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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 17, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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authorities hunt the killer behind the carnage. >> we are live with the latest. amy 1234>> hi heather, hi lia. we are learning more details now about the flight abdeslam urm's most wanted man in europe. after the attack he called accomplices in brussel and asked them to come pick him up and bring him back to belgium. the three of them all slipped somehow through security near the border, but subsequently the two accomplices were arrested by police in raids in brussel over the weekend. abaaoud is said to be the said bomb maker of the group. also abaaoud the master behind and abdeslam they were jintly
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convicted previously for assault and another extremist recently interrogated by police in paris said that abaaoud had asked him to attack a concert hall. of the bombers abdeslam's brother ibrahim was a bar owner in brussel. that bar was recently closed down for drug trafficking. sami amimour a bus driver on police radar in 2012 he fled to syria where his father traveled trying to convince him to return home. another of the bombers muss staff if i was a part-time praper and gang -- rapper and gangster. petty crime and gang violence that ultimately morphed into this radical islamism. extending the state of emergency
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hear for three months as mourners and friends and family members and the public in general continue their vigil. the prime minister reminded all of us that the security situation is so tight tsimilar o over the summer. >> breaking right now they arrested two airport workers. they think the two helped those responsible for the bombing. this comes after the kremlin confirmed for the first time it was a terror attack. that crash in the sinai desert killing 224 people. >> russian president vladmir putin battling to find those behind it. some experts said a terrorist
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posing as an airport employee smuggled the bomb on board. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. >> a surprise visit over an hour ago between secretary of state john kerry and the french president days after the attacks in paris. isis will soon feel the pressure. kerry made a stop at the u.s. embassy in paris to demonstrate the u.s. commitment to france. >> president obama refusing to strange his isis strategy despite a deshirect threat frome terror group. a political firestorm has more than half of the nation's governor refusing to let syrian refugees into their states. we are live in washington, d.c. with more. >> good morning. the president wants to accept 10,000 syrian refugees in the u.s. is growing and fast. over the next 24-hours of at
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least 26 states have moved to suspend or restrict any syrian refugees from reset elling in their state. alabama to arkansas to massachusetts and maine. some of the states previously did not object to the president's plans but that all changed after the terror attacks in paris. >> we are probably the best to find out what happened especially when you know the terrorist posed as a refugee. >> we received almost little or no security information about the refugees, on their backgrounds even possibly their names in certain circumstances. despite the growing opposition at the state level the president is not backing down. president obama called the terror attacks a setback and they need to accept refugees. >> we have the right strategy and we are going to see it through. the strategy we are putting forward is the strategy is ultimately is going to work.
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as i said from the start it is going to take time. >> we know one possibly two of the assailants slipped into europe along the refugee route. isis released a new video bound at the center right here in washington, d.c. >> kristin fisher in washington this morning. par two military strategy experts slamming the president for down-playing the attacks. ralph peters says he is delusional. >> this guy is so arrogant and at the same time so sensitive he can't admit he is wrong. the massacre in paris was a political alliance. >> this is a problem of letting the world go to hell and assumeling it won't come back to bite you in the rear end.
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frankly, i am going to be very candid, our amateurist foreign policy has its own place of responsibility in the mayhem we are seeing right now. >> our strategy is working against this vicious vile enemy is absurd. new york city launching a gra brand new counter-terrorism team trained specifically to deal with scenarios like this in paris. the strike forces is made up of merely 600 hand picked officers. they will respond to multiple shootings in areas and detect explosiv explosives. they are in response to the changing times of terror. >> the assignment which you launched here, that assignment is foe longer an essential assignment in the world of policing. it will keep you equipped to keep you focused to protect this
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city. >> the goal is to have the counter terrorism unit fully trained by new year's eve. >> republicans have the best plan to fight terror. a new poll sees the gop is at an all-time high of 29 percent. specifics are still being worked out the numbers show americans are on board with a more aggressive strategy. it was taken before the attacks. >> brand new e-mail made public show secretary of state hillary clinton was often confused and realized heavily on staff to keep the schedule straight. aberdeen as a staffer knew about a call to under yaw's prime minister. staffers said she would check in the morning very important to do that. saying clinton is often
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confused. >> yogi berra will be given the medal of freedom. he is known for his quick wit and p serving in the navy during the normandy invasion. he died in september. 16 other americans will also receive the award next week. >> the calendar may say neve but check this out. parts of denver buried under a foot of snow. >> in the plains a tornado out raek 20 reported in texas, oklahoma and kansas. one of them was a mile wide. the wild weather isn't over yet. >> it has been incredible in the rockies especially in colorado. they have been getting ma'amham. we are lacking at dangerous conditions across the rockies and areas east of that across the hey plaihigh plains.
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they are looking at not just significant snowfall about a foot of television but also strong wind gusts. there is dangerous white out conditions out there. warnings will remain in effect through out the morning. you can see those in effect in northeastern colorado and filling in to parts of the plains. severe weather risk will be continuing today. we expect that to be in place across parts of the gulf coast and also across places like mississippi and louisiana. we are going to be looking at a risk for additional severe storms like tornadoes and also looking at from yesterday's severe weather outbreak about 40 tornadoes reported over the planes. it is very dangerous out there and the storm system could produce more severe weather across parts of the gulf coast. more updates later this morning. let's move other to you heather and lia.
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>> the time now is 9 minutes after the top of the hour. task force to terror, fake passports found in one of the paris attackers on him. how easy are they to get? >> it took one reporter just days. he shares his story live next. >> what the star is about to reveal about health. >> putting the i in iphone. the technology that is tracking your every move and you don't even know it.
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this is the life of a rebel. sorry, mom. >> brand new surveillance video. this man murdered the pregnant wife of an indiana past pastor in his own home. we have brand new developments. >> this information can be very
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helpful. they are hoping new developments in this murder case will lead them to arresting whoever is responsible for the death of a pregnant pastor's wife. indianapolis police shows a man they believe could be the suspect. they released these images hoping to gain information from the public about the man shown from behind wearing a hood de pulled ore his head. they are investigating who killed 28-year-old amanda blackburn. >> they have a lot of resources at their immediate disposal. they have the capabilities to do things from a technological side that we just can'to internally right now. >> amanda blackburn was shot in the head shortly after her husband had left the house to go to the gym. a half hour later after he left neighbors say they heard a gun
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shot and saw a dark colored suv speed away from the home. they are not sure that car is connected to it. the murder has left neighbors sad and fearful. >> you look over our shoulders all of the time when we come in now. we are really making sure everything is secure. >> police say the man they are looking for is 5 foot 4 to 5 foot 9 with median to light brown complexion. he is slim to medium build. >> he was once the highest paid actor on tv. now he is hiv positive. the star has been bad elling the disease for some time and has been under going treatment. he has been increasingly reclusive. he was fired from the show 2 and a half men. >> felony drug charges have been on the way for lamar odom.
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unlawful use of cocaine after he was found unconscious inside a brothel last month. a blood test confirmed he was using cocaine that night. he is off life sport mama sheens and he -- machines and he is learn to go walk and talk again. donald trump's "saturday night live" appearance. >> ♪ used to call me on the cell phone ♪ >> that makes me laugh. the fcc hadz a rule that forced candidates news time. trump was on snl for 12 minutes and 5 seconds. they have asked affiliates for that amount of air time. kasich did not specify his time. do you want a holly, jolly christmas even if it costs $75 to see santa? >> i have a 2-year-old grandson
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and i know he will not be going to the paul to see santa if you have to pay $35 to take him there. >> it is the holiday season. it is supposed to be an embracing time of the year. the new jersey law they decided to cancel the fee after angry parents complained. the mall officials said it is intended to keep the holiday spirit alive and firstive. >> 17 hour. terror at your finger tips. disturbing details about isis digital reach and why it could keep terrorists off the grid. >> putting the i in iphone. the technology that is tracking your every move and you didn't even know it. i have asthma...
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>> don't know what that sasz. to find fox business network log on to >> there is nothing like the freedom of the open road. they have the long time commitment to the armed forces by extending the free training through next year. it is for current and former members of the military. they have thousands of active duty retired veterans. >> an alabama mom she wrote is note to her son after over hearing that she didn't have enough money for her co-pay. almost makes me cry. inside the envelope a $100 bill and a note telling her to hang in there and a bible verse. >> melissa is touched by the
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gestu gesture. >> ifsz stressed about how i was going to make supper for my kids. after i received that generous offer finally i was able to have my kid's supper. thank you so much. >> she hopes to thank her good samaritan face to face. >> i hope she gets to. >> time is 24 minutes after the hour. victims done after 9-11 because some students may be offended. the shocking reasons for cancelling the ceremony. >> brew another cup of coffee. it could save your life. >> the benefit in that group. >> 1972 nixon under the phrase quote i am not a crook. >> in 1972 they dedicated washington dulles international airport. ♪
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>> it is tuesday november 17th. a fox news alert. arielerial attacks launched ove night. the search intensifies for a terrorist. >> now two people just arrested. the details just into fox news.
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>> and not coming to america as the terror threat strengthens more than mhalf the country say no to syrian refugees. the policy under new fire. fogs and friends first continues right now. a >> good morning, welcome to "fox & friends first". >> um heather childers. >> i am lia gabriel. a second wave of air strikes again -- lea gabe yelle. the hunt for the killers still on the run-in tense fying right now as authorities carry out dozens of more terror raids. amy kellogg is live with more. good morning. >> hi lea and heather.
2:30 am
the search for the world's most wanted man. he is the 8th would be bomber of the group salah abdeslam. he called people to pick him up in belgium. they did so and were stopped near the border but managed to then carry on. when police realized they let him slip through they went to the neighborhood in belgium and brussel where they were living and he wihad already slipped aw. one was the bomb maker because they found nitrates in his home. people still at large include abdul hamid abaaoud. he and abdeslam were jointly convicted once before for all the sand also another extremists
2:31 am
was interrogated by police said he had asked him to attack a concert hall in terrorist. abdeslam's brother was a bar owner in brussel. that bar was recently closed according to french media reports for drug activity. those same reports saying he had been known in the neighborhood. both brothers had been for their love of drugs and women. sami amimour was a bus driver was on police radar when he tried to go to yemen man handled to flee to syria to which his father travelled in it december in a heartfelt and tragic plea to get him to return home. another of the bofbers omar ismail mostafai was a rapper and we are seeing gang violence morphing into islamism. there were more raids last night across the country one of them
2:32 am
specifically was looking for salah abdeslam didn't find him. the president is tucking about changing the constitution to extend the state of the emergency for three months. what is doubling is at least two of the bofbers managed to travel to syria and get back. the mastermind went back and forth at least once or twice taunting authorities in subsequent video messages in isis about how he managed to slip by security in europe numerous times. >> amy kellogg thank you. egyptian security officials just arrested two individuals at the airport. two workers suspected in the russian air disaster.
2:33 am
sharyl el they said for the first time it was a terror acan at that. traces of psp w-- tnt found at the plane wreckage. vladimir putin vowing to feigned those who attacked. isis claiming responsibility. >> obama refusing to change his isis strategy despite a dushth let. more than half of the nation's governors refuse to let syrian refugees into their state. kristin fisher is live in washington, d.c. with the latest. they said we struck paris right at the center and plan to do the same in the usa.
2:34 am
you can see why governors are growing increasingly nervous about how to assess 10,000 of them in the u.s. 26 states moved to extend or restrict. >> they will find out especially when you know one of the terrorists as a refugee. >> we received no security information about the refugees on their backgrounds even possibly their names in certain circumstances. more than half of the states of the union the in turkey president obama said his strategy to fight isis is working. he called the terror attacks set backs and said he will look at the refugees. >> many are victims of terrorism
2:35 am
themselves. slamming the door in their faces would be a difference in our values. >> the federal government will continue to consult with the states on this issue. >> kristin fisher live for us. they continue to hammer him for his remarks on the terrorist attack. it wasn't the words but how he said them. >> what struck me above all was about what's going on cts and it is the president's tone. annoy ance, he was irritable. you asking me again if the strategy is working. what is most amazing to me the tone was flat you can see the
2:36 am
ang anger. their reasons are quite good. that to me was the most striking. there is condescension. what the critics want is for me to be delocost. no one is asking dell coulds city they are asking for compassion. the president said this is an act of war and he calls it a setback. krauthammer also says the president knows isis is a threat. >> the iconic landmark soaked in blue, white and red lights with the city's latin motto she is tossed by waives but does not sink. the eiffel tower reopened to the public yesterday under high security. >> prince william will watch the soccer match as a sign of
2:37 am
solidarity and a tribute to paris. security is expected to be tight at the stadium in london. bags will be searched. there will be a national anthem followed by minutes of silence before kickoff. >> two extreme weather. it may only be november but check this out. parts of denver now buried under this. that is no. in the plains a tornado outbreak. 20 homes destroyed. it was over a pile wide. we are tracking more storms. >> this is a very powerful storm system bringing winter weather and also severe weather like you mentioned across the plains. right now we are dealing with a very heavy snow across eastern parts of colorado also coming down across parts of nebraska and the concern out here isn't just a foot of snow but wind
2:38 am
gusts. they have white ow conditions and bitterly warm the storm system is tracking severe weather. they will be across parts of texas we will keep you updated with that. eastern texts and louisiana arkansas, mississippi and as we head into this afternoon and evening you are going to be looking at the risk of severe storms damaging winds and large hail and tornadoes possible. the more significant risk for tornadoes is going to be in place in this zone across arkansas and also into louisiana. the other concern is we have a lot of moisture over the next couple days we will be dealing with everybody's rain.
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they have watches already in effect. >> let's head over to you. >> it will be a big ugly blog. >> 38 minutes after the hour. the digital reach and why it could keep terrorists off the grid. >> the shocking thing philadelphia's mayor called terror. >> before you book your holiday flights the airlines with the most and the least leg room. ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them,
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>> new disturbing details to hide on-line communications from the world intelligence
2:43 am
community. the terror group had a digital help guest that helps budding jihadists learn how to stay off the grid. it features 5 or 6 experts with collegiate or masters training and developed a messaging system and youtube like video services that is designed to help them avoid detection. >> as the world unites against the threat of terrorism and american university has decided not to recognize the anniversary of 9-11. a student group at the university of minnesota voted down an annual ceremony saying it would have impeded on student safe zones. the letter was released citing islamophobias a a part of the
2:44 am
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resistance and inpoliceman may gos. >> black could have he too no sweetener no milk. >> the time is 45 minutes after the hour. belgium the new terror greeting ground? the alleged terrorist mastermind is from there. how did it become a hotbed for radicalization. >> bible van the hotel kaying to pressure from atheists. >> steve doocy is here with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning to both of you. our conditioning coverage of the french terror attack. also we are going to have the medal of honor recipient here. that american hero will react to is our military ready to do more. former governor sarah palin has a brand new book. maria bartiromo live in paris and laura ingram will join us live at our nation's capitol. we have a busy tlae hours.
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welcome back to fox news alert. the world on edge as police hunt for terrorists tied to friday's attacks in paris. police conducting more than 160 terror-related raids charging two in belgium. and the alleged mastermind behind the attack, belgian-born. when did belgium become a breeding ground for terrorism? joining us is dr. yasir. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you, heather. >> investigators headed to belgium to find these suspects. they've made several arrests. two charged but seven originally. what led them there and why is
2:51 am
this such a hotbed for recruitment? >> well, belgium falls into this pattern, if you will, it's a town they have a town molenbeek and brussels has a large muslim population that has been a source of radicals that attack the jewish medium there, that sources for the madrid bombing. the charl"charlie hebdo" bombine from there. >> going to syria out of the 600,000 muslims in belgium, over 500 have gone to syria, 190 have returned and many of them, as you can see, with this cell, returned to use belgium as a platform from which to launch attacks as they did, it appears, with this attack in paris. >> molenbeek specifically. 80% muslim. that town alone. and you mentioned some of the other incidents that have been
2:52 am
tied to it. more recently, the train that was coming from belgium to paris, investigators believe that the weapons involved in that, that americans were able to foil came from molenbeek as well. why is it so easy to get weapons there? >> well, it seems that the belgians have a freer flow of individuals. this mastermind, abaaoud talked to the magazine, the most militant magazine in which he bragged about being approached by officers and they looked at a picture being looked like him and let him go. he said by the grace of allah i was let go. >> the issue is when you have these incubators, these large neighborhoods in which networks, not only social media networks but gang-type networks develop and no law enforcement profile and begin to look at the ideas and just wait for violent
2:53 am
extremism, instead of looking at the islamism like in molenbeek and belgium, we're going to see it as -- >> it really is amazing. we have a map that you can look here. what you were describing previously, belgium has more fighters and syria and iraq per capita than france, the netherlands, the uk and germany. it is amazing when you see it laid out there. not so amazing you say. >> oh, and the interior minister in belgium recently said a few days ago, this is out of control. we must begin repression. as we follow the lead in the uk, prime minister cameron talked about addressing the ideology. these individuals want to die for the islamic state or any islamic state. until they begin to them they're going to continue to see them graph state towards jihad
2:54 am
and enact acts of violence and treason. >> we need to pay attentiono this. there are communities, one in america, outside of minneapolis, 20 young men have headed to syria. they're now reported missing to train with syria. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. dr. jaser. thank you. >> thank you. calls for stronger gun laws coming from city leaders in response to the paris terror attacks. philadelphia mayor michael nutter says gun violence in american cities is the same as domestic terrorism. he equated it to national terrorism. including washington, baltimore and new orleans, want more federal involvement in stopping gun violence. bibles banned from university hotel after outrage from an atheist group. the freedom from religion complained they saw a bible in a
2:55 am
hotel northern illinois university. the bible claims for quote, killing nonbelievers and is unconstitutional -- they were placed there by the gideons who stock thousands of hotels nationwide. the time is 54 minutes after the hour. a stunning announcement from charlie sheen. what the actor is about to reveal about his health. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. it is 59 minutes after the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. >> france releasing air strikes overnight against isis in syria just days after the paris massacre left 129 people dead. the hunt for the mastermind and other suspects intensifying. french police carrying out 128 new terror raids overnight. two airport workers under arrest suspected of blowing up that russian passenger plane. tnt was found in the wreckage. vladimir putin vowing to find those responsible. actor charlie sheena announcing that he's hiv positive. he has been battling the disease for some time and undergoing treatment. let's keep talking about the
3:00 am
president calling the paris attacks a setback. insisting his isis strategy is working. what do you think? log on to the "fox and friends" facebook page to weigh in. #keep talking. >> have a great day. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good morning to you. it is tuesday, november 17th, 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this is a fox news alert. no doubt about it, it was indeed a bomb that brought down that russian airliner over egypt and it was an inside job. the breaking details on the two arrests. airport workers arrested made moments ago. and brand new air strikes in syria overnight as hundreds of raids in france and belgium as the hunt intensifies for the world's most wanted man. the terrorist who apparently got away. we have a live report from the city of lights in less than two minutes. >> plus, we have a warning from the cia director. >> would anticipate that this is


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