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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 13, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> we've got one of the premiere psyching mediums in the world, laura lynn jackson. plus santa is going to be here. >> ho, ho, ho! >> you're going to be with me after the show show so don't miss that. >> have a great weekend. bill: fox news alert. trying to take down jihadi john. the pentagon targeting his mass execution with an airstrike. they are 90% sure they got their man. waiting for confirmation today. martha: he's the terrorist that was seen in multiple gruesome videos beheading a number of isis hostages including two american citizens. the pentagon is waiting to confirm he was one of those
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killed in an isis stronghold. reporter: the pentagon and officials say they are 99% sure they got their man. this first american journalist james foley. they say they followed him for a few days around the iraqi capital raqqa. he immigrated to kuwait. there are questions about how exactly it was carried out.
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there is still an awful lot of isis leadership around syria as well. martha: when somebody is this vague it makes people feel there is progress being made. it's certainly a big propaganda move to take out jihadi john. take a listen to what john kerry had to say in terms of the u.s. framing this, not only as justice only, but also as a message to members of isis. >> videos showed him participating in horrific murder of americans. the terrorists associated with
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that need to know this. your days are numbered and you will be defeated. reporter: the pentagon will take this as proof their battle against isis is working. here is a picture from sinjar. some good news that's hard to come by with good information with news against isis. bill bill: born in kuwait, 1998. fast forward 2013. his parents report hip missing in august and police tell him he's in syria and they believed
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he was doing aid work. his parents believed he was doing aid work in turkey. martha: the pentagon believes jihadi john was killed in an airstrike. >> he was isis' main executioner and he killed many, many muslims, too. and he was intent on murdering more people. this was an act of self-defense. it was the right thing to do. i would like to thank the united states. the united kingdom has no better friend or ally. martha: cameron saying britain has a long reach when it comes to defeating their enemy. bill: federal agents in akron, ohio arresting this man, accusing him of posting the names and addresses and
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photographs of u.s. military personnel on social media and urging followers to kill them. authorities say he endangers the lives of 100u.s. members. martha: how did they track down jihadi john? presidential candidate senator lyndsey graham will be here with his reaction and what this means in the fight again that terrorist army. he comes up in the next hour. obviously this is a big operation. one that no doubt we will hear more about. and he's laid low for a while. there was a time when we were seeing videos from these guys. good news. bill: there is a commitment to
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going after this group in a way we have not seen before. sick minutes past the hour. we moved to the campaign. donald trump releasing a tirade against ben carson, calling out iowa voters saying they would be stupid for believing ben carson. think is part of the 93 minutes, donald trump, iowa. this isn't something i'm saying he's a pathological liar. i'm not saying it. he said he has pathological diseases. he says he has path long cal temper and path long cal disease. if you are path long cal there is no cure for that. if you are a child molester, there is no cure for that. there is only one cure and we don't want to talk about that cure.
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bill: that was fort dodge, iowa. very few stones were left unturned here. all without a teleprompter. you would say so much for diplomacy. >> he would have been helped if he had a teleprompter because he wouldn't have likened his chief rival to a teleprompter. he would have been helped if he had had one. you have to have sympathy for mr. trump. at this point he's not the clear front runner. he's essentially in a tie. he's lashing out at his rival. he's lashing out at voters. it's an unhappy place he's occupying and the biggest problem he has is the anger at the voters he says are stupid who are stupid for listening for
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dr. carson. that's not going to work out. bill: he was referring to if you believe the stories, then shame on you. how does that go over? >> one of the problems in trump has had throughout this candidacy is a lack of understanding of christian doctrine. dr. carson's stories i was an angry teenager. i lashed out. but i accepted jesus christ as my lord and savior. donald trump says it doesn't matter that he accepted christ. it just matters that that's his what he did.
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to say if you believe in redemption you are stupid is not going to win. there are trump supporters who think the nastier and meaner and more insulting the better it is. that's why his support has been essentially static. he has had a quarter of the vote in the republican electorate since july. but it's not going to get him the nomination. because eventually the people who don't want him to success side. those band together and they will beat him. bill: there was criticism of everybody except for ted cruz. he said hard for me to say something about ted cruz. member that's the next chapter. martha: 95 minutes without a
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teleprompter. an extraordinary rant. another black eye for the secret service. an agent busted for sexting with an underaged girl while he was on the job. bill: jihadi john reportedly killed by an airstrike. martha: free speech is under fire at college campuses. a student leader says the first amendment makes students feel unsafe out there. >> can i talk to you? >> no, you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you a need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> who wants to help me get this reporter out of here. help me get him out.
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martha: chalk it up as another embarrassing incidents for the secret service. lee robert moore is charged with solicitation of a minor. officials say he sent lewd pictures and messages to a girl he thought was 14 years old.
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bill: the pentagon working to confirm whether isis' top propaganda man and well-known killer jihadi john was actually killed in an airstrike. peter king is on the u.s. house intelligence committee. you read the same reports we have. perhaps you have better insight than we do. is he dead or not. >> all the indicators are that he's dead, i hope he is. it would be a symbolic victory and a matter of justice. it will go against the isis narrative that they are always going to win and they are on top. bill: how difficult is an operation like this? >> it's extremely difficult in a
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location like syria where we have very little intelligence on the ground. i give the defense department tremendous credit. it finally will be made public, what type of sources we have. we have very few people actually able to operate on the ground there. so this was a significant victory for the defense department, for the u.s. military, and i giveth them enormous credit of. bill: did it take this long to kill him because it was difficult to isolate him or did it take this long for us to commit to this operation. >> somebody likey had john, there had to be a commitment to kill him. we do have restrictions that i think sometimes go too far, that
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you are can't have any innocent people near by. my feeling is anyone associating with jihad john. it's like a needle in a haystack when there is no one who can tip you off. bill: the reason i ask is people like you have urged the commander-in-chief to get more involved in this. 50 session ops were -- 50 special ops were committed to the ground and i'm wonder's if they made something like this happen. >> i don't know if those 50 would be able to operate it that quickly. but if anybody could, they could.
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bill: you know and remember so well when we saw these video online and they were released by video on social media how depraved and the sympathy you felt for their families. the man who released u.s. military names online is now arrested. how would you assess the threat? >> i would say it's significant. isis attacked police officers with hatchets. he was encouraging people to attack the military. it's a new front that isis opened against us. they also on the 4th of july, there were isis operatives attempting to attack new york. there were five operatives arrested then. it's not a 9/11-style attack you
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have to be concerned about. about. but it's enough to try to keep us on defense. isis is definitely social media skills, operatives in the country itself. people we recruit. certainly the times of attacks that could kill innocent americans. bill: he posted kill them in their own lands. behead them their own homes. let them know they are not safe. martha: the plane looks like a u.f.o. as it wobbled in the air and lurched across the runway. bill: free speech being called a
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turbulence trouble for this jet trying to land in england. high winds made it difficult for that pi for that pilot to steer. into the wind. a bit of a turn and all is safe. cool shot there from england. martha: a stunning comments on free speech.
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the student body first amendment which is protected under our constitution is quote too dangerous for students. listen to her explanation. >> i personally am tired of hearing that first amendment rights protect students when they are creating a hostile and unsafe learning environment. it's important to create that distinction and create a space where we can learn from one another and create a place of healing rather than a place where we are experiencing a lot of hate like we have in the past. martha: what's your reaction? >> i think her understanding of the first amendment and her own constitutional rights is as shaky as that airplane on the runway you showed a moment ago.
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this puts students' emotions before their own constitutional rights. you can't say that because it's oppressive of me. it's a ludicrous understanding of the first amendment. martha: when you look at this story and think about the areas, the things they want in terms of special coordinators, of safe space and speech. it's a lockdown on the kind of conversation dial you want. nobody accepts calling people the "n" word or den grieght one's religion. but you have to have a safe space for that dialogue in college to learn from it. i want to play this clip from allen -- windalan dershowitz. >> they want complete freedom over their sex lives and use of drugs but they want mommy and
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daddy and the dean to give them a safe place to protect them from a place where there are ideas that they think are insensitive. it's free speech for me and not for thee. college administrators have to start treating students like adults. martha: the problem is they are resigning. they are running scared, are they not? >> they are absolutely running scared. the president of the university of missouri. it wasn't anything he said. they had one gripe about how he tried to deet fine systemic oppression. but nobody said he had done anything racially oppositive or said anything so oppressive. he said one thing they disagreed with. even when he gave that definition he said i'm going to give you a definition. it's probably going to be wrong.
6:27 am
but because he insufficiently agreed with him they still wanted him forced out and they got their wish. martha: at the university of minnesota they are talking about eliminating a remembrance of 9/11 because they feel it could violate the safe space of some of the student on campus. >> this was first reported by campus reform yesterday, a student paper at that school. the student government voted not to hold that remembrance because they were afraid it could create racist attitude on campus against non-white people. do they not talk about pearl harbor worried it's going to oppress asian mayor cans or japanese americans? martha: if they want to see a
6:28 am
violation of a safe space i suggest they visit ground zero and the 9/11 museum. they thought when they are going to work one morning in lower manhattan. and they are so young. they weren't even alive when 9/11 happened. so these sorts of remembrances will fall by the wayside because they won't remember it. >> i was in middle school when 9/11 happened. the kids coming through college are just a few years younger than me. so they are a little too young to have the impact 9/11 had on my life or my peers i went through college with. but that doesn't ex kites. it was still the death much thousands of their fellow countrymen. now they are saying those deaths don't mean anything in the larger scale. yes they died and that was terrible.
6:29 am
but think about people's feelings. bill: mom and daddy dean by alan dershowitz. >> he hits him in the face with a padlock. bill: trump's word for dr. ben carson and the people supporting him. our political panel is going to take it on. martha: it looked a little bit like christmas. that was my comment when you watched the jets-bills game. bill: it reminded me of my
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bill: one of the most wanted terrorists may be down for good. jihadi john was killed by all of s.-led drone strike in syria. officials in the pentagon say they are 99% sure they got him. we'll bring you headlines and updates. martha: donald trump make waves on the campaign trail as he slams dr. ben carson over the details of his path. he pulled no punches in a 95-minute ad-lib speech. he branded ben carson path long
6:34 am
cal and questioned -- pathological and questioned why people would vote for him at all. >> he took a knife and that knife into the stomach of his he friend. and the knife broke. give me a break. it moves this way. it moves that way. how stupid are the people of iowa and the people of the country to believe this -- this crap. martha: we welcome back our good friend mary katharine ham. and juan williams.
6:35 am
mary katharine we missed you and our thoughts have been with you all along and we are glad to have you back. >> i thought while i was gone -- it is alive and kick. mary katharine, you go first. how do you think it affect him politically? >> i wanted to come back with a bang. we have the front runner with a reenactment of a stabbing, and comparing to the second guy to a child molester. i swear, please don't write me, people there is a reasonable reason that you can compare your rival to a child molester. this is not a good direct we are going in. i think trump is reacting to the
6:36 am
fact that carson is building on this. it's dangerous to attack carson that people are he acting to d are reacting to in a brutal way. martha: all this discussion about his biography. it's pretty stunning when you can say he says he's pathological. and pathological people which includes child molesters can never be fixed. you can never repair anyone who has that label. he says i'm not calling him that. he called himself that. >> this is interesting to me. this whole political season is a puzzle to someone who looks at politics in the traditional sense. but i'm trying to make sense of what donald trump thinks he's accomplishing with his outbursts. my sense is he's trying to speak to the evangelicals in iowa.
6:37 am
the base of ben carson's support. ben carson thinks's a reasonable, moderate man. i think what trump is saying is this is not a miracle worker, this guy is a liar. don't allow your religious beliefs to be linked to his miraculous story because the story is not true. here you have trump going off on starbucks about their cup. now he's going off and carson saying carson is a liar. martha: when you look at the religious aspect of it. when you look at the lives of the saints. there are so many saints that turned their lives around. one of the bases of christianity is you can be saved. he's treading on tough territory.
6:38 am
>> it's tough to tell iowa evangelical voters that someone cannot be redeemed. and there are plenty of ways to point out things in carson's biography without going down this road. then on top of it, referring to iowa voters as stupid. it's been an interesting political season to say the least. if a guy wins in iowa who has called iowa voters stupid, this might be the year for it. >> rubio, weak on illegal immigration, weak like a baby. not a good poker player. because every time he's under pressure he starts to profusely sweat. he will not be a good president. i'll tell carly fiorina,
6:39 am
whatever the hell her name is will you stop cutting in? we don't have to anything bad about cruz. he's nice to knee but at some point he will have to get nasty. >> the most interesting candidate we have ever seen. this is like the kid in the back throwing knife and spit balls at each other. i guess people love it because he's opposite our network dominating the coverage with this outburst. do it mean when people come to vote, this is a serious candidate i will trust with my friend? >> the thing that people have had against establishment campaigns is like there will be a bunch of rich guys with
6:40 am
contempt for voters. martha: mary katharine welcome back. we are glad to have you back. juan, always good to see you. have a great weekend, guys. bill: the new york jets and buffalo bells in the christmas spirit. the jets decked out in green, the bills in red. a lot of jokes on social media. but for jets fans the joke is on them. they lost to the bills 22-17. martha: their former coach was loving it. eating up every minute of it. bill: the bills looked like the starbucks cup. martha: i thought they were
6:41 am
wearing the morpf man suit i have in my basement. bill: they are going to have their home uniforms, and then they will have these. martha: i love it when they wear rollback jersey day. this morning we have a lot of news including the fact that isis is on the run according to reports. u.s.-backed troops advancing on the strategic i of sinjar from all directions in a mango fencive. it's a major pipeline between syria and iraq they are trying to lock down. bill: talk about squeaky clean. a car wash manager gets stuck in the brushes. if he joins us live. not worse for wear apparently.
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big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice.
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doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. martha: a police officer in the silicon valley pulling over the futuristic vehicle for going too slowly. an officer clocked it doing 24-35. only after he pulled it over did he learn there was nobody behind the wheel. no ticket was goifnt machine but necessity gave a stern warning to the machine. martha: maybe herbie could fill
6:46 am
in. bill: kurdish forces backed by u.s. air power said to be close to capturing this strategic town of sinjar. watch. they came in from four sides. retired four-star general jack keane, from the institute of the stud yifd war and a fox news analyst. the key is to block out a road that's a supply line between iraq and syria. >> this grows raqqa the capital of the islamic state all the way to mosul. this is a major supply route for
6:47 am
mosul. this road is significant and sinjar is home to 500,000 yazidis, and we saw the genocide taking place many months ago at the outset of this invasion into iraq. bill: could this have been done before? >> this is a matter for the kurds. they secured their enclave in kurdistan and the buffer outside of that, and they are comfortable with that. this is a matter of when they were ready to do this. bill: they are only able to do this with u.s. air power from overhead. >> absolutely. we have people on the ground not with the fighting units but in the vicinity in strategic locations hoffa sill 8ed the use
6:48 am
of that air power and we helped them develop a plan to do this as well. so we have people involved in this operation though they do not have a direct combat role. i most baghdad government doesn't want that. do you believe based on what we can report at at moment, is he dead or not? >> he looks like he's dead. but they probably don't have body. they know he went into that car and there is nothing left of that car. bill: he was taken to a hospital apparently. the hospital has been blocked off. apparently pattern for isis is one of its leaders is killed on the battlefield or injured, they will block off that hospital and keep the information out sow they can control it. does that appear to be the case? >> i have no information on that. but if we killed him, this is significant. what this does, bill, it puts
6:49 am
isis leaders on the defensive. and that's important. we have huge success working against al qaeda in terms of their ability to reach out beyond their own location and their own headquarters. isis expand into seven countries and has a worldwide following. the more pressure we can put on them in iraq and syria -- bill: the battle may move back into libya next. we shall see. jack keane in washington, d.c. we await more word and confirmation. martha: today is friday the 13th which is historically considered to be unlucky. but where did that superstition come from. bill: this is interesting. going for a spin at work.
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bill: today is friday the 13th. that would be hard. throwing the shoulder over the shoulder. president the oarngs of today's day are mysterious. jesus was said to have been
6:54 am
crucified on a friday. did you know there is a clinical word for those with a fear of this day? martha: nicely done. do you have that? bill require spent the whole commercial working on it. but i tell you what i do have. i take my shoulder -- martha: it's hard to do. wait until you see this. it was not a lucky day for him. a car wash manager gets taken to the cleaners. just keep watching. bill: just another day at the office. he's just work and here is my favorite part.
6:55 am
when he's on the ground. he got taken for quite a ride. he joins me now in new orleans. josh, we are having a good chuckle at your expense. there is only one question in this interview. what happened? >> i was trying to get out of work early. we had 5, 10 more minutes until we closed. a vehicle just came through and i'm taking the pressure washer hose. it got stuck so i went back to pull more slack off and it got caught up in the brush. i tried to save it thinking i was superman. martha: there is no way this was an intentional act on your part for fun. bill: are you sure, josh?
6:56 am
you did not -- martha: bill thinks you did this for fun. >> i did not, i give you my word. martha: tell me wait felt like. put us inside the life of josh. are you thinking this could be very serious. >> it was very tear buying the steel post that hold up the brushes, i thought i could have hit one of them. luckily the host was wrapped around my torso. it wasn't wrapped around my neck which could have been terrible. luckily i slid off the brush. martha: are your friends having a good time with this? >> oh, yeah. martha: it's friday so you can go have a beer and enjoy the weekend. thank you, josh, what a nice
6:57 am
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. martha: so top republicans getting ready to hit panic button as they agonize about the rise of donald trump and ben carson. party leaders fearing one or other at top of the ticket fear they could hurt chances not just in the general election but across the electoral board no -- in november. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. three months before the iowa caucus there is no sign of change. "real clear politics" average polling shows trump at 24. carson hot on his heels at 23 1/2. trump launching in iowa a long somewhat aggressive attack
7:01 am
against certain details about carson's life story like this here. >> he said he has pathological disease. he said pathological temper, defined it as disease. if you're pathological folks, no cure for that. if you're a child molester a sick puppy, no cure for that. so he is pathological, damaged, temper, a problem. martha: every time you hear it you got to wonder, about this whole thing. chris wallace joins me now, anchor of "fox news sunday." remind me about a line in spinal tap where volume of all speakers go to 10. in this case it goes to 11 and higher and higher. what do you make of it? >> i'm out of the business saying that is fatal for donald trump because i've been wrong so routinely, it would be fatal for any other politician. that is only part of it.
7:02 am
he also told the people of iowa how stupid they were to believe in ben carson's story. defend, i don't know about trump, but i would say for any other politician going into a state and telling the people he wants to show up on a snowy night on february 1st and caucus for him how stupid they are is an interesting political ploy. i have never seen before. an you know, to get back to your sort of headline which is that the establishment is getting more and more frightened, you know they kept thinking trump was going to go away, that carson was going to go away, that one of -- i say this advisably in quotes, grown-ups establishment, somebody who has been a governor or senator would rise to the top. but as you show in the latest polls, carson and trump are still well in front and there is growing concern, growing concern not just about that a race should be very winnable for the republicans, the presidential race, could be in jeopardy but also all the way down the line. if there is one thing politicians care about is their
7:03 am
own future. they could lose control of the senate and, somewhat more of a long shot, even control of the house. martha: this piece that we're talking about in the "washington post" quotes eric fehrnstrom, who used to work for the romney campaign and he is saying pretty much what you've just said. the rest of the field still wishing upon a star that trump and carson will self-destruct. they have to be made to self-destruct, he said. nothing happened at this point to dislodge trump or carson. brings two things to mind. nobody has forcefully, there hasn't been one moment where somebody really goes after him. he has gone after everybody else. nobody it appears has the guts to turn around and really to after him, either would be, a huge victory or might be the end of that person's political career. >> you're talking about trump? martha: yeah. >> yeah, well, actually some people have gone after trump, but as we have seen he is devastating counter puncher. every time somebody goes after him, he brings the heat, and the
7:04 am
pain and they seem to go down and hurst much worse than he is. we talked about that video at the beginning which really is kind of mind-blowing, and people have thought, all right, we don't have to go after him, he will self-destruct. but as we see he is still leading the field in the 20s, and the so-called establishment candidates, or outside establishment candidates like rubio and cruz are 10 points behind. so, it's very hard. carson in a sense is even harder to go after because he is so nice. because his story is so inspiring despite what donald trump said, that you really, it is tough to go after him. martha: at this point they haven't really forcefully done it and it is interesting, you know why, at this point, maybe somebody will down the road but it is we'll keep watching it. chris, thank you so much. we'll watch "fox news sunday." today is friday. we look forward to sunday. thank you, chris. presidential candidate ben carson will join chris wallace in exclusive
7:05 am
interview, at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. check your local listings. he will have enough to react. bill: past couple days and but debate on tuesday night on fox business an contrails of what was said in that debate still headlines. five minutes past the hour. to this breaking news. barbaric isis executioner, "jihadi john," the target of an airstrike in syria. he is the one believed to have beheaded hostages including americans. the pentagon is 99% sure he was hit by a direct missile tracking movements of isis during the strong hold of raqqa. british intelligence working with the u.s. to hunt him down and get an answer, 100%. benjamin hall with more in london. what has been reaction in the u.k., benjamin? reporter: bill, first of all this is huge propaganda victory in the u.s. even in the isis capital of raqqa that their leaders aren't safe and they can
7:06 am
be found and justice will come to them wherever they hide. mohamed emwazi was born in kuwait and raised in london. on august 19th, 2014 he stunned the world as isis released footage of him standing over journalist jim foley before brutally murdering him. he went on to decapitate six other american, british, and japanese journalists, aid workers and countless syrians. the u.k. government's communication headquarters, gchq, has expended enormous efforts to intercept, decipher any encrypted messages that might reveal his location. today david cameron spoke about that operation. >> we've been working with the united states literally around the globe to track -- clock, to track him down. this was combined effort. contribution of both our countries was essential. reporter: we've been hearing over the last few years from families of the victims. they are of course very
7:07 am
relieved, relieved that he can't kill again. relieved justice has been served but of course, very, very sorrowful. bill? bill: benjamin hall in london. when we talk to one of the republican candidates for the white house, south carolina senator lindsey graham commenting and more from him stand by for that moments away. martha: here is what is coming up. facing another scandal now after police say a uniform secret service officer was arrested trying to solicit a teenage girl for sex. prosecutors say that lee robert moore, often, engaged in online chats with someone that he thought was a minor while he was on duty. peter doocey joins you live from the white house with more on this. what was the officer doing at the white house while allegedly sending these messages, peter? reporter: martha, he was the first line of defense. he is one who decided who gets on to the white house ground and who doesn't.
7:08 am
he worked that into his twisted conversations with someone that he thought was a 14-year-old girl but turned out to be a pair of adult under paul coverdell wear state police officers writing he was quote, sitting at box office style booth, checking i.d.s for entrance into a building. that building, lee robert moore later admitted to maryland state police was the white house. but the booth wasn't the only place on the complex he was having these conversations through a chat app called kick. in at least one of photos that is described in a 16-page long criminal complaint, moore is wearing tactical vest what he says is break room at work. the complaint lays out in disgusting detail several dozen sexually explicit messages which featured requests by uniform secret service officer of a person he thought he was teenager of pictures of her lips and mouth. several photos moore sent aimed below his belt an taken in his bed.
7:09 am
more who is 37 years old, lives in suburbs with his wife and his facebook picture includes, two young children. martha? martha: wow. so how long have they known about this, the secret service? reporter: for a week. they found out about it last friday and quickly put him on administrative leave. they took away his secret service-issued equipment. we're sold that the secret service, while he is on leave is not involved in the specific investigation, the investigation that is laid out with the complaint that is going to be the delaware state police because they are ones that got him in this sting, martha. martha: peter, thanks. bill: so, has the u.s. taken out the face of isis? pentagon officials confident they have killed the man who murdered several hostages on camera. we'll ask republican candidate lindsey graham in a moment what the death would mean ultimately in defeating isis and more. he is on deck live. martha: as tensions boil over at the university of missouri,
7:10 am
another college is canceling their 9/11 memorial because they think it might insult someone. more on that. bill: also police hunting down a cold-blooded killer. who would murder this pastor's pregnant wife? >> he was all about people coming to know jesus and that's who she was as a person. >> our church is our family. the church was their family. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80%
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7:14 am
bill: giving update on cold-blooded killer in indianapolis. the pregnant wife of a pastor was shot in the head in apparent home-invasion robbery. the victim, amanda blackburn, disconnected from a ventilator yesterday. police have cleared her husband as a suspect. he was not home at the time. officers considering whether the murder was linked to other crimes that day. >> our investigators are also looking at potential burglaries in the area, not just specifically to this brock but just in this vicinity in this area to see if there is anything that matches up. bill: police say the couple's toddler was home at time but he was not hurt. blackburn, 12 weeks pregnant with the couple's second child when she was murdered. martha: big story this morning a as the united states takes down the face of isis. pentagon officials saying that
7:15 am
they are 99% sure that a u.s. air strike has taken out the terror group's top executioner, the masked killer who we have seen in dozens of brutal videos, taking the lives of beheaded hostages. this mission coming as kurdish fighters have now taken back a strong hold in iraq. presidential candidate and senator lindsey graham, also a member of the house armed services committee joins us with this thoughts and more. good morning, senator. good to have you here. >> good morning, thank you. bill: your thoughts on this strike of "jihadi john." >> i'm glad if this happened, that is a good thing. like bin laden was killed, but al qaeda has not been decimated but they're stronger. jihad john may be dead but isis alive an well and what is happening in sinjar will not change the equation much at all. isil is growing in influence. there is no ground component to go after them in syria.
7:16 am
so it is just a matter of time they will hit us or hit europe if we don't go in on the ground in syria. martha: obviously you have made this, this a centerpiece of your attempt, at the nomination, for your party, for the presidency. you know it is interesting to watch, sort of the response, and we've sort of been watching this whole 93 minute speech that donald trump ad-libbed. i want to play some of the things he said, because some of them i think you might agree with some of this. >> sure. martha: play what donald trump said how he would go after isis and get your thoughts. >> isis is making a tremendous amount of money because they have certain oil camps right? they have certain oil areas that they took away, some in sir and why iraq. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. [applause] i would just those suckers. and that's right, i would blow up the pipes. i would blow up -- i would blow
7:17 am
up every single inch. there would be nothing left. >> the everybody in the room loves that idea, senator graham. >> the bottom line the oil revenue is 20% of what they generate. you're not going to destroy isil from the air. you bomb a oil refinery that doesn't destroy isil. martha: why haven't we bombed oil refineries, is legitimate question, isn't it? 20% is 1/5 of what they have got. >> we are trying to end a war not start a new one. i would like to leave it intact for the iraq and syrian people. if i make no other impression, i want to you understand this. you will not destroy isil by killing one person. you will not destroy them by blowing them by blowing up an oil field. the only way you destroy them going in on the ground, with regional army, large in nature, we're part of it, to pull the caliphate up by the roots. if you do a deal with volusia that is the dumbest deal you could do for future of the
7:18 am
mid-east. no other way forward other than a regional army with syrians involved. the united states involved. the region involved, going on the ground to destroy isil. if you don't do that soon, they're going to hit us here. martha: you've been studying these issues for a long time and have a spent a lot of time in the region this is what donald trump was talking about, your vantage point and your perspective how to win. here is what he said. we'll give you a chance to rebut. >> he talks like a tough guys. the tough guys don't talk like tough guys. you need smarts. a lot of times the tough guys, they're the weak ones but he talks, we'll go into syria, we'll this, and we'll that. we don't want russia dropping bombs on isis. we want to do it ourselves. oh, great. genius. he is a genius. martha: senator graham? >> if you do a deal with russia to fight ives sill the price to be paid, assad has to stay in power. there is no way as president of
7:19 am
the united states would allow assad to stay in power. he is puppet of iran. i want to do two things, stop iranian expansion there the largest state sponsor of terrorism and destroy isil. russia will require us to accept assad's presence for their assistance regarding isil. i would say no to that deal. donald, that's a bad deal. here is a good deal. every arab country including turkey wants to destroy isil. they have large armies. they also want to push assad out because they don't want to give damascus to the iranians. that is the deal i would make. doing a deal with russia, means the war never ends, assad stays in power, iran get stronger. the bottom line to do the deal with arabs and turkey, use their armies and destroy isil and push assad out so iran doesn't become the big winner in syria. martha: he goes after everyone of you personally. why doesn't anybody go after him? >> i think he melted down last
7:20 am
night. martha: you do? >> yeah, i think is the turning point. i have said that before but i really believe it. what he said about dr. carson, if dr. carson would hit anybody with hammer would be donald trump after all the things he said. dr. carson found redemption in the lord. he is a good decent man. donald trump is the most uninformed person i have ever met running for president when it comes to foreign policy. he has no clue of what he is talking about. he doesn't understand how to destroy isil. iraq and syria want battle space. president obama doesn't have a clue what he is doing. don't replace president obama with donald trump. it will get worse, not better. we have to go in on the ground and iraq and syria to destroy isil. mr. trump's view of the world is pretty delusional when you look at it. he has no idea what he is talking about. over time that will take a to toll, i hope. here is what he is doing, building a third term for the democratic party in the white house. building a wall between the
7:21 am
republican party and hispanics. his immigration is mean, is cruel, is unpractical. what he is saying will hurt us for generations to come with hispanics who should be our voters. his foreign policy is even more naive than barack obama. other than he is a good candidate for president. martha: senator graham, thank you very much. >> thank you. martha: we'll see you soon. thank you, sir. bill: 21 past. a man hit by a sliding door suing and winning. how much money he got for this just might blow your mind, for that. next. martha: staggering new numbers of the national debt. how fast is washington spending your money? you just look at it on the screen. ♪ hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too.
7:22 am
yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with over 13,000 financial advisors, we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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7:25 am
♪ bill: get ready for this, wow, numbers. concerns about our nation's soaring debt taking on a new sense ever your again system the treasury department reported that the government added astonishing $339 billion in debt on just the first day president obama signed budget deal. that brings the total new debt added from november 2nd until tuesday, nine days later to $452 billion. less than two weeks. liz claman, host of the "countdown to the closing bell" on the fox business network. how are you doing, liz? >> i'm wearing the right color. bill: yes you are. that is a deep, deep cabernet red. what is going on here. >> what is going on absolutely stunning. people's ice going like this. 339 billion in single day added to the national credit card. tough back up a little bit of as you said the president just signed the budget deal brought to him by john boehner.
7:26 am
john boehner of course, was the lame duck speaker of the house leaving. president obama arguably lame duck president. they want to do this to lift the debt ceiling that paying for obligations that congress put into the budget. bill, there is unbeliveable spending going on here. something that can not be a surprise. only previous time we saw something like this in previous day, was in 2013. same situation, treasury secretary jack lew lack lou and every previous treasury secretary has to hold back on certain spending. they move money around, called extraordinary measures so you hit the debt ceiling. minute budget deal is signed it floods in. bill: it has been the situation for years. and when this president leaves office at end of second term, it will be $20 trillion in debt. that is the path we are on. what did we hear on tuesday night, fox business debate, that might give us some hope? >> you heard a lot of tax plans, okay? right there during the debate
7:27 am
stage, everybody, because we said we're going to give people the actual numbers, we had these people come up and say what's your tax plan? what did you hear? a lot of tax cuts. that is certainly extremely popular but then that is race to the bottom when it comes to revenues coming in. so you have to pare those tax cuts which people want, need relief, with spending cuts. that is where you saw the rand paul, marco rubio tussle. bill: it was a good one too. but what they're arguing, if you cut taxes for people and businesses your revenues will grow. that was their argument, okay? >> that has proven to be true under say, a president reagan but didn't work so much under president bush. when he cut tax cuts, what did we see? we saw increase in fact, nearly doubled the debt from what bill clinton gave him, 5.7 billion. when george bush left it was 10.6 billion. that upset a lot of people on far right. we have to do this, start cutting spending on entitlement programs, medicare, social security.
7:28 am
who wants to jump into that jar of scorpions. it is very tough. bill: it's a big jar. we were close to a grand bargain that did not happen. your point is well-taken. you have to have a president willing to work with congress and vice versa to get this done. >> in the end, bill, if everybody is little unhappy maybe you found success. your program got cut but so did mine. whether military or welfare, we have got to find a way through to cut our spending. bill: see you this afternoon, liz claman, fox business. >> you're welcome. bill: martha. martha: how about this? driving under the influence of marijuana? new study, shows, surprise, surprise, there is huge increase in fatal crashes that involved drivers who test positive for pot in one state. three guesses which one it is where the drug is now legal. bill: also donald trump not backing down, insisting his plan to round up millions of illegal immigrants to throw them out of the country will be a humane process. >> it's not only deportation.
7:29 am
it's building a wall, i mean a real wall. mexico will pay for the wall by the way. a lot of people say how is that possible. most politicians don't understand how you go about doing that. it will happen.
7:30 am
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7:32 am
bill: 93 minutes in iowa and a few minutes with bret baier last night. donald trump defending his controversial plan for deportation to remove millions of illegal immigrants. katrina pierson, national spokeswoman for trump campaign with me live in dallas. how are you? welcome back here to "america's newsroom." i have a lot to go through. he was talking a lot last night in iowa. first from bret. this is what he said about deportation. he says it is going to happen and it will be humane. roll it. >> it's business. we have a country. you don't have a country, if people are allowed to walk in, cross the border and stay here for as long as they want, you
7:33 am
don't have a country. everybody knows it. bill: that was in the afternoon. he flew out to dodge city, iowa, last night. a couple things he said i will bring up with you. if you're pathological there is no cure for that, folks, referring to dr. ben carson. i did one of the shows, if you're a child molester, you're a sick puppy, no cure for that. why make that compare son with child molesters? >> good morning, built. good to see you. you know it is something that, not mr. trump, is very passionate about. he is very passionate about this country. a lot of people are having a hard time understanding what's revolving around dr. ben carson, whether you agree, or disagree. however he was talking about the pathological sense of a disease he said in his book and the most common pathology used in in terms of health care is unfortunately, child molestation. however, that was not the analogy he was making. he was not calling ben carson a
7:34 am
child molester. making analogy to the pathology and not being incurrable disease and issues in the future. bill: what raises the red flag, gets attention, use it in the same sentence. >> right. bill: there is inference there. he talked about this knife incident that has gone back and forth with dr. ben carson. clearly doesn't believe the story. he said how stupid are the people of iowa and the country to believe this crap. so what is he saying about iowa voters, katrina. >> i've been hearing that a lot. if you also look at the whole thing, he is talking about a lot of things, making jokes. it was all tongue and cheek. he wasn't calling people stupid in general. he was trying to say help me understand what is going on here, trustworthiness is a factor. mr. trump is very insistent having a personal relationship with voters. he doesn't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars being taught how to manipulate people with his words. he wants to be very real. it is part of his appeal to voters. not as a political candidate.
7:35 am
bill: this is why his supporters likes him, but, you can certainly understand how it could be confusing to a lot of people on the outside. >> yes. bill: i will tell you, it confuses lindsey graham. martha just talked to him ten minutes ago. this is what he said about this conversation. >> donald trump is the most uninformed person i have ever met running for president when it comes to foreign policy. he has no clue of what he's talking about. he doesn't understand how to destroy isil. iraq and syria want battle space. president obama doesn't have a clue what he is doing. don't replace president obama with donald trump. it will get worse, not better. bill: i know those guys aren't buddies but how would you react to that? >> no. we have to wonder where is lindsey graham in the polls right now? i'm not sure it really warrants a response but what i will say, meagan kelly had a group of veterans on other night agrees with trump's position on syria, iran, iraq and russia. we're not looking into to get into another war right now.
7:36 am
we need competent leadership. someone brings in the best and brightest to come up with a logical foreign policy explanation for what has happened, under the bush and administration and under obama administration. bill: i think if you argue, if you stuck to that none of this other stuff would be distraction. today it is. now, he goes after, one more question. he goes after everyone, except for ted cruz. and what he said last night was hard for me to say anything about him, he has been very nice to me. at some point he probably won't be, so i will do what i do best. so what does that relationship change? >> he has always been consistent on that. he really hasn't gone after anyone that didn't first go after him. that includes carson. and, if senator cruz wants to go after donald trump, donald trump will probably respond in kind. but the fact remains, if mr. cruz keeps it cordial, so will donald trump. this is a whole competition. bill: what if cruz's poll numbers start to rise, what happens then?
7:37 am
>> you will see the campaign get more competitive. people forget. this is competition. only one person can prevail. so voters will have to decide who they want. do they want somebody they know what they're going to get and have someone put them and their families first or pick somebody waffling on immigration, that's waffling on trade for example? do you want globalization of america, or do you want to make the country great again? bill: something the political world has never seen before. >> it is. bill: we all can agree. katrina pierson, thank you for your time. all of this is done without a teleprompter every time. katrina, 22 minutes before the hour. martha: we have new data out of washington shows number of drivers involved in deadly crashes with marijuana in their systems doubled in the one year after the drug was legalized. dan springer joins us live from seattle. dan, are they drawing a straight line between the legalization and these fatal pot accidents?
7:38 am
>> well, martha, here are the facts. 75 fatal accidents involving marijuana, first year after legalization. 38 the year prior. the state agency that compiled those numbers is not saying for sure there is direct connection. we do know there are numerous studies that show, driving while stoned is up not only in four states where drug is legal but across the entire country. stats in washington state are alarming. among drivers tested after fatal crash, 85% had marijuana in their system. that is up 20% from before legalization. one of those deadly accidents happened last halloween a high driver killed a 7-year-old girl trick-or-treating. colorado legalized marijuana at same time. they're behind washington state in amount of testing they do. what they have found fatal accidents involving people impaired by pot are up 38%. survivors and victims are angry. >> i think it would be appropriate for to us try to educate people, appropriately,
7:39 am
about how serious impaired driving really is, no matter what substance it is. reporter: you had the wrong sound bite there. we had a woman who's ex-husband was killed by a driver who had been high. he was mowed down by a driver, as he was riding his bike. martha? martha: unbelievable. you think about mothers against drunk driving movement. reporter: yeah. martha: how instrumental and how effective they were in getting people to have designated driver. you need a designated driver if you're going to smoke pot. is anybody really surprised these tragedies, a 7-year-old girl killed on halloween, this is happening. reporter: i know. just tragic. opponents of legalization involving many law enforcement we spoke to, say that they are not surprised. in fact they predicted this but groups pushing for pot to be legal everywhere are being very defiant. in fact they point to studies that suggest drivers who are high, know they're impaired and they compensate by slowing down.
7:40 am
well they're not conceding there is direct link between legalization and deadlier roads. survey of washingtonians who have smoked pot and driven, found 62% felt that marijuana had no effect on their driving. here's the really scary part. 25% of those surveyed, who had smoked pot and driven a vehicle, thought that marijuana actually made their driving better. martha? martha: people used to think that about drinking. i'm more careful, when i have had a few. unbelievable. so sad in those stories. dan, thank you for that. bill: 20 minutes before the hour. hard hit caught on camera or was it? automatic sliding doors close, that will leave a mark. martha: ow oh. bill: now a jury is ordering the company to pay up. how much money is that guy getting in damages? martha: video everywhere, right. bill: you will be stunned. martha: really? bill: oh, yeah. >> controversy over the first amendment across college
7:41 am
campuses nationwide. university of missouri appoints new interim president in wake of these protests, right. will he do anything to cool these incidents down? >> one thing will not be tolerated. that is harmful or hurtful actions to any members of our university community with. any incidents will be addressed swiftly. your car insurance? i ask because i had mine for over 20 years before i switched and saved hundreds with the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. i had done a lot of comparison shopping. the rate was like half of what i was paying. [ female announcer ] $420 is the average amount drivers save when they switch to the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. you know, it makes me wonder why everyone 50 and over hasn't switched. [ female announcer ] how much could you save? if you're age 50 or over, call now to request your free quote. customers also appreciate lifetime renewability.
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7:44 am
bill: the jury awarding a man 21 1/2 million dollars after a cruz ship mishap caught on camera. some of the cruise ship passengers walking along when a sliding door hits 61-year-old james hausman's in head. his lawyer said he suffered a minor brain injury suffering seizure and memory loss. the holland-america denying the loss and said they are committed to safety of our guests. $21.5 million. martha: really? wow.
7:45 am
that is monster settlement. wow. okay. protests across our nation's college campuses sparking questions about first amendment rights on campus. from the university of missouri to yale. now the university of minnesota is getting involved, where students say they have decided they should not be holding any 9/11 remembrance ceremonies on their campus because they are fearful it will promote racism. so there's that. missouri's new interim president speaking bluntly about what he says is systemic racism on campus and throughout his life. he says, quote, it is so subtle. i think women understand it. people with sexual orientation which is not mail centered perspective. i think people of color understand it. folks in power in the majority who never lived it and never experienced it have difficulty
7:46 am
understanding the way those who have been minorityized do. talk about that, joining me is lieutenant governor of missouri, peter kinder. good to have you with us. sir. welcome. >> thank you. martha: so that is the new leader of the university of missouri. what do you think about what he had to say there? >> martha, i'm disappointed. when i learned of his appointment yesterday, i was traveling and i issued, i publish ad conciliatory and welcoming tweet. i've known dr. middleton for i guess over 15 years. i wished him well. i think he's wrong. i think it is time to lay some facts on the table, martha. i'm happen to be speaking to you from dallas, texas. 52 years ago this month, jfk was assassinated here and the reputation of dallas and entire state of texas was stained and slandered and they were blamed for that horrible act. there had been acts we wish had
7:47 am
not been committed on the campus of the university of be pretty thin what provoked the incidents of the last few weeks, but, i want lay some facts on the table. the loose two presidents of the university of missouri have been cautioncation gentlemen but the one before that was an african-american leader named ellison floyd. the late el -- elson floyd. he was held up as a example of. michael sam, symbol of tolerance was embraced by the mu community. current student body president made news in the past week, peyton head is an african-american. he is also the homecoming king. mr. butler, jonathan butter, who has conducted this hunger strike
7:48 am
that made national news, is in what, his 7th year on campus or is it his 8th year on campus? he comes from a wealthy family that could have sent him to any school on the planet. now i don't think that is the profile of a campus that isn't in the grip of systemic racism. i also believe, that it is time, and i say this more in sorrow than in anger, that it's time for the good people of missouri to have someone speak up for them and speak up for our great university. it's time for somebody to lay some facts on the table. and say, we are not racist. martha: you know, i think that there are universities across the country that probably share your feelings about the way they have been branded by a number of these incidents. missouri obviously had a painful year in many ways. they have been trying to right that situation. but you know, i think one of the things that is growing out of this, and nobody wants to hear
7:49 am
someone called nasty names or epithets. that is not the the kind of society we want to live in. >> correct. martha: we live increasingly everybody wants to carve out safe space. anchor on another channel, want a safe space, don't walk out of your house. >> yeah. martha: you have to learn, are we teaching these students to function in the world, to stick up for themselves? that new president said, women can understand this. i don't understand that. you have to stick up for yourself in the world. you have to go out and deal with people. you have to get out of your safe space. that is what we try to teach our kids to do in many ways. so i take issue with that. >> martha? martha: yes, sir? >> martha, on your air this morning i saw the vice president of the student body, a young lady saying she is tired of the first amendment. she is tired of people being able to express their views under the first amendment. now, i say, as a missouri taxpayer, speaking for millions of missouri taxpayers, that the teachers who walked out of their
7:50 am
class, on monday and tuesday of this week and said they were going to conduct a teach-in, why don't they go conduct a teach-in to that young lady vice president of the student body about the importance of the first amendment, rights guaranteed to all of us? two days ago we celebrated veterans day. our veterans fought and died for the first amendment and our other freedoms guaranteed us in the constitution. martha: i know. >> missourians are tired of this. martha: i want to get one quick thought, i'm out of time. at the white house they praised courage of these students. i want you to comment on that. >> well, once again we have the white house taking the side of the protesters, no matter how flimsy the basis is. they did in ferguson and they have helped along with governor jay nixon to bring a ferguson to boone county, missouri, to the campus of the university of missouri. and it's time for good missourians to stand up and push back. that is what i hear from missourians all across our state. martha: thank you, lieutenant governor kinder.
7:51 am
good to peek with you today. >> thank you. bill: very having stuff. we wait for next chapter. are you watching tv or is your tv watching you? new settings on the some smart tvs might make things creepy around the house. ♪
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bill: >> another college leader steps down as racial protests ram up across colleges throughout the u.s. how much is justified and how much is media driven? young wife of indianapolis pastor is brutal i murdered. why police are staying mum on investigation and why extra harsh punishment could be in store for the killer if they find him. breaking details at top of the hour. live update from iraq. did a u.s. drone strike succeed in killing isis's masked
7:55 am
executioner, "jihadi john"? all ahead six minutes from now. "happening now." bill: thank you. jon. is your smart tv spying on you? tvs made by vizio, so viewers can be tracked across the phones, viewers everything. you're being watched, america. christina warren, senior correspondent. it is on by default. >> yes. bill: unless you turn it off what is happening on these select smart tvs. >> unless you turn it off, what you're watching on regular television or netflix or had you lou set up is going back to vizio who has been selling information to other people. bill: so a smart tv works if you're running computer through the tv and surfing internet. they can do what then? >> what they can do, find out what you're watching and how long you're watching things. what types of consent you like. if using internet in the house to connect to the tv they cross
7:56 am
reference the internet address on the tv with your internet address on your other devices to give advertisers better idea who you are. bill: is this invasion of privacy? should they disclose it? where do you come down? >> they should disclose it more than they do. they disclose it in fine print. because it is on by default. most people don't turn it off. samsung and lg do it too but don't leave it on by default. bill: i figure apps on your phone, tracking everything you're doing, just assume you're being watched. >> you should assume you're being watched it is creepy you're buying tv and don't know what you're watching will go to advertisers. bill: we'll end it on creepy. christina warren from mashable. appreciate it. martha? martha: he is known as epitome of evil. notorious isis butcher "jihadi john" very likely killed by a u.s. air strike yesterday. the latest news on this and an update from the pentagon. she loves to do.
7:57 am
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martha: big story to end with on this veterans day week, a group we now know well and to whom you have lent very generous sport, our great viewers out there, soldier strong getting big support from the nfl. the group receiving recognition on the field this past weekend during the flag cons/49ers game, providing medical devices for our wounded, and they have scholarships as well whether it be through apparatus or education. bill: that's huge. and you've been very involved. martha: thanks, guys. see you tomorrow. oh, yeah, monday. ♪ ♪ jon: gop presidential candidates are at a big summit in what many are calling the key swing state while their democratic counterparts are preparing for their debate this weekend. good morning, i'm jon scott.


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