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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 13, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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now. as the world watches and waits and hostages remain inside a concert hall in paris and authorities surround it at this hour. >> it is 6:00 p.m. on the east coast, 3:00 p.m. on the west coast and midnight in paris on the night of a terror strike against one of the world's great cities. it began in the early part of the 10:00 p.m. hour in paris when first reports came, first reports came that there had been an explosion of some sort that was inside a bar or restaurant. within minutes word that simultaneously there had been a series of shootings inside another bar/restaurant. word that multiple gunmen had stood with masks on their heads, and begun firing inside that location. that more than a dozen people have been shot and killed, and others wounded.
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nearby, an explosion had happened, a believed to be a suicide bomber outside the largest stadium in paris, where the french president, francois hollande was in attendance and the french and german were playing soccer. an explosion was heard even inside the stadium. an explosion that we now believe to have been a suicide bomber exploding himself and around him. outside that stadium. there were then reports of other gunmen and some people with what was believed to be hand grenades nearby. we're waiting for confirmation from authorities. shortly thereafter, it is our belief that the gunmen stormed or rose from their seats, we do not know inside a concert hall, a very popular concert hall among young people, where many hundreds were inside. we have descriptions from witnesses who were there. who say that young gunmen, not
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masked with in at least one case, a pump-action shotgun began firing calmly into the crowd where more than a dozen people were killed. where more than 100 hostages were taken. where french authorities have now surrounded the place. and some hostages have come out, accord together bbc's europe editor. in some cases covered in blood. and describing what had happened inside. saying that someone who was a gunman, yelled allahu akhbar, which means god is great. and someone else screamed "this is for syria" although we do not know. greg keller is an "associated press" correspondent in paris tonight. what can you tell us? >> i'm standing the bataclan theater. i can see the lights of the marquee from here, but the police are keeping us about 100 meters back. we're all we've been seeing for about the last hour is constant
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flow of ambulances and police cars. and police running by with their guns drawn, police driving by with their guns out the window, a pretty chaotic situation. >> is it your understanding, do you have a way to know what the situation is with the hostage standoff? i'm told from many credible sources that some people have emer emerged. >> i can't see the front of the theater. there's, i'm on the opposite side of a small park. i can see the lights from here. i can't even see people in front of the place. the police have us too far back. >> are there people near you? and if so, can you describe what it is you're seeing and hearing? >> on this street corner, it's near the canal san marta, it's a lively area where people would have been out going to bars and restaurants. and everybody has come out on the street, neighbors, passers-by, there's a big crowd of people and journalists mixed in here. trying to you know, see what we
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can. the police are not telling us anything. all we know is that the police cars haven't stopped racing by for an hour. it doesn't look like it's over yet from here. >> it doesn't sound like it is, from listening to the french president, he describes it as an ongoing attack with the borders being i can't imagine being there at this moment. >> this is pretty strange, this is my neighborhood. i was having dinner about a block away from where the attack on the carillon restaurant happened, it's a bar i've been to twice in the past week. where some of my friends hang out. and so i immediately called them to find out if they were all all right. nobody had been there tonight, luckily. and then i got down there, spoke to a few witnesses at that attack scene. which was closer to my apartment. and from what people just
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described scenes of chaos, people running down the streets, some bleeding. two people i spoke to had actually been in the carillon bar, having a beer and they did not see the gunmen themselves, but they were standing there having a beer and all of a sudden shorting started and they ran. and this, yeah, this is all in a normally quiet lively part of paris. where i live, actually. >> and one of these scenes not far from the "charlie hebdo" headquarters, correct? >> yeah, that's just down the canal from here. half a mile. >> it's hard to imagine that with the level of security that is now in place in paris, and could you give our viewers a better idea of that. and the heightened security alert that these sorts of activities would be able to happen. with authorities on such a hair-trigger at this moment. it's unfathomable. >> yeah, we'll need to
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investigate how so much weaponry you know got into the hands of these guys, this is exactly the type of thing that police say they've been tracking and keeping an eye on for all year long, since "charlie hebdo." but if these guys got serious weapons and explosives, and you know, the coordination to do this, yeah, it's pretty scary. >> greg keller, "associated press" correspondent in paris, live for us now. greg, how would you -- the security level, the tension level, the alert level, has it gone down since "charlie hebdo"? have people remained vigilant, if you see something, say something? has it been like that continuously? no. it's, life definitely got back to normal. fairly quickly. you know, you know, for the last few months, you would, there was no tension or anything like
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that. at least among regular people. i'm sure the police were a lot more tense. >> i'm just getting word, greg, and we've been very careful not to go with a bunch of different reports from all over the place, because we both know how dangerous that can be. but we're now citing multiple police sources through multiple news agencies, of six different locations where attacks are happening. this is in addition to the explosions that have happened there outside the stadium. i've now have it from so many credible sources, that it's time to report it. and that is six different locations. so many so, that i can't even begin to describe to our viewers the locations of all of these places. it just feels like -- it feels like control has just been lost, frankly. >> yeah. i don't know how to describe the scene here. people are, there's not like fear or tension, people are just curious right now. we're 100 meters from the bataclan concert hall.
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but what can i say? you've got better information than me right now. i only know about the two or three of the attacks. >> greg, what i hope is that my information is bad. but my fear is that it is not. greg keller, is a correspondent for the "associated press" who's live in paris with us tonight. greg i want to give our viewers a sense of how it is, we're making these decisions, we're for people who are often with us at this time. some are watching on the fox broadcast network. this is where information specialists work different sources from frankly all over the world. they're monitoring television networks and news agencies around the world that we trust. and have proved to be trustworthy sources over many, many years of doing this. and one of them that we're monitoring is, has as good a police sources as anyone frankly in europe. and john potras is monitoring newspapers in europe and you're hearing from the "telegraph"? >> the "telegraph" has a police
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source saying gun attacks have taken place at six different locations around the city. they also have here one second, the live blog just reloaded. they also have the gunmen at, were first turned away from the restaurant. then they came back and started shooting. also there were quite a lot of americans there. >> so what we're hearing now is six different locations. back to the pictures as we're getting them in from sky news and france 24. less halls . >> the truth is when something like this happens, police all go to the first location, why wouldn't they? then there was another location and a third location where the theater is. which is now been cordoned off by police and no media can get close. and now reports of locations all over the city. it was originally believed there were somewhere in the neighborhood of at least a dozen
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terrorists, we now have no way to know how many there were. we don't have a way to know how many escaped from the first locations and may have potentially gone to other locations. live reports now on france 24, let's listen. >> already on heightened security alert, following on from the attacks in january. and these latest attacks come in the context of the c.o.p. 21 u.n. climate talks, beginning two weeks from now. let's cross to chris moore in central paris and joins us now. chris, tell us where you are, and what is going on around you? >> i'm to the south of the bataclan concert venue on the other side of this site from what you just heard. i've been in the neighborhood for the last hour or so and what we've seen is police progress i have beenly pushing people on all sides of the bataclan concert hall, very popular venue
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where the concert was going on. about 100 or so, perhaps 200 meters away. police have been pushing back the crowds of curious onlookers and quite aggressively pushing back journalists. in terms of what's going on on the other side of the cordon, there's a very heavy police presence. the police have been there for the last hour that i've been here. not letting anybody get any further up there. we've seen fire service, ambulances coming in and out of the site and a colleague had has just come up from the bastile reports seeing three army vehicles there. various incidents going on across paris tonight and from the behavior of the police outside the bataclan, there's clearly something still going on. >> the hostage situation is under way. as they've been talking we're gathering more information, this is the scene as it's being painted for us, across districts 10 and 11 in paris, where the multiple, three different locations that authorities have confirmed to us have happened. the french police now confirm 40 dead. at least 60 wounded.
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three different initial scenes reported. and this is what's happening. authorities are cordoning off individual areas, removing people from streets and getting them into buildings, businesses, apartments and the like. the military are coming in to take up positions. the borders have now officially been closed. no one enters or leaves the nation of france. until further notice. as long as i live, i will never forget all air traffic in america stopping in the hours after 9/11. and standing in this great city on top of this very building, on the 42nd floor, and hearing nothing from the skies. as the airways in the united states had been for the first time, emptied and we were under attack. and we did not know what to think, where to go and who to
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believe. very similarly tonight, at 12 minutes past midnight in paris, the borders of the french nation have been shut. the military have piled on to the streets. and they will regain control through brute force, through military force tonight. as they separate the innocents from the terrorists, and the french president vows, vows tonight, that order will be restored. and that in addition, the terrorists will be brought to justice. francois hollande said a short time ago, a state of emergency has been declared across france, national borders have been shut after the spate of attacks. hollande said in a brief statement on television that the cabinet meeting had been called. the french cabinet is meeting now. quote a state of emergency has been declared. the second measure will be the closure of the national borders. it's our understanding that that is under way now. the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, is closely monitoring events in paris, according to his office. the u.s. embassy and the french capital is working to account
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for any u.s. citizens involved. the state department official said today, catherine herridge, who works intelligence for us, has new information from her position in washington. catherine, to you. >> i just spoke with u.s. government official who said based on the evidence so far, they believe it was a coordinated assault. we've been talking about this now for about an hour and a half. they're now saying this publicly. it's very fluid, it's preliminary. but they believe based on the evidence that the primary target appeared to be the soccer stadium. and the french president. so as we discussed earlier, these, these attacks, in advance of hitting the stadium, this is an effort to draw resources and manpower away from the primary target. secondly, they told me that the level of coordination and the resources again preliminary, but this would take significant premeditation. weeks, if not months and they did not believe at this time that it was connected to the air
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strike that took out jihadi john in raqqa, syria. so that's where it stands. premeditated, coordinated, significant resources. a planning probably weeks or months. and that it was not connected to the recent strike, what we believe to be the successful strike of jihadi john. separately i've just gotten off the phone with the homeland security official who confirms that secretary johnson has been getting briefings continuously since this event unfolded. and what they're saying for the time being is they see no direct threat to the u.s. but quite frankly, having covered this area now for 14 years, i can tell you that they're really just getting through the data at this point. they don't quite understand whether there is kind of any connection to the united states. shepard? >> catherine, thank you, quarter past midnight in paris, i want to take you back to 10:00 p.m. in paris, an hour and 15 minutes ago. when we got the first credible reports, the first reports from authorities, when two police
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officials said at least 26 people had been killed in the shootings and explosions around paris. in the deadliest violence in paris, in france in decades. one official said at the time, 11 people were killed in a restaurant. in the 10th district. and about 15 killed in the bataclan theater. ten minutes later, 10:10, u.s. homeland security officials monitoring the attacks in paris said there was no known credible threats against the united states. that remains. by 10:15, paris time, a paris official said there were at least 100 hostages being held in that paris theater. the bataclan. following the shooting and explosions and they put the death toll between 35-40. by 10:22 p.m. paris time, close to two hours ago, the former sust security homeland security chief, michael chertoff, said it was too early to know what happened in paris. but saying it supports the idea that it's terrorism. by 10:35, hundreds of people spilled on to the field of the stade de france, that large stadium where they were having
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the soccer match, a friendly between the french and germans. a stadium announcer made a statement over the loudspeaker telling fans, avoid the exits due to events outside, without elaborating. at first it prompted panic, but the crowd walked, dazed, hugging each other and looking at their phones for the latest news. five minutes later, 10:40, a white house official said president obama had been briefed on the attacks in paris. the official said he was not authorized to speak privately, but five minutes later, 10:50 in paris, the british prime minister david cameron said he was shocked by violence. by 11:00. the french president hollande said he was closing the country's borders and declaring a state of emergency. after several dozen people had been killed. five minutes later, the president of the united states calling it an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians and vowed to do whatever it takes to help bring the perpetrators to justice. president obama speaking to reporters at the white house
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saying he would not speculate about who was responsible. he called the attacks a heartbreaking situation and an attack on humanity. the president briefed on the attacks by his counterterrorism adviser, lisa monaco. the attack came as the president was preparing for two trips abroad. word from the french president -- and now word from the french authorities at least 40 dead and 60 wounded. and now reports from across the city of more shootings and more attacks. just as we got on that fateful day in new york city, and as we worked here and tried to make our way around and make sense of what was happening in our new normal, we kept getting reports of more attacks. we kept hoping they were not true. and alas, they were not. it was bad enough, in the buildings downtown. bad enough from shanksville, pennsylvania and the pentagon. but the reports were numb vows and rampant and seemed credible. all about in the end, very thankfully they were not. to outsiders it appeared that new york city was in complete and utter chaos.
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when those of us who were here that day know very well it was confined to those towers downtown. that inside what we would come later to know, the zone, was certainly a disaster, a catastrophe unthinkable in its scope. and disquietening on a level we had never known. the rest of the city was pretty much calm. "associated press" is reporting now, this is new into fox news channel, breaking this moment, french officials confirm two suicide attacks and one bombing near the paris stadium. we now know not only were there shootings, which we had confirmed, we were told by masked men who stood in a restaurant with masks on their heads and began firing. not only was there the shooting inside the concert hall there, where according to local reports, an according to people who witnessed it, calm, young men who were not masked, rose with shotguns, pump-action, began to fire into the crowd,
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shouting alternately, "this is for syria" according to the first report. and then allahu akhbar, from those who witnessed it. we have now confirmed two suicide attacks and one bombing near the paris stadium this takes us back to geraldo rivera's 21-year-old daughter who was in that stadium. along with tens of thousands more and the french president, francois hollande who reported hearing three different explosions. now french police confirm two separate suicide attacks and one bombing near the paris stadium. "reuters" news agency quoting now at least 40 people were killed. 60 wounded in attacks in and around paris this friday evening. france rocked by multiple, near simultaneous attacks on entertainment sites around paris. and hostages being held at the concert hall in the capital. that hostage situation is said to be ongoing now. the police perimeter is being backed up around the location. and we just gotten word from
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inside the original restaurant where all of this began, more than two hours ago, word that there are still people inside that cafe, that authorities are telling them, you must stay on the ground. you cannot leave. next to these people, who are sheltering in place, in a spot where shootings have taken place, are the victims, the dead victims are said to be now according to witnesses and locals on scene, seeing this as i speak, that witnesses have said, that people are still being held inside this cafe, that dead victims are still on the ground. and the reason for this is, authorities have no way to know whether there are more people with more guns and more bombs, if there are more with suicide vests, history tells us in the aftermath of attacks like this, terrorists often wait for authorities to come and then set off another bomb. so that they can kill not only innocent civilians out for a night on the town in paris at
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the soccer stadium or the concert hall. in this way they can also kill the authorities who came to rescue them. it is so far from outside the realm of possibility. so much within what we know about situations like this, that authorities are holding those who were victimized two-plus hours ago inside a cafe with dead people around them and not allowing them to leave. because they are afraid what they've witnessed so far would not be the worst, but that it could happen again. we are now told that hostages are reported to be begging for police to help. and that the hostages are being murdered one by one. we are now being told, this is from a witness who was at the concert, telling the french daily newspaper, "liberation" quote ways standing in front of the stage at the concert. the music was loud, i heard an explosion, i turned back, and saw a guy wearing a hat near the exit door. he was shooting in my direction.
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people around me were falling on to the floor and i lay on the floor. i thought the guy next to me was dead. i believe it's true. i ran, i jumped over a barrier and i exited with the first flow of people. so imagine this. the shooting happens, the people start to leave. in a wave they're leaving. this witness saying i jumped over a barrier and i exited with the first flow of people. we went to a cafe, barricaded at the first floor. it is like a war here, the witness said. shots began recently, we're hearing only alarms, we wait to be evacuated, we're at a cafe, the boulevard de cavalier. and we have word that the hostages inside, inside the theater are begging for police to come. and that the hostages are being shot reportedly one by one. >> shots are being heard near the theater and the concert hall and the widespread belief at this moment is that survivors
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are being summarily executed, one by one. in 25 years of reporting the news there has never been a moment like this. a moment where we know to the exclusion of most doubt, that 100 or so young people are trapped inside a concert hall that young men with guns are executing them one by one, summarily. as they beg for authorities to come help. in a civilized world in the 25 years i've sat at this seat, this has never happened. several paris metro lines have just been closed after the attacks. the city is now in lockdown. the police are out and the military is being dispatched. the borders are closed and the nation's cap net is meeting. the terrorist attack sun folding before our very eyes. shots are ringing out inside the concert hall. according to local reports, from multiple sources, the victims are being executed one by one.
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paris has been on high alert, long before the attacks of "charlie hebdo," though that took it to a level that is the highest on their chart. and preparing for something of this eventuality, shots are now being heard on live television from bataclan. remember, news crews first went to the cafe near the stadium. and then that's when the situation unfolded at the concert hall. and for the most part, by the time media were able to get to the concert hall, like the witness with whom we were speaking a moment ago, they were held well back. so you could hear, but not see the lights, yes, the activity, yes. you could hear the sirens, you could hear the crowds. and now they can hear the shooting. datline paris, quoting now, automatic gunfire heard from concert hall where attackers are holding hostages, outside the concert hall, witnesses are
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hearing automatic gunfire inside where we had been told by authorities that some 100 people are being held hostage. ban ki-moon, the u.n. chief said he's condemning these despicable attacks, demands immediate release of the hostages in the theater. we can say with almost certainty that his calls are not being heard, as gunfire is heard outside that concert hall and we're being told that inside survivors are being executed. the "reuters" news agency, breaking news on fox news channel. we've just gotten word from the "reuters" news agency -- five explosions have just been heard near the concert hall at bataclan. this is new and not related to the earlier attacks. there have just been five explosions at the bataclan concert hall. and our thoughts and prayers are with the entire french nation. as unknown numbers of people have just been murdered.
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catherine herridge with new intelligence from washington. catherine? >> shepard, we do not know which organization or individuals are responsible for this series of terrorist attacks. as identified by the french president, as well as mr. obama. what we know from social media tracking is that some isis-connected and isis-friendly groups are celebrating what's happening in paris this evening. this is not a claim of responsibility. and i would point out that after the shooting at "charlie hebdo," we saw a similar pattern. isis accounts celebrating that attack. but it was ultimately tied to al qaeda in yemen. or aqap, where the two kouachi brothers were training. that said, one of the isis-friendly accounts, there is a photo that certainly has my attention. it's not clear who took the photo or whether it can be independently authenticated. but it does seem to show the
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bodies in the street outside the initial target zone. >> we have similar pictures here at fox news in new york, catherine. i want to give our viewers, another first-hand account from inside bataclan. bataclan is the concert hall where people had gone to hear this united states band, from the palm desert, california. a packed house as you can see, this is an instagram that's come to us. 100 people held hostage. we've just got thn posted on facebook about an hour ago, quoting i'm still at bataclan. first floor, hurt bad there are survivors inside. they are cutting down all the world, one by one. first floor soon. minutes later, his next post. alive, just cut. carnage. dead bodies everywhere. it's hard really to imagine what is happening now inside that theater. but from every account that we get, it happened like this. backing up to everything we've been told throughout the night
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now, and i will get to that first the "reuters" news agency is now reporting that the french president is reporting that there's an assault now under way at the concert hall which follows everything that we have just reported. that five explosions were heard at bataclan. cops are now raiding bataclan. cops are moving inside the bataclan concert hall. we reported earlier that often what happens is, they attack, they wait, for authorities and others to arrive. they hold hostages and then they attack again. what we believe is now happening is this -- those who went inside bataclan, the concert hall where all the people were had with them not just the guns reported to us earlier, that they were using, pumping and reloading unmasked, shooting down young people who were inside this concert hall, not just that, but they also had with them explosive devices. it is now confirmed by french police that two explosions have
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happened, two suicide bombers at other locations and one bomb went off. now we know five explosions inside the concert hall and the french president says there's another attack under way now. sky news, paris, live, listen. >> at least one, two gunmen possibly were involved in taking those people hostage. one of them with explosives. so we're not clear what this signifies. but clearly there's been some kind of police operation or some reaction there in last few minutes. scores said to be surrounding the concert hall. sirens in that neighborhood. and indeed, this came not long after the french president rebecca, had actually said security forces would be launching an assault on one of those several sites. >> this is an ongoing situation, clearly, at this theater now. as i said earlier, this was a rock concert that was happening there. so a number of youngsters were
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at the scene. we understand 20 shots were heard by witnesses. there seem to be more explosions being heard from outside now. witnesses saying they heard about six explosions from outside. this is a difficult situation for the security services and the police to contain. they were certainly be keen to try to contain the situation. and there will be a corden in place, so clearly nobody can get anywhere near that. but around 60 to 100 hostages taken. we understand a number of dead already. we have one lady on earlier who said, people were being shot at one by one. we can't confirm that. >> no official confirmation. but clearly the authorities will be trying to work out what's actually happening within that big concert hall. well as rebecca was saying, the french president indicating that this operation might have been under way. as he made an address to the french nation, to establish a state of emergency. this is what he said a little earlier tonight. >> in in fact the french
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president has just spoken again, and indicated an attack is under way now, and it is. we have confirmed reports of let's get, thank you. confirmed reports of five explosions happening inside the concert hall where 60 to 100 people are being held hostage. so piecing it all together now. we have the cafe, the restaurant with dozens dead. we have the two suicide bombers, plus a separate bomb and an explosion. we have the shooting of people inside the concert hall. we have the taking of 60 to 100 hostages. we have hostages escaping over the last hour. telling stories to reporters there of what they saw inside. of young men without, without masks on, pump-action shotguns firing into the crowd. bodies all over the place. people on the second floor reporting of what it was like. talking of their injuries and seeing the dead all around. that's three locations, but there are more. the french news agency, agency french press, afp, is now
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reporting there are seven separate locations. where attacks are under way. or have been under way. over the past two hours. we have from police and the french president, notice of three. but from the french news agency, the official news agency of france, seven separate terror attack locations. across the city of paris. the french military has been dispatched across the city and now the nation. the borders have been closed. the cabinet meeting is either ongoing now or was most recently. and we expect to hear from the french president yet again. they've asked all citizens of paris and beyond to shelter in place. to go to places of safety. as the military sweeps the streets. and tries to regain order. and at the same time, a terror attack under way at this moment. inside the concert hall where 60 to 100 people were being held.
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we've just got an dispatch from new york city where the mayor, bill de blasio has spoken with our network news service affiliate, wabc television that new york is now on high alert. that it has been since this began. the new york city mayor says it is on con start alert already for any potential attacks it would make nothing but sense that large city ace cross the world would now be on heightened alert, and they are. we've just gotten word from paris, that all schools and universities in the paris region will be closed on saturday. the nation is in mourning, the military out to enforce the rule of law and terrorists now attacking inside the concert hall just out of view of media cameras. sky news reporting live and i'm just getting word now that afp has just -- has a security source that says police are storming the concert hall now.
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which matches with word that we've gotten from independents on scene. first the explosion, then the police storming the concert hall. after reports came on social media and beyond, think of what the authorities are dealing with. they're getting the report as i just read from social media. social media people inside reporting that for instance, posted on facebook, i'm at bataclan on the first floor, hurt there are survivors. quote, they are cutting down all the world. one by one. first floor soon. if i'm reading it, police are reading it. so they know from the facebook post of someone inside that building, that as he wrote, terrorists were murdering others inside the building. police had to figure out how to act. suddenly, another post came out and a number of hostages came out of the building, were they released? we don't believe so but some with blood on them began telling the stories of what was
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happening inside that building. then within minutes, not one, but five explosions and at that time, police moved in. police moved in at that time and they have now stormed the bataclan. the concert hall where all of this happened. live pictures coming in to us and someone saying from sky news at this moment as we've been watching throughout the evening. and now we know that this was not a one-time attack. there were multiple attacks, simultaneously. and now a continuing attack inside this building where 60 to 100 are held hostage. isis-linked, isis-friendly accounts are celebrating this attack on paris online. repeating, isis-linked and isis-friendly accounts are celebrating the attacks on paris. not a claim of responsibility as our catherine herridge said. but a celebration. "charlie hebdo," isis also celebrated those attacks. but it was ultimately attributed, remember, to aqap,
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al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. which is more commonly known as al qaeda in yemen. paris has been struck, by whom, we do not know. but by every account, it is as coordinated, large and widespread an attack as we have ever witnessed. i've just gotten word that in paris they have just instituted a mandatory curfew. the first mandatory curfew since 1944. in the height of world war ii. a curfew in paris. the military on the streets. at least 60 people dead. and by every account, more are dying as i speak. as gunmen have shot and exploded inside that concert hall. and police have stormed it. in an attempt to regain control. and at the same time, the french press agency reporting that outside of this concert hall, outside of the stadium and the cafe and the nightclub, outside
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of all of that, are at least six more locations where attacks have taken place tonight. unprecedented in world history. in my lifetime. we will know soon enough from authorities what exactly happened in that concert hall. we'll know in due time how many have died. we know at this moment that the world as we know it, has changed tonight. for terrorists from far away did not cross an ocean with planes they hijacked and have a one-time experience that changed everything we know. in this case there's a series of coordinated attacks. that happened and continues to happen. actions unprecedented in modern
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history are taking place in paris tonight. a midnight meeting of the cabinet. a series of explosions, the gunning down of young people. the shutting of the borders, the mandatory curfew, the military on the streets. and unknown hours ahead. i'm just getting word now from one of our information specialists of another first-hand report. and quoting now, this is a bataclan witness. a person inside that theater. who escaped and spoke to journalists on scene whom we trust. and i'll read it as given to me. it was carnage said mark coperice, who is 57, still shaking after being freed from the hostage-taking at bataclan concert venue. quoting, it looked like a battlefield. there was blood everywhere. there were bodies everywhere. i was at the far side of the hall when the shooting began.
3:40 pm
there seemed to be at least two gunmen. they shot from the balcony. everyone scrambled to the ground. i was on the ground with a man on top of me and another one beside me up against a wall. we just stayed still like that. at first we kept quiet, i don't know how long we stayed like that. it seemed like an eternity. i saw my last final unfurl before me. i thought it was the end. i thought i'm finished, i'm finished, i was terrified. we must all have thought the same. eventually, when a few guards came in slowly, we began to look up. and there was blood absolutely everywhere. the police told us to run. from liberation, the newspaper, automatic gunfire and huge explosions hearde bataclan concert hall. we're getting multiple reports from everywhere, from the bbc, it was a suicide bombing at the french media reporting, it would
3:41 pm
be a first on french soil. the authorities have moved into that bombed-out and shot-up concert hall, the bataclan. no one has come out with a reports of what has happened since that first-hand when i just read you. but we know with five explosions and some 60 to 100 people held there, the news will not be good. and that at some point we'll hear about the veracity of the other reports tonight, about whether the french news agency, which is very careful with its facts, related to the state and the official source for france news, will learn where the agency french press is correct when it says there are six other locations. where this carnage has taken tonight. the official death toll is 40 and the official wounded is 60. they are not updating us at this hour. there's time ahead for that. let's cross over to sky news where they are reporting, witnesses on the ground, listen. >> it was all very much i think
3:42 pm
the first reports were in the restaurant in the 10th arrondissement, cambodge restaurant which i know well. at least 15 people reported dead there five seriously injured. then the next was the bataclan. and it quickly became clear, first of all, that this was a terrorist attack. because people were heard shouting this is for syria and allahu akhbar. and they got inside this packed concert hall. and they according to some eye witnesses started opening fire in the crowd. there was a panic, some managed to escape. clearly if the security forces are launched this quickly, they fear there's a bloodbath going on. there's's there's no point in hanging around and president hollande did say during his
3:43 pm
televised speech, an assault was under way. >> henry we'll play the pictures that we received from that location. now let's play them again. [ speaking french ] [ gunshots ] >> well those were the sounds of those explosions and gunfire we heard earlier, henry. indicating as you say, that that came just after francois hollande had said that an operation would be under way. i guess that the thinking has to be if they were prepared to launch what we understand to be a suicide attack near stade de france, it alters the thinking the way that you approach these people. >> well, yeah. i mean the french people now literally everyone you know, there's a state of emergency. everyone in paris has been told to go indoors, everything is
3:44 pm
shut down. if you're out in the street, you know, there's a risk that you could be shot by a policemen, they're that the worried that people are going to start opening fire. and there are some, there are reports that there are other attacks under way. near place de la republique. and i have heard an eye witness talking about one as they say near bastile. near the rue de charonne. which is another restaurant. it's an ongoing situation. >> what can you see there at the moment? >> shepard smith in new york now, an update has just come to us, "figaro" and "lemonde" that a police assault on bataclan is under way. hostages remain inside the building. now, you're not seeing pictures of this because french television are not showing the
3:45 pm
storming of the theater due to security reasons. here is the thinking. if we put live pictures of police storming that theater, and these terrorists have someone outside of that theater who may have some sort of remote control device that they might, there is no way to know the larger coordination of this. and the french authorities and french television are erring on the side of caution. here is the word that we're getting from witnesses on scene. authorities are outside, it's cordoned off, they're trying to regain control at bataclan with more than 100 people we're now told, held hostage inside. the people inside murdering one survivor after another. at some point, as police were working on a way to storm this place, explosions began to happen. one after another after another. either five or six, we can't know for sure. but multiple explosions. not the kind of explosion that would level the building. far from it. but individual explosions within the building. some people remain alive inside
3:46 pm
and they are now. it's the reporting within the last minute or two that there are still hostages inside this building, who are alive. we don't know the status of the gunmen are, tle still lording over these people? are there others besides the two that we have knowledge? we don't know. we have just been told that one person was arrested at bataclan. that the arrest happened, this is at bataclan, correct? at one of the attack sites. it is unclear to us at this moment. this is coming to us from french police. we have just gotten word that one arrest has taken place. and the person who was arrested told the french authorities i am from isis. we have no way to know whether that person is telling the truth or not. is it possible that this is a sympathizer? is it possible that it's someone who is upset with the situation in paris and europe in general? with the refugees coming from syria and beyond? remember, one reportedly screamed this is for syria.
3:47 pm
is it possible that he is an isis sympathizer? certainly. is it possible that what he said was true? on the surface that he is from isis? that isis dispatched him. that whatever isis' command and control might be, sent this man and potentially others to do these deeds tonight? that is also possible. but for the most, the news that is breaking is, the five explosions have happened in the last five to ten minutes. the authorities have stormed into the building, we're told there are more survivors. on the second series of attacks. first the gunmen in the middle of the concert, people coming out, the first wave remember? the witnesses say they are gunning the world down, one by one. remember? and then the explosion, then the authorities going in, we have no idea how many people were hurt or killed during that. we know the authorities went in after these explosions. and we know that they are now trying to regain control. there are journalists on scene at this moment. reporting these things to us. we're not showing live pictures
3:48 pm
for reasons just described. we will not unless and until we're sure it is not something that will make things worse. not as much about the fox news channel in the united states, more about the french television cameras which would bring these pictures to us. we know this is ongoing. authorities are not commenting on reports from news organizations after news organization, respected around the world. which say there are six other locations of attacks tonight. we will not belabor the point. because it does not serve anyone except to say scores of people have been injured and killed tonight. and this is still under way. live reporting from sky news now as we look at pictures. in and out. this is tape again, we're not showing live pictures. sky news reporting live. listen. >> originally there were 20 shots heard by witnesses. understood to be two gunmen there. who opened fire. one described as being young. we believe that one of them may
3:49 pm
well have explosives on him. and in the last few minutes or so, witnesses have heard explosions coming from inside that theater. so that is an ongoing incident at the moment. but of course there's been these episodes throughout paris tonight, as well, we heard the stade de france, where the football match was going on, between france and germany. the friendly match, there was explosions heard there. we've heard those recorded by a viewer. very loud, clearly shocked the crowd. it's now been confirmed there were two suicide attacks in paris and a bombing near the stadium. three people killed there. >> i think gate -- >> more word on the people who have been arrested. there is one man who has been arrested in paris tonight, arrested by french authorities who told french authorities, i am from isis. i have further information that suspect has just told french police within the last hour or so, i am syrian.
3:50 pm
i was here with two others. we were recruited by isis. and this is in essence, an isis mission. so and then spilled out into the streets. into the concert hall with the shooting and then the hostage-taking and then the explosions. what began with all of that has ended with one arrest, a man from syria who says he is isis. he was recruited by sis tis, quoting from inside the theater, according it to witnesses. this is forgñ syria al akbar. and the dawn of a new day in europe. and a new normal in paris. breaking now, just in to us from figaro from paris from a represent table news organization, 12 people
3:51 pm
rescued at the concert hall. 12 people have just been rescued. rescued by police and the raid continues now. this is president from earlier. what we are watching now[ofsis sky news doing its coverage. they were replaying the president. we're not going to do that because we have breaking news and that is that 12 people have just been rescued, according to journalists on scene from this concert hall and taken to safety. we don't know their overall condition. were they injured, we don't know. we know that 12 more have been rescued. at the same time we learn of the one arrest. repeating it for the last time and then we are going to go to it a live witness, a man who told police "i am syrian. i'm here with twoq41- others. we were recruited by its sis and this is an isis operation. if this is an isis operation, think what's
3:52 pm
happened in context. if what this man arrested said is the truth, here's what's happened. yesterday an assault began, an unprecedented assault with kurdish troops in the north of syria, with united states air power, retaking a road, which was a supply root between one area for isis and another area. the united states military said it is essential, if we're going to stop this, this road must be stopped. this transportation area must be removed. they dug huge ditches. put up by lings pileings could not be used for supplies, men, isis to carry out its wave of attacks and caliphate across the north of syria, iraq, and iran couldn't be used anymore. that happened yesterday and today. the beginning of the attempt to stop isis with united states air cover and kurdish troops on the ground. that was yesterday.
3:53 pm
today, according to the man who just was arrested, isis has carried out an attack the likes of which we have never seen, the likes of which isis or any other terrorist organization has ever proved it could pull off. not in the history of this world. never has a terrorist organization in multiple location in the middle of high alert in one of the most fortified areas with the highest security imaginable in paris where they were hit just in january and has pulled off a multiple location attack where dozens are dead, hundreds are injured and authorities are now storming a concert hall where hostages were taken and they were murdered summarily one by one. that has never happened in the history of this world.w and we are now in the middle of a new normal. the borders of france are are closed. the military are on the streets. the cabinet has met. and it is on lockdown and for the first time since
3:54 pm
1944, paris is under curfew for the first time since world war ii the city of lights is shut down. mathias is there now. is he a correspondent for reuters. he is right in the middle of all of this. sir, what can you tell us? >> yes. good evening. i'm by one of the most busy squares of paris. at this time the whole square has been totally shut down by police forces. we are just hearing every now and then police cars, security and men trying to make their way to the -- one of the busiest areas of paris on friday evenings and saturday evenings. people were at cafes, restaurants and have been taken by surprise and many civilians all around were actually reaching out to their phone to understand what was going. >> mr. mathias, excuse me,
3:55 pm
we have a fox news alert now just in to fox news from the concert hall. and i would like to report to you that police have just confirmed to fox news the attack on the concert hall is over. two attackers were on scene, both of the attackers have been killed. the carnage at the concert hall has ended. and no more people will die. that is from police in the past few seconds who are on scene. think of what mathias, stay with us, think about what had happened. the concert is underway. this group from the united states, the band is playing, the place is packed and it is very loud and shots start to fire. all of this from social media and the police say people began to try to escape and they were mowing them down one by one. witnesses inside the concert hall said they were on the second floor and watching as they were killing first one person and then another and then another. police cordoned off the outside and five explosions, maybe six depending on your account.
3:56 pm
the concert hall. and when they stormed the concert hall, the authorities, or someone was able to kill these two attack ares. two young men as they have been described to us, two young men without masks. one of them with a pump action shot gun shooting one person after another, one according to social media and others saying this is another saying ala akbar and all of it is now over. four minutes before 1:00 a.m. in paris, authorities have killed them both or both have been killed. we can't know yet. and the carnage at the concert hall has ended. continuing now with mathias blamont who was right in the middle of it. continue 'it you would. >> i was just saying that the police and security is sweeping through the streets trying to get to the scene. i was just told by the police officer to be careful because the terrorists were still in the streets a few
3:57 pm
meters from where i'm standing now. one of them was saying that it appeared that the operation carried out by the terrorists was still ongoing. it also -- it appears obviously very early to draw any conclusion but it appears to be also a very symbolic attack as the charlie hebdo newspaper is about 300 meters from where i'm standing as well. so the whole scene now looks extremely chaotic it. policemen are trying to evacuate people. hearing some alarms now rushing in front of me. and they seem to be very unsure what is going on at the moment. >> well, i have just been able to get some more information about what was going on inside that concert"kv hall according to authorities and others. the description is that initially, according to people who were there, there were initially three gunmen. the same description continues, young men, not
3:58 pm
masked, but wearing flack jackets and carrying semiautomatic weapons. the words that i told you about what they were screaming remain and one of them somehow@@ was incapacitated during all of this. i don't know how that person was incapacitated or killed but by the time the authorities stormed the place they were down to two of them. young men carrying automatic weapons. wearing flack jackets reloading repeatedly. and we still have this report of somebody with a pump shotgun action which that's from earlier. could that have been this third person? i do not know. i can tell you that the reports we get will be varied and lots of them will be inaccurate. but of this we are confident at this hour the attack at the concert hall is over. police have regained control. and we have just gotten this from authorities on what it it means that there is now a state of emergency across france. the borders are closed. the military is on the
3:59 pm
streets. and, according to the french government, the state of emergency means that thestate, e authorities can control the press in any way they want and they can enter private homes at any time they want without a warrant. a statute of emergency means that the state has taken complete control of the nation. the state has closed the borders. no french citizen or anyone else can enter or exit. no one. the military control the streets in every way. if they want to enter a home or apartment or business or dwelling, they can. if they want to close down the subway systems which has largely happened over the last hour, they will. the state of emergency means the state is in complete control in paris and across france tonight because the authorities say they have no way to know whether there is more of this to come. the band involved to reporters is currently trying to did determine the safety and whereabouts of
4:00 pm
the band and crew. the eagles of death metal report our thoughts are are with the people involved situation during a state of emergency across the nation of france. it's 7:00 on the east coast. 4:00 p.m. on the west coast. 1:00 a.m. in paris. i'm shepard smith in new york with continuing coverage of the terrorist attacks across paris which have left at least 40 people dead, at least 60 people injured, and the state of emergency which i just described. we expect to hear more from the french president and the french cabinet meeting as far as we know is ongoing and we have been able to get a number of new reports in. i mentioned the french website which explained what a state of emergency means there. police at bataclan say the attack is over, that they have killed two people. what happened with the rest we have no1a way to know. the hostage-taking has ended.


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