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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 16, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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with mark steyn to talk about the paris terrorist attacks. and tomorrow night 10:00 eastern. as always, thank you for being with us. our thoughts and prayers are with the people of france and around the world. thanks for being with us. this is a fox news alert. tonight, "on the record" a massive international manhunt is on. the targets the savage terrorists who attacked paris. owning fire and detective ton bombs, slaughtering 129 innocent people around the city of lights. right now france still under a state of emergency and the french president declaring france is at war. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino in for greta van susteren. and my colleague and anchor of america's newsroom bill hemmer reporting tonight live from paris. bill, thank you for staying up for us tonight. what are the french saying about the investigation? >> you bet, dana. remarkable hour after hour here in paris.
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the latest on the investigation as it stands right now, the french president for the first time in six years, dana, had what amounts to a joint session of congress at versailles in the outskirts of paris. that hasn't happened since 2009. again he repeated as he did friday and saturday over the weekend this is a country at war. he is looking for extensive police powers to be extended an additional three months. he needs government approval. but that is something he is pushing for immediately. the state of emergency, it's underway right now but will only last another 12 days unless parliament exte54ñ it the interior minister said this is just a start earlier today. he was referring to the raids, almost 200 carried out overnight last night and the number of arrests, more than 100 and still counting at this hour. they are deep into this investigation, dana. and here in france they are striking back. in paris and other places across the country, and overseas eastward in syria
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where the french military carried out with the help of u.s. targets, hitting islamic state targets and eastern syria near the town of raqqa. the city is open for business. traffic throughout the day. the schools were back in session today. paris wants the world to know that they may have been socked in the face on this moment, but they will not be down for long. we have live team fox coverage throughout the night tonight. "on the record" willkur÷ take to you belgium. we will take you there in a moment. but, first, our senior correspondent rick lesson that you with me live in paris for more on the investigation. rick, good evening to you. >> and to you. >> let's start with what the french government believes right nau is the mastermind for this operation. what do we know? what can we see. >> abdul hamid abide he is known as belgium's8÷ most notorious i didn't ahead. he had been in syria. he snuck back into belgium.
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put this team together. coordinated this terror attack. watched it unfold and then afterwards, when the whole country was looking for him, according to isis, he slipped back out of belgium and back into syria where he reportedly is in hiding right now. this is a guy who supposedly established up that attempted thai attack on the train that was thwarted by those three heroic americans. he also tried to finance and plan other plots that were foiled and then he somehow came with this plan which was unfortunately executed to perfection. >> i believe the french president said earlier today this was an tack that was designed in syria. transported to belgium and executed here in the country of france. >> also they are looking at the possibility of any terrorists, a survivor last week. what can we say about him. >> salah salem was the brother of one of the suicide bombers who blew himself up. this guy salah, allegedly one of the cars used in the
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terror attack and may have handled logistics for the terror atook. and then after the attack was stopped at the border in france by french police along with two other men in the car. they asked for his i.d. they checked his i.d. and they let him go. apparently even though the authorities knew this was the guy that rented one of the cars used in the terror attack. word had not reached the local french police. they could have had this guy and they probably couldtñ have learned a lot more about the planning of this particular terror attack. >> that episode, rick, i think it reminds us of how these governments try to protect the procedure but always things fall through the boards here. there are thousands of french who are under surveillance day and day and week after week. and, yet, still, this terrorist act was committed right under their nose. >> it's incredibly unfortunate, bill, this is someone who they had determined early on in part because of a rental car that was found at the scene that he was involved in theseh!u attacks. his had name was known to authorities and then they
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actually had a chance to catch him. they actually stopped him at the border and had a chance to detain him and somehow word didn't reach. >> perhaps they will get to him very soon because his picture is on the front page of every newspaper in this country. quickly, a the love the give and take here in france is what do you do about freedom and civil liberties and also trying to crack down in a country, again where the president said we are at war. >> you mentioned francois hollande the french president who asked to extend the three more months that would give the military and police extra powers and searches and arrests. the same thing happened after 9/11. the u.s. government got a lot more power to investigate, to snoop, if you will, on electronic communications to try and determine who might be involved in plotting more attacks and try to stop those attacks before they happen. they have been very successful at it the french may be realizing we need these kind of powers here as well because the threat is very real and we have seen it twice in the last 10 months. >> greg, thanks. great reporting today. >> thank you. >> a massive manhunt for
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those responsible that manhunt does continue. in fact, it continues in numerous countries. now spanning several nations, heavily armed special forces conducting these raids and that's daring raids at times in both france and neighboring belgium. feature story news reporter kevin what you can tell us? >> bill today, belgium police officers about 100 of them thoroughly combed through and sanderson brussels neighborhood known as molenbeek it has become the focal point of this investigation that's because so many of the tastes involved in friday's night's attack in paris have a connection to this brussels neighborhood. now, you were just talking about 2 of 6-year-old is a law abdul salah. he is a french national but born and raised in monthlien beck. as i mentioned today police did try to find him in brussels but they came up
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empty-handed. so right now is a law be a do you is a lamb is europe's most wanted man. this is was quite intense raid in the brussels neighborhood as the search for him went on.wóg6÷ police went person by person searching for this wanted terrorist. >> >> kevin, thank you. reporting live there in brussels, belgium. we will get back to you when the events warrant from there back here in paris, france, dana, 1:00 in the morning. traffic still on the street. this country is trying to get back on its feet. and i would say based on what we observed today, it's done a darn good job to date. dana, back to you now in new york. talk to you again in a couple minutes. >> thanks so much for being there, bill. back here in the united states, did the intelligence community get any warning
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about the paris attacks. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen is live at the white house. james? >> dana, good evening. president obama said today the u.s. intelligence community has harbored concerns for over a year about a large scale isis attack in the west but to the paris attacks in particular there were no clues. >> i am not aware of anything that was specific in the sense that would have given a pressroom miss about a particular action in paris that would allow for law enforcement or military actions to disrupt it.ñr >> at one point in his hour long news conference in turkey. president obama bristled at how many questions he was getting i understand mating he was underestimating isis. the terror group he called jay vee and an hour before the terrorist attacks to be contained in syria and iraq. he says he will not change his strategy which he arguedñ=ln
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is shrinking. john brennan told the center for strategic and international studies this morning that restrictions on u.s. intelligence collection in the wake of edward snowden's revelations and improvements to encryption are combining to make it harder to disrupt isis plots. technological capabilities that are available right now that makes it exceptionally difficult as well as technically or-to-have the incite they need to uncover it. >> a counter terrorism source tells our catherine herridge there are indication that the paris attackers used endescription you are services. the fares attacked were conceived in syria, organized in belgium and carried out with the assistance of french natives. belgium authorities conducting raids over the weekends reportedly found a playstation 4 gaming counsel which also may have allowed pier tod! pier self legs.
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what appear to be a isis video. the fbiened the department still say' at this point they see no specific or credible credit threat to the nights, dana. >> one of them there at the white house is there any sense that there is an emergency meeting? nirn meeting in the white house situation room to try to convene the national security council to talk about what they might do in the wake of these attacks? >> so many of the president's key national security aids like ben rhodes, for example, are traveling with the president. he is now in manila in the philippines for a regional summit. one striking thing that the president said in the news conference today he said he gets together with the national top secure to review. >> it struck me and in our day and age that only happens every few weeks. one would expect at least in this climate that it would be more frequent than that.
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>> tell me a little biftd more that the eight sis saying to washington, d.c. the intel and fbi have the ability to talk more than they used to. i understand that they would say that there is no necessarily credible threat. they don't think it's eminent. but at this point doesn't america and washington, d.c. need to take isis at its word? >> >> no question they regard isis as serious even if the president himself may have spoken derisively of their capabilities in the past. you are correct there is greater information sharing between the various intelligence community of by agencies and lawrmted and so forth. the president said in turkey that we are also, quote, and this is hifsz words streamline streamlining intelligence to the french. >> all right, james. thank you so much. >> you bet. >> president obama coming under heavy fire just hours before the horrific paris attack. the president insisted the brutal terror group is containedé( geographically. >> i don't think they are
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gaining strength. what is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain, and we have contained them. >> and to date, speaking at the g-20 turkey the slaughter arrests a set back. >> there will be set becomes and there will be successes. the terrorist convenience in payrolls were a terrible and:;÷ sickening set back. >> adam kinzinger goes "on the record" from capitol hill. thanks for joining us, sir. i wonder what your reaction was because i know you you have followed this closely and you have introduced legislation. have you tried, i think, to be a helping hand to the white house to say if you want to do more, i will help you try to do that. what was your reaction to his remarks today? >> it's a joke. he sced he there will be set backs a and questions. elf tell tell me what is the secrecy.
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celebrated -- why weren't they obamaed by the united states anyway? and then the president at one point says, you know, people have a right to question my strategy. they have a right to go popping off at the mouth it was almost like very immature way to say hey, you have a right to disagree. so, look, the president, i would have thought, in seven years he would have a lot thicker skin than he does but only seems to be getting thinner when he realizes his strategy is failing and people call him out on it. >> one of the things that experts in )% department of defense in particular has been calling upon the president to allow them to change the rules of:f engagement over in the area. can you explain what that means and what kind of change do they need? >> yeah. they need a rule of engagement that basically says if you are pretty significantly confident you have a you can take action on it right now i believe the president is so averse to any civilian casualties and we ought to do everything we can to avoid civilian casualties he is so add verse to it we don't strike what we almost know are certain targets because we are afraid there may be a
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civilian tragedy. the russians and their record in syria they bombed a number of civilians and military targets and we don't carry them out. the president needs to losen the rule of violence. we need better intelligence onth ground. that was unravel. we had signal intelligence gone. kill, capture and unrattle this organization. unfortunateliry we don't have that n the past and he did it again today is to put up a straw man argument saying that what am i going to do? he tells us what he is not going to do he is not going to put 50,000 troops on the ground. in your research and your information, the people that come and talk to you, is anybody suggesting putting 50,000 troops on the ground? >> i have never heard a single person, whether it was even them talking to he moo or anywhere on any television show anywhere in history recently that has said we need 100 troops in
11:15 pm
iraqi. you heard it in the press conference today and hear it all the time there is contention of folks arguing that obviously that doesn't exist. we are calling fegy but we need a strategy that destroys isis. the red line needs to be the existence of isis not the existence of ground troops. if we say no ground troops we are saying isis is bad and in cases they think it's worse. >> do you think whites heafn has a has haven to operated. the president set they don't have one but at this point do you think they do. >> sure they do. they have a caliphate the side of union knighted kingdom. vast members of isis do not feel threatened by air strikes. they are surprised of when one actually hits had. they have freedom of movement. this is where he they a small contention of supply roots. i do they think she a safe mason right now. a deep issue to talk about
11:16 pm
here part of that way to get rid of the government of assad. it's not between assad or ace sis. >> we will see about that you know that's probably what they are talking about right now. thank you some, congressman for joining us. >> you bet. take care. as the manhunt for terrorist attacks expands, france is remaining vigilant prepping for future attacks. "on the record" is live in paris. bill hemmer joins us again next. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement,
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this is a fox news alert back here live again in paris. the french president?z fran sway hollande. france strikes back deadly terrorist attacks. how are they getting ready for the possibility of more attacks? france 24 anchor marcus carlson live with me tonight in paris as well. marcus, good evening to you. >> good evening. >> give our -- let's talk about hollande in a second here who is under his own set of challenges in a significant way. give us a sense and our viewers at home about the conversations that french people are having tonight. >> you get the sense at this stage that the city is down perhaps but certainly not out. you are getting a sense that life is daunting to return once again to the streets of paris. during the weekend it was a little bit subdued. we didn't sees a many people as you would on any normal weekend out and about. but perhaps a little bit more we saw a little bit more people on sunday and today on monday it feels as if we are going back to business so to speak.
11:21 pm
muslims have opened up again. schools have opened up again so on and so forth. >> the monument has been draped throughout the day and pretty remarkable and impressive site to see. if you were to come just to this part of paris, you would think things were pretty normal. do you have a sense of what investigations is doing now in other parts of paris, and other parts of the country, perhaps on the borders? >> well, we know that police are at this stage they are racing to find who they believe could be the eighth suspect or the eighth gunman or perpetrator who took part in theew attacks on friday night. so they're searching for this 6-year-old man who was born here in france but who has been living in belgium. that to some extent means that the focus has been on bell yum in the past few hours or so or in the past 24 to 48 hours or so when it comes to that manhunt. that hasn't been lost on anyone here in paris. that is perhaps why we have seen a little bit of a let
11:22 pm
sense let at rit let accidents o.o. the french president was given a standing ovation at a very, very important speech. he is under a lot of heat, especially from the right right here in france how long can hold this coalition together of sorts? >> at the moment it seems to be holding this coalition. he has come out from minute one, essentially to say that we need to show unity. we need to show political unity across the political spectrum in the left wing to the right wing as you say he held this speech at the special congress today. it seems as though -- as i say that unity is holding for now. we are at this time starting to see some cracks. we did see some criticism of the president's speech especially from some lawmakers who say that they are a little bit uncomfortable with him wanting to prolong the state of emergency that we have in
11:23 pm
this country. >> if he gets that though, he will keep the unity that we have seen over the past couple of days. now, in january, when charlie hebdo was attackeda the newspaper, the country helped organize a million person march. i mentioned it's impressive to see the parisians to come hour after where are the great groups of people why are v. we not seen them. >> the turnout has been fairly impressive. we are still seeing people behind us as we speak. the hour is late here in paris. the weather isn't terribly nice. i think it is fairly impressive but you are right it's not. >> the government is discouraging people to get together in groups. that's part of the police order. >> that's definitely part of the story. the authorities have said they do not want people to congregate in a massive way.
11:24 pm
that goes back to what i was saying before that people were aware that there is potentially an eighth suspect still out there. we heard from the prime minister about this morning on the french radio throorp could be potentially more attacks in the future. both here in france and elsewhere in europe. he said only in the past few months french secret services have managed to foil four different plots were aimed at this country. >> and on and on it goes. markus, anchor from paris trying to give us a sense of the mood and the feeling and the future which isn't easy. thank you. let's get back to new york and more with dana now. >> all right, bill. stand by in paris. today president obama calling on world leaders and the g-20 summit in turkey to step up and commit to destroying isis so will those countries or the united nations answer the
11:25 pm
president's the president's call form are u.s. spokesperson to the united nations rick grenell goes "on the record." >> look, i think he was trying to fight a domestic political battle in front of the world. and it's not going to go over well. what the world wanted to see was leadership from the united states. the u.n. doesn't work or nato doesn't work enemies the united states has a plan and puts it forward and then tries to getvv others to go along or maybe adjust the plan accordingly. but, we have to start with u.s. leadership and i think what we saw today is that the u.s. leader, barack obama, was more interested in fighting his political battle back home rather than try to lead the world at this important time. >> so wereth spokesperson at the united nations for many years for the united states. and i'm curious of what you think about -- it seems likeé=
11:26 pm
it's been very quiet at turtle bay. i wonder what you think that the united nations could be doing or can they do at this point to try to help the situation. >>' things that should have been done is call an emergency u.n. security council meeting. you could easily have had that"9
11:27 pm
have been so frustrated that the united states just is not -- the leader that it usually is. when a crisis happens around the world, what usually;v?jk @&@ happens is that the u.s. ambassador or the u.s. representative at these2 entities call the meeting and brings awful of the ideas together and puts forward the plan. and when you don't have that leadership then you have the situation where the u.n. is broken and nato is broken and we just don't have a plan for the world. >> meanwhile, there was a democratic debate on saturday night and we don't have time for the sound bite because i want to get your take on it because foreign policy became the focal point of the debate. the three democratic candidates shied away from using the term radical islamic terrorism. do you think they are trying to down play the threat to make us feel better? >> y. i think what they're trying to do is get votes. they are trying to make seáe that muslim americans or really far left voters hear
11:28 pm
that they are more compassionate and that they are not blaming this on islam which is ridiculous because you and>÷g worked in the bush administration and we went out of our way to make sure that we bifurcated islam from radical islam there was never an intention to place this on islam. as a matter of fact, most of my muslim friends are outraged that this is happening. and so, saying radical i think is a better term and in many ways it sends the message that it's not muslim or the islam fault it is the radicalst. >> i think it helps muslim and islam if we call it for what it is. ric, thank you so much. and the hunt for the man investigators say helped isis slaughter dozens of people at the bataclan theater in paris is heating up. "on the record" is live in paris next. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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this is a fox news alert. europe escalating the hunt tore terrorist suspects behind the deadly terrorists attacks. the international search comes as the world joins together face of pure evil. the eiffel tower shining in the red, white and blue. my colleague bill hemmer is in the city of lights. bill, i'm so glad you stayed up for us because your perspective is key for us. what are the threats about the recruited.÷
11:33 pm
eight terrorists that carried out this attack. some actually french citizens born and raised in europe and some possibly from syria. can you tell us more about that? >> yeah, there is the concern is this country of france under surveillance. you think about the massive amount of detail and manpower that has to go to watch them 24/7. it's frankly impossible. they believe there were is thousand men from france who have joined the fight with islamic state in syria and iraq. and they hold that french passport. and they have the ability to transitgk continent if they so choose. 30 years ago, there was a huge effort across this continent to break down the borders. they did it for commerce and they did it for business and they wanted to make sure that people could travel without using a passport. and people could travel almost visa-free. well, now they have that throughout the and that is becoming a
11:34 pm
significant issue about concern and freedom of passage for those that want to do harm. it's going to be a very important story in this debate as we go forward, dana. >> a question for you about the 160 raids that took place overnight do they have any prior of the intel. could any of those raids been done prior to the attacks? that's a great question and frankly the french investigators have not revealed that answer as of now. one must assume if they have surveillance on what they would consider a hot suspect or a hot possibility that they have been watching it for some time. the french president also is making a lot of proposals now, too about putting them in certain categories under surveillance that would give you a degree of potential right on the verge of perhaps carrying out an attack and at that point,
11:35 pm
based on the expanded police hour powers we are seeing today and next coupleíu of days unless the french government expands it beyond the 12 days that the police would have that latitude to go in and make a move. i cannot emphasize to you enough the amount of concern there is in france. not just about today but about tomorrow and where this ends. because tonight, dana, it is anyone's guess. it is far from certain. >> all right, bill hemmer, anchor of america's' newsroom weekdays at 9:00 a.m. bill joins us live from paris in just a bit. thank you, bill. >> france not wasting time launching a barrage of air strikes. pounding isis where it hurts. how does this ramping up of aggression change the u.s. strategy to defeat isis? major general bob scales goes "on the record." mr. scales, or general scales, i want to ask you about the president saying that his strategy wasn't going to change but, yet, we see france dramatically
11:36 pm
changing overnight. do you think that we actually will will have to change our posture in order to achieve our goal of destroying and defeating isis. >> absolutely. what we are doing now is a pinprick, what is necessary)'> as the french have so noblably illustrated is a air campaign, hundreds, maybe a thousand sorties a day followed up by a limited ground assault, perhaps, on the center of greaftd of isis which is the city of iraq can -- raqqa. allow the civilians to exit. pound isis in the city until they surrender. and when they lose their heartland, when they when isis gives up the city of raqqa that begins the moral collapse of isis and eventually we are going to win this war. you can't do it by just pinprick attacks 8, 9 sorties a day it simply won't work. >> usama bin laden was able
11:37 pm
to recruit when they thought america was a weak horse. they like a strong horse. >> right. >> do you think anything that the french are doing will convince isis otherwise? >> they are just not bigxi enough, dana. they are using 10, 12 airplanes per sortie, two bombs each. the targets are march for modern than some of the targets we have hit recently. this should be u.s. aerial led campaign followed up by surgical ground campaign. unless you put troops on the ground and confront isis directly and pound them with air power, they will continue to grow and continue to do their evil mischief. >> all right, general, thank you so much. >> thank you, dana. >> the desperate search underway for the terrorists who helped pull off the deadly attack. "on the record" is in paris. that's next. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food?" is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers, what's the savings there?
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alert. right now the hunt is on for a key suspect in the paris terror attacks. raised this morning in belgium and france did not turn terrorists. ascended into daily kay os "on the record" griff jenkins has a look at horrific moments he that will forever be cedar into the memories of the french and the world. [sirens]@f ]i >> it was the bloodiest day in paris since world war ii. >> my dear compatriots what happened last night in paris and in stade de france is an act of war. >> the carnage begins at 9:20 p.m. paris time. the french national stadium france versus germany. and suddenly explosions rock the stadium as millions watch on live tv. inside french president francois hollande. cameras catch as flooding in and out of the stadium. soon the chaos spreads÷
11:43 pm
wars and restaurants across the city. dozens of innocent people are about to die. 9:25 p.m. gunmen open fire at a bar and restaurant total carnage, 15 killed, many more injured. the attacks continue at bars and restaurants all around paris' popular tenth's district. 9:36 p.m. shooters in the black vehicle spray bullets into a popular bar killing 19 people inside. 9:40 p.m. a concert for the eagles of death metal, a popular southern california band transformed into total at chaos. inside, systematic slaughter. the gunmen firing into the crowd as french swat teams prepare outside. 89 killed as the gunmen yell allahu akbar arabic for god is great. >> there were so many people that i ended up with one two people on top of me. and that saved my life. >> 12:20 a.m. french security forces launch their assault. inside, two of the gunmen
11:44 pm
detonate suicide bombs. a third gunman shot by police and the explosives he is wearing detonates. >> it's like war. >> maybe this is just a nightmare. this is not true and you are like no, no. this is true. this is happening right now. war. >> in all, more than 125 dead. hundreds more wounded. sending a chilling message and possibly triggers a whole new chapter in the war on terror. for "on the record," i'm griff jenkins. >> one american college student from california was killed in the terror attacks, 23-year-old gonzalez had been studying abroad in paris. and france still reeling after the attacks. bill hemmer joins us live straight ahead. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic)
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fox news alert back here live in paris 72 hours after 129 people murdered in cold blood. more than 350 injured. the people in paris going back to work and back to school. the tragedy still fresh in their minds of those grieving and they stillrrio international business times reporter life in paris joins me and you have a good evening first of all. >> good evening. >> you have a fascinating perspective because you live and work in beirut. suicide bombings that targeted a market and then you came to paris to cover this. throughout the day today. you were 20 miles south of paris looking into, what? >> we verify verify visited then the hometown of one of the french attackers.
11:50 pm
>> and he lived there how long. >> he was born there and lived there until will about five or six years ago. >> a lot of people knew him. >> no he will the imam said he did not know him personally. he knew the family name. hef then seen him around town but did not see him personally at all. >> couldn't find anyone who knew him? >> no. >> wow. so now you move up to central paris and you were here 11 months ago when charlie hebdo was attacked. and there seems to be frankly a lot of comparisons how the french reacted then and how they are reacting now both personally and on the government level. but you remarked to me a moment ago how this truly has a different feeling had what is thatwbi+"eeling. >> it's fear. people were targeted and completely randud charlie hebdo, the people who came in the attackers came in and had a target
11:51 pm
came in and did what they had to do do it was over. here people don't have get the sense it is over. that was prominent in beirut as well. after the bombing everyone throughout it was the beginning of another wave. >> you crackers here yesterday and you saw the reaction and people here were stunned. you can understand that so fresh,. >> yes. i was here and frankly it was terrifying. everybody was running and screaming. people were saying hide. trying to barricade themselves in basements and bathrooms. nobody knew why. all they knew is someone was telling them to run and hide. they thought ifd >> they thought it was gunfire again. give us a sense. has isis entered a new phase or is it a different phase? >> i think it's a different phase. not a new phase. they haven't abandoned their goal of having a so-called caliphate across iraq and syria. >> but they are exporting terror that has masterminded
11:52 pm
in syria. >> here. but these are also sleeper cells that have been around for a while. they are now just activating and that -- they have been warning of this for over axnñ9 year so they decided now is the time to strike. withbut we can't say they have given up on original goals to govern. they don't think it's going to govern in france. different style of attack. >> different warnings today. international business times. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> and you be safe. >> thank you. >> back to dana now in new york. >> that was a great interview. we will be back to you in france. and the paris attacks reegg nilgt the debate over taking the u.s. -- taking syria refugees into the country. at least one of the now dead terrorists is believed to have entered europe along with refugees fleeing the middle east. now more than a dozen governors saying they will shut their doors to same refugees, 16 governs in title joining. mike members is one of those governors. governor pence goes "on the record" from indianapolis. thank you for joining us, sir. this actually kind of grew
11:53 pm
quickly over the weekend from your perspective in indiana tell me what you are thinking. president obama was very critical of the governors today. >> well, thank you, dana. first, let me just say from here in indiana our hearts and prayers go out to our friends and allies in france in the wake of the terrorist attack that took place this friday but i have to tell you we spent the weekend here in the hoosier state monitoring events. evaluating options that were before but with word that one of the terrorists was likely a syrian refugee come into central europe as a part of that program directed the state of indiana to immediately suspend all syrian efforts for syrian refugees until we can receive the absolute assurance that refugees coming into our state represent no threat. i believe it was appropriate
11:54 pm
to suspend that program pending not just assurances but review that take place. >> the state department says that the governors might not actually have a choice. i know in indiana you took in 20 syrian refugees for this year 2015. 35 between 2013 and 2014. what would you say to someone who might suggest that governors don't have the right to say they won't take refugees. >> the state of indiana. half of the states have now takenu] this position that we work in cooperation with the resettlement program. indiana has a proud history of opening homes and arms to resettlement of refugees from around the world this has always ban
11:55 pm
collaboration. what i instructed my agencies to do to cease a and desist that cooperation with the federal government until we receive the absolute assurance that the individuals they were seeking to place in indiana represent nod threat to our people. when you have the director of the fbi jim comey who i have known for many years who testified a month ago that there were significant grasp in our ability to do back ground checks on individuals coming from conflict zones is the term he used and concerns raised on capitol hill. i think this is common sense. >> all right, governor, i'm sorry we are. >> pause and protect our people. >> thank you for being here. we're going to have to go. coming up "on the record" from paris continues as the manhunt for the terrorists is on.
11:56 pm
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thanks for joining us "on the record." i'm dana perino in for greta. i will see you on the five. >> looking forward to that, dana. i'm bill hemmer live in
12:00 am
paris. i will see you again tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m. eastern more america's newsroom. stay with the fox news channel for all the latest developments here in france and america as


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