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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 13, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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7% is yes. thanks for being with us. check out my twitter account at greta for the best tweeted picture of the day. that's where we but the it tonight on "red eye" a missouri professor tries to resign, but the school won't let him. he will leave when the students say he can leave. and find out what msnbc and chris matthews has to say. and cops in colorado to longer have to pass a physical fitness des. physical fitness test. first, a news break. live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. they are specifically targeting "jihady john." he is the british man who left
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to join isis. he is the executioner seen in the beheading videos of two american journalists. earlier they released a statement confirming the attack and it is still unclear if the mission was a success. russia was -- is owning up to some of the doping charges. the president of the track team say he admits to some, but not all of the accusations made by the world anti--doping agency. the wada is accusing the russian government of covering up drug use by athletes. later today the state will be decided. russia could booy excluded from the olympic -- could be excluded from the olympic games. not everyone thinks the punishment can fit the crime. >> it is possible someone was used and caught. but to punish everyone for that was smart. to shutdown a whole sport is absurd. >> meantime, the you have university of missouri is appointing a black administrator to be interim president.
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they resigned after the students protested their reaction to several racial incidents. one student was arrested and he is being charged with making racial death threats on-line. jarod fogle could spend more than several years behind bars. they filed paperwork seeking a 12 and a half year sentence. fogle reached a deal with prosecutors. the 38-year-old father of two will plead guilty to possessing child porn and trying to engage this sexual conduct with a minor. i'm patricia stark and now back to "red eye." log on to fox fox >> i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy. andy, you know what today was? >> i believe it was guinness
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world record day, tom? >> indeed it was. i think that is a good time to remind people we set a record in 2012 and then i broke that record here on "red eye." >> i vaguely remember that. it was for head bobbing? >> it was for most adam's apple bobs in 30 seconds. >> you are not going to show that tape, are you? >> of course i am. roll tape, please. >> don't tell me that wasn't a world record. let's welcome our guest. most people only get one shot at family, but she gets five after every show. joanne nosuchunsky. he spends his nights siping jamison and debating whether or not to smile. the host of the federal list
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radio hour. his initials are m and m. while he is not the best rapper, he does melt in your mouth and not in your happened. columnist at the daily beast, michael moynihan. and he is the best to be a greeter. sitting next to me is one of the stars of "real rob" available on december 1st. okay, we begin with the university of missouri. >> a university of missouri professor resigned after he refused to can sell an exam for students who did not feel safe. two menussing what they thought was an anonymous messaging app made threats with black students along with what appears to be references to the oregon school shooting prompting professors to tell students they could stay home the next day. an associate professor of nutrition and exercise physiology was less flexible.
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he e-mailed students that the exam was still happening, adding if you give into the bullies they win. the only way bullies are defeated is standing up to them. if we can sell the exam they win. if we go through with it, they lose. his e-mail sparked outrage, as it should have. one woman tweeted a pic of the e-mail exchange and said my professor clearly doesn't care. he expects mooy to go to class for an exam while threats are being made. as anger spread he decided to can sell the class and reschedule the exam. he also apologized and submitted his resignation. however, the university reportedly won't accept it. meanwhile, has political correctness on campus actually peaked? one school is pushing back against the endless protests. >> we're not gonna protest. >> we're not gonna protest. >> we're not gonna protest. >> we're not gonna protest.
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>> we're not gonna protest. >> that's every school administration fever dream. there were threats on campus. they came on the yick-yack app. they found the guy. he was off campus. he was on a different campus. should the students have felt unsafe? >> they always feel unsafe. should they feel more unsafe if people are making shooting -- i imagine they should feel unsafe. the amazing thing about this is the guy, the teacher says, you know, man, you have to stand up to bullies. no backing down. you have to come to class. everyone posts information and he says i'm out of here. i'm sorry, but can you tell everybody not to back down? here is the thing. about this stuff, if you can't go into public when threats are being made on-line, nobody
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should go into public at all. the idea that we don't differentiate between types of threats, look at the people arrested. these are trolls and it is very difficult to separate which is real. you do air on the side of caution. you do have the attitude where everybody freaks out about everything. >> you go about your business, right, ben? >> we contacted the professor, actually from the federal list and we asked him to do an interview and basically he intimated that the tendering of his resignation was an opportunity for the school to back him up you and basically say he was right in this instance. >> well, it was an insincere resignation. >> i think it was kind of a test for the university. what i love about this entire thing, this whole political correctness out of control on college campuses. we went through a summer where the administrators were bending over backwards to all of these student cries when it came to how problematic history was and you need to
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tear down the statues and rename buildings and get rid of the stuff that indicated all of these bad things about history. and they did -- so in part they thought they wanted to deem upon straight to these students we're on your side. we're with you. now the students are turning on them. all of these little vipers you have been raising to think about these things in terms of speech code. it is like the scene with the joker and the batman saying you have all of these rules. you think they are going to make you safe. they aren't. these students are coming for the administrators and it is not going to stop anytime soon. >> i keep thinking that it has peaked, and then it gets silly yes, silly -- sillier -- si llyer joanne. people realized they were empty threats. >> well, yes. if the you have the is staying open, then the threats may not booy credible. the classes are still
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happening, and it is up to administrator -- or a teacher discretion as to whether or not to have class or to have exams. it is up to the teacher. this is what you signed up for by going to college. i really do believe that campuses are for the most part a safe space. eo campus wants to have lawsuits. you know what i mean? they want to do everything in their power to make sure their students are protected. i don't know. i think students are getting more and more controlled where they are still students. they still need authority figures in place who are calling the shots. >> it seems like no one is calling the shots. what is going on, jaime? >> what is going on is first of all everyone here at the table seems more smart than i am. >> wait a minute. >> you know, man, why not postpone an exam a few days if someone like gets shot. this is a little more than a bully. if there is a threat like this
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i don't see the problem in postponing it a couple of days. >> wait a minute. the campus has been -- it was particularly shutdown the whole week. have you seen it? there are tents everywhere. no one is getting anything done at all. at some point they have to start the classes again, right? >> the professor -- i was impressed by his resignation getting -- actually they denied it. i was asked to leave jobs i hadn't drafted by resignation letter. this is impressive to me. it is like, i don't know, man, did you see -- there was -- there were rumors that the safety of the kids is most important. there was a rumor that there was somebody from the kkk on campus and it was a freshman trying to fold the fitted shot. the fitted sheet. i get airing on the side of caution. >> and to point out that was what you made a joke about. there what is a kkk sighting. and lena-dunham said this is
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not what i know. it turned out it was somebody with a bathrobe. >> oh yeah a towel. >> there are not a lot of klans-men. i am not saying it could never happen, but oberland. from babies to baby faces, is marco rubio too young to be elected presidenta writer at tht said that question will be asked more and more as the campaign goes on. the writer matt lewis said rubio is only 44. he points out that is the same age as ted cruz and three years younger than barack obama was when he allegedly became president. unlike those two rubio, quote, looks like a kid. meanwhile, is rubio even hispanic? and what about ted cruz with a z at the end? chris matthews is not sure.
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here is the msnbc host talking about cruz. >> are you trying to insinuate that a fellow -- i don't know if hispanic is a surname. they come from cuba. >> rubio and cruz are not hispanic because they come from cuba. ben i will go to you. i think my jets used to rumble with your sharks x am i -- sharks, am i right? >> as someone who -- my father is hispanic and i feel like it is funny to see chris matthews trying to be in a position to pass judgment whether they are white or hispanic. >> you are hispanic? >> believe it or not. >> it is puerto rican. is there any history of anybody saying the islands are not real hispanics? >> it is one of these things that i think is not something i would trust chris matthews to pass judgment on. i am trying to think of what the list looks like. to the foint of -- point of
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marco rubio's baby face, he is thought in a position to judge something like this. unfortunately it is his battle with his hair line. in this circumstance, the idea that marco rubio's baby face can be dealt with with a simple solution and he should growy a simple mustache. it is an impressive john stossil mustache. that would absolutely shut up chris matthews. >> it is definitely zapata or marco rubio. >> moynihan, not only are they going to say he's too young, but they are already coming in on the young thing. i think cruz and rubio being hispanic which is obviously a huge thing as republicans, but they are starting the -- they are not real -- they are starting the not real hispanic
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thing. >> you could say that about those guys. if it was flipped you couldn't say that. if you were on hearsaying barack obama is not really black, i don't think people would be as okay like chris matthews who is ceiling at people which is what he does all the time. there are two things about this that are incredibly weird. the first one is that, you know, what he is saying is not the surname. it is not the skin tone or any of the other idiotic social constructs. he said these are not the ideas one should have. a hispanic in the mind of an oaf like chris matthews is an off series of ideas. they are probably not -- it is like a george zimmerman thing. remember that? he was identified as a white hispanic. well, you know, we don't -- he is a racist. >> what is this thing when you fill out forms? what is it with the white
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nonhispanic? they are wanting to combine the hispanics and the white. >> i pick pacific islander all the time and i always get the job. >> elizabeth warren checked the box, right? >> she made up her own box. >> jaime, will you play the i am not as smart as you are card? >> i will just have people assume that for the show. >> i would say first of all as you noy being in television maybe a comment what do you call them, his spap nick? call this will, his -- call them, hispanic? this may be unpopular, but have i a tiny bit of sympathy for chris matthews. i have made dumb mistakes similar to this. i used to work in the public. i worked at a fast-food place. i called a woman something one time and she was so mad. i thought a woman was for sure caucasian and what i called her was a [bleep] and she took
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offense to that. in the scenario she just got bingo and i was one away. i thought if anybody was a [bleep] it was that time. >> we all make mistakes. >> i don't know much about chris matthews. i never watch the show "hard ball." i can only assume it is called "hard ball" because that's what he drinks every break. >> he has a long history in government. did he work for tipper o'neil? >> that was 48 years ago. >> joanne, let's talk about rubio, the baby face. it is true. he does look young. >> he doesn't look anything like baby face. >> no, but he is gonna -- he is young, but that will -- >> did you know him and ted cruz are both 44? >> i know, i said it in the set up. >> oh, that's where i heard it from. >> it is really interesting
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like good genes can carry you for a very longtime. some people have a point. if you saw a doctor who was going to perform heart surgery on you and you have your choice of somebody who looked like they were in their 20s or somebody with a full head of gray hair, you would kind of want the guy with the gray hair. you think age comes experience and also stubbornness. >> that's a great point. if he is telling you about the surgery and he has a yo-yo. you are like this guy is too young. >> i don't remember it being a problem with barack obama still looked young and a lot more dark in his hair than today. and oh topless pictures on the beach. isn't this guy so awesome for reasons we will figure out later? >> do you think we had a young president so people say we don't want another young one. >> i think it is the fact he is a republican. meanwhile, i bet you are wondering what does bob dole think about the republican candidates. >> we need somebody with experience, and there are a
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lot of good candidates. i like inurely all -- nearly all of them. >> that's fantastic. it was a sinister laugh. that was like the joker like the old 60s batman. >> he was. >> you can't whisper secrets into a my craw -- microphone. >> the senior bush doesn't like ted cruz. >> what does the establishment have against cruz? >> because he is a jerk? i don't know. there is something creepy about ted cruz. the great thing about the election is none is about policy to we are literally having matt lewis write about marco rubio's fought baby face. and then during the bough debates trump says i will figure it out when i get there. it will be amazing.
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why don't we just hate ted cruz. >> he is good with the simpson impression. >> colorado cops no longer have to pass a physical fitness test. here is hoping they slow down the criminal.
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if you wanted to be a colorado springs cop you had to pass an annual physical exam that involved proving you could run as well as doing a number of push ups and sit upss. pretty brutal. i know, i passed a similar test some years ago and inducted into an exclusive
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cadra of elite athlete. i still have the award to prove it. 12 female officers failed the colorado police test and assigned to desk duty. but this is america, the land of opportunity. so they banded together and sued. and they won. they are back on-the-job. the police chief says he believes in the test, but had to suspend it because of the judge's decision that it was discriminatory. the test is unfair to out of shape police officers. and it is unfair to criminals who may need to flee on foot and escape arrest. let's lower the standards across the board. after all, not all cops can be like this guy.
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>> it is in the placement of the palm. >> that's the greatest thing i have ever seen. >> who are these colorado cops trying to impress with their fitness? >> you have to pass a physical exam, ladies. this is dangerous. they have to make them take that test. this is insane. i can't even believe this is happening. i have actually seen -- haven't you ever seen a policeman who was so out of shape you consider committing a crime? you see a cop and you say i was going to walk, but i will steal that car because there is nothing they can do about it. >> and there is a lot of guys. moynihan it just happens to be 12 women. i'm sure there are are other people who have trouble with the test. but it was the ladies who decided to ban together and sue. >> you would think it would be easier because they don't have as far to go.
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>> i'm thinking about that. >> hold on. roll that around in my head. >> this is a perennial story that is going on all the time. this is the thing about federalism and the federalisms that states the laboratories of democracy and everybody sets their own rules. it is true. every time i go out in new york and especially atteboro. i can see cops that literally look like shirley hemphill. you want to commit a crime or talk to them. dude, you have to get it together. this is not healthy for you or for the crime rate in the neighborhood. i don't think there is anything -- let them be on the force. there are so many fat people out there anyway. there is no defense of that. >> the whole point is sometimes the labs blow up. >> they do.
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>> but they have the -- first of all they said it was sexually discriminatory. i am not sure what they meant by that. they were holding them to the same standards. but they also said it had nothing to do with their job performance. the disabilities act would say you can make an accommodation with these women. some of them were involved in the family courts or whatever, and they said we don't need to be as physically fit as the other. >> i am not sure. i don't know what the standards are, but it is still a situation where you expect some degree of requirement where there is all hands on deck and we have to deal with some situations and they would be ready for that. this is a natural progression from colorado post-legalizing weed. where everybody take it more easy. we don't need to run all of these things. come on, have a snack.
12:27 am
be nice. >> joanne, have you ever been to colorado springs? >> no. >> beautiful town. >> i heard it is amazing. >> everyone seems fit in colorado. >> they really should be the beacon of health. >> you probably don't even remember the presidential field of fitness. >> i do. i could never get the presidential. i got like the standard. you are fine. you are healthy. because i could never do a pull up. >> didn't they do girl pull ups? gee they -- >> they had certain requirements which was less than the young men. right now the women and the men have the same requirements. maybe you need to revisit the requirements. i could barely do one pull up. how am i supposed to do five like the boys? >> in my day the girls had to pull up and hold it. if you counted to 15, 15 dwirl pull ups. >> it was just a girl
12:28 am
stationary. >> i had to pull the 15. >> and weigh about 45 pounds. >> i did that test and they gave me a piece of paper and i thought it was an award and it was you suck. coming up, andy levy invades your living room. and i am doing a show in boston on saturday.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. the pentagon is saying u.s. sources have conducted an airstrike in syria targeting the islamic state militant known as "jihady john." he participated in the beheadings of several soldiers. the pentagon is now assessing the results and it is unclear if he was killed in the strike. an american war hero who tackled a suicide bomber receiving our fogs' highest military honor. president obama awarding the immediate del of -- the medal of honor to groberg. he helped push the bomber to the ground triggers an explosion. groberg is the 10th living service member to receive the medal for actions in afghanistan or iraq. it inspired the movie
12:33 am
"good fellows" and found not guilty. they say the 80-year-old took a cut from the $6 million robbery at new york jfk airport. the feds arrested him claiming a witness had new information. but they called it unreliable saying their client was framed by mobsters looking for leniency in their own cases. >> they proposed to ban smoking in all u.s. housing gting mixed re-- getting mixed reactions. the feds say they are trying to protect people from health issues and fires and some are thrilled with the idea, but others worry it would give the government a reason to harass poor people from their homes. i'm patricia stark. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox you are watching the most powerful thaim if news. ks -- the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel.
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey. >> i want to point out your adam's apple bobbing is not a guinness book of world records. i think it is fair to imply it was. >> i am in the guinness world book. longest comedy stand up show. it was a tag team. >> was that based on how the audience felt? >> get a drink there. get a little water there. >> missouri professor offers resignation. unlike some who reschedule their classes he felt physiology was less flexible. shouldn't a professor of physiology be more flexible? >> why didn't i think about
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that? that's what you are saying? why didn't you insert that? >> trying to figure out why the audience felt the way they did. moynihan you think he was hipocritical by saying they need to stand up to bullies and after he was threatened can selling the test and trying to resign. that's different because he was the one being bullied. >> he was being bullied? >> yes. >> who was being bullied? >> the students. >> i worked it it out on twitter. >> i am slow tonight. you talked about how college administrators bent over backwards to show they support the students on various things. now they are finding themselves under attack by students anyway. it reminded me the master apologized to the students the other day after the whole
12:36 am
halloween costumes flap. and he said, quote, i disappointed you and i am really sorry. it broke my heart. i thought i had credibility with you, you know? i care so much about the same issues you care about. i spent my life taking care of the issues of poverty and raisism. i have the same belief you do. i am genuinely sorry of disappointing you. it is literally what you said. >> that's so sad and pathetic. >> that's taken from the page of "dark ins at noon." here is my pleas. can you save my life? >> you said you were slow tonight? >> i feel like that's something you maybe tweeted. >> you said why not postpone an exam a few days if there is a threat that someone might get shot. i kind of agree.
12:37 am
the professor did say even though he wasn't can selling the class when he was giving the test he said if any students felt unsafe they could take a make up exam later. that was in the original thing they were upset about. that seems okay in that case, right? >> i completely agree. i feel the same way. >> you said there is not a lot of klansmen on the oberland campus. does that mean we should ignore their needs? that's a very wood and point. the -- very good point. the klansmen in ohio are a prore progressive -- more progressive. they have their own safe space. it is for white people only. >> you said in the mind of chris matthews it is a set of ideas and cruz and rubio don't qualify. i can't believe i am saying this, but i think i am going to give chris matthews the benefit of the doubt on this one. i think on this one he is dumb
12:38 am
and not biased. i think he honestly didn't know in that moment whether you are supposed to call people hispanic. >> in fairness, you are right. he did call them cuban nationals. that would suggest they were from cuba. i thought the controversy of ted cruz was when he was from canada. apparently now he is from central huh van that you. >> i thought that was easily -- >> i actually will concede that point that chris matthews is a complete pour ron. >> there you go. >> you will give him the benefit of the doubt. ben, you don't think matt lewis is in a position to judge rubio's baby face. lewis' article, the point of the article is he may look young, but he is qualified to run for president. >> this is a fair point. i do think rubio's general look, his bar face is something that is commented on
12:39 am
by a lot of people. he can deal with it in a lot of ways. the mustache and maybe take on the cuban national look. why not embrace it? >> just smoke a big cigar. >> boss people around. >> i love the options are hiding it. he can give 10-hour speeches. >> executing people. >> you said matthew should have asked a producer about the cuba hispanic thing. when they don't know things, they don't realize they don't know things. >> i see what you mean. >> that becomes a problem. >> another problem would be to put a mustache on rubio. pome would be like, why is that baby wearing a mustache? >> that gets into the baby hitler question again. tired of that. >> can't kill baby hit lar. >> joanne, you are correct that the place you heard rubio and cruz are both 44 was in
12:40 am
tom's set up. >> i'm a sponge. >> at least you are paying attention. i like that you are paying attention unlike anyone else on the panel. moynihan you said there was something creepy about ted cruz. you are correct. >> i don't know what it is. >> it is his voice. i think it is his voice and the way his face looks while talking. >> it is like the whole thing. >> it is unfair to him. >> i heard a lot of words said about ted cruz and creepy is not one of them. jay it was in the dallas newspaper. saying it is unfair to compare sed cruz to joe mccarthy. i am not a fan. but i realize he looks exakly like mccarthy. maybe that's the creepy part. >> on this police fitness
12:41 am
test, you said you are sure men failed the test too? according to the lawsuit male officers who took the t's failed the test at 2.2%, but female officers over 40 who took the test failed at a rate of 38%. >> whoa. >> but what is interesting about the department is they have one standard and it never changes. it doesn't change as you get older. it is the exact opposite of the military whr the older you get -- where older you get the lower the standards are and they are different standards for men and women. >> prediction, andy? they will change the standard. >> i believe you're right. more than half of the cops who filed the lawsuit have since passed the test and are back on the beat. >> now they are all back on the beat. the chief just changed it. >> true, true. >> i am done. >> he dropped the test. >> he is really done thousand. thank you, andy. dpot tau go. gotta go. a terrifying mascot or a love
12:42 am
level. i spoke with lucy lawless about the new show. check out the web exclusive interview on eye.
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rob lowe can eat mcdonald's anytime he wants. it must be nice to be a big time hollywood celeb and he
12:46 am
eats for free. the actor revealed on jimmy kimmle and my competitor in the wharf late night says he has a new mcdonalds gold card that expires in october fnlt apparently warren buffet and bill gates have received them. thisy don't know where their next meal is coming from. he explained how he got his. >> the way i got this is my buddy in santa barbara is one of the ordinarily mcdonalds franchisees and he invented the egg mcmuffin. he invented it which is like one of the greatest human achievements. and get this, invented ronald mcdonald. >> what do you mean? >> he said to ray croc, you should have a pedophile-looking guy. it would do good. >> the news comes at a time when mcdonalds is phasing a new adversary in the form of a terrifying mascot for animal rights group. abbie the abused chicken who
12:47 am
is seven feet tall is seen outside a mime mooy mcdonalds, but also appeared in los angeles alongside the musician mobey or -- most protesters look like mobey, but that is the real mobey. what do you think, joanne? can you abuse them for abusing the chicken? it is seven feet tall. >> i would feel threatened by the checken. i would want to make sure i was safe. why are we naming animals after people? >> i don't know. >> i prefer the chicken snowflake who was in most of the other peta protests where they go into restaurants. that's my favorite mascot personally. i think that it is no coincidence that this is happening and rob lowe is revealing the card. he sent them to the late night talk shows and you will think of abbie.
12:48 am
>> when he is a card holding member, that was weird, wasn't it? >> ray croc was a great american. i am glad that i get the one% is continuing to thrive. it is one more example of how they get things better than us. >> i thought ronald mcdonald was charming. when he showed up at a mcdonalds we went there. >> yeah, he had a mustache under the red paint. you could stey it peeking through. at least in concord, massachusetts. >> all pedophiles are charming at first. >> you know who looks like a pedophile was the competitor to mcdonald's burger king. not the burger king, but the duke of doubt. do we have a picture? >> is that roman poe plan ski? >> he was a duke in the kingdom of the magic burger
12:49 am
king, but he was power hungry and he doubted the burger king's magic? >> really? >> that's a far more tear tieing thing. >> every time he would do something wrong he would say i doubt it. and then they would prove him wrong. >> did you addition for that? >> i was too young. >> i don't think it is nice to have an abuse chicken outside mcdonalds. they are just trying to make a living. >> i worry they will close the tack for -- the factory farm chickens. i did an algorithm to see if you ate all of the mcdonalds. i am assuming that you would die within the year. >> we just proved that we had
12:50 am
a documentary of a guy eating mcdonalds every day. >> mcdonalds gets an unfair wrap. if you look at what they offer it is all about portion size and how much mcdone thalds you are eating. mcdonalds you are eating. >> did they give you a gold card? jay no, but i am -- >> no, but i am trying for one. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" matt welch and jaime lisso. he will be back again. >> when i was a kid you were stuck with the mother that bore you. not anymore. rent a mom, the brainchild of mother and renaissance woman nina allows perennials to rent a substitute mom. she promises never to question your lifestyle or compare you to your sister or yell at you for using wire hangars. she'll do real mom things like iron your shirt for that big interview and make that pecan pie you love. and all of that can be yours for $40 an hour. $40 an hour? so to all of the moms watching, if your child is 18 years old, that pain in the
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ass owes you $sick pone 3 million. $6.3 million. how is that for an algorithm. jaime, what activities would you have rent a mom do? >> i actually called rent-a -- i thought it was rent-a mom, and instead i called rent-a-milf. >> if you did they could do motherly things too, right? >> absolutely. i read on the thing they don't -- people may think oh they will come clean. they don't clean. they come over and yell at you to clean your stuff up. >> that's right. that's the idea of a mom. >> here is my problem. i am an adult now. i could have used a rent-a-mom to go to the police station with me or parent teacher conference or write excuse notes. that's when i needed a rent-a-mom and not now. >> you have to lrn to forming your own notes. >> why don't you have a rent-a-mom up to age 26.
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i would say this represent-a-month is in the current situation where they have thousands of students at the university of missouri currently ready to rent a mom from the administration. >> i for free. >> but at the same time, i mean i actually think $40 an hour is steep. you can probably represent a mom for half of that of the. >> joanne, do you think $40 is too much for a mom? >> i and my real mother would smack me upside the head and say why are you spending $40 an hour on this woman? this is what this woman should do is say why are you representing me? she is a mother of two. i wonder if her kids are jealous. the and this mom -- i wonder if she is booked for thanks gefg. >> i'm sure. she is booked up and successful. >> this woman is the worst business woman in the world. she says i will do your shirt for your big interview. have you ever been to
12:57 am
buschwick. >> they have one shirt. >> they use it over and over again. >> i can see an indy rock band with you. >> joanne, jaime lusso. see you later.
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