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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 14, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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state of emergency in france right now. the country hit with its worse violence since the second world war. joining us this morning with our continuing breaking news coverage. >> at least 127 people are dead after a series of terror attacks rocked paris last night. they targeted young people attending a concert, soccer fans and people just out enjoying a friday night out. in fact president hollande of france was at the soccer game when this whole thing first started. >> and here is how it began. take a look at this. that was the first of two
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suicide bombings that explosion you heard. it happened just outside the national stadium during a soccer match between french and german teams, the french president hollande was there. he was whisked away. within minutes, another group of attackers drove by spraying machine gunfire at cafes. people sitting there having drinks, having dinner, a beautiful balmy friday night in paris. and it was near by the concert hall, those gunmen who were driving by and shooting and killing people, several died at those cafes. they then stormed inside opening the concert theater. and they opened fire on a panicked crowd there. there was a california band that was featured on the stage. in total there were at least six separate sites where the acts of terrorism occurred assi
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simultaneously. >> and the details have wabeen chilling, people being executed one by one and a series of explosions. eight attackers are dead, seven of will them in suicide bombings. they were wearing vests. security forces killed the eighth attacker at that concert hall. but police still searching for possible accomplices. so far nobody has claimed official responsibility for the attacks, but experts say islamic state terrorist group is at the top of their list. >> and just within the past hour, reuters reporting the islamic state has released an undated video in which a militant says france will not live in peace as long as french bombing continues, they must mean the bombing by french forces in both iraq and syria, which has been going on now for several months.
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this is also just in, breaking news from german media, reporting they're saying there has been an arrest in bavaria just across the border tied directly to the paris attacks. police are not confirming that link. we have not been able to independently confirm that, as well. but president hollande pledging that france will stand firm against its foes and respond quote/unquote mercilessly. president obama offering his condolences and support. >> right before we broke for the top of the hour, we saw president hollande was speaking to french media. and we were waiting for a translation. it is here. so i'm just going to go down the list of things he said. hollande said the attacks were committed by the islamic state. hollande says the attacks were an agent of war.
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he was the person who confirmed first the 127 dead in the attacks. and again as greg has been mentioning, that number will move. there are at least 99 people we're told in critical condition. and also as france's president hollande was speaking, he said we can expect to see an address to parliament in an extraordinary meeting on monday. so greg, you just said that he had promised that the type a of response would be very strong. perhaps we'll learn of it in detail in that quote/unquote extraordinary meeting on monday. but president hollande saying that this is the islamic state. i know we have our expert panel standing by. my first question has to be how do they know that. >> well, paris is obviously in a state of shock following the ich events that occurred. so many people wondering who did this, why did they do this,
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gunmen using automatic weapons, explosives, targeting a sport stadium, a concert hall. a number of other locations. the death toll has come down. it is now according to the french president 127 victims killed in the attack. but hundreds wounded, some of them being treated at nearby hospitals. and in critical condition. police believe attackers were all killed, but the headline if there is one in the last five minutes is that france's president has gone on national television and said that they now know this is the work of isis. and joining us now on the television for reaction is former secret service agent to president obama, an expert in international security. and dan, your reaction to this breaking news, it is sort have
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been assumed sgich what wgiven s and operation that this was the work of isis. and now france's president saying indeed it is. >> yeah, this is a frightening development no question. we've seen al qaeda and its syndicates have the ability to export terror over and over again, but with isis, the recent developments of course with the russian airliner and the small arms tactical assaults in france, this is devastating. it opens up an entirely new front for them. the original thought amongst a lot of people in the intelligence community was that they were so bogged down at home with their domestic parochial concerns that they wouldn't be so much concerned with exporting their product. but you now obviously that all goes out the window. >> the other thing that we heard president hollande say is that this is an agent of war. does that really change anything
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in terms of how we approach this? >> yeah, no question. sometimes we treated these things as law enforcement issues in the past fp it changes the tactics and rules of engagement, no question about that. both at home and abroad. it also is kind of a call to arms. for the country right now, this is now with the "charlie hebdo," we've seen it multiple time, you can't have a country that most of its economy, a large portion of its economy, revolves around tourism and how you have a country that people may be frightened to go to. you can't have that. so it's kind of a call to arms to say is this an all hands on deck operation to shut down any future attack. >> so now two significant events have happened in a couple of weeks. first is the downing of a russian jetliner over the sinai, more than 200 people brought to hair death at the altitude of
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30,000 feet. it appears to be the work of a bomb planted on board that plane by isis. so now you have isis an taking antagonizing russia and now multiple attacks in paris and the french president saying they will retaliate mercilessly. these two events segly chan lsi change the evasiequation? >> yes, this is as much an attack on egypt as it was on russia. these are tourist based economies. the sinai in egypt was the hamptons for a lot of russians. i spent a lot of time actually in sharm el-sheikh and in paris as well as the secret service agent. these were attacks on their
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economic, their wallets, on the french, egyptians and the russians. so you can't overlook that. this is meant to intentimidate these people. they can't fight us in an old fashioned, you know, front to front war. it's not going to work. so this is how they do it through cowardly deranged attacks like this. >> you know, dan, i mentioned that president hollande said this was an act of war and you said that's a game changer essentially. but how does it change the game for us sf wh? when one nato ally goes to war, to we all jump in differently? we are giving 50 special operation forces and we've done some air cover, we've helped the kurds in northern iraq to take back a key town just this past week. but what do you really anticipate we need to be doing
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that shores up france and its declaration that this is war? >> well, there are no question those words by hollande put a strategic pressure on president obama to do something. it doesn't necessarily invoke any article five position there, but it does put pressure on president obama. at this point it's very difficult, unfortunately, there is always politics in these things. it's sad, but that's just how the world works. it will be very difficult going forward for any world leader president obama included to continue to insist that they have done any significant damage to isis. we can claim all the drone strikes we want at this point, but it's clear isis has moved into a different front that is exporting terror. that's a whole different arena that we need to be concerned about. it will be very difficult right now because of president hollande's words for anyone else to say everything is under
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control. it's not possible. we'll have to up the ante in? way. >> one wonders whether hollande upped the ante enough after the devastating attack on "charlie hebdo" in january. yes, there was continued bombing of isis targets in syria and iraq as they tried to establish a caliphate. but clearly that wasn't enough. >> and one thing here i just want to squeeze it in, one thing we can't overlook that i haven't heard mentioned anywhere yet, we can'toff lo overlook the possib that it may have been a targeted political situation, as well. you can't proof tprove the attak was going to happen if it never happened. but the fact that hollande was at that stadium very well may have been a distraction.
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security forces were very concerned with the other attacks as well at the time. and i say that because -- and i'm sure the intelligence community is looking into this. i'm not telling them anything that they don't know. but if they were targeting political leaders, as well, again that's a whole other front. now you have domestic terror, you have airliner attacks, small arms tactical assaults and potential decapitation of political leadership, as well. that is a really nasty three-legged stool. >> because there were so many assisimultaneous attacks, six o them, some may have been a diversion to draw away from the primary attack which would have been hollande? >> yeah, it's my pull bell phum opinion that there is no way that it was a coincidence that the attacks happened with hollande a very significant french official at the game. >> that is chilling.
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and you were tasked with protecting a head of state, a president. so what are the markings that tell you that? this is your expertise. >> well, one of what we would call op 4 type exercises, opposition 4 type exercises, we would call it the malcolm x style shooting the way they assassinated malcolm x, you create a diversion in one direction, but the actual hit comes from another area. so the fact that two suicide bombs were detonated outside of the stadium may have been some kind of a ploy to get the president to evacuate for another hit that may have never happened for a number of different reasons. again, it's difficult to prove the counterfactual. i'm absolutely sure that the intelligence community and military are looking into this right now. but again, that adds another significant layer if that were to be the case. and if that's not an unreasonable thought, you don't december nature a suicide bomb just coincidently outside of a large major stadium where the
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pren french president is and find out later that the french president was there. even though this was a relatively uncomplicated attack, it wasn't completely uncomplicate that had it didn't need some logistics support in advance. >> do these people fear retaliation from military forces like the russians which has a mi mighty military force or the french forces? do they not fear retaliation or are they such zealots that they actually welcome that kind of confrontation? >> sadly i think it's the latter. i wish i didn't have to say that. and that's why in a scenario like this, there is no arrest, there is no hostage negotiation. i said yesterday on a phone interview, someone asked me about the club and said how do you think the hostage scenario is working. i said it's not a hostage scenario, it's active shooter
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scenario. they don't negotiate, they're not looking for money. they're looking for a new caliphate that will take over the entire region. and i remember seeing a map once, we had an israeli i think it was at the secret service academy to give us an update. and he showed us a map they uncovered from a terrorist they had arrested and the map was basically the entire world. i mean that was their new idea what the caliphate was going if look like. so they're not interested in money or pr. >> so is ththis insane desire te out all christians. >> we appreciate your time and your expertise. let's go back to our panel. matt graham, andrew peak and tom
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roi row aga rogen. that really is shaking me, the thought that they might have tried to go after -- and that was dan's expertise. that they might have tried to go after the head of state. i want to talk to you about something else they brought up. there is no such thing as isis taking hostages. we've seen what they do to children, to women. if they can't train them to be part of the caliphate, they behead them, do all sorts of horrible things to them. they don't want to be tasked with feeding and taking care of them. our special operations forces got in and we lost master sar gep sergeant wheeler. but we rescued people from isis. they're not interested inand ta people. >> and that is a dynamic that needs to be addressed. we look at a time frame and tom and i were talking offline about the time frame of this response, how long the terrorists were
2:17 am
inside the club while shooting was continuing to go on. and began hit it really on the head, this is not a hostage situation. it in a hostage situation, for a terrorist aspect, you will about flight exploit it. that didn't happen here. they just want it at that time the life. the u.s. is saying there is no credible threat to us. i would argue that 24 hours ago, tran france would say there was no credible threat to france. >> tom, we're trying to delve into the motivations. is that perhaps because isis believes that the western response will be so weak and that the western strategy in fighting isis is so feckless that they could act with immu immuniimmune
2:18 am
immunity like this? >> i wrote an article before saying a terrorist is heading to the west. people said you're crazy. the islamic state is trying to take over this mantle of global jihadism from al qaeda. they want to show the black banner, the purity of god is going to rise across the land. we are everywhere, we look at russia, beirut. that they spread that dynamic. but i also think that secondary point, yes, they believe -- i believe president hollande will put french ground forces in syria after this. but i do think, that there is a complete lack of strategic leadership on the part of the united states. it is sustained and systemic and the only people who think otherwise -- >> how did that come about? because president obama withdrew forces from iraq and afghanistan and when the red line was drawn
2:19 am
in syria and chemical reps were used, the president decided not to enforce that red line. >> exactly. the united states credibility was greatly diminished by those choices. but at the same time, you send 50 special forces in to syria, russians are appropriating the conflict, but the problem is assad fuels the islamic state because these young men look at assad as the devil. the united states is the only country that can deal with this and we are not. >> we may have to carry this over across the break, but andrew, i want to go to you on something i've been watching on social media. and there is a question that is reigning. how safe are we now as americans? because what matt was saying is maybe paris thought they were safe yesterday, too. >> the short answer is we're not anymore in danger -- and this is famous last words, right? we're not anymore in danger
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our continuing coverage of the paris attacks. we've had a lot of new information in the last few minutes. we want to bring back andrew peak. before the break, i had just asked you, so behalf of social media, a viewer reaching out, how safe are we in america now considering the fact that france no doubt thought that they were safe as you said 12 hours before this attack. where do we sit in terms of our own security now? >> you know, the administrati administration's mistake here on the whole syria isis conflict is that they assume letting the con picture fester and pestfester f four years will exhaust the iranian and also the ssunni isi side. but it hasn't.
2:25 am
and my mind kept onning back to the exchange that marco rubio and rand paul had in the republican debate about whether it's safer to take care of these problems over in places like syria or wait until these terrorists came to the u.s. and we could confront them there. and frankly, i think a strong argument has been made that marco rubio was really right about this. we have to address these things up front before they become a running cancer on the western world. >> interesting your answer also pointing to the fact that this will become part of the national conversation among capped at that time candidates on both sides of the political aisle no doubt because the next president just a few months away will have to deal with some form of what we're fating now with isis. gentlemen, thank you. the world in shock. horrific scene unfolding in paris. the new number 127 are dead, hundreds more are wounded. pierre, a reporter with channel
2:26 am
2 in france, he's been covering the story from the very moment it happened. he joins us live on the television. pierre, what is the very latest from the scene? pierre, can you hear me? this is gregg jarrett from new york. all right. we lost him on the phone. it has been a very spotty coverage with cellphone service in and out of -- >> understandably so. yeah, everybody is on their cellphones right now. we do also know that pierre was getting ready to go into an editorial meeting. you can imagine the scene there in paris if we can catch you up, president hollande went on national television and said what they just endured and are still enduring is, a, an act of war and confirming per the president of france that it was the islamic state savages. >> we do have pierre monday jar back reporting from the scene.
2:27 am
what is the latest information? >> reporter: what i can tell you right now is that many people are still in that area, some people have not been al to leave the area. most of the injured have been transferred to hospitals. a lot of people went to give blood to the hospitals and right now this is taking place. the president francois hollande just spoke and he was very, very firm. he sort of hoped the door to a possible intervention outside of france and he said france would show no mercy. in the streets of paris, this is saturday morning. there are not many cars. everything will be shut down for about three days. all public demonstrations are forbidden, so we are not going to see in the next two days or
2:28 am
this weekend something similar to the big march after the "charlie hebdo" attacks, maybe because the government is fearing that there could be another attack when there would be a big gathering of people. so everybody is more or less on their toes right now and trying to figure out what happened. those were coordinated attacks involving quite a large group of people which also poses questions in terms of intelligence. those were not like "charlie hebdo" attacks where it was like two people talking together here and two people talking together there. those were really coordinated, sophisticated planned attacks. >> it's interesting as you're talking about the public demonstrationsing quash inbeing this point, it brings to a halt some parts of democracy. you won't have people out there exercising their freedom of expression and praying together and doing whatever they would be doing. and they punched them
2:29 am
financially, too. disneyland paris closing down, very, very rare occasion that they would do that. i know they did it on 9/11. but you talk about those businesses that won't be opening for two to three days. you take a money hit and a hit to democracy. >> reporter: yeah, hit to democracy, a hit to our way of life. the places that were targeted are very popular. they're a lot of young people hanging out in those restaurants, those concert halls. of course the main sport venue in france was also a target. so really everything that sort of makes the way of life that you can have in a democracy, that was what was targeted yesterday. and as you said, yes, banning demonstrations in a way sort of feed the agenda of the
2:30 am
terrorists. >> pierre, many, many thanks for your reporting there. we appreciate. a headline for the last few minutes, president francois hollande saying this is the work of isis. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪
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president francois hollande said it was the islamic state and it was an act of war. his words. hollande went on national french television and updated the death toll, as well. it now stands at 127 dead. joining us by phone is bob strang. i'm curious to know what lessons were learned after "charlie hebdo" and the series of attacks there. would it have made a difference those lessons and what we're seeing now and what should we be doing here in morning ciin new
2:35 am
our other cities here in america? >> harris, this is -- i'm sorry to be with you on this occasion. so sorry for these families. this exactly the kind of thing that the terrorists want to accomplish. we've seen these type of events and planning for many years and we've been able to stop many of these. in just new york city, in the last 14, we've been able to stop 12 attacks on us here in morning city. this one got through. but this is the kind of thing, and i started my career 35 years ago with the fbi, ten years with the dea around the world, co-chair of the task force in the private sector. and i have to tell you that law enforcement and our military have been very good at keeping these kinds of things from happened. this is one that got through.
2:36 am
this is unfortunate. and we talk about this all the time. so this is and ongoing situation where law enforcement and our military work together to try to prevent these things. and looking forward and especially now with france being full in, we'll have to take a look at the organization of isis in syria, take a hard look at who is running this organization and really start to attack this by the top down. that means extstrategic strikes this syria, going after the peel running this organization. >> it looked like we had started do that with mohammed emwazi. better known as jihadi john as he was nicknamed pie the hostages that he and three others took, they called him that because they had british accents and he was like john of the beatles is what the hostages were saying. we seem to think we took him out with the drone trying.
2:37 am
>> that's right. but this is like any criminal enterprise. you have a big structure on the top. when one person goes, someone else is right there to take over. so this has to be a very strategic attack from the top. just recently we put 50 of our military on the ground in syria. we haven't done that before. that's been a big boost of intelligence information. so we need to look better at our air strikes and be able to be specific a the who we'll hit and what we'll do. we're just beginning too get into syria and really get a handle on isis. >> you were co-chair of the new york anti-terrorism task force. but of course as you point out, our counterterrorism team both new york city in the state as well as the federal government working together have foiled numerous plots, many of them here in new york city.
2:38 am
but there is no such thing as batting 1.000. and we only have to look at the boston marathon bomb to go sing that. so what worries you the most? is it the people who are wannabees, terrorist wannabees who are inspired by the rhetoric they see on social media, the propaganda that spews out of isis? and lone wolf attacks? or those that are directed either from isis or their affiliates? >> it all bothers us. and the bottom line is that when you have the structure like isis and this type of financing, when you have an organization that can recruit and finance this type of terror around the world, whether they're coming in because they're disenfranchised or whether they're specifically trained and brought through syria, at the end of the day,
2:39 am
it's important to know that one is just as dangerous as the other. and you you have to focus on the entire top down and i think we've been quite successful but we have to beef it up and continue doing the kinds of things that we're already doing. it's the way that this unfortunately has unfolded around the world. >> in your 30 plus years of experience in anti-terrorism, do you think that the laws in our country allow you to do what you need to do? >> let me put this way. i think that we -- i'm in the security business. i speak with intelligence officers and people who are running our cities and states when it comes to anti-terrorism. and i do think that we are on top of things. i do think that we for monitor all of the social media. we do intercept e-mails and phone calls. our nsa and our intelligence information has been very good. and that's been part of the
2:40 am
reason that we've been able to stop so many of these things. so i think that when you at that time intelligence information and combine it with the security that we have in the streets, the field, the airport, and then you look at the enforcement operation, it's a three-legged stool. military and enforcement working, intelligence working and the security working. and these three things together, there is no magic bullet, but you go at it full force and do the best you can city by city, state by state, country by country. and unfortunately, there is no easy way out. this is the future. this is law enforcement, this is security, this is the way it will be. >> but the more time that elapses between attacks on american soil, the more the human tendency of com play sepl begins to set in, that's another challenge, is it not? >> that is a constant challenge. you get it cities like new york
2:41 am
and paris where we've had probably the most tragic, london where the most lives have been taken, i think you find it a little bit easier to be able to get the funding, to get the support, to get everybody on board. but overall, i think as team goes on and the world seeing how dangerous isis is, i think you have pretty much a consensus that this is something that for everybody's sake has to be dealt with in a very aggressive way. >> bob strang, thank you very much. the impact from the attacks in paris being felt all over the world, here in the united states, there are no specific or credible threats of a similar attack, that according to homeland security. in the meantime, the state department is still trying to locate some 70 americans unaccounted for at this hour. joining us now for more, james rosen. what can you tell us? >> as we have been reporting,
2:42 am
the reactions pouring in from foreign leaders and guess who is now chiming in with his thoughts on what happened in paris, syrian president bashar al assad saying according to state run media in damascus that the paris shootings are the kind of savage terror that syria has been enduring for over five years. as we also have been reporting, president obama spoke by telephone with president hollande at around 11:00 p.m. last night. the white house says the two leaders pledged to work together to defeat the skournlg of terrorism. earlier president obama told reporters that in a five minute statement that he delivered while the attacks were still in progress, france is america's oldest ally and our shared values will endure, quote, far i don't understand beyond any act of terrorism. david cameron he saying he was
2:43 am
shocked and adding we will do whatever we can to help. angela merkel said she was deeply shaken by the news and pictures reaching us from paris. and iran's president rouhani calling the attacks an inhumane crime. indeed a spokesman for the iranian foreign ministry added that the paris attackers, quote, are not loyal to any tiype ofit vine religions including islam. the state department is issuing a phone number for americans to use in the event you have a loved one in paris if you're calling from inside the united states, that number is 888-407-4747. if you're calling from outside the united states, 202-501-4444. >> we'll leave that up for just a sec so people can jot it down. also you might want to check facebook. safety check is their system that you can easily access and try to get a handle on your loved ones or friends would are
2:44 am
over there in france to make sure that they are safe, their whereabouts and so forth. so there are your access numbers, as well as facebook. james rosen, as always, thank you very much. we'll continue our live coverage of breaking news. oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right?
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fox news alert. we've been getting few tore about every five minutes here this hour. and right now according to reuters, and we will work to do our own reporting,every five mi hour. and right now according to reuters, and we will work to do our own reporting, the islamic state has claimed responsibility for the carnage across paris. >> now, of course the credibility and veracity of isis is chronically dubious at best. however, french president francois hollande went on national television and said this is indeed the work of isis. they are behind this attack. they orked it, they perpetrated
2:49 am
this attack. he surely must have some pretty solid evidence to be doing that in a nationally televised address to the people of france. and now isis of course claiming responsibility. although terrorist organizations perpetually claim responsibility for events that happened that they have no connection to. but seems that this is the work of isis. >> we knew during and just after the attacks in paris that there was report of or many reports of chatter online among isis-type sites and feeds that they were watching. that they were congratulating and celebrating so on, so forth. but in this statement that is being reported by reuters, they take official responsibility as gregg says, we'll do our own reporting and approach it with healthy skepticism. france's president hollande also said that the attacks were planned and organized from
2:50 am
abroad with help from inside france. so gregg, they're getting shaom details now. >> we know french jihadists have gone to syria, have returned to france. so there may be a nexus there. we'll pause, take a quick break. more of our continuing coverage. , the mid-size van from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability. starting at $28,950. available in cargo or passenger. from mercedes-benz. ♪ ♪virgin islands nice ♪ ♪so nice ♪ ♪so nice, so nice
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as we continue paris attacko is outside the concert hall we're being told at the moment of the attacks on the le bataclan, that is the concert hall. we've heard tale of people being shot execution one by one. but this is our first time seeing video as people fled. we're watching that together for the very first time. and if you -- can we listen to a little bit more of that? let's watch a little bit more as people are making their way. >> we apologize for some of the graphic details. it would appear that there are bodies, dead people, wounded people in some of the initial footage there.
2:55 am
takes very obviously graphic scene, people trying to flee through the back door. xit near the stage, the band members, a california band that was playing there, managed to get out. you see others fleeing. >> center of the screen to the left. yeah, we must prepare people for the graphic video they're seeing. this is our first time seeing it. this goes about 1:20 we're told and this is coming to air -- let's pull away. tragically some people didn't make it out. others hid beneath the stage. others hiding in a single room. one young woman describing how 25 people were standing there and they shut the door, they were trying to hide from attackers. they could hear people screaming and being executed behind the go door where they stood in safety but not knowing whether their lives would be taken next. >> god bless them. it has been a tough night and
2:56 am
now into saturday day for the city of paris and country of frap france. their president taking to national television. we've been translating some of that through our foreign desk and the associated press wires what he had to say. the highlights again, though, the words that matter, isis behind the terror attacks. president hollande said this is an act of war. and we need to do our own reporting to shore it up, isis in a statement according to reuters taking official responsibility for the bloodshed. >> it has been a night of tragedy. it is morning now in paris. and our coverage will continue here on the fox news channel with fox and friends taking over our reporting. we have people on the scene. thank you for being with us. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance.
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it's saturday, november 14th, 2015. and this is a fox news alert. act of war moments ago the president of france declaring isis responsible for this. [explosion] >> explosions outside a stadium setting off a murderous rampage in multiple likes across paris. more than 120 people dead and this morning a new message from the terrorists. >> isis cheering the highly coordinated the well-planned


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