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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 13, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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stranded roo, using its hind legs to paddle. he evenly uses is to kayak to steer the animal back to shore. have a great weekend. here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast. i'm "shepard smith reporting." today's donald trump is different front the donald trump of tuesday but a whole lot more donald trumping. >> i don't want to discuss a pathological disease. if you're pathological, there's no cure for that. >> while carsons not hitting back, carly fiorina is stepping us on his behalf. the new mega huge lasted 59 midsts with trumping against jeb bush and marco rubio who the donald calls weak like a baby. you'll hear how he trumps the intelligence of everybody in
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iowa. strategiry from the trumping of trumping, not to be missed. well, well, this friday afternoon, thankfully it's friday -- if you have been educated, -- trump knowledge now -- huge-ified and if you thought know race could not get weeder you misundertrump identified the donald. the republican front-runner is now comparing his top rival to a child molester. yes, he is. trump dropped the molester bomb when talking about ben carson's stories of violent childhood. trump says that just like pedophilia, carson's temper cannot be cured. >> if you're a child molester, a sick puppy, you're a child molester, there's no cure for that. there's only one cure. we don't want to talk about that
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cure. that's the ultimate cure. so there's two, death and the other thing. but if you're a child molester, th cure. they can't stop you. pathological, there's no cure. now, he said he was pathological. okay. he said he went after his mother with a hammer. he wanted to hit her on the head. or he hit her on he head, or wanted to hit her on the head. and i said, wow, that's tough. man. did anybody in this audience ever go after your mother to hit her on the head with a hammer? okay? so, he went after his mother -- this is in his book. this isn't me. i'm just trying to save you the cost of a book. >> feel petitioner? trump's epic rant went on for
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one hour and 35 minutes of trumpness. nine of those, nonstop, against ben carson. trump accused the doctor of making up some of his stories from the past. even re-enacted in the stabbing story, the win, the knife, the buckle, trying to shot i could not have happened the way dr. carson said, and his trumpness did not just good after his rival, oh, no, also the very voters he is trying to win. >> how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the country? to believe this crap. >> they've been trump-craped now. today dr. carson responded at an event in south carolina. >> i'm hopeful his advisers with help him understand the world pathological and recognize that does not denote incurable. it's not the same. it's simply an adjective that
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describes something that is highly abnormal. and something that fortunately i've been able to be delivered from for a half a century now. >> not incurable can justs a adjective of normalness. earlier in the week dr. car sewn said he was finished talking about his past, saying he's tell the next person who asked to go jump in a lake. the two lead north america the republican party. the "washington post" newspaper today reports the republican leaders are nearing a panic. that's a quote -- that trump or carson might actually win the nomination. they're panicking, says the "washington post." reports that some are even trying to get mitt romney to enter the race. remember that one? romney has already said that's not happening. and now "the wall street journal" editorial board is going after him. carl cameron is live in orlando, home of disney world and
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fantastic things. today the talk is immigration, carl. >> reporter: the rest of the candidate are not going to engage in the donald trump and ben carson battle. they hope they explode one another and it has been immigration, particularly between marco rubio and ted cruz, who in all the national polls and in many of the early voting state polls, are in a deadlock race for third place. today, ted cruz -- we were over at the sunshine summit where the candidates are having a cattle call, and dashed over to this event for ted cruz. talking about immigration reform and calling for a more conservative view than marco rubio. he is saying you have to have effective border security, legal immigration reform and then down the road after the american people are confident the problem has been fixed you can have a discussion what to do with the 11 million illegal immigrants now. marco rubio argues that close to
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his position. listen to this. there's a heck of a fight. rubio talked about it at the summit -- at a news conference, and i caught up with ted cruz and listened so what he said about rubio. >> on the immigration front, i'm surprised by ted's position on immigration is not much different than mine. he is in support of legalizing people in this country illegally. if he changed that position, has the right to change that position but he should be clear about that. >> reporter: well, i specifically asked rubio at the news conference whether he accepted ted cruz's assertion that they amendment the offered on the immigration bill that rubio was republican sponsor of was a poison pill, and rubio said he didn't believe that and shared the same views. here's ted cruz countering that. >> when i heard that i laughed out loud. i understand why marco would want to tell voters now his position on immigration is the same as mine. i understand that he now regrets
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having been taken the position he did and having everyone see where he was, but i literally laughed out loud to say -- for marco to say hispanic my position are the same on immigration, would be like barack obama saying his position and my position are the same on obamacare. >> reporter: very tough, ted cruz comparing rubio to the president, barack obama, which run circles is tough. >> trump and carson will be at the summit. do we know how trump's attacks went over with these people? >> reporter: this is not a trump rally where the people are going there to see him. this is a cattle call where they're to hear the entire field. it's a little florida, and hough that plays out is different, and ben carson supporters just don't buy any of this. they are loyal. they believe he is moral and
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ethical and understand his argument was he had a pathological temper but his whole argument was he found christ and has been redeemed. so when trump asked iowa want if they're being stupid, the republicans are about 65% evangelical, they understand ben carson's book and what he was trying to say. trump doesn't appear to. >> all right, carl cameron with ted cruz in the background thank you. for enough let's bring in chris wallace from "fox news sunday." has he just -- i don't know what happened last night. i don't understand any of it. haven't understood the donald trump thing from jump, but i wonder if he either, a., just went off the rails, b., punted on iowa's ultra conservatives or some sort of combination. do you know? >> no, i don't know. i do know this, and i think i can say this for blowing of us and all the other so-called political experts.
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>> never in other words any of this. >> the death nell for donald trump over and over again since the got into the race in june. whether it was john mccain being a war hero, or immigrants being rapists and drug dealers, illegal immigrants, and all of those things, and trump has seemed to survive and in fact flourish, still has huge lead in the polls. a very odd way to run for president, especially as carl mentioned in iowa, where two-thirds of the self-identified republican caucus-goers say they're either born again or evangelicals to mock the idea that somebody could find god and could change their life, as i say, heck of a i would to run for president. >> other things played into certain narratives that if you look it's closely makes sense. the thing with megyn kelly made sense weapon hate the media. they're horrible. a lot of things fit into some
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category like cruz there. separating himself from marco rubio. like obama. all that snuff some weird way, if you stand back and look at it in an other, worldly way, all kind of makes sense. i can't make any sense at all of telling iowa conservative reborn christians they're idiots. i don't understand how that helps. so that suggests main he has gone off the rails do you think that's possible? which isn't to suggest he was ever on the rails. >> i'm not going to say the stop lights don't go on and off where donald trump is now. if you want to say that go ahead. i agree it's a curious way to run for president. here's carson, saying that he is pathological, but he got -- -- >> did you hear him talk about isis and foreign policy in the debate? word salad. >> let me finish. the fact of the matter is ben
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carson is a world renowned brain surgeon. people put their children's lives in his hands. he separated conjoined siamese twins itch don't think that many people are going to buy the idea that he is mentally unstable. just seems to be a very hard argument to make. and i thought carson showed great wisdom and restraint, saying it's not the way he would come pain. an old saying in politics when you're opponent is digging a hole, get out of the way. >> the "washington post" up in says inside the republican party in the mainstream, establishment republican party, they're freaking out, i think the word they used was panicking -- and considering bringing back the guy from the last time, mitt romney to try to do something nontrumpish. anything to this? >> well, don't know about the romney thing. i have to say that doesn't sound quite as far fetched an idea, the draft romney campaign, as it did two or three or four months ago. the idea that there is real
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concern and growing concern in the republican -- i got say it's the establishment and a lot of the people listening right now would say, those are the guys that brought us mccain and romney so how smart are they? there's growing concern. 50% of the elect forrality when you add carson's trumps and trump's votes, they want outsiders, and they're as concerned not only that if it's trump or carson, that i would lose to hillary clinton and they would tank the entire party. the senate controlled by the republicans, even conceivably house control by republicans and there's nothing that concerns politicians more than their own future. own self-preservation. >> control of congress because of down market, down ticket, in the event that one of those two, according to the reporting of the post, might get and that -- if i wanted to hear from somebody about now after just being trumped, i would wouldn't
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to hear from ben carson, and i would go to "fox news sunday" chris says he has an exclusive interview with dr. carson, first television appearance since trump's epic attack, the 95 minutes of trumping. and will speak about the recent college protests with the president of wesleyan university, and the founder of the foundation for individual rights whatever that is. on "fox news sunday." we'll all watch together before the giants and patriots. >> the terrorist nicknamed "jihadi john," now officials say they're almost certain they just offed him. just blew him up. blew him up to the point where you can't even identify the body, where there's nothing left but tiny little pieces and parts. did so with a hell fire missile. think of the name of that missile. how they're trying to figure out whether he has really been, well, hell-fired and what the
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an american airstrike has most likely killed "jihadi john." the masked islamic state executioner, or at least talking of executioning, who slices off the heads heads of westerners on video, as the face of the
12:17 pm
terrorist arm's social media campaign. that's the word from pentagon officials. most likely. reasonably certain is the quote that the bombing killed the militant in syria. officials had identified the executioner as mohammed emwazi, 20-something from london who studied computer science in college before traveling to syria in 2013. a former hostage says this guy, "jihadi john," was part of a group of four isis militants with british accent whom the prisoners nicknamed, the beatles. the former hostage the jihady john is from john lennon. there were videos of him standing there while beheadings happened. i say the way they edit it you can't be sure he is the one who did the deed but is certainly
12:18 pm
the voice of it. a japanese journalist killed on camera as well. that made him a liability for islamic state leaderes. i want to get to catherine herridge who is with us from washington. the airstrike was deep in isis territory. >> a hell fire missile targeting a convoy after leaving an office. the target is always the most vulnerable when they're on the move. this afternoon the pentagon providing limited detail but emphasizing there was strong intelligence. in the last year the u.s. ramped up collections from satellites and drones to make up for a lack of u.s. presence on the ground. the kill today was downplayed by the pentagon. >> a drone strike using a hell fire missile. for us it was a fairly routine hvi strike. we have killed on average one
12:19 pm
mid-to-upper level isil leader every two days since may. so for us this is fairly routine. >> given this is a high value target the preferred identification would be dna which requires putting a team on the ground. front an operationol standpoint this is not a major loss for isis because "jihadi john" was not doing strategy, train organize fundraising so this was about punishment, not a damaging operational strike, shep. >> all right. thanks. the white house officials have reached out to the families of "jihadi john's" victims to inform them he is likely dead. we have reaction the family of james foley released a statement saying the death does not bring jim back. if only so much effort had been given to finding and rescuing jim and the other hostages who were murdered by isis, they might be alive today. the parents of the american journalist steven sotloff released a statement saying the
12:20 pm
militant's death does not change anything and it's too little too late. the widow of the british aide worker, david hanes, says an air strike would be too easy a death for "jihadi john." she says i permanently would have liked to be able to come to the trial, look him in the face and see what kind of man is that. the brewer of the murdered british aide worker, allen henning, says he woulderred to e justice. >> kurdish forces making grounds in the battle but militants mail be gearing up to hit back. this is a very important step in a much bigger battle. we'll speak with a former nato supreme allied commander coming on fox news channel.
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kurdish forces backed by united states airstrike strikes have pushed into a strategic city in iraq. the kurds raised their flag over a government building in the center of the town of sinjar. that said, "associated press" reports isis didn't put up much of a fight and that could mean the militants are biding their time and waiting to strike back. u.s. officials say american boots are on the ground and working with the kurds. admiral a former nato supreme allied commander, now the dean of fletcher school of law and diplomacy at tufts university, also the author of the book "the accidental admiral." nice to see you. what do you make of this? >> i think this is a fairly important moment. first, the killing of "jihadi johnny." don't want to understate that. highly symbolic, given what he has done and it happened in
12:25 pm
raqqa, the center of their power structure. this piece is a geopolitical piece because it controls contre supply route between their headquarters in raqqa and the city of mosul. i don't think it's the beginning of the end but might be the end of the beginning phase, meaning we result now start gain momentum at our end. >> seems to be every time there's talk of a success, it seems the kurd are always involved, efer in the north of syria or the north of iraq, the ones and only. >> reporter: they absolutely are. i want to add that kurds worked with the gentleman -- gentleman sid di. the ones that were massacred and had their women raped and enslaved. those two together that own this victory. the kurds need more help from us. we ought to get more arms in their hands because they can fight. >> they're the fighters but they're not interested in helping out in other places. they want their own kurdistan
12:26 pm
that would be part of more than two countries. iraq, syria, part of turkey as well, the turks are scared to death of this stuff. the kurds will not fight in the south. we haven't found anyone else who will fight for us so though we may be able to get ahold of this one area in the north, what are you going to do about the rest? >> that's exactly the right strategic question to ask. so i think the answer remains -- and this is challenging but it's still the iraqi security forces in the south. they have tens of thousands of reasonably capable troops but we have to put u.s. boots on the ground in order to mentor, train and advise them. we don't need 150,000 troops in iraq again but we need 5,000 to 10,000. if we punch with the iraqis, the kurds from the north, we bomb in the west, we'll see that the islamic state its not ten feet tall. >> that sounds right, and hearing it from you makes me feel better.
12:27 pm
yet i have a history book of the last ten years and that tells me every time we think we can work with the regular fight are fors in iraq, they take our weapons, give them to the other side and run home. every single time. why it would be different now? >> because the islamic state represents a fundmental threat to their entire governance system in a way that previously they were so absorbed with fighting each other. this is an external threat at this point. i think it has a clarifying effect, especially previously when they were starting to edge toward baghdad. so hope springs eternal but i think there's a reasonable chance we can put them into the fight, kurds coming from the north, us doing the bombing in the west, that's our best shot right now. it's not a guarantee but our best strategy. >> it's what is coming. we all know. we don't know what time frame when all the poses come together, but then we'll see if
12:28 pm
the iraqis can be our partners. if they care about an iraq, because to now they haven't seemed to care about iraq, they care sunni, shea, the kurds care, about caring about iraq, haven't seen it. >> another way to put that is the iraqis have to care more about their children and the future of their nation than they do about killing each other. i'm hoping they have turned that corner. the other thing to consider, shep, is whether turkey would be willing to put troops on the ground. i think that's a possibility. they have called for the formation of a no-fly zone no-drive zone. if turkey could be brought in that could be an additional element. >> a lot of ifing and hoping but all we go. great to see you. the. the critics are slamming dr. ben carson, saying he is not ready to be commander-in-chief after he claimed the chinese military were in the civil war in syria. he is clarifying now. he has gone back and said it differently. and says here's what i meant. and we'll hear that because it's
12:29 pm
only fair. plus, the supreme court is taking on its first abortion case in eight years. this is new today. the fight is over some regulations that some state lawmakers are put only abortion clinics. if there had been a threat in the last eight to ten years to wade roe v. wade, thi is it. details coming up. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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12:32 pm
use the clerk's cell phone but he refused. police say the clerk went to the hospital. minor injuries. the guy who sued taylor swift over claims she stole his lyrics, says he wants to refile with another judge. one who apparently isn't such a big fan of taylor swift. that is according to tmz. yesterday a judge in los angeles used lyrics from one of swift's songs to misthe suit and it was funny. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in.
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12:35 pm
fuhrman in the d.c. news room. carson responding. explain. >> dr. been carson says his information is better than what they have over at the white house when it comes to certain actions inside syria. this began tuesday night at our debate on the fox business network when carson said of syria, and i'm quoting, you though the chinese are there as well as the russians. well, it's that part about the chinese involvement that has drawn attention the national security adviser says there's not any evidence of chinese involvement inside syria. speaking to reporters today, though in south carolina, carson backed up his intel. >> i have several sources that i've gotten this from. i'm surprised my sources are better than theirs. >> the carson campaign sent out a memo saying carson never said china was fighting in syria, rather, providing weapons and equipment. >> just kind of there. how is the white house responding?
12:36 pm
>> the white house press secretary laughed off carson earlier today. josh earnest was asked about this and said, he was speechless. >> i guess it's not common that -- maybe it violates my job description as a spokesperson to be speechless but in this case i am. >> at the news conference in south carolina carson said he would be releasing his material before the end of the weekend. >> we'll look forward to that. now the democratic candidates are getting ready to face off tomorrow night for their second primetime debate, saturday night. imagine having to do the post debate on that on a saturday night while football is being played. sounds horrible. the "associated press" reports hillary clinton already had had -- has a stangerring lead over her rivals, senator bernie sanders and the former maryland governor martin o'malley. it polledded 30% of democratic insiders who will be voting for the party's nomination next
12:37 pm
summer and clinton has half of their support. let's bring back ed henry in des moines. the debate tomorrow night, on a saturday, on the cbs. >> reporter: well, it's interesting because some of the democratic national committee's critics say they picked a saturday night because it will get less attention because of college football and other distractions over the weekend. the dnc insisted they're not covering for hillary clinton in any way, and she may take some fire tomorrow night. remember, she is riding high in the polls right now in large part because of fit debate in vegas she did so well, has not looked back. but there's a different dynamic two candidates have dropped sought you only have three on the stage. all of these republican debates with that crowded g.o.p. field it's a struggle to get everyone a chance to get their word in edgewise. in this case, hillary clinton may be taking a lot of fire from bernie sanders, martin o'mall we, and remember that in the first debate bernie sand terse
12:38 pm
has a chance to attack her about the e-mail situation and declined to do that. me may want a do-over tomorrow night here in des moines. >> secretary clinton is obviously leading in the vast majority -- all the polls but some suggest it could be more of a struggle in a general election. right? >> reporter: if you look at the latest "washington post" abc news poll it confirms something, between the e-mail controversy other, struggles for hillary clinton, is that her unfavor ability raising is 50%, favorability, 46%. gives you an that idea among democrats her favorability rating is off the charts, 83%. she is locking up the nomination but in a general election it's a whole new ball game, but we have to see who she actually is facing and whatter their unfavorability numbers. >> that will make a number. carl -- you're not carl. you neat to get back home sometimes. the supreme court is set to hear major indication on abortion.
12:39 pm
this is the one i mentioned. this will the the first them supreme court itself has tackled this issue in any way since 2007. this particular dispute is about a law in the state of texas that would close the majority of the state's abortion clinics, and the question for the supremes is whether that places too much of a burden on a woman's constitutional right to an abortion which was re-established under roe v. wade. let's get the details from trace gallagher. explain the arguments. >> texas passed a law two years ago mandating that abortion clippics must have the same standards a surgical centers which means passing building codes, specialized equipment and increasing staffing. doctors who perform abortions need to have privileges at a nearby hospital, abortion clinics say it's just not financially feasible to comply with those strict standards and that 80% of the clinics, mostly in rural areas, would be forced to shut down. because of that, and that would delay or prevent thousands of
12:40 pm
women from obtaining an abortion or force them to get a risky abortion. texas awe likers say they're simply looking out for the well-being of women, saying better equipment and more staffing helps alleviate the dangers associated with abortion. >> what kind of timeline are we thinking here for the argument from the supreme court and then the decision by the court? >> well, the court will likely hear the case in march or april next year, and a ruling sometime? june, just few months before we elect a new president. opponents argue that states should not have the power to put regular layings in place that violate a woman's constitutional right. texas will argue the supreme court shouldn't be acting like the country's most powerful medical board with the power to set medical standards across the country. now, it's fascinating that justice anthony kennedy stands to bet the deciding vote here because kennedy is the one that wrote a key opinion back in 1992 saying, states do have a
12:41 pm
legitimate interest in regulating abortion but could not impose an undo burden, and now kennedy will be left to decide if texas is imposing an undue burden. >> officials in saudi arabia say they caught smugglers trying to sneak heineken into the country. all cans disguised as pepsi. i haven't soon the video and the pictures and they're good. here we go this is heineken looking like heineken. except the star is red. add up to 200 cases. some of the video here, and officials -- i was think, okay, probably put a sticker on the cans about u but much more complicated. cut the thing off and underneath that pepsi squiggle, that's where you find the heineken. drink organize carrying booze is a serious crime in saudi arabia. yet they routinely go to bahrain
12:42 pm
and drink it up good. but you can only do it there. in a secrete way. if you do it there the drinking of the heineken the punishment can be prison time and flogging because saudi arabia, our ally and good friends. still, that does not stop people from trying smuggle it in because heineken, saudi officials have posted photos from the booze busts, another one here involving heineken, with the large red star. some point we'll get back to the regular heineken with the short neck, for now you have to go to beau rip to get your heineken. >> the white house secret service officer accused of trying to hook up with a teenaged guilder. not a 19-year-old girl. even sending obscene photos. turns out investigators say he was actually sexting with an undercover detective who was very much an adult. from the white house. in other words, at the white
12:43 pm
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and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. quarter to 4:00 in new york. oops, 14 until 4:00. another embarrassing mess at the secret service. one officer accused of trying to seduce a 14-year-old girl from the white house, while working there inside the people's home. according to the feds, officer lee moore, seen here, had graphic sex chats online with a person he thought was a teenager but was actually an undercover cop. they said he sent, quote, obscene selfies, unquote and asked for something, quote, exciting" because, he said, work sucks today. now the white house is responding. >> i'm aware of those reports. the -- obviously from reading the reports the allegations
12:47 pm
included in them are disgusting. >> this is the latest embarrassment for the secret service, going back to well, 2012. that is when more than a dozen agents were accused of hiring hookers in colombia, and allegations of agents drinking and driving on the jab and then crashing a car. fence jumpers making it to the white house lawn and one making it inside. the cost the secret service director her job. now sexting inside a white house to a person thought to be a little girl. john busse is with us. secret service, secret no more. >> this is a long string of the problems. not on the list was three agents drunk in the netherlands, one falling down in the hallway of the hotel. he was on a trip with the president. so, there's been a long strung of these and already cost the
12:48 pm
secret service director her job. the big issue here is not only is there, in the case of this instance, federal and state charges involved, but when you are soliciting hookers in the colombia, or going out drinking in some other country, you open yourself up to the possibility you could be blackmailed by somebody who might want to gain access to the president. hugely dangerous from a security standpoint,. >> we can take this back to when the one guy got into the house, and thankfully the president wasn't there, and ran around in circles with somebody off-duty took him off. it was then that was widely said, we need a change in culture here. a big push to get someone from outside the system to come in to run the place, and in the end, they got one from inside the system. is anybody rethinking that? >> the new director says, there are number of problems here, one of which you have people under a lot of stress, and the culture
12:49 pm
of the place has in some instances encouraged the use of alcohol as way to relieve the stress and that leads to other problems. the problem was there was a culture within the secret service which made it uncomfortable for people to raise a hand and say there's a problem. that's what he hays been trying to change. evidently not successful so far. this guy apparently was on the job, he was an employee of the secret service in the white house, on the job, sexting. >> ats' point history tells us, during some administration in this sometime future, someone is going to try to do something to our leader and at that point everybody on earth is going to point become at all of these little things from the secret service and go, why didn't you? is anyone thinking about that? >> the secret service can say there are lot of agents who are doing their job and taking a lot of daily risks risks and are the episodic cases of misbehavior, and unfortunately it reflects on the secret service as a whole. in south africa, the instance where the person got up and was
12:50 pm
pretending they were signing for the president during a speech about three or four feet away from the president, turned out to be somebody who was schizophrenic and wasn't able to sign, but had gotten through the security. that is the concern. >> just speaking nothingness. hiding for get toen about that. a lot of laughs out of that but still serious. >> because it's the president of the united states, and this is supposed to be the bubble that protects him. >> john busse, thank you. >> pleasure. >> a dangerous situation in the skies. more laser strikes on aircraft overnight, according to a record-peeking number of cases already being investigated. the feds so far saying they cannot stop it. how long until a laser blinds a pilot and then what? stay with us. people talk about "deals"
12:51 pm
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the trend of people tarring aircraft with lasers is getting worse. we reported yesterday on a few incidents in the new york city area in recent days but officials say it happened again in texas, in arizona, and in california, just last night. accord fog federal aviation administration laser strike's aircraft have hit a record high. look at the wall. since the year 2010 the number of incidents has nearly doubled. that moves as fast as the national debt clock 5. thousand this year alone. what's the faa doing about this? >> reporter: really they're asking for the public's help. they're telling people to keep their eyes open, and if you see someone shining a laser an aairplane to call it in 'the faa says the problem is a lot of people think it's a prank or joke and don't realize it can temporarily blind pilots when they're trying to land the giant airplane full of people because you can buy the laser pointer
12:55 pm
things for a couple of bucks anywhere. but shining a laser at an aircraft, like someone did this week to the wnbc news chopper in new york and other commercial airliners around the country, it is a federal offense, and because of the increase in the cases, the faa now stepping up the penalties. in fact if you're caught and you're convicted you could face up to 20 years behind bars, and pay a $250,000 fine. >> we'll be back with a nod to this day in history and a look back at a day when man began to control the weather. 40% of the n detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world,
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12:59 pm
blind you didn't know what was going on in four weeks they'll be wearing color uniforms of primary colors instead of one white, the problem is folks say we can't tell who is who. and didn't -- >> the bills are the ones winning. >> they were. and they also said it was exacerbated because they couldn't figure out the uniforms from the turf. the nfl says they test evidence everything on the turf but not the color blindness. >> listen to the radio. thank you. on this day in 1946, human created snow for the first time. historians say lots of folks once considered the idea of making fake snow to be magical thinking like voodoo. scientists came up with a way. he got a plane, flew up a thousand feet in the air and started dropping pellets of ice over the clouds and now we call that cloud seeding. of course, now we have machines to make the snow, which you can
1:00 pm
fine at a ski resort anywhere, after man finally conquered mother nature. 69 years ago today. when news breaks out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. here's cavuto. >> thank you, shepard. i'm neil cavuto and you're watching "your world." a good thing we have chris christie on with us because he has been espousing tough love and speaking frank live about things governments can not do. we're getting enormous reaction to a chat i had with a university student who leads the effort to have the government pick up the tab, not only for her college debt but for free college for everybody, and on and on and on. this video, a portion we'll show you now, has already gotten more than two million hits. not quite as much as governor christie but a statement. >> someone has to pick up the tab. who is that?


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