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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 13, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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charles cooke had a great article where he says, let's shut down for the 12 -- >> stand by. stand by. my apologies. breaking tonight, a live look at paris where authorities are on the hunt for possible accomplices after paris suffers its worst terror attack ever. six different attacks across the city tonight. in the meantime here at home, police and the feds are on alert deploying additional resources saying there are no credible threats to america at this time but that americans must remain vigilant. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. the terrorists sought out soft tar ges, slaughtering innocent civilian, at a restaurant, launching attacks near the
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stadium in france. and then saving the worse for a packed concert hall where an american band happened to be playing. there they took hostages and shot people one by one. for hours those being held at gunpoint sent messages to their friends and loved ones begging for help. finally it came. but it was too late for minside. as police closed in, we understand the attackers blew themselves up, killing four more people. all told more than 100 people at that concert lost their lives. that's the number so far. it could change. we do not know exactly who is to blame. but witnesses say the attackers yelled ayallahu akbar. leaders are voicing their outrage and solidarity with france. and here in new york, the world trade center, the teen of the
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worse attack in history, lit up in honor of the french victims. france is our oldest ally, the nation that gifted us the statue of liberty, the one that fought with us side by side in several wars. and tonight our leaders are promising to support them as they are supported us. trace gallagher, we go to him live on an update. >> so far the primary common link appears to be that all of the attacks were meant to hit places with large gatherings of people. the death toll is now at 158 and that will certainly change. we might expect it to go up. authorities are confirmed that six different locations were attacked, beginning with a cam bodian street side campaign. witnesses in a nearby bar say it appeared to be a drive by shooting, suspects in cars firing high volumed high powered
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weapons. 11 people are thought to have been killed in that street attack. this man got off a train and just happened by the first shooting scene. listen to his account. >> there were police in riot gear coming at us. a police officer told us to run into a cafe and take cover. i'll tell you, he had a look of fear in his eyes, which you don't usually see a police officer look scared. >> the attack on the soccer stadium happened during a game between france and germany and you could clearly hear the explosions from inside the stadium. listen close. [ explosions ]. >> that's right say the explosions were a combination of suicide bombers and frenk grenades. president francois hollande was in the stadium at the time. then there was an attack on the
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bataclan with an american band was playing. men rushed in and opened fire. we're told that the gunmen began moving to the balcony and began firing down on people. up to 100 others were held hostage with the gunmen killing them in no certain order. there are reports that some men went to the balcony to negotiate for the life of their wives. police stormed the concert hall but now french authorities report the again munn blew themselves up with suicide bomb belts. killing four. here's part of what it sounded like. [ explosions ]. >> at least 118 people were killed inside. that number could also change. the concert hall. the wife of one of the band
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members by the way told the washington post they all got out alive. there were shots fired at les halles. though it's unclear how many if any were shot and killed there. an eyewitness says there was a shooting in the cafe in the 11th district. so far we're getting very little information about the final two attacks. there are reports that ufl the attackers are now dead and police are looking for accomplices. but we do not know yet how police came to that conclusion. megyn. >> trace, thank you. the city is in lockdown right now. the city of paris is in lockdown. the borders are closed, although we're told that is to outgoing traffic. not sure about incoming traffic. military units are on the street tonight and it looks like a police state of sorts. the "the new york times" reporting that the police have been empowered to seize people's weapons, to go into their homes and place their under house arrest if they deem them to be
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suspicious. this is the first time, we believe, the first curfew in the city of lights since 19 h 4 when the nazis occupied that city. that's where we are tonight. think about that. shortly after the attack this evening, president obama delivered remarks promising that the united states will do all it can to support our oldest ally, france. here is president obama. >> good evening, everybody. i just want to make a few brief comments about the attacks across paris tonight. once again, we've seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. it's an attack not just on paris, not just on the people of france, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share. we stand prepared and ready to
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provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of france need to respond. france is our oldest ally. french people have stold shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and again and we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism. paris itself represents the timeless values of human progress. those who think that they could terrorize the people of france or the values that they stand for are wrong. the american people draw strength from the french people's commitment to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. we're reminded in this time of tragedy that the bonds of liberty and fraternity are not only values that the french
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people care so deeply about, but they are values that we share. and those values are going to endure far beyond any act of terrorism or the hateful vision of those who perpetrated the crimes this evening. we'll have to do whatever it takes to work with french people and with nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice and to go after any terrorists networks that go after our people. we don't yet know all of the details of what has happened. we have been in contact with french officials to communicate our deepest con doll lens to the famili families of those who have been killed, to offer or prayers and thought to those who have been wounded. we've offered our full support to them. the situation is still unfolding. i've chosen not to call
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president hollande at this time because my expectation is that he is very busy at the moment. i actually, by coincidence, was talking with him el today in preparation for the g 20 meeting. i'm confident that i'll be in direct communications with him in the next few days and will be coordinating in any way they think are helpful in the investigation. this is a heartbreaking situation. obviously those of us here in the united states know what it's like. we've gone through those kinds of episodes ourselves. and whenever these kinds of attacks happened, we've always been able to count on the french people to stand with us. they have been an extraordinary counter terrorism partner and we intend to be there with them in that same fashion. i'm sure that in the days ahead we'll learn more about exactly
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what happened. and my teams will make sure that we're in communication with the press to provide you accurate information. i don't want to speculate at this point in terms of who was responsible for this. it appears that there may still be live activity and dangers that are taking place as we speak. and so until we know from french officials that the situation is under control and we have more information about it, i don't want to speculate. okay? thank you very much. >> the president of the united states hours earlier. let's go now to james rosen reporting live from the white house tonight. james? >> good evening, once again. it was lisa mon ko, the assistant to the president of homeland security who first notified him of the coordinated attacking takes place in paris. it has been her due toy to inform the president of so many events like this. we have heard from the secretary
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of state john kerry who was in vienna today to convene a summit on syria. the u.s. embassy in paris immediately set to work trying to determine if any american citizens were armed, killed or held hostage during the coordinated attacks. so far we have not heard about any american citizens who may have been involved in any way. however, we are also told by a french embassy official here in washington that given the venues that were involved in the attacks and the sheer numbers of people who were involved, not all of the victims are going to be french. but that said, we should emphasize we have no word just yet of any american citizens who were affected. the state department has been briefing selected members of congress. i spoke with one of those members who was brief, or or an aid to that member, i should say, and they were left with the distinct impression that the french authorities were on something of a higher alert than normal over the past few days but we're going to work to confirm that. president obama said he wasn't
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going to speak with francois hollande the president of france anytime just yet to give the president a chance to attend to his many duties. but ironically the two presidents had spoken much earlier today. the president is off to turkey tomorrow and then to asia for a week long set of summits and meetings over on those contin continents. >> the former homeland security and security adviser to george w. bush. your thoughts on the impact this is going to have on the united states. >> well, megyn, look, we have been very concerned about illegal immigration, taking in syrian refugees. i mean all of this -- we've got to get more facts.
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we've got to understand, were the attackers in paris refugees, were they returning foreign fighters, french citizens who returned or were they home grown? we don't know the answer to that. it may be a combination some of all three. but it will certainly impact the way the united states looks at and approaches our efforts of disruption. >> meaning infiltration? >> absolutely. sure. you want -- you're going to look at the communication these guys had. you know, you can't pull off a multiple simultaneous attacks without a good deal of planning and communication. training. where they get the weapons from, how did they get the ammunition. these weapons are not common in western europe. there are a bunch of questions that intelligence officials are going to have to look at and answer so we can understand here what can we learn to prevent the same kind of attacks. >> do you find it surprising that the paris police are saying all of the attackers are dead so
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soon? do we know? the reports were attackers drove by, they unleashed fire power on different restaurants, they threw some grenades. it seems early to affirmatively declare they've all been killed. >> it does seem early to me, too. even if that's true, the individuals who were pulling the triggers, they had to have a support network. even if you got all of the attackers, there's a support network in and around paris that no doubt investigators are trying to identify and scoop up now. >> what level of sophistication -- i mean how would you rate this? >> oh, no. to have multiple simultaneous attacks, five to six sites with various kinds of weapons, we heard suicide vests, we've heard grenades, ak 47s, to have that variety, multiple locations at a coordinated single time, that's a pretty sophisticated effort,
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the likes of which we haven't really seen before. >> and the targeting of the soft targets. is that the wave of the future, fran? is this what's going to happen? does paris, does france, does the united states become israel in the effect where that is the new reality? >> no question. lo look. the bad guys have moved to soft targets because they're easier for them. there are things we can do to disrupt this but we need surveillance tools, we need intelligence and the resource put against the capabilities to ensure that we continue to have the edge to try to disrupt plots. >> but we're going to op site way are we not? >> exactly right. and you know, we've become complacent over time because we've been successful disrupting them here in the united states.
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and that's a vulnerability where we think we haven't seen those attacks in the united states. this is a reminder of why we need them. >> president bush once said in america shows weakness and uncertainty, the world will drift toward tragedy. that will not happen on my watch. do you believe that's happened? does this have anything to do with american power or not? >> look, i think what we're seeing is when america fails to lead, nature pours that vacuum and others will move to fill that vacuum. i think we've unfortunately, the administration has taken the view that the threat is an away threat. it's something that happens over there in syria. it's not an american problem. we've heard some talk about foreign fighters. but you can't approach this, as i call it, an away game because of the internet, because of social media that isis uses to
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recruit and inspire individuals inside the united states and because of travel. right? we know that the foreign fighters will bleed out. they continue to be drawn to this alleged caliphate that they have and they will bleed out and they will bleed out first to places like western europe, like france and london. but inevitably you're going to find that they make their way to the united states. the fbi has got investigations in all of the 50 states. we've seen a number of arrests over the last 18 months related to isis and terrorism inside the united states. look. we need to resources and the tools in order to prevent the attacks and it's still going to be a challenge. >> the target selection, a crowded concert hall with an american band, a stadium jack packed with the current president of france along with the former, with houthousands 0 people there, and restaurant where people connect socially, meant to produce mass
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casualties. >> absolutely. and look, the weapons that they used, the ak 47s. we've heard eyewitness accounts where these guys were prepared with ammunition to reload multiple times. these guys were in there and they were determined to cause as many casualties as possible. >> yet we saw what we believe, what the authorities are all saying, isis kill 224 people on a russian jetliner two weeks ago as it was flying over egypt, 224. and tonight they're saying, the reports so far, believed 158 dead in paris. but there's something -- there's a special brand of terror when the people know it's coming and it happened in different pockets and in places unlike an airplane where you understand you are at some risk. places where, for lack of a better term, you don't expect
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it. >> right. and that's -- you know the nature of these multiple simultaneous attacks, it has that quality to it, right, because the first one happens and the city sees that and all of the sudden these attacks begin to pop up at various locations and then nobody feels safe. no one in paris could possibly have felt safe as the events were unfolding. and in fact for good reason, law enforcement in paris told parisians to say home, stay your home. so people were frightened. no one felt safe anywhere in the public. >> the deputy mayor came out and said we're truly facing an unknown and unprecedented era in paris, france. thank you for being with us tonight. we're going to go to our live coverage in our sister network sky news to somebody who was inside the stadium when the attack happened there. let's listen.
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>> there was shooting happening. it was clear that it wasn't one single incident we could mo away from. it was a steady wave of panic. there was no way to see was safe. police were corralling people towards kind of one direct route. but you know, we really, we had no idea what to expect nor what to do. >> so the news tonight is that at least 140 people feared to have been killed. but the five attackers dead too, we've been told by the authorities, and confirmation of attacks at at least six locations across the french capital. we'll keep you updated with all of the details. stay with us here on sky news. i just want to tell you we
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have been getting a lot of incoming reaction from the presidential candidates. we played what we heard from president obama. but just to give you a feel for what we're hearing from those running for president. hillary clinton, the reports from france are harrowing. bernie sanders saying he's horrified by the attacks. jeb bush praying for paris. will stand with you against terror. donald trump, prayers are with the victims. ben carson, my thoughts and prayers are with the people in paris. marco rubio, we cannot let those succeed. we have to improve our defenses and destroyed terrorist networks. chris christie these attacks are alarms and heartbreaking. thoughts and prayer to the victims. now ted cruz has also weighed in suggesting it is not just the people of paris who suffered tonight. and that quote, this is an evil that does not discriminate between french, german or american, christian, muslim or
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you, soldier, football player or concert goer. their only goal, he says, is to murder those who do not submit to their vicious ideology. a veteran of the wars in iraq, i want what this feels like to you, pete. someone who's risked their life to fight this ideology over and over and over again. and yet as i said earlier, like a cancer that metastasizes. just as soon as you cut one part out, it grows, firsts elsewhere and comes back. >> absolutely. i think about it every day. the magnitude of the threat that we face from rag call islam. as i was watching the reports, i turned to my wife and said maybe the only silver lining is a reawakening of reality, americans and europeans to the scope of threat that we face
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from political islam, radical islam, sharia law, the silent invasion that's occurred in paris, demographics, you've got -- they've got a radical islamist problem in that country and throughout europe that's creeping its way toward the united states that we haven't begun to wrap or arms around, let alone go to the source in raqqa and syria and i rack and defeat the enemy. that is a war. that is a war for whoever that radical islamic group was whether it uz isis or al qaeda. it was a manifest occasion of jihadi john saying i'm coming for you. thanksfully he's gone, killed in an air strike a few days ago. the legty of what he's threatened into that camera sen others continue to is exactly what we saw on the streets of
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paris. if we don't do something about i, unfortunately we're going to see more of it. >> where are we in this battle with isis. you watch this unfold and you start to wonder, are we looking at the beginning? are we 30% into this fight? is this a situation where our children now are going to be, you know, drafted to fight this war when they reach the age of majority? i know you've got young kids. i do as well. where are we in that battle? >> megyn, i wish i had an answer. the only answer i have is one america has to give which is the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. it never stops. it's not going to. we have to stand guard in every generation. i have three little boys. i hope they carry on the cause of freedom in some way. but the only way to do it is to understand the nature of the enemy that we face. that's what's so frustrating about this administration that refuses to call them islamis
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islamists -- >> you know what the mentality has been. it's not just president obama or the left. a lot of the americans wanted to see president obama be elected because they felt that they were sick of the war -- >> they were weary. >> some were. but they also felt that somehow we had antagonized the radical islamists and that fe with did step back from the conflicts in the middle east, they would be less focused on us. >> that is one perspective and that perspective is being challenged tonight in whether we want to decide in the face of the threat to pull back and hope, and hope that they don't continue to come after us. u mean 9/11 happened before the iraq war, before guantanamo bay, happened before all of the things that the left or anybody else wants to point to is the reason for these threats. have mistakes been made, have we
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executed the war perfectly? absolutely not. but we need to stand proudly for the values that we represent and recognize that there are people in this world who are fundamentally incompatible with a belief in freedom and they will carry a koran and a suicide vest and take it to concert halls in paris. shopping malls in the united states. if we're not willing to go kill them where they are viciously and brutally without apology with every tool at our disposal, they're not going away. >> so we took a noninterventionalist approach under president obama. you have to see how things go over time. over the past seven years we've seen this metastasize even worse. isis is bigger and stronger and more dangerous than it ever was. and yet the question is whether
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it can be wiped out if we go over there, pete, and we go in guns blazen and we put all of our resources toward defeating this group, is that giving them what they want? will whatever remains come back bigger and stronger wanting to kill us because there is proof bin laden, that's what we wanted. he wanted to fight. he wanted to spill american blood on his land. >> isis wants the same thing. if we're not smart about it, if we don't approach it strategically through a leadership role, then we won't solve it fundamentally. we have to be smart and realize the size and scope of the threat and not sit in front of a camera today like president obama did saying that the threat is contained. when it isn't. mistakes have been made in how we approach following through on the wars that we start. you and i have talked a lot about the iraq war and the iraq
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ser surge. it's not about sending hundreds of troops in every scenario. there's a measure of restraint that can and needs to be shown at certain times. but there's a viciousness of nature that america needs to be in facing this threat because they're coming after us whether we realize it or not. it's an i'd logical battle that they're fundamentally committed to. >> and it's not just at the pentagon. it niece the cafe and at the concert and at the sporting event. pete, thank you. >> that's right. thank you, megyn. >> joining us now is eyewitness seth po rx gus. he was at the restaurant and heard the vots as they rang out. what ruy doing in paris? >> caller: here on vacation. >> did you hear gun shots and understand them to be gun shots? >> caller: well actually they
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happened i believe while i was in the elevator in my building on the way down. i'm in an apartment right next door to the restaurant. as soon as i got down, the first thing i see is a man with a bloody hand sort of hiding behind the gate of the building that i'm staying in. and i walk a couple of feet and then i see police officers, lots of police officers. and at first i thought it was just normal friday night police activity. and then i see them have their guns out and they're hiding behind their vans as if they're crouching, almost like it's a movie scene. and there are dozens of onlookers, pedestrians, no one is shoeing them away. they're just there snapping photos, talking, creating gossip. anybody is really sure what is going on. people talk about they heard a couple of gun shots. somebody else said they saw some bodies. then the rumors start to escalate. somebody says well, the guy is
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still out there. that's when you realize that this is serious. >> when you saw the man with the bloody hand, do you now belief that he had been shot? >> caller: i do. when i first saw him i thought it was somebody who, if i can be honest, got drunk and punched a windshie windshield. it's friday night. the first thing in my head is this guy got shot in the hand. but i think it's a near certainty that he got shot now that i think about it. >> did you speak with anybody who saw any of those who were killed? >> caller: yes. i spoke to somebody who said that -- and i would have heard the bullets outside about ten seconds later, five or six shots went off in quick succession and he saw some people appeared to be dead and some appeared to be alive. i don't know if the people he saw who were shot was the same person i saw. >> i mean, we saw a picture --
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we'll put it on the screen one time. we put it on the screen one time last hour, we'll put it on the screen one time this hour of dead bodies out in front of one of the caves targeted. and it does look like a war zone. our last guest was -- there it is -- a veteran of the iraq and afghanistan wars saying this is a war zone. as an american in paris on vacation, what is that like to you, to understand how close you were to a terrorist attack, not necessarily targeted at americans but targeted at freedom? >> caller: you know, it's a really interesting scenario. when i was there i had no idea what was going on. i don't think anybody else really did. you walk 20 feet and people were still out drinking and laughing and talking on their phones and chatting with their friends. it's friday night. and then you see them talk to
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somebody as they get closer and then their faces change. and then as the minutes go by, the streets get just a little emptier. and two hours later there's nobody left in the streets. it gradually happened. there was no hysteria, no panic. maybe by the stadium or elsewhere there was, there was none of that over here. it kind of spread via gossip and probably social media. it wasn't a big plume in the sky that everybody could see and identify. i was much more subtle. >> i'm sure your family is very thankful that you are safe tonight. seth, thanks for giving us our time. well the details on the death tolls have been change by the minute. and with reports that all of the attackers may have been killed, but accomplices are still on the loose, we go to trace gallagher for the latest update. >> you have to keep in mind, we
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have been scanning all of the french news agencies and the information is trickling in now. and a lot of the information does not align. as mass casualties turn out, the death toll will likely change. right now it stands at 158. we're hearing there were victims in the last two attacks that have not yet been confirmed. which is why french authorities warn that we should expect the death toll to go up. there are six confirmed attacks. while some happened almost simultaneously, it appears that it began in the 10th district, a cam bodian restaurant. the smts were firing from cars, high volume, high volume people. 1 is people thought to be killed in that initial attack. most of them dining streetside. the attack at the soccer stad m
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stadium, there were explosives and they were a combination of suicide bombs and grenades. the french president was in the stadium at the time. he was quickly evacuated. the deadliest of all attacks happened at a concert hall where a california band was playing. there were three young men. they walked in with rifles. they yelled this is for syria, and they also yelled allahu akbar. the gunmen moved up to the balcony of the concert hall and started firing down on people. many inside the hall were able to escape but up to 100 others were held hostage for a short time with the gunman killing them in no certain order. after hearing a series of gun shots, police stormed the concert hall. but now french authorities report the gunmen blew themselves up with suicide bomb
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belts killing four other people. in all, 118 people were killed inside the concert hall. there were more than 1200 people in attendance at the concert. the band made it out with many others. there were also shots fired at a shopping center near the louvre. we can tell you that the victim and witnesses report seeing people screaming on the ground. an eyewitness also tells us there was a shooting at a cafe in the 11th district. we're getting very little information about that. as the information comes in, megyn, we'll get you updated as quickly as possible. france's initial news agency reporting that the number of people injured is more than 200. 80 those said to be serious injuries. it comes as we're getting amateur video in from paris. listen as the attacks unfold while a man races from the
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scene. [ speaking french ] [siren sound] >> you can see here the sheer panic and chaos that ensued. and we're told that the sound of sirens was all anyone was hearing this evening throughout paris. joining us now, the chair of military theory at marine corps university. doctor, thank you for being here. and i know that you recently gave an important briefing to somebody who is actually running the fight against isis. your thoughts on what this says about this group that our president just said has been contained. >> well it says one more clear thing, that isis is not the jv team. if these individuals are shouting that this is for syria, then these people, even if
7:37 pm
they're not in operational corporation to baghdadi in syria, they're doing it for him. and the idea that secretary kerry today stated that with the death of jihadi john we are winning and isis is losing, it's just unconscionable. this group is building a caliphate. it's about events happening in paris, in garland, texas, on the streets of boston during a marathon. this is part of their plan and sadly this kind of tragedy we witnessed today will not be the last one of its kind. >> because we're fighting 't see the world in any similar terms to the way we -- they want to die in a holy war. >> think about it. jihadi john wants to be a martyr. the fact that he's died isn't going to stop anybody. the people who were killed
7:38 pm
today, tomorrow, tonight, they will be on isis twitter feeds. they will be praised as martyrs to the cause of allah, to the creation of the caliphate to holy jihad. this is a different kind of enemy. they want death. when we kill one, 15 volunteer to replace him. >> there in lies part of the problem. it's not like fighting the nazis where there's a defined group and a defined leader and you win against them and it's over. if you're in charge, how would you do it? you try to bomb them to kingdom come? >> no. the people who are the front line victims are the muslims that are on our side. they're killing christian, yazidis and jews. in the last 15 years, it's by far muslim. it's moderate muslim. the nonviolent ones. they have to take the fight to isis. the egyptians, jordanians and
7:39 pm
the kurds. but if you served in the region, you know that's never going to happen unless we support them. unless they believe that america is on their side. we just canceled half a billion dollars worth of training program that trained less than 200 syrian fighters. what message are we sending to the region. we don't care about you. and as a result they think they're winning with our allies in the region feel as if we've betrayed them and the jihadi narrative is victorious. >> what do you say to those who believe all right, but the more involved we get, the more they're going to come after us. >> let's just have a little history check here. one of your colleagues, brian kilmeade just publiced a book. let me ask anybody who believes this is our fault because of our foreign policy. do you know that we have been fighting jihadis since the bashry wars 200 years ago? one of the first missions of the
7:40 pm
marines were to fight jihadi who were taking our sailors prisoner. israel didn't exist 200 years ago. this isn't because of our troops in the region. we had no troops in the region 200 years ago. jihad is a 1400-year-old concept and we have to support the muslims who say it is no longer permissible instead of closing our eyes saying it's all about economics and unemployment. if we believe the myth that the current administration is peddling, we will be playing whac-a-mole for the next 100 years and americans will be dying on u.s. soil. >> you're saying it is not possible that we will not defeat isis or stop this unless we have a change in our overall foreign policy approach? that we need a leader at the top that is going to actually make our middle east allies believe that america is behind them 100%? because our current president says that and he points to monies that we've given them and
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so on. but you want more. i mean are you a lindsey graham kind of guy, you want all in. or do we need something less than that? >> it's not about the 82nd airborne or the third marine infran triforce. no. it's about us assessing local active to win this war. we don't want to be the face of the war. it's not going to be white skinned or brown skinned americans killing the jihadis. it's got to be the locals. we have had 80 isis arrests in america in the last 12 months. 29% of those people arrested in interrogation admitted they had no intention of going to travel to the middle east to fight in syria and iraq. they decided the best way to serve the empire of islam was to kill americans on u.s. soil. >> are these home growns? what's big problem. over in europe they have home grown terrorists but they also have an influx of people from
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syria who want to unleash hell. what is our big problem here? >> the trouble is, this isn't about individual groups. it's not about lone wolves. there is no such thing as a lone wolf. it's all about ideology. it's about people connected. there's no lone actors. they share the same ideology, the charlie hebdo shooters. they're all connected at a visceral level by the ideology that the caliphate must conquer all and all jihad, all infidels must be killed. we have to take the war to the ideology. and for the last 14 years we haven't taken the ideology seriously. >> are you surprised that they were able to pull this off in france? it's not like france and paris in particular have not been on high alert to the threat of
7:43 pm
terror within their borders. i mean are you surprised that this was planned so extensively, obviously, without detection? >> it's impressive because it's six events happening at the same time. but at the same time it's a low tech event. i disagree with one of your guests. this is not a big deal. to get automatic weapons in europe, to get hand grenades, to make explosive devices. it's easy. the hard part is synchronizing it and keeping yourself undercover. the trouble is french national security professionals are very, very serious individuals. they get the threat and they're very good. but the trouble is they're part of the eu and the eu with the master treaty got rid of borders. there's freedom of movement everywhere except in the uk. you get in a dinghy and paddle your way across, you're home. you can go all across europe.
7:44 pm
you can have explosive devices given to you. as a result this challenges fundamentally a human intelligence challenge. that's the hardest part for counter terrorism. >> dr. gore ka thank you so much for your expertise tonight. brad thor, tony schafer and a powerful display for france just ahead. stay with us. the cold truth is... [coughing] okay kids, let's go. no one can really fill your shoes when you're sick. [toy car electric motor] [toy car horn beeping] alka-seltzer plus hot drink mix has four cold symptom fighters to relieve your tough symptoms. [whoosh of steam] [deep breath] stay unstoppable. alka-seltzer plus. suffering from ringing in their ears, there's no such thing as quiet time.
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breaking tonight. hundreds killed and hundreds more injured. more than -- i should say about 158 killed in paris tonight after the worst terror attack in their history. earlier this evening shepherd smith sat down with our own geraldo rivera whose daughter was in the said yum that was targeted by suicide bombers tonight. watch this. >> as we were reporting live earlier we learned sort of together -- we knew there were a lot of americans in that stadium and we learned sort of together that our own geraldo rivera's daughter was in the stadium, his daughter simone. and geraldo is with us. how is she doing? >> i think she's on the phone. are you there, sweet heart. >> caller: yes, i'm here.
7:50 pm
>> we're with shep pert smith. so many people are worried about you. tell us what you saw. tell us first of all, you're at the game, the soccer game. did you know the president of france was at the game? >> caller: no, i i didn't know the president was there. before half time, we hear very cloud explosive sound but no one seemed to seem worried about it except for the fellow new yorker by my side. we brushed it off. at half time, we went to get food and they weren't telling us anything. and there are were a bufrnl of ambulances and people in uniforms starting to look very nervous. but they didn't tell us anything so we went back in and heard two more explosives. again, no one expressed concern.
7:51 pm
they didn't tell us what is going on. and then, my friend, isabel was next to me and kept getting calls from her mom in the states and telling us there is a terrorist attack happening throughout paris and we tried to leave. and there were teams of s.w.a.t. barricading everyone. like just -- it looked like people were in bomb outfits and no one would tell us what to do, just herding us, like sheep. and we were freaking out. at one point we sort of break away. there is a swarm of people running at us. and we just started running and not knowing where to go. and then, all of the police officers were there with guns ready. i don't know what happened next. we're just stuck in an area for four hours because there was a blockade around the stadium.
7:52 pm
i didn't know there were other attacks until you told me and i saw them on tv. it was at a concert. >> how are you feeling right now? >> shaking still. yes. that was, probably the scariest thing i ever had to deal with. i don't, we don't speak french so all of the police officers couldn't help us. and we didn't know what to do. and thank god we have cell service to contact you. but yes. we're all just freaking out. we tried to get to the hotel but they locked their doors and weren't letting anybody in. >> the hotel was locked? you tried to get in and it was locked? >> yes. we did ask if we can stay in the lobby. they said no and locked the door. >> and then, how scary was it to be stranded there?
7:53 pm
they closed the metro, no cab. no uber, nothing? >> first we were planning on walking home before we knew there were any other attacks. like four and a half hour walk. and we didn't know the neighborhood but thought that would be a better idea. then, people started telling us the military would come in and it was a state of emergency, that we couldn't walk. so we needed to walk back to the stadium area and just stuck there until, until your son came and got us. >> do you want to come home? >> i want to come home. >> i'm going to come get you, tomorrow. >> i don't know if i can go home. the borders are shut. aren't they? >> boarders are shut. airport is shut. we have a plane waiting but they said paris air space is closed.
7:54 pm
it's so scary and wide spread. people are dead. and i'm so -- you know what it was like for us here. you know? so many people knew that you were there and people were so concerned about you. >> yes. i only had my french phone. thank god, isabel had her phone. i couldn't even reach mom. >> i know, honey. shep, do you have questions? >> when people started floating out of the stadium was there a panic? were people confused? what was it? >> first, people were confused and then, we saw all of the, what looked like the french equivalent of s.w.a.t., people started to get panicked and people started running and there were little kids and you can see parents just not knowing what's happening. and picking up their little kids and just running in every
7:55 pm
direction. not knowing where to go. and then, they calmed down after an hour and a half, i guess. i don't know how people got out of there. but they shut down everything. >> a million stories and simone, we've just gotten a dispatch and they don't know how many, but french authorities just sent out a bulletin that a number of armed terrorists are on the loose somewhere. >> don't go out, whatever you do, don't go outside. don't go outside. don't go to any strangers just stay where you are. stay where you are. make sure the phone is strong. >> i know. >> make sure the phone is there. >> i'm not planning on leaving. >> doors are locked and everything else, you know. >> an extraordinary moment unfolding here. a couple things happened. the secretary of defense, ash carter issued a statement that en follows 200 years the
7:56 pm
u.s. and france stood together for the common good of all nations and never stood closer than we do now. and then, we have this message from the nypd commissioner, to the men and women of the nypd tonight, it says in part, as follows, there is no known nexus between attacks in paris and new york city, but we are cops and we are cautious, and says they're deployed throughout the city, all of you are guardians when when necessary, the warriors who fight for her, be vigilant, prepared, aware. and as ever, be safe. the scope of the tragedy becomes more evident when you look at the size of the emergency response at this hour. 700 firefighters, a thousand police officers, 1500 soldiers, 36 hospitals receiving injured. and a likely untold number of
7:57 pm
doctors and nurses coming in reportedly on their own to tend to the wounded. joining me now with their final thoughts, tony schaeffer, and brad dore, serving on the department of homeland security. and so it's not surprising to get messaging from the pentagon we'll stand shoulder to shoulder with our nato ally, france and down to the localities with the police told they should stand shoulder to shoulder and be ready for anything, tony. >> absolutely. i've been talking with sources this evening. pentagon is on top of this. we have to take this seriously, though, megyn we don't want to see geraldo riviera's daughter replicated here. we're worried about our children coming after a stadium. the time is now to look at this as an issue we have to deal with
7:58 pm
there. there are people that want to work with us. in a speech, said they, as muslims need to renounce that violence part is their religion to go apart trying to dismantle them there, and frankly we need to work now to stop that violence from coming here. >> brad? >> we've been blessed and have not seen suicide bombers in movie theaters, or shopping malls. we have not seen i bedlam style attack. we're out of time and there is no more time left. if we don't get serious and kick political correctness to the curb we're going to have blood in the streets to make what happened in paris look like child's play. >> what about the approach we've been taking so far? in syria?
7:59 pm
we have others that don't want to get involved in syria. >> rather than boots on the ground, we talked about organizing our allies and take a look at nato. nato won the cold war. we need to put together something like that now to deal with threats now. russians are there with their version of the warsaw pact to let them do the heavy lifting. this is a multi pronged effort. if we don't pay attention to it now, we'll see that violence spilling over here. now is the time to get serious bit. >> thank you. brad, thank you. >> you bet. >> thank you, megyn. >> your heart goes out to people in paris and france tonight, does it not? and what we've seen in the people of france, as they walked out of the stadium, survivors, those not hurt were singing the
8:00 pm
french national anthem. they were throwing sheets out of the windows so bodies of the dead could be covered and not just lay there. thanks for joining us. i'm megyn kelly, this is the kelly file. >> i'm shepard smith from new york. it's 11:00 on the east coast. 5:00 a.m., saturday in paris. the french president is declaring a war which will be pitiless after terrorist attacks on a night the french leader called a horror of unprecedented proportion. the latest word from police in france, who are partner network sky news, 158 people, killed. but we know that number will change. that does not include the attackers, we're told who police say are all now dead. the fresh and official word now is there were six attack sites. gunman opened fire in a pair of


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