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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 14, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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[ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: there were four of us girls in the car. we drove up and that's when he saw us. the four of us immediately saw his weapons, a ckalishnakof. we ducked low. later, she told me i'd be hit in the head. she still had a bullet lodged in her head, but the four of us are safe and sound. >> safe and sound, one with a bullet in their head. the unbelievable story of one of the survivors in the paris attack. roughly 9:00 p.m. in paris. 24 hours almost to the minute after the first shots were fired there. and liz, we were learning so many new details out of france about what happened there, and what is the worst terrorist attack since world war ii. we are learning more about how it happened, who the
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perpetrators are, and we've also learned the name of the first american that was killed in these attacks. this is hour two of news headquarters from washington. >> the american killed was one of the students spending a semester abroad. 23-year-old noemi gonzalez, one of the 129 people kill canned. 352 more were injured and then stunning new news of the attackers and the rearrest of t accomplices. rick leventhal with the latest in paris. hi, rick. >> reporter: we're learning more about the terrorists from the french prosecutor. all dead. explosive vests carrying similar weapons. one of the gunman was a french national born here in france, a well known radical with ties to
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militant groups and had been arrested some eight times. another one of these terrorists had a syrian passport and emigrated out of syria along with all of the emigrants who were fleeing the violence there. somehow, he mingled amongst the crowd according to the prosecutor and wound up here helping out with this terror attack. a third had an egyptian passport. belgian authorities made several arrests in connection with the attacks here at the bataclan, the worst carnage in these attacks. the authorities traced that car back to someone in belgium near brussels where authorities carried out several raids and made several arrests connected to the attacks and we learned more from the "wall street journal" about how this all started, what precipitated the attack at the stadium. apparently, one of the men at the stadium had a ticket to the exhibition match between france and germany and tried to enter
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the stadium about 15 minutes after the match started. he was stopped by a security guard, according to "the wall street journal" who frisked him and found out he was wearing an explosive vest. that man then backed up, according to the report, and blew himself up, about three minutes later, a second attacker blew himself up and then a third at a nearby mcdonald's. four people killed in those attacks but this man intended to get inside the stadium and planned to blow himself amongst the crowd there. the three attackers, one at the stadium and one at a series of trendy cafes here in this neighborhood of paris. they slaughtered people inside those cafes killing 37 and then of course the teen that came here to the bataclan theater and methodically killing the concert goers here to see the american rock band eagles of death metal. survivors inside the theater, these terrorists were wearing the vests. they were heavily armed. they were saying, according to
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some people, allah akbar, and voicing support for syria, isis, iraq, and blaming the french president for this series of attacks. isis has claimed responsibility. he called the bataclan show a festival of perversity. secretary of state john kerry voiced his support for the french people. >> united states stands with france and the rest of the world in our resolve to eliminate the violent extremist groups from the face of the earth. and make no mistake, that was growing stronger in the wake of this unspeakable brutality. >> reporter: a state of emergency has been declared here in france. no public demonstrations allowed for the next week, and a number of top tourist attractions have been closed, including the eiffel tower and the louvre museum. >> rick leventhal, thank you so
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much, rick. the islamic state has committed an act of war and france will attack a terrorist army without mercy. jen griffin joining us now. jennifer, you said the french are going to attack them. the u.s. with the most powerful military in the world has been attacking for a year and still, they're able to do what they've done. >> absolutely, leland. i think it's important to remember the french were the first nato allies to join the u.s. in bombing isis in iraq a year ago. they just began air strikes in syria in september. they're sending their only aircraft carrier which the u.s. has pulled out the aircraft carrier from the gulf and getting on its way in the next coming days. the u.s. has been carrying out 95% of the air strikes in syria
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alone. 78% of the strikes against isis in iraq and syria. there have been 7,000 air strikes so far and it may have contained the spread of the isis fighters in terms of gaining territory in iraq, but it has certainly not stopped the foreign fighters from returning to europe and that is really going to be the question, how to stop them. >> the pentagon a couple of hours ago, earlier yesterday, put out this video of some air strikes. a lot of people say those air strikes are pinpricks. taken out stolen humvees and all sorts of things. are they saying our hands are being tied behind our backs by the administration or are they saying what we're seeing or we've done for the past year is the most we can do? >> i think people in the pentagon realize there's a
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conundrum after 14 years of war in iraq and afghanistan and ten ze s of thousands of troops, but the administration doesn't want to bend over backwards to say there are no boots on the ground. they don't have the boots on the ground to call in the air strikes. so they do this in a very convoluted manner using local forces. it's not the most efficient way to call in air strikes. 30 to 50 special operators being sent now to north iraq and syria where they're going to sort of look for any syrian forces that they can ally with. the problem is, and you heard the president athsay this the or day, it's very labor intensive and boots on the ground to hold raqqa. it's not been carpet bombed at this point, but you need a force on the ground to work with.
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>> we'll see if there's the political will. liz has more. >> thank you, leland. almost 24 hours, like you said, removed from the initial terror attacks on paris last night with an endless number of unanswered questions. any additional accomplices could be out there. what did intelligence officers know or not know? mike baker is the president of a global intelligence and security firm. he's also a former cia covert operations officer. mike, thanks so much for joining us. >> sure, thank you. >> we tend to think of them in syria and iraq. they have the state they've supposedly been developing and holding that territory. the reality, they've been expanding their presence and
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they've been trying to expand their influence into a variety of locations, pakistan, afghanistan. yemen, egypt. and so it's for them, that's what this is about. this is not about them claiming some territory and then putting a fence around it and say, ah, we're good now. everybody, just carry on here. that's not the point of this exercise. so world domination, and people roll their eyes when they hear that, but that's what they believe in. >> okay. >> so reaching out is not -- this is not a surprise. >> right. so i hear you say world domination and they're spreading all over the globe. so there's no secret u.s. officials are wary of an attack of this nature. and albeit, terrible circumstances, what can we learn from this attack? >> well, we can learn a lot. you know, and that's what they're working on. in the immediate aftermath of this attack, it's all, you know, you know, investigative process. it's almost just policework on
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the ground. trying to witness or gather statements from the eyewitnesses. and you're trying to get that information. at the same time, a collection effort to reach out -- you're reviewing all of the past coms analysis. was there chatter? anything that might be deemed significant. all of that is focused on basically identifying the support structure inside paris. they could not have carried this o out, frankly, without support in paris to handle everything from coms to money to hardware, weaponry, explosives. so the first step is find out, a, are there any other attacks eminent, and who else is involved in the support structure? >> how can leaders in the muslim community step up right now? >> well, that's a great question. look, it's a two-way street. right, we have to do three things, i think. one, we have to dismantle their territory. reason they're able to do this
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in part in paris is the same reason al qaeda was successful in 9/11. they had afghanistan that fought, plan, and trained. the islamic state has the comfort of their own territory and they're not happy with staying there. they have that ability. people say, why do we need to bother with the islamic state? that's why. another thing we have to do, you can't kill your way out of this, but no reason not to make a good faith effort and reaching out in the muslim community here and elsewhere. that, frankly, is a huge list, but when you talk about here in the u.s. versus how do you identify someone radicalizing or becoming a sympathizer and turn to the dark side, the most efficient, the most effective way is to get tipped off or get information to law enforcement from the immediate family. now you can imagine what it's like to say you want a mother or father to drop a dime on their kid because they're self-radicalizing, but that's what it takes. and so we have to expend more
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efforts, and i'm not a touchy-feely guy, this is from an operational perspective the most efficient thing, we have to work with the muslim community to establish more of the back and forth with law enforcement so we can do a better job of identifying those who, like the attackers in paris, may try this on our turf. >> and my last question is, are we fatigued in this nation to the point where we don't, you know, have the energy to dismantle this network? >> well, i think, yeah. that's, again, a terrific question. the general public's fatigue, we're tired of the war on terror. we want to turn our eyes elsewhere. you know who's not fatigued? al qaeda. they're not tired of it. but we are from a political standpoint. there is no political will to put sufficient boots on the ground to destroy isis right now. and the sad truth is that if we don't do it, if the u.s. doesn't lead the way, it's not going to happen. we can hope and sit for the happy day, talk about, oh, putin
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will take care of it. putin's interest is keeping influence in syria, protecting his naval base, you know, that's his interest. he'll kill some isis people, but that's not his primary focus. the u.s. is going to have to lead this charge. i agree with you. i think the political will certainly isn't there because we are all understandably tired. >> i wish we had more time. thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you. so far, there has been no specific terrorist threats against the united states as it relates to what happened in paris, but new york, boston, and other cities across the country have beefed up their police presence as a precaution. meanwhile, a law enforcement source tells fox news that fbi leadership is now urging vigilance among its 56 field offices as they monitor isis sympathizers across the country. david lee miller is taking a closer look at our domestic security, joins us live from new york. hi, david lee. >> reporter: leland, federal state law enforcement from one
12:14 pm
coast to the other, as you mentioned, are beefing up security in an abundance of caution in the wake of the attacks in paris. homeland security secretary jay johnson said, at this time, we know no specific credible threats on the u.s. homeland of the type that occurred in paris. moments ago, the nfl did announce it is going to increase security at this week's games. and here in new york, the police department has deployed counterterrorism teams to crowded areas of the city. there is also heightened security at potential targets including bridges, subways and mass transit. a high profile of the french consulate linked to the french government and police liaison is in paris assisting french officials and gathering intel helpful in preventing an attack here. officials say there is no connection to new york city. bill de blasio said new york is the number one terrorist target, but stressed police are prepared for the worst.
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>> we have over 1500 officers trained and ready to deal with all matters related to terrorism involving preventative actions that we do every day. kind of shows of force that help to inhibit terrorism, but also to be ready to respond in any such event. >> and law enforcement in boston, pittsburgh, and san francisco are just some of the other cities where authorities are taking extra precaution following the paris attack. the fbi said, as you mentioned, it is now monitoring the constant stream of isis online chatter, urging vigilance at the 56 field offices. philadelphia's police commissioner has summed up the situation succinctly this way: we are not taking any chances. leland? >> we'll see if it's enough. david lee miller, thank you very much from new york. in just a few hours, the democratic presidential candidates are going to face off in their second debate. so what effect will the attacks in france have on the event, and
12:16 pm
what is said there? ed henry is is live live in des with that. >> reporter: the focus of the democratic debate in iowa tonight has shifted dramatically from the economy to terror. what does that mean for hillary clinton? full details coming up, leland. >> on the other side, cameron at the sunshine summit at the gop with folks talking about the french attack. carl? >> reporter: well, this began with the republican debate and a lot of sniping with ben carson, marco rubio, and ted cruz. paris has put down a lot of the sniping between the candidates. back in a moment.
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brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. are in iowa prepping for the second formal debate in the aftermath of the attacks, a topic change. the presidential contenders will now face more pointed questions on their plans for international security and relations. ed henry in des moines, iowa. they seem to be moving forward with the debate, but the paris attack may overshadow the event, no? >> reporter: no doubt aid and abe abet, about it. cbs news will be broadcasting
12:21 pm
this debate tonight, and before all of this played out, these awful terror attacks, officials at the network had said this would be all about the economy, middle class, income inequality, the kinds of issues that have animated the democratic side of the presidential debate, but this morning, steve cabas, an executive at cbs news said they're shifting it to terror, national security, much heavier focus there. that would seem to favor hillary clinton, the former secretary of state. she dominated the debate in las vegas. her aids believe there's a stature gap with martin o'malley, bernie, the remaining democrats but let's not forget the security challenges on her watch from benghazi to isis. president obama yesterday suggesting isis is contained. earlier this week, at a campaign event, hillary clinton seemed to be separating itself from the administration trying to say she wants a stronger effort to take out the terror network. listen. >> what isis has figured out is
12:22 pm
how to have a much bigger impact far from the territory they control and they pose a danger not only to our friend and partners, but to us. >> now, republicans today are suggesting that even before the paris terror attack, this debate on a saturday night was designed by the democratic national committee to coddle hillary clinton. sean spicer, a top aid at the rnc said hosting a debate in iowa on a saturday night where the fifth ranked iowa hawkeyes will ensure this debate has little impact on the state of play in the democratic primary. they clearly feel as the republican national committee will also be on a saturday to make sure even if there's a big slip-up, it's not going to get as much attention. >> ed, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it.
12:23 pm
and don't forget to tune in tonight for reactions from the democratic showdown in des moines. bret baier will be there. the republican national security is taking center stage at a weekend gathering of presidential hope. s. carl cameron is on the ground in orlando. >> reporter: national security is always a top item for the republicans. they fancy themselves as superior when it comes to world affairs in the democratic party. the paris attacks bring it back to the fore for them, but this is a week highlighted by a tough battle with ben carson and donald trump, who was essentially likening carson to a child molester for his own pathological temper problems that he got over when he found christ as a young man. this is all totally eclipsed by the attacks in paris.
12:24 pm
virtual virtually, the entire republican field will be here by the time the two-day event is over. rand paul got political talking about the need to secure our borders and to avoid the income of tens of thousands, potentially refugees in order to really make sure we know who the immigrants and the visitors to this country are. watch. one of the lessons we should learn from the tragedy in paris that we have to be extraordinarily caution about who comes to visit, who immigrates here and who studies here. but when i introduce my amendment, trust verified the immigration bill, unfortunately, i got some opposition. your senator, in fact, opposed me on this. >> when we have a president who won't even be honest about the threat we face, hillary clinton, the only thing she's ever run is this president's failed foreign policy.
12:25 pm
>> bobby jindal showing republicans are eager to play politics against obama and clinton when it comes to foreign policy and national security and some different approaches. donald trump spoke to the summit here yesterday. yesterday, in beaumont, texas, and he too said it's very important to guard the border and make sure we're cautious to scrutinize everybody who comes into this country and then a different approach when it comes to the second amendment. watch. >> i'll tell you what. you can say what you want. but if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry -- [ applause ] . >> -- it would have been a much different situation. >> for outside candidates like carson and trump, this can be a test for their ability to handle it sub stantively. we'll see you in the next few
12:26 pm
days whether they can press their advantage or whether or not because of the nature of this, the partisanship is kept to a minimum. >> for sure. carl cameron live in orlando. thank you, carl. as major cities around the globe tighten security in the wake of the paris attack, how concerned should we be about possible isis attacks right here at home? >> these attacks underscore that we are facing an enemy who is fierce, who is relentless, who is at war with us even if our own president doesn't understand -- this holiday season, get ready for homecomings. i see you brought a friend? i wanna see, i wanna see. longing. serendipity. what are the... chances. and good tidings to all. hang onto your antlers. it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. get up to a $2,500 bonus for highly qualified lessees
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... gescusi is there in paris and joins us by phone now. as i understand it in the daylight, it seems like things
12:31 pm
are a lot closer in some ways than you experienced last night. >> well, it was strange day-to-day. much of the town was closed d n down. no monuments open or gyms open. >> folks are milling around. what are they talking about? is it sadness and shock or are we at the point of anger and revenge? >> no, it's still shock and a huge sense of unity. there's been quite -- there was massive -- there were massive lines outside of hospitals in order to donate blood. like a three hour wait to donate blood. at one point the hospital said, stop, we've got enough. there's been a show of national unity, the people of muslim groups can't agree, come together with extremely strong joint statements condemning what happened.
12:32 pm
for the moment, there's not really much anger because no one really knows who to address the anger to. it sounds like this was an operation plan in belgium. like there were various nationalities involved, but it's not really quite clear yet who was behind it, where it came from. only one person has been identified. he's a french guy who was known to the police, but had never been arrested for anything. and then there's this syrian passport, but, you know, there was a syrian passport found. it doesn't mean the person was syrian, they can forge all sorts of things. but i don't know anyone knows who to be angry against. it's still sort of shock and sorrow at the massive loss of life. >> the french intelligence chief was in the united states a little less than a month ago. he was talking about his country's problem with extremism after the "charlie hebdo" attacks not far from where the attacks were last night. he said that 500 young french men had gone to iraq and syria to fight isis, and i'm
12:33 pm
wondering, is there beginning to be an understanding in paris, france, there is a problem more than the security services are able to deal with now especially in light of what happened? >> oh, that's huge problem. not just france, but every country in europe has young people who have gone off to join isis and the big fear is what happens when they come back. a lot of them have come back. some have been arrested. some have come back because they were horrified with what they saw there, and they think it was just a stupid youthful thing to go there. it's a delicate juggling act. throw them in jail? in some cases, make the matter worse and some can be programmed. some are absolutely dangerous cases. that's been the whole juggling act, how to deal with them. and sort of the problem with the french that have been extremely, extremely aware of. and then the thing is the profile of people going over is very bizarre. it's not, you know, you might think it's just people from france and muslim community, not at all. a lot of them are converts. about a third to half of them
12:34 pm
are converts. they're not people who pass through mosques. it seems to be done - -- indoctrination seems to be done on the web. it's a weird strange cultish that the authorities and muslim leaders of france are at a complete loss of how to deal with it. >> you have to think they're trying to reevaluate how to deal with it. greg viscusi, we appreciate your insights and thank you for your good reporting. thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> elizabeth? >> over here, leaders, state and tral are wo federal work keep them safe after the terrorist attacks only 24 hours ago. republican from denver sits on the house armed services committee and is a veteran of both gulf wars. most recently serving in iraq in 2006. congressman, thank you so much for joining us. and i was reading some of your headlines locally. and i saw that the university of denver confirms six students
12:35 pm
were studying abroad. are you privy to this? do you know if they've been accounted for? >> you know, no, i don't. but, you know, we're obviously concerned. and i think, certainly, putting pressure on the administration to do their best to monitor those who are studying abroad and who return to this country. >> sure. and doesn't this really show how the attacks in paris are so much closer than they may feel when you hear these stories that families are unable to reach loved ones? >> sure. i think, fundamentally, that what you see is they've had some, isis has had some battlefield reversals in their own territory. and they've been dependent upon a showing of momentum, showing they're an ascendant force in order to gain recruit and get finance. they're fund raising. i think they did this attack in paris in order to regain the
12:36 pm
momentum. particularly, after their loss in, i think, sinnjar, a key town that's fallen to the kurds. >> lawmakers hear about refugees fleeing syria. it's certainly a point of contention. how could this terror attack change this conversation? >> oh, i think it heightens it to the extent that we really want to make sure anybody coming into this country under any status, refugee or otherwise is fully vetted to make sure that they don't have any sympathies to radical islam. and so, obviously, a real concern. we've had incidents, clearly, of islamists or of muslims being radicalized in this country and then acting out, recently attacking a reserve center and
12:37 pm
killing marines and sailors. so the threat is real. we have to be concerned and we have to be vigilant. but i think overall, this is what the world looks like without american leadership. this is a symptom of a lack of american leadership in the world, and i think we have been, historically, a force for good and america needs to reinsert themselves as a leader and certainly, this administration has not done that. >> and congressman, we have only about 30 seconds left. but i want to get -- what pulse are you hearing from your constituents? i mean, there are folks, like i said, trying to reach loved ones. what is the pulse and people feeling? are they still in shock? >> i think they're still in shock. this was a complex, well coordinated attack. and so it's one of those things where you wouldn't think it
12:38 pm
happening in the city of paris. the threat is real. it's -- i think if there's anything at all positive,this i think it's going to wake americans up to the fact that we live in a very insecure world. we live in an unsafe world. we have to be vigilant. we have to be strong. we need a president that supports our military, and we need a president that, whose number one job it is or sees the number one job of the oval office and the kiexecutive bran of protecting the american people. >> congressman, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> the congressman said the threat is real, the attacks in france highlighting the vulnerability of not only paris,
12:39 pm
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this is a fox news alert. we're following the story coming out of paris 24 hours removed from the paris attacks upon that city. do the paris attacks indicate that isis has entered a deadly new phase? project security analysis ryan morrow and director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom at the heritage foundation. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. ryan, i want to start with you. this is obviously a new chapter. what can you tell us from a social media standpoint? what is the reaction like from pro-isis groups? are they themselves craving reaction from muslim groups? >> there's a few different reactions. they are very enthusiastic over the fact there's an increase in the quality of the attacks between the russian airliner being blown up and then this
12:44 pm
attack. isis can argue now one year after u.s. military operations have begun, they are stronger than ever. and then the second thing that they're focusing on is they're telling muslims in europe, get ready for an anti-muslim backlash. barricade yourself in your homes because the infa delidels hate . they want muslims to lose between the west or isis. two camps. >> do you agree with that? do you feel like these terrorists are getting momentum after this? >> well, there's no doubt about it. this was a huge operation by isis. arguably, the most advanced, sophisticated terrorist operation since the 9/11 attacks. and the stakes are being dramatically raised here. without a doubt, isis posed a huge threat. also, across europe and britain, for example. there are several thousand islamist militants. and several hundred return from
12:45 pm
the battleground of iraq and syria. on the streetsov of london, par as well, so the scale of the threat is absolutely huge. let's be very clear here. we're now facing a truly global war against isis. this is a war that we have to take to the enemy. we have to fight them on the streets of europe in the middle east, in north africa. wherever isis is found, we have to defeat them. >> ryan, i think you would agree when we say this is a global war. what kind of copy cat threat could we all be faced with? relative speaking, this was a small group of terrorists who did an unbelievable amount of damage. >> it's a small group, but it's still larger than what we had seen. isis has moved beyond to inspire a couple of guys to carry out an attack on their own initiative from orchestrating plots. there's a few different dangers here. the first, individuals who actually are part of coordinating plots say they want
12:46 pm
their name to be part of the story, and they want to raise the stakes even further. so they're going to try to attack on their own initiative. there are also those who say i might be on the radar, arrested before and come into contact with someone i thought was an intelligence agency for an enemy government. so i should strike and earn my ticket into paradise by dying before the feds come knocking on my door and arresting me and stopping me from doing so. >> only about 30 seconds left. i want to give you the last word, nile. the iron lady, what would her reaction to be to this attack? >> margaret thatcher would have been of tremendous resolve. her central message was you cannot negotiate with terrorists. you cannot appease them. to have to destroy them. we have to see an end to the kind of leading from behind mentality that the white house is currently projecting, the kind of strong leadership that margaret thatcher, ronald reagan
12:47 pm
projected on the world stage and the emphatic destruction of those who are fighting at the moment. those who seek out destruction, emphatically destroy them. >> very strong language from a very strong leader. nile, ryan, thank you both for joining us today. we appreciate ita. the intelligence community wasn't aware of any threats before this wave of attacks in pair paris. how hard was it to pull off and could it happen in america without any threats being known? we'll ask our experts coming up. vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy.
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12:51 pm
live pictures from paris, 10 p.m. pullman hotel is what we're looking at. heavily armed police have arrived at the scene. why? we don't know. just to give you a perspective where this is in paris, very close to what is a closed eiffel tower tonight. we will continue to monitor the situations. we can't figure out why the police are there. we will bring that to you as soon as we can. now for more insight and tphal is sis on the attacks,
12:52 pm
jacqueline souther land, and josh, former cia operative. josh, as we look at what happened 24 hours ago inside paris, eight a attackers, three different teams, heavily armed, suicide belts. how difficult was this to pull off, and are you surprised there wasn't any chatter that the french intelligence services picked up? >> this was incredibly challenging to pull off. and i think from some of your previous reports today, it seems that some of the attackers were possibly on the radar of the french intelligence service. that would have made it even more complicated to pull off. so the intelligence here -- a lot of things fell through the cracks. we're not going to really see the full picture for the next couple days. >> jacqueline, have we crossed a rubicon here?
12:53 pm
obviously if history doesn't repeat itself, it often rhymes. is there going to be a pre-9/11, post paris? >> i want to go as far as to say preand post paris world. but, yes, i absolutely think this is going to have tremendous repercussions throughout europe and the u.s. we are already seeing tightening of security precautions in those cities as well as the united states. when we also look a at this, we have not only the physical systemic effects of tightening of security, different resources being reallocated towards counterterrorism efforts and securing of infrastructure. but we have the huge emotional personal effects of individuals. and the french psyche is not feeling safe right now. individuals not feeling safe in their own country -- >> not feeling safe anywhere. josh, is it only a matter of
12:54 pm
time, mumbai style, paris style attack, happens inside the united states? >> it is absolutely unfortunately within the realm of possibility. i really hope that it does not happen. but the truth is, it's absolutely possible. we need to do everything we can to prevent that. and that starts with good, solid, traditional intelligence work. it's not a technical know logical issue. it is not monitoring chatter. because these sophisticated teams or sophisticated terrorist teams can defeat that. we need to go back to the basics. basic intelligence. >> i'm sorry. i have to interrupt you. a fox news alert. there is a large police presence outside the pullman hotel in paris. steve harrigan is inside the hotel and joins us now. steve, what can you tell us? >> reporter: at the windows
12:55 pm
there is a heavy police presence outside. the hotel staff has been removed from the lobby floor. police are now going room to room. we don't know what is behind this move. it shows how jumpy people are 24 hours after this attack and the real fears that the attack might not be over. police right now are going room to room. there has been no advisory from the hotel about what's going on or what to do. basically at this point, you have people hunkered down inside their hotel rooms with the lights off, doors locked, waiting for the police. >> steve, were you staying in the hotel, or were you able to make your way in once the police arrived? >> reporter: i got warnings from other colleagues who are in this hotel, which is right next to the eiffel tower that basically said don't leave your room. there's a lot of commotion, a lot of running around downstairs. so you often wonder in situations like this if somebody
12:56 pm
is panicking or if something could be going on. with the police presence, it makes you cautious. nobody is moving right now. people don't know what is going on. they are sitting in the dark behind a locked door hoping the knock will be from police and not anybody else. >> scary moments, steve. have you heard any gunshots or anything like that -- >> no. >> that would lead you to believe something going on? >> reporter: no. but you sense of what these people went through last night. when you think you're perfectly safe in a hotel next to the eiffel tower. suddenly you're hiding in the bathroom. >> when did you first get quarantined, steve? >> reporter: there is no official word about what to do. it is really just word of mouth, people telling each other through e-mails or phone calls saying don't go downstairs. we don't know what's going on. it might be nothing. but police are going room to room. one already had the police go
12:57 pm
into his room. they are making their way floor to floor. >> what floor are you on and can you look outside the window and tell us what you see? >> reporter: yeah. i don't think going to the window is a good idea. i don't think telling you what floor i'm on is a good idea. >> looking outside, i don't know if you can see the camera shot we're looking at. but there are a number of police sort of milling around. give us a sense of the gee tpwra geography. had you hearing a lot of sirens and that kind of thing? or is there sort of an eary calm right now that's taking over? >> reporter: no. it is really just the opposite of any sirens. it is quiet outside. this is an upscale neighborhood. the neighborhood in the northeastern neighborhoods were mixed neighborhoods, now trendy
12:58 pm
with a lot of people. and the taxi driver was saying you're going to be perfectly safe here. because nobody comes down here. this is nice territory. but evidently there has been something to alarm the police enough where they are going room to room in this hotel right now. no clear word on what exactly it is, if anything. i would like to leave it there with you. >> indeed, steve. you stay safe. your crew stay safe. we'll come back to you. we're all hopefully thinking it will be a false alarm. we will be back to you in a few minutes. thanks, steve. and with that, we will bring back our panel. josh, to you. at times like this, it seems it is very difficult to separate a real second wave of attacks from somebody who saw something and got jumpy. we saw it a after 9/11. >> absolutely. i would say to steve and the crew that's there is stay in
12:59 pm
your room. do not open the door even if they it is the police. don't open your door in this situation. if the police want to gain entrance, they will gain entrance to your room. don't go to the door. just stay back and, you know, be mindful. because this is a -- it's a challenging situation because the nerves are high. we don't know what's going on. we need to just watch and just be mindful. >> watch, be mindful. scary times obviously for steve harrigan, a war correspondent, scary time for tourists inside of paris. so many staying a at hotels not knowing if they can leave the city. jacqueline, in 10 or 15 seconds, has the world changed a little bit? >> the world has changed a lot. it is a very scary picture out there. we have seen the global export
1:00 pm
of isis. we have to do everything that we can to stop this organization. >> we will see if the political will exists to do it. jacqueline, josh, thanks so much. that's all from washington. thanks for joining us. we begin with a fox news alert. paris on edge at this hour. more than 24 hours after a wave of terror swept across the french capital, we learn the name of the first american known to have been killed. this as officials in belgium say authorities have made several arrest there's linked to the deadly paris attacks after a car with belgium plates was seen close to one of the places where victims were gunned down. welcome to a special edition of ""america's news headquarters". >> the american killed was one of students sending a semester
1:01 pm
abroad. nohemi gonzalez was a junior studying design. all this as francois is hollande calls the attacks an act of war and vows to target without mercy. the deadly assault on france since world war ii. the death toll has increased. at least 129 people dead. and more than 350 injured. at six locations all across that city. he says here 100 of the injured are in critical condition, and revealing more about how the terrorists carried out this horrific crime. >> translator: at this morning time, three terrorists coordinated themselves. and they were the reason for this bar a bary. >> amy kellogg is live and joins
1:02 pm
us on the phone in an area with heavy police presence. amy, what's going on there now? what's the atmosphere like? >> reporter: it is an intense, kelly. we had to turn our cameras off. i think the situation is resolved i think. there has been a police presence. they are looking for something, someone obviously. there was a bit of chaos around the lobby at the hotel room where i'm staying. in the meantime, of course there's a lot of fear in the city. because what happened on friday night was so different than what had happened in the past. and one sort of worrying development the paris prosecutor gave is he spoke about seven terrorists last night who took part in the attacks on six different locations. but the islamic state talks about eight brothers they called them. so it's not clear where that eighth one is.
1:03 pm
police are addressing that issue. they made some arrests in belgium. that may account for this other person. the three people they picked up in belgium, one of the three had rented one of the cars used for the attacks. apparently french nationals who had been living in belgium, not known to police. two of the terrorists from last night have been identified by police. we don't have their names. one is believed to be from syria because a syrian passport was found. and greek authorities said that person came through greece just about a month ago, allegedly claiming asylum. that is europe's greatest if this sort of thing could happen.
1:04 pm
paris prosecutors said three teams said they truly did have military weaponry. and doctors they interviewed in the hospitals treating the wounded. there are 99, kelly, still in critical condition. they said they worked in afghanistan and they worked in war zones and they have never seen anything like they saw last night. another one of the bombers identified as a french national, 30 years old with eight arrests on his record. petty crimes nothing to do with terrorism, from what we understand. but clearly someone who was radicalized and he had gotten onto their radar screen, police attention. but clearly not enough to follow him day and night. so this is another example, kelly, of someone who slipped through the cracks. so that is the latest of this investigation. it is just really getting under way in ernest. >> amy kellogg reporting.
1:05 pm
amy, thank you. >> 123-year-old nohemi gonzalez was a junior studying design at cal state long beach and was spending a semester studying abroad in paris. no specific details about exactly how they died. university officials plan to hold a vigil tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. to mourn her passing and to grieve for all the victims of these horrific attacks. several arrests have been made in belgium in connection to the deadly terror attacks in paris. police conducting a series of raids after tracing the license plate of a car scene near an attack site in paris. brussels is 200 miles northeast of paris. the neighborhood is home to immigrants from iraq and turkey. more about an air strike on terror targets in libya. jennifer griffin is live with the very latest on that story.
1:06 pm
jennifer? kelly the target was not overall the leader of isis, al baghdadi. two american f-15s contacted the air strike against the head of isis's libyan affiliate. i'm told he had connections to isis in raqqah and baghdadi. it took place as the paris a attack was under way. the american warplanes flew from lakenheath outside the port city of darna. in february, egyptian warplanes bombed islamist targets in and around darna after the islamic state released video of egyptian coptic christians killed on the shores of tripoli. the target of the libyan air strike may also have been the spokesman in the february 2015 coptic christian execution video. ", on november 13th, the u.s.
1:07 pm
military conduct conducted an aircraft in libya against abu that beale, also known as wissam a will zubaydi, an iraqi national who was a long time al qaeda leader. the u.s. had to pull its sole aircraft carrier out of the gulf for years for maintenance. they began carrying a air strikes in september. they were the first to target eyisis a year ago. >> jennifer, i want to ask you real quickly. according to your sources and the sources you have within the pentagon; this enough for them? do they want to do more?
1:08 pm
and can they do more obviously to take out isis completely? >> well, i think there is a great deal of frustration at the pent gone. there is frustration it is very difficult to carry out military strikes against these kind of cells of foreign fighters that they have long warned and the intelligence community has warned that have been making their way back to europe and the united states. so they are very concerned. they know that air strikes are not the way to win this war against isis. they feel they have been able to contain isis to some degree in terms of territory they have been taking in iraq. in fact, they have made great strides in sinjar. they have cut a key artery between raqqah and mosul. but, again, it's not enough and it is very frustrating for the military to watch as isis is able to carry out these kind of terror attacks across europe. >> jennifer, thank you. secretary of state john kerry offering some words oven couragement in the wake of the deadly paris attacks.
1:09 pm
kerry in vienna at an international conference about syria speaking in french. listen. >> translator: we are with france and the rest of the world to the hundreds of people directly affected, whether close or far, by acts of hatred. i say above all we were with france and the rest of the world to wipe out the skourpblg of terrorism through the surface of earth. and believe me, this determination has only been stronger. >> secretary kerr cannery saying the u.s. will stand by france as this continues to unfold and not back down in the fight against terrorism. president obama condemning the attacks in paris and meeting with his security team. the attack is likely to be a prominent topic of conversation as officials at home continue to respond to the crisis. rich edson is following reaction from the white house now. rich? >> reporter: good evening,
1:10 pm
kelly. this was already going to be a topic among conversation at the g20 summit. now it is taking more gravity as president obama leaves an hour and a half ago for the g20 meeting in turkey. before so, he convened a meeting of his national security council, according to a white house release, the president discussed there were no specific or credible threats at this time to the united states. he reviewed our security posture. the president was briefed on embassy security procedures overseas. he will meet with secretary of state john kerry, who was part of this meeting via teleconference. he was discussing syria strategy in vienna earlier today. and in austria, the secretary of state condemned the terror attacks. >> it is time to deprive the terrorists of any single kilometer in which to hide. it is time we come together to help the syrian people embark on
1:11 pm
the difficult but extraordinarily high imperative of rebuilding their country. >> reporter: now we have asked the white house if there is any change in security at the g 20 meetings or any change in the approach to the fight against isis. no response there. there are some, many calling for more intervention in iraq to fight isis. this statement from the top democrat an feinstein writing in a statement, i strongly believe we need to further increase our efforts in syria and iraq directly. it has become clear limited air strikes and support for iraqi forces and the syrian opposition are not sufficient to protect our country and our allies. some republicans are criticizing the president for saying yesterday on abc that isis was contained. the white house explained that those comments were in effect the president describing isis's controlling syria -- a territory in syria and iraq. though their reach has certainly grown with attacks last evening
1:12 pm
in paris and bringing down a russian jetliner. back to you. >> rich edson reporting from the white house. thank you, rich. major cities across the country increasing security after the series of terror attacks in paris. alerts going out all over the country yesterday. in new york, special police units have been deployed to guard high-profile locations, including popular tourist attractions. david lee miller is live in our new york city newsroom on the latest efforts here. >> reporter: julie, the aftershocks of the terror attacks reverberate the united states. the u.s. is monitoring a constant stream of isis online chatter. urging sreupblg hrapbts at 56 field offices, one coast to another, citing abundance of caution. they are calling for increased security. jeh johnson is said, at this time we know of no specific or credible threats of an attack on the u.s. homeland of the type that
1:13 pm
occurred in paris. here in new york, the police department deployed teams to crowded areas of the city. and there is also heightened security at potential targets, such as bridges, is subways, and mass transit. and other locations linked to the french government. a liaison officer is in paris assisting french officers and gathering intel helpful to prevent attacks here. they stress there is no known indication that the attack in paris had any nexus to new york city. mayor bill de blasio described it as the number one terror target but stressed not to give in to terrorists. >> we must refuse to be terrorized. we won't change our democracy. we won't change our values. we won't change our culture. we'll stand firm strong in the face of the challenge. >> law enforcement in boston, pittsburgh, and san francisco are just some of the other cities where authorities are taking extra precautions
1:14 pm
following the paris attacks. this afternoon, for example, the nfl announced there would be extra security at this week's games. one police official here in new york city said the sophistication of the paris attack was its lack of certification. low-tech, low-cost, and high impact. julie? >> david lee miller, thank you. >> a lot going on today. authorities in new york now making arrests linked to the a attacks in paris. but there are many questions on why the french agencies failed to prevent the catastrophic event. coming up, we'll take a closer look how this would impact u.s. intelligence operations. >> and one of the that came under attack, the bataclan concert hall. well, we are getting more details from survivors about that horrifying moment. that happened there that night. >> it's weird because everyone was like, okay, what happened. maybe this is just a nightmare, this is not true. and you're like, no, no, this is true. don't worry. this is happening right now.
1:15 pm
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1:19 pm
been staying and reporting from the evening. at the top of the program she mentioned they were told to stay inside as police and investigators were searching the area. apparently it was a false alarm. there is an all clear at the pullman hotel. france's intelligence services facing intense scrutiny after the massive terror attacks in paris. 130 people killed. more than 350 others wounded. some 100 of those victims in critical condition. so how would this impact u.s. intelligence operations? congressman will herd joins us. member of the task force on combatting terrorist and foreign travel. also a former cia operative. jihadi john was wanted in the beheading of western
1:20 pm
journalists. how do intel teams track isis here in the u.s. and abroad? >> well, it involves communication sharing. information sharing is a critical part making sure agencies from all governments are sharing the kind of information they should. one of the things we found on our task force is the united states government is sharing tens of thousands of names of known bad guys to our european partners. a lot of times our european partners are not using that information to check against travelers. that's a simple step that should be happening. after the "charlie hebdo" incidents in france, the french have gotten better. but we need to make sure all our european partners are using information we're sharing and that if they have information it's getting into our hands as well is. >> what should be in congress's hands on the heals of these attacks? >> one thing isis is doing an
1:21 pm
incredibly good job on is the information war. the amount of information they are getting out, their ability to leverage social media. >> right. >> to get their message out and inspire these lone attackers is unprecedented. and one of the things i think congress can be doing is looking across our intelligence community, our community, and law enforcement how we are countering that information warfare. isis is encouraging young men to come to syria and fight the in a a idel. isis is losing on the ground in syria and iraq. some think the recent attacks on the plane in egypt and these incidents in france is a push by isis to though they are still relevance and they can still do
1:22 pm
things despite the losses on the ground in syria and iraq. >> after yesterday, the trauma will be deep. among the many questions that will arise, how could this happen? were there security lapses? >> this is something i think you're going to find out the next couple of days and weeks, is to review the procedures that are -- the french intelligence used. they are sharing with folks on the ground in a place like syria and iraq. one thing the united states need to do is look at our intelligence posture in syria and iraq. are we doing enough? are we being as aggressive as we possibly can? the best way to prevent terrorists from getting to our shores is to stop them in syria and iraq and make we focus on stopping the bad guy is one thing this administration needs to do. >> well, that's exactly my next question. i want to talk about how this administration is handling this. here united states, new york city and other cities across the
1:23 pm
country we are beefing up. we are hearing about this. security is being beefed up. but homeland security jeh johnson are saying there are no credible threats at this time to our nation. that's a good thing. problem is, can we believe it? just yesterday president obama said isis has been contained. clearly, that was proved wrong. >> listen, we can't rest. this is an enemy that is willing to blow themselves up to prove their point. it is hard for us as westerners to really understand and get into that mind-set. we need to be doing everything we can to discourage. i think we have an example of success. if you look at 2001 in afghanistan when in december of '01 in kandahar fell, we killed two-thirds of al qaeda leadership and pushed all of the taliban out of afghanistan. we were able to do that with 400 americans on the ground. 300 special forces, 100 cia.
1:24 pm
we h we have the world's greatest air force. we are working with the northern alliance and tribal groups. those kind of dynamics exist right now in syria. but when we are allowing the russians to bomb the locations of folks that we are supporting, that shows that russia has the backs of their friends but the u.s. doesn't. we need to make sure we are doing everything we can to work with these folks to stop isis, to stop assad as well and bring some type of stability to syria. >> congressman will herd, we would hope that can some day become a reality. more tragedy in france. seven people dead and 11 injured in the derailment of a high-speed train. officials say there are no indications this was related to the terror attacks in paris. the train jumping the tracks during a test run near the german border, bursting into flames, before plunging into a canal. five helicopter crews responded to bring the injured to a hospital. >> well, president obama meeting
1:25 pm
with his national security team this morning in the wake of the paris attacks. so exactly what should the u.s. be doing to support our oldest ally? captain nash will give us his take live coming up. and 24 hours after that tragedy, millions around the world showing solidarity with the people of france. >> we don't give up. we are all here in the streets. life is life. and life continues. life goes on. so they can do this again and again and again and we will be here. what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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1:29 pm
. >> translator: my dear compatriots, what happened last night was an act of war. >> french president francois
1:30 pm
hollande expressing outrage and vow to go strike back at isis after the worst attacks on his country since world war ii. meantime, president obama meeting with his national security team before heading to turkey for the g 20 summit, which is taking place on the heels that a drone strike killed isis leader known as jihadi john. be heading western hostages held by the terror group. what does this mean for the u.s. fight against the terrorists. let's bring in chuck nash. sir, it's good to see you and have you join us today. the president of france, francois hollande, describing terror attacks on this country as act of war. military troops are patrolling the city of lights now. france remains under a state of emergency since isis says it will strike again. what role should the united states military and u.s. intelligence services, cia, fbi,
1:31 pm
be take to go destroy isis? >> well, i think number one what we can do is when in iraq and what does win in iraq mean. that means backing the kurds and giving the iraqi forces what they need from a material standpoint and intelligence standpoint to defeat isis in iraq. that would push them from the east toward the west back into syria. i think vladimir putin and the assad regime can handle things from there. this is something where you need boots on the ground to do it. united states does not have the political will to do so. nor do i think we should. the last thing we want to do is put u.s. troops back into the middle of a syrian civil war, fate of horrific proportions and do that and try to do u.s. forces in the middle of it. no. but we can back the players upon
1:32 pm
whose land these atrocities are taking place. that's what we ought to be doing. >> a few moments ago we spoke to jennifer griffin. you know her quite well. her great contacts at the pentagon. she talked about military frustration. that many members of our military are frustrated because they are basically agreeing that air strikes alone will not cut it in terms of dealing with this evil called isis. >> yeah. air strikes alone won't do it. air power is a supporting element to ground forces. and we have a decided advantage in this. because isis does not have an air force. so what's needed, though, is to get isis to group up. look at that map right there. what you can see is they are following the roads. that's a road infrastructure that you are seeing. and they are trying move to, use the logistic supply routes and everything. as soon as you get off the roads, there's not much there.
1:33 pm
so they can spread out. if you throw a ground force against them, they all have to coalesce to fight the ground force. as soon as they coalesce, they are a lucrative target for air power. in the meantime, we will fly anywhere from 20 to maybe 25 sorties a day or driving uavs in there. but that is all we're going to be able to do. until you get a ground force against another grouped force, there is no reason for those guys to mass force. >> but, you know, when we were talking about that and you are talking about a ground force and the fact that we would be providing air support, we're talking about isis describing itself as a country now, as a caliphate. >> yeah. >> this is what they want, though. they want to have an attack or a war in their vicinity in their territory because of what their ideology says about isis. >> and that's why the united states does not need to be putting ground forces into that
1:34 pm
mix. however, that land that they say is the caliphate, the iraqis and the kurds say, no it's not. it's ours. they have a reason to fight and die for that land. we really don't. all we want is isis dead and buried. that can be done by backing the people fighting for their land and their homes. >> president hollande blaming the attacks on isis, stating it was an act of war by a jihadist army. he recognizes isis as a radical terrorist group who must be hunted down and destroyed. >> and he used those words. >> even pope francis sees it as such. are we really involved in a war against radical islam? >> president obama had an opportunity to put the words together. look at us with content. because we're so politically
1:35 pm
correct, we won't even use the words for fear of offending someone. yet supposed to be afraid of us. for what reason? we won't even use the words radical islam. you know, it's been said that you can ignore reality. but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. we have ignored the reality of this far too long. and now the invasion is taking place. it is a peaceful invasion with suitcases and satchels by the hundreds of thousands clogging the roads in europe. and they are all falling in on top of those great welfare systems that those countries have. and we're going to see a real, real can cultural change in europe real quickly. >> chuck nash, thank you. moderate muslims do not agree with radical islam. they are being persecuted at the hands of isis. thank you. >> you bet. people around the world showing support.
1:36 pm
the london eye illuminated in red, white, and blue. in australia, sydney's opera house is also lit in colors of the french flag. and in before zale saying rhee owe est paris on the christ the redeemer statue. and the army football team carrying the french flag on the field ahead of today's game. it is amazing to watch this world gather together in support. >> absolutely. and that's exactly what is needed. the world has to gather together to support what's going on to stop it from happening. >> let's just hope this continues and that it is not just in the weeks ahead but the years ahead. let's not ever forget 9/11. and we are now going to remember this as long as we live. >> indeed, we will. still, paris is still solemn in the wake of those deadly terror attacks. france and surrounding countries stepping up anti-terrorism security measures. >> an american rock band on
1:37 pm
stage in paris manages to escape and actually called a love one to let them know they were safe. his recollection of the attacks. >> they are playing loud music on stage. we have no idea what's going on outside. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. only glucerna has carbsteady, diabetes, steady is exciting. clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
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a car for the open road a car for off road a car for on the road all you have to do is plug in hum for a smarter, safer car diagnostic updates, certified mechanics hotline, pinpoint roadside assistance hum by verizon put some smarts in your car fox news alert. belgium on the offensive after last night a's deadly terror attacks in paris. officials arresting three people near the french border in relation to the incident. now how should washington be handling its response to this act. senator is former u.s. ambassador to germany. senator, thanks for joining us this afternoon. very weighty issue we're talking about right now. our condolences go out to the people of paris, france. president obama saying the united states is going to do whatever it takes to work with the french people is and with
1:42 pm
nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice, as he says. to go after any terrorists that go after our people. senator, what do you think our response should be immediately? >> well, the president has been saying that for a number of years now. but we have not seen the kind of strategy necessary to do what the president said we should do. civilized nations in the target of isil, we see this repeated over and over now. the second time in france in just 10 months. we need to go on the offensive to deal with this. we all pour out hearts and grief towards the victims here. but it is time we took offensive measures with the world on this cancer that is spreading throughout the middle east. what we need to do is gather the world nations on this global war
1:43 pm
on terror and truly make it global and take the action necessary to stop isil from continue to go grow, to draw hundreds, if not thousands of people for training, to send them back to their homeland to create havoc here. we have to do more than con condolences and more than false promises. everybody knows under this president we have done very little. >> senator, you mentioned that. and to your point, the white house has asked the question has it changed its strategy towards isis in the wake of what's happened in paris, france. there was no response to that. british prime minister and german chancellor angela merkel suppressed their outrage. you once served as u.s. ambassador to germany. the smaller neighborhood there they react quite differently than we do here in the united
1:44 pm
states. so what say you about their reaction? and also what should they be discussing at the g20 summit? >> well, my second day on the job as ambassador of germany is 9/11. i witnessed the outpouring of support and genuine grief suppressed towards the united states with the horrific actions ta took place on 9/11. at that time, there was also the resolve to stand up and address this issue. but here we are now decades later seeing this attacking europe itself. we want to express our grief. we want to express our resolve to do things better. but that's all talk. we obviously had not taken the steps necessary to contain, as the president said, or begin to defeat isil. and that's going to take i think a coordinated strategy, including muslim nations.
1:45 pm
>> exactly. >> from the moderates. they are also in the cross-hairs. >> they are also in the cross-hairs as well. moderate muslims, christian, arab and european nations. i want to ask specifically, what can you take to congress to get congress to act on this? and do you think we get it here in america that this is real? that isis is a serious threat that wants to have world domination? >> well, we are exhausted from the wars in afghanistan and iraq. people don't want to send massive u.s. troops back to an area where we have not been successful, which i think is why a new strategy has to be undertaken. the president is commander in chief. senators or congressman can't dictate, this is what we should do. we can work with an administration. if all they want to do is talk about it, and take incremental steps, a few bombings, a i day,
1:46 pm
obviously we are not having the success we would like to have. we are willing to work with the president to put a strategy together. and in my view, we need to gather troops from those middle eastern nations. when are they going to take the squares and say enough is enough? look, if you'll provide support, pack us up, give us the spellings, give us the targeting, give us the air power and the cover, we will join the kurds. we will join some of the iraqis forces. because this cancer is going to come after us before it comes to you. i think we need leadership we're not getting out of this president. >> senator dan coats of indiana. thank you, sir. it seems that cancer has metastasized. >> it sure has. national terror and security moving to the forefront of the 2016 presidential race. the topic expected to be the major focus of tonight's democratic debate. how the latest terror attack impacts the race moving forward. plus, the world continues to
1:47 pm
react to the terror attacks, standing by and giving support to paris in its time of mourning. >> we saw the planes go in 9/11 at the towers. so we have lived through this. how painful it is for the french. and it is a very sad day for all of humanity. earning unlimitedn purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice. you can with the citi double cash® card. it lets you earn cash back twice. once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of these feet...e pain, ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family...
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frabs are pushing the question of what more can be done against isis to the front of the 2016 presidential race? tonight's democratic debate should be the start. terrorism, national security, and foreign relations, all expected to be a major focus point for the three candidates on stage tonight. and joining us now to discuss it is tammy bruce, radio talk show host and fox news contributor and jessica, a democratic strategist. thank you for talking to us. you know republican candidates are responding to the attacks in the immediate aftermath. however, looking over the long-term with the election one year away, how will the coordinated attacks on paris claimed by isis impact the presidential race? >> if i could start, i think that with the republicans, clearly americans, people around the world are having the same response, which is how did this
1:52 pm
happen? we clearly didn't do enough. this perhaps is just the beginning. this tells us that what we've been told by current leadership has not been true and that we've got to change our perspective about how we're proceeding. this transcends politics. it transcends partisanship and i think the world recognizes that now this is war, even pope francis has noted this is a piece of world war 3 and we must act. the republicans and democrats have to suggest what changes are going to be made. no one is saying everything needs to stay the same and the republicans have always been discussing making changes when they've always been unhappy with the status quo and that now is going to be the challenge for every democrat on the stage tonight and americans who watch will see whether or not they will defend what president obama has done or if they will suggest that changes need to be made. >> jessica, the paris attacks to can you tell former secretary of state hillary clinton on the defensive tonight. i mean, let's be honest, it could force her to defend president obama's national
1:53 pm
security record, which is under tight scrutiny right now, and of course, her role in conflicts such as libya and syria. what does she face tonight? >> i think what we're really going to see is actually her command of the information and the details regarding all of the situations that we're seeing not only in the middle east. obviously now in europe and around the world, because she's really spent so much of her time and so much of her energy particularly as secretary of state, she has a true commanding knowledge about all this information. i think we're gog -- going to really see her take the stage and shine and the information and knowledge that she has. >> tammy, in the last debate at the gop, marco rubio was asked how do all of the candidates on that stage measure up to hillary clinton because she does have more foreign experience. he said good question. it's true. but you can also look at it this way, because much of the heat could be put on clinton who has faced sharp criticism from
1:54 pm
republicans and others for how, as the state department's leader, she handled the 2012 terrorist attack on a u.s. diplomatic outpost in benghazi in which ambassador stevens and three other americans were killed. the question is will cbs ask her that question? >> look, they planned on i think asking a lot of other different kinds of questions. they even -- dickerson met with every campaign for some reason they had to refigure out what to handle because they weren't planning i think on asking many of these questions. but the fact of the matter is, they'll use a carly fiorina line. flying around the world is an activity. it isn't an accomplishment. and so i think hillary clinton's history of supporting obama's policies, of the absurd dynamic in benghazi, which i believe has led to this, sent a message that if the current administration is willing to cover up what happened in a terrorist attack, it meant that the terrorists could do whatever they want. i welcome hillary clinton having to explain her positions, her --
1:55 pm
what she did and did not do while she was secretary of state, that this is a result of her supposed leadership. these are the things that will become very clear and to the lies and misleading that there is no videos and -- it's actual islamic terrorism. what will the democrats say? what will the socialists say? what will the guy who was responsible for baltimore say and hillary who was responsible for benghazi? these are the issues now. >> jessica, among the questions which clinton will almost certainly face again during the 2016 white house campaign are did she pay enough attention to security concerns raised by stevens and others before the attack in benghazi and did she attempt to cover up what the attacks -- that the attacks were terror related? when we talk about terrorist attacks, 2015 look at the history. she does have a history. how much is this possibly going to hurt her tonight, or in fact, could this give hillary a platform, instead to demonstrate her command of a subject matter
1:56 pm
that exposed several hers rivals in both parties as novices on the international stage? >> yeah, i mean, i can agree with your second statement that it really gives her a platform from which to shine and certainly when it comes down to what's happened with benghazi, what's been going on, i think the answer to that is asked and answered. we've been going over this. we've had all of the hearings that happened on capitol hill. it's been add nauseum. we're facing an ever growing threat to the world, to freedom and we will see her really shine in show tonights. i'm looking forward to it. >> thank you both, we appreciate it. coming up, more than 24 hours after the worst attacks in the city since world war ii. we'll have more next.
1:57 pm
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1:59 pm
2:00 pm
we begin with a fox news alert. major developments concerning the wave of terror that swept across the french capitol. paris in mourning for the 129 people killed. their thoughts with 352 wound. a day later we're learning so much more about what the french president, hollande, is calling an act of war. welcome to a special edition of america's news headquarters. i'm julie banderas. >> i'm kelly wright. authorities made several arrests in connection to the deadly paris attacks. authorities able to trace a car with


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