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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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middle of the night the understanding that the world as they know it has passed them by. and they are in the middle of a new normal tonight in paris. much more so than the attacks of charlie hebdo. it's 8:00 on the east coast. 5:00 p.m. on the west coast. 2:00 a.m. in paris. i'm shepard smith in new york city. the o'reilly factor will not be seen tonight as we continue fox news coverage of the terrorist attacks in paris. it was the french president who made it clear to all of us it was the french president who really could make the proclamation that that is what had happened that terrorists had struck his city. in coordinated attacks against across two different areas with guns and grenades and bombs and suicide vests, they attacked one after another after another. the most telling things we have heard this night came first from one man who we were told was arrested and said to authorities i am syrian. and i am' from isis.
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that he and three others, he said to authorities, had been recruited by isis and that that was an isis attack. we cannot confirm. then, the shooting -- as part of that the shooting inside a cafe where, as it was described at the time by witnesses who said they were on scene, masked men stood and began firing in all directions, at least 14 to 15 people killed there. and another attack not farh-9÷ away and similar except that the shooters were bombers. suicide bombers with the explosions being heard inside the stadium where thécñ friendly soccer match was underway between the germans and the french. then shortly thereafter, the attack on the concert hole where an american band was pnging on stage. shows were fired. two men men now we are told three. young participating ak 47s. another said to have been by
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multiple witnesses carrying a pump ngz shot gouge. these pictures were outside as the carnage went on)á:; there multi-metered request reports. those on the second floor windchill be as the gunman be executing them summarily calls we're told of people inside asking police please come, please come they are killing us one by one and then explosions. [explosions] >> five explosions all together. five explosions that marked the end of this siege. [gunfire] >> as authorities stormed the building and then we learned three gunmen were dead and as many as 100 people inside killed. the death toll is 140 across informed us. the president of paris francois hollande informed us the military would take
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control. 1500 military members said to have fanned out across the city. a state of emergency declared. according to the french website, the official government website, that means authorities can enter any apartment or any place at any time without court order. that the streets are those of the authorities. that there will be checkpoints and, as we might put it. in some degree martial law had been established. the cabinet met, decided to close the borders. the airports, the rail stations are still open but largely paris on lockdown now two minutes after 2:00 a.m. how to stop it from happening again. reports on the ground. listen. >> involving lots of people earlier in the week and of course security was -- dare i say that the band playing
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here was less well known and ivv mentioned weren't using metal detector and that kind of thing if you look at the kind of attacks we have experienced tonight they were clearly coordinateded you have particularly the france germany world champion. and as you suggest there it may well have been that the terrorists had worked at exactly he was playing in the concert hall and i suspect probably more how big the crowd was going to be more than anything else. >> we francois hollande having visited the site where the greatest number of people have been killed. he has addressed the french nation declaring this state of emergency. i guess the other thing that
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the evan tierier minister trying to work out where these government came from who supported them and if there is anything else about to occur. interesting decision to put it mildly. i mean, always speculation happened with the charlie hebdo attacks. but he seems to be putting out the idea at the moment that they could come in and those other european countries from the middle east and, again across from north african countries. again early days dramatic measure tonight including the state of emergency. the last state of emergency was in 2005 during those
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terrible inner city not inner city suburban life. went up in flames people protected against the government before that go back to the algerian war and in fact you have to go back to the algerian war for compatible terrorist incident which is when 28 people were blown upen on a train south of france. that was the last really bad terrorist incident, apart from charlie hebdo earlier this we're. before tonight. >> and perhaps a similar feeling of a threat to the nation itself now as we look atq@ these live pictures in paris tonight city still cordoned off people unable to return to their homes. >> extraordinary. i'm looking down the streets now all i can see is armed police everywhere. and all the civilians have been told to go home. i have seen boards up tonight from the -- from the
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council saying that everybody should go home and shut their shutters and stay in for the night. don't venture out on the streets. quite incredible atmosphere. very, very eerie, very, very strange. the police are wandering around with their guns drawn as well. suggesting that they are waiting for the possibility that there are still@ terrorists on the street. there is no reason whatsoever believe all these terrorists are dead or captured. that there is a very good chance that they may have been able to escape from the w. the clouds. it's an appalling situation. >> just gotten update from the city official the deputy mayor the death toll at bataclan that concert hall now 118 and the official death toll in paris as fox reports this hour 158.
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sean o'hare is a friend of the family around here. a friend of our producer. a film maker and witnessed one of the attacks and live on the line with us now what did you see? >> metro go hang out with a couple of bars with friends of mine that i'm here visiting in paris we got out of the subway so:00 local time. we we came up from the metro station we heard a voluntarily of gun shots, a pause, another voluntarily of gunshots and couple more shots. at first he we thought maybe it was fireworks because you didn't hear the high report that's because the gunshot bounced off buildings. sounded like a couple of calibers. we walked two blocks up. police started to stream into the area. police in riot gear coming at us. a police officer told us to run into a cafe and take cover and, shep, i will tell you he had a look of fear in his eyes which you don't usually see a police officer
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look scared. things died down. came out of that cafe we were in. walked along the canal which we thought. as we walk down to the next avenue, there were police that there were fire trucks down there in the riot gear with machine guns and they said in french they said get the hell out of this area. so we went further down. more police down at the next avenue and then we cut in the opposite direction and about 10, 15 minutes later why ran into somebody who had a news report and at that point the report was that 18 people were dead and we said oh, no, something bad is happening. we decided we are going to try to make our way to metro to get out of there. all the metros were shut down. we walked about a mile or so. we found a taxi driver that took us to another neighborhood and that's when we got to a bar that was still open that had the tv on. obama came on the tv. hollande came on the tv said martial law and we realized we were in a serious
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situation. >> sean o'hare who witnessed it all. an american a film maker and in paris live w-j us early this saturday morning. sean, this place where this happened it's hard to get a handle exactly what it was and what kind of people were in there. do you know anything about it? >> i don't know about exactly the place it happened. but i will tell you, shep, where we went was kind of like a college sort of hangout. normally people hang out. like what exactly the greenwich village in new york city give. >> you bustling with small cafes and sorts and friday 10:00 at nightjñ it's jumping? >> jumping. and every block has got 10, is it bars o the whole area is cafes and bar and avenues where families walk down, canal saint martin is an area where people hang out and they have a picnic or bottle of wine and look at the water and reflect on life. it was shattered. it was a scene of panic tonight. >> it sounds like you were
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there for a while as it was developing. do you have an idea of the time frame or is it blur. >> it was 9:55 local because i looked at my phone because we were debating ourselves was that gunshots? because, if it was it was a lot of gunshots. about two dozen gunshots that we heard a volleyball of them, a pop pop pop, a pause, a long string of them. another pop pop pop and then one or two separate ones. we thought i wonder if maybe people were lighting off fireworks because it's nice. then you start to hear that -- you know you heard in the movies that real distinctive sounds that police siren ares have in france we said oh, wait a second. that wasn't -- people were lighting off fireworks something is going on. we thought maybe it was some kind of a shootout or something. maybe like a drug dispute. that's what people in french were talking about. i don't speak any french. i was with a friend who is native who does speak french people are saying there was in .
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they said there was a shootout in the restaurant around the corner. police came running at us maybe this was a little bit more than that. >> where are you now and what is it like now? >> i am several miles away we found an uber driver who we were able to give us a ride. uber, when you went to go call for a cab, it said that it was shut down because there was a disturbance. hollande came on and said there was martial law. we drove about three miles to get back to where we are, which is also in mark. usually a hopping town. ghost town. completely shuttered up. there is no one on the streets. we saw not just the police with submachine guns on the street but we also saw a lot of military on the street it is absolutely the city is on lockdown, shep. it's strange to see a major city like this. it looks like the walking dead or something where you see a city and there is no one out. >> we're monitoring a lot of
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french television news. we don't get all of them but we get a lot of them. and one thing that we are north seeing anything of is police information minister updates. are you sitting in a news vacuum now? >> i'm in a i don't speak any french and i just got back to where i can use the wi-fi. so try to dial in while i was on hold here. shot in the theater that's terrifying. we hear 18 people were dead at first. we took a friend home a fellow who speaks french we dropped him off. that's when we heard on tv 60 people were killed which was shocking and then finally safely back home to where i'm staying which is way out of the way of any kind of trouble at this point, but what a terrible situation. >> it is unthinkable. sean o'hare, live with us in paris. sean, take good care, thank you. >> thank you, shep. >> again, the death toll at
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1:58. and i was thinking -- i don't know but, i'm thinking how did all of these people survive inside the bataclan? how did allf o these concert goers get out? what did they do? we didn't see pictures of them running out of there. there were a few. where did they all go? we're starting to learn. man, the daily telegraph has been good and they have spoken with someone who has first-hand account of what happened there. so many of themñug' went up instead of out. multiple stories this thing. they went up into the of roof. listen to this. dozens of people escaped from bataclan rock venue by climbing on to its roof. frederick nowak who was the eagles of death concert with 23-year-old son told the telegraph that he was one of them. listen to this, quoting: it was about 30 minutes into the concert when i saw two men firing into the crowd with machine guns.
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behind a speaker he said is. the men were firing wildly into the crowd and even at people lying on the ground. he goes on then i followed some people who were running out through a dooren othe right of the stage. it led to stairs. but all the doors on the stairs were locked. we were stuck there for about 10 minutes. there were 30 or 40 people stuck in a locked stairwell. so, at the it couldn't get out so they went further up the stairs and arrived on the roof of the building. and they got out through a window. and they saw a man whose apartment was in the building next door who waived toî0b us. they have escaped a wild shootingkv venue, gone up to the roof, gone out on to the roof deck on a window. and looked across at an apartment building and see a man waiving to them from an apartment building as the shooting is ongoing inside the theater. we made it over to the roof top and he led us through his attic window. we stayed there until we heard the path police
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raiding a venue a while later. all of these people went into a man's attic next door as the shooting was happening inside the theater as they were gunning people down as other witnesses told us after he apparently got out they were seen throwing grenades at the survivor's faces. they escaped through the roof and went to an attic?wqá"tá he got a good look at just one of the shooters. he said he was young, probably in his 20's. and dressed casually. the three gunmen who were said to have been inside bat bataclan are all dead as fox reports this hour. we don't know if the authorities killed them or how they died. we don't know if a grenade went off as they were standing there. we don't know how they died. we know only that they are dead. and that 118 people at least are confirmed there with them. as all of this is happening, after outside the stadium or inside the stadium they have
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those three gigantic explosions we know two suicide bombers and another planted bomb according to authorities. after that and this wild shooting inside the cafe described to us just a short time ago by sean o'hare, series of weapons, gunfire after gunfire. we know they were mass now from the people who were in there at the time or out on the street. we know that the shooting went on and on and that more than a dozen people were killed there as all of this happened and before the explosions inside bataclan, inside that concert venue, the president of france came to the microphones before the meeting with his had cabinet to tell the country it's ongoing, we're closing the borders. the french president francois hollande as it happened. >> state of emergency has been called -- will be called. some places will be closed. roads will be closed.
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the state of emergency will be applied to whole french territory. i have also decided to close the borders./zlk to make sure that those who committed these crimes can be stopped if they are trying to leave the territory. it is a terrible, terrible event that is upontw its. who are these terrorists? who are these criminals? we must in these harsh moments think about the victims who are very numerous for their families, for the wounded. we have to be be compassionate and we have to be united and keep a cool head. france needs to be strong.
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the state knees to be strong. we will be. we also must call for everyone to be responsible. what the terrorists want is for us to be scared. there is what -- there is something to be scared about. but in the face of terror. we have to be united. and we will vanquish these terrorists. french citizens we have not finished the operations. there are some very difficult ones that we are dealing with right now inj paris. please have faith in our security forces that they can defend us from terrorism. long live the republican
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france. >> think the weight on his shoulders as the french president spoke to an anxious nation. they already knew about the explosions and gunfire. had heard it himself. the president knew at the time the shooting was still underway that the standoff was still happening at the bataclan that the rock concert had ended with gunfire and that the hostages were still there and to the microphones he went to calm a frightened nation. he said the borders would be closed. it is, what he said. afterwards the cabinet met and now we have a dispatch from the french capital saying that instead of closing the borders completely, they have made a new decision and that is to restrict access significantly. a distinction but an important one. and maybe the reason is you don't want to, quote: let the terrorists win,ú%$u'quote. you don't stop all traffic. you try to go on with life
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in some way because, as the saying goes, what they want is to shut you down. charles degal airport is open at fox reports this hour. 20 minutes past 2:00 in the morning degal is open. the euro star trains will run all day on saturday. they will run but they are offering free exchanges to people who do not wish to valve -- travel after the terrorist attack. if you don't have don't use it we will refund the money. in the wake of all of this, to that end we have gotten all kinds of reports from inside the united states for those of you who are watching us in the united states, in new york city, law enforcement say transportation agencies are all on high alert now. massachusetts state police say they took, quote: several actions after the attack. a quote multilayered security package in place at logan international airport. logan, of course, with its own history of terror. and the origination of two flights from the attacks of
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9/11. in st. louis the police department is adding an extra layer of security unquote for the world cup soccer qualifying match between the united states and saint vincent on friday night. chicago police say they were closing or following developments in france to determine whether to bolster city security there in america's second city but no immediate threats. amtrak the u.s. passenger train service said to be monitoring events in paris there were no credible threats against it. in new york city the mayor died deciding they would raise security five bureaus and beyond. accustomed to it but not in the wake of something like this in paris. and we have just gotten words on the heels from all of that insides the united states that transportation will be limited inside paris that these check points will continue inside the city. that authorities can enter any place they want at any time they want without other authority for it has been given to them on the blanket, if you will, as the
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nation has declared a state of emergency, martial law as we would put it here where the government has control of all things, can close anything, can go into any property can make decisions on the fly in the national interest. and we have just gotten this from the telegraph at bataclan and more quotes from the gunmen himself so often when terrorist attacks happening journalist does to people who witnessed it and survived it and after they calm down they say what did they say and so often the answer is they didn't say anything. so often the answer is they just fired away. not in this case. a quote now from the bataclan gunmen, one of them quote, what are you doing in syria? you are going to pay now. quote: from a witness to the telegraph regarding the situation in paris. again, the first gunman quoted by earlier witness as saying this is for syria and then firing. and anotherzj of those gunmen, if not the same saying allah
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akbar god is great and then the killing of 158 people is now con furemed by authorities in paris. the dispatches from the witnesses there are harrowing. a young man inside the bataclan given detailed account what happened to figaro a. ladders on the outside, as people tried to escape he said it was chaos. i was on the right of the room at bataclan as the concert was ongoing i thought i heard firea3jl crackers. i saw the guitarist take off his guitar and i turned around and saw a guy with an automatic weapon nigeria into the air. everyone got on the ground. from that moment instinct kicked in with auto each voluntarily you try to get as far as from the gunman. harvard hard to say how many it all went he too quickly. i tried with other people to to get on to the stage where there was an emergency exit on the right and there was chaos. people were terrified, pleading to survive and others pushed and pulled us to get behind the stage. we hid in a room on the
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right by the stage thinking it was an exit but it was not. they went to the side room. they heard the shooting. and after a few more minutes or seconds, nothing. and then we saw people edging toward the emergency exit. when i think about it it, he recalled, the gunman must have been relocating at that point -- or i should say reloading. all of our group decided to cross passing behind the rear curtain then we found ourselves and ran toward the boulevard. he goes on: we heard shooting in the streets where we were. >> i didn't look back i ran like all the world ran toward bastille. on the road many motorbikes i went home okay. i wasn't frightened and i'm not yet in shock. i'm writing this so i don't forget. a sur vifer from bataclan tonight and a witness to the
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herridge works intelligence for us and is live tonight in washington. catherine? >> shepard seemed to be focused on this evening specifically for investigators based on a conversation i had earlier is the simultaneous nature of the attacks and then also the size and scope of the number of individuals involved. so we have simultaneous nature. we have at least six sites. you have to count on, i was told, approximately two to three individuals per site. 1 to 2 to execute and at least another or a second for preattack surveillance and to case the operation and the existing security. in addition, you have to consider the reporting of suicide bombers, that means at least one bomb maker was involved and to transport the bombers who the site. thirdly, you have to consider the concert hall.
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the individuals in the concert hall had familiarity with the weapons, training with the weapons to execute calm and consistent way. not to give into the pressure of a situation. fumely there were individuals in this plot who were unwilling to die for whatever the cause was. so you have to also factor in individuals who would haven for these individuals. when you start to add up those numbers, shepard, what is important for the investigation this evening is that you could be looking at as many as two dozen operatives involved in this operation. and also based on the number of attacks and geography, this would be consistent with premeditation as well as planning. final point, there is no claim of responsibility in this case but you now have
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effectively two sets of terrorist chatter. you have the isis accounts which are sort of celebrating what has happened in paris. that is not a claim of responsibility. and then you have what are called sort of primary credible accounts associated with isis that are reposting my contact says, immanuels of a daily mail headline from earlier this year from approximately july which is a story about a jihadi in syria executing a syrian military officer and then promising to bringlm the blood shed back to the french homeland. so it's significant that is what is being be posted on the ice isis be with sites. but again at this point there is no claim of the responsibility. >> catherine, stay with us. this update just in to fox news now. the prosecutor says five attackerred dead in attacks across the city.
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that's five dead, catherine, you mental as many as two dozen vlvedded in the planning or execution of which. catherine, it is before this moment it wooivel very hard to imagine that two dozen people could get together, plan and execute such a thing underkisk watchful eye of a city at it highest terror alert after an attack that happened in just january. >> unknown which group was behind it, shepard. but all of the evidence5e points to significant premeditation, significant planning as well as a support network and a support structure in france. in addition, regardless hough was responsible, it really flies in the face of this sort of characterization of the current terrorist groups like isis as effectively focused on very regional issues. and what i mean by that in very plain terms is that they are focused on getting territory where they are and holding that territory and
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that they are not focused nor did they have the capability to launch operations on a more global scale. based on what would have heard this evening from the attacks, based on what we now know about the number of venues that were attacked, targeted in paris, and based on what i would describe as the multiplicity of weaponsh-9÷ involved, grenades, suicide bombers, all of this speaks to a high end terrorist ploot. stg that would be weeks or months in the making, shepard are. >> the agency which responsibles this thing and i'm looking at the tweets and other associates that have gone out tonight. they share #s. i'm not going to shaffer them herement getting darts we swear by who he made bare
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sparing awful. attacks in france are coordinated. quoting from a terrorist site. this is just the beginning wait until they come with their cars. the american blood is the best blood and we will taste it soon. this is what they want to do. this is how they want us to react. they want to taser us and tonight certainly in paris they have. i want to show you further to those of you who have been watching for a while now, we have not shown anything from outside the cafe where allãthis began. pa was described to us a short time ago by a friend of the program. there are pictures from there. we have made a sthid. there are times when reality is too graphic even to fathom. this is one of those. their there are times when what you would see there is something you would never
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want to see but to understand the middle school story you have to and i'm about to show that picture. if you have little kids around the television right now, it's time for them to turn around and if you don't have the stomach for, this then you shouldn't look either. we're about to put it on the screen and it's a picture of the reality outside that cafe where as far as we know, all of this began just before 10:00 p.m. paris time. think of how this was described to us. we cannot be for certain what happened. we won't know until all of the authorities have completed their work. but can i can only report to you what has been reported to us by eyewitnesses and authorities. and that is that this cafe was packed. you heard the description like greenwich village or the east village in new york city with 12 bars on a block as our witness described it. and gunmenk:÷ inside with masks on standing and firing from all directions as it was
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described to us. and then people flooding for the doors. imagine if you were not hit but if you were hit or wounded and could still move you would and head for the streets when they did. the aftermath of a you will all ofuw@ that. this is one snapshot of what happened in one place of six across paris that are now confirmed by police. we're no longer relying on the agency french press or reuters news agency or anyone else. the french authorities now confirm to the world there were six attack sites tonight in paris. six of them. coordinated attacks. almost simultaneous but not quite. the first attacks happened to draw. it is believed the media or the police, the authorities most likely to the scene. and then the attack on the theater. the attack on the theater that left 118 people at least dead. with the sex sites total 140 killed across the city with
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many more injured and death toll that will no doubt rise. unprecedented happening since then. the controlling of the borders. the mandatory curfew for the. the french president putting in a state of emergency, establishing martial law and on the eiffel tower in the city of lights, thisye. the eiffel tower went bark tonight. and i know we have video of it. it's in vat 10. this is a vine loop. it is lit and then goes dark tonight. the curfew is in place. there is no reason for anyone to be out and the eiffel tower is dark. the hospital service says medical personnel are reporting to work on their own accord. did you hear that?
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the paris hospital service says medical personnel are reporting to work on their own accord. medical personnel work in shifts because you can't work all a the time. and that particular dispatch with the dateline paris from associated press reminds me of the firefighters who ran to the building after the attacks of 9/11. not ones who hadl a shift buff ones who looked at the television and watching "the today show" and saw that the twin towers were on fire and because they were firefighters they went south and so many of them lost their lives that day. and we mourn them and we pray for their families and we play that our --ed that the authorities in washington and our leaders will put in place medical privileges for them for the rest of their lives so that their wounds can be treated so that their canes can be treated. today we learned that paris hops services are reporting
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to work of their own accord. paris was under attack tonight and parts is still on high alert at this hour. and we wait for further word from authorities and police services as we work to learn whether the five who were killed tonight are all that there are left for we know that the gunman who first fired in that cafe where we just saw that gruesome picture we know that those gunmen to our knowledge from police are unaccounted for as fox reports this hour. the authorities do not know where they are. we know that the gunmen were inside the theater who, according to witnesses,-thru green. we don't know why what means but we know they are all dead. we he know from witness after witness that they shouted words about syria and al lack -- allah akbar. we know the days ahead are going to be very difficult. even though the ones who
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escaped off the ladderment some of these no doint though -- watched first the concert and then watching the gunmen. and then actually actually be able this. death toll 118. [gunfire. [. [siren] >> and how did the french people respond? what are they doing now in the middle of the night? [singing]
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>> the french national anthem after the a6uacks on paris. quote all the city's amenities, including schools, museums, libraries, gyms, swimming pools and markets, all of the city's amenities will close on saturday and from the terrorists on their website they wrote but the american blood is best and we will taste it soon.
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>> that is on the exit from the stadium tonight. the french president in that stadium as well. people inside noticed the president had left sometime early in the second half to get further information, realizing the attack was ongoing went to information services and begann6g÷ coordinating and now at this hour we're led to believe that the french president is either on his way to or now at the theater where the shootings took place and 118 people are now confirmedm dead. trace gallagher bringing in further developments and live from our west coast news hub to you. >> it's amazing because you look at the french standing in solidarity singing the french national anthem and the world, of course, is standing with them. we have been told by the french president this that they have shut down the borders because clearly there are still suspects out there. we do not know the number of the gunmen there were people who had explosives. the borders are being told that the airports are open and the train station coming
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in and out. the wonder here is whether there is a primary the research and work that we have done is the primary common link appears to attacks were had to hit large gatherings of people and kill as many people as possible. for enough to we death toll stands at 158. that will certainly change. french authorities have warned us we should expect that number to go up. it could go up significantly. authorities are also confirmed that six different locations have now been attacked. we talked aboutt÷ this many times. beginning with that cambodian street side cafe in the tenth district. witnesses in nearby bar says it appeared a drive by shooting. at first it sounded like fire crackers pow pow pow. and then they saw the suspects in the cars firing high volume, high powered weapons. at least is 11, maybe a dozen people thought to have
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been tilled killed in that initial abe tack. >> post of them believed to have been dining street side where where the cars went by. happened during a game between france and germany. if you were inside the stadium as geraldo rivera's daughter was, you could clearly hear of the explosions going on from inside. as we learned later the explosives were a combination of suicide bomb everies and hand grenades. the french president was in the stadium. there are reports the former french president was inside the stadium. hollande was quickly escorted out. then there was the major attack on the bataclan a concert hall where a california band, a southern california band was playing. three young men apparently walked with what said rifles for a syria and allah akbar before opening fire.
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we're told the men started firing. up to 100 others held hostage and killing them in no certain order. reports some men went to the negotiate for thep' wife of their lives and girlfriends. after hearing a see end they went inside and killed all three suspects. at least 118 people were killed inside the concert hall. continuing coverage from the breaking news desk as well as fox news channel now back to shepard smith. >> trace, thank you. as we were reporting live earlier, we learned sort of together, well we knew that there were a lot of americans there we knew there were a lot of americans in that stadium. we learned together that our open geraldo rivera's daughter was in that stadium and heard the explosion. his daughter simone and geraldo is with us yet again. how is she doing. >> i think she is on the phone with us now. are you there, sweetheart?
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>> yes, i'm here. >> we're with shepard smith we're live and so many people were so worried about you, honey. why don't you just tell us what you saw. tell us, first of all, you were at the game, the son-in-lawer game. did you know the president of france was at the game? >> no. i didn't know the president was there. and before halftime weigh all here a very loud kind of explosive sound. but no one seemed to make any -- like seem worried for the fell will he new york everywheres by my side. we just brushed it off as nothing. at halftime we went to get food and we saw -- they wouldn't let anyone leave the stadium at that point and they weren't telling us anything. they just had a bunch of ambulances and people just in uniform starting to look very nervous but they wouldn't tell us anything until we went back. in we heard two more like explosive sounds but, again,
5:44 pm
no one expressed any concern and they didn't tell us the president was there. what was going on. and then my friend isabel was sitting in connection with to me and she keeps getting calls from her mom back in the states. and tells us that there is a terrorist attack happening throughout pairs and then we tried to leave and there were tammy fs of swats barricading everyone. just like-oil refinery it looked like outfits. >> no one would tell us what to do ha r. just hurting us. thrfl is one point we. we all start running in the direction not knowing where to go. and then all the police officers were there with the area at saint bennetts and we were stuck there for the
5:45 pm
next four hours. there was a blockadeed perimeter around the stadium. yafn there was the ear afabs >> how are you feeling right now? >> i'm)p0z shaking still. yeah. that was probably the scariest thing i ever had to deal with. we don't speak french all the police officers couldn't help us. we didn't know what to do. thank god service contact you. but yeah. we were all just freaking out and we tried to get hotel nearby but they had locked their doors and wouldn't let anyone. in finally we found a store. >> the hotel was locked. you tried to get into the hotel and it was locked? >> yeah. we wentbu and asked if we could stay in the lobby and they said no and locked the
5:46 pm
door. >> and then how scary was it to be stranded there to knot abe tonal to take the metro no cabs no iewsher oring in. >> as far as why were walk until we four and a half mile walk. and then we just were walking. we didn't know the neighborhood but we thought that would be a better idea. and then people started telling us that -- like the military was coming in and there was a state of emergency and that couldn't walk. so we had it walk back to the thane stadium area. we were just stuck there until your came and got us. >> do you want to come home, honey? >> i do want to come home. >> i am going to come get you tomorrow. >> i don't know if i can go home. the borders are shut, aren't they? >> i know the borders are shut. the airports are shut. we had a plane waiting for us tomorrow morning but they said the paris airspace is
5:47 pm
closed but i'm sure that they will get around to it. it's so scary. the attacks were so widespread. so many people are dead. it was like, you know what it was like for us here. so many people knew that you were there and so many people were so concerned about you and everything. >> i only had my french phone. thank god isabel had her phone. i couldn't even reach mom. >> i know, honey. shepard has been covering it all night, shep. do you have any witness questions for her? >> i just wonder when you first -- when people first started flooding out of that stadium what it was like simone. was there a panic or were people confused or what was it? >> at first people were confused and then when we saw the -- what looked like the french equivalent of the swat. people started getting panicked and then people started running. and there is a bunch of little kids there. you see all these parents like not knowing what was
5:48 pm
happening. just picking up up their little kids and running in+ every direction not knowing where to go. and then ultimately it calmed down after like an hour and a half i guess. i don't know how people got out of there. like they shut down everything. >> a million stories of about how people did get out and sim simone, while you where us i will tell you we have just gotten a dispatch from french authorities and geraldo, they many but french authorities have just sent out a bulletin that a number of armed terrorists are on the loose somewhere. >> honey, don't go out, whatever you do don't go outside. don't talk to any strangers. just stay right where you are. you stay right where you are. make sure the phone is charged. you have got to make sure the phone is charged. >> i'm not planning on leaving. >> and the doors are locked and everything else, you know. >> you have to figure that this initial thing was coordinated and what authorities never have a way to know is if there is a second thing coordinated.
5:49 pm
and i don't think that from what we have gotten from french authorities they don't know. this simplicity of the dispatch is unknown number of terrorists still on the run. >> you know, i said earlier, shep, when we first had the news and i was reacting more as an emotional dad than as a reporter that i thought it was france's 9/11. the more catherine herridge and you report the scope of this, these coordinated attacks, we -- i don't know. is it four locations now? they figure a couple of dozen of these attackers. >> six locations. >> six locations. so how recommendation first of all, i got a text from bernie kerik former police commissioner dear friend of mine what a collosal failure of intelligence that something of this magnitude. this is a major, major operation involving, perhaps, scores of terrorists. how could it be that that could be coordinated and no one in the vaunted french intelligence service even picked up a whisper? no one in the cia picking up
5:50 pm
a whisper of this gigantic attack? i mean particularly with the fall will of the town between mosul and rocca, i forget the name of it andmosu d and raca. i forget the name of it. and then the death of jihadi john. we were pretty filled with ourselves a few hours ago. we had them on the run. and, now, they strike in this coordinated fashion. obviously, this was planned long before. >> think of it. the president of the united states on "good morning america" isis are contained. >> everybody is making fun of donald trump, bomb the shat out of them is what his plan is. it's time for half measures with isis. this is an editorial. times for half measures with isis is over. this is so close to home now. paris is next door to us.
5:51 pm
and it's like the united states, an open society. now, that openness has been taken over by ruthless murderers who have wreaked havoc. we don't know how many are dead yet or wounded. it's always worse than you hear it is when all is said and done. imagine the terror when you were inside that theater? i first, sx imone, thought you were at that rock theater. >> so did mom. she said there's no way i would be at a soccer game. >> thank god. >> with a band that you probably know. but thank god you weren't there the way they butchered those people one after the other. these are savages that cannot be ignored nor contained. they have to be destroyed. i don't want to go back.
5:52 pm
it's either them or us. >> we must stop sadham hussein. not to do so could risk a mushroom cloud, yellow cake from nijar. we must -- well, we did. now, on the heels of what has happened today, we must. the first thing we learned about isis, isis has said we want your troops on the ground here. if we fight you, we win. all we have to do is fight you to get all the troops from all over the world to come and join in the califat. these decisions are not ones to be made in the heat of the moment. this quote just from the concert hall, the first president has gone to the concert hall where at least 118 people have been murdered. >> i want to say we're going to lead a war which will be pitiless.
5:53 pm
when terrorists are capable of committing such atrocities, they must be certain to face a united france, a france that is together and does not let itself be moved. so where are we? we are on the heals of, yet, another attack, one on the scope of a pitiless war. and what does this mean for all free people of the world as they try to remain such? we are on the precipice of something new. we stood on the roof of this building and said we're in the middle of a new normal. we're in the middle of a new normal tonight. what happens tomorrow and the weeks ahead will chart the course for our civilization. >> i agree with you a hundred percent. in hussein's case, we didn't have the evidence. in this case, it's apparent to one and all. we know where the bullet was fired from.
5:54 pm
we know where it hit. and now it is incouple bant on the president of the united states on both sides of the aisle. to review as diligently as they can. but i think the president of france tonight has hit the nail right on the head. >> where do you go to fight them. >> i know where their capital is. they advertise it all the time. i know the city of mozul. i know where they are. they are bragging on this. they are unleashing suni extremism. they will not stoep. i think we have to do something very aggressively, importantly, diligently, patriotically, conscientiously important for the people in the united states and the free world. we have to crush isis.
5:55 pm
>> and, in a moment, we have to hug those we love. >> i want you back home so bad. >> i want to come back home. >> and don't go out. >> studying over there, right? >> she's an a student, simone is, northwestern university, i am so proud of her. what a nice thing of her to do, her junior semester abroad. and now for her to be a witness of this harsh history. >> what do the days ahead do. for me, first of all, i want to physically see her and hug her. i've been on the phone with bill and we have the charter plane ready to leave tomorrow which is on hold. >> the air space is open. back on the previous statement
5:56 pm
closing the border with the extra security check point. his daughter, simone will be there putting him on there talking about his own family. why is this about him in the middle of all of this? it is not. the point of all of this is we all have a stake in all of this. all of us. every one of us, collectively and individually. ge geraldo has a daughter who was in a soccer stadium tonight who heard an explosion. whatever the plans were for tonight, the friends over for beer tonight and going to see lsu, all of those things were a moment for yesterday. this is something we have never, ever seen in our lifetime. pearl harbor was bombed. 9/11 has happened. there are so many things that have changed our lives in individuals. this one is new and different
5:57 pm
for us all. this one began in a cafe as it was described to us. and these facts may change. but they have held to this moment. and it's been many hours. the first reports were masked men stood up and firing in all directions, more than a dozen dead. at the same time, the explosions heard for the first time in stadiums. authorities now confirmed two of these were suicide bombers. one found in pieces and parts on the street and confirmed to be the other unknown. and the bomb and the other location. that was the beginning. as security services went running towards that place. and the frent we spoke to went running from that place at the same time at this theater where the american band was playing. a lot of americans in the audience. at first, is it part of a show? and they fired more and more
5:58 pm
with ak 47s. they were being thrown at those who were inside the theater. escaping to the roof with blood coming over them in other cases, explaining what was coming on there. others saying police come save us, they are killing us one-by-one. later, we would learn that the death toll is three different locations. and here, we're getting report after report that there are more. that there is a shopping mall that is so famous that many of you who were here right now know exactly what it is. and that there are two other locations. and that it all happened at exactly the same time. not in an environment where no one was expected anything. not in an environment where our guard was let up. no, at the highest security level possible in one of the most famous cities in all of the world where they've been having problems for months and years, where they have changed laws in the face of things before unseen. where they made new rules for
5:59 pm
people about what they can wear because situations have gotten so difficult where tonight, something happened completely off the radar, to our knowledge. a series of coordinated attacks. at this point, we believe dozens of people involved in actually carrying it out. who knows the level of coordination behind the scenes that they took. and they did it without anyone hearing, without the c.i.a. or international services or anyone over in london or in paris hearing anything and the president of france in a soccer stadium that was right there close enough to hear the stadiums to walk down and deal with the information and stand in front of all and say to all who have been seeing these awful things, i want to say that we are leading a war which will be pitiless. he said sent his military to the streets and put in place a curfew for the city of paris
6:00 pm
since 1944 we are in a new world with a new future. and what will had planned is no lonker important for there is a new task at hand. and we should see how our leaders deal with it. megyn kelly has our coverage right now. >> breaking tonight, paris under lockdown. the french borders closed and a massive, nationwide man hunt is underway. the nation that stood by us after 9/11. the worst terror attack in its history. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. at home, the nypd is deploying american counter terrorism teams. authorities here say there is no specific or credible threat to the united states. and our government is pledging to do all it can t


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