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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  November 14, 2015 4:00pm-4:46pm PST

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by chaos and violence. thanks for invites us in your home. we'll see you tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern. for our democratic debate wrap up show. tune in for. that shepherd smith reporting. >> it is 7:00 on the east coast. and 1:00 a.m. in paris. more details on the terrorist attack are coming together. tonight the story of the americans who died. and the security guard who there was a suspicious discover of a gps divorce programmed to paris. more on that. but french officials say they operated in three separate teams and one of the men is linked to
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belgium. they made the arrests in brussels today. greece officials say one terrorist arrived in greece. the white house said there is no reason to doubt the islamic state's claim it was behind the attack. they targeted paris as the capitol ofxd adultery and vice. 350 were wounded and 99 of them critical willy. the french prosecutor with an updated time line. three individuals opened fire on the concert while it was going on and took hostages the people who regrouped before the orchestra pit. the terrorist mentioned in syria and iraq in the negotiations. >> at this stage one of the
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terrorist responsible for that siege at batacian was identified from the finger print. he was never in prison but given an s- record and never implicated in a case or known association with with a terrorist criminal. of all of them. they used assault roifls and identical explosive designed to cause fatalities. each one had suicide vest containing a volatile explosive and had batteries. the video footage in paris targeted a black vehicle registered in belgium. it was rented by a french resident in belgium. this individual was stopped in
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the border. this is a third vehicle which there is two other people resident in the brussel's region. >> coordinated three teams. who's involved. german officials are investigated a link to a man busted last week. they caught him close to the austriian border with with a car loaded with weapons and explosives and gps set to paris. french media reported that victim's bodies were still on the ground where gun men computed 100 hostages. there was a shootout with the police. the magazine paris match posted it on line. [explosion sounds]
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that is outside of the batacian. we don't know if that is the gunman who police shot and killed. the wall street is reported that one of the suicide bombers actually had a ticket to the yesterday's soccer match and tried to get in. the security guard frisked the terrorist and when cornered in the checkpoint, he blew himself up. very likely the blast thatroared through the stadium and if it happen inside could have killed and maimed. >> the bomber wanted to start a deadly stampede. and the french president hollande was there. two americans are died one was
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a crew member of the band. and another oneñr was a 23-year-old student. gonzalez died in the attack. we don't know the details. she was studying design in a semester abroad in paris. we begin with steve. what can you report early this sunday morning from paris? >> shepherd to give you the feel here. overwhelming sadness and grief here. this is at the scene of two of the six attacks. and imagine friday night having dinner in the cam boddian restaurants and a man gets out with an assault rifle and begins to fire. 100 rounds fired here. and 100 shells on the ground. and 15 died here and getting back in the volkswagon and do it in a pizzaria.
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and the sense i get, we don't understand. in the capitol of light and city of tolerance they are baffled by the enemy. the man said i don't feel safe in my own country and that is weird and new. and the drama and agony for a lot of families are continuing. they are trying to find their loved ones, they haven't heard anything. more victims will not be identified fully until next week. a lot of people hoping their relatives and friends are wounded in a hospital. but there is agonizing uncertainty. >> that memorial beend me reminds me of the new york streets after 9/11. 1:00 in the morning and still a crowd. >> there is a crowd and theyçó e crying and the other thing that is odd, is that the windows are
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all dark and it is a ghost town driving around and that is a worrisome thing in the short- term response. a man asked me how americans feel. americans are furious. there is a body blow that people are stunned and hurt and baffled by it but not with that white hot anger. they are stuned by the randomness of the violence. >> i can't imagine. steve, what are you learning about the attackers if anything there? >> reporter: right now, seven attackers and one possibly through greece as a assyrian refugee based on the passport. and praised over and over for theñi highly coordinated methodf attack. they were shooting a fish in the barrel. they had weapons and using suicide vest.
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first time ever used on french soil. containing the same amount of arsenal to kill as many people as possible. >> stove, thank you see much. the white house said it has no information to contradict the french assessment that the islamic state. daash carried out the attacks. british prime minister cameron said british security is working around the clock to prevent an attack in the uk. jennifer what do we know at this time? >> reporter: the president was briefed bite national security council before leaving for turkey for the g- 20 summit. there are no specific or credible threats to the united states. the president directed the team
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to protect embassy personnel and keep him apprised of the intelligence. britain prime minister are did the same. and ordered security heightened in the airports and scott land yard is scramling to prevent any attacks in the britain. they are working on hundreds of active terrorism tips and making arrests. a great deal of fear that britain may be next. this isñrñp'ot the first time w have seen a coordinated attack. ten pakistani members carried out a series of 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks that lasted four days in mumbai. >> we got word of a united states air strike targeting a isis leadener libya.
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>> reporter: that was carried out by two american f- 15 fighters. planned days in advance. and was not the over all leader of isis, but the iraqi leader of an libya affiliate. and the american war planes blew from the british base, and the target was struck just outside of the eastern libyanw3 port ci of darnah. the islamic state released video of egyptian coptices killed. the spokesman was heard in the voochlt peter cook said this is the first u.s. strike against an isis leader in libya. we'll go where they operate. the french carrier charles dega
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ule is to meet in the gulf. the frefrp were the first to join the u.s. carrying out air strikes targeting isis. and they did see in syria in september. the french have yet to carry out any in syria since the strikes in paris. i am told. >> thank you, jennifer. high alert in the united states. security stepped up from coast to coast and now the nfl reports it will take additional measures in tomorrow's football games to keep fans save. details from that and reaction from paris is ahead had. >> it is surreal. everyone would tell you the same. it is see foreign and -- so
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foreign and violent.
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>> we are here to feel save and remain safe and remember our mission. we are to prevent and deter. >> new security ramping up. and blue lights are everywhere. not that they have problems. but the look of to show we are here. in cities across the country, they are taking similar steps. we are seeing a focus on the sporting events. representatives are taking extra steps to keep fans safe. they enclude heightened security. and david lee miller is in the newsroom. what else are they doing to
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prevent an attack like the one in paris, davis. >> reporter: the new york city police department flexing its muscle in a public way. in times square. police put on a dramatic show of force. patrols and assault rifles and military gear. they want to reassure the public. the nypd no stranger to terrorism has a lison office in paris and intel to help stop the attack here. earlier the commissioner of intel and counter intelligence shared what was learned by the paris attack. >> the sophistication of the attack was a lack of sophistication. we are seeing a continued shift in a trend that we have identified to, and things that are low tech andnd high impact. >> officials stress there is no known connection between the
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paris attacks and new york city. they are taking steps in an abundance of caution. measures are taking from coast to coast and philadelphia is beefing up security. they are not taking any chances. >> david lee, in paris one of the targets was a soccer match there. what are security officials doing to protect? >> even though there is no known threats. a statement released by the league, there will be increased security and law enforcement presence in the parking lots and stadium. this weekend. we recommend fans not bringing bags. it must be see throw and 12 by six by 12. >> and they said the voint's pap
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triot's game. there will be an increase in troopers that are deployed. information about the terrorist attacks will be used to keep people safe here. >> and american leaders vowing to stand shoulder to shoulder with france. >> i want to make sure it is crystal clear that the united states stands with france and the rest of the world in our resolve to eliminate the scourge and violent extremist groups. >> we are hearing concerns that isis is growing more sophisticated. there is new movement and organization and complexity. more on combating that with our next guest, coming up. nothing. romance. 18 inch alloys. you remembered.
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>> this is the second time. and it is weird, everybody is like what happened. and maybe it is a nightmare and not true. they say it is true and happening right now. we have a third world war. and stay calm and keep living. see they are winning and just keep smiling. >> stay calm and live. >> people trying to keep in the wake of all they endured. and analyst are now warning that the terrorist group is becoming more sophisticated with a greater reach. we have never seen isis operate in such a coordinated way out of their own territory. the movie 0 dark 30 was based on
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her experience. and good evening. >> and we have been warned for a while they are getting outside of their comfort zone and now we have proof. >> we do. isis is using the strategy of attacking internally. they are losing some of their territory in syria and see they seem to be focusing if you look in buirut and the russian airliner. >> what do you do? the ground forces are not adequate and isis said we want western troops in here and that was the goal from the beginning; see what do you do? >> at this point a strategy and that will be difficult. it will entail the political situation and war inside syria.
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and the regional allies and nato members. building a coalition. on iraq and syria. >> hollande saying last night, we will lead this war, but you oner who it is that would provide ground troops to go in there and dismantle the group. i think it would have to be a regional effort including the united states. it is not a bit effective to have troops adviewing on on the ground. at this point, if we want to do something about isis, it needs more than just military, it needs politics and diplomacy. >> you have to stamp out an entire ideology. and convince people there is
4:25 pm
hope and going to this extreme is the worst thing we can do. and we have not been good at it thus far collectively. >> when we went in to iraq and helped to establish the government that does not work. we need to support an election in transition and loving assad in place and the syrian people can decide where to go and we need to be okay with that from a diplomatic front. and working with regional allies. it is a longer term plan. but at this point. we tried to kill our way out of this before. it comes back. >> and i hear see many people. so many people say kill your way out. and it does not work. and secretary of state kerry said calling for elections in six months and transitional government and heads of state in
4:26 pm
vienna. and saying it is one thing and getting it accomplished is another. it is the players inside of iraq and russia and syria and other countries that have a stake like what is happening in lebanon is part of that process. we'll not be the coordinator of all of. that we are going to have to give the brains over to someone else. >> it is great to talk to you see, nada. >> and we are learning about the victims who died from paris. a 22-year-old student who studied abroad in paris. and president obama on the way to g- 20 summit. taken place from the syria
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border to find new ways to defeat isis. >> it will inject more military on the part of g- 20 countries and to kill isis there before it kills innocent civilians at home. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts, ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪
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disorder and fear. >> secretary kerry in vienna. we learned about the victims killed in paris. valentine rebet is among the dead. the lawyer died in the concert. his law firm remembering him as a talent lawyer that was well liked. another victim is an american college student from california. she was studying design in paris. and details about her death were not released. but cal state in long beach will hold a vigil to remember her and others murdered in cold blood. rich has the latestñi from the white house. first to rick who is in the paris. what are you seeing there tonight? >> reporter: shepherd, french police are on ground outside of
4:32 pm
the batacian theater where people were slaughtered in the building in a concert late last night. gunmen kept firing 10-15 minutes and responsible for a series of shootings at cafes were 37 people were killed on the streets on what was a balmy and wonderful evening in paris. we are learning what happened outside of the soccer stadium. according to the wall street journal one of the suicide boerms where the french and germans were holding an exhibition match approached the gate with a ticket and a security guard stopped and frisked him. he realized he had a subide vest and he backed away while he blew himself up. and it is remarkable only four people were killed outside of
4:33 pm
that stadium and it would be far worse had he made it in the stadium that was packed with people including the french president. >> he wanted to kill and maim. what he wanted was a stampede with the president looking on? >> reporter: if he had detonated the vest inside it would have sparked masses panic. and two more men could haveñr detonated it themselves. >> they are searching for accomplices and vet anything else in the schedule or planning stages. any updates on the surge? >> reporter: they are investigating to see if they locate anyone who may have helped to plan the terrorist attacks. they have detained family members of one of the bombers,
4:34 pm
a french national who was arrested eight times before. and they have gone to belgium, and in brussels, detained three men who may have been a part of the renting of the vehicles used. emmy gonzalez, who was a victim here, she was at one with of the cafes and there with friends hanging out on friday night. she was the lone american victim that we are aware of and 16 other students who are here on the study abroad program are safe and accounted for. >> rick in paris. thank you. >> white house said that president obama met with the national security council before borgd air force one. french president hollande cancelled his visit but turkey's president said the attacks will
4:35 pm
be the top priority. it is a gathering of leaders who have the 20 major economies. what a primary focus of the g- 20. >> reporter: shep, it was going to be a matter of great discussion and now takes on a greater sense of urgency. and the president on the way to the g- 20 in turkey. he conferred with the security council. and the president heard there was no credible threats and there was a review of our embassy overseas and we will share intelligence. secretary of state john kerry is talking about the future of syria and meeting with the russian foreign minnist. laborob. secretary kerry said the u.s.
4:36 pm
and russia must push isis out of iraq. >> it is time to push the terrorist out of every hiding. it is time to help the syrian people on the difficult and extraordinary high imperative of rebuildingñi their country. >> reporter: no word on if the u.s. strategy is changinging as a result of the attacks in paris. >> i have heard of calls for more u.s. intervention. >> reporter: you are getting a senior democrat calling on the senate intelligence committee. senator feinstein saying limited air strikes and support are not sufficient to protect our country. and the u.s. has engaged in air strikes and special operations forces. but now democrats, or one democrat here calling for more
4:37 pm
of an intervention. >> thank you. i mentioned president obama on air force one on the way to the summit. and the meeting in the coastal turbish city and only a couple of hundred miles of the war that is rageing in syria the president will try to rally world leaders on his plan to defeat isis. the u.s. point man on the mideast peace process. and what does this change practically speaking and what can we do differently in the short run? >> clearly it creates an additional pressure for us to do more to defeat isis. and the problem is that you can't defeat isis unless you deal with the problem in syria
4:38 pm
isis grew up in no small part because of sownies feeling oppressed with iraq. and as long as the sunnies feel that way. you will have assad and that war serve as a maginant. somehow you have to deal with syria and iraq and you can try to defeat isis, but you can't discredit isis unless the sunni go with you. we can set them back militarily. only muslims can do that. and clearly solving syria is a part of that. >> secretary kerry laid out a strategy call for electionsy wonder if it is a realistic thing? >> the problem is elections in the middle of the war are not
4:39 pm
going to work and as long as assad is there, it is not going to produce an agreement. and we are facing a huge problem as a result of what happened in paris. one ever those attackers was carrying a syrian passport and within the hordes of refugees. europe will try to stop the flow. where do they go? >> the war is raging. and we have hundred thousand more refugees. and you have to have an approach that dye deals withçó assad. and are we saying and certainly all of the saudis and others say assad has to go. no one will conclude a war from him there. russians and iranians who are
4:40 pm
increasing their position within syrian says he stays. putin's comments were contemptuous about us saying that assad has to go. and see this is a fundmental will problem that has to over g. you can't come up with a political process unless assad does not remain. >> you touched on the next crois. right wing minorities in countries of europe is stopping for the flow of humanitarirefug there is it awe humanitarian catastrophe. we have 12 million displaced in syria and 4 million who are refugees and the 8 million living in syria are living in
4:41 pm
conditions are not habitable. you need a safe haven. it is i is a major issue that the president of turkey is going to raise. we are reluctant to support a safe haven. we could use the creation of a safe haven in our readiness to do a çóno-fly to put pressure o the turks toñr provide forces o the ground for a safe hafen and get saudis and ami rates to finance it. and make the opposition in syria more coherent and get the europeans to contribute with their air forces to no-fly. this humanitarian crisis that is already a catastrophe is going to be worse because of the
4:42 pm
pressures within europe to stop that flow. and the point you made shepherd, you are right. you are seeing people, like those in france becoming more powerful. our approach to syria takes in the count and need for a safe haven. >> it is a complicated world. thank you. nice to talk to you. it starts out as another friday night in paris. ♪ that's the concert underway and the gun men opened fire as an american band was on stage. you will hear from family members of the musicians, next. >> he was upset and shaken and he just wanted everybody to pray for those victims there and the police and he -- he is okay, though.
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