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tv   FOX News Special  FOX News  November 14, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PST

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good afternoon, everyone. our coverage of the terror attack in paris continues at this hour with a special edition of "america's news headquarters." i'm martha maccallum. the bbc is reporting the attacks were carried out by a self-contained cell that had just returned from syria, possibly training in syria. so that report comes hours after isis has claimed responsibility for these attacks at six locations. and the taking of the lives of 127 people. that number is still likely to rise. some 300 people are hospitalized in paris right now. 80 of them are in critical condition. among the victims we know that
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there are several americans. the state department has not yet disclosed their names or their conditions. and we are waiting for that information. the siege lasted just under one hour. an hour of nightmare conditions. we know that eight of the known terrorist attackers are dead. and at least one of them has been identified as a french national known to have radical ties. he was on a watch list. we've got some new details about the other individuals as well that we will be bringing to you. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot joins me live from paris. greg, good afternoon to you. obviously, a harrowing time in the city that you are in. what do we though? what's the latest on this investigation, greg? >> reporter: martha, harrowing time and a busy time. we've been watching police behind us going over the bataclan music hall. that was the scene of most of the carnage or a good deal of it, anyway, more than 80 people slaughtered there. they are investigating there.
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they're investigating the cafes and restaurants around us at the stade de france, the stadium where there was also suicide blasts, any way to find out exactly what is behind this attack. as you noted, it's gone europeanwide. there have been arrests made in germany and in belgium possibly related to this. and there have been some finds here. the fingerprints of one of the dead attackers traced to the fact that he was a frenchman and that he was on a watch list. passports have been found. cars being traced. martha, it almost seems like these people wanted to make a statement. they weren't wearing hoods. they weren't wearing masks. they wanted to say what they were. and according to french president francois hollande, they are isis. he said it plainly, and they perhaps, as you noted from that bbc report, got their training back in syria, martha. >> yeah, there's so much that's going to unfold in terms of who these individuals are. and as you point out, we're starting to lesh where they were
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possibly living and training. and we know that you've been speaking to people obviously on the ground there. what can you convey to us here at home about the mood of the french people, greg? >> reporter: that's the important thing here, martha. i mean, we're talking intensely about the investigation, but this is a huge, huge attack for france. i mean, certainly nowhere near the scale of a 9/11, but certainly in symbolic forms, in representational forms, the same thing. icons hit. normal people hurt. and international aspect as well. we talked to one young lady. she felt fear. she was worried about living in a society. we talked to another woman who felt anger. she had friends who knew some of the victims. she wanted to kill isis. and we talked to an israeli woman who felt compassion. they have problems there and problems here. one last note, martha, also a feeling of deja vu. just about five or six blocks down from where we're standing right here, the "charlie hebdo"
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attacks, the newspaper there. there's almost a feeling of horror that this could all be happening again and wondering why and worried if you listen to some of the isis propaganda that they've been putting out today that it could happen again. a sense of unease in this country right now. a sense of wanting security and answers, martha. >> don't we all. greg thank you very much. we'll be back to you later. so let's take a look at the time line. so you can see how quickly this unfolded and escalated last night. this is based on the very latest information that we have today. it may change as all of this moves forward. but according to the investigators, the first shots were fired at around 9:20 p.m. local time at the bar. then the gunman, he had a large automatic weapon. he then moved across the street and started firing at another cafe, le petit cambodge.
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he moved across the street. all of this happening near simultaneously as this cell that we're now learning more about obviously had a plan. they obviously had staked out these locations, and they were ready to go. so around 9:30 p.m., the first of three explosions is heard. that happened at the stade de france. the stadium where a soccer match was being played and where the president of france was watching. he was evacuated. 20 minutes later, you've got reports of shots fired somewhere else. this time it's happening at le belle equipe bar. the gunmen have now taun more than 100 people. they've got them laying on the ground at the bataclan hall. they begin murdering them, systematically, one by one. people are terrified. they're getting messages out of there. other people, we've heard, have made their way to the rooftop. they can hear the gunfire that's going on in a terrifying manner on the levels of that theater.
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a few people, as we said, did escape. the terrorists then detonate suicide belts when they realize that the police are starting to move in. again, all extremely well orchestrated. the carnage in paris last night is now officially the deadliest terror attack in western europe in more than ten years. before this, the attack with the highest number of casualties was the train bombings which you well remember that happened in madrid, spain, in 2004. 191 people lost their lives in that horrific attack. then you had the awful attack on a summer youth camp in norway back in 2011 where 77 people including several children lost their lives. for you, the origin of those attacks was not islamic extre extremi extremism. those were different in their orientation. however, in london, you remember 52 people lost their lives in a series of train and bus bombings that rocked the entire united kingdom as well as the western world back in 2005 in july.
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and more recently, there were the gruesome attacks at the "charlie hebdo" offices also in paris where gunmen filed out of cars covered by masks in black garb and began firing at the headquarters of that magazine. so the white house now is reacting, obviously, to all of this this morning. sources are telling us that president obama has decided to sit down today and do so earlier with his -- with the nsc, with the national security council. before departing for a gathering of the g-20 summit that happens in turkey and begins later this afternoon. so rich edson is live at the white house with more. rich, what is the latest reaction? what's the latest message being sent out by the white house? >> reporter: well, we continue to watch for any change in the president's schedule. he's supposed to leave from here at the white house at 2:10 this afternoon, go to the g-20 summit in antalya, turkey. the white house did convene with the president a meeting of the national security council along with secretary of state kerry who participated via
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teleconference from there. as for questions as to whether or not this changes the white house or administration's approach, whether it changes the security posture at the g-20 or if the president has a different assessment than he said on abc news yesterday that isis had been contained, the white house is providing no response to that. though the white house did address those remarks he gave to abc news yesterday saying that the president meant that isis was contained in the amount of territory that it had controlled in iraq and in syria. however, its reach, when you look at what has happened in russia with the jetliner and now in paris yesterday has certainly increased, martha. >> so not long ago, secretary of state john kerry was speaking. we watched him live from vienna. give us a little of what he said and what he outlined about what the plan is from here, rich. >> reporter: well, it's a continued effort by this administration to say to those in france that we stand ready to help them, help the americans, by the way, who are in paris right now, a state department official telling us that there are several americans among the injured. there is no report beyond that
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as to what their condition may be or how many specifically there may be. though in a meeting with the russian foreign minister, sergey lavrov, secretary of state john kerry condemned the attacks. >> it is time for the bleeding in syria to stop. it is time to deprive the terrorists of any single kilometer in which to hide. it is time that we come together to help the syrian people embark on the difficult but extraordinarilyimperative of rebuilding their country. >> reporter: the secretary of state will also meet the iranian foreign minister this evening. he'll head the g-20 meeting and join president obama there tomorrow. >> rich, thank you very much. so meanwhile, of course, the united states is also on high alert. major american cities now stepping up their security in the wake of the paris terror attacks. here in new york, counterterrorism units are deploying around tourist landmarks. law enforcement officials stress that there are no specific
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threats at this time, but they also say that obviously they are taking no chances. broin is live in our new york city newsroom. he has been looking into this. how are the law enforcement agencies responding to these attacks in paris this morning? >> reporter: hi, martha. we were watching the horrific events unfold last night, the thoughts and fears natural the people really move towards what is being done here and are we safe here? the department of homeland security releasing a statement which says in part now that there are, quote, no specific or credible threats of an attack on the u.s. homeland of the type that occurred in paris but out of an abundance of caution, dhs and the fbi are consulting with state and local law enforcement. cities from new york to los angeles are in heightened states of alert. here in new york, extra teams of counterterrorism officers including hercules teams, the city's heavily armed special forces units, have been dispersed throughout the city. extra security deployed to the french consulate and french mission to the united states as
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well. increased check patrols of bags, buses and trains also taking place here in new york. and in philadelphia and washington, d.c., there are extra patrols at public venues. in boston, boston logan airport and the statehouse also have extra security. and in los angeles, specific interest on those public venues like concerts. there was a justin bieber concert last night and a snoop dogg concert tonight in which there will be increased security, martha. >> so obviously there were bombings outside a soccer stadium. the shooting at bataclan concert hall in paris. and as you mentioned, those are going to be areas, stadiums, sporting events, concerts in this country where there's going to have to be increased vigilance. >> that's exactly right. right now we're talking about hockey season and football season and basketball season. and we've gotten a few things. last night in st. louis at busch stadium, the u.s. men's national team was playing st. vincent and the grenadines, and there was also extra security. they added extra security where they had a moment of silence for the attacks in paris.
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the nba and nhl also say they have increased security measures at their games. and today at college football games, extra security measures at stadiums are up to each individual school. the nfl says that they have not increased security for games tomorrow because they feel as though their security measures are sufficient because they've been at already a heightened state of alert for some time now. martha? >> brian, thank you very much. >> no problem. so the vast scope of this violent terrorist attacks in paris, a stark reminder of the growing global influence now of isis. obviously, it has spread well beyond iraq and syria. but take a look at this map. they have struck from yemen to saudi arabia to turkey. fox news middle east and terrorism analyst joins me now this morning. these are conversations that we did not want to have about what has happened overnight in paris, but they are clearly things that we have been warned about. >> clearly many, many things,
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martha. we had those conversations over more than a year now since the rise of isis which actually, as you just showed on the map, is in full control of two halves or more of two countries. so that's where the caliphate is. but as the map showed as well, they are active. they have active cells in another half a dozen countries. and in libya and sinai and egypt, they do have some sort of control on the ground. what is now happening is that we are seeing their capacity to strike beyond these countries. you show france, but they have the capacity of going anywhere they want in western europe, if they have european passports. and the worst for us americans, they can cross the atlantic and act here. >> they absolutely can. i would love for you to outline for us, because you have such a deep understanding of this, what is their motivation? you're building a caliphate. we've learned if you read any of these publications that they put out, it's very clear that they have a strong zeal and passion for islamist philosophy and
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religion and that they want to carry out the version of that that exists in their deep religious faith. talk to us about that. >> well, martha, this year is the tenth anniversary of my own book which predicted that after al qaeda, there would be a new al qaeda, which is isis. and after isis, there will be still another movement. what is happening is that now you see a movement carried by an ideology. people are killed. al awlaki was killed in yemen, others in iraq, bin laden was killed. leaders of isis continuously we are told by not just the u.s. but our allies that they have been eliminated. so what's the story? with a movement that is beheaded every single day, and yet they continue to produce more jihadist. it's a doctrinal and ideological challenge. as you said, they're determined to create the caliphate not just in those two countries, on all that map that you have shown before. >> i mean, once you've
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established a foothold in syria and iraq, then, you know, like other movements before it, i think of, you know, you think of hitler. you think the communism. the idea is to start moving across the map to start wiping out areas of the western world, and they have really the freedom and the ability to do that now. we're seeing that quite clearly. >> we can see that clearly. first of all, on the ground. isis is not really shrinking. it may not be advancing. but isis does not advance every day. they want for opportunities. i mean, between 2013 where they were very small in syria and suddenly in 2014, they have the capacity they seize one-third of iraq. and now they're eyeing the other arab countries around them. as i said, one-third of libya is under them. a piece of yemen is controlled by jihadists. what is happening in the west, they attack in paris, in france, you know, major cities before is to intimidate those countries not to interfere with the rise. so this is like an equal to an
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icbm. they are shooting in paris to make sure that the french won't interfere in the buildup of that caliphate. >> so there are two outcomes. there's backing down, and then there's escalating. and we will see. we're going to talk a lot about the military aspects of this coming up. waleed, thank you very much. good to see you this morning. >> good to see you. so the attacks in paris, of course, will have an impact on the race for the presidency in the united states here as well because we have so many decisions that they'd to be made over the next moves. so we will be joined in moments by florida senator marco rubio who will share his thoughts about what he would do if he were to become president of this country. so we'll hear that coming up. plus, the paris attacks hitting close to home for geraldo rivera. his daughter was inside that soccer stadium when the bombs went off. >> i thought it was a bomb initially, and then no one made a sound, and then it happened two more times. and then medical people there, we thought something was up.
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we are back with breaking news now out of belgium. the belgium justice minister saying that a number of arrests have been made in brussels that directly relate to these attacks in paris. here with his reaction and what's happening now in france and around the region, we are glad to have on the phone with us florida senator and republican presidential candidate marco rubio. senator, welcome. >> thank you. >> good to have you with us this
9:21 am
morning. first of all, i know you put out a statement, but as more of this has seeped in and been revealed, what's your reaction to all this? >> well, first, specifically, the broader point, this is a civilizational war. this is a civilizational conflict. this is not a geopolitical grievance. this is basically they believe the entire world needs to believe in what they believe in, or you die. that's what they believe. and this is a part -- we need to begin to confront it as that. there's no accommodation with them. they don't just want to govern the middle east. they want to govern the world. they believe the entire world must live under the laws and rules of their particular interpretation of islam. and they are willing to kill people to carry that out. and so this is certainly a part of it. as far as isis is concerned, the true nature of isis i've been warning about for a long time. they are in syria, of course, and they are in iraq. they are a growing presence in libya for more than a year, i've been talking about how they became the predominant jihadist group in libya, how they used it to conduct events in sinai and
9:22 am
europe. they are now growing in influns in afghanistan. we are in open competition with the taliban. they're starting to pop up in pakistan which is scary because that's a country with nuclear weapons. and eventually you'll see them move into lebanon, into saudi arabia and jordan and beyond. one last point i would make about these attacks. what will be interesting to learn is were these directed by isis, in essence, were these individuals september for the purpose of conducting attacks, or were these individuals inspired online to take action but in essence these were self-directed cells that drew inspiration from isis and the teachings. isis and the information that isis makes available, but did they self-start on it? did they go out and decide to do it independent of central command? because that's one of the things that's made isis so hard to deal with. it's not like the head of the caliphate makes a phone call and says, you know, conduct attacks. >> right. >> these are ind of entrepreneurial attackers, in essence, and that's a threat we face here at the homeland. >> obviously details about that
9:23 am
will be coming out. this appears to be a more organized cell. and it appears at least by some of the indications that we have so far to have been something that was mapped out and potentially trained for in syria. but my mind goes to the attack on the beach in tunisia, on the museums. you know, this is nothing new. but we are seeing an escalation of this. we're seeing larger attacks. we saw the plane that went down. the russian plane that went down over egypt. you know, and as you point out, you deal with the sort of larger, you know, sort of philosophical religious bent that is at work here, but then you've got to deal with getting these people before they can get us. you know, what should we be doing as a country? >> you have to target -- well, you have to target their safe havens. this all begins with the fact that they have safe havens from which to operate. al qaeda conducted 9/11 because they had a safe haven in afghanistan given to them by the taliban. and isis has created a safe haven in libya, in parts of syria and obviously increasingly
9:24 am
in iraq, but particularly in libya, the isis presence in libya is quite significant. it is a function of the vacuum that was left behind in libya when that civil war just took way too long to conclude. it led to all these malicious -- they took advantage of it. so now they find themselves with the dominant force. they control territory. there's no one attacking them there. and from that is where they can recruit and train people and ultimately export them to conduct these sort of attacks in europe and beyond. and as i said, they aspire for the same thing here in the homeland. >> what do you do? you're running for president. >> you have to hit -- >> you have said that isis is contained. he says well, i meant geographically that they're contained in the battle in iraq and syria right now. >> that's off. >> what would you do? are you going to start bombing these training camps? start stopping them? >> yes. >> okay. details. >> absolutely. we would need to target these camps and begin to target them. i think that we also are going to need the involvement of u.s. special operators to conduct these attacks. i believe we need to subject isis to high-profile humiliating defeat.
9:25 am
meaning special operations attacks that are filmed basically so we can show the world that these are not invincible people. it discourages people from joining their cause. right now the perception they create through the use of social media and propaganda is that they're unstoppable. because of these attacks in paris, they will add recruits, and they will raise money off of this. we need to subject them to high-profile humiliating defeat to cut off this narrative. i'm not saying it's going to be easy to do. sunnis themselves, sunni countries are going to have to defeat them ideologically and militarily, and we're going to help them and we need to help them, but it is sunnis themselves that must confront and defeat them because they're the ones who are going to pay the most immediate price in that region in the short term. and that means egypt and saudi arabia and jordanians are going to have to improve their capacity to take them on on the ground. >> so you know, where's the center of that? where's the big meeting that happens between the united states and egypt and saudi arabia and the pictures of that that are sort of, you know, on every newspaper and website that
9:26 am
says we are now, you know, a world war ii style real -- not just on paper -- coalition, but we will hunt you down and we will stop this at any cost? >> that will not happen without american leadership. this president has chosen not to pursue that because he thinks politically for him it's admitting that we're reengaged so he's trying to dot bare minimum he can without using the political narrative that he got us out of the middle east and out of conflict. and the absence of american convening power and leadership, that coalition will never happen. and it is specifically that vacuum that putin has tried to step into and fill. that's the argument putin is making to egypt and all these other countries that obama is unreliable. he's never going to bring it together. we're going to lead the fight. >> should we work with putin on this? >> the problem with working with vladimir putin on this is his interests are really not to defeat isis. number two to distract the world from ukraine and number three to
9:27 am
prop up assad which gives him the foothold they haven't had in 30 years. his interest is not wiping out isis. now, maybe after the plane was shot down -- but their capabilities aren't -- they cannot put together a coalition. they don't have the capability to do what america can do. only america can lead that coalition. so if the russians want to help, then any need to start targeting isis but they need to change their viewpoint as far as their goals in the region. >> senator, thank you. very good to have you with us today. >> thank you. >> senator marco rubio on the phone with us today from florida. so there is new information on the background of these attackers. we will go live back to paris with the latest that we are now learning about who these individuals are. but first, the french president, francois hollande. >> translator: france, because it has been attacked cowardly, odiously, violently, will have no mercy against the barbarians.
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