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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 17, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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this is an alert. i'm bret baier in washington. at this moment anti-terror raids in france and brussels are ongoing as the manhunt intensifies for accomplices and succe suspects in the paris massacre. governments in 16 states are refusing president obama's call to accept syrian refugees. but we begin tonight with an emboldened isis now setting its sights on the united states and warning that washington, d.c. is on its hit list. the terror group is threatening other major cities around the world following the massacre in paris that left 129 people dead and the world in shock.
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captain h katherine heritage is here. you've seen this isis tape. how credible is this threat? >> there's two pieces here, there's the attack piece and the propaganda piece that was sitting on the shelf just waiting for paris to happen and then it was rolled out, including this 11-minute video targeting the u.s. and especially washington, d.c. she is revamping security at high-profile targets. while homeland security and fbi say there are no credible or specific threats, washington is moving ahead and we may see similar moves in other cities. >> we saw the president today. he had a specific message and we'll get to that with kevin corke in just a bit. cia brennan not sounding the same as the president when it comes to isis. take a listen. >> this is something that was deliberately and carefully planned over the course of several months in terms of making sure they had the operatives, the weapons, the
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explosives, so i would anticipate this is not the only operation that isil has in the pipeline. >> a warning of things to come. >> well, the director clearly has access to intelligence that he can't discuss publicly. and he also sees the complexity of this plot spread over three different cities: raqqa, syria where it was directed, brussels, belgium where we had the final stages of the planning, and then executed in paris. they operate the same way. they don't put all their eggs in one basket so you have to assume more plots are in the pipeline. director brennan seems to understand this basic principle now, which is when we bomb them, they don't retaliate in the region, they retaliate by hitting us here at home, and this is a classic definition of asymmetric warfare. >> the ranking democrat on the senate intelligence committee
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also weighed in. >> i've never been more concerned. i read the intelligence faithfully. isil is not contained, isil is expanding. they just put out a video saying it is their intent to attack this country. >> never been more concerned. >> well, feinstein went on to say that isis is in 11 different countries and they've really mastered this technology and the ability to encrypt their communications. so we had warnings that something was coming down, but we couldn't do anything specific because we didn't have time, place or method of attack. feinstein also seems to understand this idea that you have to finish off your enemy. and having worked at the pentagon, you know that these campaigns of airstrikes are defined, rather, as sort of anemic. when you just wound your enemy consistently, they learn from that experience, they become emboldened, and they just become smarter on the battlefield. >> quickly, encrypted communication, but also these
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playstations? >> that's right. we were able to find in our reporting that during one of the arrests in belgium, they uncovered a playstation. this is a kind of peer-to-peer communication which evades all law enforcement, they can only get it with a court order. this is a type of enskripgs kno -- encryption known as telegram. >> the manhunt is on at this hour for accomplice even participants, in the paris attacks. robe robert leventhal. >> the paris lights are lit up tonight in some of the darkest days. security in paris remains tight with thousands of soldiers now joining police in terrorist attractions, schools and government buildings while the manhunt for suspects continues.
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investigators have identified abdelhamid abaaoud as one of the suspects. in search of abaaoud, including abdelhamslam salah. mohammad abdelslam said they had no idea that they had been radicalized. he said they're big boys and we don't ask for a timetable when they leave the house. they also said they are in shock. five of the seven people arrested over the weekend have been released. the other two have been linked to the paris plot. the french retaliation began in ernest last night with french fighter jets hitting isis targets in raqqa, syria, dropping bombs on the terrorist
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strongholds, including help from militants. >> jihadi terrorists are threatening the world. >> translator: the need to destroy the islamic state is an issue that face the whole of the islamic community. i have asked the security council to hold a meeting as quickly as possible to adopt a resolution to mark this goal shared by all to fight against terrorism. >> he landed in paris tonight and promised the united states will not turn its back on france. >> we will defeat daesh and all who share their despicable idealogy. and we are on the course to do so. that's our responsibility, that's our duty, and we will do our duty side by side, and we will prevail. >> meanwhile, the french
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president plans to ask his parliament to extend his country's state of emergency for another three months. that would give the police and military extra powers of search and arrest and allow local governments to ban public demonstrations and impose curfews at this crackdown on radicals with terror ties intensifies. greg? >> just past midnight, rick, thank you. president obama is not giving an inch tonight. the president gave an impassioned and unapologetic defense on his approach to isis during an international summit in turkey, refusing to concede an underestimation of a group he characterized once as the jv just last year, the same group he said he was contained on the ground in iraq and syria in an interview last week. kevin corke is traveling with the president and reports from turkey. >> basically with increasing pressure of fighting isis aggressively, president obama today defiantal defended his
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strategy of the terrorist group. >> there will be a strategy put forward, but the strategy we're putting forward is the strategy that ultimately is going to work. but as i said from the start, it's going to take time. >> despite vowing to redouble our efforts, critics have accused the president of being isolated in allowing other countries to lead the way when it comes to isis in which the president proclaimed. >> what is true is from the start our goal has been first to contain, and we have contained them. >> that was friday, just hours before the deadly attacks on paris that claimed the lives of more than 120 and injured hundreds more. a stinging setback for a leader who hoped to build a legacy of ending america's wars, not extending them. >> if folks want to pop off and have opinions of what they would do, present a specific plan. if they think their advisers are better than my chairman of joint
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chiefs of staff and the folks on the ground, i want to meet them. and we can have that debate. >> meanwhile on the sidelines of the g-20, the president and russian president vladimir putin met for 35 minutes on sunday despite putin's stance on fighting syria, he took his stance on the country. he said the syrian-led and owned political transition would help end the regime. also over the weekend, secretary of state john kerry and many foreign ministers attending the g-20 met in vienna, outlining their own plan for peace in syria, suggesting a two-year process ending with elections in the country so offset by violence that it spawned the migration of europe since world war ii. they are wanting to welcome
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10,000 refugees into the u.s. >> slamming the door on their fac faces would not be acceptable. we can do both. >> unless they can show 100% that a person is not involved with isis, because right now there is no responsible way to do the vetting and that's the reality. why people like ben rhodes continues to say this is beyond me. >> in addition to pushing toward a political solution for syria, the president also urged leaders here at the g-20 to create a strong climate communique. that ahead of next month's summit which is set to take place in paris. coming up, brennan nunez after just receiving the latest briefing about the paris attacks and what could come next. what would you like to ask him? let me know on
1:11 am or twitter @specialreport. president obama's refusal to change course on isis. fox 32 in chicago where the city is offering a traffic ticket amnesty program through the end of the year. officials will waive all taxes, administrative fees, penalties plus interest costs accrued on tickets issued before 2012. fox 5 in new york in an outrage. it costs between 25 and 50 bucks for kids to see santa there. they said they have only one of 12 such displays in the country featuring characters from the shrek movies, virtual games and presentations from the elves. fox 31, a blizzard warning. that city could see 8 inches of snow and strong winds. the southern suburbs could get up to 20 inches of snow. that's a live look outside the
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beltway from huddled masses
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throughout the years. >> fiorina talked about the isis attacks. >> they are not contained, they at our shores and they measure their victory in body count. >> a day after dr. ben carson seemed to struggle on how he would fight isis, there was an offer on the phone suggesting a different kind of screening. >> we should apply idealogical tests. and i would be very reticent to bring in people who are
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idealogically opposed to the idea of america. >> yesterday florida senator marco rubio said it's impossible to vet those fleeing syria. >> we won't be able to take more refugees. it's not that we don't want to, we can't. there is no way to background check someone coming from syria. >> they said bring us your tired and weary, they didn't say bring us your terrorists. >> he plagued to his strength by saying get tough on terror. >> we should never allow this cult of evil to live amongst us. it is the antithesis of being an american. >> it would also impose a 30-day waiting period on background checks for visas for people from other countries. the middle east policy is a potential problem if hillary
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clinton wins the democratic nomination. we look at where the former secretary of state may be vulnerable. >> republicans today turned up the heat on hillary clinton over a move that may have little impact on her march to the democratic nomination yet could bite her in a general election. >> the democrats have no clue about this or they just refuse to call it what it is. these are islamic terrorists that are trying to take out our country and destroy western civilizati civilization. >> critics teeing off on several comments made by clinton because the terrorist attack in paris had a heavier attack on homeland security. >> i don't think we're at war with islam, i don't think we're at war with all muslims. i think we're at war with jihadists. >> clinton found herself in defense during her time as secretary of state, after trying to claim isis protect the presim that isis is contained.
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>> this cannot be an american fight, although american leadership is essential. >> that was pounced on by governor o'malley who is stuck in third place but had his best night of the campaign. still, clinton is not likely to suffer much in the primaries since her chief rival, bernie sanders, also said the term islamic terrorist is not important, and also said climate change is america's greatest threat. >> climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism. >> o'malley also jumped on clinton for invoking 9/11 and taking so much campaign money from wall street. >> we were attacked on downtown manhattan where wall street is. >> they tried to tug at america's heartstrings instead of explaining her wall street ties was botched rhetoric. they released an e-mail from
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january 13 in which aberdeen was concerned. they said, very important to do that, she's often confused. >> as for the cbs debate, clinton said she would not report on radical islam because it might conflict if she becomes president. the president's refusal to change his isis strategy. first the president still intends to accept 10,000 syrian refugees into the u.s. compassion or
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there are multiple reports tonight that at least one of the paris attackers entered the country by posing as a refugee.
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in fact, french authorities say a fingerprint from one of the attackers match fingerprints from an incoming refuse sue gge greece. nevertheless, president obama is urging the rest of the world to open their arms to migrants and he still wants thousands of them to end up here in the u.s. soon. a list of governors from all over the country have different ideas. >> the obama administration is moving forward with its plans to settle next year 10,000 syrian refugees in the united states. now several governors say their states will refuse them. in a letter to president obama this morning, texas governor greg abbott wrote, quote, neither you nor any federal official can guarantee that syrian refugees will not be part of any ter risk activity. abbott joins governors in michigan, alabama, arkansas, illinois and about a dozen others in promising to block syrian refugees from settling in their states. now the chairman of the house and homeland security are
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suggesting he temporarily suspend the refugee program, saying officials have indicated they lack the on-the-ground intelligence to properly vet syrians attempting to relocate to the united states. >> we know isis in their own words have said we want to exploit the program to infiltrate the west. and that's exactly what they did. >> republicans are attacking all fronts of the president's counter-terrorism strategy. over the weekend the department of defense says it has transferred five yemeni inmates from guantanamo prisons to yemen prisons in an attempt to bring others to the united states. >> i saw evil incarnate. i don't want him in the united states of america. >> they closed the detention center at guantanamo bay robs militants, saying it tarnishes
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their image. they tell fox that rejecting the sir yanz would be slamming the door in their faces, a betrayal of american values, claiming the u.s. will only accept the victims of isis, not its operatives. >> we have very robust vetting procedures for those refugees. it involves our terrorism community, international terrorist center, extensive interviews. >> there are questions about whether the governors can legally refuse these refugees. to that a syrian obama administration official would only tell us that they continue communicating with the states on this issue and about 1 million citizens have already committed to welcoming these refugees. we learned late friday that the supreme court has agreed to hear the biggest abortion case since roe versus wade. it could interrupt hundreds of
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other state laws that they have used to reach a decision. the dow went up 238 points, the
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recapping our top story,
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president obama's refusal to concede any mistakes or miscalculations or to make changes des moinin the administ strategy to deal with isis, even after the attacks that left 129 people dead in paris friday night. let's get the latest on what america is facing from the chairman of the house intelligence committee, california congressman devon nunez. you just came from a briefing. what can you tell us about the investigation and what's new? >> well, we are fully cooperating with the french. we are giving them every asset that we possibly have. our relationship with the french has been very good, especially for the last couple years as they've noticed that this terrorist threat has grown. so they went out and put a dragnet out, brought in a lot of people. any feeds or leads that they get that can be helpful, we're trying to do it. >> it's likely isis has more things in the pipeline. any expanding on that? >> yeah, i was surprised that the ci director said that, but that has been what many in the
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intelligence community have been saying. and we've known this for over a year now, this has been our biggest concern about, number one, the people that are leaving from the west, going there and coming back. and number two, the people we don't know about that are leaving and coming back, and number three, getting radicalized either over the internet or through these mosques. >> what about here in the u.s.? >> the fbi director has said 50 -- all 50 states have investigations going on. you saw a whole bunch of arrests over the summer. the threat is real. the threat is real and the threat is growing. >> what about the president today defending his calculation, hiss characterization of isis, defending the administration strategy? >> well, when you look at what the president has said about his strategy, i don't understand his strategy. i don't know what his strategy
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is. if you go back to, how did we get involved with airstrikes? syria and iraq? it wasn't until two reporters got their heads cut off. i think people forget this. then we had a strategy, small airstrikes very limited in nature, and then only talking about isis as if it only exists in syria and iraq when we know it's all over north africa, we know now they've rooted themselves in europe with a commanding control structure, they're all the way in afghanistan and pakistan. this is a growing network that was built off of al qaeda. and that's a lot of where this disconnect is with this president, is the president has said that al qaeda was gone, decimated, when the reality is that isis is kind of the estranged brother of al qaeda and they've just gotten bigger and better and deploying the same tactics that al qaeda was doing. >> we've done a story about intelligence analysts coming out
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and saying, at least privately, that they were feeling pressure from the administration to make the picture of the fight against isis a little rosier. in retrospect, does this fit a pattern here? >> i don't want to blame a conspiracy where it may just be pure, utter incompetence. however, it seems like the white house is surrounding themselves with a bunch of yes men. members of my intelligence committee, we go out and visit these countries and meet with analysts, we always get a different picture that is painted for us than what we see in final product that is produced or in what the president and his advisers are saying on national television. you can go back to everything from benghazi to the latest fiasco with sincom. >> a lot of people say that's the past, what do we do now.
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you heard the president, you can't just pop off, you have to come up with an idea. what would you say we could be doing? >> we've given him lots of ideas, especially through the intelligence committee, so i'm not sure why he's saying that. first of all, you have to understand and admit that you have a problem. as i just said earlier, when you're only talking about isis in iraq and syria, and you're not talking about isis in north africa, whatever strategy you put together has to encompass all of that. so, you know, now that there's been an attack on europe, i think article 5 should be invoked by the nato partners. nato has to go in big with this, with whatever actions we take. first i would do two things to start out with. one is libya. we should prop up libya and solve that mess that's been created and is ongoing, because that's where a lot of the fighters are coming from. that's kind of a cauldron of attacks and people that are ongoing and fighters and weapons shift over into iraq and syria.
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secondly, this is something that the president hasn't been willing to do even though the congress has given him the authority, and that is to arm the kurds. the kurds are begging for heavier weapons. and why on earth we will not do this, i know the whole issue is, oh, they mentioned the turks and baghdad. we're long past this region ever getting put back together how it used to be. there are specific examples out there of things that need to be done -- >> and they're not doing it. >> -- and they're not doing any of them. they're sticking to this strategic in co heko hincoheren to this in the region. >> syrian refugees here. is that a problem? can the u.s. do it? >> how do you vet them? there is no possible way to vet them. if they're young men with absolutely no information on them, how do you vet them? i want to be able to take in
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refugees, but we can't do that right now, especially with the threat that we face, with what you just saw happen in paris, france. do we really want that to happen here? and look, i'm not trying to panic the american people, but the intelligence community got this right. the intelligence community said that these attacks were going to happen. and i think what you heard the cia director say today, that there is more in the pipeline, i think that's very pressing and accurate. >> senator feinstein who has -- kind of calls it like she sees it, i think you would say. i've never been more concerned. you? >> i said something similar four months ago, that we were at our highest terror threat level since september 11, 2001. >> no doubt in your mind? >> no doubt in my mind. >> mr. chairman, thanks for your time. >> no problem. thank you. we'll give more on the u.s. strategy
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. we have always understood that this would be a long-term campaign. there will be setbacks and there will be successes. the terrible events in paris were obviously a terrible and sickening setback. >> we're facing very real threats as a nation, and this is not a setback, this is an ongoing strategy from isis. this is what they've done in libya, this is what they've done in afghanistan, this is what they've done in egypt, this is what they've done in numerous villages in syria and iraq. they mean the whole territory and they mean to expand this out. >> let's bring in our panel today, juan williams, columnist with the hill, and syndicated columnist charles kraddock. the evolution of this story, charles. >> i thought it was an astonishing performance. aside from all the things he said that are sort of literally
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unbelievable, the strategy is working, the whole world knows that's not true. that that he said on friday that isis is not growing in strength, of course, it is. even dianne feinstein said, we are not winning this, in fact, they are expanding. >> let me interrupt you. i want to play that feinstein sound bite because we didn't play it earlier. this is the ranking member of the senate. >> i've never been more concerned. i read the intelligence faithfully. isil is not contained. i sirks isis is expanding. they just put out a video saying it is their intent to attack this country. they are on a march and it's important to recognize this and prepare to deal with it with action. >> okay. charles? >> so you've got all of that, but what struck me above all was not the misstatement of facts
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and the delusions of what's going on, it's the president's tone. there was this lassitude, passivity, annoyance. you guys are asking me again if the strategy is working when it's on obvious that it is. what was the most amazing to me was the fact that the tone was flat and detached. you could say this is obama the cool? no. because he does manage to rouse passion, and he did at the end of the press conference when he was asked about allowing in the refugees. that's where he showed passion. you could see the anger. and who is he angry against? republicans who suggest, quote, slamming the door on refugees when their reasons are quite good. that to me was the most striking. he said, of course, in his usual condescension, what the critics want is for me to be velacose.
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no one is asking for velacosity, they're asking for some kind of urgency. the friend said this is an act of war and he calls it a setback. >> juan? >> i disagree so strongly. it seems to me we've had a strategy here. we've been bombing. we had 40,000 since '14. we put together an international coalition. we've got special forces on the ground. we're trying to get negotiations together in syria, and then you have people saying -- and i think they are in search of velacose rhetoric because i think that's what i feel in my heart. if you would like the leader of the free world to demonstrate some anger at the people who perpetrated this horrific act in paris. the question is, given the history of this region, do we really think that simply sending in some additional forces now is suddenly going to change the dynamic? i don't think so. >> what about the list of things devon nunez talked about,
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supporting jordan, intelligence sharing, all these things that have not happened, he says -- >> there is no question they haven't happened. but i'm saying if you want to have a discussion about arming the kurds and where those arms may end up, go talk to the russians about what happened with their arms and what happened to them in afghanistan. so you have to understand, this is a double-edged sword. but it's worth a discussion if you're looking for alternatives. the key here is if republicans are serious, gee, don't republicans control the house and the senate? i don't see them saying we're going to have a debate and a vote on authorization for the use of military force? never. >> george. >> congressman nunez also said something interesting. he talked about nato going in big. i don't know what he meant by that. >> well, recalling article 5, that france would say to nato, article 5 will be invoked, in other words, you attack one, you attack us all. >> but the day is past and the french, whose call it is to say this is an article 5 offense or not, haven't said it. so it's not clear that we have
1:46 am
anything other than, to use the president's words, intensification. now, we know what that means. it means more air power. and we know what that means. air power is never going to take back cities and air power is never going to occupy land, and air power is dazzling and makes good pictures, but it doesn't win wars. just doesn't. men on the ground with rifles win wars. >> charles? >> look, i can assure you that seven sorties a day is not going to win a day. we had 1100 sorties a day in the gulf war, we had 150 day in kosovo when serbia wasn't even an international interest. 70 a day is what we're flying. it's 8,000, less than that for syria. you do the math, you have 7 a day. of them, three out of every four do the sortie and come back without dropping a bomb because the rules of engagement are so
1:47 am
straight that if there is a single civilian in the area, you have to come back. that is a joke. that doesn't amount to everything? everybody knows that, this is all a demonstration and show. it is not impossible if the french are willing, if other nato allies are willing to have a force that is led by and includes the turks where you come in from the north. it's only about 80 miles to raqqah. and obama said, what if i send the ground troops and pulls a number out of a hat. there would be a lot less americans. what do i do now, occupy perpetually? of course not. what you do is saudi arabia and turkey, all arab, would stay and occupy, not the united states. there is an answer, he just doesn't want to look at it. >> what about to charles' point where the president talked about climate change and cyber talks for about a minute-plus before he got to france, and he was
1:48 am
most engaged on the refugee issue and kind of talking about republicans and their issues as opposed to the actual attack on paris. is that fair criticism? >> absolutely. i think it's fair to say that -- at this moment when all of us feel so taken aback and shocked at the events in paris, you want a leader who somehow communicates, i understand the heart of the american people on this. he didn't do that today, but it's not to say that somehow he's lacking in determination to take on isis or -- it comes back to charles again. i don't see where republicans are willing to take a vote and say, yeah, we want to send in troops and do whatever it takes to get isis right now. need to hire fast?
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we're still planning to take in syrian refugees. we have very robust vetting procedures for those refugees. it involves our intelligence community. our national counter terrorism center. extensive interviews. investigating them against all the available information. >> i think it would be highly irresponsible to bring in 10,000 syrian refugees at this point in time. i have called upon the president to suspend this program. >> well, bringing in refugees. now, there are a number of governors from a number of states, 16 and counting so far who are saying nope, we're not taking them. but can they say that? where does this go from here? we're back with our panel. george, by the constitution obviously the federal government is responsible for this but these governors are making a stand. how about this? >> i don't know the legal stand that the president, i suppose, could put these people on military bases. and as an act as a the commander and chief.
1:53 am
i don't know about that when you are listening to rhodes say the robust vetting procedures, mean they are vetted against all available information, what is the information? >> some database that we don't know about out of at the it multi-ous syria? i doubt it very much. it was very interesting that, again, congressman nunez speaking to a few members ago said what about young men? you want to be maximumly safe you don't let the young men in. some would say correctly that's profiling and we would have another scandal on our hands. the country is very nearly unanimous and congress therefore is very nearly unanimous we don't want to bring about 1gw is hundred people from gitmo in irons and put them in a super max prison in colorado. the country is not about to take scarcely vetted 10,000 refugees. >> as we said, juan, the president was most impassioned on this very issue today that we can't turn our backs on these refugees who are trying to escape terrorism.
1:54 am
>> yeah. and i sense that as well that what you saw from him was a passion with regard to the idea that is t. somehow has violated his sense of american ideals which are we are a country of immigrants and we take in people who stood at the base of the statute of liberty who are the people who have been discarded by other societies. these are people who have been, in fact, victims of the terrorists. the terrorists have gone after them and have sometimes victimized in terms of religious feuds. shia versus sunni. so i think the second thing to say here is, you know, we don't discuss the vetting process but, george, i think the vetting process is pretty solid. it takes a long time. it's not bringing people right into the united states. i think if they get a reference from the u.n., it takes like a two year process. so i think, again, there is a lot of anger and a lot of reflexive solutions coming at the moment but we have to be careful that we don't give up who we are. >> charles? >> i think it was huckabee who said that the statue of
1:55 am
liberty says give me your tired and your poor. it doesn't say give me your terrorists. look, this is not hard-heartedness. if there weren't terrorists in the group we would let them in. we know as a fact that one of the terrorists who gunned down all those young people in the concert hall had come through with a syrian passport, into greece and later was process ised serbia. so we know he infiltrated among the immigrants. let's take the 10,000. let's assume that the vetting is really good and we catch 99 out of 100. now, the ones you miss amount to the math is easy 100. that means 12 squads of the people who went through paris and killed dozens and dozens of people. do we really want to import that? the answer is. no i think you could do a moratorium or you could do an exclusion of young men, allow children, women, and older men. there are a lot of ways that
1:56 am
you could do it. but to pretend that you are america in being prudent about thisyz is really unreasonable and it's unwarranted by the president. >> does congress have to act? >> congress will act. whether what be binding on this unleashed president is to be seen. >> stay to one
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finally tonight, we pointed at saturday night's show to all of the people in france who ran to help, the first responders, the people who offered assistance in paris. we leave you tonight with one musician's tribute to the victims of the paris terrorist attacks. ditelle drove 400 miles from germany to france who performed john lennon's version of imagine outside the theater. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. ♪ ♪ >> it is tuesday november 17th. a fox news lart. arierial atangs following the terror in france as the search intensifies for the world's most
1:59 am
wanted man. >> the attest made moments ago for the bomb that brought down thplane. isis is recently expanding but president obama down-plays the press. >> the terrible events in paris were obvious a terrible thing. >> now they are taking their own action against the president's refugee policy. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends" on this tuesday. i am heather childers. >> i am lia gabriel. france will not back down to terror. >> the country releasing mercenaries on air strikes and isis and syria.
2:00 am
authorities hunt the killer behind the carnage. >> we are live with the latest. amy 1234>> hi heather, hi lia. we are learning more details now about the flight abdeslam urm's most wanted man in europe. after the attack he called accomplices in brussel and asked them to come pick him up and bring him back to belgium. the three of them all slipped somehow through security near the border, but subsequently the two accomplices were arrested by police in raids in brussel over the weekend. abaaoud is said to be the said bomb maker of the group. also abaaoud the master behind


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