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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 13, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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fine at a ski resort anywhere, after man finally conquered mother nature. 69 years ago today. when news breaks out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. here's cavuto. >> thank you, shepard. i'm neil cavuto and you're watching "your world." a good thing we have chris christie on with us because he has been espousing tough love and speaking frank live about things governments can not do. we're getting enormous reaction to a chat i had with a university student who leads the effort to have the government pick up the tab, not only for her college debt but for free college for everybody, and on and on and on. this video, a portion we'll show you now, has already gotten more than two million hits. not quite as much as governor christie but a statement. >> someone has to pick up the tab. who is that? >> um, the one percent of people
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in society that are hoarding. the wealth and really sort of causing a catastrophe that students are facing. >> your friends will be happy getting to a point in their career when they can look outside and say, finally, i'm able to pay 90% in tacks. >> obviously people in your position don't want to pay 90% -- >> i dare say, unless you're high as a kite, you wouldn't volunteer to pay 90%. right? unless you really did see a considerable bang for the buck and it was worth it. but you realize it's not worth and given the track record with government, doesn't always work. right? >> yeah. absolutely. but the reality is, we have to look at the injustice of the system right now. >> that went on for the better part of eight minutes. let me cut to the chase. talking about how really isic these goals were to have the government pick up the tab for
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everybody's education to forgive debts and mandate $15 minimum wage and on and on we go. it was such an unusual type of interview and exchange that it engendered a viral type of the nature we rahrly see on fox business, and the woman who has been crunching it is jolene kent. >> the response on social media has been simply tremendous. take a look at this. your interview with million student march co-0,er has been viewed -- co-organizer has been viewed 2 about 2 million times on facebook, 64,000 likes, and 68,000 comments and counting. tweets and facebook posts have been pouring in. on facebook, pat said this: there we go. she needs to get off hero high horse of entitlement and go her own money for take out loops. nothing is free and you can see the one percent just like they are by paving your own way. others were a little more
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supportive. chelsea commented: she sees all the benefits other countries reap and would like to achieve them, too. she is not asking for handout. we're teenagers who strive to change the world for us, for the united states, for the better. and this video has reached more than 8 million people, certainly striking a very serious chord across the u.s. and around the world. >> all right. thank you very much. man who knows how to get a reaction, certainly -- we're not anticipating nor were mine is governor chris christie from the fine state of new jersey, i believe you're just opening up offices there? >> yes, sir, neil. so far, the statewide campaign headquarters in iowa. i had no idea what viral meant until i was hearing about the reaction you got from your town hall comments which were
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riveting where you talked about the addiction but more to your point about the republican party obsessed witch how you fare for the nine months you're in the womb but discussing little what you do after that. if thought it was very telling and might explain the surge you have seen going on in new hampshire. but to viral videos themselves, governor, whether it involve as discussion there or something very emotional or discussion i had on this show that concerned more economic brass tacks, what do you make of that as a new communication, new way that reaches out to voters even if completely unintended. >> well, i can tell you that i just look at my children. i have a 22-year-old son in college and a 19-year-old daughter in college. this is the way they communicate. this is the way they get their news. this is the way they get their information and the way they talk to their friends. and so certainly the millenials believe this is the way to communicate with folks and it's
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extraordinarily powerful, and you can see from the reaction you got just to your video, 2.2 million people viewing them already on facebook. that is extraordinary when you think about what the daily ratings are for different programs. the fact is that's a lot of people across the country to see something. 8.1 million people now having looked at the eviction video that was put up about me. this is a powerful way to communicate, and all of us are adjusting ourselves to the new way. >> certainly opened up a new vantage point we didn't appreciate in looking at who is commanding voters r attention. poles have nod hat a chance to measure the magnitude or impact of donald trump's remarks about, i'm quoting, how stupid iowa voters are in putting someone like a ben carson high on their preference list when he was talking about carson and his various pathological issues. it could go on and on.
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you're familiar with this. most people are. do you think that is the kind of stuff that will boomerang on donald trump? >> let me make a general statement of critical principle. never helps, i think to have people that you're asking to vote for you to have you call them stupid. i don't think that's groundbreaking political analysis, but it's the truth, and i've said all along that everybody who runs for president, you're responsible for the words that come out of your mouth and i don't think people will appreciate those words. >> you said before that although you like donald trump he doesn't have the comportment or background to happen the kind of job he is looking for, the presidency. he flipped it in an interview saying that if it came to looking at running mates, he would look at you and thinks you would be an attractive candidate. are you guys on the same page? >> i think a lot of donald. we have been friends for 13
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years. what i said to him is i don't think his skills are best suited for the presidency. and if the speaker of the house wouldn't post a bill he wanted, you can't fire him and you have to learn how to work the system and work it well. that's what i've done in new jersey as governor for six years. with a lot of success. and that's what i would have to do as president. what i would do and am trained to do as president. i think i'm the better trained person for the job that we're applying for. >> but you're not exactly shy about being blunt yourself. right? >> no. i'm not shy. you know that, neil. >> all right. let me ask you. just want to get your opinion on other things that have gone on today, governor. one, from jennifer lawrence, very popular actress, dispaging republicans in comments saying, among other things, i was raided a republican but just can't imagine supporting a party that doesn't support women's basic rights. it's 2015, and gay people can
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get married and we think we come so far, so, yay, but have we? i don't want to stay quiet about that stuff by inference republican. what do you think of that? >> listen. she is entitled to her opinion itch just think she is wrong. the fact is that our party absolutely believes in the rights of every woman, and let's look at the proof of out. nicki hailee, the governor of south carolina, martinez, the doctor of new mexico, the governor of oklahoma, kelly ayotte, a leading republican in the country, united states senator from new hampshire. quite frankly when you look at the record, the republican party has given opportunities to many more women than the democratic party has, and so i -- she is entitled to her opinion. i just think she is dead wrong. >> you did very well with female voters voters in your re-election. you scored 48% of the hispanic vote. ern 2340% of the black vote -- 20% of the black vote.
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those are alien concepts. houston do you make that pitch when donald trump is stealing all the oxygen? >> well, because i'm not donald trump, and i think that as this gets closer to actually people caucusing and going into voting booths and voting, they'll really look at not only who can shake up washington but who can then rebuild it after you shake it up. who has the experience, the temperment, the maturity, and who has been tested? i think when they look at the questions they'll see the guy who has been tested in the toughest, most liberal media market in north america in the last 13 years, somebody who has been tested by a democratic legislature, has succeeded, and someone who has been tested by a state that is a great state, but is often a bit unruly to try to conch. -- to govern. that's the kind of person they want to send to washington, dc to get the job done. >> it does tip slightly blue.
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there are more recent polls where you're not as popular as you were. when new jerseyans were polled, their republican preference for president, you were i think fourth. a lot of them think you should be focusing and staying back home. how do you address that? >> i don't blame them. they're into theled to their view you see that's happen in most of the states where sitting governors decide to run for president. folks would rather have you've stay home. but i was very open with the voters in new jersey in 2013. way was asked whether i would rule out running for president and i said i would not. even though i said that, 61% of the people in the state votto re-elect met. 51% of hispanics, 57% of women. so i have broad support then. whenever you're looking for another job, your current employer can get a little miffed at times. i understand that. i'm term-limited in new jersey. i want to be president of the
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united states, i have been open about that. and we're moving towards trying to be elected president of the united states. >> you're going to the sunshine shot i in florida. talk bat guy with a tough love message in a state where social security is near and dear and a dominant issue. you're one of only two who has woken up to the fact that social security is not sustainable. you called it as it is but you have had to face controversy and how is that going to go down, not as if you have been a stranger to florida. when yaw talk to retirees and other folks, you're the guy who is going to destroy it. how do you convince them that's not what you're up to? >> i would say if we follow the advice of the other candidates on the stage for the republicans, who certainly presumptive democratic nominee, hillary clinton, that social security will be insolvent in seven two eight years, based on a study put out a few moms ago. the fact that inaction is not an
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option here, and what i want to do is save social security for everybody. but we have tight. we're living longer, better lives. that's a blessing. we need to rates the retirement age in order to deal with that. >> how would you do that? i'm sorry, governor. how would you do that? the age raising thing. >> i'd rates the retirement age two year identifies it in over 250 years. it would go -- 25 years, it would go up one month a year so no one is being thrown off the cliff no one in social security or but it would affect our children, and we need to have a more solvent system for them, and they believe they'll never get a nick out of social security. we have to turn that attitude around. that's the first thing. second thing is i've said for folks who have four or five million dollars saved and make over $200,000 a year in retirement income, do they really need a social security check? the alternative is to
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drastically raise taxes on everyone for so social security. that's what hillary clinton will propose. i don't think we that give the government authority, who lied and stole from the social security fund, more of our money. give bench fits to those who don't need it. have millions of dollars saved and make over $200,000 a year in retirement income. >> a lot of the crowd you'll be addressing in florida fit that bill. >> if they do they need to hear the truth from the person who whatnots to be the president of the united states. what they should hold the other folks to is, what are you going to do? not good enough to say we'll do nothing. doing nothing will affect people on associating security -- social security now. they will lose their social security if we do something. i propose the same social security for those who need and it the people who makes a difference between sprint heat and food. those people need to be protected and they've worked hard and played by the rules and paid into the system. for those who have been fortunate, worked hard and been
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successful, i don't believe they're going to be angry about having to walk away from a social security check once a month when it really won't change their life at all. if anyway know the result will be that system will be solvent for those who need and it for their children and grandchildren. >> how is money in the campaign doing? obviously you have enough to open this office. how are you doing? >> we're doing okay. in fact the last three weeks, better than before. when i was sent down to the other debate, that week was our best week of online financing. fundraising of the entire campaign because people felt like that was an unfair decision. so we wound up getting a lot more support online than we have gotten throughout the entire campaign. campaigning is always a slog and difficult but we're doing lament we need to do to be competitive. >> you wouldn't that one handily. let in the get your thought why iowa and not new hampshire where you're truly surging. >> well, we already have hawks open in new hampshire. we opened that one up a few
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weeks ago. we're now opening up our campaign headquarters in iowa. i want to do well in both states. if die well the both saids i'll be the republican nominee for president and be on that stage next september taking on hillary clinton and i think the people in your audience know there's no one more tested and ready to prosecute the case against hillary clinton than a former federal prosecutor and now the governor of new jersey. that is what we want to do keep our eye on the ball. this is all about beating hillary clinton because there's no sill very medals in this business, either you win or go home, and i intend to win. >> governor christie, thank you very much. >> yes, great to be on the program. >> we have the latest on the isis threat from the white house after this.
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just getting word of what appears to be multiple shoot next city of paris. two are dead from an explosion in a bar near paris stadium, and separately, shootout at a paris
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restaurant. we don't know anything more than that. this has become a multiple casualty event in at least two different locations. we had already had on -- based on this new isis revelation in the united states about how we might have been able to take out the isis assassin, "jihadi john," with former homeland security secretary tom ridge out of washington. don't want to hit you with this but looks like it could be terrorist incidents again in paris. what are we looking at here? another reminder? >> i think you're right. unfortunately our first reaction when this troubling news comes across the network, is that it is tied to terrorism, and given the historic lies of these kinds of instance deps as part of this -- incidents as part of this regime of terror, whether it's isil, al qaeda or sympathizers, it's a natural
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first reaction and we have to wait to get more information before we draw final conclusion. >> why -- you hear paris and london, a little more frequently than you hear new york or washington, and i'm wondering, are they cities that even with the recent attacks on how they try to tighten things up after attacks -- thinking be the "charlie hebdo" attacks -- they're still vulnerable? >> i think one of the challenges that a lot of our friends in europe have is that for many years they have proclaimed how they were multicultural, and in fact we know that europe has -- a place where a lot of muslims have settled, and yet -- and a lot of foreigners have settled, but unlike the united states never assimilated into the broader fabric of the country. more often that nonsegregated. i you're segue degree grate fed your community and don't have the education, you don't have the employment opportunities,
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you may create both cultural and economic situations and environment where the appeal of the jihaddists is much more attractive. so, again, not drawing any conclusions, but it's one thing to be multicultural and your country embraces people from around the world, but it's another thing to assimilate them into the broader fabric of your country and america has done that far better than the rest of the world. >> again for folks at home, we appear to have multiple shootout in paris. we know two dead. a none of wound -- a number of wounded. different reports only anywhere from four to six wounded, outside of paris, restaurant, and not too far from a paris stadium. does seem to echo a lot of the repeated attacks in and around "charlie hebdo" publishing headquarters. that was some months ago. but back to what you were saying, governor ridge, about finding vulnerable points and
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very public points. no one is claiming responsibility for' this as yet and we have been monitor our sky news feeds but appears to be something that looks coordinated. what's the first thing when you were at homeland security secretary you looked for parallels, right? >> ow luke for parallels and look obviously the law enforcement and police had no idea it was coming. in a free, open society, we know there are many points of vulnerability. and we just have to accept that, and we have to also accept that the 21st century unfortunately we'll be dealing, i believe permanently, with the global scourge of terrorism, and we have to respond in and recover phenomenon these events as quickly as possible. there's no conceivable way without precise information about the details that you can prevent these things from happening. so, one would argue that the
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best way to defeat and from coming into your city, your country, is to go right to the source, and destroy the evil and the ideology that embraces the evil in places like syria, and iraq, and afghanistan. because at the end of the day the tip of this spear is not your own country, but destroying the evil where it'ses and where it continues to promote its ideology. and as we said before, that's what we used our military for and why unfortunately i don't think our actions in that part of the world as a country, let alone the inaction from some of our allies in that region, has failed to reduce -- stem the tide of isil and reduce the threat of al qaeda around the world. >> we should stress that no one has called this a terrorist incident, just multiple event incident, beginning at a restaurant, bar near paris stadium, and separately, at said
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stadium. there's talk as well of a third incident here. none of the events appear to be -- they're not saying they are linked at this time, but we do know that as least two dead, and at least six others wounded. that is all we know but shepard smith might have more. >> we're monitoring different feeds in the news deck and don't want to jump to conclusions but i can tell you what is involve there has been a shootout of in kind, at least two locations and appears now a third. according to the reporting of france 24, involved now are a bar, a nightclub and a cafe next to the stadium where france and germany were playing an international friendly, soccer match. the german -- the french president, francois poland was -- hollande was in attendance. the death toll we do not know but sky news is using a feed from france 24, and the scene is
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a bit chaotic tonight as the news has just broken and it's happened at this restaurant. the shooting at the restaurant itself has left two people dead, and seven people wounded, and many questions now about what had happened at the stadium next door, and what the reasoning might have been-especially with the idea that the french president was inside. to jump to conclusions here would be the wrong thing, of course, but when you have multiple locations, french 24 is reporting three different locations statement, we can confirm but two. we have multiple locations for shootouts at the same time, your mind will certainly wander toward the inevitable, someone has planned this and this has happened for reasons which you and the former secretary have been discussing. 25 minutes past the hour. these are live pictures from france. on the left-hand side of your screen is a map of the area about which we're speaking. on the right live pictures coming to us through the
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facilities of france 24, and our -- and sky news, which is sort of a fox news equivalent that works across the united kingdom and europe, and there have been attacks in the last few minutes. the details of which we still don't know. you may have heard the noise that just happened. from the reuters news agency sat shooting incident in paris, withs say three dead. explosion heard near soccer stadium. here are the thing wes have from multiple reporting partners whom we trust. i said hollande was there and i should have said the former president was there the initial report we got from our people on the ground it was the president, but it was the former president. no reason to believe that any of them were deathed. anyone with them. but the new york post is describing it as a gun battle that has broken out.
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it's been describing as two separate attacks, a shoot out at a restaurant and an explosion heard at the stadium itself. there are different accounts of how many people may have died in all of this but i can tell you that the most recent word we have gotten is from thompson reuters, which reports three dead and as many as seven have been wounded. we know of the two different locations. imagine if you could -- you see the map on the left-hand side of the screen, in evidence to the stadium in the center of paris, number of different businesses, among them a nightclub, cafe, and other businesses, plus a bar next to the stadium. we now have reports of this shooting in three different locations. the nightclub, the cafe, and the bar, though the majority of the reporting indicates it either began and ended in this bar, or spread from one to the other. it is too soon to know for sure but two different reports, one of an explosion at the stadium and another of shooting inside
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the building. now we're hearing from "associated press," two explosions, separate explosions heard from the stadium in paris during the france and germany football match. it was a friendly, not a competition of sorts, but instead a friendly. you seek the red dot on the map on the left-hand of your screen. that's the stadium itself. is this terror related? we have no way to know for sure but the shooting itself happened in the restaurant, leaving two people dead and seven wounded there. that's according to sky news, our partners and owned by our company in the united kingdom. so two separate events. we don't know whether the explosion, the reports of two heard explosions at the stadium, hurt nip elm just know there are reports of two explosions happening. patrons there, people who had gone to the soccer match, having heard not one but two explosions in and around the stadium.
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so, that is what we're following at the moment, we're waiting for further updates. the "associated press" has been farther out in front of this, saying as many as three people died and a number of people have been wounded. the shooting itself at the restaurant, which is next to a bar, and a nightclub, and reports from all of those of the shooting, though it's our belief the shooting itself happened inside the restaurant. so, that is the latest as we have it. we're waiting for an official word. you see the live camera on the right -- now you see the map. the spot where it happened. waiting for official word from local authorities and we're watching that very closely. these are brand new pictures just come into us. these are from social media and otherwise from the scene there. you can see the police have arrived in somewhat large numbers, and people milling about. i must say it does not look like a scene of panic on the streets of paris tonight. again, paris, new york city, plus -- eastern time, plus six hours, so we're 29 -- half past
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10:00 the at night on a friday, and there are not scenes of chaos and bedlam but reports of the shootings, and we'll continue to follow this. further we have gotten other breaking news. following the missouri incidents. missouri football coach jerry pinkel says he will resign at the end of the season, he says for health reasons. so who big stories we're following with updates. we'll come back to you. >> that adds to the president and a chance lore -- chancellor, and also trying to find out how far these shootings were in the "charlie hebdo" area. with us right now is lieutenant colonel tony schaffer. the first thing you try to put together when you hear reports of multiple incidents, none of which we hear paris authorities are calling terror, what do you start thinking and doing and start telling your men? >> well, you said the same thing. "charlie hebdo." you think what has already happened and look at the patterns which you may have missed last time which are coming up again. let's be clear here, we know
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that isis is becoming, i would say, extraordinarily aggressive, and you add on top of that the refugee flow which everybody wreck nyes is out of control. these are new factor is would add to the picture and would immediately look at what they're trying to do here. and by the way, these things tend to happen more than in just one location so may be other attacks either planned for execution adjacent to this or near this, or within the next couple of days. so i'd start looking at what we missed last time, what is new, the new isis aggressiveness and new refugees and what might be happening in the next 24 to 48 hours and immediately kind of obviously ramp up security in all key locations. >> i agree. can't call it anything else than just -- say it -- multiple incidents like this. but the one thing i do wonder, as we're getting new pictures in and around the area where the
1:32 pm
shootings and explosions occurred it comps at a time, it's hot story in france how they handle violence. i don't know if this reporter is speaking in english. i doubt it. could we dip into that? in paris. >> in the background but we are now getting a picture of two separate incidents. we don't know the timing, though whether they actually were simultaneous or closely linked. >> weapon don't know the time or whether they were linked, some sort solve terrorist attack in the next hour that will emerge when the police say more but we do understand there have been fatalities, four at the moment. we understand. that's reported by french newspapers. clearly a scene of chaos. ambulances, police at the scene. >> these pictures just coming from earlier. these aren't live. but we can see coming out of the
1:33 pm
this car now that these appear to be quite well protected anti-terrorist police with the gun vests and automatic weapons. so clearly this is a very significant response that the police are putting in place hey i was in paris when the "charlie hebdo" attacks happened, and this was a -- scared by what happened. it was incredibly silent. almost erie back in january, and of course, they are on high alert, given what happened, a number of people died then. >> that was like police response initially. one of the issues that was discussed. >> it was and that was indeed criticizedded. you can see they're at the scene very prompt. we don't know whether this is related to any sort of terrorist attack, but clearly someone has opened fire in this bar, in
1:34 pm
paris, and then there have been this separate incident by the football stadium which is just north of paris. >> more details coming through now as we switch to live pictures. with "associated press" saying that the bar itself, or restaurant as it's now being called, is actually near the stadium with large number of ambulances now at that scene, and indeed the two separate explosions, even though they were heard from within -- fired six marks from the city center at this friendly match, appear to have been at a bar near the stadium. that's the confusion. we're talking at a restaurant where the shooting took place or shootout as it's billion called, and then the explosions heard outside, at a bar near the stadium but unclear if anyone is hurt in that incident. >> but in terms of the other
1:35 pm
incident, just to update you, and just seeing on twitter, people at the scene saying that they can see ten people on the road either dead or seriously injured. so this is a huge attack, going to have a huge impact on the city. >> more news. is now going to the interior minister -- rushing to the anywhere ministry to keep track of events. that has just been issued from his office. as rebecca was saying, indications he had been moved quickly to safety, back to the city center in paris, presumably to some kind of secure location, but now heading to the interior ministry to establish exactly the nature of this attack, whether it is some kind of coordinated terrorist attack or some kind of criminal activity. but clearly as we can see from the pictures we're receiving there is a very significant
1:36 pm
police response here with the -- what had been described as anti-terror police with the automatic weapons. rebecca, you were reporting that at the time of the "charlie hebdo" attacks it was a very quiet, strained atmosphere. it appears in a month since then that things have relaxed. that paris has got back to normal. but this will be causing great concern for the french government. >> certainly. paris is a place that is usually bustling. there's a great atmosphere there when i was there in january there was a sense of fear, really, in fact the hotel i was in, there was media everywhere at the time -- >> you are listening to sky coverage in london commenting on what happened in paris and they are giving us different numbers about the attacks or incidents. no one has been using the word terrorist attack, but we should say we had two dead and five to
1:37 pm
seven injured. they seem to say four dead, and a dozen injured. i also heard them referring to tweets coming in, referring to ten bodies, i think they said on the ground. again, that would obviously indicate something a lot more severe but again, i might not have heard the full description of that, or whether those bodies are just people lying in wait. but sheriff has been listening to this. you originally were booked on another issue but on this, and these multiple type of apparent incidents, there usually -- if there's two, it's one thing. if there's three, it's another. how do you play this out? sort this out? >> well, not only having been to paris, clearly an international city, over two million residents just there, and so many more who visit. we in law enforcement here in the united states always plan and know that any type of attack or incident, and if there's
1:38 pm
multiple, those are usually indicators for us that something else is going on, and it could be much larger than may be apparent at the immediate moment. so this is where we don't overreact to an initial incident or two incidents, knowing there could be a diversion. we see that even two-bit criminals do that. who often times they may call or create a diversion in an effort to draw multiple response from our local law enforcement in order to do something completely entirely different. >> well, we'll keep an eye on it. >> too early to tell -- >> hang on, hang on. shepard smith has more. >> the serious and ramifications of this are becoming clear and we now have word from police agents, the french press agency that at least 18 people are dead. there's been a shootout inside a restaurant, an explosion at a nearby bar. the stadium that is right there, as it's been described to us,
1:39 pm
contains both the french president's, francois hollande, and the former president, jacque chirac, and according to the discrimination from the police, quote, masked men emerged on all sides and began firing. quoting now from our sister sunsetwork sky news, at least four people have been killed, though the number has now been updated for us to as many as 18, and others wounded after this shooting at a restaurant in paris and an explosion at a bar nearby. witnesses are now saying, including a reuters news agency reporter, that bodies are on the ground outside the restaurant and police have cordoned off the area after the attack in this area around the stadium. this all happened sometime in the last 40 minutes, and unbelievably, the soccer match, which is a friendly between germany and france continues now with the french president and to
1:40 pm
get media reports but the soccer match does continue. is this terrorist related? we cannot know for sure until an organize takes responsibility. but it is hard to imagine anything but as masked men, if they report is correct from police and others, have emerged only all sides as it's been reported and began shooting outside the stadium at a restaurant and bar. how did it begin? let's listen now to our sister sunsetwork sky news. >> -- dead and injured at the restaurant. >> yes, exactly. the restaurant is just down the road, so far we have heard that there has been about 18 shots, but there hasn't been actually any position about how many are actually dead. the restaurant is frequently visited by the popular -- popular with tourists as well as
1:41 pm
a younger generation, probably around the age of 20. we still don't know who he perpetrators of this attack, and although within margin of what has been going on, i'm sure we'll know more information at the -- >> new information just coming into us at fox news, through asp. in addition to this shooting and this explosion -- if we can turn the noise done -- in addition to the explosion and she thatting we just got word that hostages have been taken at a nearby concert hall in central paris. so, our understanding of things, again, this is a developing situation at 19 minutes before 11:00 p.m. in paris, a shooting and an explosion happened almost simultaneously. 18 victims said to be there. and nearby at a concert hall, the french press agency reports a number of hostages have been taken. we have no word of what the
1:42 pm
requests of the hostage-takers are, why they've done this, what they want in exchange for these hostages. we don't know the condition of these hostages. we know at least 18 people have been shot, initial word from asp -- the french press agency, afp. there were 18 dead. early reporting, sorting these things out, almost impossible, but big picture is somewhat easier, and the big picture lends us to the shootout, the bombing separately but nearby outside the stadium, and now, further, the hostage situation going on at a nearby -- paris concert hall. i should tell you that all of this comes at a time of great turmoil inside france and paris specifically, with lots of different questions about the terrorism threat there. new information coming in from sky news. listen. >> -- have been killed in the
1:43 pm
coming minutes and hours and that's been this other attack, an explosion close to the stadium where a friendly match was being held between france and germany. the french president was there. has now been evacuated from the stadium. we don't yet know whether anyone in that area has been affected or of course injured, but we do know that 18 people, or at least reports -- >> this according to the tv station here, we're monitoring. let's just update you. francois hole land is at the ministry of the interior to coordinate this response to to what french police are saying are multiple acts of violence in and around paris, with several dead as rebecca said, unofficial version is 18. football stadium where there was
1:44 pm
a friendly played, attended by flint hollande help was moved to safety after two explosions were heard, loud enough to silence the crowd, we're told, and indications are that the explosions were at a bar near to the football stadium. no indications yet of deaths of injuries there but does appear that we have 18 deaths at the other locations. this restaurant near the stadium which is very close to the former offices of "charlie hebdo," the magazine that was tarringed -- targeted in januar. this is the picture the french authorities are looking at to try to link the geography and the timing, and indicating -- indications from social media that many more people are on the pavement outside this restaurant. >> that's what people seem to be saying. just to -- this is being widely
1:45 pm
reported there is a hostage situation at the concert hall in paris. those three different areas that have been targeted. it seems in some sort of coordinated incident and attack. we don't yet know whether it's terror-related, but i think it's fair to say at this stage it seems like it is some sort of coordinated attack. now, as you say, there are 18 fatilities reported by french media in one location. >> rebecca, bear with us. we have another witness, joining us on the line, who is a tourist visiting from amsterdam, who arrived in paris this evening. thank you for joining us on the phone. what did you see and hear? >> well, i just came out of the metro and there were a lot of sirens going off, people were shouting and running, and we were told to get off the street
1:46 pm
so that's what we did. now we're here in a home of people having a beer, and just like waiting here. >> i understand you were told to get off the streets. >> yes. people told us there was gunfire, multiple guns were here -- were heard, and people told us it's not safe. get off the street right now. >> certain lift was not. we're getting a somewhat clearer picture of how this began. we now know there are three locations. that is confirmed. first, as far as we know the shooting inside the restaurant. we now have it from many different sources, including eye witnesses on scene, the french press agency and local police, that while people were enjoying a late meal on a friday night, again, this has happened after the 10:00 hour locally -- as
1:47 pm
they are eating a meal near the stadium where the president and former president were, multiple people at multiple tables donned masks, stood up and began firing. at that point people went running out into the street. a reuters news agency reporter and a reporter for the french press agency say there are, quote, number of bodies laying in the street, unquote. and that it's our belief at least that those are not included in this shooting and death toll as we're only getting shooting and death reports from one of the three locations. the second location is a spot where explosions happened. the guardian newspaper is reporting on reports of grenades being used at this location. we can't confirm that. we have no way to know. police will at some point let us know but we know of multiple reports of not one but two explosions at this second location wimp don't know of death toll or anything from that location. we're waiting for word from
1:48 pm
authorities. the third location is a concert hall, not very far away, where similarly clad people have taken a number of hostages. how many, we don't yet know. condition of those hostages, we don't yet know. demands of the hostage-takers we don't know. hostages have been taken and are being held. if demands have been given, we don't know them. and authorities are working to coordinate all of this with the french president on hand. the french president, francois hollande was at the statum when this happened, as was the former president, jacque chirac. he was moved on to the ministry of administration and is handling the detail of the three locations, attacks in three different locations tonight in paris, and the french president himself, accord dog his office, is working to coordinate. the french president left the stadium, went directly to the staging area and is now handling information and the rest of host
1:49 pm
goes only with what appears too be a multiple scene atook of some kind on a friday evening in paris. to get a number of dead and injured with three different locations is going to be nearly impossible. we can only tell you exactly what police have told us. is there an ongoing danger? that is always a concern as a result authorities are closing off streets. one witness said. moving people from the streets of paris, on a nighttime around a stadium where a football match is underway, moving them into locations so they won't be outside, preparing for the possibility of strikes which come on authorities after an initial strike. we have no reports of anything like that happening. the initial reports were from two different locations. the restaurant and the bar where there was a shooting inside and there are explosions which may or have not be happing hand -- hand grenades and then at the concert hall the taking of hostages, the circumstances of
1:50 pm
which we have no information except hostages were taken and authorities are on scene. we're listening to live report from sky news. let's listen to our friends from sky. >> we are going to stay with these pictures from pictures fr television, but we'll try to get you a map organized to show you really the link between these various locations, so you get a sense of about where this shaping. you can see here from the french police and they're armed with the automatic weapons and the bullet-proof vests that this is a huge police response. this is the french television station map showing the, well there's the bataclan, at the bottom of the picture, which is this theater. >> and since he mentions the bataclan. ky give you new information which we've just received, the bbc is reporting through its european editor that 60, 6-0 people are inside the bataclan
1:51 pm
concert hall and being held hostage at this moment. 60 people being held hostage. again no information on the hostage-takers, what they want or why that happened. in addition i mentioned the football match which is under way inside a stadium which seats 80,000 people is in the location at which you look now. the football match has either ended or has been, or has been suspended. and some 60-plus thousand people are said to be in that stadium. are about to empty onto the streets of paris. as we're watching what is toan attacks in paris. first a shooting with as many as 18 people dead, followed after that, explosions heard at least two explosions at a nearby restaurant bar. and now we're told that the explosions we heard, one more time, police were -- suicide bombings. police have just informed us that the explosions heard inside a restaurant or bar i should say, were suicide bombings,
1:52 pm
people wearing or carrying explosives of some kind or wearing a suicide belt blew themselves up at that location, which gives us more understanding now of why we would not yet have had information on specific casualties at that location. >> suicide bombings produce one kind of scene, a shooting produces another. frankly if a bunch of people have been shot and killed, it's easy to tell what happened there. if a building has been blown up with a lot of people in it, that's more complicated. nearby at the bataclan concert hall, 60 people held hostage and the stadium about to empty of more than 60,000 people after a friendly soccer match between france and germany. very much ongoing situation at eight minutes before 11:00 p.m. in paris, and unprecedented series of attacks now with multiple reports coming in from the bbc, from the french press agency, from sky news and
1:53 pm
others, we will watch together as we find out how the paris authorities will handle this exodus of tens of thousands of people from the stadium in the middle of an unprecedented attack. sky news coverage continues. listen. >> the interior ministry to coordinate the response of what we've seen here number of anti-terrorist police now on the streets of paris. >> number one location, the metro station near place de la republique. where this restaurant appears to have been the scene of most of the deaths. 1 confirmed by the police, other reports by french media suggesting up to 18. reports of automatic or semi-automatic being fired there in a shoot-out. separately the reports of the two explosions, outside stade de france, where the fabel match w football match was going on.
1:54 pm
reports of media suggesting a suicide bomb going on, but no confirmation of that. within the past few minutes, news of another location, the bataclan concert hall, near to the goncor metro station, where the band was playing. >> good evening from fox news in new york, i'm shepard smith, fox news stations across the nation joining us, there's been a series of attacks tonight in france. what appears to be an unprecedented series of terrorist attacks. which have left at least 18 people dead, a massive hostage situation and tens of thousands of people about to leave a central france stadium in the middle of what has become chaos. over the past 45 minutes, i can report to you that local media and others have confirmed that there was a shoot-out inside a restaurant right outside the stade de france stadium. where france and germany were playing a friendly soccer match before more than 60,000 people. this shooting began according to local reports, as multiple
1:55 pm
masked men stood up inside a restaurant and began quote firing from all sides, unquote. we have reports from the bbc and sky news in london which is covering this story. that as many as 18 people were shot and/or killed at that location. nearby in a restaurant outside the stade de france stadium, a separate incident. two explosions heard outside the stadium. there are reports that those may have been hand grenades. we have what we believe to be more credible reports that those were suicide bombers who blew themselves up inside this restaurant or bar. we do not know the details of the casualties at that location. not far, not far apart. the bataclan concert hall, a concert was under way in the 10:00 hour. and hostage-takers arrived and took some 60 people hostage. according to the reporting of
1:56 pm
the bbc's european editor. took as many as 60 people hostage inside the bataclan concert hall. and that hostage situation is ongoing now. we have no specifics from police in paris. on the status of that hostage situation. to the best of our knowledge now, at least 18 people are dead. and there were, as this stadium was filled with people who were enjoyed this soccer match, now we know the soccer match has either ended or been suspended. and now it's our understanding that as many as 60,000 people are about to empty on to the streets of paris. as they are working to bring calm to a situation that is just unheard of. and eye witness named ben grant said he was in the bar with his wife when gunshots were fired. and that he had seen six or seven bodies on the ground. he told the bbc quote i was told people in cars had opened fire
1:57 pm
on the bar unquote. again, quoting there are lots of dead people. it's pretty horrific, to be honest, i was at the back of the bar, i couldn't see anything. i heard gunshots, people dropped to the ground we put a table over our heads to protect us. another quote, we were held up in the bar, because there was a pile of bodies. in front of us. none of this makes much sense, except to say that it happened almost simultaneously with the shooting in one place, the explosions nearby, almost simultaneously, and then in some short period later, at the nearby bataclan concert hall, gunmen, unknown gunmen took hostages, as many as 60 being held and paris authorities working to bring calm and to get information out. trace gallagher is monitoring with us with further information, trace? >> you know, it's fascinating, shep, you talk about the connection of the shootings. we've now found out in this concert hall, not so much really a concert hall, but more of a nightclub. in fact the band that was playing there, ironically is
1:58 pm
called eagles of death metal, they are an american band from palm desert. here in southern california. that is where we believe there are now 60 hostages being held inside that nightclub or concert hall as some have called it. the band was playing late that night and apparently when you talked about in the restaurant, people standing up and opening fire, in this case there were reports from eye witnesses that people in cars were actually driving by, opening fire around this nightclub or concert hall. unclear exactly if others were inside the concert hall when the hostages were taken -- >> trace, excuse me, i've gotten an update i have to get in. we've gotten word from police at the concert hall there are at least 14 dead. and the death toll now officially from police in paris at these three scenes. has just risen to 26 and we have no idea at this moment the number of injured. if they're working to take scores of people to nearby hospitals. and trace, as they work to empty
1:59 pm
this stadium, of the tens of thousands of people who were inside. it is very difficult, trace to wrap your head around what we're dealing with here. but i can tell those viewers who are watching on fox stations across the united states, and on fox news channel, on satellite and cable stations around the world -- it is quite clear that hov whoever has done so, has done so in a coordinated way. we've confirmed through authorities that there were people shooting inside this restaurant. people coming from outside this restaurant in cars. masked men firing with semi-automatic weapons inside. explosions at a nearby bar type nightclub with suicide bombings happening there. we don't know the death toll there. then hostages taken and many killed at the nearby bataclan concert hall, where people were witnessing a concert tonight in the 10:00 hour in france. for station who is are watching on fox stations across the nation, our coverage will continue now on fox news channel, on satellite and cable.
2:00 pm
i'm shepard smith in new york with this update on attacks in paris. we continue now on fox news channel. trace, the numbers coming in, just the thoughts of how in the world they're going to bring calm here. it's 5:00 on the east coast. 2:00 p.m. on the west coast and midnight now in paris. or actually 11:00 p.m. in paris where we have gotten word if you have just joined us of an incredible series of attacks across paris. for those of you who have been with us for the last couple of minutes, the death toll has riz ton 26. it has all the hallmarks of a massive and coordinated terrorist attack on three different locations. reasons unknown. hostages being held. medics working to get the injured to hospitals and listening now as sky news begins the top of the news hour from their studios in london. >> what appear to be se


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