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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 14, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PST

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november 14th, 2015. and this is a fox news alert. act of war moments ago the president of france declaring isis responsible for this. [explosion] >> explosions outside a stadium setting off a murderous rampage in multiple likes across paris. more than 120 people dead and this morning a new message from the terrorists. >> isis cheering the highly coordinated the well-planned attacks last night.
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why did the president tell us just this yesterday. >> isil continues to shrink in its scope of operations. >> this morning, this country on high alert. >> also this morning, the world is mourning with paris. a peace sign going viral as the freedom tower lights up in the colors of the french flag. "fox & friends" begins now. >> good morning. would want to get to that fox news alert. just moments ago isis claiming responsibility for a string of murderous attacks in paris. french president calling it all an act of war. [beings. [explosions] [sirens] >> at least 127 people are
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dead. that number expected to rise as nearly 200 more are hurt at six locations. the worst violence seen in the country since world war ii. the most people killed at the it bataclan concert hall were a california based rock band was playing. attackers storming in and opening fire on the audience and taking them hostage. all members of that american band are safe but the night of violence started here. [explosion] >> you heard those three explosions they were set off north of the cap capital where a soccer match between french and german teams. dozens more are killed at four locations including a
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cambodian restaurant in paris a bar, a cafe and mall. witnesses report hearing the gunman shout allah iraq bar and this is for syria as they open fire. >> especially in paris it's surreal. the ambulances and gurneys with people. >> police confirm 8 attackers are dead by detective ton naghtd explosive belts. the president calling the attacks an act of war and vowing attacks against isis. >> police hunt for more possible accomplices. german report an arrest in bavaria tied to the attacks. send out to greg palkot who is live in paris. good morning, greg. >> hi, folks. i think this sums it up pretty well with, better
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than i could ever say. the front page of the pa parissian. a state of emergency, state of high alert not just in paris but throughout the country. behind me behind the international medium sacrum is the bataclan theater is the scene of the great carnage. get to more details of that in a moment. let's just tell you what authorities are telling french people right now. as you noted eight attackers dead. authorities are are saying there is no way that might be all of the attackers. they are now, as you hear the police sirens, searching for any other attackers, co-attackers they call them. also accomplices that could have helped these individuals do what they did here and throughout this city on a night of rampage. president hollande said it best our war will be mercyless we will not stop until we find everybody involved. again the bataclan was the scene of the greatest
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carnage. men dressed in black flashing semiautomatic guns going into the concert shooting, shooting, shooting whatever and whoever they could find. some people managed to get out. many others were killed. many others were injured. and it just ended when the police stormed in but, yes, our first sign of a possible link to the group that we're so transfixed with right now the isis islamic group allah akbar was the call and what are you doing in syria? a sign of france's role in the u.s. led coalition against isis in syria and iraq. we are looking at cafes and restaurants here. there are people in them now. but last night, again, it was a scene of terror. right around here circumference of several blocks, restaurants and cafes were shot up. the terrorists would go along the street, shoot into the restaurant, not necessarily have to go in. just right through the windows and they did their damage. 18 killed in one location.
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14 killed in another location. this is war time fatality figures. this is not civilian style casualty figures. president hollande was a target, too believe it or not. he was at the stade de france. he was at the soccer stadium that was also the target of suicide attacks. and he said today that his war will be mercyless and he met today with his emergency cabinet ministry looking for new moves, new efforts against this new foe. there is a manhunt for those involved. there is a growing certainty that isis is in some way involved, that these individuals who were killed and behind this, they could have gone to syria, could have gotten their orders as one did, in fact, who was arrested in august and very telling to me. i uncovered it last night as i was going through my research that man was told in syria by his isis leaders
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when he was there in may shoot up a concert hall. shoot up a concert hall with a lot of people in it. that man was arrested back in august, but other men, well, we see what they did. a coordinated attack, almost simultaneous attacks. again, the mood of the people solemn, fearful, but i would be remiss if i said paris was frozen right now. it is not true. there are cars. there are people moving around. but president hollande has asked the french people to stay closer to home, to stay closer to where they feel safe and to not go out in the streets if they don't have to. and so there is a little bit of a quieter mood here. certainly a mood of fear. a little bit of deja vu feeling. we were here back in january as the terrible charlie hebdo killings which shocked this country while this toll, this death toll higher
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still. shocking the people one more time. back to you guys. >> greg palkot live for us in paris, france, thanks a lot, greg. appreciate it. >> now that isis has officially claimed responsibility for acts terror what does it mean going. walid phares joins us live this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you think the purpose of these attaches was? what was isis strategic goal in carrying these out? >> well, if you do a comparison, the charlie hebdo attack was probably comparable to our first twin towers attack in 1993. this one is comparison, of course, with 9/11 in terms of the shock, in terms of many people killed on the streets. but there is more to it. the fact that 9/11 was done by people coming from outside the united states, all of them. though they spent some time; here, you have french analysis that says that there is let me say it
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jihadi army inside france. the intelligence services, i was told by some experts in france already yesterday knew that something was coming. they didn't know how and where and when but they knew there was an action. this is basically going to change the way the french are going to deal with the issue on two grounds quickly. ground number one, what we're going to see over the next few days is a decision that they will have to make inside france not on syria, not on iraq yet. inside france. there is a whole network and they know it of individuals who got training in syria and iraq and came back to france. will the government go after them now or not is the big question. >> wall lead, walid, we have video and i want want to warn our viewers it is fairly graphic. we have video of some of the people running out to escape these horrific attacks. it's important that we show it, at least occasionally so that those of us in america who have not personally experienced this kind of
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thing before see what these animals really are capable of. obviously terrorism is just about getting you to alter your callly routine to live in fear. but how should the french people respond? president hollande says this is an act of war. how do you go to war against unseen enemy? we're going to play that video now before you answer. hang on. [shouting] [explosion] >> you can see some of the victims inside that concert hall, the bataclan concert hall carrying friends out as
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you hear the attackers shouting allah akbar. back to the question,&h walid, france says it's an act of war. how do they respond? >> let me say something about this scene. this is more like beirut or aleppo or places in the middle east. this is now a french scene. this is psychologically shocking for the french who are going to see this coming in the french debate. but how the french are going to respond is going to be at two levels. you have the government and then you have the public. the government we can't project that they will have to do something inside france. they know that there are weapons caches. they will have to go in areas where they should have gone in the past. mostly in the suburbs. now they can because they would have public support. with regards to syria and iraq, definitely this is going to be a prompt meeting between french and the allies to decide are they going to go on the ground or not. the french public is going to react. it's going to pay more
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attention now to it a lot of other details. for example, you know, the radicalization process. many people are going to ask how is this happening? this is going to be a cultural shock in france. >> many people are going to be asking and they already are, how could an attack this sophisticated, this coordinated involving this many people, how could it have escapedcz the notice of authorities, intelligence authorities? >> let me share what i heard last night when i spoke with some of the analysts in france with whom i spoke after charlie hebdo and during the past month. they said the intelligence community knew that there was an attack coming to france. they knew they had had warnings. what they don't know, what they can't figure out because if they do figure out, then the attack went happen. they disrupt it remember in america we had two or three violent attacks in the past few years but we disrupted about 40, 45. this one they knew it was coming. they didn't know where and how and it hit them big time now. >> walid, the problem is
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when you see an attack like this that is so well coordinated and given all the different recent terror attacks and especially the most recent one at charlie hebdo in france, why is it that they were allowed and able to carry off this level, this scale of an operation without some kind of more specific intel or terror alert them of the specifics? >> we will know more soon but what i have learned so far that's very limitside that the chatter was there. they knew that there were threats. actually it was even on twitter and other means. they knew that something is going to happen. the problem in france at this point in time is how many jihaddists there are. talking to the presidential leadership and president hollande can we preelement? should we preempt. this has political
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ramifications in france. will t. will not just change french culture but change french politics. >> walid, there have got to be lessons for us in america on all a of this. why are there so many jihadis in france? >> because in france the demography of jihadists is much larger. 50's a and 60's and 70's and radicalized. second it's a democratic concentration there are entire areas that have been radicalized around paris known as the suburbsq which we don't have here. having said that what we have seen is those heroic sceneries are not scenes we may not see elsewhere in the west. this is a warning to us to the british, canadians, australians and here as well. >> the problem is, i think they are going to have to really radically think about the way they are conducting business, doing policing in
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france, in paris because when you have something of this magnitude walid, there has to be a change in course. cannot be that concerned about politics when this level of cash carnage is taking place. >> the french, this is a debate inside france that is not well understood here have been talking about areas around paris and leon and other places where potential jihaddists can hide. police don't go there. what the french are talking about now and the act of war not just with regard to syria and with regard to iraq. it's to give the president and government in france and their authorities the ability into those no-go areas and try to clean them up from potential jihaddists that are coming back from syria and iraq. >> stay with us. i want to play for our viewers the report of a witness who lives about 150 feet away from the
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stadium where these bombings took place. listen. >> all right. we want to go to claude, he is standing by. eyewitness to what happened last night. are you there? >> yeah, i'm here. >> thank you for joining us. tell us what you saw last night. >> i didn't really see anything. i was in my apartment watching the game and we. i live like 50 millimeters from the stadium. i heard a boom my wife asked me if i heard a boom. i thought it was just the people in the stadium celebrating because the game was going on. then a few minutes later we heard another one louder that's when looking through the wi÷kzuñ i realized what was going on. and then i started to look at my facebook feed and twitter and i noticed that there was actually an explosion. >> we are hearing from authorities in france that french intelligence had a
3:17 am
sense there was something coming. did you, as someone who lives in france, have any heightened sense of awareness? were you concerned about a terror attack in the last week or so? >> no. because just 20 minutes before it happened, i walked past the stage, on my instagram uploaded a video of the stadium like right 20 minutes before that happened. so nobody -- i will admit like, okay, every time we have a game at the stadium, they put the -- light early during the daylight. 12 noon. just a usual day. we couldn't expect that. >> take you back to january, the charlie hebdo attacks shocked all of paris, all of france. those two assailants were killed. had a feeling of normalcy descended on paris? was there ever the expectation that this kind of thing on this scale could
3:18 am
take place again? >> no. the thing in paris is, things like that doesn't happen often. so, when they happen, of course we are shocked. but because of how the media and everything works, i will say after a week or two everything went back to normal. we didn't have it in mind. it's only yesterday that it started charlie hebdo again. a lot of stuff you might see in the states. that's not what's going on here. like the no-go zones. we have no no-go zones in south paris. this is funny to us but -- >> do you think this is going to change now the way you perceive your level of safety, whether people will actually think something like this now is possible to happen again, especially given the large scale of these attacks and how well coordinated they were? >> yes and no. because now we know it's coming from the outside and i believe that you will never be ready enough. so i think we have to go
3:19 am
back to normal life. and hopebó that it thing that
3:20 am
hurts me is everybody that got killed and hurt yesterday have one thing in common, friday night we are going out to party or -- >> that's the saddest thing. >> it really is. >> your president hollande calling it an act of war that has committing to be merciless in radio venging the loss of life in your country. just hours before the attacks began president obama said isis was shrinking. counter terrorism experts is a bags is weighs in next.
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a fox news alert. isis is now claiming responsibility for the coordinated terror attacks in paris. this as new video reveals the chaos in the aftermath of those attacks. you are looking there at the back of the theater that was under attack. this after president obama claimed his strategy for fighting the terror group is working. >> to start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. they have not gained ground in iraq. and in syria, they will come in, they will leave. but you don't seejy this systematic march by isil across the terrain. >> so what shift does the obama administration need to make to win the war against isis? joining us now major general matthew c. horne
3:25 am
distinguished chair sabastian gore can gorka. thanks so much for being with us. will this change anything in the president's approach? >> i hope so but unfortunately if you look at the last seven years and specifically the last four years, i very much doubt it. isis did not exist as a threat group that holds territory until we left iraq in 2011 ewe territory expanse of great britain. they have established in anew caliphate. they have a new emperor al baghdadi and they recruited up to 60,000 fighters more than 20,000 of which have come from outside iraq and syria and in which 4,000 are westerners, americans, brits, french citizens who
3:26 am
can travel freely and can go back to the lands of their citizenship to do these kinds of attacks. so, it's absolutely uncon thennable to say that we are winning or as secretary kerry said yesterday isis is losing. they have achieved what all other i didn't jihady groups have failed to to establish the caliphate. the war against jihaddism isn't something happening 9,000 away in the middle east it's on the streets of our cities whether it's garland, texas, whether it's the boston bombing of the marathon. i worked on the trial. i was an expert for the prosecution. the documents that were on tsarnaev's hard drive, they are the same documents that they use in the middle east to justify violence.-y
3:27 am
it's the same i i jihad narrative. linked to isis, the united states. unless we take this threat seriously we will see more of these attacks on the streets of our allies and unfortunately probably on the streets of america. >> well then the easy question is how do you stop them? how do you prevent that? >> two things. we have to be serious about this war. we have to be serious why it's occurring and how the enemy is winning. we can't have this political censorship of our intelligence community saying oh it's all about economics, unemployment and lack of education. that's absurd. look at jihadi john, look at the 19 hijackers, none of these people were born in palestinian refugee camps. this is a jihadi franchise, a global movement. let's be honest about who they are. let's support the people in the region who can really close with the enemy.
3:28 am
it's not about us defeating isis necessarily but us empowering the egyptians, jordanians, not canceling our training program in syria. not saying oh what russia is doing is done out of weakness and isis is losing. no. let's talk about helping the people in the region, redeploying our special forces, especially as trainers and advisors and closing with the enemy and destroying them on the battlefield but also in the ideological domain. >> under president -- all right, we're going to have to leave it there. thanks very much sebastian good morning can a. gore carks thank you so much. >> breaking news coverage continues next. isis officially takes responsibility for the attacks in paris. were there warning signs? how were they missed if so? lt. colonel tony shaffer weighs in.
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3:33 am
in the country since world world war ii. >> french president hollande act of war as police look for more accomplices. greg palkot is back with us live from paris with the latest. greg. >> hey john, hey folks. let me show you this latest headline it's from the kidnap -- kip newspaper. this is sports newspaper they are declaring the horror. they have a stake in this, of course, there was a germany-france soccer going on at the stade de france that's the main stadium here in paris when suicide bombs were launched, were set off outside of that stadium. i lived in paris for nine years. and i never thought that i would say those words that suicide bombs went off just close by paris outside of the stadium. amazing stuff. in the past 20 minutes since we last talked to you, we have gathered more details about what police are doing
3:34 am
to find out what happened here in those horrible hours. we're actually, if you can come back to me and pierre, try zoom in a little bit. you will see a red and yellow building front sticking out there. that is the bataclan theater. that is where the main carnage went. and what i find interesting and hearing about this, covering terror as i have done and covering paris as i have done is how openly the terrorists acted. they went into this theater, something like four people without any masks on, showing their faces, and shooting up the place using rifles and then, of in fact, explosive, i'm looking at cafes and restaurants in the adjacent several blocks they drove around in cars and they shot up those store fronts right now we are told v single witness.
3:35 am
could find inside that theater, inside the cafe that saw anything that could describe anything about their faces, about their cars, about their license plates on their cars. to me, guys, it sounds like these folks were, well, let's put it this way amateurs to some degree. we heard that they go to syria, get trained up for maybe a week or so, a lot of these homegrown terrorists, and then come back, launched here to launch an attack. and this is what these people seem to be. they seem to be more in the symbolic display. this could be a big help for the police. not only are the police interrogating the witnesses. they are examining the remains. remember, 8 dead attackers, seven blown up with their own explosives trapped to -- strapped to them. another shot by police. we are told, our producer sicily who follows this stuff closely has heard that they will be able to make out something from these
3:36 am
remains, certainly the d.n.a. for sure and other aspects of their bodies to try to track this down. let's look -- just run down the attack points. bataclan, the theater here where we are right now, it is on lockdown. we are behind a sacrum scrum of international media. i saw two soldiers outside of one cafe in the middle of nowhere so they are looking for any kind of soft points. any kind of vulnerabilities. a lot of soldiers marching in unison according to our producer phil who saw that at the airport. so, yes, security very high. as you have been noting there is a state of emergency. a state of high aalert here. francois hollande the president describing a merciless war he will be waging he met with his top security cabinet. his national defense
3:37 am
council, the security council. he met with the defense ministers, interior ministers, heads of police to try to come up with a plan. and it is a plan to go for co-attackers who they feel could very well be out there. accomplices who could very well be out there as well to track them down. as for the people of paris, surfaces can be deceiving. yes, on the surface here in paris, life goes on. i would be remiss to say city is dead, it is not. there are cars. there are are people. but fewer than normal and the message from president hollande is if you don't have to go out, if you don't have to drive around. if you don't have to make a big show of yourself then don't. so a lot more people staying closer to home. traffic we noted was lighter here and a lot of concern about what's to come in the future, guys. >> dark day in the city of light. greg palkot. greg, thank you. >> thanks a lot, greg. the question is how does the united states respond to these attacks in france?
3:38 am
tony shaffer, lt. colonel old friend joins us now with the implications for us. gooded to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> how do you respond to this. >> two things. first off, figure out how the french failed to do their job to keep the people safe. i don't know if they didn't go far enough to detect and defeat the charlie hebdo network or this was a new network. any way you cut it, we need to figure out)> rapidly, tucker, why this failed. what were the on or on or obser. this was sophisticated. this was a rolling attack. this had to be rehearsed. we had suicide bombers bombers h vests. a bomb maker had to be present to build those. they had to rehearse. this this was a military style attack. military aged men involved were probably jihadis went back to europe. they should have been observable and they weren't. secondly, take that lesson and figure out how to
3:39 am
penetrate the network to. defeat a network you must penetrate it. that means old fashioned espionage. that means old fashioned special operations, grabbing people, interrogating them. i'm sorry that's a rough word in some circles around here but you need to figure out what's going on inside the network. inside the heads of the terrorists to defeat it as seb gorka said earlier go to the root cause back in syria. we have to do both immediately. >> colonel shaffer, so when we look at these type of things happening, it's really disturbing to see that france has been hit very hard now in two very major terror attacks. almost to the point where you see soft targets like concert halls and perhaps stadiums where there aren't proper security or additional security like we have seen some of those attacks in the u.s. what's the lesson and the message from here and really it should be concerning to the president of france that they have been hit like in this severely. >> he will with, i think again we need to get on the
3:40 am
intelligence game. we can't be everywhere constantly. as much as we have organizations like the nypd, they have got a global intelligence collection system. we have to really get in there next thing, we have to be as a society more vigilant. we have to understand, kimberly, that people are are out to do us harm. president obama was ill-timed and i think ill-informed to say what he said yesterday. isis is not contained. isis is not remotely on the run. we have to get ahead of these folks and recognize that we as a society, those folks in europe all have to be vigilant to the fact that people are going to be planning to do catastrophic attackst2 against soft targets that means every individual has to be aware and we have to demand more of our political leaders to understand that we must look where the threat is. radical islam is the key. they are coming for us and i think -- i'm sorry to say -- i don't want to be alarmist here their next target is going to be the united states. i think we have to take the threat of isis seriously. they have followed through
3:41 am
with every threat they have made so far. there is no reason to doubt that they are going to come to our direction now. >> walid phares our terrorism analyst was talking to us earlier. he said that to his understanding there had been suggestions that something was coming, french authorities knew that something was up. they just didn't have a handle on it and they didn't expect anything this big. failure of intelligence, tony or just good planning on the part of the terrorists? >> both. john, this was clearly a failure of intelligence. you cannot plan something of this scope without, what i would call observables, again, this was planned. this was rehearsed. this was executed flawlessly which means they went through the step-by-step. this is something they should have seen. was this a step up by the terrorists? no doubt. this is a level game on their part but, john, you know, the bottom line here the french security services failed. again, this is less than a year ago was charlie hebdo attack. this is where i would be firing people right now for failing to understand the need to go and look at the
3:42 am
difficult places they have to look. where the terrorists exist. again, this has to go back to we have to do the hard job of putting assets out there. morton storm was on with megyn kelly last night. he was a pen trant of al qaeda. he was inside man. we need to get inside men in niece networks to get ahead of them. drones don't help us by the fact they only kill people. you cannot interrogate a dead man. we have to get back to the business of doing the hard work of penetrating these networks. >> thank you: a game changer on the war on terrorism say authorities has french intelligence been too overwhelmed by the wave of refugees streaming in from the middle east and could we have the same problem here in the u.s.? we will bring you the very latest coming up. i6ietly plucks] right on cue.
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welcome back, france under a state of emergency this morning closing its borders after terrorists unleashed a coordinated attacks of last night. 127 people murdered. deadliest day in that country since the second world war. joiningzk us now a reporter who has covered stories from around the world jamie. why did this happen? >> i think it's very clearly an attack on our civilization. if you look at the places that were attacked. this was a concert hall. this was outside a soccer stadium, bars and restaurants. the statement that came out referred to the people at the concert as idolaters. i think this is very much symbols of freedom. i mean, what's more a symbol of freedom than two countries playing a friendly soccer game or going out to a bar or concert on friday night. symbolic attack much the way the charlie hebdo attacks were attack on freedom and freedom of speech and also later on anti-semitic attack
3:47 am
as well. >> what's so chilling is from the early indications the attackers appear to be from within the country. these are not necessarily foreigner who's travel there to commit these atrocities people raised under the french system. what does that tell us about the state of france right now? >> i think it's a clear problem that's been going on for decades. a failure to assimilate. integrate large numbers of their muslim population. i also think it's important that you say these were homegrown as we understand them. people are trying to conflate these attacks in france refugee crisis. i don't think that's correct because for one, this clearly needed a a long time to plan this attack. >> france hasn't taken that many refugees from syria. >> exactly there have been very few refugees coming in. i think it's important to distinguish these two issues. >> doesn't it make it even more interesting and troubling these in some cases are the children or grandchildren of refugees, immigrants into france who have been there for 50 years. >> in french citizens. >> right. >> absolutely.
3:48 am
this is why the he'dology behind this jihadiism is so threatening and dangerous and frightening. how do you fight it? certainly the same -- all these foreign fighters or many of these foreign fighters leaving from europe were raised in europe. born in europe. well-educated. in fact, show you more this is an ideological question. it's not one of poverty or economics. jihadi john killed yesterday rg attackers on 7/7. >> what were the implications for american policy. >> i think what they should be is anp absolutely more increasing involvement in the war on isis is. understand this is a war. the policy of the last year and a half has not been sufficient clearly in stopping this which the administration has claimed. i hope we will see more movements on that and certainly, you know, sending support to our allies in the region, troops on the
3:49 am
ground. and also we need to be careful not to fall into this trap that i think the russians want us to fall into. because the ally with them in the so-called war on isis that they are waging, we will hear calls for that in the next couple of weeks. i don't think that that is what the russians are really doing. i don't think they are really fighting a war on isis. i they that the policy of propping up assad and ignoring assad and allowing him to go on for so long i think that has driven the sunni population of syria into the arms of isis. so the past several years of inaction on syria i think is why we are seeing this problem fester today. >> jamie joining us live this morning. thanks for that. i appreciate it well, breaking news continues all throughout the hour and the morning. next, as france locks down its borders. what does that mea security here in the united states? could would he be vulnerable to a terrorist cell. do they exist already within our borders? wool bring you the very latest on that next. ♪
3:50 am
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a fox news alert. isis is claiming responsibility now for the carnage across the city of paris last night. france's president has also come out and said isis is behind the attacks, calling it an act of war. >> now fears this morning the terror will inspire some americans to join forces with jihadists. a security analyst with the clarion project and joins us on set good morning, ryan. >> good morning. >> what's the take away with this what's happening in paris and apply it to here at home. >> basically isis has initiated a deadly new phase that's frightening for terrorism analysts to see where they have gone to inspire a couple guys to carry out attack on their
3:54 am
own to sophisticated al qaeda type attacks. that will earn them a whole new wave of recruits. that's what they thrive off of is success. one year after u.s. military operations began bombing them, they are stronger than ever and striking in france and a apparently the russian airliner as well. it's important to put those two things together. >> true. >> there is obviously a huge muslim2 population in france. you say that isis is actually hoping for a backlash against muslims. >> right. this is one of the things i have seen on the pro-isis account that we have been monitoring over the night which is that a lot of them are saying get ready are to the infidel to come after innocent muslims in europe and come to their homes and can you tell that they are actually craving it. what this are saying that will force muslims to feel like they have to choose either the west or choose isis. and they want it to be separated into two camps. >> let's bring it here home to u.s. soil. could this actually inspire cells here to activate when they have seen the relative widespread success of this terror attack that's
3:55 am
occurred in paris? >> definitely. that's for two reasons. number one there is the copycat element where they will want to add their name to this story and say i want to strike and make this bigger so my name can be part of this story. second element those concerned that they are already on the radar and that there is going to be a crackdown that results in the feds breaking down their door into their home and so they are going to want to strike before that' happens. so there is a concern about that. and there is a congressional terror report that we reported on that calm out that said that 250 americans had joined the jihadists in syria and dozens had come back into the country after doing that. >> so, some of these attackers potentially could be carrying -- could have been carrying american passports? >> apparently so. because according to the congressional terror report, the speed at which radicalization is happening with americans is unlike anything that we have seen before and there just aren't enough resources to track everyone that's an extremists. you can't have everyone being monitored 24/7 and so what you might see happening, in the coming days as these attackers are
3:56 am
id, you t. might turn out they had intelligence about them they are in a database somewhere but, again, you can't track everyone always. >> how do you explain this accelerated radicalization happening and especially seeing it here on u.s. soil they are recruiting americans at such a rapid pace? >> it comes down to success the fact that he this are able to right a narrative. important to right losses sinjar and jihadi john as part of our coverage of this. don't write the headlines that's favorable for them. they are losing that's part of the equation and part of the story we need to tell. >> ryan morrow,5a clarion is the website. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for your time. and coming up our breaking news coverage continues right here on the fox news channel. we are live on the ground in paris top of the hour. the beast
3:57 am
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it's saturday, november 14th, 2015 and this is a fox news alert. breaking right now, isis claiming responsibility for this. [explosion] >> a massive killing spree acrossabax the city of paris. france's president calling it an act of war. explosions. >> moreuyub& than 120 people ded and this morning, a new message from the terrorists. >> and then the attacks hitting close to home inside the fox news family. >> did you know it was a bomb? what did you think it was? >> i thought it was a bomb initially andmu then no one made a sound and it happened
4:01 am
two more times. medical people there. he we thought something was up. >> the daughter of our own geraldo rivera caught in the middle of the chaos in paris. we will tell you what happened coming up. >> and right now the world is mourning with paris. a peace sign going viral as the freedom tower lights up in the colors of the french flag. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning, get right to that fox news alert. france in lockdown this morning as isis claims responsibility for a string of murderous attacks across the city of paris.év [gunfire] [sirens] >> at least 27 people are dead this morning. that number, unfortunately, expected to rise as nearly 200 more are hurt at six
4:02 am
locations including several popular cafes. the worst carnage happened at the bataclan concert hall where california-based rock band was playing. attackers stormed in, opened fire from the balcony. the audience huddling on the floor and then taken hostage. it all started when three bombs went off at a stadium north of the capital soccer match. eight attackers have been killed. seven of them by detonating explosive vests they were wearing. france's president calling the attacks an act of war and vowing no mercy against isis. >> greg palkot live in paris with the very latest. greg? >> hey, folks. yeah, this hour's headline carnage in paris, the scene from last night you can see one of the victims of the attacks. it could have been taken anywhere around here. we are just about a block away from the theater that was the scene of a massacre. i will tell you, folks.
4:03 am
this story really hits home. i lived in paris for nine years working for fox. i walked along these streets on a saturday or sunday afternoon very peaceful, very pleasant as we all know that paris is. for me to say that there were four armed islamist fighters just over there in that building packed with explosives and then blowing themselves up, incredible. and that is the feeling that pa parisians are feeling right now. held a meeting of defense minister security minister security types. there is a way forward. it will be a mercyless war against isis. he has already his police attachments going after eyewitnesses and going after any traces of those involved because they do feel that they there are more acomplies, co-attackers out there and having reported a lot on the parisian.
4:04 am
a lot of people are asking why france? why these kind of attacks? i can tell you from you talking to experts and from knowing the situation here, that the muslim population or at least elements of them have a lot of problems with french policy both abroad, a very aggressive foreign policy going against isis and other islamist groups, including al qaeda and their domestic policy. a lot ofcn things not happy here among the muslim community that is poverty and what some people would say is policies that go against this community. the government and others would say otherwise. but you there are reasons for that, for france to be the target. also, the question why these targets? i think it's pretty clear. first why are the stade de france. sports, there is nothing more french than sports. they love their soccer. they love their competitions and that was a two for for
4:05 am
the alleged isis attackers at the stadium that night are france, germany soccer match. the president of france, the foreign minister of germany, you can't get too much more power than that and then, again, these suicide bomb attacks going off there. the attacks around here cafes and restaurants. well with, i think any of you who traveled in paris will know that there is nothing more symbolic of a good life of paris than sitting for long hours at cafes and restaurants and what we understand is that these islamists got in their cars, toured around the neighborhoods, shot from them using rifles, going into the restaurants, shooting through the windows, making a terrible scene. and the scene at this theater. well, night life, too. very famous. going after another symbol of french life, which these islamists detest, then you are going to go after something like this, too. right now, we're seeing
4:06 am
about 1500 new troops being added to the mix. that word came out in just the last two hours or so. again, you have noted a state of emergency here in france. high alert. we saw it at the airport. we saw it coming in. we saw it with soldiers guarding cafes. as life continues to try to get along as much as normal as it can, but the word coming from the palace. the word coming from president hollande, if you don't have to go out, don't go out. stay at home. let us do our job. and our job is their job is to go after who was responsible for this and to make sure, well, try to make sure it doesn't happen again. back to you. >> greg palkot, thank you., so, in the initial hours after the attacks, france's borders were reported closed. now the president says they are severely restricted. paris is on lockdown. what's happening right now and what are authorities looking for?
4:07 am
>> let's bring in former covert operations officer from the cia joshua cats. joshua, have you very unique, interesting background. you also served as a ranger and have been in a number of special operations units serving throughout the world and providing national security, intelligence to members of the house committee as well. how do you you see what has happened here in paris how could it have been prevented? what are the next steps? >> the prevention of it is a lengthy discussion. it starts with intelligence. intelligence is -- needs to be the basis for stopping these sort of attacks. they are going to continue. and so unless we invest in more of the intelligence capability, i'm not talking about technological surveillance as part of it but that human element is just vitalling to stopping this and making sure that these sort of attacks never happen again. >> here's one obvious lesson. so for the past 50 years france has imported millions -- of from
4:08 am
where radical islam is common. should rethink that policy. >> the administration saying that they can vet people, right? is not true. the french can't do it. the europeans can't do it. we can't do it. to say you that vetting and we can make sure that people don't have ill intent towards us is near impossible. especially when you don't have the intelligence to back it up. right? so if you are trying to see if someone has connections to bad groups, well, if you don't have the intelligence that links it all together, then there is no way to vet that person. so, we can't do that. we need to start at the basics and just secure our country. learn from this mistake really by the french. the french are such a capable service and to let this happen is truly an embarrassment for them. and it's a tragedyo that,
4:09 am
unfortunately we're going to see again. >> eight attackers dead. the border is severely restricted. how big an organization does it take? i mean, there are surely going to be other people arrested besides, you know -- there are other people involved besides those who were killed. >> absolutely. so the network, so to speak here, is going to be larger than, i think we are actually going to know about, right? because there is a lot of things that are happening here within the intelligence community, within the security community and france, throughout nato, united states and try to get a better handle on how you this happened, where they came from, how things were moved in and out of france, where they received their training and where they received their orders. because this was a coordinated attack. this was not something that was done off the cuff or
4:10 am
some guys got together one night and just decided to pull off. this was a fairly sophisticated attack. >> isis claiming responsibility and french and arabic on some of the forums and there was one initial report earlier of it)sq" that they had and then of course you have the inner play places like concert halls. very difficult to completely prepare and prevent these types of acts. >> absolutely. because like you said the soft targets, it's -- like in the name, right? and so we have so many soft targets here, europe has so many soft targets, they are easy, so what we have to do is we have to rely on the average person to see things, to identify things, and then to also to say something. but i think the problem is when w. a see something, say something is we don't really know what to look for and we don't know what it means and we really don't each know who to tell.
4:11 am
afraid to say anything. >> very true. josh katz former advisor to the former cia as well. >> we will find their identities in the coming days already here at fox news our family was touched by it geraldo rivera's daughter simone was in the stadium last night when those suicide bombs went off outside. here is part of the conversation he had with simone right after those attacks. >> did you know it was a bomb? what did you think it was? >> i thought it was a bomb initially and then no one made a sound and then it happened two more times. medical people there. and we thought something was up. and then we tried to leave a little early. and they wouldn't let anyone leave during halftime and there were police there. we thought it was a bit sketchy but they didn't tell us anything. and then we go back in and then we hear another one go off and then we left. and it was like literally swat teams and police and
4:12 am
people -- everyone was holding their guns and they started ushering like the 70,000 people. >> there she is right there. that is geraldo with his daughter simone. he tweeted out last night the only sentence that really matters she is safe and she is apparently safe. >> he will be joining us at the top of the hour at 8:00 a.m. eastern to tell us the latest developments and the contacts he has had with his daughter simone. >> very good news there. obviously so many people whoy0 have lost loved ones in this attack. more than 100 -- 127 people dead at last count in paris. and the number expected to rise. >> coming up, this is, of course, the worse violence in that country since world war ii. but it's not the first terror attack paris has seen in recent months. why paris? we will give you some sense coming up. hi.
4:13 am
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a fox news alert. 127 people murdered across paris. on the body of one of the suicide bombers who detonated his suicide belt last night was found a syrian passport. the question hangs in the air why france which has been the target of so many terror attacks in recent years. and what does this mean for america? joining us now the president of the american islamic forum for democracy and author of the battle for the soul ofedjl1 islam dr. judy jasser.
4:17 am
icons of the free world was our business centers in 9/11. the parliament in ottawa. our restaurants in australia and cultural centers and sports centers in paris. >> zuhdi i'm zero to interrupt you right there. i hope you will stay with us and come back in a minute. we want to go now to british prime minister david cameron who is addressing this question. >> liberty. but we will not let them. we will redouble our efforts to wipe out this poisonous extremist ideology and together with the french and our allies around the world stand up for all we believe in. i have just chaired a meeting of cobra to review the security situation here in the united kingdom. the threat level is already at severe which means an attack is highly likely and will remain so. our police and intelligence agencies work around the clock to do all they can to
4:18 am
keep us safe. are since the coordinated firearms attack in mumbai in 2008, we have all been working together to ensure we could respond to such an emergency services carried out a major exercise to test our response for multiple firearms attacks. and in light of last night's attacks, we will, of course, review our plans and milwaukee sure we learn any appropriate lessons. it is clear that the threat from isil is evolving. last night's attack suggests a new degree of planning and coordination and a greater ambition for mass casualty attacks. and we must recognize that however strong we are, however much we prepare, we, in the u.k., face the same threat. that's why we encourage to public to remain vigilant and we will do all we can to support the police and intelligent agencies with the resources and
4:19 am
capabilities that this need. the terrorists' aim is clear. it is to divide us and to destroy our way of life. so more than ever we must come together and stand united and carry on with the way of life that we love. and that we know. and that will never be moved off. i hope to speak to president hollande later today and i will make clear that we will do whatever we can to help. your values are our values. your pain is our pain. your fight is our fight. and together we will will defeat these terrorists. >> british prime minister david cameron addressing the terror attacks this paris last night. our fight is your fight, he said. pretty definitive. coming up this morning. those attacks come just 24 hours after the united
4:20 am
states took out isis front man jihadi john in raqqa in a drone strike. could the strikes last night been a pay back for that? a close friend of theman men killed by that mad man weighs in next. we want to go back to the attack when zuhdi jasser. stay tuned.
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
>> some quick headlines for you now. hundreds of people evacuated from airport terminal south of london after suspicious item was found there. police say it was being evacuated as a precaution. witnessed a armed officers arrested a man who they believe had a gun in his bag. here in the u.s., major cities now stepping up their security forces just after these deadly attacks in paris.
4:24 am
officials in new york, chicago, and philadelphia increasing city patrols,s specially around places like sports stadiums. right now officials say they have received no credible threats. >> we want to bring back the president of the american islamic forum for democracy and the author "of the battle of the soul of islam" dr. zuhdi jasser. why it seems to be the target of so many attacks in recent years? why do you think that is? >> i think it's a cultural battle, battle of ideologies as the prime minister laid out in that this is a battle between theo crateds, those who want an islamic state not just isis but all islamic states. saudi arabia is is the boot camp for isis, iran, all the islamic state concept cultural centers, sports
4:25 am
centers our media like charlie hebdo that there that there are to challenge muslims. when he rolled out his program in u.k. against political islam and ideology to that were from muslim brotherhood front groups from islamists in the west that claim that the problem is just violence. if we, listen, i love to hear from the president of france that it's an act of war. but now we need to declare who we are at war against. we are at war against islamists not just silent extremists but islamists. >> what's so sobering is of all countries in europe, i would say france has the strongest sense of its own secular society and strongest commitment to assimilation yet they have appeared to have failed so miserably in asimulating immigrants from the middle east. why do you think it is and what are the lessons for us in the u.s.? >> the lessons is that if we call and look at assimilation simply as assimilation into loving our culture, we will never do it. it's about identification of
4:26 am
muslims with the nationalism of our country that we love our constitution, that we love the idea of a secular law based in reason under god but not under islam. then islamists want to diefor jr the islam state in sharia. muslims that are against it are going to have to lead this battle. if we're going to have a strategy, we have to take it away from being us versus them to being muslims that are free versus muslims that are thee crafts. that's how we will win this long term battle and get away from the whack amonthly strategy that's been these constant terror attacks. >> it begins with the confidence in our own values, in our own secular constitutional values and coal indicating those. do you think we have the confidence? >> we don't have the leadership. we don't have the media, the universities, the government, the political leaders that want top identify that american patriotism and american constitutionalism needs to lead who we are in our identity and not be ashamed
4:27 am
of what we stand for under our constitution against these sharia constitutions, against the islamic state and say that is incompatible that islam's time in history is the same when i founding fathers fought against thee crafts now it's time for muslims to stand up and reject theocracy. our leaders are not telling muslims and putting fire under the feet of. being given a pass in the name of political correctness and weakness of who we are as a culture. >> so smart. not surprisingly. dr. zuhdi jasser thanks for joining us this morning. we appreciate. >> it thanks, tucker. >> coming up next, more breaking news from paris syrian passport found on the body of one of the suicide bombers. brand new information coming in right now by the moment. back live in just a second. stay tuned.
4:28 am
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'cause i don't trust robots. right...well, if the portfolio you're invested in doesn't perform well for two consecutive quarters, amerivest will reimburse your advisory fees for those quarters. i wasn't born yesterday. well, actually it looks like you were born yesterday. happy belated birthday. thanks. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. we're back with a fox news alert. just moments ago police found a syrian pass poured near the body of one of the suicide bombers who blew himself up outside the soccer stadium in paris. >> is it real or is it a dodge. greg palkot live in paris with some more information there greg? >> yeah, hey, folks. that is the major news that came to us in the last half hour since we last spoke to you. two different french police officers saying that they
4:32 am
found that syrian passport again on the body information to gone o general consensus here is that the people involved with this could be homegrown. that is they could be french, french nationals, french, french muslims who went to syria to get their training and come back. we have no hard information about that. but it would seem to me that from my understanding of the border patrols here it would be pretty difficult for a syrian national with no link to france to come in here and do something like that. but, yeah, it's an example of a very fast moving got some details about the person arrested in germany last week found in the back
4:33 am
of his car, which was stopped in the german stateós of bavaria were guns, were explosives, were ammunition already for yet another terror attack. and, indeed, the police are now saying that arrest in germany could be related to this very string of tacks here. europe is taking notice, guys. u.k. prime minister david cameron was out today speaking to the public and he said that he, the british people stand alongside -- he told the british people almost a churchob;:ñ churchillin quote. they could be vulnerable to attack. we know the french and
4:34 am
british are side by side with the u.s. in the campaign against isis, both in syria and iraq and that seems to be, perhaps, a motivation for some of the terror we are seeing here. americans, a lot of tourists here. we don't have any lines, any information about americans in, for example, the theater behind me. it was a scene of such carnage but there are worries and social media is filled with people reaching out trying to make sure that their loved ones were not involved in any of this. the state department through the u.s. ambassador here is saying if you have any concerns, there is a hotline. we can provide that for you. you can call in here and they are asking americans here in paris if you are here, if you are safe, you might want to just check in with the embassy, too. we will get that information over to you. back to you. >> greg palkot joining us live from paris, france. thanks a lot, greg. joining us now is best-selling author former speech writer for ronald reagan and "wall street
4:35 am
journal" columnist peggy noonan. great to he so you. >> great to be here, guys. >> what are the lessons for us. >> this is an epic moment. i think it's a very big thing that's happened. it's different from previous terrorist events. it's different from charlie hebdo. charlie hebdo was sort of about radical islams feeling about press freedoms. this is about i'm coming to get you. this is about a future has been declared. i think it will have a very big impact on men and women on the street in europe and hardened feelings and also give some sturdiness to a desire to figure out what to do now. this isn't going away. how does it effect us here? it will come here, also. >> you wrote some of the most consequential words for presidents reagan and bush 41. presidential words matter. yesterday our president said isis is shrinking. what's the effect?
4:36 am
>> you know, i think we have turned a sort of point with this story. i think the president actually is irrelevant in it. a new era has begun. nobody looks to mr. obama for wisdom and will in this area of life. he willu say things, something may change a little bit here or there. but i don't think europe will be looking it to him for leadership. and i think they will be figuring this out, the european governments on their own for a while. >> you have said that you believe we are in the middle of a rising crisis regarding global jihadists aggression. >> yeah. >> it's happening. i mean, we are in the middle of a mess. one of the things i was thinking last night is that the recruits who become involved in isis and other groups, homegrown guys who lived in france, who grew up there and, yet join this.
4:37 am
part of it is the power in vac feeling. they are part of a mission. sometimes i think our leaders in the west are -- mostly are political figures are not people who take so seriously the idea of the religious fervour behind these movements. they miss it so they never understand it. they sit back and they say how could a young frenchman who grew up here in a neighborhood decide that islam is the way and he is going to fight the west that raised him? well, he will because it's an empty world and religious fervour and a sense of mission can fill the emptiness for lost young men. >> leadership matters when you think back to the time ronald reagan and margaret thatcher working together in unison, a strong united fight that sent a message to
4:38 am
the world and a strong military and defense, i think this is part of the overall global problem that now terror has stepped in and these groups have had such a resurgence now. >> yeah. and you see in terms of political leadership, you have seen mr. hollande and you have seen the prime minister of britain come forward. i think what happened yesterday in paris is also going to animate in a new way the 2016,í presidential race. terrorism in some new way became real yesterday, realer than it's been in a while. it's going to shape the republican debate. it's going to shape the democratic debate. there is a democratic debate saturday night. >> we are just getting word that the topic has changed pivoted somewhat to foreign policy. >> of course. >> to the macroquestion, the western united states has been so welcoming immigrants middle east drawn here by our standard of living. we haven't been as good at
4:39 am
inculcating our values freedom of expression and pluralism to those immigrants. why is that? do you think we can change? do you think we can effectively assimilate those immigrants. >> we in the west especially in america, but we in the west in general have become less good at telling our young what it is we stand for, how it is we began, what the meaning of the amendments of the constitution are are. that all sounds dry. but you look at what's happening on the american college campuses. >> that's right. >> these are rebellions by kids who don't seem to understand, a, what the first amendment is and why freedom of speech is so important, why the founders didn't make it an after thought but the first amendment to our constitution. they don't seem to have been brought up in a cultural m. where the meaning of america and the special sauce that we have, the special things that have kept us together, they don't seem to be so
4:40 am
aware of that. in europe. the french, the british they are so beautifully sophisticated and laid back and consider patriotism to be mildly embarrassing and something that grandpa did when he was at the argon forest. do you know what i mean? they have moved beyond the values. >> they being decadent. ave moved beyond the values and means of this wonderful thing we have had in the the west and america. you will pay a its prove. when you are not protective of something you will lose it we have not been protective of our meaning. can we turn it around? sure. we can always turn it around. but right now maybe we are taking a look at part of the problem. that's a good thing. >> i mentioned at the outset that you have written some of the most beautiful and consequential words for presidents reagan and bush. you have the book out. the "the time of our lives." i know tucker has devoured it. i have not yet. >> i'm so flattered by that. >> tell us a little bit about it.
4:41 am
>> it is, look, i sat down and went through 30 years of work, essays, columns, op. ed pieces, eruptions, commentaries that i had done along the way. i was asked by a publisher go, get what you love most. just look at it for an entire career. what do you love? well, that is a kind of fun thing to do. so i took everything that had deep meaning to me or had a huge response or that made me laugh out loud and i found that it fell into themes and i put it into the book and even i just recently read the book. >> it's so good deep and smart as you are. and if you are looking for something to give to a loved one over christmas or looking for something to read i recommend it;y strongly. >> how nice of you, thank you very much. >> i almost ate it, actually. >> on a day like this when there is an avalanche of bad news we welcome something like this. >> thank you. >> coming up next, the attacks in paris come just 24 hours after the united states took out isis front
4:42 am
man jihadi john, could the attacks been pay back. stay tuned. let's get back there. celebrate the arrival of santa at bass pro shops this saturday, and the unveiling santa's wonderland. time passes. hold on to christmas. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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4:45 am
>> headlines making news on this busy day. first up the vatican and pope francis condemning the actions isis taken in france in a statement the we are shocked by in this violence and hatred. this is an attack on peace for all humanity. it requires a supportive response as we counter the spread of homicidal hatred. disney land paris is shutting its doors today. they want to support the country and the victims of the terror attack last night. the most visited theme park in all of europe is just 20 miles from paris. kimberly? >> well, just hours after
4:46 am
the obama administration announce the death of isis executioner mohammed emwazi, terrorists launch a massive attack in paris, killing at least 127 people in six different locations. so could these incidents be related? could the attacks, perhaps, be an act of revenge by isis? matthew van dyke was friends with james folly and steven sotloff who were killed by jihadi johnson's of founders of liberty. john, thank you for spending time with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> what are your thoughts and feelings? i had the pleasure of interviews you some time ago when you were here in new york. now that you have seen what some sees a an act of revenge to in some way make up for the loss of life of two of your friends and the other hostages that were taken, how does it feel today to you to know that it's very likely that this man has been taken out? >> in some ways i'm glad that he is dead at the same time, you know, i think
4:47 am
about james and steven went through, what it must have felt like when the knife was drawn across their throats and really part of me is angry that jihadi john may have been killed without even knowing death was coming with no fear. it seems too easy end for him. what jihadi john deserved was to live to see the fall of the islamic state around him, to be on the run and perhaps be pulled out of a hole like qaddafi was in libya and given a similar type of justice from syrians as qualify. >> court of law to see justice served versus the summary execution by way of predator drone. >> sure. it would have been good to make him face down the families of his victims and to learn what we could from him but it was always unlikely that it would be
4:48 am
possible to take him alive. i mean, the u.s. couldn't even rescue the hostages from raqqa unlikely they could have taken i didn't head john into custody. >> do you feel more should have been?1 done and this is really too little too late? >> absolutely more should have been done to rescue the hostages. the death of jihad john is not going to bring my friends back and it is too little too it late. >> what are your reflections when you see these attacks in paris wide scale attacks and violence that occurred. >> a tragedy but one that is likely to be repeated. it is likely there will be copycat attacks in weeks and months. isis has made it very clear that they want to launch attacks in europe and united states and inspire others to launch attacks on their behalf. the obama administration better think very carefully about this policy of accepting so thousand syrian refugees into the country. i support the syrian revolution. i have plenty of syrian friends. both syrians in america and
4:49 am
syrians in syria. bringing in 10,000 people that you cannot possibly vet, the u.s. government tried to vet 5,000 syrian rebels for training program they were only able to vet a couple hundreds how are they going to vet so thousand people they know nothing about, bring them into the country. complete insanity only a small percentage have to be bad to end up with tears. the policy cannot be bad. >> you have a president also saying that isis is shrinking and this was just on the eve of horrific violence and islamic extremism exhibited on the streets of paris. and we have all, unfortunately seen the carnage and we appreciate your time this morning matthew and i know you spent time over there in the middle east so you know all too well about what we are speaking about this morning. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and coming up, the french president inside the stadium at the exact moment the first bombs went off. [explosion]
4:50 am
>> could this have been an assassination attempt goneqc wrong. a former secret service agent thinks it's possible. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger.
4:53 am
thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. [explosion] that was the scene underway in paris yesterday. paris versus germany in a soccer match the french president inside the stadium at the exact moment the first bombs went off. could this have been an assassination attempt. joining us now to weigh in on this former secret service agent under president george. what do you think in the french president is inside a
4:54 am
number of suicide bombers detonate their vests outside the stadium assassinationjú attempt? >> a couple of points on this, one, i doubt and i'm pretty sure the intelligence community at large doubts as well that it was a coincidence that two suicide bombers happened to show up outside of a packed stadium where the french president and other french political dignitaries were as well. secondly, this attack is not unheard of in the v.i.p. security community. within the secret service we practiced it -- we would call it the malcolm x style attack. the way they hit malcolm x was they created a diversion at one end, got the security team's attention but the actual hit came from another direction. that may have been what happened here. we may have had kind of an uneventful failure on the assassination front during this suicide attempt. they may have been attempting to flush the french president out. i'm sure i'm not the only one thinking this. >> obviously it didn't work in that regard, then the
4:55 am
gunman who may have been positioned outside the stadium called an audible went on to do something else? >> it's very possible. and, john, this is important. this would open up a very dangerous front. think about what's going on here. again, it's not coincidental that the russian airliner attack was on an airline that was leaving the sinai. sharm mel shake is a very sharm el-sheikh is a popular tourist destination. when they targeted france in recent series of attacks they didn't target the countryside. they targeted the tourist areas. economic war going on. he we have a body count war just based on the pure savagery of these attacks. now the potential of maybe overted political assassination whichgo would open up a political front as well. isis has definitely left a lot of its parochial interests and trying to export its terror regime. >> dan bongino formerly with
4:56 am
the secret service. dan, thanks for your expertise. >> thanks, john. >> coming up, the attacks hit close to home inside the fox news family. >> it is very upsetting. i hate -- i'm used to be in the action myself. i can't -- i can't -- it's a lot easier to report these things. >> geraldo rivera who was -- has been in plenty of scrapes himself had to hear about his daughter caught in the middle of the chaos. where is she this morning? geraldo joins us next.
4:57 am
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it's saturday, november had 14th, 2015. this is a fox news alert. isis gets its revenge, taking credit for the massacre in paris. [explosion] >> a well coordinated series of attacks leave more than 120 people dead. and just moments agnew information about who the killers really are. >> and then the terrorists striking close to home for the fox news family. >> >> did you know it was a bomb? what did you think it was? >> i thought it was a bomb made a sound and then it happened two more times and then we saw medical people there and we thought something was up. >> geraldo is here live in just a second with his daughters. stay tuned. >> how did the people of france respond to these attacks? [singing] >> a show of solidarity from brave survivors of the stadium bombers singing their national anthem. "fox & friends" starts now.
5:01 am
♪ ♪ >> fox news alert right off the top. isis calling france its top target as the terror group claims responsibility for a string of deadly attacks across six locations in paris. several french media outlets reporting up to 153 dead. but officials have yet to update that number. [explosion] >> the attacks starting with three explosions at a soccer stadium north of the capital. that's where police found a syrian passport near the body of one of the bombers. >> gunmen shooting several popular cafes and restaurants but the most carnage took place at the bataclan concert hall where california based rock band was playing there attackers stormed in and opened fire from the balcony on the audience below taking many of them hostage.
5:02 am
[explosions] [sirens] >> france's president calling the attacks an act of war and vowing, quote, no mercy in his response to isis. >> greg palkot is live in paris with the latest for us now. greg? >> hello, folks. we have no confirmation of that higher death toll. what have confirmation of is that the death toll has crept up. it is now 128. it had been 127. we have to underscore what the authorities here are dealing with. it was 1-v is 27, now 128 dead but 200 injured. and out of those 200 seriously wounded.d at seriously injured. so their fear is that, in fact, the death toll from this horrible night here could go up. it is being recognized around the world, interesting twist right now secretary of state kerry meeting with the foreign minister of russia lavrov in
5:03 am
vienna discussing a possible end to the syrian crisis, pause for a moment, had a moment of silence to remember the victims of this terror attack, which seems to be quite tied to syria. the word from some of the attackers going into the theater right behind us is words to france "remember syria allah akbar, god is great." people upset. the run down, the death toll here probably the biggest. we are looking at least 82 dead and what seemed like two and a half hours of carnage, men dressed in black. armed with kalashnikov automatic rifles and armed with explosive vests barging into this place. a packed crowd watching, yes, an american california heavy metal rock band and that for the next two and a half hours became a shooting
5:04 am
spree, as a massacre as has been described. the national stadium of france stade de france was also the scene unbelievably of suicide bomb attacks. in atense president hollande and the foreign minister of germany. a germany-france soccer game being played out there. also deaths reported. and in the various restaurants that i see around here, some of those were targeted as well. and death tolls like we would rattle off death tolls of a war, 14 dead here, 18 dead there. here in the center of paris, a place that the whole world knows but many, many people from tourist travels, et cetera, i lived here for nine years know very intimately. and think of it very personally. the investigation does go on. we mentioned in the last half hour a break, a syrian passport found on one of the attackers, not sure whether it's the real thing or false. also an arrestx) made in
5:05 am
germany, a man with weapons and ammunition and explosives also tied to this. that investigation is full bore, i can tell you. the thought is there could be more co-attackers out there and certainly a lot of accomplices. the police right now have their hands full. back to you. >> greg palkot reporting live. thank you. >> thanks, greg. we want to bring in geraldo rivera and his daughter isabella. geraldo, your daughter was in amazingly, terrifyingly in the stadium last night. >> she was in the soccer stadium. she heard three explosions. they herded everybody out of the stadium. that's when we first got in touch with her. can you imagine, tucker, as the news was breaking, and we were trying desperately to reach simone and we could not. first we heard that this concert hall had been attacked so here is aiñ concert. paris friday night with an american band and our first fear was that simone was at the concert. then when we finally -- her
5:06 am
phone wasn't working. she had her girlfriend's phone. tell both of you. >> some of this unfolded live as geraldo was on the air yesterday. i want to play for our viewers a little bit of what that was like. >> did you know it was a bomb? what did you think it was? >> i thought it was a bomb initially and then no one made a sound and then it happened two more times and then stopped-we saw medical people there and we thought something was up. and then we tried to leave a little early and they wouldn't let anyone leave during halftime and there were police there and we thought it was a bit sketchy but they didn't tell us anything. then we go back in and then we hear another one go off and then we left and it was like literally swat teams and police people and people like -- like everyone was holding their guns and they started ushering all of the
5:07 am
like 70,000 people. >> unbelievable. you know, as a parent, the two things you want, you want good health for your children and be able to keep them safe. what was going through your mind? >> well, that was my desperation, kimberly, was to try to get her out of there. and she was kind of stranded because they shut the metro and then there were no taxis and then everything started shutting. she ran next door to a hotel. they locked it. the hotel wouldn't let anyone in. luckily there was a cafe there. cafe deparis? tell them about what happened with her friend. >> there was a -- stadium and they got separated and she found out this morning that one of the girls who got separated was trampled because there was a stampede trying to get out of the stadium of panic and they wouldn't initially let people out and now her face is all bruised and they just want to come home. so worried about your sister. >> i am. did you have any idea she was in the stadium?
5:08 am
>> no. she doesn't like soccer. this is the first soccer game that she has ever been to. and she said this morning that she didn't initially want to go because of friday the 13th and she is a bit superstitious and then her silly, we should go. and then being from the united states living in this climate we live in, when you hear those noises, you think of an explosion but most of the people there didn't think anything of it so is the americans were getting scared and trying to go out and then during halftime they wouldn't let anyone out of the stadium. >> oh my gosh. >> that's horrible. >> they don't speak the language. >> very tough. >> luckily we had some friends in paris, and one bravely drove at high speeds and drove her car as close to the barricades as possible and retrieved simone and her friends and took them to her house. simone is back in her own apartment now. i'm going as soon as we get off, i'm going to go and bring her home. >> you are doing what any parent would want to do.
5:09 am
go right to the scene. have you been in a lot of dangerous places but it's different when it's your child. >> it's so different. first of all, there is a feeling of helplessness and everything is so amplified. i have been a war correspondent for decades. >> right. >> that's what you do. and in a way there is of course, you concern about the humanity of the victims. but it's nothing like when it's your own flesh and blood. you can see. these terrorists know exactly what they are doing. not only are they killing spreading a kind of fever of fear in parents. it's not just the parents of the american students studying abroad, all of paris now, now that nation is at war with these people who have worn to destroy the established. they are apocalyptic. it is so apparent now that something has changed. this is now the 9/11 of
5:10 am
france, i think. this is. >> it really is. >> this is really going to be an escalation in the war against isis. if ever we needed a message that isis cannot be contained. it must be destroyed, this is it with no more half measures now. these are savages, they killed willy-nilly. they didn't care who they killed. imagine the terry of people who were in that theater. tell. the president n. in aat the present dance, some reports suggesting he was the target of perhaps an assassination attempt. the vulnerability with your daughter there in a foreign country. she is studying abroad. have you spoken with her this morning how is she doing. >> isabella has been texting her. how is she sounding this morning. >> she is so scared. she just wants to get home. like my dad said, she is back in her apartment and she is excited to have thanksgiving back in the states. >> we are all going to paris for thanksgiving. >> so scared. >> you must feel so worried for her.
5:11 am
>> it will be nice to have it here. >> obviously like so many people, i mean the charlie hebdo attacks took place in january. and things sort of seemed to calm down i'm sure when simone said i want' to go study in paris. you may have had second thoughts. >> you know, john, she just ago, one of her friends has a home in israel, she said, dad, can i go to israel are? i know there has been tension. and i thought about it and i said well, if you stay with a group and you stay in tel aviv and how ironic that she didn't have to go to israel to look for this horrible breakdown in civilization here. she was right there in paris, france. it is unbelievable and the breakdown talking about breakdown intelligence, i mean, this had to be a couple of dozen people involved in this bombing. this was not willy-nilly he a public guy saying let's go bomb -- coordinated attack
5:12 am
half a dozen locations. at least half a dozen people. maybe more. how did they get there? are they really syrians did they come in with this refugee wave? how long have they been plotting it? kimberly you mentioned the french president soccer match. is that what they pegged this whole thing to trying to assassinate world leader, leader of france start a whole new chapter in this war on terror? it is to me i don't knoô÷ how the french great in terms of intelligence. how did they miss all of these people plotting, bringing all of these weapons, in assembling, these bombs and making sure that it was all coordinated a half a dozen different locationsjp the training, all wearing black on black with the kalashnikovs and hand grenades. this was a military scale operation
5:13 am
you can't do this on the weekend. i think this is really -- >> on the heels of charlie hebdo. >> people make fun of the -- no one makes fun of the -- >> that ocean won't protect us. that's why isis can't be contained. we have to destroy isis. we have to take raqqa back, take mostly back, we have to help the kurds. we have got to work with the russians to pound the hell out of them. >> geraldo, thanks for joining us, isabella, thank you. >> praying for your family and simone. go and get her and bring her back. >> it is good to know she is okay. >> thank you, john. >> all right. a fox news alert paris is under attack as we have been telling you all morning. we will be back in just a moment with more. it took a massive amount of planning, of course, and a lot of people. the obvious question, how do we protect america? stay tuned.
5:14 am
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doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here. this is a fox news alert continues this morning. paris under attack over 120 dead, at least 200 wounded in a series of coordinated attacks by terrorists in the center of the city. so how do other cities protect themselves and once the attack happens, how should authorities react. hear to weigh in former secret agent and security analysts. good to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> french intelligence, world famous for competence yet apparently didn't learn about this attack in time. what are the lessons for american intelligence looking abroad at this? >> you know, i just want to touch on something.
5:18 am
everyone is kind of looking at france saying what did they miss? what did they miss? >> right. >> they are not going to get everything. we are not going to get everything. that's just a reality. you know, law enforcement and the intelligence community, they really work very hard to try to stop these. and we do a good job. some that you are going to miss. you can't catch everyone. and i think it's not fair because i keep hearing in this morning what did the french do wrong? what did the french do wrong? i don't think that's fair. >> that's such a wise point and this begins with our policies and our policy makers. once you wind up with hundreds of thousands of people within your borders who hate you and bent on your destruction, it's probably too late. so what are the implications for our policy makers with this? >> they really have to look at, again, we have this issue how many power do you want to give police? surveillance is the big thing. mass surveillance. policymakers who are you letting in? why are you letting them in? do we do a proper assessment. a lot of theetsd people seeking refuge they are fleeing from the same person we don't want anything to do
5:19 am
with. they are also being terrorized within the people coming in who we are letting. in you have other people who are mixing in with the people that want our help. >> of course. >> and coming into our borders. you have to i think what they are doing in france locking up the borders right now. trying to sort things out. we have to be very, very aware. we have to change. i think you are saying what can we do? you have to first of all just change our fundamental makeup. this will happen again. i don't know where but it will. we have to think like that. we also have to have a lot more innovation in the way we fight terrorism. the way we try to figure out different ways to fight crime, we have to change fundamentally. we are trying to take this traditional approach. i don't think we are winning the war on terrorism. i don't agree that we have isolated. i believe that this is just propelling. and we have social media and other platforms. so it's not just on the ground it's in every way, shape, and form. >> let's be specific the obama admiñ"mqiq%=9 has agreed to let in very high number of syrian refugees people say they're syrian refugees assured the public we can vet each and every one of these to make certain
5:20 am
not one of them is an agent of radical islam or of isis. are you confident we can do that. >> you can't do that it's impossible to know what's in somebody's mind and heart. somebody can come over in the way we look at crime. you can have no rap sheet and go out there and murder people or commit a crime. it's the same thing. we have to started here within the u.s., one of the speakers before we have to talk about the community working together, our religious sectors working together, schools working together with government, with intelligence to create this we love our country, we believe in our country, but also to make sure that we don't have homegrown terrorists because maybe you keep these new people out but what about the people that are already here because they are and they are leaving, they are going, they are getting training, they come back, there is hate, there is hate. they are also recruiting people who are not muslim. >> so maybe there is some deep lessons evy, thanks a lot for that analysis we appreciate it it? >> you are welcome. >> how did isis manage to pull off such a massive
5:21 am
attack without anyone finding out? we will go inside the mind of a reformed terrorist. he knows first happened. stay tuned. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen.
5:22 am
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5:24 am
this is a fox news alert. the united states on high alert locking down security after terrorists attack several parts of paris. major cities stepping up police presence and the white house adding extra secret service. tom fitzgerald from fox 5 in d.c. is live outside the french embassy in our nation's capitol and joins you now. tom? >> kimberly, it is a solemn start to this morning here at the french embassy in georgetown in washington, d.c. let's show you the scene of
5:25 am
this morning you will look up in the sky and what you will see the flag of france and the flag of the european union are at half-staff this morning as embassy staff here at the french embassy mark this terrible french attack in the city of paris. now, this is a scene we have seen played out far too often in the nation's capitol in washington, d.c. in other recent terrorist attacks around the world. people in the city of d.c. have descended on the french embassy. this started late last night play coming here with candles. coming here with bottles of wine and coming here with flowers and french flag. there are notes that have been left out here on the gate of embassy of france saying viva la france. messages of support. messages of love. or people coming here determination that the united states and the people washington are standing by their french neighbors. now, this has not been lost on the embassy staff itself. in fact, last night the
5:26 am
ambassador to the united states from france went on twitter thanking everyone of in the city of washington for coming down here and across the united states and showing their support for their french allies. we are live in washington today, tom fitzgerald. we will send it back to you in new york. >> thanks a lot, tom. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and this fox news alert now the state department is saying that american citizens are among the injured in these terrorist attacks and isis is claiming responsibility for the carnage there. so why didn't anyone see it@@&c@ coming? joining us now a man who used to consider himself an islamic extremist, author of the book "radical" founding chairman of counter extremism group called quill yam foundation. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> everybody is shaking heir heads and saying why? what could motivate people of whatever religious belief, to unload
5:27 am
kalashnikov fire in a crowded theater to blow up people outside a stadium. what's the motivation. >> you see, the motives of attack and the way in which they have been described at shooting at people in which they are hunting birds demonstrates something clearly it's about time we recognize that these people have adopted what i call the islamist ideology. they are ideologically dogmatic and driven to bring about a theocracy in the world and those people on the streets of paris weren't responsible for any foreign policy decision these may or may not have been aggrieved by. it(j call, name this ideology for what it is isolated from the vast majority of muslims who don't subscribe to this form of terror. and actually start dealing with the appeal of this ideology. you know, we have if the president has been able to make. >> what is the appeal? >> what's so shock something these are not people from waziristan. people grow up, i'm assuming in france with all the
5:28 am
benefits. >> specifically rejecting every element of that, why? >> um until now the vast majority of them are born and raised in europe. there are legitimate concerns with refugees. of course measures put in place. let's not get distracted from the fact that these are born and raised european citizens. mohammed. jihadi john. went through our entire education. on welfare. the country was giving him everything that he could have hoped for. more so than kuwait gave him and yet, he turned against the country. the appeal here is unfortunately it's not a sense that they are not getting their rights in western countries. there is a fully blown global jihadist insurgency. angry young muslims who want to vent their frustration and they are joining this new bandwagon. unfortunately this jihadist insurgency has taken root among angry european muslims, have to understand without stigma fizzing the vast majority of muslims that's where it is coming
5:29 am
from. put it in pra portion that the terms and put down a long term strategy to make this ideology unappealing. >> what is the best tool to be used against radical extremism, radical jihad we are seeing? it seems to be quite popular and very easy to lure that have had all the benefits of society and great education and upbringing, nevertheless they turn they gravitate toward. >> let's begin by not artificially declaring mission accomplished. yesterday we heard from the president that isis has been shrinking. before that when bin laden was kk2á that's the end of jihadism and al qaeda. this is metastasizing. understand what it is and recognize this isn't going to go away until in the long term we put down a community based strategy whereby people who are bravely challenging this extremist ideology are not called homophobes. recognized for what they are. that is real heroic voices. >> what turned you? you describe yourself as
5:30 am
former islamic extremist. you are not now. why? what was the moment that switched your mind. >> there wasn't a moment. i spent five years as political prisoner in egypt during that time i was living with some of the leading voices of the jihadist movement. before isis, many years. this was from 2002 to 2006. living up close with these people, a thought dawned upon me in 2007. that was my god if these guys ever come to power and declare their caliphate, this is going to be hell on earth. i don't want to live under that type of society because i saw them upclose. a bit like the jihadist version of animal farm. so i called it back in 2006. i said that caliphate is going to be a nightmare. of course now we see it for what it is. >> hell on earth happened in paris just yesterday. thank you for your insight. >> pleasure, thank you. >> coming up, our breaking news coverage continues. we just talked about it the chaos in paris erupting just hours after president obama declared this. >> ice is sill continues to shrink in its scope of operations. >> that turned out not to be
5:31 am
true, of course. counter terrorism expert sebastian gore can a weighs in on the president's approach and how it's working. that's coming up. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! whether your car is a new car an old car a big car a small car a long car a short car a car you soup up a car you show off a car you deck out a car for the open road a car for off road a car for on the road all you have to do is plug in hum for a smarter, safer car diagnostic updates, certified mechanics hotline, pinpoint roadside assistance hum by verizon put some smarts in your car
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5:34 am
a fox news alert just in from the state department. measures are, unfortunately among the victims in yesterday's terror attacks in paris. no word yet if they are among the dead or the
5:35 am
injured but, of course, as we find that we will bring it to you. this parisians line up to donate blood. isis has claimed responsibility for the attacks at six locations. those attacks have left at least 128 people dead. greg palkot in live in paris with much more on this unfolding story. good morning, gre'>ñ >> tucker, that is the lead news this the past 20 minutes or so. the state department answering what we asked them about, what i'm sure a lot of other people have asked them about, are there any american victims in this night of horror, night of terror and, indeed, there are. i got the impression reading that statement that it was injured, americans injured. i don't have a firm conviction from that statement that it is casualties but we will wait and see. and as you noted and we have just seen this literally in the last hour building, there is a great outpouring of sorrow and expression,
5:36 am
connection with those who have died here by the parisian people. at a cafe near this location where we are by the theater that was at the scene of carnage, mountains of flowers are growing. and just about 20 yards from where we are in front of the theater we are also watching french individuals bring flowers. you could tell some of them have a real connection. you could tell some of them were crying as they came up. there was a biker gang that came up and laid flowers and my cameraman pierre found out, yeah, one of their own was in that heavy metal california group concert at the theater behind us and he was one of the victims there. the search for accomplices, the search for other co-attackers continues. we have been reporting this for the past hour or so, a syrian passport found on one
5:37 am
of the dead attackers may be a sign of something, maybe not. an arrest in germany, a man found with explosives, guns, ammunition thought to be linked to this all part of a mask manhunt going on right now as the president of france hollande said today this will be mercyless. this is war. a very convincing on that point. again, the symbols picked by the terrorists here. real icon of french life. stade de france, that's the stadium, the national stadium, the scene of the world cup as well as this theater, it's iconic theater. it's been here for about 200 years and also the night life. all of these symbols of france that these alleged islamists are going after. we will be following it all. back to you. >> thanks a lot. greg palkot live for us in paris, france. joining us now is the major
5:38 am
general matthew c. horner. distinguished chair theory. mr. gorka, thanks for joining us. >> absolutely. >> so we have learned, apparently, that one of the suicide#9 bombers, the man who detonated himself outside the soccer stadium was apparently carrying a syrian passports that's what the syrian reports are suggest ising. does that surprise you? we have been operating under the assumption that these were homegrown, is it possible they weren't? >> absolutely. >> if you look at the fact that eu has no border patrols except around the united kingdom. the freedom of movement is very simple. you get on a boat in north africa. you cross the medicine member containian or spain or italy and you are free to roam. this is not about home growns or lone wolf terrors this is about anybody who shares the ideology of global jihad which clearly these murderers and perpetrators did. >> the president said yesterday that isis is
5:39 am
effectively on the run. i want to play that for you and get a reaction. >> from the start, our goal has been firstontain and we have contained them, they have not gained ground in iraq. and in syria, they will come+, in, they will leave, but you don't see the systematic march by isil across the terrain. >> what do you make of that statement by the president? >> shocking. utterly shocking. it's as if the administration lives in a fantasy land like alice in wonderland. isis is the only insurgency in human history to hold territory in multiple nations and multiple continents. they hold territory in iraq and syria, larger than the territory of the united kingdom after boko haram was accepted into their fold all boko haram territory in nigeria falls under the caliphate of he will
5:40 am
baghdadi the head of isis. this is a threat the likes of which he wee have never seen before and much, much more dangerous than al qaeda ever was. >> we have a president who says that isis is shrinking, has referred to them as the jv team and has yet -- failed to basically state a clear and defining policy an idea of how to defeat this ever growing caliphate. >> yes. we have an administration that for seven years has sensorred our analysis. you can't talk about jihad in federal training. you can't talk about the actual religious motivation of suicide bombers of jihadi terrorists. how can you defeat an enemy you can't describe? it's like deploying to the beaches of normandy in 1944 but telling our brave servicemen hang on, guys, don't use the word nazi because you might offend somebody. you would be court martialed during world war ii 2 for
5:41 am
doing that. that is what we are doing today to our brave servicemen and our federal agents and our members of the intelligence community. >> so the administration even as the middle east melts down as accelerated the pace of immigration from that nation into the u.s. there has been no public debate on this at all. anyone who raises his hand to ask a question is shouted down as a nativist. do you think we will see reassessment of those policies in wake of what happened in paris yesterday. >> with the closing of the borders in france, absolutely. as a christian we have to help those in trouble. this is what our civilization is about. but on the flip side, the national security professional, ask yourself, if you are isis, what would you be doing with these refugee influxes? of course you would be packing them full of your agents infiltrating them into europe, into america. if they didn't, that would be the surprise. we will see more attacks of this nature and unfortunately, unless we get serious about counter intelligence and about sifting these individuals,
5:42 am
we will see attacks like this in america. that's the sad truth. >> it seemed that the anti-isis forces were on a bit of a roll. the kurds recaptured a key city in iraq from isis. there was the apparent drone strike that took out jihadi john and then you see something like this, clearlyái the momentum has not shifted on this battle field. >> no. because, remember, what happens in the battlefield is usually kurds taking back kurdish territory or what we saw recently is yaseedys taking about their territory. isis isn't powerful in those areas. isis is powerful in sunni regions. there is no way the kurds or you seedies are going to capture mosul. it's only the good guy sunnies, ally jordanians, egyptians who want to fight with us who can take%idz the battle to the enemy and destroy them. that's not going to happen unless we assist them. it's not the job of the 82ened airborne or the
5:43 am
marines to win this fight on the front line. but if we are not part of this solution, the jihadi threat will grow and so will the new caliphate. >> sebastian, gorka, thank you for your insights. >> you are welcome. >> the french president reacting with the world to the terror in paris. peter johnson jr. says that says it all. how america should be reacting next. flush
5:44 am
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5:47 am
taking on isis and not walk away as i believe that we have. let's listen to what john kerry said yesterday about the future of isis about what happened >> the terrorists associated with death need to know this, your days are numbered. and you will be defeated. >> well, unfortunately, that prediction was a little bit too early yesterday for secretary of state kerry, the people of france, and the people of the united states. hopefully that prayer goes to god's ears today. but we understand that freedom is not free and that blood will be shed in england unfortunately according to the prime minister of that great condition tri and france and hopefully not here in the united states. there needs to come a time and the time is now that people understand in this country that we need to step
5:48 am
up, that we can't be isolationists, that we can't say well, let's not offend the muslim community in taking on muslim radicals. islamic extremists in the world. we need to say that we need to fight for our freedoms in this country and for allies around the world and that we need to do so in a strong, robust way and not be embarrassed to do so. and so that's a difficult thing for 56-year-old man to say. i don't want to pledge the blood of young men and young women in america, but i know that our history shows the nazi fight shows the fascist fights show that people like jon scott's son and other people will step up to the plate in this country and fight for us. and if we don't fight for ourselves, these folks will overrun us. >> so true, jon scott's son 26 years of age and serving in our military. the problem is when you see the leader of the united states of america referring
5:49 am
to isis as jay vee, referring to it yesterday as shrinking in nature, when in fact, the horrific events in france show just the opposite. there has been really a political lack of courage and will fortitude and specificity to be able to accomplish the goals at hand. >> that's unfortunate. and i believe in redemption and i believe in progress and i believe that each the president can change in terms of who he is and what he believes in taking that fight to isis. but we need to do two things in this country. we need to empower our the same time, throughout the world, we need to take the fight to those who want to kill us. we must remember the lesson of churchill. he said we will fight them on france. we will fight them on the beaches. we will fight them everywhere. if we are to survive. >> absolutely. we need partners in this fight in this worldwide battle against terrorism and
5:50 am
this encroaching caliphate. peter johnson jr. it was a pleasure to have you today. >> sad day. >> the fbi currently investigating potential isis happen here? how america should fight the enemy among us, next. . >> and she has a build ♪ ♪
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
weekend headlines for you this morning. facebook activates the safety check point use er. it allows the loved ones to know
5:54 am
and it's sent to all of their friends on facebook. people showing solidarity and in new york city one of the world trade centers illuminated in the colors of france. red, white blue. in houston several downtown buildings lit up in the color of france to support the country during the dark times. >> the state department confirms that americans are among the victims in the attack. we don't know if they're injured or dead. isis says that they're revenge for the french air strikes in syria. does that mean that the u.s. could face the same kind of attacks? we're the analytical red teams and the u.s. central commands
5:55 am
and frank you wore the uniform of the u.s. navy and intelligence panel lists and these are an enemy that do not wear uniforms. how do we take them on? >> well, john it's up to the vigilantes of the the law enforcement agencies and everyday american citizens. many of the attacks in this country whether a couple in the air and several on the ground have been afforded by american citizen that are vigilante and aware of the surroundings. i cannot stress importance. also the law enforcement agencies are keeping on the state and true skills of human intelligence and active surveillance. it makes my blood run cold of the nullification of the program
5:56 am
in and around new york city. i hope that they continue with other agencies. >> go ahead tucker. >> yeah, it seems that we're asking allot of the former military and the intelligence services and little of the policy makers. they create the policies that those guys are tasked with carrying out. why don't we put the focus on them? >> yeah, this is what we're driving at when we talk about. this is the outrageous acts in public office of the mayor and cancelling the mosque surveillance. these programs are key and when you have a group or militant group that hides under the mask of religion, we have no choice to go to the gathering centers and the islamic reading centers on what is going on behind the walls. you're absolutely right. policy is at the forefront of this. >> an intelligence expert, thank
5:57 am
you for sharing your expertise. >> we're live in paris coming up. stay with us as the dove rage continues on fox news.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
it's saturday november 14th, 2015, and this is a fox news alert. breaking from the u.s. state department, americans are among the victims in the the paris attacks. a well coordinated series of attacks and leaving more than 150 people dead and moments ago new information on who the can i recall really are. >> how should america respond to this? senator cruz joining us live this hour to tell us how he
6:01 am
would respond. attacks hitting home and geraldo's daughter was in the stadium, and he joined us earlier with his daughter. >> we were all going to thanks giving for paris. >> it's going to be nice to have her here. >> "fox and friends" starts now. let's get right to that fox news alert. we just learned that americans are among the vick tims tims in night's attack. >> at least 128 people were killed and 200 more hurt across six location in the city. isis has claimed responsibility as the attacks for the french air strikes. >> a french media outlet say that they have identified one
6:02 am
bomber. greg is live with more from paris. greg? >> well, a lot of moving parts right now on the story. the investigation and the death toll and casualty figures. let's start with the item coming and we first mentioned to it you in the last half hour. yes, there are at least americans injured in the attack. my guess is that it could have been in the theater behind us or a big concert. there were a lot of killed around here at caves and restaurants. the total injured is now 250, and the number seriously injury is 100. the 100 figure has it worried and fearing that the death tool is around 127 or 128 could rise in the coming hours and in the coming days. word two on paris shutting down
6:03 am
a little bit more. the great tourist sites that a lot of us know paris so well for, are not shining today or tonight. they're not opened to the public either. the fantastic museum and massive museum is closed and eiffel tower is closed. the lights were not on last night, but they noticed that a lot of other lights were on to show solidarity that's not missed on the hard pressed folks here, and in deed the attacks were spread out over several miles and locations and six different locations as the experts describe it. these were accord nacoordinated happening at the same time within a three hour period. we're getting more information on the investigation going forward. the telegraph report thag the bfm television outlet saying that the fingerprints from one of the remains has been
6:04 am
identified. this person was on a terror watch list and indication that more and more hour by hour a better picture is forming of the horrible attack. >> thank you live in paris. >> jouning us more on the terror attacks is ben stine. the author of america along. he has written about it as the biggest threat to western civilizati civilization. mark, you were writing already about this as the attacks were getting under way. >> yeah, i have been writing about this for a long time. nobody wants to say that they were right about this, but i wrote a book almost ten years ago, and people said that it was a harmist. it's strickiking to me that
6:05 am
everything that you have had is it really a good idea to admit millions of millions of people to european countries? people then start to tap down and there's a large for people. they don't want to kill people or bomb people and blow them you have. they provide a comfort zone on which the virus is. ask them a question and come up with an answer to it. >> yeah, i felt the president's remarks were so revealing. he said these acts of terror are universal values. suspect that the point that there are not universal values? we have different values for the people that did this. does the president recognize this? >> no, he does not. he wants to preserve that.
6:06 am
if you look at the two big french attacks for example, this attack was on people who just went to concerts ask restaurants and soccer games. when you get to the free speech thing and the majority of muslims and in france do not accept the concept and it narrow from a tradition on the planet and when the country becomes ten percent and 15 percent and 20 percent muslim, there's less and less mart for a free speech. despite what they say, the value of the free speech will die because there are were people that do not share the value. >> you believe that the
6:07 am
president has been willfully with respect to the issue. we see not only the attack and we see the massacre that occurred last night and do not forget about the airline plane that was shot down where isis claimed responsibility for that. we're in a real state of an international crisis as it relates to islamic extremist and they're really gaining momentum, and there's a leadership vacuum. what do we need to do to correct the course? >> well, i think what we can't do is do it on intelligence basis. i mean we have been talking about if you can vet people. a lot of the people and the boston massacre bomber and the guy that did the stabbings in colorado just last week, they come in and they're perfectly normal little pigs, and then they get radicalized as they
6:08 am
live in western societies. a quarter of a million people entered one german state in september and october. a quarter million people. the german police estimate that it takes 60 people working on just tracking one known person on the watch list. cannot solve it by intelligence. you have to actually b tatalk a things and then the immigration and waging the battle. you have to be prepared ask not just talk about our values as cameron did. you have to identify with kwha those values are and be prepared to defend and advance them in the world. don't just say that they're universal. the guy and the goat heard and the fellow that thinks that his daughter got raped, so she deserves to die don't think that. obama is useless if that's all that he has to say about it.
6:09 am
>> the notion if we don't fight them here, we're fighting them here. some say that's over simple la if i case. is this attack an example of the truth in the phrase? >> yeah, i think that it has to be a two prong thing. this is a domestic battle as an over seas war. these are people that normally are citizen in the western nations and yet feel no allegiance to the nations. we pretend and talk about the fellow in colorado for example. the abc news headline was a santa clara teenager and perpetrated the attacks. we present the people of the normal residence and of the united states and france and canada and they bare and in the end they're sense of identity is not french or canadian or
6:10 am
australia or american. it's with a pan national identity that actually does not think in terms of nation-states. it's bigger than that. they're not interested in the borders of france or belgium or germany. it's making the con septemberce replacing it with something bigger. >> these are words that are hard for those that run the country to accept. thank you for joining us. >> you too. you have been terrific this morning. >> the magnitude is massive. where there warning signs? how were they missed? what we have to do to keep it from happening again.
6:11 am
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6:14 am
questions are only beginning to bubble to the surface as the terror group isis claims responsibility. some of the victims are among americans, so how do the attacks reflect the capacity and affiliates? do they have a global network of community similar to that of al qaeda? sto former cia joins us now and i think back to september 10, 2001. nobody heard of them and we were going about the daily life and thinking that we were safe, and boom we're not. are there parallels here. >> yeah, there are parallels. that's a good point. we tend to think of the islamic state as the group that exists in syria and iraq. well, we have been doing that for the best couple of years and
6:15 am
they have been absorbing a large number of extremist and groups and cells and that means acapab. the way that they were able to carry out and the reason to not and train for that is because they have the comfort of afghanistan. they have a territory where they could do this and not worry every second that they were going to be hunted down and killed. the same exist right now for the islamic state. that's why whensk why be bothered by the state, we have to build the bridges here and the education system. of course we do, we have to figure out how to multitask. if we do not dismantle the territory, it's ideal to believe that if they wants a state, everybody else wants this and we're just happy here. we don't have expansion and of course they do. it's domination and so they use that territory to carry out
6:16 am
something such as this paris attack with their supporters obviously and the attack ers that were involved. i suspect that it's going to be highly likely that we're going identify that there were communications between the isis leadership and the elements in syria and iraq and the attack ers and support structures in paris. >> last word from the administration is that 50 u.s. special operations were headed to that part of the world. adequate? >> not by any means. unfortunate truth is that if we want to destroy isis, it's not going to happen unless we lead the way. that's the way that the world works right now. we can say we're going sit down and let putin figure it out. the interest is in rushing and
6:17 am
insuring that he does not lose that influence and capable. secondary fine and he will kill isis. he does not care. that's not the primary interest. we're going to have to lead the way. 50 operators know that it's not enough. nobody wants to hear this or talk about it. part of the problem over the last couple of years is that we're dismantling the program because we're sofa teejed. when people say how you diz this happen in paris because we're trying to find a balance of civil liberties and trying to maintain a level of security that most gain sufficient. >> a great many people are waking up up and saying if that kind of thing can happen in paris, what's to prevent it from happening in new york and chicago and los angeles. what's the answer? >> well, the around the clock efforts of the state, local and federal officials and the intel community and everything else
6:18 am
that works on this and is unseen. it's no happy coincidence that we have not had something like this in the u.s. it's the result of a great deal of kwork. again we're facing the increasing threats. at the same time as i said we ever been dismantling the parts and just wanting to push it away. we're tired of it. that's a dangerous combination. they don't marry upwell. is this something that can happen? yes, it is. we have been worry aded about i since 9d/11. as a counter terrorism person if you talk to anybody in the field, they will tell you cannot stop everything. you would anticipate that something would happen. we don't want to go down to that, but we have to figure out where we want to be with the increasing threats that we're
6:19 am
facing from isis and with the other elements. >> mike, former cia operator. thank you very much. coming you up the attacks hitting close to home for the fox news family. >> we were all going to paris. >> you must feel worried for her. >> his oldest daughter was inside. let's give 'em a great breakfast so they can go out there and kick the butt they came here to kick. the reason they hired me is because i care about the details. i care so much it hurts. it's the little things that make your stay awesome. like free breakfast.
6:20 am
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serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common, or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. >> new information on the terrorists in paris and the guardian reporting that they carried passports from three different nations and syria and
6:23 am
france as well as egypt. >> he used to identify himself as an extremist and then multiple passports and nations and i suppose that. >> i would find it in credibly difficult to believe that someone that does not know the way around france and speak fluent french was able to speak this and somewhere in the organizational structure there are french people involved without being detected to coordinate them. the level that we see here is unprecedented in france, and it's a game changer for the world. >> so we know that you thousands of the citizen have travelled to syria to fight and then many have come back. what's a reaction in the
6:24 am
communities within europe when they leave and go over to syria? >> yeah, up to 6,000 have gone. up until now the communities and of course they're mixed. people are going to join and people are upset. what's happening is a sustained effort and what's done in the civil rights movement, on a civil society level to really truly defeat the totality, we're in the mist of a war that we have never known. this is not a state lead war and in the 90s we had an organization. this is insurgent that are able to attract people no matter where they are. >> you were attracted to it at one point. >> yeah, i joined at 16, and there are a few factors that come into play. not truly knowing what i am and
6:25 am
third and the most i would say negligent neglige neglige negligent and then you're in a way to the world and that's something that we have to address head on. >> you were imprisoned for five years, and it was a defining experience for you and surrounded by people that were radical extremists. what affect did it have on you? >> i was with the presidents and those that survived a case without executed, and over the four years of debate and discussion with jihads i came to the conclusion that if they got the power and a bit like it, we would have held on earthme. i am glad that i called it and
6:26 am
left because i do not want to have part what's going on today. >> they consider me an imposter. i call myself one that's forming the debate around the communities, but i don't get points for that in the current planet. >> there's every possibility of a backlash of muslims generally in france and perhaps world wide. there are suggestions that's what isis wants. do you think so? >> yeah, it's polarization and there's a sense and focus should be on the victims of this terrorist attack, and they're those that isis and those that have killed. there's a secondary conversation in the communities. what's in the secondary is that mu muslim communities should show the same level of solidarity that they expect and the other issues to those of the victims attack. it's a two way street.
6:27 am
we must stand with everybody else without escaping and completely and totally -- i don't deserve a thank you for sitting it as you don't deserve to be killed. look how low the bar has sunk. what we really want to start or i want to start to see more of is sustained efforts of the communities to uproot the extre extremist and defined by me and it's over society anywhere from now until the end of time. that needs to be completely terminated. this is a difficult struggle ahead of us. >> yeah, a compelling story and people should pick up the book and see how we do that. thank you for the time again this morning. coming up just weeks before attack obama sent troops.
6:28 am
is it time for more troops on the ground. that's next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow!
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6:32 am
and american citizen are among the victims. >> this as memorials grow across the city for the 128 people known dead and hundreds of others hurt. >> we have lived in there for many years and joined live with the latest. good morning greg. >> reporter: hello, sir. lived here a long time and never seen anything like that. none of the french people have seen anything like this since world war ii. the death that happened over a three hour period. the developments are dealing with the investigation and rapidly moving into the attack. one of the bodies of one of the attack ers was examed for finger printed and siting that they're linked to a known french extremist. passports being found against the france area where several people were killed and suicide
6:33 am
bomb attacks. yes, egypt, syria and french all of those likely suspects in all of this. cars are being saw. witnesses are being sought. there are a lot of witnesses at the theater behind me where much of the carnage happened with cafe and restaurants. what i say is how open these terrorists seem to be. very few hoods. the faces are shone. they're riding around in cars with firmly identifiable license plat plates. probably why last night and today we heard the president sp fact that he believes that it's isis. in his words it was directed from abroad and facilitated and that's why he has a mercy list and a pity war against isis.
6:34 am
i know the french antiterror forces and do their job. a equip wrap up on the numbers that we're seeing. they vary and afp is the leading news agency. i go with them and they're saying 128. they're saying 250 injured. 150 seriously, and yes we have heard from the state department. they have said they're americans injured. they're very specific. they're not saying victims but injured. americans and other tourists here will probably be disappointed along with the sadness, there's a few missing attract places too. a lot of sadness shared not just here but with folks around the world. back to you. >> i know that the situation is fluid and information is still coming in but there were reports that the grenades were used inside of the theater. there's different than smuggling
6:35 am
in an ak47. are you able to confirm that they tossed grenades? >> reporter: we don't have that confirmed john, but we have seen that widely reported. all of the attack ers in that theater were using rifles but had had explosive vests on them and when they were cornered they exploded and another attack er was shot. the idea of suicide attacks and bombers and explosive vests right in the heart of paris. you and i have covered a lot of this stuff in iraq, aftergan stan and in the heart of the civilized cities in the world. unbelievable. >> greg, thank you. >> just last week the president made the decision to send more troops. is it too little too late. is it time for more boots on the
6:36 am
ground? time for concerned veterans of america and fox news contribute er and major. good morning. >> good morning. >> such disturbing news, but we have to learn the lessons from this. the president committing some troops to the area, but is it enough? >> no, i don't take away from the operators. they're going to add value to who they partner with. what's happened is the case of a president down playing a threat from the beginning and never telling us the real truth about the energy and he is not preparing the american people. then we're in the providing the capables and never saying that we have the boots on the ground and allowing them to go forward and conduct the combat operations and even though that we saw them killed and then not untying the hands. the operators and what can they do? is it going to be enough?
6:37 am
absolutely not. we have not giving the capabilities to defeat isis and we're at best a stalemate. >> so they are young and male and landed in the united states in new orleans and do you see a disconnect between the two facts? >> okay. 100 percent. you see on the battlefield we're taking a drip by drip and then we're making longer and then how we are between the goals and the capabilities on the ground. then we're seeing a really bowing down and these are young muslim males in europe and united states we're bringing in and we know nothing about. you have had a number of guests talking about it and isis is using it and there using our culture suicide that we have committed already, and a lot of
6:38 am
it is happening in france, and they don't stand up for the values ask we're doing the psalm thing in the spaces today. weaver not able to on o front the growing threat that lives among us. >> i know that a year or two the curds were asking for the simplest kind of bullets basically. >> yeah. >> and small arms and carvings and so forth and were denied. this is a group that wanted to fight terrorist of isis and getting a cold shoulder from the administrati administration. is that going to change? >> i hope so. the curds are taking part of the kurtish areas in the country. we're going to need a real o coalition. we have to get -- the administration says enough with the 53 or 54 names on a chart and you can talk about how big they are. what we would need is a real forging of a real coalition of actual boots and mostly air and
6:39 am
army toss take this fight into the heart of isis territory. until we do that, nothing that we do is going to be worth it. problem is that i don't trust the commander in chief. that's the problem. those that believe that don't trust obama to put together a strategy that we're bust enough or untie the hands and give them the opportunity to be vicious and ruthless that they need to be to defeat the enemy. until it's defeated, you're going see the attacks around the globe. >> yeah, that's increasing the area that they take and thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you kimberly. >> well, our own geraldo got close to this tragedy in france. his daughter simone was inside of the soccer dome. >> they joined us earlier and
6:40 am
they talked about to see a loved one in the center of what happened. >> first of all there's a feeling of helplessness and everything is so amplified. i have been a war corr support da for decades. you're concerned about the vi victims, but it's not like when it's your own flesh and blood. they know what they're doing. not only are they killing and manning, but they're spreading a fever of fear. >> she is finally back in her apartment and she is excited to have thanksgiving back in the states. >> we were all going to paris for thanksgiving. she was so scared. >> it will be nice to have her here. >> that was just this morning on the couch and there you see him pictured with his younger
6:41 am
daughter simone and it was a different situation when she was in the middle of the chaos and he was in flux. watch. >> did you know that it was a bomb or what did you think that it was? >> i thought it was a bomb and then no one made a sound and then it happened two more times and then the medical people were there and we felt something was up. then we tried to leave and they would not let anyone leave during half time. they were there and they did not tell us anything and then we go back in and then we hear another one go off and then we left. there was like literally s.w.a.t. teams and police and people like everybody was holding guns and they start to usher 70,000 people. >> the terrifying moments and the father listening to the heart felt pleas and anxiety to his daughter studying.
6:42 am
geraldo is on his way to pick her up and bring her home safe. she will not be concluding the rest of her year there. she will be back here safe and sound. >> he is in the car to the airport. how should the united states respond to this. what would a president ted cruz do? he joins us next right after the break with the answer. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it works by helping your body to get rid of some of the sugar it doesn't need
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take a look live at what is going on in paris right now. these are live pictures as the memorials begin to grow to those that were killed in the who river i can attacks last evening in paris. >> a city stunned and this as authorities release details on the attack ers that caused the massacre last night. at th >> americans are among the victims of the attack as well.
6:46 am
>> no indication that any americans were killed in the attacks, but we're sorting out the details. meanwhile the reaction in the united states is just taking step. senator ted cruz is live from south carolina. good morning senator cruz. it's difficult to take information from a story that's unfol unfo unfo unfolding, but from this, what can you say about the path and going forward? >> well, first of all we stand in solidarity with the people in french and the president and with the families of all of the victims of the acts of terrific terrorisms, and the american people are standing as one. we're grieving with a nation of france today. we're standing as your friend and allie. secondly these attacks under score that we are facing an enemy who is fierce, who is relentless and at war with us
6:47 am
even if the own president does not understand that it's at war with with us, and will not stop until defeated. it's radical islamic terrorism. as long as we have a chief to say radical islam terrorism, we will not have the things to defeat the radicals before they continue to murder more and more innocent people. >> so the policy is under scrutiny and some have moved into france and some have not. at exactly the moment we're looking at france and the united states is approximabeginning to the refugees. what do you think of paying for the refugees to come here in large numbers? should they be halted? >> president obama and hillary clint clinton's idea that we should bring tens of thousands of
6:48 am
muslim refugees is nothing less than crazy. 77 percent of the refugees were young men. the director of national intelligence here in america has said of he has refugees in europe, it's clear that a number of them maybe isis terrorists. i makes no sense for us to be bringing in refugees that are intelligence and cannot determine if they're here to kill us or not. those that are fleeing should be resettled in the countries. now on the other hand christians that are being targeted and christians that are being beheaded and we should be provided the safe haven to them. we refuse to do that and all of this is a consensquence and it'
6:49 am
not unviolent ex trimmist. it's a particular form that anybody that does not embrace the view must be murdered or forcible converted. that's what we're seeing in paris and israel. i am sorry to tell you but this is coming to america. it's one of the reason that congress needs to pass immediately the ex patriot terrorist act that says at that any american that travels abroad that joins isis and takes up arms and wages jihad against america, immediately forfeit the citizenship. we should not be letting people use u.s. citizen and passports to come pack to america the wage them and murder innocent americans just like we saw them do yesterday in paris. >> senator cruz, we have a
6:50 am
couple of more questions for you. we have to take a break if you can stay with us. we're back in south carolina in just a moment. >> sure. ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family... ...and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda-approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new, or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and my biggest reason to walk...
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6:53 am
we're back once again with the presidential candidate senator ted cruz. as you know president obama won the presidency in part by recognizing that americans were tired of war. if you do succeed in winning the office, does it mean application of military force for isis? >> it means that we will have a commander in chief that takes seriously defeating terrorism. i recognize that barack bomb bo obama does not want to defend
6:54 am
the country. they're getting stronger and every rejune on earth has gotten worse under the obama clinton foreign policy. that does not mean that we should be sending our sons and daughters to countries and engage and stay there for ever and trying to turn iraq into switzerland. that's not what the object should be. we need a commander in chief that says we need someone to defeat radical terrorism. that looks like number one using overwhelming military power and air power. the first persian gulf war there were 11 attacks a day and obama is doing 15 to 30 attacks a day. it's photo up. >> in sufficient. >> we should be arming the curds. they're on the ground and fierce allies of ours. they're out armed, and yet they're the boots on the ground and obama for political reasons does no t want to upset baghdad
6:55 am
and we're using overwhelming power and the boots on the ground, and it's clear to my militant that if you go and join isis. if you wage jihad against america, you're signing your death warrant. >> senator cruz, if it were president cruz, what would you do differently in the number of troops to the ground. it's going to be composed to this and he is wanting to close gitmo. >> well, both of those are mistakes. if he does that, these are harden terrorists and we're releasing people and substantial of them are returning to wage war against us. i understand that president obama are ideal and they do not recognize the enemies want to kill us. you look at the trade and you traded senior leader for someone that is right now being tried for affectively deserving his
6:56 am
troops. that makes no sense, and then with regard to sending 50 troop itsel s, there's no reason to put the sons and daughters in harm's way without a military plan to keep them safe and win. what's missing is the soldiers, airman and marines are risking their life for us. they have a commander in chief that has no strategy. he will not utter the words radicali radical islamic terrorists. the last one that we saw you had every world leader marching and standing in solidarity. nowhere was to be found obama or hillary clinton or john kerry. the obama administration abandoned the friendly nation of france when the rest of the world came together arm and arm to stand against radicalism. we need a president willing and able to do that. >> yeah, senator cruz thank you
6:57 am
for your time this morning. >> more "fox and friends" coming up next. stay tuned. ve all been missing. ve all been missing. with the arcades... elves... and even a picture with santa. all for free.
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>> thank you for joining us. see you tomorrow. now shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> it's 10:00 a.m. tim on the east coast and the worst violence to strike france since world war ii. one bomber has been identified and details coming. pope francis calling the attacks part of a third world war. this is the islamic state claims responsibility for the killings of now than somewhere of 120 innocent men and woman and calling the attack the first of the storm, and isis mocking france as trans lated to o the capital of


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