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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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♪jake reese, “day to feel alive”♪ france already striking back at the savages of isis who claimed responsibility for the wave of terror across paris, as a manhunt is under way at this hour for a suspect named in the deadly attacks. he would be the possible eighth attacker. this as we learn the victims of the appalling tragedy were nationals of france as well as eight other nations. i'm harris faulkner. french officials are identifying abdeslam salah as a possible eighth attacker and claimed he rented the car used by the gunmen. police say he's 26 years old,
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questioned earlier when his car was first pulled over near the belgian border. but somehow he was released. now we're just getting new video of the attacks. nearly 200 people reportedly remain hospitalized. france is in the middle of three days of national mourning. we're learning new details about the vick intimidates, including a 23-year-old student from california. rick leven enleventhal has more. >> reporter: he was already known to and wanted by authorities, known to have rented one of the cars used by the terrorists. he was stopped by police near the belgian border. investigators were looking for this man, knew he was wanted.
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but apparently word had not gotten to the french police who pulled him over. they did an i.d. check and let him go. now they're scrambling to find him and the other men who were in the car with him. one of his brothers was one of the suicide bombers. and another brother was also arrested in brussels. but salah remains at large along with whoever made those explosive vests worn by the seven now-dead terrorists who killed 129 people and wounded 350 others in those six separate attacks friday night, harris. >> tell us what it's lyle likeike in paris right now. people are tense, i know but they still want to go on with the rest of their lives. what's it like right now? >> reporter: they do. but this city is still very much on edge. i can give you an example. we stopped in a store earlier this evening. we went in for a couple of
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minutes. a customer who left came running back in very upset, saying she had heard there was a man with a gun outside. the other customers in the store got very upset. the shopkeeper closed the metal gate to block the front door. we could see out the front window and things looked okay. we slipped out of the back and sure enough it appeared to be a false alarm. there was another false alarm earlier this evening at one of the memorial sites where there was a virtual stampede of people who started running when they heard what they thought were gunshots nearby. as it turned out, apparently they were firecrackers. these people obviously didn't know that. and some of them went running right through the memorial itself kicking over some of the candles that had been placed near one of the sites where many people had been shot and killed. it's easy to understand with so much tragedy, and new new suspects or other suspects still on the run, and the stories of the victims, again, being shared including that one american who was killed in these
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attacks, you mentioned nohemi gonzalez she was a design student from cal state long beach, here studying for a semester abroad. she was one of those cut down at the cafes, at the cambodian restaurant. harris this city is in morning mourning. a number of landmarks remain closed. we heard the bells at notre dame this morning ring for 15 minutes in solidarity for the victims. >> rick thank you so much. france is fighting back launching air strikes in syria. we're also getting new video of fighter jets dropping in excess of 20 bombs maybe as many as 30 on targets including a jihadi training camp, hitting
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raqqah syria, the nest where isis has proclaimed it their capital. all of this reigniting the debate over the plan to bring 10,000 syrian refugees into the united states. ben rhodes is reassuring americans that the administration has ways of weeding out possible extreme i was the -- extremists. >> we have ways of vetting them against all the available information. and what we need to be able to do frankly, is sort out the people who have gone into syria and launched attacks or those people who have joined isil. >> joining me now is presidential candidate and governor of new york george
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pataki. you were governor during the time we were hit on 9/11. you were your experience is valuable at this time. your thoughts. >> first, harris i just heard the security person saying how we have robust intelligence we're going to be able to vet these people. it's utter nonsense. we have the head of isis ail -- al baghdadi. this is completely impossible. we do know with absolute certainty that among those refugees are isis trained terrorists. we have to stop the flow. but more importantly, harris i've been saying for over a year we have got to attack and destroy their training centers,
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recruitment centers, planning hubs over there now before they can attack us here again. >> france is on it. i mean i know it's a slim start, they've just gotten going. and we don't know what president hollande is going to announce at this quote unquote, extraordinary meeting of parliament. we're trying to put ourselves in the place of the parisians right now. i don't know if you were able to watch our correspondent rick leventhal. it's hellish for those people over there. >> it is. i remember after september 11th a tremendous number of new yorkers lived in fear as well. i remember the security people did not want president bush to visit ground zero three days after the attacks because of the uncertainty. and for literally six months tourists just didn't go to the theater, the restaurants, the hotels in new york. it takes time to recover from
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this sort of thing, which is one of the reasons, mainly for the sake of humanity we have to destroy them over there. i did watch parts of the democratic debate last night. the only time hillary clinton invoked september 11th was not about the french horrible attacks and the need to destroy isis. it was as an excuse for her raising money from wall street. that is just despicable. this isn't about her raising money. september 11th was a lesson that radical islam poses a threat to new york no americato america, all over this world. >> since you brought it up we've got that bit of it with hillary clinton and 9/11. let's watch it together then i'll get your response. >> wait a minute senator. you know not only do i have hundreds of thousands of donors most of them small, and i'm very proud that for the first time a majority of my donors are women,
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60%. [ applause ] >> i represented new york. and i represented new york on 9/11 when we were attacked. where were we attacked? we were attacked in downtown manhattan, where all street is. i did spend a whole lot of time and effort helping them rebuild. that was good for new york it was good for the economy. and it was a way to rebuke the terrorists who had attacked our country. >> governor pataki quickly, your thoughts on that. >> i think it's just reprehensible. the day after the paris attacks she's invoking september 11th as an excuse for her fundraising from wall street. radical islam poses a threat to our safety in the west in the united states every single day. that's what she should have been talking about after the attacks in paris. but no it's about her fundraising. this is a woman who lied about benghazi, we know that lied about her home brew e-mail
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server system when she was secretary of state. and now uses september 11th as an excuse to fund-raise from wall street. this is not a person who is qualified to be president of the united states. we need a leader who understands that isis is not contained, as the president said yesterday, that we can't -- friday that we can't send 50 special ops into syria and expect that we're going to stop them. i just heard you, harris saying how france is launching bomb attacks in raqqah against a known isis terrorist training camp. why did it take so long? why did it take the attack in paris? why didn't we destroy that terrorist training center because we knew they were doing it to attack us here? their planning centers, recruitment centers, training centers. we have got to destroy them over there. france now is leading, thank god someone from the west is leading, because certainly this administration obama and clinton and john kerry, have not. but the united states needs to
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step up, act and protect our security and our safety beginning right now. >> i'm sure at that news conference in turkey when the president steps away from the g-20 summit he's going to be asked a barrage of questions that will come up from reporters. governor pataki you were on watch when the city saw its darkest days in new york we wanted to get your perspective. thank you. >> thank you, harris. right now, we're reggae young american student who died when gunmen opened fire on the streets of paris. and france promising to be merciless against the islamic state. pounding targets in raqqah syria, where they nest as they try to build their caliphate. stay close. think your heartburn pill works fast? take the zantac it challenge! zantac works in as little as 30 minutes.
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let's take a moment to look at what's happening live right now. as you can see, the clock on the corner of your screen is just approaching 2:15 a.m. this is at the republique plaza, were hundreds of people have streamed throughout the day, building a tribute to the people confirmed dead in the attacks on paris. we don't have the sound, but we know from many of the gatherings that we've been watching this weekend, sometimes they're singing, sometimes an anthem sometimes songs of solidarity. there's always a good word a prayer being said. sometimes there is silence. we wanted to give you a little bit of the flavor of that city that country, as it survives. france is right now launching massive air strikes following the deadly terror attacks on their capital city.
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it is the largest french raid in syria to date. president obama, russian president putin taking a break from the g-20 summit potentially setting a background for action against isis but there's a lot we don't know yet. lieutenant general richard newton is here. you are the perfect person to ask, we're learning anywhere from 20 to 30 bombs dropped on raqqah which is what i call the scorpions' nesting hole for these guys. you're not impressed by this number. >> i'm not focused on numbers at this point. the significance is france hasn't even buried its dead yet. i hate to be so direct. but they're already out there striking targets. i think it's significant that france leads off what i hope to be a more robust air campaign or campaign period. also behind the scenes i'm sure the united states is supporting them in every way we possibly
5:17 pm
can. it's important that france now, particularly in the next 24 to 72 hours, really starts to kick it in. >> why? >> first off, they've been attacked. this is an extraordinary attack. this is the most significant attack from a terror attack on western soil since that spanish train bombing, if you recall several years ago. they had already been attacked back in january. >> they were also attacked but our guys were on that train. >> so france is getting a hotbed an extraordinary targeted. not just france. this is about europe about the united states about the free world. again, back to the topic of the discussion what a great opportunity for france now to bear its own call to arms. it's going through suffering but it's saying we're not just going to suffer we're going to do something about this. >> as i look at the numbers, we stale made up in the air campaign, which you say is more like a drizzle than a bomb 95%
5:18 pm
of what's being dropped. but you have some numbers that you can drop on us. >> i can't. to go back a bit, the u.s.-led coalition air campaign to date has been what i call a drizzle versus what i would want to see, a thunderstorm. just last month we averaged five sorties a day. >> so not even -- okay. >> so the number is significantly low. but also go back to history. after saddam hussein took over kuwait and so forth, and desert storm, a 42-day air campaign that was conducted between january and february we averaged 1200 sorties a day. that air campaign enabled the ground forces to come in and win the ground. >> i've got to tell you, that is pathetic. five a day compared to 1200.
5:19 pm
i understand what happened to get us in at that point. but are we in this or are we not in this? five a day makes it sound like we're not even in this. >> i think the american people need to know that. rather looking back, we need to look forward from this point on. our commander in chief is at the g-20 summit a wonderful opportunity for him to exercise leadership and for him to lead the free world in making this not just about france but about -- i think we go back to this being a global war on terror. he needs to rally not only the american people but other world leaders. >> with or without that article v that france could trigger, something we did after 9/11. you're saying we don't even need that. >> right. >> do you think there's a fire in the belly for americans to support something like that? >> i think there is fire in the belly. the president has an international audience but he
5:20 pm
needs to go to the american people rally them assure them that we are in this not only assure the american people but assure allies. >> and maybe tell the enemy. >> or he's going to tell the enemy that we're ready to deny, disrupt, and destroy you. >> lieutenant general richard newton thank you very much. we appreciate your time and your expertise. paris declaring three days of mourning following the tragedy there. [ bell ringing ] >> now a famous french church is opening its doors once again. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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let's take a look mourners gathering in california to remember an american college student, among the 129 victims
5:24 pm
in the paris terrorist attacks. this is live in long beach, cal state. they're holding a vigil on that campus. it ended just a couple of minutes ago. nohemi gonzalez fatally shot at a restaurant. the 23-year-old senior was studying abroad as part of an exchange program. her family spoke earlier. watch. >> we are here because mimi is in our hearts. mimi is in our hearts today and tomorrow. >> officials at the french school notified long beach state of gonzalez's death and confirmed it with her parents. bells ringing as a notre dame cathedral in france's capital city.
5:25 pm
[ bells ringing ] >> part of a special memorial service to honor those who died in the terror attacks, as the city begins to take some steps toward recovery. in our own nation's capital, a memorial popping up to honor the victims. hundreds of people stopping by to pay their respects outside the french embassy. >> reporter: within hours of friday's attacks, this makeshift memorial began to appear, and a steady stream of people have been coming ever since, bringing signs, cards, and flowers which messages like this: we are with you, paris. bottle of french wine surrounded by flowers. so many people coming to pay their respects to the victims, show their support to the people of france and send a message to isis that they will not win.
5:26 pm
>> i feel like if we let terrorists strike fear into people and let them stop us from going on with our way of life then we've let them win. >> reporter: last night several00 people filled lafayette square across from the white house, named after the great french hero of the revolutionary war. some waved flags while singing in french. at one point people shouted, viva la france. they were all offering condolences and expressing solidarity with the people of france harris. our continuing coverage of the crisis in paris, and the search for the possible eighth terrorist suspect as we hear more from americans who were there about what happened. >> the hotel was on lockdown. we didn't get in. we had to pound on the door ring a buzzer. finally they came to the door and kind of peeped out. it was a sad day, a scary day.
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♪ ♪ welcome to the most social car we've ever designed. the 2015 nissan murano. recipient of autopacific's best-in-class vehicle satisfaction award. now get great deals on the nissan murano. i'm harris faulkner. this is "the fox report." an international manhunt is under way for a suspect. abdeslam salah was questioned nearly the belgian border but somehow they let this guy go. meanwhile, witnesses are recounting the terror from friday night.
5:31 pm
>> these people must not win. they make so many problems all over the world. let's get together. they killed our child. innocent people. 18, 20 people here. >> "these people must not win." wow. the fox news political insiders will join us in a few minutes. first, steve, listen to that man punches you right in the heart. what is the latest for the manhunt for those savages? >> reporter: harris the manhunt is intense, not just here in
5:32 pm
paris but in belgium as well not just for the eighth attacker but anyone who might have been involved some analysts say as many as two dozen people could have been involved. the manhunt for the eighth attacker was sparked by the discover of the getaway car, a black hatchback found 4 miles east of paris. inside three kalashnikov rifles automatic weapons used to gun down people behind me including a 23-year-old american college student. harris? >> i know steve, as you're standing there, obviously these people have been through so much. but what is life like right now? we just took a look at the republique plaz.aplaza. people are gathered outside there. how are people holding together? >> reporter: in the first 24 hours there was a sense of being stunned and real fear people being told to stay inside by officials.
5:33 pm
that changed dramatically on sunday people wanted to show that they weren't afraid finally coming out. this is still a city on edge made worse by the fact that not all the attackers were killed on friday harris. >> steve, thank you very much, we appreciate your reporting. some of the republican presidential candidates have been reacting to the attack since friday. they've started coming in the statements very quickly. >> reporter: they did, harris. the republican candidates have long been critical of many democrats as reluctant to use the term "radical islam." during last night's debate hillary clinton said we were at war with jihadists and violent extremism, but she stopped short of saying we're at war with islamic extremism. marco rubio today said he doesn't get it. >> i don't understand it. that would be like saying we weren't at war with nazis because we're afraid to offend
5:34 pm
some germans who aren't violent themselves. we are at war with radical islam, with an interpretation of islam by a significant number of people around the world which they believe now justifies them in killing those who don't agree with their ideology. >> reporter: rubio says he believes the key to defeating isis will be high profile, humiliating defeats to prove the terror group isn't invincible harris. >> thank you very much. lieutenant general richard newton is going to join me again, because we had some things we didn't finish talking about, then some more developments. with the news of the guantanamo bay transfers, you've got some thoughts you've got some more notes. bring me the notes. >> let me back up a little bit. the scene with that father and the loss of his family i'm a grandfather and a father myself so certainly our hearts and prayers need to go out to the french people as well. this here this transfer of
5:35 pm
prisoners out of gitmo, again, the timing of it is beyond curious. the transfer of those gitmo prisoners. the whole discussion of whether we bring those prisoners to the united states that's a whole other topic. the administration needs to rethink in terms of the overall scheme the global war on terror and what we have control of here. >> i know you're careful not to criticize the president. and you can talk with the audience about that briefly. but specifically the timing of this you say is very troubling. why? >> because now we're going to give back prisoners we've held and so forth. i just think the timing of that -- >> and you think that makes us a target here in the united states? >> not necessarily a target for
5:36 pm
these prisoners. but should we take those prisoners and put them in the united states, put them in communities, wherever that's going to be. now, the fact that isis or any other terrorists would think in terms of having their brotherhood now being hosted in the united states. does that do potential harm to the american people? does that raise our threat? >> because they'll want to hit us? >> again, it's another unknown. and so i'm into reducing risk. i want to reduce risk for the american people. >> i like that. >> and certainly for those serving overseas. the president is at the g-20 summit. when our president is overseas and when we're at an extraordinarily critical time in the world right now but certainly for u.s. national security policy we have to support our commander in chief. i want our president to come back having led that g-20 summit having rallied those world leaders, coming back to the american people and assuring
5:37 pm
us that we want to win. >> you say, we better stop calling them terrorists. why? >> they are terrorists and radical islam -- >> you say their name is bigger than that. >> i think in terms of isis right now as being nation-state-like. they have a governance. they have an economy. they have finances. they have an infrastructure. they have a caliphate. they have a territory. they certainly have a population. and they have a field of forces. if we think of them as a nation-state -- >> did that change your strategy? >> yes. whatever kind of campaign in this case an air campaign you take the air campaign and you don't limit air power or other parts of u.s. national security power. you go full force. >> do you team up with the russians to do that? they're in the air now too. >> absolutely. you team up with a coalition. >> do you trust them?
5:38 pm
>> i'll tell you what, that will be a deterrent. i've flown with the russian air force. it's a matter of really understanding not only, you know at the senior level but airman to airman it's important. we have a long way to go before we can fly and fight with the russians. i'm not saying we can. but this is a new dawn, a new age. we can't go back and fight yesterday's warm. we can't go back and do desert storm. from this point on how are we going to go address what this isis, this radical islam? last point, senator rubio we had him on air, he said something interesting, this is about a clash of civilizations. two things will happen. we win or they win. i want us to win. >> lieutenant general richard newton, former assistant vice chief of staff, u.s. air force, thank you very much twice in one hour we're glad to have you here sir. >> i'm honored to be here. president obama is meeting
5:39 pm
with his russian counterpart, vladimir putin, to talk about the crisis in syria. does the u.s. need to strike a deal with russia to fight against isis? we know what the lieutenant general says. we'll talk about it with our political insiders. we want you to weigh in on our fox news social media pages, twitter and facebook. stay close.
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5:43 pm
let's bring in our guests. a former pollster for president bill clinton and fox news contributor as well. moments ago lieutenant general newton said he's flown with the russians, can't way whether or not it will happen here. do we do a deal with russia to go and do what france has started tonight, these 20 to 30 strikes, and lay them out? >> it's possible. they had a russian airliner blown up. >> and like you say, when you go against russia it's not like anybody else in the world. >> i'll ask this question. who is going to be on the ground doing the fighting house to house, town to town? obama is going to have to get over this ridiculous agreement where we can't arm the peshmarga
5:44 pm
without baghdad giving approval. screw that. we need other troops. there are not enough of them. it should be muslim arab troops. >> egyptians and jordanians. the problem is they used to be our best allies, until obama came along. >> maybe they would. they're active in yemen right now. >> he ticked off our best allies. he got in bed with cuba and iran. it's a mess. >> they don't trust him. the sunnis and the shiites. the problem here is the president, i hate to say this as so managed to screw this up beyond all comprehension. now we have the russians we're talking about welcoming the russians but the russians are not going to give up assad. the turks want assad out.
5:45 pm
they want him done. they also want to kill kurds. we have mismanaged all of this to a fare thee we will. we're now in bed with the cubans for god's sakes. >> this comes from our twitter page too bad our military isn't allowed to hit isis like france is. we don't know what's going to happen at that quote unquote, extraordinary meeting with parliamentary here's the that hollande is talking about, but he's probably getting a lot of support from his people on the ground in france go do what you have to do. that window is not open forever. >> that's correct. which is why the united states needs to respond. my response to sectretary clinton
5:46 pm
is to defeat them. we can't take anything off the table. the bulk of the fighting has to be done with arabs, who have a stake in the region. we can't rule anything out. we have to invoke clause v. we have to rally the american people and the leadership of this country to fight an international terrorist organization that has declared war on us and is not backing down anytime soon. they've said they're coming here. they've said they're coming back to western europe. we have to take them seriously. >> we especially have to take them seriously since that's exactly what they're doing. let's shift a little bit. you know the lieutenant general and i were talking, he came back to have a second conversation because we were getting more information about this gitmo detainee situation, they're being transferred to the united arab emirates. what are your thoughts about that pat? >> i just think it's the stupidest move, whether
5:47 pm
incompetence or on purpose. sending a signal is a problem. we are signaling weakness always. that is the -- over and over again, the action of this administration. it's incompetence of the first order. about refugees mr. rhodes got up today and lied and said we have a massively wonderful vetting system. the head of the fbi says we don't. we are committed to things that want to feel good. his bubble world has crashed. in 1990 george bush put a coalition together that had 28 arab countries with troops on the ground as well as the french and the british and ourselves. and you know what that's what this president needs to do. but i'm afraid he will undermine nato and have his great dream of
5:48 pm
nato disappearing. >> on twitter, obama slapped us across the face by letting five gitmo prisoners out to carry out war and we do nothing. we're watching your i didn't want -- to your input in all this. how did the democratic candidates' answers stack up? political insiders, coming right back. it's just what you do for family. but it's hard to build a future if you can't see past today. that's why walmart is investing in the most important part of our company - our people. because a raise in pay raises us all. ♪ whether your car is a new car an old car a big car a small car
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>> all right. we are going to go around the table and include our friend from satellite about theyour thoughts on the democratic debate last night. >> hillary clinton had adid a good job. she didn't disassociate herself too far from president obama at the same time making it clear
5:52 pm
isis needs to be defeated. what was lacking was a clear strategy and a clear plan something neither candidate portrayed. >> you mean regard to policy. >> yes. >> senator sanders was not exactly pleased about that. he didn't want to focus as much about foreign policy. while you were talking about your support of hillary clinton pat began to snore. >> on hillary at a time when the country needs to be called together to a higher purpose now beginning war for her to punt last night refused to use the term radical islam, to say this isn't america's war. >> she lost a sparring practice with two -- (indiscernible) with
5:53 pm
a moderator who seeps not getting the right questions out there but get praised because he is so cool. i am so tired of this crap. the democratic party, i lived through this in the 70's that the democratics are soft on security and weak on terrorism exists. this i will not call it islam. if you call it radical islam you are attacking every muslim american in the world, which is just crazy. the party is mark my words by the end of this week bernie sanders will be running so hard to the left. there are no american troops at
5:54 pm
all, no action there because he's going to find it receptive. hillary will be caught in a crunch. that will be a major issue in this country. democrats want nato to die they will pay the price. >> i want to cut in with a question specifically about what path is saying. what do you do at this point? >> she has to outline a plan she has to make it clear. she has a clear strategy to fight isis. this is lsz i hitmight add an opportunity for the republicans and donald trump who has been mobilizing people around texas to outrage. he has to turn out rage into a plan of his own. >> do you think what pat was eluding to do you think if we don't support france they should have anmove forward with article 5. general newton says they do take that do we follow them?
5:55 pm
do we go with them? >> absolutely unam big lousily. hillary clinton add the democrats, pat is 100 percent right on what needs to be done. >> if he gets his wish in this that we bring down nato this president has a moment in which he can sink his party for a long long time. hill clinton is going to learn she better find herself a backbone that should take a position and stand for it and fight for it. >> you used an interesting term for a moment. she didn't mean it. >> two political midgets. >> in the land of the blind the one eyed woman is all seeing. >> oh my goodness gracious you guys. will final thoughts with the insiders are next.
5:56 pm
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abdeslamabdeslam >> this is a moment for trump to calm down. the rant in iowa was not the best night. he is over scheduled traveling too much. he needs to take a day or two off and think through this subject of what's happening with trance and the role of the united states and make himself a serious statement. >> despite the conventional wisdom he knows what real leadership is.
6:00 pm
>> thank you for the special two-hour episode. fox report wraps up on this sunday november 15th. i will be back with "out numbered" tomorrow. >> right now on "justice wanted, the french citizen police say was one of the attackers. he's on the lose and the manhunt is on. plus they said this is war and they meant it. france ordered massive air strikes in syria. late breaking details on the operation asd the city of lights remains on edge. >> you have a strange feeling of everybody could be a potential terrorist. "justice starts now. >> breaking tonight france launches massive air strikes against france's holds in


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