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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 14, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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we're back with our continuing break news coverage of the horrific attacks that were carried out in paris last night. the investigations continue throughout the day. police in belgium now saying they've raided a neighborhood in brussels and they believe that the places they've gone into there definitely have a connection to what played out in paris. they did bring one person into custody in brussels. earlier, as you know, isis claimed responsibility for this attack. the worst violence to hit france since world war ii. french president francois hollande calling these attacks an act of war. so what does that mean? what action will france now take
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against isis? how is the battle against this terrorist organization fortified by what we saw happen and play out in great tragedy across the city of paris last night. let's bring in our reporter standing by with the latest on the investigation in paris. greg, welcome back. >> martha, the first point to make is these people knew what they were doing. they knew what to hit. they knew when to hit these targets. take the stade de france, the national shrine to the beloved sport of soccer here in france. we saw the world cup there a few years ago. they had a two-fer there. french president hollande was in attendance when they set off the suicide blasts. the bataclan music hall. americans probably have not heard of that, but it's famous here. it's an iconic building since the 1800s. it's almost on a scale with
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carnegie hall. so that's a good target, relatively, for terrorists. and the cafes of course, it's a symbol of france. it also has the double exposure of being near the charlie hebdo terror attacks and other terror attacks that happened here in january, kind of underscoring that once again these terrorists are back. >> greg, when you look at what we have known over the past several months is the numbers of europeans, in the hundreds, going to syria, getting training, to become terrorists. and the fear has always been that they can come back, that the movement between these countries was fairly easy. how serious is the problem of home grown terror in france at this point? what do you think the french government is prepared to do to rip it out at its roots on their own territory? >> yeah. this is one of the big issues. there are many big troubling issues coming out of these attacks and this is a big one. specifically in france.
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the experts say there's about 1,500 french nationals who are either in syria right now fighting with isis or have gone to syria and trained with isis and maybe thought of coming back. in fact, that has been the largest fear, that there could be blowback from that activity. and that is the fear right now, that this could be happening right now here in france. the deep-seated hatred for france is easy to play out for these islamists. but i think the key thing is this is not a get out of jail free card for the united states. there are homegrown terrorists in the united states as well. and the big thing that these islamists are upset with france about is the war against isis and of course we all know that the united states is leading that war against isis. what is france prepared to do? french president hollande is talking big. the united states better be thinking big as well according to analysts here, back to you,
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martha. >> greg, thank you. we'll talk about that quite a bit coming up. isis claiming responsibility as we know for these attacks that left 127 people dead so far. because there are many, 80, we're told, at last count, who are in critical condition in the hospitals. 300 people in all have been wounded and are hospitalized in this attack. isis supporters celebrated last night on social media with several hash tags that they coined quickly. john huddy is live in jerusalem. isis issued a statement. what are they saying today, john? >> yes, well, isis is celebrating the attacks of course and lauding the attackers. as you mentioned, as far as the social media goes, i've been following twitter and facebook all day and there have been messages linking up to this statement. take a look. it was posted on an isis web account and then circulated on twitter and facebook. what it says in part, it was posted in arabic, it says that
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the paris attacks are the quote/unquote first of the storm and describes eight brothers wearing explosive belts and carrying assault rifles that targeted sites chosen in the heart of the capital of france. the statement then threatens more attacks against france, quote, and, again, i'm quoting, from the statement, as long as it continues its crusader campaign. as i mentioned, there's been a lot of messages posted on twitter and facebook with hash tags and links to this statement. but obviously i'm not going to give out any of that information. martha. >> so john, you are in israel. what's the reaction there? >> well, in a word, strong reaction. this hits home for a lot people here. because there are a lot of french jews here in israel. including several thousand that immigrated here after the attacks in france earlier this year. now, earlier this evening, right around about 45 minutes ago here in jerusalem, prime minister
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netanyahu spoke. he expressed his condolences for all of those in france. he said that israel stands in solidarity with france and he also added that he has ordered all israeli security and intelligence agencies to work with french officials and french intelligence and security agencies as well. he also said of course security is heightened and being tightened in israel as well. also right now, martha, there's a rally going on in talbin square in tel aviv, about 2,000 people, again, standing in solidarity with those in france. so this really hits home for many people here in israel. >> mean, certainly the israelis are so phfamiliar, painfully familiar with these kinds of attacks on cafes and buses which they have experienced in excruciating detail with
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tremendous loss so they can certainly relate to what's going on in paris. french president hollande called these attacks by isis an act of war. so what does that mean? how does that translate now into action? let's listen to a little bit of his address. it was very moving as he tried to rally his country. >> translator: this was an act of war that was prepared, organized, planned from the exterior, and with internal accomplices that our investigation will establish. it is an act of absolute barerism. france, because it has been attacked coward disodiously, violently, will have no mercy against the barbarians of daish. france will use all lawful means and all means that are convenient on all grounds,
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internally and externally. in conjunction with our allies who themselves are targeted by this terrorist threat during this grave painful and decisive period for our country. i appeal for unity, togetherness. and for everyone to keep a cool head. >> boy, he's got a lot on his plate. and he speaks very strongly. so what's that going to look like, you ask yourself. president hollande will not be attending the upcoming g-20 summit of course due to what's going on in his home country. more to come on what action france may take as we move along. meanwhile, we are told president obama is heading to that meeting later today after reportedly meeting with his security council about last night's terror attacks. so what transpired at that meeting?
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what is the plan for the white house now? kevin cork joins us now live from antalia, turkey, where the g-20 summit is scheduled to take place. what has the president been doing today? >> very busy day, you hit the nail on the head. given the gravity of the situation in paris and what's happening there on the ground, to say nothing of the heightened security in the u.s., the president did meet with his national team this morning. they discussed a number of events that could potentially happen in the u.s. they want to make sure they're well prepared just in case there are other troublesome events that could obviously happen on the u.s. side of the atlantic. clearly yesterday, the president expressing the sentiments of a great many people all over the world expressing support for the french people. france of course our oldest ese ally. the president saying we stand with the people of france in their darkest hour. we have learned about that carnage in paris.
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we have learned a number of americans. in fact, we have confirmed through state. are among those injured or perhaps killed. we still don't have confirmation, but we are monitoring that information from the state and defense departments as well as the white house and as we get it, of course, i'll bring it to you right here from turkey. the president, arz you point out, is expected to still come here to the g-20. >> all right, unfortunately kevin corke's shot from turkey is breaking up a little bit so we'll get back to him as it becomes available. as it's been confirmed, and certain he appears to be, the work of isis it represents a complete shift in how the world must view the terror group. this is the first time the is m islamic state has shown its capable of carrying out such a large-scale city attack. the larger question now, how was this group able to pull this off with no indication that was picked up by the global intelligence community? we know one of these individuals was on a french watch list.
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let's ask ambassador r. james woolsey, the former director of our cia. now with the politics center. you listen with the to the details we're learning. a watch list said to have 800,000-plus names on it. how good are we at tracking people like this down before they pull this off? >> it's streex trimly difficult to do. it's extremely difficult to do. we've been quite lucky after 9/11 and have forestalled that in the united states largely. but it is sort of, for the democracies to try to defend against something like this, it's sort of like you have two hockey teams and we're playing defense and any score of the goal by the other team kill us. and by the way, they get to break the rules. so that -- it's a very, very tough situation from the point
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of view of trying to pull out of the whole morass of social media and intelligence reports and the rest exactly what some plot is going to -- whether some plot's going to occur or whether it's just people talking or what. >> ambassador, i'm sorry to jump in. i hope you'll stay with us for a moment. there's a live news conference happening in france. we want to listen to this and back to the ambassador. >> translator: -- and this is a temporary update because it depends on the amount of people that are wounded. and beyond the deaths, we have 350 people wounded and at least 99 that are in absolute emergency. seven terrorists died during those criminal activities. the terrorist attack that we were frightened by, we were,
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each time that we were talking about the threat, this terrorist attack stroked the french territory and our fight against terrorism is determined. with the public prosecutor, i've activated the crisis units to mobilize not only the magistrates of the section but also the prosecutors to be present and to be able to coordinate all of the investigation. this is how 22 magistrates of -- could join the crisis unit. so i've opened, yesterday, an investigation related to terrorist enterprise and also for criminal activity of a
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nature to assault persons. and this way we could mobilize all of the police officers on the french territory. and also at the intelligence section and also so this has been the coordinator of this investigation. this investigation undertaken. allow me to give you the following elements. you can understand that at this point in time it's limited. and also what i can say because the investigation has just started. we just have testimonies to understand what happened. but also it's important at this point in time to preserve the secret of the investigation. because what we have gathered from the testimonies and the
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video that's at 9:20 p.m. during the football match at the stade de france, a first explosion was heard. at gate d of the stadium. we discovered two bodies. two bodies. one was of -- he had explosive on him. and he contributed to aggravate the explosion. the second was somebody passing by. he was blown away by the explosion. at 9:25 p.m., in the 10th district of paris, the person who were at the restaurant petit cambodge was victim of assault with kalashnikov. people came on board, a black
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vehicle, could be a vehicle, and right there we also discover a lot of bullets. so the crime 15 people are dead and 10 victim are in an absolute emergency. 9:30 p.m. gate h of the stadium, we discover the body of a second attacker. he had an explosive jacket. it was identical to the first one. at 9:32, at the corner of, a new shot, new shots led to the, five people to be dead. according to the first
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testimony, the perpetrator were also on board the vehicle, the black vehicle and we discover a lot of bullets. 9:36, 92, the restaurant la belle equipment, 9 people died. they were outside. again by individual aboard of a black vehicle. we also discover 100 bullets from different caliber. around 9:40, at 253 boulevard inside the restaurant, another attacker give himself death and he had an explosive identical,
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an explosive device identical to the two first ones. one person was very wounded at 9:40. another vehicle, a type, came into the venue, bataclan, and three people were wearing weapons. they came inside. and they were shooting all over the place during the concert, and then took the public hostage. which explained that this is where you can find the most bullets. during our communication with the terrorists, they mentioned syria and iraq. and zero, at midnight and 20 minutes, three terrorists were found dead. the police killed them. the law enforcement killed them. and the two others, they had a
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belt, and they exploded themselves in front of the law enforcement. we have 89 deceased and a lot of wounded. i cannot be more precise at this point in time. that's the reason why i give you minute by minute version in order. without giving more details. and i will go back to the details later. i cannot be more precise right now. regarding those terrorist attack. regarding the number of victims. regarding the place where it took place. and regarding, you know, the means that will have to be implemented. 9:53 a third explosion came in
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and there too was the attacker, the body of an attacker. so these are -- this is the layout of those terrorist attacks in paris and after less than 24 hours of investigation. at this point in time, three team of terrorists coordinated themselves and they were the origin point of this barberie. we have to find out who they were, how they were financed. i can tell you first there were multiple investigations realized by the enforcements and the police. i just want to underline their professionalism. and also the international cooperation that we engage with our foreign counterparts in our fight against terrorism.
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in regarding identification of the terrorists, i can tell you that one of the terrorists that was at the bataclan was identified with his -- and this is an individual born november 21, 1985. is known by the justice for misdemeanors. he had eight comb deny nations between 2004 and 2010. he never went to jail. and in 2010, he had radicalization notice but was never implied in any other terrorist act. regarding the chemicals, the attacker that was in the stadium of france, we discovered syrian
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passports. i can tell you that this individual is not known by our interliegeant services. regarding the logistic and the operations, we need more expert, we need more -- they havekalash. .762 caliber. and also explosive process to imply a lot of death around them by exploding themselves. they had jackets with tatp with basic explosive with dispersal effort and they had button they could push to start explosion.
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regarding the vehicle used, the testimonies or the video can target one vehicle type black and one vehicle that were registered in the, in belgium. and we know that this vehicle was rented by a person who was a french resident. this person was controlled at the border, at the belgium border. and it was neither the siat, neither the polo. we had a third vehicle with another person also residing in the region of brussel. just want to underline the efficiency of the cooperation of the police between france and belgium. last night, we went to the
10:24 am
belgium, in belgium to the prosecutor, and we asked to have a cooperation regarding this polo vehicle, this polo car, to track this vehicle around the border. the belgium authorities open a specific investigation and also a sign of prosecutor in belgium for the, in belgium, the public prosecutor announced that the three individuals that were, this thing that i should not clarify to preserve the investigation that is going on right now. and i would like to add those three individual, they reside in
10:25 am
belgium and these are individuals that are not known by our intelligence services. the people that ordered those terrorist acts and the financing, you know that various video claim, those terrorist attack, they are, there is daish, the organization of the islamic state. so specialized services are investigating now. i would like to express my campaign to the families, to the victim. and also to remind that there is a specific process for all of the family, the victim, who wanted to have information. there is a phone number for all information concerning the victim or the missing people. and this number is
10:26 am
0-800-4005-0800-406505. thank you for your attention. >> all right. a lot of information there from the french prosecutor francois mulin who just gave us some updates. it appears two more people have been added to the list of the lives lost in these terrorist attacks. the number's now at 129 dead. 352 wounded. that number is also higher now. the other higher number is that 99 people are in paris hospitals now in critical condition. so we hope that the number of dead does not rise but it is certainly possible given that information that was just shared with us. i want to bring back in our ambassador james woolsey, the former director of the cia. he was listening along with us to this briefing. your thoughts on what we just heard, sir? >> it's extremely frustrating to try to deal with terrorists like
10:27 am
this one by one, to assess whether or not you had any information on them, where they might have traveled, et cetera. it needs to be done, but it is a relatively small share of what could be successful ultimately in dealing with isis. isis is now a country. a small one. not recognized by others. but it has a caliphate, as they call it in the near east. and in the iraqi and lebanese areas. and they would like to expand it. they're recap piitulating the expansion the caliphate. we will not defeat them until we take their state away. we really need to destroy their state organization. and dealing with terrorists one by one like this, particularly when they're sophisticated and getting more so because they're organized into a state, is not going to work.
10:28 am
>> what do you think about the reaction so far from the white house and what's been done, as i said before, nobody should be surprised by this attack in paris. the writing has been on the wall. we've seen the attacks on the beaches s ies in tunisia. they're getting better at this, are they not, obviously. >> obviously. the president has said we want to make sure to bring the perpetrators to justice. as if they're bank robbers. i mean, that is just so much the inadequate approach toward all of this. if we treat this as a series of unrelated crimes by essentially violent individuals who just happen to be violent and not as tied to any central theme such as this particular part of sunni islam, there's a jihad going on against us. we have to recognize that and deal with it on its terms. >> almost out of time but quickly, what do we need to do
10:29 am
to unleash our cia, unleash our fbi, to try to stop these before they happen? >> i think it is important to try to redo some of the things that got done so badly such as, i think, the reforms, so to speak, that followed the snowden revelations. snowden has a lot of this blood on his hands. the blood of the victims of this terrorist attack. as he will on others. we've got a lot of work to do to restructure some things. to make up for what he did. >> is there the wherewithal to do that from this administration? >> i don't know the answer to that. i think the changes that took place in the congress were not helpful. i think the nsa is capable of understanding and helping our civilian leaders understand a great deal of what is going on, but its hands are tied in part by those post-snowden reforms. >> very important points. ambassador woolsey, thank you
10:30 am
very much. good to see you, sir. so airport security, a top priority for officials here at home. congressman mike turner of the house subcommittee is going to weigh in on the security operations under way here at home.
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theraflu expressmax combines... maximum strength medicines available without a prescription... fight your worst cold and flu symptoms... you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel back here at home, security is also obviously a top priority for airport officials and other law enforcement agencies across the country from new york to los angeles. are stepping up security, which is of course what you would expect in the wake of what we've seen in paris. there's no reason to think it couldn't and wouldn't happen here at home. i'm joined now by congressman mike turner. he is the chairman of the house armed services subcommittee on tactical error and air forces. welcome, good to have you with
10:35 am
us. >> thank you. our hearts go out to those in france. we want to prevent attacks in the future and dismantle attempts by terrorists to execute these types of attacks on innocent civilians. >> you've got a twofold challenge here. one is you have to hit them where they live. we'll see. we know the president of france obviously has resolve to do that. then we have the airports, the concert halls, the places where we seem to enjoy life, which seem to be the places they went after in paris. >> absolutely. you can look at the daily news reports throughout the country. our intelligence community and the fbi are actively looking for individuals who are coordinating with isis and perhaps perpetrating or attempting to
10:36 am
perpetrate attacks right here in the united states. many of those people are being found and arrested. as ambassador was saying, our intelligence community, even if we thwart 100 attacks, the perpetrators, the terrorists, only have to be successful once. for an unbelievable tragedy, an unbelievable scale to occur. >> we heard one of these people was on a watch list. we know that in the boston marathon bombing, for example, he was on our watch list as well. i think there's a lot of questions about how well we are following these people and whether or not we've given the fbi, for example, enough rein in terms of pursuing these investigations the way they need to. >> i was briefed by the staff of the armed services committee this morning and of course with the briefing we just heard from france on your program. you can tell this is a military-style operation executed against innocent civilians. as the ambassador said, this is not an issue of how to thwart them, it's how do we take down
10:37 am
the terrorist infrastructure. after 9/11, we pulled together the 9/11 commission and asked them to look at what were the mistakes we made in our intelligence community and what do we need to do in our overall straight sgrip the 9/11 commission report, commend people to google it and reread chapter 12. in chapter 12 of the 9/11 commission report, they say we need a global strategy to combat terrorism. this after 9/11 was not just a battle against osama bin laden or al qaeda but we needed to look at islamic extremism and make certain we thwart their ability to both hold territory and attack allies and the united states. we certainly are seeing this with the administration. they've taken their eye off the ball with isis and the territory they control in iraq and syria. they pose an absolute threat both to the united states and as we've knew seen to our allies. it's one we're going to have to look at how we take down their ability to hold territory and pose a threat to our country. >> a lot of people will be watching washington and watching paris to see what that resolve turns into in the days and weeks
10:38 am
to come in terms of how we'll battle this enemy. congressman, thank you. so the carnage in paris showing how dramatically isis tactics appear to be shifting, evolving and becoming increasingly more sophisticated. we need to understand the ramifications of this. the terror group has grown bolder obviously with these coordinated attacks in major cities. how should the international community respond? general jack keane joins us next. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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just real roasted turkey. salt. pepper. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be. terrible news to report. we knew that there could be americans and likely were americans who were lost in this attack in paris. and we can now tell you this release has just been sent out from cal state long beach. and they are expressing their sadness at the loss of one of their students. she was a 20-year-old studying design in paris.
10:43 am
doing a semester abroad program which so many of us do. she was a junior in paris studying. and this expression of sadness for her family goes out from her university. no doubt there will be more stories along these lines as we start to learn more about the individuals whose lives were taken. we know this attack went after the places young people would want to be. the cafes. the concerts and the football stadium where all of them were no doubt enjoying a friday evening. that is the latest we have received. we will get you more on that as it comes in. in the meantime, we turn to general jack keane, retired four-star general, chairman of the institute for the study of war and a fox news military analyst. jack, welcome. good to have you with us. >> good to be here, martha. >> so your take. what do we do now? there's resolve from the president of france.
10:44 am
obviously there's great sadness and grieving. but also a desire to do something. what do we do? >> first of all, i mean, certainly having a good defense at home in terms of counterintelligence and stopping these attacks before they actually take place. like we've been able to do so successfully in the united states. at some point, you know, that's not going to work in every case. you can listen to the tenure of fbi director comey's voice when he's talking about this. that's one thing. the second thing is we have to have a good offense against these guys and we really don't. we need to bring the world together to meet the challenge of radical islam yes in the global analysis. when it comes to the specific of isis we have to militarily defeat them. the thing that makes isis the most successful terrorist organization in history, that is, they own a huge swath of territory, is their vulnerability. they are protecting territory with military forces. we'd have to go take that away from them. that's what stops the killing
10:45 am
overseas. that's what stops the killing in europe. that's what stops the killing eventually in the united states. but we need leadership to do that. >> why don't we, general, is the question. you watch them moving about in these areas. there's said to be 30,000 something in that area of them in existence. we have to take away their safe haven. we've done hair strikes. we've got 30 special ops forces on the ground. you have to feel for them because that's not a big number. they're trying to figure out a very big task. >> yeah, isis is certainly at war in the middle east and trying to accomplish its objectives and it's at war with the united states and in europe but we're not at war with isis. the president of the united states, he's truly not at war with isis. nor is the congress who hasn't authorized anything. certainly not the american people. we're not going to get this done until we get american leadership that has the resolve and the commitment to defeat isis on the ground, supported by air with our coalition partners. and that is what needs to be
10:46 am
done. we have to educate the american people about that. we have to prepare them for that reality. and wipe that hy that is necess. why their security matters in this fight we're at. and taking the fight to isis. >> when you look back at the history of this. when you look at the brutality brought upon christians in the middle east. they've been forced out, they've been slaughtered. they've been killed. we watched the beheadings by jihadi john who, thank god, we just were able to take out in this recent hit. but they've gotten better, general keane, you know, they're taking down airlines. they're taking down a major city. in paris and france just last night. they're getting better at this, aren't they? >> yes, you're absolutely right. and why are they getting better? well, they started this by being able to establish a military base and sanctuary in syria. that's how they were able to evade iraq. now it's 18 months later.
10:47 am
and they are getting better. why? because they're still able to recruit. they're still able to hit 20,000 social media hits per day. they're able to form eight affiliates with neighboring countries. and as far away as pakistan and afghanistan. and the reason they're able to do all of that is because they're standing up to this huge military coalition that, in theory, is fighting against them. in fact, there's very little of it going on. and they gain huge success and a degree of invincibility and a degree of destiny as a result of all of that. so time truly matters. the longer we take to do this, the longer the killing's going on. i'm not suggesting that this is just about the united states. we need the sunni arabs in the middle east to stand up alongside with us. they'll want our leadership, that's for sure. we should provide it because we have the capability to do that. and we need to get together and get serious about this or, as you suggest, they're going to continue to get better. the killing's going to go on. the scale of the killing will
10:48 am
certainly increase. >> it's clearly a victory for them. i mean, you're going to have tourism impacted. you're going to have everything impacted in france. paris will not be the same. that's exactly what their goal is. general, thank you very much. we'll speak with you soon. >> good talking with you, martha. >> as i said earlier, we've just received word that the first known american was among those who were killed in paris. she say young woman who was studying in france. shep was studying design. she was studying design. her life has been taken and cut down at the age of 20. nohami gonzalez is lost to this country. we'll have more when we come back. rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can reduce joint pain and swelling in as little as two weeks, and help stop furt joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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sad news. we have learned of the first american killed in paris, a college student fromle california named noemi gonzalez. she was 20 years old. more on that in a moment. but shortly before the terror attacks, president obama was speaking about the fight against isis and this is what he said. >> i don't think they're gaining strength. from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. they have not gained ground in iraq. and in syria. >> here's what he said after the attacks. stronger language here. he offered assistance to france.
10:53 am
listen. >> this is an attack not just on paris, it's an attack not just on the people of france, but this is an attack on all humanity and the universal values that we share. we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and people of france need to respond. >> former deputy assistant to george w. bush and now professor of public policy and politics at georgetown university joining us, and alan colmes. gentlemen, welcome. alan, you listen to what the president had to say there. and he also said we stand ready to provide assistance. how do you translate that, what does that exactly mean? >> well, i don't know specifically what he was positioning when he said we'd provide assistance. it depends what france decides to do in reaction to the attack
10:54 am
on its soil. but in terms of the statement about containment, he was talking about syria and iraq. but he didn't say they were destroyed everywhere and he with don't know this wasn't a cell like the fifth generation of al qaeda known as isis that may not have been -- we don't know what the relationship is. >> what difference does make, alan? we just heard from the prosecutor in paris they were shouting about iraq, they were shouting about syria. i mean i don't understand what you're saying. are you saying if it's just a little group from brussels it doesn't matter and are you satisfied with the leadership? >> i said we don't know what the relationship is with syria and iraq with isis. we don't know a lot yet with about that relationship. and for the president to say contained and then to beat him up about it because he made that comment based on what intelligence -- >> are you satisfied with the leadership from the president on this? >> absolutely.
10:55 am
i don't think this is a time to start beating up on obama because of what happened, the tragedy that happened in paris. >> i've just spoken on three different guests, former head of the cia, vice chair of the army, and they said the same thing essentially. and brad, let me go to you on this. they said that we don't have leadership on getting and killing and uprooting this group where they live. that's what they said. that's why i'm asking alan. >> there is no leadership by this president to the level that there should be from the united states of america. the attack on paris was an attack on america. the attack on paris is the same type of attacks that we've seen in the united states. their mission is the same. the only difference was the location. so the fact of the matter is the pope says we're involved in a world war. admiral woolsey says we're in
10:56 am
jihad. and great powers of the world have not been able to stop them. this president said earlier from the at that time beings that it's contained, takes nit is no contained. we need to wipe them out. >> i think it is outrageous to use this to attack president obama. that is not an appropriate -- >> commander which chief of our military and has said he wants to destroy this group. it's perfectly fitting to evaluate where or not he's achieving those goals. i have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. elizabeth and leland pick up the coverage from washington right after we take a short break. it's a highly thercontagious
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it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today.
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>> translator: it is an act of war undertaken by a terrorist army, daesh, a jihadist army against france. against the values that we are defending throughout the world. against what we are, a free country that speaks to the entire planet. it was an act of war that was prepared, organized, and planned from abroad. >> french president francois hollande vowing to strike back against isis as he said without mercy, as much of the world is now declaring its solidarity with france.


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