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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  November 14, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PST

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so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit and we have breaking twomts that developments that continue out of france as investigators are piecing together just how this could have happened. the investigation is spread out over six locations, five of them clustered in central paris. french president francois hollande has placed a ban on public gatherings, saying that he believes that at this moment in time that would be a security risk for the french people. you see there are tortured responses to what they have watched befall their city. but the mourners are there. they're laying flowers, lighting candles outside the cafe where there was so much carnage. amy kellogg joins us live from paris from a dark eiffel tower which has now been closed due to these attacks. amy, what can you tell us this morning about the background of these attackers?
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>> reporter: well, martha, the dramatic revelation from a greek minister, the public order minister, that that passport that was found, the syrian passport found where one of the suicide bombers blew himself up, presumably that was his passport, that man was identified by european authorities as having passed through the greek island of laros on october 3rd. they are all now registered by law. and that is something that has been europeans' worst nightmare, martha. as you can remember, we talked about it when isis was threatening italy and a lot of the italian government officials were worried that some of these boats landing in sicily would be infiltrated by terrorists coming from libya. and they were often, then, told to calm down and not be alarmist. but this is a very dramatic bit of information. also we did speak to officials in sicily recently who said no,
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terrorists don't go on little dinghies and on seaworthy boats. they have other ways to travel. so this is possibly europeans' worst nightmare coming true. there were a number of arrests also recently in belgium. and authorities believe that three of the bombers may have come from one neighborhood in belgium, a neighborhood that's known to be radicalized. there has been one arrest in that neighborhood this evening. and finally, the hunt for accomplices of these eight bombers or eight attackers yesterday, seven of whom were suicide bombers goes on, there were six locations all together. four of the attackers died at the bataclan music venue. three died at the soccer stadium. so you've got to think, with six locations, eight bombers, three at one, four at fore, one in another location, there has to be some sort of network that was helping them out. it's not clear at this point
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what police are looking for in terms of that network, but they are certainly looking for people who may have helped or even possibly been involved in the attacks, martha. >> every moment counts. and they are hot on the trail of the people who may have been connected to these attackers, because as you point out, it took a lot more than eight people to carry this out. and there are other people out there who know the inner workings of this operation, to be sure. in terms of the mood in paris, we were just talking about this. do people there want to sort of turn inward? do they want nothing to do with the fight that's going on in iraq and syria? or is it instilling in them a vengeance, a desire for revenge and action? >> reporter: well, martha, as you've been talking about, president francois hollande has said that war has been declared on france by isis. but it's a strange feeling of war because if some of the
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warriors are from y country, at least one of the bombers is believed to be a french national. not believed, actually they have said he is a french national. they just haven't identified him yet. so if it's a war against people within, it becomes a lot more complicated than a war in a faraway land against isis in iraq or syria. the mood is very different to the way it was after the "charlie hebdo" and the kosher supermarket attacks. people are definitely scared. there are people out laying flowers, paying tributes, visibly shaken and feeling the need to show solidarity with victims and victims' families. but the french authorities said yesterday, stay inside if you can. and this whole closing of the eiffel tower behind me, which is normally sparkling in the evening, and lots of other public places says that this is a whole different level, and people are quite nervous, martha, understandably. martha. >> hopefully in the days and weeks to come, they will feel strong about going out and retaking their city.
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thank you so much, amy. so there were eight attackers, as we have talked about, that are dead in paris. we're now learning a little bit more as amy was just reporting about their identities including one who had a syrian passport on him. who are these terrorists? where did they come from, and where did they plot this horrific attack? let's bring in retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel raf peters, fox news strategic analyst. good morning. >> morning. >> i saw you online talking about this. you've now had a little more time and a little more information as all of this sinks in. we do know that one of those individuals appears to have come through greece which would certainly strengthen the notion that he was a refugee on buff tho one of those boats. >> and he may have been. we don't know that yet. certainly we have to wait and find out where the attackers were based, where they were born, whether they were immigrants, et cetera. but what's critical -- and we will find that out -- what's critical is to recognize how
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sophisticated this was. as you and amy were discussing, it's not just about the eight known attackers. they had to have a deep infrastructure. people to supply weapons, to supply the automobiles. they probably -- they didn't come into europe in a gang. they unfiinfiltrated, but this e thing was planned offshore, planned probably in sheer ya, probably in raqqa, well designed. and it's impressive how with eight known attackers, possibly a few more involved as well, they were able to paralyze paris. i mean, yesterday we got sinjar, the bad guys got paris. it is absolutely stunning to see that city locked down and the ability to generate that kind of chaos really on a shoestring budget, as it were, really, really should alarm us because the terrorists who president obama always tries to blow off
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or say or is the jv, many are ingenio ingenious. some are brilliant. they are certainly dedicated. and one thing that always makes me angry, and we heard president hollande do it, he misleads us. they are cowards. they are monsters. they are beasts. but remember after 9/11, bill maher got in big trouble, he called terrorists, he was pilloried for that, but he was right. they are willing to die for their cause, for their beliefs. we are not. they're monsters. but let's face up to the fact that these people are capable and determined and our response has been weak and limp. >> i want to ask you about the refugee thing. obviously there's all this focus on, well, you know, these people are coming over on boats. they're going to be sneaking in. they're young men. we can't forget that the majority of them are coming because they have been scared to death out of their own villages which have already been pillaged. they have been pushed out of their countries because some would say, you know, have been
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allowed to establish this caliphate across iraq and syria. so do you blame -- you know, what do you think about whether or not this should change the notion of whether we should continue to take these refugees? is that the problem? >> it's a problem. it's not the problem. now, in times of chaos, it's very important to think clearly and not confuse cause and effect. really the cause of the islamic terrorism we're seeing go global and the refugees and immigrants we've been seeing coming to europe really since the 1950s are the same. the root cause is a comprehensive and catastrophic failure of middle east and north african islam to produce societies that can provide for their own people. first we saw economic refugees. now we're seeing war refugees and economic refugees. but again, the root cause is the failure of this broad swath of middle eastern civilization. it's not our fault. now, we have to deal with it, but when you deal with it, again, don't confuse cause and effect.
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do our refugee policies have to become more sensible? more sane? yes, in a sense. we have to differentiate between legitimate refugees such as the christians and other minorities being driven out and slaughtered and driven out by islamic state. and young islamic males of military age who should be fighting for their own countries, the united states, martha, i've heard a lot of people saying, conservatives, saying how do we sort them out? how do we know what we're getting? it's a pretty safe bet that if you're taking in christian refugees in the middle east, they're not going to be islamist terrorists. the problems go so deep that there's no easy solution, but i will tell you, if we do not get serious about fighting radical islam, carrying it out by the roots, killing them in the middle east, we will continue to lose because the increase in sophistication between the "charlie hebdo" attacks that happened a year ago staged by al qaeda and this very complex attack by islamic state, this is
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what happens when you talk about strategic patience and don't do anything. malignant cancers and terrorism don't get better on their own. they get worse. >> you're so right. and the writing on the wall for this kind of attack has been there for some time. and really no one should be surprised about what happened in paris, watching what we've watched unfold over the last 12 months. ralph, thank you so much. >> thank you, martha. so inside the bataclan concert hall last night, horror unfolded as the american band performed there on stage. new details about who they are, what we know about them at this moment coming up.
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tonight, you see it is 6:46 p.m. in paris as flowers and candles are being laid at all of these sites as people come out to try to begin the process of understanding what happened there and the process of going forward with their lives which, no doubt, will take some time. i am joined now by dr. zudi jaser, president of the american his up laic forum for democracy and the author of "battle for the soul of islam." and doctor, that is a battle that is in a unique place today in the wake of what we have seen happen in paris. there's so many people that look at this situation, and they ask, where is the rest of the muslim world in terms of rising up and fighting against this? after all, there have been more muslim victims than any other group. >> and that's so true. and really this is what happens, martha, when we have this a.d.d. approach to the problem. in that we have a short-term response. now certainly after every attack, we say we're going to go get them, and now we're focused
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on isis. before it was al qaeda. and on and on. and we're seeing a crescendo because the cauldron in the middle east that breeds this is the cauldron of fascist military regimes like assad that allows radical islam to grow and fester in their neighborhood so that they can legitimize military dictatorship and then thwart that third pathway of liberty and freedom. and inside the house of islam is a battle between freedom and theocra theocracy. until america takes sides and begins to get educated on what political islam is, what sharia is, the islamic state, not only is isis, until we have leaders that can call all of the oic, the evil empire, be it saudi arabia, iran, they are all boot camps for isises of the world. they are not our allies. yes, we might call upon them to be our allies against isis tomorrow and next week. but in the long term, they breed these radicals and only answer to them are muslims in the west.
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that's why they attack france. that's why the immigrants are coming to europe. they're not going to russia or to saudi arabia. they want freedom, and that's the existential threat against isis. >> you know, what do we do? i mean, you know, you talk about this effort. you talk about muslims banding together. it doesn't ever seem to happen. and after every one of these things, you know, there's resolve. there's revenge. there's the will to fight. and it dissipates over time because it's tricky for precisely the reasons that you say in terms of who our allies are politically. >> it's because, you know, prime minister cameron, for example, in july laid out a strategy to engage muslim reformers and engage identifying the ideology so that we can thread that needle of who the muslims are that are allies and who are the muslims in britain that don't identify with british nationalism and identify with islamist patriotism and want to die for the islamic state and don't want to die for western nationalism. until we have leaders like that
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that are willing to begin to say you know what? i'm going to talk about political islam as the conveyor belt towards the isises. it's not just about violence. until we get our media, government, academics together and say you know what, this next generation will be a 21st century war against political islam and for the free thinkers of the muslim world. it can be done. the west did this in the formation of america. and unfortunately, we're going to continue to do short-term solutions for a very long-term problem. >> dr. zuhdi jasser, thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks. >> we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back. hi my name'. kelly. my name is raph. steve. my name is anne. tom. brian. krystal. and i am definitely not a robot. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. whether it's for your business or your personal life, don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up. because we're here.
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a california band that was performing at the concert hall in paris last night managed to escape, but members of eagles death metal say some of their crew they were working with is still missing. will carr joins us live from los angeles. i understand you spoke to the drummer's mother. what is she telling you about the band and about who they're still looking for? >> that's right, martha, this morning we spoke to his mother and she says this has been an absolutely frightening ordeal. she says yesterday she was inside her home in atlanta when this all started to play out.
9:55 am
she knew her son was playing inside the bataclan but she didn't know if he was okay. she says she has since learned all five band members actually made it out safely, although she says to her knowledge there's still some crew members who are unaccounted for. now, dorio's brother says the band was about six shots into their play list when shots rang out. they hit the floor and made it out through a back door. again, all five okay. take a listen to his mother. >> he said it was horrific. the shots, the noise, was louder than the band. it just -- so they stopped immediately. by the will of god, they made it out. now we're hoping and praying he can get back to us. >> mary lou says the band left everything inside the bataclan including their cell phones.
9:56 am
they then rushed to a nearby police station where they had to borrow cell phones from police officers to call their loved ones to let them know they're all right. the "los angeles times" is reporting that one crew member was killed. another was injured. again, family members tell us there are still crew members unaccounted for. they're asking for people across the world to have their thoughts and prayers with everybody who was killed and is still unaccounted for. martha. >> awful, frightening. thank you, will. we have more on the attackers and the investigation as it continues to come in today in the attacks in paris. we will take a quick break. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do.
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we're back with our continuing break news coverage of the horrific attacks that were carried out in paris last night. the investigations continue throughout the day. police in belgium now saying they've raided a neighborhood in brussels and they believe that the places they've gone into there definitely have a connection to what played out in paris. they did bring one person into custody in brussels. earlier, as you know, isis claimed responsibility for this attack. the worst violence to hit france since world war ii. french president francois hollande calling these attacks an act of war. so what does that mean? what action will france now


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