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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 14, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> translator: it is an act of war undertaken by a terrorist army, daesh, a jihadist army against france. against the values that we are defending throughout the world. against what we are, a free country that speaks to the entire planet. it was an act of war that was prepared, organized, and planned from abroad. >> french president francois hollande vowing to strike back against isis as he said without mercy, as much of the world is now declaring its solidarity with france.
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we are roughly 23 hours sense the first shots and we're learning one american is among the 129 dead. this is a special edition of news headquarters from washington. >> and the american killed is identified as a student at california state university long beach, 22-year-old gonzalez was studying design during a semester abroad. the islamic state is claiming responsibility for the deadliest attacks in france since world war ii. the wave of shootings killed at least 129 people, injuring another 352, 99 critically. now france is grappling with the aftermath. accomplices are being arrested and details are emerging about just who these terrorists are.
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greg has the latest. >> reporter: yeah, we got a lot of new information in the last half hour. the prosecutor for paris, the one really who is in charge of this investigation, met with the press. first the note that you made, america has just had a stake in this terror attack deeper. that is the loss of the 20-year-old college student from cal state in long beach. the state department today was talking about casualties or at least victims of the attack, americans, and was reticent about saying whether there were any dead or not and now we find out that there was. and they have said to fox news, there are several americans injured, as well. sorry wou so we're waiting to hear the details than that. the numbers are bigger than we thought. 129 dead, that's two more than
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than we had been reporting. 352 injured, that's a big hike, as well as 99 seriously injured. also there is a bit of a down ratcheting of the number of terrorists involved. seven are killed. we had thought the thunumber wa eight. but the paris prosecutor made very clear that these seven were skilled. he described three well coordinated, well organized, well equipped teams that pulled off these terror attacks. these three teams operated in three different areas, one the stadium of france, that huge soccer stadium where there was a suicide bomb attacks. two right behind me at the bataclan music hall where there were many dozens of people killed. and the third working these restaurants, working these cafes. particularly interesting, guys,
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is that the individuals, these terrorists, were all similarly armed. similarly equipped. they had the same kind of suicide vests, the same kind of pa lash any cough. it looked like one team was organizing all of this. a few more details about the one terrorist that was identified, he is a 30-year-old french national, he was found on the floor of the music hall behind me, very well-known to the french. he had eight arrests to his record. he was considered an extremist. and the investigation is indeed coming up with leads. three arrests have been made in belgium, accomplices to the terrorists we're told by the produc prosecutor. at least one of those three ended up representing cars that
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seen rolling around driving around this area. and the terrorists were actually shooting their kalashnikovs from these rental cars. and that's what we've been seeing and hearing. one more point about the stadium of france attacks, remember, suicide blasts, it could have been a lot worse. there is word during that prosecutor press conference that said that the suicide bomber was blocked from going into the stadium to set off the bomb. security blocked him because he was blocked, he could not set up his bomb in the midst of the tens of thousands of people inside that stadium. that was a near miss. that was a lucky and sure guarantee that safety to a large extent does reign there because of the security. a lot of information coming to us in the last half hour and a
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lot of sadness here, too. just in the past hour or so, we've been chatting with people here. it's a mix. sadness of course. fear, fear for security, we heard that. anger. one person wanted the french government to kill them all in another country. and the feeling of deja vu as we stand here guys, we're just four or five blocks away from the "charlie hebdo" newspaper office that was the target of yet another terror attack in january. all over again hitting here in france, but it looks like in a much, much stronger and worse way. that's it from paris. back to you. >> greg palkot reporting live. thank you. it is hard of course to imagine the shock mixed with terror felt by the victims as it attack was taking place. many, most you might say, were enjoying an ordinary friday night out on this fall november when the nightmare began. as many as 18 victims were shot
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to death at one popular bistro. witnesses say they were sitting outside on the terrace when attackers with gunfire possibly from those cars that greg was just talking about. the number of victims describes it as, quote, just a massacre. >> translator: at first it was unreal. we saw a lady on the first table. i thought she had a bump on her head. actually we saw a bump. after a little while, we realized it was not a bump. she was stretched over the table with her beer next to her. and then i see a man crying because his wife was dead. then as we go on, we realize we are in the middle of a pond of blood. there is no way to handle this. apart from offering a tourniquet saying to people it will be okay and ask if the person next to the woman with three bullets in her body is okay. so i said is your friend okay? while she was looking at me with her eyes, she was trying to breathe.
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>> hard to know what you you add to that and how any of us would have reacted if we had been out to dinner last fight and this had happened not in paris, but in washington or anywhere else. >> and we continue to hear so many witnesses' accounts as the hours go on. and just the simple -- to gauge their fear, it leaves you speechless really. and there are so many unknowns at this point. so many unanswered questions as to the identities of these men, if there are anymore accomplices out there. >> certainly the authorities in the united kingdom are looking at folks, france, belgium, as well. just to give you a perspective of where this happened, three coordinated attacks at section site six sites. just to the south of this is where the eiffel tower is. i spoke to a couple friends in paris. they said it's almost like brooklyn is to new york.
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a lot of young folks would have been out there. and you see the bar that this young man would have been at that we just heard from, the very south end of that map, the belle equipe bar is where he was at and then the othether sites farther north. air strikes one conducted friday against an iraqi national who was a long time al qaeda operative and senior isis leader in libya. jennifer griffen is here with the latest on that. >> well, the target of the u.s. air strike in libya was not untold. the overall leader of isaiah al bag taddy, a senior defense official told me that two american f-15s conducted the air strike yesterday against the head of isis' libyan affiliate. i'm told he had connections to isis in raqqah and with the leader baghdadi. the air strike was planned days
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prior to the paris attacks. the target truck just outside the libyan port city, home to radical islamic groups including isis. in february you'll remember egyptian warplanes wom s bombed islamis targets after islamist state released a video of christians being killed on the shores. peter cook says the target may on that have been in the video. they say on november 13, the u.s. military conducted an air strike in libya. and while not the first u.s. strike against terrorists in libya, this is the first u.s. strike against an isil leader this libya and it demonstrates
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we will go after isil leaders wherever they rate. a spokesman tells me that not only was that one young american killed in paris, but there were severalrate. a spokesman tells me that not only was that one young american killed in paris, but there were several injured. it's not clear at this point how many. numbers are uncertain i'm told several at least. it's not clear how attack in paris will affect nato military operations depends isis. the french aircraft carrier was slated to leave for the gulf to assist in air operations in the coming days. the u.s. had to pull out its sole aircraft carrier out the gulf for the first time in year thos ma s for maintenance. they were the first to join the u.s. in carrying out air strikes over a year ago. >> all right. thank you so much. joining us now, congressman on the house intelligence committee and he was in -- thank you for joining us. how are you take?
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>> thank you. >> an you were in paris not long a ago. why were through in july in tak? >> thank you. >> an you were in paris not long ago. why were through in july intake? >> thank you. >> an you were in paris not long ago. why were through in july in? >> we're prepared to defend life. i was there in july for this very issue. getting an understanding of the foreign fighters who were leaving france,ing f ing fogoin turkey which i also visited and then down into syria and iraq. and the fear then is the reality now, that they would come back into paris and carry out attacks like they did back in january. so they are on high alert over there. and we should be mindful here that there are people, isis fighter, all over the world who are seeking to kill innocent people. >> and as a ranking member of the subcommittee on the cia, what needs to be done? the fear like you said is all across the globe right now. >> we have to scrub isis from
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this earth. we can't do it alone, but we can lead the effort that does. that means our coalition partners particularly middle east countries have to stand up and do this shoulder to shoulder with us. we can't just go in there like we did in iraq in 2003. they will just have to step up and work with the united states to do this. >> that is a huge coordinated effort. so how do you get those countries to stand up? >> we provide a lot of military and economic aid to these countries and i think we need to start leveraging that aid a little bit more. because right now turkey is a transitory country and western europeans are going there every sink sggle day and down to the battlefield and turkey needs to lock down it borders. >> as we've seen, if only takes a small group to do a huge amount of damage. how do you assure folks at home that american leaders, american
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lawmakers are working proactively to protect americans? >> the intelligence committee is briefed often by the fbi. i know they are working day and night, they are totally in the way to work harder than those who seek to bring death here. their challenge is they have to be perfect addrend one attack c kill dozens. so they will learn from these attacks and see where our vulnerabilities are. but i know that the men and women in our intelligence community are working right now throughout the weekend to make sure americans are safe. >> you said of course we do stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone in france today. and the mood is still fearful and very, very tense. what can we do for the french people right now? >> we can show them the same spirit of solidarity that they showed us after the september 11th attacks.
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we can send aid over to france. we can provide them law enforcement, paramedic and even anti-terrorism resources. but most orpts importantly, jusn the house chamber, there are two portraits. a portrait of george washington and a portrait of general la fayette. that's how long strong the bond is between the united states and france. we lost a californian over there, so californians i know are standing with the french today. >> absolutely. and we've heard a number of countries also say they are standing with france today. congressman, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. and a fox news alert as pictures are just coming in of the american that was killed in the paris attacks. the one american we should say we know of. there may be more and there are others who are injured. california state university of long beach says that she was one of its students who was spending her semester abroad in paris
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studying design p. 23-year-old nohemi gonzalez was a junior back here in the states, the university said, though, it does not yet have a lot of specific details, perhaps where she was in paris when she was gunned down. obviously our thoughts and prayers are with her, her family and the other americans injured and killed in this attack. we want to hear from you. how do you think the united states should respond especially as we have now learned that ope killed? you can tweet us and we'll read some of your answers a little bit later in the show. we'll also talk to rand paul, the senator from kentucky coming up, we'll have some of your thoughts for him, as well. so many of us who lived through 9/11 remember the heartbreaking images of family and friends posting pictures of their loved ones near ground zero just trying to find any
11:17 am
news perhaps on where their loved ones might be. now desperate parisians are taking to social media to find out any information they can about their missing loved ones, on which posting heartfelt messages and photos under the # #porteouvert. they are simple hely trying to help in that search for survivors. stay with us, our coverage continues. we're bringing you every new detail that emerges in the paris terrist attacks. our correspondents are in france and around the world. in paris, grief and shock. not only among parisians, but tourists visiting the city of lights. one american says she knows exactly what the french are going through. she lived through 9/11. and now the paris terror
11:18 am
attacks. >> i feel very sad today. we live in the west village of new york city. september 11th is my birthday and we saw the planes go in on 9/11 in toot to yto the towe. my husband works downtown. so we have lived through this, we know how painful as the president said it is for all people who believe in human rights an dignity. and we stand with the french and it is a very sad day for all humanity.d dignity. and we stand with the french and it is a very sad day for all humanity.
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it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> you say whatever we can, what does that mean? >> well, i'll try to finish my statement here. the tragedy should remind us that we do have to protect those who come to see us. those who would imgreat to our country, those who would visit us, those who come here to study. and i've introduced legislation repeatedly in the past to reintroduce a program we used to have that gives more scrutiny to those who want to come to our country. and i think our countries will see and sense the same need for that. >> you have called yourself a condition ser conservative when it comes to foreign policy, had a dust up with marco rubio in the last debate. others would call you an isolationist on foreign policy. does this change things in some way, is it time to step up our
11:24 am
military action and engagement in the middle east in light of these kind of attacks? >> i don't think we get safer if we go further into debt. i agree with admiral mullin who said th said the number one threat is our debt. i am for having a strong national defense. i believe in peace through strength. but we spend more than next ten countries combined. we spend more than russia, plus eight more. so we spend a considerable amount. it just immediate needs to be s wisely. in afghanistan last year, we spent $43 million on a natural gaspari gas station, about $20 t billion on a program that even the mill area saitary said is a. just because somebody wants to spend a trillion more doesn't mean we necessarily get more safety for it. i think we have to do more with what we have, we have to protect the country, but i don't think
11:25 am
going further in debt is the answer. >> whether we go further in debt is one debate, whether we go further into the middle east using the resources that we do have, as we look at what the president has said and done, does the u.s. military need to be doing more? after the bombing -- i'm sorry? >> what i would say is we need to look at how isis came to be and how chaos and instability came to infect that region. every time that a secular dictator has been toppled, we've wound up with chaos. so one of the points in the debate the other night was people were commenting that isis is now in libya. yeah, isis is in libya because when we toppled gadhafi, we left chaotic failed state and isis has filled the vacuum. isis is in syria because we poured arms in, sawed decide arabia poured arms in. and we basically even our
11:26 am
leaders said it's inevitable that we're giving arms to the allies of al qaeda. i just don't think it's a good idea to arm our enemies. i don't think it's a good idea to arm isis or al qaeda oral news areal nusra or any of these people. but it's not just as simple as oversimplifying someone's foreign policy is. >>. >> reporter:. appreciate your thoughts. thanks for joining us. coming up, condolences flowing in from around the world as france declares three days of national mourning. flags are flying at half-staff there and in cities across the globe as nations stand shoulder to shoulder with the french. the very latest thefrom air rip coming up. and in washington, d.c., people leaving flowers, candles and bottles of wine. kristin fisher is there. >> reporter: and there is increased security here outside the french embassy as people from all over the world are
11:27 am
bringing flower, letters, even bottles of french wine to show their support and solidarity with the french people. a live report coming up. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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the threat level is already at severe which means an attack is highly likely and will remain so. our police and intelligence agencies work round the clock to do all they can to keep us safe. >> british prime minister david cameron keeping his security forces on high alert after last night's attacks. but he has left the nation's terror alert warning unchanged. >> the alert warning here in the united states is unchanged, if you will, but still there are extra police out in force in washington and in new york. we'll get to that in a few minutes. joining us now, tom ro gchlroge
11:32 am
julyian turner, and amy kellogg the streets of paris. amy, has the feeling of profound sadness turned to anger yet or are people still in shock? >> reporter: people are still in shock. a lot of people have still been so shocked that they're scared to leave their homes. so paris feels an awful lot like a ghost town today. but there is resolve. you've seen people burst into the national anthem, not a dry eye in those crowds, but just a sign that they're not going to let this beat them down totally. >> we saw the seam kiame kind o things in the united states after thi after 9/11. >> and the french president said faced with war, the country has to take appropriate steps. what do those steps look like? >> reporter: well, these are in
11:33 am
every conceivable sense of the world a game changer. i think the days of declaring that we've contained isis because we've disrupted a supply route here or a cell there are over. it's more obvious than ever now that a really robust holistic approach probably military-led campaign is going to be needed. whether that's led by the undyu or a coalition remains to be seen. but that's certainly the next step that national security officials will be looking at this week. >> tom, as you look at this in terms of who has both the political will and the ability to take on isis and sort of deny them this safe haven that they now have inside syria, inside libya, do the -- french may have the will as francois hollande said, do they even have the military ability to do that? >> oh, yes certainly i think they do. if you look at especially the french special forces unit, their support groups, they have a number of different yupts that
11:34 am
are very well oriented to be able to operate in that kind of environment. and we've seen the french operating in places like mali in pretty tough combat situations. and i think president hollande is likely to take action including with ground forces because of the scale of at tarks the bloodiness and the arrogance in which the islamic state has presented itself. the french are very proud and i think they will be a tough and sustained campaign. >> jillian, will we see a campaign from not only france but other countries, as well? >> absolutely. i think that in light of the solidarity that has already been expressed by countries as far ranging as the united states, russia, countries from europe, countries from asia, there is going to be a coalition of the willing. and there is no doubt about it, this is going to reinvigorate the anti-isis campaign which if you recall has some 60 countries that have signed up to the members. i think we'll see overnight here virtually something in the works
11:35 am
to reinvigorate that, get that going again. and there will be a lot more military might. >> amy, as you talk to folks, how much discussion is there about the idea of all the refugees that have come in? there is at least one report that one of the attackers was a refugee or came through that route. is there yet anger in terms of how france has let itself become such a hot bed of islamic activity? >> reporter: well, this development, this news that one of the suicide bombers came from syria via greece very recently on october 3, that's not really resonated across this country yet. france has taken a relatively small number of these refugees. so it's not as much of an issue here as it is in, say, fwre gred
11:36 am
determi germany. but certainly there will be repercussions because people have always been concerned that terrorists would try to infiltrate the boats full of refugees and others have said that's alarmist talk. well, now we'll have to see if it is true that one of the bombers who ultimately made to paris posed as a syrian refugee and of course the germans have said carte blanche any open door for any syrian refugee. so that policy certainly will be under heavy scrutiny. >> we'll see if angela merkel decides to rethink that after what's happened. all right. tom, jillian, amy, appreciate your insight today on what is undoubtedly a sad afternoon. thank you. let's continue the conversation. congressman from the house and intelligence committee currently in jerusalem where he joins me live. i read a statement that you penned and it said in part america cannot pretend the jihadist threat to our arrive
11:37 am
apvalues will dissipate without a fight. sir, what does that fight look like? >> thanks for having me on. certainly the thoughts and prayers of america go out to the people of france. we'll stand by them in the same way they have stood by us. but it's time that thoughts and prayers are no longer as treated as sufficient. we've got to take affirmative and aggressive action, offensive action to defeat these jihadists wherever we find them. shortly after i left lebanon, a bomb went off killing over 80 people. this is now a global effort conducted by sophisticated organized enemy who has not been contained in any material respect. american leadership needs to understand that and respond accordingly. >> congressman, you've said that american leadership needs to understand that and respond accordingly. as we listen to the president of the united states yesterday give an interview to abc news, understandably it was before the paris attacks, he said he felt as though isis had been
11:38 am
contained. later his spokesman to say that only meant dedwrageographically it came to iraq and syria. it's one thing to understand a problem and not be able to deal with it. are you confident the administration understands how dangerous things really are? >> there is no evidence that they do. they don't understand the nature of this threat. a group of people who will stop at nothing to bring terror to europe, to the middle east and ultimately to the united states. we have to take this on in a serious way. it will require american leadership. as i've been on the ground here in the middle east, everyone appreciates the fact that we send our thoughts and prayers, but what they're looking for is america to develop a strategy to defeat isis and other radical islamists wherever we find them. we've not been serious about that. we've treated them as the jv. and that's simply not the case who these folks really are. >> and i want to play off that. you said we need to see action. what goes on behind the scenes, what dialogue takes place among
11:39 am
lawmakers and global leaders who feel like america and other nations do need to be aggressive? after an attack of this nation occurs for folks at home are wondering where is the action, what is going on behind the scenes? what can you tell us? >> well, i can tell you that there are a number of us that understand two basic premiseses. the first is that america has to make sure that we provide the resources that we need to our armed forces so that they can be prepared to battle the threat wherever we find it. we've talked a lot about making sure that we don't close guantanamo bay where today we keep jihadists and we keep that option open so we can continue to take the tight to tht fight . and we need to develop a strategy that no longer looks like a pinprick attack and things that frankly they just understand as weakness. there has been a vacuum of american leadership and i think the results you've seen in the past two weeks, almost 500
11:40 am
people killed by isis, are the direct result of that failed leadership p. >> history is changing before our eyes. congressman, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. as you might imagine, the massacre in paris is overshadowing the syrian talks that ended a short time ago in vee enthat. john kerry and foreign ministers were meeting to try on figure out how to end the four year old war that has given birth to isis. they have done before without much success. they say they have agreed on a time line. they have done that before without much success. they also say on the agenda is fighting the islamic state. >> the international community is all affected by terrorists and those that try to divide us and spread panic. and the best response to this is actually coming together.
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president obama is now on his way to the g-20 summit in turkey. president obama is n his way to the g-20 summit in turkey. which suddenly took on a whole lot more significance. you can see him boarding what is air force one just a short time ago, at least getting ready there at andrews for the president to depart for about a 10 1/2 hour flight over. that summit is going despite the attacks in paris although we've been told that french president hollande is not heading there. ahead of the meeting turkish authorities say that turkish soldiers killed four suspected islamic state militants today. of course there have been serious questions about how porous the border is. the leader of the top 20 economies are set to meet tomorrow and monday. the war in syria and obviously now isis will be one of the main items on their agenda.
11:46 am
as we continue our coverage in paris, we're getting global reaction especially here at home. kristin fisher is live at the french embassy here if d.c. where security has been tightened. hi, kristin. >> reporter: and people are coming from all over the world to show their support. bringing letters, flowers and even french wine. some feel that they have nowhere else to go. one woman told me that her sister lives right next door to the stadium that was hit, she's been calling her constantly, but she hasn't answered. >> it's like a knife in my heart. that's what it is. especially knowing my sister live so close to that area. >> reporter: that woman left an image of the virgin mary by a sign that reads solidarity with france. someone else left a drawing of a
11:47 am
crying statute of liberty with the words not afraid. still security outside the embassy has been stepped up, the secret service has a vehicle guarding the gate. just inside the french flag is flying at half-staff. >> it may be a moment that helped galvanize international attention against isis. i would hope so. but unfortunately, this is a strange time we live in and human life seems to have lost so much value. people do terrible things in the name of an ideology that is bankrupt. >> in a few hours the french ambassador will head down to la paix either park near the white house for a vigil. the name is significant because it's the maim of a french officer who fought for the u.s. during the revolutionary war, a reminder that fraps is o er the oldest ally and now an
11:48 am
increasingly important partner. >> ansd as we continue our coverage, there is much more to come. grief and outrage as you can major. great britain's prince charles has turned now his birthday celebration into a moment to remember the victims. >> our hearts go out as i'm sure you all agree to all those who have been affected if in the most dreadful way by these bestial attacks. so perhaps in view of this i could ask all of you just observe one minute silence in memory of all those who have been affected and lost their lives. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
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we the german friends, we feel so close to you. we cry with you. we will fight with you against the one who is did something so incomprehensible to you. my thoughts go out to the more than 120 people whose lives were taken and to the families and relatives. let me assure you that germany feels with you with your pain and grief. >> that's german chancellor
11:53 am
angela merkel after the attacks in paris. many world leaders have come out and shown their support. with the james, thanks for joining us. we see the tangents beginning to spread across the globe and carry out attacks. >> i think we need a more committed assault with the assad regime. i saw rand paul earlier on the show talking about how we were responsible for isis by flooding the region with weapons, and i don't understand really what weapons he was talking about that we're sending. i mean, as you recall, there's maybe five anti-assad rebels who have successfully funded by the cia. i think the problem is assad has been allowed to go on for so long without opposition that the majority sunni population of syria has been really forced into the arms of isis. and that's a major recruiting
11:54 am
tool for isis is the fact that assad has been waging war on his own people. >> but how do you begin to undo what has been years of civil war in syria? >> you're right. it's very difficult at this point. and it may be too late, particularly now that the russians are involved and they're flying over the airspace and you certainly don't want to have some sort of incident where we're involved in a mistake in a hit of a russian plane. that could be disastrous. but there are measures we can take. for example, a safe area in the northern part of the country near the turkish border. we could be increasing our support for the free syrian army. so i think those two tools are things that we should be investing quite heavily in now. >> we've seen a lot of opinions and a lot of talks after the attacks, obviously, last night. one of them is that there was a failure to assimilate, specifically, in france. but there's other countries that
11:55 am
certainly have the same challenges. what needs to be done in france and in other countries to help that assimilation take place? >> this is a very complicated question, and it's one that france in particular has been struggling with for five decades. and i think it's ultimately up to the muslim populations of these countries and the governments really need to work hand in hand with the majority of muslim citizens in france and britain, in germany, who want nothing to do with this sort of violence and they need to come up with solutions to tackle this problem within their own communities and i think part of it, frankly, has to start with admitting this is a problem with islam. this isn't just sort of an amorphous terrorist threat. i think a lot of political leaders shy away from that. >> we could talk about it all hour, james, but i'm up against a hard break. i appreciate you joining us, and we appreciate you bringing insight to this topic.
11:56 am
thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. there is a lot to talk about, including next hour, stay with us as we will go live to paris to talk to rick leventhal about the hunt for accomplices. rick? >> reporter: and we're learning more from the french prosecutor about the identity of the terrorists and details of the attacks and also, an update on the victims including confirmation that an american college student is among the dead. we'll have the latest live from paris coming up. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: there were four of us girls in the car. we drove up and that's when he saw us. the four of us immediately saw his weapons, a ckalishnakof. we ducked low. later, she told me i'd be hit in the head. she still had a bullet lodged in her head, but the four of us are safe and sound. >> safe and sound, one with a bullet in their head. the unbelievable story of one of the survivors in the paris attack. roughly 9:00 p.m. in paris. 24 hours almost to the minute after the first shots were fired there. and liz, we were learning so many new details out of france about what happened there, and what is the worst terrorist attack since world war ii. we are learning more about how


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