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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  November 14, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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paris. i'm sheppard smith in new york. have a good weekend. this is a fox news alert. paris remains vigilant after yesterday's deadly attacks. we learned more about those who carried out the heinous acts that killed at least 129 people and injured over 300. according to reports, one, possibly two of the suspects entered europe through greece as refugees. now, french authorities have also said that a syrian passport was found on the body of one of the attackers. and we'll have much more tonight on that connection. but first, here's how the horror unfolded last night in paris. take a look.
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there are times when reality is too graphic even to fathom. gunmen opened fire at a restaurant gunning down people as they had dinner on a friday evening saying god is great. another attack moments later at a packed stadium. the largest in the stadium. suicide bombers blew themselves up outside. >> we all heard loud explosion sound. >> across the city, gunmen took hostages at a concert by an american van. >> a swarm of people running at us. and we all started running, not knowing where to go. >> they said gunmen were throwing grenades into the crowd and executing hostages one by one. >> we will fight back. we will kill the perpetrators without mercy. >> do you want to come home, honey? >> i do, i want to come home.
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>> also tonight, we have disturbing new video of people desperately trying to flee the concert hall. this was shot by a french journalist la maund. we must worn you, this is very graphic. watch this. joining us live on the ground in paris with much more on the terror suspects is our own rick leventhal. rick? >> sean, we first learned details about some of these terrorists from the french prosecutor who revealed that one of them was a french national.
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he was a known radical to authorities, had ties to extremist groups. and he had been arrested eight times in the past. he was one of the four gunmen here at the bataclan theater who is responsible for slaughtering more than 80 people at this scene. the prosecutor also revealed that another one of the attackers had a syrian passport. and another was carrying an egyptian passport. we're now learning from a greek official that the syrian terrorists crossed into the european union through the greek island of laros. he did that in october. his passport was checked there. we don't kw if it was checked at other passport control areas on his way from the greek islands to paris. as you know, it's easy to travel across europe without getting your passport checked in many cases. we don't know if his passport set off any red flags. according to the greek official, the second one may have passed through the greek islands as a refugee among the syrian
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refugees who fled from that area. this is obviously something people were very, very worried about. we've learned more about the arrest in belgium, where three people were caught in a series of raids there, as investigators tracked down a license plate on a rental car, a belgian rental car spotted here near the bataclan theater. they saw it in the brussels area. they went there and made a number of arrests. those people are in custody and being questioned tonight, sean. of course, this investigation is far from over. because there is still concern about other possible accomplices, and the knowledge that france is a country that has supplied more fighters to the -- to isis, to the efforts in iraq and syria than any other country in europe. and the fear has always been that many of those fighters might come back here and wage war at home. that appears that may have happened in this case, sean. >> rick, there's been growing anti-immigrant sentiment as a result of the refugees now flooding into europe.
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people now speaking out even more loudly as a result of this new information. you're telling us about tonight? >> reporter: yes. there were some spirited conversations in the streets here tonight, sean, between people arguing both sides of that debate. i know we've seen a lot of protests in germany, and elsewhere, people who are very upset about this influx of immigrants. and concerns about the nature of some of these immigrants, and people that are fleeing from syria. and in this case, according to that greek official, one or possibly two of these men were amongst the refugees. they were syrians who were -- had passed through the greek islands, made their way to paris and allegedly took part in these terrorist attacks. there is a lot more information that has to be gleaned about this information, and the men responsible. >> rick, thank you so much. i have no doubt there will be an impact on our presidential election here in america. also on the ground tonight in paris is our own steve harrigan.
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steve, the very latest from you? >> reporter: sean, we're at the scene of two of the different attacks here, the restaurant behind me where 15 people were gunned down. the gunman simply stepped out of a volkswagen car and started firing as people were having friday night dinner here. walking, not running, and taking time to reload. more than 100 shells were found on the ground around me, and bullet holes as well. among those killed behind me is one american, a 23-year-old exchange student from california who was spending a semester abroad. as far as the overall situation here, it's really a city in lockdown for the next few days. a lot of the major sites are closed, including the louvre and the eiffel tower. schools closed as well. no public gatherings until thursday. so really, the message being given by the government after this crisis is stay inside, don't go out. sean? >> all right. thank you, steve. u.s. officials, by the way, they are closely monitoring the
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situation on the ground in france, and fox news has learned that the fbi is asking 56 field offices to be vigilant, monitoring, quote, isis sympathizing targets. here from washington with the latest, fox news national security correspondent, our own jennifer griffin. jennifer, will this change the coalition's strategy against isis? that's got to be a big question now. >> it is a big question, though it's not likely. the way that the execution of the jordanian pilot had on jordanian opinion, in truth, that didn't lead to a change in jordan's military strategy, or to that of the coalition. as of now, the coalition is relying on air strikes. that's unlikely to change. the u.s. is carrying out 95% of those strikes in syria, and 78% of those in iraq and syria. the french were the first from nato to join the u.s. in carrying out air strikes, targeting isis in iraq a year
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ago. they started carrying out air strikes in isis in syria just in september. the french have yet to carry out any air strikes in syria since the attack in paris, according to u.s. defense officials who i spoke to tonight. the french aircraft carrier the charles de gaulle is still slated to leave for the gulf to assist in air operations in the coming days. that was pre-planned before the paris attacks. the u.s. had to pull its sole aircraft carrier out of the gulf for the first time in years for maintenance. expect more air strikes. we learned earlier today that at the time of the paris attacks friday, two american f-16 jet fighters targeted the head of isis in libya. they flew from a base in britain, striking just outside the eastern libyan city of darna. once a recruiting ground for suicide bombers in iraq. the target of the u.s. air strike yesterday was the islamic state spokesman who appeared in this execution video which showed egyptian christians
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beheaded on the shores in february. this is the first u.s. strike against an isil leader in libya, and it demonstrates we will go after isil leaders wherever they operate being said today. it was shear coincidence it was days after a u.s. drone killed a brit known as jihadi john as he got into a car in raqqa, syria. he, too, appeared in video showing western hostages being beheaded. sean? >> this is now playing into the american presidential election we have going on. the democratic debate earlier tonight. i don't think we are at war with radical islam. hillary clinton said. bernie sanders, doubling down, still believes climate change is our biggest national security threat, even after paris. are people in washington within the ranks you're talking to every day, are they listening to this? >> well, i just heard the
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candidates talking in that debate, saying they still think that the u.s. should allow 65,000 syrian refugees to come into the country. and what was clear from the attacks tonight is that it is very difficult to screen those refugees. so this is going to have a huge impact on that refugee crisis. it will have a chilling effect on countries wanting to open their doors to those refugees, sean. >> jennifer, thank you. we'll debate that later on tonight. coming up right here on "hannity" -- >> isis is gaining strength, aren't they? >> i don't think they're gaining strength. from the start our goal was first to contain. and we have contained them. >> president obama declared isis was contained, just hours before the deadly terrorist attack in paris. that left over 100 dead. hundreds more wounded. does the administration take the threat posed by isis seriously, or are they just called disasters?
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our overseas contingency operations. according to reports, at least one of the terrorists had a registered as a refugee in gree greece. should the united states be taking in refugees from syria.
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as the people try to make sense of the terrorist attacks that rocked paris last night, thement continues to underestimate the threat posed by isis. >> we've always understood that our goal has to be militarily constraining isil's capabilities, cutting off their supply lines, cutting off their financing. >> by isis is gaining strength, aren't they? >> i don't think they're gaining strength. what's true from the start, our goal has been first to contain, and we have contained them. they have not gained ground in iraq. and in syria, don't come in,
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don't leave. but you don't see this systematic march by isil across the terrain. what we have not yet been able to do is to completely decapitate their command and control structures. >> contained, really? now the president's naive comments should not surprise anybody. let's not forget back in 2014, in an interview the president said, quote, the analogy we use around here sometimes and i think is accurate, if a jv team puts on lakers uniforms, that doesn't make them kobe bryant. retired brigadier general and colonel david hunt and lieutenant colonel bill cowan. bill, let me start with you. during the debate tonight, hillary clinton said i do not think we are at war with radical islam. bernie sanders said he still believes climate change is our biggest national security threat. even after paris. now, when we look at this
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history, man-caused disasters, overseas contingency operations, ft. hood is still officially described as workplace violence. the jv team. how could this administration be so wrong, so often, about what i believe is the evil in our time that is growing and spreading, i.e., isis and others? thoughts? >> sean, they're totally delusional, each one of them. they're trying to pretend what's out there, isn't out there. even before last night, for the president to say we're containing isis, completely ignores the fact that the isis is in the sinai, libya, yemen, afghanistan, asia, around the world. they're trying to pretend something away that they can't pretend away. isis is really out there, and what isis does to us is exactly what they did to the french last night. >> general tate, i know the president was quick to get out of iraq. but if you look at the ground
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that isis gained, fallujah, where americans fought and died over, and lost limbs over. how can he say, quote, they're contained? >> that doesn't make sense to me, sean, contained has no value in military parlance. destroy, defeat. that's what the president ought to be talking about. president hollande today showed more leadership in one day than president obama has in seven years by first identifying the enemy, that they are isis, and second, that they will pay. that is a very clear commander's intent coming from a president who has just been attacked. and our commander in chief, his first responsibility is to protect the citizens of the united states at home and abroad. and you don't do that by underestimating the enemy. and that impacts foreign policy and domestic policy. you've got to be kidding me, we're going to be bringing
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200,000 syrian refugees here? let's pretend that 1% of those are terrorists. all right? i think that would be a conservative estimate. 2,000 terrorists coming into new orleans. how does that sound to the american people right now? i think bill had it exactly right, this is a delusional foreign policy that we have right now. >> colonel hunt, i've been dealing with this issue of, you know, in three years, the administration, john kerry, this year, last year and next year, they're talking about 255,000 refugees they're going to take into this country. not all from syria, not all from iraq, but some from syria and iraq. how dangerous is that a threat to the u.s.? james clapper said isis and al qaeda would likely infiltrate the refugee community. >> one of the things that keeps getting missed in this issue of refugees, is the u.s. takes in about 1.4 to 1.7 million a year through the front door. no one else in the world gets these people to come as they do
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in the united states. it's the back door, and the 10 million to 20 million who are already here. absolutely a security risk. the other piece is, there's no such agency, as the u.s. vetting agency. it doesn't exist. and to suggest that we're going to vet a couple hundred thousand people coming as fast as they're going to try to come through, the government wants them in here, is outrageous. we've got to get this under control for a whole bunch of reasons. obviously security being one of the most important. >> you know, colonel cowan, it even runs deeper than that. they're going to take in these refugees. yet the fbi is telling us, and saying that they have 1,000 active isis probes ongoing right now. within our borders. right here in the united states. now, one of the things as we look at this attack in paris, is that this was coordinated. they hid this attack. intelligence sources did not pick up on it ahead of time. look how coordinated this is. we're basically saying we've got
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sleeper cells in the united states. isn't that pretty much what they're saying? >> that is what they're saying, sean. the bad guys, isis, and indeed others, have learned to keep themselves below the radar screen so law enforcement and intelligence, and i have to give credit to all of our law enforcement and intelligence people here in the united states for the great job they've done up to this point, the french themselves have exceptional counterterrorism and intelligence capabilities. law enforcement. and they missed this entire thing because the bad guys have learned how to operate below the radar screen. and certainly people here, supporters of isis and others here in the united states who watched all that, themselves are paying attention to how do we go about planning, how do we execute something without anybody knowing it's going to happen until it indeed happens. >> thank you all for being with us. how do we keep you, the american people, safe. we'll have more with our military panel coming up later tonight. but first, for months we've been raising the red flag about isis hiding among middle east refugees. so what can the u.s. do to make
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sure they do not infiltrate and launch an attack right here on u.s. soil? and what impact will the attacks have on the 2016 presidential race? newt gingrich will be here later tonight with his analysis as we continue. yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at
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a fox news alert. paris remains on edge as one day after islamic extremists with ties to isis carried out a massive series of deadly terror attacks. according to reports, two suspects in friday's attack may have immigrated through greece to europe through the syrian refugee movement. right here on this program, we have been warning about the dangers of this migrant crisis as have multiple senior intel officials. watch this.
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>> i don't obviously put it past the isis to ill fill trait operatives among refugees. >> we can only query against that which we have collected. and so if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in syria in a way that would get their identity or their interest reflected in our database, we can clear the date a bais until the cows come home. but nothing would show up, because we have no record on that person. >> joining us now with reaction, the director of jihad watch, robert spencer from the islamic house of wisdom. iman muhammad ali, and bridgette gabriel. looking at a poll a year ago from france, 16% of french citizens support isis. the population of france, in terms of the muslim population. estimated between 8% and 10%. the controversial no-go zones,
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et cetera. are we dealing with a clash of cultures? western civilization, and people that come from countries where perhaps they grew up under sharia law. is this now going to be a growing problem here in the u.s. if in fact we take in refugees from syria, and iraq and elsewhere? >> it has been a problem, sean. and the west has been dealing with the war with a clash of civilization. the problem is the west is refusing to acknowledge the fact that we are at war, despite the fact that our enemies tell us repeatedly, we are at war with you. we do not like your ways. we abhor your immoralitieimmora. this is how they view us. the people in france were honest enough to express their opinion. we know the same thing is happening in america today. poll after poll has showed that. and what we are concerned about right now is the so-called refugees that we are bringing. people are coming to our shores who do not share our values. even though they are not raised
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necessarily or born into countries that adhere to sharia law, but with the uprise of islamic radicalism throughout the world, they are all experiencing the rebirth of spiritual islam, of the islam of muhammad, and that's what they're gravitating to and bringing to our shores. >> imam, let me ask you this question. the national head of intelligence, james clapper, said that when we take in among the refugee population, there will be isis, there will be al qaeda that infiltrate that population as a means of getting into the west. so my question for you is, why should america, why should any country in europe take in any of these refugees, knowing that their enemies will infiltrate that population? >> sean, i think that we are changing the subject. the refugees are the victims -- >> imam, i don't want to -- listen, i asked you a question. why should western countries, if
11:26 pm
their intelligence are telling them that isis and al qaeda will infiltrate the refugee population, tell me why any of these countries should take in any of these migrants? >> our common real enemy is isis, al qaeda, taliban, all these production of the theology -- >> you're not answering my question. >> i'm answering your question in a sense of we have to wake up, sean, we have to be more serious about this real isis problem. we have to be more determined. we have to stop this hypocrisy and double standard of saying we have good terrorists and bad terrorists, good dictators and bad dictators. we have good explosions and bad explosions from kabul to cairo, from beirut to baghdad, from pakistan to paris. >> i don't need a long speech. you're not answering any of my questions. >> democracy is --
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>> the terror attacks that happened around the world, so often are radical islamic terrorists. now, hillary clinton, robert spencer, says i don't think we're at war with radical islam. the president thinks what happened at ft. hood is workplace violence and these are man-caused disasters. and overseas contingency operations, robert. but the reality is, we have a president that won't say the words radical islam. we have presidential candidates now that won't say it. and their plan is to bring in refugees from countries without any ability to ascertain whether or not they have our best interests at heart. or whether or not they buy into radicalism. why should we take in any of them? >> there's just no way. there's no way to tell. we shouldn't take any of them. we should send them all to saudi arabia where there's plenty of room, and they're in complete commonality culturally and religiously. there's absolutely no reason. you know why the saudis are not taking them? they say openly there are terrorists among them.
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the islamic state last february, isis said they were going to send 500,000 refugees into europe. that's before the crisis began. in september, one of their operatives said, we already sent 4,000 jihadis into europe. they estimated there were 20,000 active jihadis among the refugees in his country. it's absolutely impossible to tell the jihadis from genuine refugees. we shouldn't take even one of them. but the denial as you point out, sean, it's universal. the presidential candidates are saying this is not a problem, not a threat, and we should bring these people in solely on humanitarian grounds. we're setting ourselves up for a jihad attack on the scale of trors in new york, washington or l.a. or chicago or all of them. >> but that is unfair. that is very immoral and unethical, irresponsible statement. >> oh, please. >> the refugees don't want to come to the united states who causes problems. you just mentioned saudi arabia.
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a satanic system that is providing ideology and might and military and media for isis and other terrorists. look, we are friendly with saudi arabia. and we are fighting those who are fighting isis. we are fighting hezbollah. we are fighting syria. we are fighting iran. we are fighting those -- we are fighting isis. we are friendly with the source of this problem. who is this king to condemn isis -- >> sean -- >> please -- hang on. one at a time. brigitte? >> people ask me all the time, what can we do to make sure the syrian refugees do not come to our country. i tell them, go to our website. we have a petition to the leadership of congress to stop obama from bringing refugees into the country. sign up to get our action alerts. we now know that under the law, any community that is going to bring refugees into that
11:30 pm
community must hold under the law public hearing. we are notifying people nationwide when the public hearings are held. so citizens who are concerned about this issue -- >> brigitte, i have to interrupt. i have to interrupt here. i want to thank you all for being with us. we appreciate your time. thank you. coming up next, tonight, right here on "hannity" -- >> when you look at what happened in that case, it was just reported, one from syria, our president wants to thak in 250,000 from syria. >> 2016, republican presidential candidate donald trump takes on president obama for his naive policy toward the middle east refugees. when we come back, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich, he weighs in and how could we make sure an attack like this does not happen again here on american soil. that, and more, right here on "hannity."
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fox news alert. tonight in the wake of the deadly terror attacks in paris, the 2016 democratic presidential candidates are squaring off in their second de beet. what are they saying about defeating isis? our own ed henry. >> good to see you, sean. in the first 20 minutes or so of this debate here in iowa, hillary clinton on defense about isis about the paris terrorists attacks. at one point she said i do not believe we're at war with radical islam. the reaction to that online and overnight will be very interesting. she also at one point was trying to break withment obama by saying, i do not think that isis can be contained. a rebuke of what the president told abc news yesterday before the attacks. then she went on to sort of agree with the president that america cannot take the lead in this, that we have to have our
11:37 pm
allies in the mideast take the lead. quote, this is not america's fight. interesting, because fellow democrat martin o'malley ostd with that and said i disagree with mrs. clinton. another interesting moment was when bernie sanders, the democratic socialist senator, after what he said in the first debate in vegas that he believes climate change is the biggest national security threat. the lead moderator has done a good job of contrasting the records. but staying to substance, not just making it a food fight. pressed him and said, senator sanders, are you still believing that climate change is still the biggest national security threat, even after paris and what happened just yesterday? bernie sanders said, yes, absolutely. this is our biggest national security threat. he said it's directly tied to terror. pretty interesting moments. secretary clinton on defense throughout this debate, sean. >> ed henry, thanks so much for being with us. the 2016 republican presidential
11:38 pm
candidates have also been commenting on the attacks in paris. here's what donald trump said earlier today. >> when you look at what happened in that case, it was just reported, one from syria, our president wants to take in 250,000 from syria. i mean, think of it. 250,000 people. when you look at paris, you know, the toughest gun laws in the world, paris, nobody had guns but the bad guys. you can say what you want, but if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry -- it would have been a much, much different situation. >> many of the other candidates have also come out against the attacks and offered support to the french people. here now tonight with reaction, the author of the brand-new book
11:39 pm
"duplicity." newt gingrich is back with us. it's almost breathtaking, mr. speaker, two hours before the attack, the president is saying that isis is contained. remember, it wasn't long ago he was referring to them as the jv team. meanwhile, they've taken over cities that we've won in iraq. and then hillary clinton during the debate tonight saying that i don't think we are at war with radical islam, and bernie sanders believing climate change is a bigger national security threat than radical islam. i mean, how out of touch can they be? how can they be so wrong so often? thoughts? >> well, i was asked this the other night on a show and i said, partly because they're nuts. and i think you have to understand, they believe in -- >> that's a short answer. >> yeah, but they believe in a fantasy world. the president of the united states may be the most dangerous president in national security terms in american history. he lives in a fantasy world. it's a fantasy world about
11:40 pm
russia, it's about a fantasy world about the middle east, it's a fantasy world about libya. fantasy about bringing unvalidated syrians in significant numbers to the united states. hillary clinton is part of the same fantasy world. and she was secretary of state for four years. it is a disaster. and i think it's a great test to the american people whether or not you can watch this horror show in paris and learn nothing from what just happened. let me just say one thing. a dear friend of mine, bill fortune, wrote a book last year called days of wrath. i recommend every american in the light of paris. days of wrath is about an islamic assault on american schools. and the fact that gun-free zones are terrific unless you have terrorists. and then you just create a slaughtering zone. people need to look at what happened in paris and ask
11:41 pm
themselves, what actions do we take this coming week? not in five years, this coming week to recognize how dangerous this is? >> mr. speaker, i've got to wonder, have we not learned anything from 9/11, the 9/11 commission report saying they are at war with us, we are not at war with them? and this president, it's almost pathological, his inability to say radical islamic terrorists. you know, him clinging to these ridiculous notions that ft. hood was an instance of workplace violence, as major hassan killed all of these people, shouting a a alaha akbar. add to that the iranian deal, which is, in my mind, may turn out to be worse than munich 1938. >> look, i think it may well be, may be much more dangerous than munich was.
11:42 pm
and they started the second world war, it was a nightmare. i gave a speech in early 2003 and said that the state department was fundamentally failing to serve the united states. all of that, everything i said over a decade ago is still true. what you have is an establishment world view personified by obama. but he's not the heart of it. there's an entire world view on our campuses, in many of our newsrooms, in the state department. that basically is not prepared to deal with how hard the world is going to be. we have real enemies. those enemies are quite prepared to cut off your head. if they get a nuclear weapon, they're going to use it. we temporarily now have a moment to say to ourselves, what are we going to do? i'll give you one example for the u.s. congress. they should move this coming week to cut off all funding for any syrian refugee that comes to the united states. we have no reason to believe that we can vet these people, that we know who are the terrorists and who aren't the terrorists.
11:43 pm
and it is madness, it's suicidal for a country to pay to bring its own enemies into its own bosom. >> we would be basically duplicating the same mistakes that france made that i would argue probably led to what happened yesterday in france. >> sure. >> i think about evil in our time. and a president that referred to them as the jv team. and then we've got to now look at the refugee crisis, the 2016 campaign. the president now talking about 255,000 refugees from syria, from iraq, from elsewhere around the world, and then, of course, we still have wide-open borders in a post-9/11 world. immigration was already a huge issue in this campaign. what impact of what happened yesterday, the comments of hillary and bernie sanders today, do you think all of this has on this race? >> it's going to be very, very polarizing. the fact is the democrats cannot come to grips with the fact that we have active enemies. they can't come to the grips --
11:44 pm
remember, this is the second major attack in paris this year. the original attack on the magazine was this year, and we were all horrified. although the president wasn't moved enough to actually go to paris. he issued another totally pathetic statement last night where he could not bring himself to say who the enemy was. but he talked in grand language about all of humanity. baloney. part of humanity wants to kill the other part of humanity. they prove it every single day. it's time to get real about the fact that our first goal has to be victory if we're ever going to get to peace. >> let me play for you -- we all know the comments that the president made about christianity and about the crusades, and there's been a mass slaughter of christians, and you see these. we have done little to help them. and the terrible deeds that he said were done in the name of jesus christ. and yet here, i want to go through a history of montage,
11:45 pm
and give your take of what the psychology is in his mind about not being able to say the words radical islam. listen to this. >> the united states is not and will never be at war with islam. i'm also proud to carry with me the good will of the american people. and a greeting of peace from muslim communities in my country. islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism, it is an important part of promoting peace. our enemies respect no religious freedom. al qaeda's cause is not islam. it's a gross distortion of islam. the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam. isil is not islamic. no religion condones the killing of innocents. the vast majority of isil's victims have been muslim. we have confirmed again and again the united states will never be at war with islam.
11:46 pm
islam teaches peace. >> add to that, mr. speaker, what hillary said tonight, and bernie sanders tonight. how do you interpret their inability, it's not even a reluctance, it's a refusal. >> historians will some day look back and see this as almost a psychos psychosis. this sa psychological problem. this is not an intellectual problem. if you want to start comparison, look at the president of egypt who sa practicing muslim, and it's a bit much for a president of the united states, presumably they have some notion of their own religion, and don't need lectures from the american president. assisi is a practicing muslim, went to see the major imams at the cairo university, and lectured them ferociously and said, look, we're allowing ourselves to be isolated from
11:47 pm
the world by accepting a radical version which frightens everybody. and you have an obligation to fight it. now, al assisi, as a practicing muslim, understands vastly better than barack obama or hillary clinton or bernie sanders what is at stake here. it is a mutant version of islam, but a very real version of islam, which is prepared to kill people if they don't submit. >> mr. speaker, we appreciate your time. i think this will grow as a huge issue in this campaign. and thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, so how can we destroy isis? when we come back, our panel responds. that's straight ahead. do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief.
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just over 4 ago, a terrorist attacked multiple locations in paris. so what can we do to destroy isis and prevent this from ever happening right here on american soil? back with us, u.s. general tony tata, colonel david hunt and colonel bill cowan. colonel cowan, one of the things we certainly must do is recognize, unlike hillary clinton and bernie sanders tonight, that we're at war against radical islam. they need to first recognize a simple truth, right? >> absolutely, sean.
11:53 pm
it's self-evident to anybody paying attention, particularly to all of our men and women who have been engaged in that fight, all of the families who have lost loved ones in the battle out there. speaker gingrich just hit it. besides the bombs and bullets, speaker gingrich talked about president el cici, who knows that muslims have a problem amok themselves. >> colonel hunt, your response? >> absolutely, sean. the religious aspect is critical. killing them is not that hard. political will, you wipe out isis, you still got an unstable iraq and unstable syria and we still got countries like qatar who funded isis, and other countries like iran. so this war on terror is bigger than isis. >> general, the 9/11 commission
11:54 pm
report said they're at war with us, we're not at war with them. isn't the first order of business getting back to a pre9/11 or avoiding a pre9/11 mentality again? >> absolutely, sean. there's a big difference between leadership and taking the lead. so what we need to do is demonstrate leadership. the north atlantic council should be meeting here shortly. a nato member was attacked. president hollande was very clear about that. so there's a decision to be made about activation of article v, as nato did after october of 2001. and so that's 28 member nations on the hook to build a coalition. then you pull in the middle east, and you get some boots on the ground there and influence nato in the right direction. >> thank you all for being with us. unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening.
11:55 pm
thank you for being with us. bret baier is live from washington with reaction to the democratic debate. thank you for being here.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm brett bare in washington. welcome to our special wrap up of the democratic presidential debate. it was held tonight in des moines, iowa. and it was not without controversy, vounlt surrounding paris terrorist attacks. ed henry joins us live. good evening, ed. >> reporter: it certainly changed the focus tonight. at the beginning all about national security. we're learning about an extraordinary fight that happened before the debate, a conference call which an aide to bernie sanders objected that they were going to focus so much on terror, perhaps suggesting that he was


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