oh, i mean, there's always going to be a 1% in the u.s. >> author of thomas jefferson and the trip. she's talking about you. you're a 1%er. and if you leave, then she's talking about me. >> all right. we've got a few things to go on. we have very similar back grut. roughly 70% of students borrow to pay for college. the good thing is you pay it back on a monthly sometimen. it's not like you're asking for $29,000 right after you give back the cap and gown. it's a give away.
9:46 pm
i also remember a system in which you have a cue porn book where if you're actually behind the 8 ball a little bit, you could actually delay those payments. there's nothing wrong with money coming out of college. here's the other thing. you do not guilty have to go to a $62000 school. guess what, if nyu accepts you, it's $62,000. if syracuse accepts you, it's about $60,000 or al,000. guess what, maybe you can't go. you have to go to a college that you can afford and you work your way up. if you're a genius, you get economic grants. that's the logical situation. do i think some private universities could have their tuitions come down? yeah. but stoch going to them. >> you didn't grow up with any money, nor did i. my father had just died three years prior.
9:47 pm
>> it never occurred that someone who is rich to step in and pay for my tuition, that the 1%ers were supposed to swoop in and take care of it for us. we did what we could. she used my dad's insurance money, i took out loans. i paid them back. and that's how it works in this country. but, yet, they want to change the entire system because it would work a whole lot better for them. >> my dad passed away in ninth grade. same situation. growing up, we did not qualify for a lot of financial aid. i made a decision. i would take a guaranteed student loan. these kids have debt, no doubt about it. but you have to be logical for day one. did i want to go to syracuse? absolutely. could i afford it? no. would i have protested because of that? there's a realty to that. i did gef them credit for taking
9:48 pm
action. you don't like something, you should get used to taking action. i just think this is the wrong action chlts. >> their million stunt march had only 3,000 people to attend and only 30 people showed up. you're going to have to pay for a lot more for 1%ers. >> and by the way, why don't we pay for mortgages. why do we everyone have to buy a crib. it's unfair. >> and do the professors want to get paid, by the way? the electric company is not going to provide air-conditions. >> i don't get it. you're born in that much money, you work hard, you get yourself in on the way up. once you get there, what do they say? you. that's your reward. we've got to move on. meryl stream has some facebook posts. this is what her message reads. this is me on my way home on an audition for king congress where i was told i was too ugly for the part. this is the pivotal moment for me.
9:49 pm
this could derail my dreams of becoming an actress or force me to pull myself up by the boot straps and believe in myself. i took a deep bret and said i'm sorry you're think you're too ugly for your film. you're just one in a sea of thousands. today, i have 18 academy awards. i know, sing it, meryl. >> give me a second. and by the way, do not laugh when megyn is reading. here's the thing. when you are an actress, if you are not used to rejection, you've got into the wrong business. she's 32 years old on a photoshoot. most people have never looked that good. >> i know, look how gorgeous she is. some loser in hol by wood tried to tell her she was ugly. remember that, all the young girls out there, some losers tell you you're ugly and you're not. >> right. thank you. by the way, megyn, don't learn italian. that's the problem.
9:50 pm
this guy said in italian, she's not good enough to be in king kong's hand. and because she knew italian, she said i guess i'm not pretty enough for you. i'll move on. so there was an ins separational story that doesn't line up. by for you, i'll move on. jessica lang was in king kong's hand. she's very nice person but rejection is part of life. she should know that and she didn't actually post that. that's a bad fan. >> i want to ask you about somehow we've gone to glacier santa displays rather than christmas trees at the malls and people were not happy. >> two malls are by my house. it actually looks like a giant shell. because of global warming glaciers are all gone.
9:51 pm
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a remarkable scene at the white house today. as a 32-year-old former army can't be wptain was awarded thes highest military honor. back in august of 2012, captain groberg noticed an enemy bomber and tackled it pushing him away from the dozens of american and afghan personnel in the area. the bomb detonated causing a second unseen bomb to go off before it could be planted. four brave men died that day but
9:55 pm
without the captain's selfless actions authorities say the death toll would have been much higher. as today's ceremony wrapped up, the visibly emotional hero took it all in. and later on the rainy white house grounds, he paid tribute to the men who never made it home. >> this medal is the greatest honor you can ever receive and i'm blessed and just grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve my country. but this medal belongs to the true heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice and they didn't come home. also belongs to their families, the true heroes who live with that day every day, missing one of their key members of their family. so i'm honored. i'm overwhelmed. but i hope to become the right carrier for them and to better
9:56 pm
myself as a human being the rest of my life for them. thank you. >> following the attack groberg spent nearly three years recovering at walter reed. he endured more than 30 surgeries. today's ceremony marked the tenth day a living service member has received the medal for honor for actions in afghanistan or iraq. afghanistan or iraq. with that one day after the when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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what do you think about free college tuition for everyone in doesn't that sound great? paid for by the 1%ers? go to kellyfile. thanks for watching, everyone. i'm megyn kelly and this is "the kelly file." tonight donald trump coming under fire for what he calls his deportation plan. >> you are going to have a deportation force and you are going to do it humanely. then the hillary clinton server scandal widens. >> intelligence sources tell fox news the fbi has expanded its probe of hillary clinton's e-mails. zbln rudy giulia . >> rudy giuliani's here to explain how much trouble the front-runner's in. and racial tension spreads through college campuses across the country. all of that, plus 2016 presidential candidate carly fiorina.


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