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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 17, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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around houston, then to bryan, texas. hope to see everybody out there at barnes & noble. >> great work, brian. >> that's it for today. thank you very much for joining us. bill: numerous breaking details live from paris. french authorities raiding 100 different locations through the night bringing the number close to 300 raids in 48 hours. they dropped 16 bombs overnight in syria, in connection with u.s. military. they targeted the crude oil supply lines that help fund
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isis. i'm bill hemmer live in paris. martha, good morning to you. martha: as bill was just saying, france moving full steam ahead, taking this fight to the front lines with isis, and they are urging their allies to do the same. we are getting new reports that the u.s. targeted the u.s. mastermind you see on the left side of your screen. unfortunately they were not able to find him before the horrific events hat happened in paris. bill: it's more and more tantalizing how the supposed master find communicated over the past year alon. he was on video boasting about how easy it was for him to travel from syria into his home country of belgium and back again, barely being noticed
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there. gregg palkot just wrapped up an interview with john kerry. but first with the raids overnight, what did they find and what happened? reporter: the investigation into the attacks by the authorities absolutely full bore. 128 raid on various terror targets throughout this country. also found last night another car believed to be used by the attackers and went on their mad terror rampage last friday night. there are 7 known and dead attackers. the search for the 8th attacker continues in belgium and there are new reports that there had been all of s.-evidence coalition strike against the presumed mastermind of the attacks in raqqa, the
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capital of the isis empire in syria apparently that failed. that happened one month ago, the attacks went forward. reporter: john kerry is here. why did he come and what did he tell you within the last hour? reporter: i think he wanted a bill to show solidarity with the french. i sat with him and interviewed him at the u.s. ambassador's residence a bit behind me. i pushed him hard. in light of these paris attacks and other attacks by isis, a change in modus off ra. he said the u.s. would increase its efforts and i said perhaps we need change, not more of the same. take a listen.
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>> that's exactly what the president is doing and obviously there is always room for qualitative improvement of one kind or another. general during nford is -- general dunford is putting new proposals on the president's desk. that's why the special forces have gone on and it may be qualitatively there will be add-ons to that. reporter: i asked whether a well-armed, well-equipped u.s. military coalition could not finish off isis in a couple of months. he agreed it could be possible. but then he said we have to occupy the place and in iraq that didn't work out so well.
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i replied in this case maybe it would be worth it. bill: plarnd in syria, organized in belgium, carried out on our soil with french come policity, the words of francois hollande yesterday. martha: back at home there are growing security concerns after reports one of the paris attackers snuck in as a syrian refugee. the governors in 26 states, half of the country, are calling to stop or suspend bringing syrian refugees into the country. they are saying it's not possible to vet these number of people. >> any idea you can do a background check of someone living in syria is ridiculous. they don't have the ability to
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distinguish between those who may be innocent. >> it's important to take this pause and protect our people. reporter: a consensus among republican governors. steve, good morning. i was struck by many things the president's speech yesterday in turkey. but one of them was he became sort of most an mated when he talked about the fact he was angry that people were talking about turning away syrian refugees. he said this is who we are. we bring people in. your thoughts? >> i agree with you entirely that's when the president was most animated. i think the critics would say where was your concern for those steerans when they were being displaced three or four years ago when the u.s. could have helped them in a way that would
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have been less costly and less risky to the people in the homeland. martha: that's such a striking point. these people have been driven out of their villages by isis, islamic extremists. eradicated christianity from those areas and the president wasn't talking about doing anything. where were we when they needed us in a place when it would have been easier to help them. >> this president has a clear ideology of the world and his policies have been mostly consistent. he does not want to intervene. he believes interventions exacerbate the problems. that's why he didn't want to get involved earlier. but he wasn't consistent with
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respect to libya. if you look at the u.s. involvement in libya he gave a speech justifying u.s. intervention in libya making the same arguments they are making now with respect to the refugees from syria. martha: when you talk about another issue, one of my concerns when you listen to this argument about the refugees, there is a possibility a terrorist can be among them, but zoilts overlook the larger problem which are tightly knit community outside of london and paris. areas where there are high concentrations of people who have been converted could radicalism. -- converted to radicalism. >> this is a key point. there are two points people are making on the more tore yumg onings are -- the moratorium
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onings are. we just can't go back and look at their networks and see who they were in touch with and see what kind of involvement they may have had in radicalism in the past. the united states has center few assets in syria. there is no data base and basic supply of information. to the extent there is information, you are asking people to devote time and resources to vetting refugees that could otherwise be used to taking the fight to isis and other radical groups over in syri these are the same subject matter expertise that could have the knowledge to look at the networks to understand the flow of refugees, to understand if the flow of fighters, and you are asking them to take their time away from fighting over in syria and iraq and elsewhere. and devote to screening refugees
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to come to the united states who might pose a risk. it doesn't make much sense on any level. martha: as you say, resources are thin. we need to put our focus in the right place. thank you very much. bill: as you can imagine, this is a hot topic on the campaign trail. senator ted cruz wants legislation to prevent syrian refugees from come together u.s. he's not alone. several governors do, too. >> i think it's lunacy. in my view these refugees who have been displaced is heartbreaking and we ought to step up and lead in helping resettle them in majority muslim countries, but we shouldn't be allowing people that we don't know if stherp jihadists or not to come to america to risk our lives. >> they have a vehicle to get
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these radicals into the midst of america. >> we have a president who wants to take hundreds of thousands of people and move them into our country. and we don't 10 know who they are. there is no tape work. there is no anything. all you have to do is looking at the website for obamacare to know we are never going to figure it out. bill: there are 15 governors who have come forward. mostly republicans. but a few democrats as well. they can't stop it entirely. but when you consider the massive numbers, this year alone, 800,000 men, women and children, migrants anding ares flooding -- migrants and refugees flooding in, there are 5,000 a day. there is no way to handle this and no system in place to do it.
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now, you see the debate coming back home to the u.s. martha: you have also got potential cells in those regions to work on those long established organizations in these cities and countries. bill, thank you. we'll be right back to paris in a moment. russia admits for the first time that terrorists did take down that passenger jet out of the sky last month and president putin says payback is on the way. harsh new criticism for president obama in the wake of this news that we have been watching. john mccain will be coming up in just a moment with his response to that. >> it's a joke. he said there will be setbacks and successions. my question is, tell me one of the successions. help support brain health
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martha: russia confirming what has long been suspected. terrorism brought down the jet over egypt last month. it took the lives of 224 people. many of them russians coming back from vacation. investigators determined the explosives were made in russia. and putin has vowed revenge.
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>> there will be setbacks and there will be successes. the terrible events in paris were a terrible and sickening setback. even as we grieve with our french friends we can't lose sight there is progress being made. bill: president obama saying we have our strategy and we are sticking to it. senator john mccain a strong critic from washington, d.c. he had you and several others in his sights when it appeared he knows his strategy is a tough sell. but he stood there and took the questions for almost 45 minutes. you called it embarrassing. why? >> it's embarrassing that the leader of the free world says an obviously failed strategy, we know isis has nearly global
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reach, that things are going fine. by the way, i never heard that strategy arctic ladies succeeding. it's embarrassing when he says people who disagree with him -- is that david petraeus who has come forward with a proposal on the no-fly zones and stop the barrel problems. people like general keane, architect of the surge, these people are just popping off? then it's continue when he continues to set up a straw man saying there is either nothing done or 100,000 troops. no one i know of is recommending 100,000 troops. but for hip to stand there for 45 minute and allege the status
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quo is fine and we are making progress, i hope we don't make more progress. bill: he said it will work and it will take time. bill: i thought about the enormous pressure president bush was under during the iraq war. so many people thought we should get out there, and he went the opposite direction, he went with the surge. but that was the card president bush played. if this is the card president obama is playing, can you shrink the caliphate? if that is the card you are playing, then how many more innocents in places like western europe and perhaps the u.s. will die because of it? >> the point is isis is extending its reach. we know they have enormous capability.
6:20 am
this operation in paris was rather sophisticated and there have been time after time we uncovered plot in the united states of america. mr. brennan made a strong statement. the status quo is not acceptable. we'll have to go in there and take them out. not just in iraq and ramadi, but into syria as well. we'll have to kill them. bill: he addressed that. he said for those who want 50,000 on the ground in syria. what happens if the next attack comes out of yemen or libya? how would you respond to that? >> i would respond by saying this is isis. this is a jihadist dare i say islamic extremist that are penetrating in other countries as well, as far away as afghanistan they are establishing themselves. they are establishing themselves throughout countries in the
6:21 am
middle east. so to compare that different many just man sense, and this false pride is all i can think of that he want to stick to what is clearly failed because of his commitment when he came to the presidency that he would get us out of all wars, how is that working out? >> these are complicated matters. >> on the refugee issue, yes we can have them come to the united states. but the refugees are a symptom of the failure of policy. and i hope my republican colleagues like senator cruz will realize this is a result of their failure to advocate for the things lyndsey graham and i have been advocating for for years. bill: senator, thank you for
6:22 am
your time. john mccain in washington. martha: isis vowing to come here next. the terror group releasing a new video and promising a hit on washington, d.c. john brennan says they do have more in the pipeline.
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>> this is not the only operation isil has in the pipeline. security services are working feverishly to see what they can do in terms of uncovering it. john brennan saying the recent unauthorized disclosures have led to policy changes making it more challenging to stop these
6:26 am
terrorists. all of this comes as isis released this new video. it's specific. it says paris and washington, d.c. will be next. let's go to washington, d.c. where we are joined by illinois congressman adam kinzinger who is a pilot in the national guard. we have the president talking about the fact this is basically killers seeking glory and they are pretty good at social media, then you have john brennan standing up saying be ready, folks. the next hit is likely at home. >> at the risk of quote popping off here, i'll say the same thing i said 26 months ago. 26 months ago i said we must destroy isis before isis destroys us. today i'll say we must destroy
6:27 am
isis before isis destroys us. 26 months ago there were a few thousand of them. now the president is more concerned about his reputation, saying "i" and "me" when addressing the attacks on paris. we have an administration with their head in the sand unrilling to accept the -- unwilling to accept the fact that isis could potentially reach out to paris as we saw and now to washington, d.c. we have great capitol police officers, but i worry about their safety, too. martha: it puts a burden on the police forces in our cities. that's not to say they are not willing to step up to the challenge. they of course are. but it has put them in a difficult position. i want you to listen to mike flynn who was on hannity.
6:28 am
he's the former head of the d.i.a., the defense intelligence agency. >> this is the problem of letting the world go to hell and assuming it won't come back to bite you in the rear end. frankly, our amateurist foreign policy has its own place in the mayhem we are seeing right now. martha: he says everybody likes to pop off as you said. and my critics when they outline their plan are outlaning what we are doing. he says it's easy for people to say what we should do, but we are doing what need to be done on the ground. >> we are not doing what need to be done. isis is larger than it was 26 months ago. the president using high school language with popping off.
6:29 am
when all is said and done, we need a strategy. nobody doubts our military is capable of destroying isis. the president said we'll do everything up to putting boots on the ground or too many airstrikes. otherwise that becomes the red line. if i was president or the next president of the united states hopefully comes forward to say we'll deploy the exact amount of military power to destroy isis. it may take some boots on the ground, blocking supply routes of isis. doing what's necessary to crush this cancer. they are not good fighters. isis is weak. they are only good when they are among innocent people and surprising them with shots and ak47s and bombs. they meet the american military head-on, they will be destroyed,
6:30 am
and i guarantee that. bill: breaking news out of germany our neighbor to the northeast. five arrests have been made. that includes three men and two women. few details offered. but there is a connection they believe to the attacks here in paris last friday night. in the meantime the president referred to his critics and they are lining up by the hour, including dr. krauthammer who believes the president does not and has never seen this threat to be a friel one that was worth fighting. his thoughts to be debated fair and balanced when our coverage continues here from paris. >> he knows the opposition is weakening. he knows isis is strong but in the end he doesn't think it matters. he never thought the war and terror was important.
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bill: breaking news out of moscow. we are getting word from the russians that they will increase their cooperation with the french navy to go after isis. russians have carried out over 2,000 sorties over targets in syria. there is word that the u.s. has struck the oil lines that isis is using to sell oil on the black market. more than a thousand trucks lined up in eastern syria. apparently we hit several of them. the coverage continues and we'll keep on top of everything live in paris. back to my co-taken core, martha. martha: let's bring in general
6:35 am
jack keane to respond to this. he's retired four-star general. an fox news military analyst. you heard what bill was reporting about 1,000 sorties from russia. cruise missiles coming from russia after putin said it was a terrorist strike that took down that plane. >> we have had incredible restrictions on rules of engagement. as a result it takes layers to get approval for a target and we are north not going after the right targets. recommendations to have a devastating air campaign that makes a difference, i think it french went after a lot of targets we have not hit. >> that was my first thought when i heard they went after a
6:36 am
munitions depot in raqqa. i'm thinking how could they still exist when we have been hitting them for months. >> what isis has done. every function is tucked in some place with the population. all that said, we have the capability with our target planners to hit that target and not hurt civilians. we have proven it over and over again. i'm hoping we'll remove those restrictions. martha: let, listen to what the president said yesterday. he was irritable yesterday. he was not happy he got same question time and time again given what's happened in paris are you going to change your strategy. here is what he said about people calling for stronger american leadership. >> what i'm not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some
6:37 am
notion of american leadership or america winning or whatever other slogans they come up with that has no relationship to what is actually going to work. i'm too busy for that. >> here we have the ramadi fell in may, the d.o.d. training program for the syrians blew apart in the fall. now we have isis con zawct conventional war in iraq and syria but doing something unprecedented military history, conducting terror attacks back home in the countries supporting the war effort. quite extraordinary. it would be like fighting the germans in europe and they are attacking boston, new york and philadelphia. that's how unprecedented it is. it requires a relook. he has to get serious and commit to a war against isis. when people talk about leadership that's what we want.
6:38 am
isis is at war with american civilization. that is the leadership we need. step up, put together a coherent, aggressive strategy, and let's get on with this thing. nobody is talking about a replay of iraq or afghanistan. we are talking about a commitment. the mission is supporting indigenous forces. let's get the trainers and advisors we need. martha: he made it clear he doesn't want to be winston churchill. he says if you want me to talk about america wing and america's leading in the, i'm not going to do that. he made that center clear there. can this be accomplished without america doing that? he's saying words don't matter. i'm doing the important stuff, the words don't matter. >> i don't care what his degree
6:39 am
of emotion is when he's talking about it. i do agreet decisions are more important than the words. but words are important to the american people. so he needs the american people's backing for what he's doing. and he has to explain to the american people what else happening, what's work and what's not working. that was an issue i had with president bush. nobody was telling the american people why we were failing. i think part of that was the generals at times didn't think we were failing. but the evidence is very clear here that we are not winning here and we have got to truly make the commitment to do that. that does take some words. but most importantly we need better decision make than what we are getting. martha: you made the amal jit's as if we were fighting a war in europe and getting hit in washington and boston at the same time. they had told us that day is
6:40 am
coming so we'll see. general, thank you very much. we see reaction in the markets when there is tumult at home. down a couple points. the dow closed at 17,483 monday. the oil markets a big factor in how things will be responding. so we'll see how the market respond on day two. >> in the meantime major headlines out of moscow. the russians say they will increase cooperation with the friend much navy to go after targets on the ground in syria. this one day after the president said the u.s. will share more information with the french as it specifically per tan is to isis in eastern syria and isis in western iraq. yesterday the french president said this about syria. the biggest factory of terrorists the world has ever known.
6:41 am
ambassador john bolton is on deck. he reacts next live to that after this. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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martha: we want to get you back to news at home. tornadoes tearing through kansas. take a look. that was something else. touching down in the northwestern part of the state near the town of grabfield. it's severe weather make its way across the great plains including thunderstorms and hail. look at that image. it's so dramatic. thankfully there are no injuries reported so far in these storms. bill: back in paris numerous headlines and details throughout the tonight and again during the day today.
6:45 am
the french carried out 300 raids in 48 hours. moscow carried out 2,300 sorties in syria. it could be isis or those who oppose al-assad, the groups we have been supporting. and the russian navy established contact with the french aircraft carriers in the region. there is a relationship building between these two countries. president hollande said he wanted to talk to vladimir putin and barack obama and figure out how these three countries can merge forces. apparently part of that is happening now. ambassador john bolton my guest out of washington, d.c. how do you see these fast-moving developments shaping up? >> i think you see a reflection of a lack of effective american
6:46 am
involvement and the absence of america directing how we want to see this fight against isis go. into the vacuum that we are creating. france and russia are moving for their own reasons. france obviously motivated by the terrorist attacks in paris, and russia motivated earlier by its desire to support the assad regime. but now at vladimir putin acknowledged what i think we have believed for some time that that russian airliner with 224 civilians on board was brought down by a bomb planted by isis which had taken credit for it. so they are acting while we are watching in effect. and i think this is a very significant development. our airstrikes increased somewhat because of political pressure at home. but this is a region of
6:47 am
extraordinarily vital importance to the united states. we are not the dominant player any more, we are barely the bystander. bill: the russian plane shot down, 224 people shot down. twin suicide bombing in beruit. scores dead there. followed by friday on 11-14 in paris where 129 were shot down for the simple crime of going to a concert at night on a friday evening. now you have a reaction on behalf of the u.s. military in eastern syria to go after the fuel lines, the money for isis. more than a thousand trucks have been reported that have fueled this black market way of funding this organization. yesterday apparently we hit more than 100. why has it taken so long?
6:48 am
>> there is no excuse for it other than president obama's unwilling necessary to do what he said his own objective was, which is to degrade and ultimately destroy isis. i think ultimately is a long time away and the president stepped up the raid in the near term because of the obvious political pressure. but back in the day the u.s. air force would have called this truck plankton. that's not a serious strategic response. the middle east is awash in oil trucks. and destroying 100 or more is not going to the fundamental point of destroying isis itself. i think the situation is slipping away from us. bill: that would be significant. ambassador, we'll pick up that point next time. i want to point out general jack keane told us repeatedly we are
6:49 am
worried about civilian casualty and they are using human shielded in the training camps and human shield around the fuel trucks. but yesterday two f-15s dropped leaflets and according to report our pilots saw the truck drivers running from the scene moment before the bombs struck. martha: switching gears to a local story. an actor shared a personal struggle. charlie sheen admitted he has an incurable disease. a medical expert weighs in. with thousands of refugees fleeing war-torn syria, could isis be using that influx to pull off an old war tactic? one presidential candidate thick that's the case. >> there are so many men and they are so strong.
6:50 am
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any planned surgery and all medicines you take. i will take brilinta today. tomorrow. and every day for as long as my doctor tells me. don't miss a day of brilinta. >> how long have you known about this? >> four years ago. it started with what i thought based on the series of cluster headaches and migraines and sweating the bed, completely soaked. i thought it had a brain tumor. martha: charlie sheen revealing he's hiv positive and he paid upward of $10 million to keep this a secret.
6:54 am
he's taking precautions to stay healthy with this disease. so what does this mean? doctor, explain to us what he has and explain how he's being treated and how safe other people are who come in contact with him. >> hiv disease affected our t cells in our immune system and effects our ability to fight off infection. we have come up with drugs to prevent it from spreading. so effective that it practically gets rid of it in 77% of those who take the cocktail. 1.2 million people living with it. one out of 8 of them don't know they have it. people have it, they don't know they have it. if you take the drug cocktail and it's effective, it may be
6:55 am
out of your bloodstream, but it's not 100% sure you wouldn't be able to spread it. less likely but still possible. when he said he told people before he had sex with them and he was using condoms, that's really important that happened. whether that's true or not for sure it was important. martha: but there was a time before he knew he had it and obviously you are contagious at that point. >> we had magic johnson and rock hudson do that. a major celebrity saying safe sex, be careful. martha: magic johnson survived all these years. dr. siegel, thank you very much. bill: more developments again. the french president hollande will be in washington with president obama a week from today. that news being confirmed.
6:56 am
that's the 24th of november. two days later he will be in moscow meeting with vladimir putin. this was something the french president was expressing strongly when he met with lawmakers at versailles, making that rare address. when the french president brings all the lawmakers together in one setting. he's under enormous pressure and moving quickly to try and counter this threat in his homeland. the french president with president obama a week from today. put prr followed 48 hours later. there are significant development s from the overnight here in france and germany and much more news to talk about with what's happening in the battle against isis as well. from paris and new york. our coverage continues on america's newsroom. a mouthbreather!
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for a moment of silence this morning as a show of solidarity with france and to pay tribute to the victims of the terror attacks in paris. it will be led by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. this follows a moment of silence held last night in the house. as soon as that gets underway, that show ever respect for our ally, we will certainly bring you that moment when it happens. in the meantime, secretary of state john kerry meeting with french president francois hollande this morning before hollande is expected to meet with the president in washington one week from now. this as the french continue to unleash. they are pounding syria with airstrikes following the deadly paris attacks. secretary kerry admitting there is a need for qualitative changes in the fight against isis, which is somewhat different than what we heard from the president although the president did say that he would, quote, intensify the strategy. so that may line up. but kerry says that the terrorist army's days are numbered. let's hope so.
7:01 am
hello, everybody, i'm martha hack here in new york as we welcome you to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." bill: hey, martha. i'm bill hemmer hello and good morning from paris, france. 4:00 in the afternoon here. it's a dark day. clouds are over head. we saw rain last night. it reflects the mood of the french people. it is grim. these were victims over the weekend that had nothing to do with the ongoing conflict happening in the middle east and syria. there were sleeper cells ignited, carried out by messages of those who left this country and left the country of belgium to join the fight in syria. the french president said they were coordinated, they were planned in syria, coordinated in belgium but carried out by french people against french people here in the capital city of paris. overnight in germany, five arrests. here in france, more than one one raids bringing the total to 300 in 48 hours. meanwhile russians say they're pounding targets of isis on the
7:02 am
ground and the u.s. military is taking out the fuel lines that have helped fund this terrorist organization now for more than two years. all that moving on the ground as senators or secretary of state john kerry came to the french capital last night to lend his support to the french people and also telling our own greg palkot just three hours ago, that isis will feel the might of the u.s. military and it will have an effect. but then he raises the question, what do you do after that? here is secretary kerry from earlier today. >> i have no doubt about the american capacity to have a huge impact on them. but you have to have something come in underneath it if you're not going to occupy the place forever. martha: we heard a lot of that in the past 24 hours. list cheney, former assistant secretary of state and fox news contributor. good morning. good to have you here. this is an underlying theme. we heard this from the president yesterday.
7:03 am
look, i know the u.s. can go in there and temporarily clear out isis. the question is what happens after that? we're not going to occupy this space. john kerry echoing that sentiment there. your thoughts? >> i think the president is setting up a straw man. no one is suggesting we go in and we occupy. it is in fact the case we have to defeat isis. our national security depends upon that. isis has become a existential threat to the security of the united states, to western civilization. what you see again and again and again is that weakness is provocative and when you have extreme weakness of the kind you saw in the president's press conference yesterday, that is extremely provocative. there is no other force that can defeat isis. the united states must get involved. we do not need to do it alone but the president is sort of in a situation where he seems much more annoyed frankly with those of us in the united states who are suggesting his strategy is not working than he is with terrorists themselves. he needs to ask the pentagon.
7:04 am
he needs to ask for a strategy to defeat isis. he has not done that yet. that strategy will include a whole range of things, including increasing number of sorties we're flying in the air campaign, stepping up number of special operators on the ground, stepping up our support to the kurds both in syria and iraq. a much more aggressive engagement with soon any armies that are there. there are a whole range of things we need to be doing and our security depends on it. martha: he said we will intensify our strategy. everything everybody says i'm already doing. that is one sort of argument that he is making. john kerry basically said we'll do a qualitative change. that sounds like they are going to step it up. you heard moments ago what france is doing. syria, russia, 2300 sorties. perhaps they are as john bolton said to us stepping into the vacuum we have not been able to fill. >> no, they certainly are. the president has walked away. to hear him yesterday that he believes, american leadership is
7:05 am
quote a slogan, something that he quote doesn't have time for that particular sound bite from that press conference among many that were so troubling to many people on all sides of the political spectrum, was stunning. when you have got dianne feinstein, ranking democrat on the senate intelligence committee, saying she has never been more concerned, our strategy is not working. you have a president insisting that our enemy is contained, you got a real problem. and i think, martha, part of this too, has to do with his concern about offending the iranians. he doesn't want to get actively and aggressively engaged for a number of reasons, including that the iranians don't want sunnis emboldened and fighting. we have to get sunnis emboldened and fighting if we will defeat isis over the long term but it will take american leadership. martha: to your point you made about what he was talking about yesterday, about american leadership, this also is another sound bite from yesterday's speech that i want to get your reaction to, liz.
7:06 am
let's listen. >> some of them seem to think if i were just more bellicose in expressing what we're doing, that would make a difference. but i haven't seen particular strategies that they would suggest that would make a real difference. martha: being bellicose, talking tough, words really don't matter. >> you know, martha, those of us who have been critical of this president's national security policy as general keane said a few moments ago i don't care whether president obama is bellicose. i want him to defend the nation. i want him to do what is necessary to defeat isis. his legacy will clearly reflect he stood by while people across the political spectrum said there is existential threat to the security of nation, he stood by and failed to take action necessary and failed to stop them and prevent of the growth of that threat. the reason it is existential threat because barack obama is allowing it to be. it is in his hands to do what is
7:07 am
necessary to defend us. so far he has been unwilling for reasons i think are unfathomable to do that, to take necessary steps to keep us safe. martha: liz cheney, thank you. >> thanks, martha. martha: back to bill. bill: in many ways he is the man of the hour yet again. the french president, francois hollande, now speaking at a u.n. event here in paris. let's drop in here for a moment. >> translator: we are not fighting against terrorism by hiding. we are not, you can not suspend the cultural and economy alike. we can not forbid theater, concerts, sports events. we are not going to let terrorists suspend our way of life. we are going to renounce to nothing. this is why of a the emotion, after the mourning, dignity will
7:08 am
face and we will remain ourselves and paris will remain the city of theaters, movie theaters. entertainment, live entertainment because culture will always be in france. because the movie theaters will continue to welcome the audience, because all of the museum will continue to be open. to allow visitors, to discover the wonderful culture that we have. france is an open country and will remain open. open to all art. bill: that has been the argument you hear from many. however the reality is much different. these were innocent people, brutally murdered. in their own city, just days before.
7:09 am
and now you get a sense from so many of the french people that any one of them could be a victim because the violence is random. terrorism is random. also we get word today from russia. the defense official out of moscow confirming that russian plane was indeed brought down by terrorism, leaving sharm el-sheikh in the southern sinai peninsula two weeks ago. catherine herridge has more on that. our chef intelligence correspondent there in washington. catherine, hello to you. reporter: thank you, bill. russian security service is confirming that a two-pound bomb brought down the metrojet over sinai. the device was planted on board near the fuel line where it connects to the engine where fuel is acting accelerant, burning off explosive residue making it that much harder for investigators to determine the cows. a counterterrorism analyst telling fox news isis likely exported it is bomb-making capabilities. attack in sinai shows the isis affiliate has a competent
7:10 am
bomb-maker and airport insider able to implant the device. half a dozen suicide bomb belts that the belgium has a proficient bomb-maker who can build multiple device without incident. the attack in beirut last thursday, one day before paris shows the same pattern. >> remember a key thing that was said here at one point isis didn't have the ability to attack the west in sort of a 9/11 or an al qaeda-style attack because they didn't have sort of resources or manpower, expertise to do that. the problem with that, they're able to evolve that expertise overtime very quickly and they clearly have. reporter: key data point tying plots together, isis branch in aleppo, syria, congratulated them on long before investigators were able to say publicly that it was terrorism, bill. bill: more to come on that, catherine herridge thank you. france is pushing for more laws to easier to search homes and allow police to have greater
7:11 am
jurisdiction and latitude to detain suspects and in some cases revoking sitten ship to those they think can do harm. quickly moving developments in paris today. back to new york. here is martha. martha: as we said thousands of syrian refugees are expected to come to the united states over the course of the next year but some presidential candidates are wondering if that is a bad idea. our panel takes it on. >> we have no documentation on these people. they're strong-looking guys. powerful-looking guys. why aren't they back fighting for their country? that is number one. then i say, is this a trojan horse what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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martha: just moments ago speaker of the house paul ryan talking about refugee issue in this country. let's listen. >> in addition, the majority leader and our committee chairs are developing a plan to address the syrian refugee crisis. our nation has always been welcoming but we can not let terrorists take advantage of our compassion. this is a moment where it is better to be safe than to be sorry. so we think the prudent, the responsible thing is to take a pause in this particular aspect of this refugee program in order to verify that terrorists are not trying to infiltrate the refugee population. in the end, the ultimate solution to this crisis is a strategy to defeat isis.
7:16 am
all of this rises above politics. this is not about politics. this is about national security. and so we will invite all of our colleagues, republicans and democrats, to work with us, quickly to address the your nature of this -- urgent nature of this situation. martha: he will be in conflict with the president because you heard the president speak strongly about this issue in turkey yesterday. he said we must take in these 10,000 syrian refugees because that is who we are. rich lowery joins me, editor of "national review." fox news contributor. matthew lipman, political consultant and former speechwriter to vice president joe biden. welcome to you both. matt, let me get your reaction to this first. what do you think? >> when paul ryan says it is not political i think it is actually political. the idea of taking in 10,000 refugees when millions are being relocated around the world isn't that much.
7:17 am
the security that they go through is very intensive. i say this, martha, we'll not take in 10,000 refugees over next year. we're lucky if we take in 5000 over ref the next year. this process is moving so slowly. martha: is that the pause paul ryan is talking about, rich? >> we need more of a pause. you can't reliably street these people, when there are no papers. most of them have no papers. obviously not going to work with the syrian government to try to track down their background in at this i can't. look, 10,000 is ridiculous drop in the bucket, given the millions of revenue geese coming out of syria. and it is not cost effective. you can spend the same amount of money it will cost to settle each one of these people here, and support 12 refugees in countries near syria. so it's really just symbolism and we would be much better helping the countries on the front line here who have millions of these people.
7:18 am
you want them near syria because you actually want to have a strategy ultimately to resolve that conflict and have them go back to syria. that would be common sense. martha: you think about how hot a topic this is already in the campaign, in terms of our own border issues here at home. then you're talking about the influx of 10,000 more syrians, perhaps, over the next year or so. and this is an issue that hits home with the crowds for donald trump. here is what he said about it. >> look at this migration. and i said to my wife the other day, you know, they're all, they seem like so many men. and they're so strong. i mean they're strong-looking guys. so i said, why aren't they back fighting for their country. that was number one. then i say, is this a trojan horse? we all know the story of the trojan horse. martha: matthew, what do you think? >> well, donald trump also said he is an instinct for when terrorist acts are going to occur. we should be electing him
7:19 am
because he has that instinct. so i don't take donald trump seriously all the time. in this case i also disagree with rich. we're talking about 10,000 refugees which isn't a tremendous amount, who go through a very, very stringent background check that takes 2 1/2 years. he is right. we don't have good documentation from syria. we have defense department, homeland security, fbi, looking -- martha: matthew stop me there. do you really have a level of confidence that we're going to be able to vet these people? now i actually -- >> yes. martha: really. because we couldn't find two bombers in boston who talked to the fbi twice. >> yeah. i mean listen i'm not, that is our bigger problem, martha. the bigger problem to me is the homegrown people in this country who commit terrorist acts. the 10,000 people, i think so far we've taken in about 2500 over the last two or three years. with our security system that we have in place, this isn't people coming on boats into italy. this is people who wait a year-and-a-half, two years to
7:20 am
come into the united states. martha: that's a good point. rich, there are cells in cities in america all through europe. so do we get distracted? should we be much more focused on people who are not coming over on a crowded uninflated boat but who are here working with computers and laptops in their apartments and who have been here for some time and waiting for the go signal? >> i don't think it is either/or obviously. why would you welcome more of these folks? our experience with somalia refugees in minneapolis is not happy one. they are not well-simulated. many have gone back to join fight with radical groups. help the front line states taking on millions of people, not just a drop in the bucket. easy to scoff at donald trump saying they're a trojan horse. they were a trojan horse in the paris attack. one of those terrorists used this inflow to mix in with the refugees and get to paris and shoot the place up. that is a risk no one is willing to take at the moment.
7:21 am
the president has already cause admit call backlash. it will only grow stronger on this. martha: thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> thanks, martha. martha: let's go back to bill in paris. bill? bill: martha, there is a remarkable press conference right about this time 24 hours ago and, through our discussion over the past several hours it's clear there is a lot to digest about what the strategy is or is not going forward. in a moment here howard kurtz will analyze not just the answers but the questions at that came from some, what some would consider unusual sources who were trying to figure out what will change, if anything. questions like this. >> the united states has the greatest military in the world. i guess the question is, and if you will forgive the language is, why can't we take out these bastards? hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck?
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bill: fox news alert now. almost four days after 129 people were killed and more than 350 injured as of yesterday. 99 of those 350 listed in critical condition and four days later, the mastermind has still not been accounted for, believed to be in syria. theth attacker who managed to live, detained by police and questioned, let go, he is still unaccounted for at this hour. also today, the eiffel tower has been closed yet again after briefly opening yesterday. no reason given as to why the iconic landmark of this great international city that has stood here more than 125 years is closed yet again to the public t was 24 hours ago at this time when president obama was meeting with reporters at the end of the g20 summit in turkey and it was, it was a question and answer session that
7:26 am
lasted more than 45 minutes. and the president was in no hurry to leave the stage, almost insisting to explain himself, knowing that his answers perhaps were a tough sell. our media critic, howard kurtz is with me in washington. howie, welcome to the program here. i want you to, first let's summarize from this specific question from jim chaos at that from cnn and watch. >> united states has greatest military in the world t has the backing of nearly every other country in the world when taking on isis. i guess the question is, if you will forgive the language is, why can't we take out these bastards? >> well, jim, i just spent the last three questions answering that very question, so i don't know what more you want me to add. i described very specifically what our strategy is. i described specifically why we
7:27 am
do not pursue some of the strategies that have been suggested. bill: these are white house correspondents. they work with the white house. they travel with the president when he is on the road, howie. what did you make of that question and answer session? >> it was a stunning moment in a remarkable news conference, bill, journalists hit the president with whole barrage of questions just like that. they were imbued with a sense of outrage, frankly and passion in the wake of the paris attacks. and the president in turn seemed defensive. he seemed a bit tone deaf to the enormity and emotion of the moment. and he was annoyed that he said, journalists kept rephrasing same question. the reason for that is, we are essentially stick to the strategy. do more of the same. no, i did not underestimate isis. the press was not buying that answers barack obama was giving. bill: he said there will be no posing. he will not become more bellicose in his language because that will not make a difference. do you note any shift in the way these reporters are covering the
7:28 am
commander-in-chief, howie. >> oh, it was really striking because, i have never quite seen that taken in the last seven years of this administration. and obviously back in 2007 and 2008 when barack obama was a candidate he got softest media coverage of any candidate i've seen in my professional lifetime. pretty sympathetic in the first term. more critical in the second term. lately barack obama has just kind of vanished from the media radar screen as we've all been focusing on the 2016 campaign. so the me-yard deserve some scolding here for letting terrorism and foreign policy fade to the backburner. at the same time this horrifying attack in paris where you are was a wake-up call to the country and wake-up call to the media. the president didn't seem to match the moment. we can debate prescriptions but you saw him and the press corpse
7:29 am
corpse -- corps you've rarely seen. bill: we'll see if that continues. howard kurtz, media critic working out of washington, d.c. today. president said it will work the strategy, but it will take time. much time? we wait for that answer. back live for a moment here, with the latest news from paris. for now here from paris. here is martha. martha: thank you, bill. candidates are reacting to the issue of the refugees and whether or not they're allowed to come to the united states after the attacks. we'll look at real life concerns ahead of influx of people expected to come here incomes year. plus french fighter jets pounding syria this morning but the president does not want us to put all our eggs into one basket. he said what it something flames up elsewhere? what other areas is he particularly concerned about right now? we'll talk about that coming up. >> what happens when there's a terrorist attack generated from yemen? do we then send more troops into
7:30 am
there or libya, perhaps?
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
martha: so the paris attacks stoking hot debate with 10,000 syrian refugees expected to be hitting our shores next year. now you have at least 26 states, the governors of which said they will refuse to take them in. william la jeunesse is live in our west coast newsroom. so, william, why are the state governors pushing back so hard? >> well the problem, martha, you only know what you know. what makes these governors skeptical, isis carries out attacks in paris, bring down a jetliner, win a war in syria yet the president believes isis can't infiltrate a single terrorist among 10,000 refugees. >> we have very robust procedures for refugees. involves the intelligence committee, national counterterrorism center, extensive vetting interviews
7:34 am
vetting -- reporter: problem for rhoades, the colleagues already contradicted his statement. >> we'll not whoa a whole lot about individual refugees that come forward from the u.n. high commission on refugees on resettlement and betting. >> my concern there are certain gaps i don't want to talk about publicly in the data available to us. >> i don't obviously put it past the likes of isil to infiltrate operatives among the refugees. reporter: reportedly one already did as you know, posing a syrian refugee rescued off a boat of greece. 30 days later, police believe he committed one of the attacks in paris. martha: thank you very much. william. go back to bill in paris. bill: we heard from martha, with the president saying ground war will not happen and will not put ground troops in the fight against otherwise sis is syria
7:35 am
or iraq, anymore than we've seen to date. he warned syria is not the only hot spot in this world. he suggested if you go into syria, what do you do about these other places if a terrorist attack originates from a place that is not within syria? here is how the president phrased it. we will analyze this comment on the other side of it. >> let's assume that we were to send 50,000 troops into syria. what happens when there is a terrorist attack generated from yemen? do we then send more troops into there, or libya, perhaps? or if there is a terrorist network that is operating anywhere else in north africa, or in southeast asia? so a strategy has to be one that can be sustained. bill: wall lead fair rest, fox news -- walid phares, fox news middle east analyst, welcome here. help us understand the rationale and the logic the president is
7:36 am
trying to press there? >> the president is trying to say we can not send 50,000 troops to one country and then to another country and a third country. we will end up having half a million soldiers to stay long term. but, the reality is different. when we are going, if we want to make the decision to go to syria, we're not going to go alone. it may be 50, it may be 20, but out of a multinational force of 100, 150,000. he mentioned libya. libya doesn't need american soldiers, egypt is there. he mentioned yemen. yemen doesn't need u.s. forces. already saudi and u.a.e. are already there. the point here the president is disregarding fact we have allies on the ground which have five arab armies he should have reached out to with regard at least syria and maybe part of iraq. that is the real debate here. bill: walid, here is what the president in france said. planned in syria, organized in
7:37 am
belgium, carried out on our soil with french complicity. two significant comments in there. planned overseas, outside of french borders but carried out by sleeper cells who were living here. they were french people, walid. that is an attack on two fronts. how do you then beat it? >> france really is fighting on two fronts. it is fighting with us, with the international community against isis headquarters, bases in syria. and in iraq and we need to do a better strategy there but france has a different problem. it is also fighting them on its national soil. the french government as you know has stateed that there are thousands of french citizens, who are jihadis go to syria and train and come back. the challenge for french government to find them on french soil, not just this cell, that operated out of brussels, future cells, other sells cells. this is where the french challenge will be in the next months and years.
7:38 am
bill: walid, it is clear after being here in paris there are close-knit communities that are outside french culture and outside belgian culture and many of them believe, living in these communities that the western powers like france and the united states are wrong. they believe we brought the war to them. wherever the argument originates, walid, you tell us today how you reach those people and change their minds and hearts if that is even possible? >> well, my dear friend, those who are making the case, if you analyze even further going back to 10 years ago exactly to the month in november when there were those uprisings in the suburbs not far from where you are you would understand there are radical networks. this does not represent the majority of normal people. we said for many years that in egypt, egypt is represented by the muslim brotherhood. we saw in 2013, that 33 million people rose against the
7:39 am
brotherhood. what we need to see now, i've been speaking to imams, and i've been speaking to ngos, i spoke with the grand imam of egypt, we need moderate muslims and ngo rising and emerging with french consensus against extremists and isolating them. they need architecture. that is what the french government and ngos need to do. bill: it is clear people living in two different orbits in countries like france. walid phares, thank you for your expertise in washington, d.c. martha, the president said about this the they are the biggest terrorists that the world has ever known and live there day after day, week after week. how much longer we do not know. back to you in new york. martha: thank you, bill. there has been a big uproar about the nsa surveillance program. did cutting back on some of the techniques in the wake of edward snowden put us back on our heels in the fight against terrorists? plus a huge outpouring of
7:40 am
sympathy and solidarity as americans gather at the 9/11 memorial to pay tribute to the victims of the attacks in paris. >> i wish i could do more. having lived through 9/11, being being a new york city teacher and now this again. it is very, very hard. @oyu0x?hp
7:41 am
7:42 am
big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked.
7:43 am
made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. ♪ >> has been so impressive to see some people come down to this monument in paris. at one point there were four or five people deep. we had a rain shower come through a short time ago and it is getting late into the evening. some of the candles were he can tinkered and some of the -- extinguished and some of the flames. flowers stacked one on top of another. paris took a punch in the face but they want the world to know they will be back and better than ever. that was from about 2:00 in the
7:44 am
morning. the scene behind me is almost idental. it is cloudy and it is raining again. a lot of candles behind me in this monument in paris have been extinguished because of the latest clouds. the clouds reflect the grim reality that the french people are experiencing. when attack at "charlie hebdo" occurred they had a rally of million people that started in this square. that was headed up by government. all the people living in paris. you don't hear talk of any room rallies. you don't hear talks about unity. this is very different attack in very different city and a country as a result. a lot more in a moment. back to new york and martha. martha: back here at home, friday's attack in paris has raised questions about how good we are at finding these people among us before they strike. do we have adequate surveillance >> there have been some policy
7:45 am
and legal and other actions that are taken that make our ability, collectively, internationally, to find these terrorists much more challenging. and i do hope that this is going to be a wake-up call. martha: mike baker, former covert operations officer. welcome. good to have you here. >> thank you. martha: the suggestion is, that we are less safe than we used to be and before you answer that, f the cia last night on o'reilly. listen to this. >> we didn't need to make those changes that followed the snowden disputes and they have made it a lot harder for us to figure out what our opponents are doing. in the meantime, commercial encryption has come along with playstations and the like which make it easier for them on the other side to hide things from us. martha: yeah. a couple of things there. number one, is he right about us being less safe because of edward snowden? >> well, yes. you can sense the frustration both with director woolsey and
7:46 am
director brennan. the truth is, look the more the enemy knows, whether the enemy is isis or al qaeda, whoever it may be the more they know about our methodologies, the way that we do things, our capabilities, the better it is for them. i don't know how anybody else would argue that. the more information you put out there such as the snowden leaks, and i know a lot of people want to call him a hero, but more information you put out there about what we do and how we're able to do it and what we can do, the better it is for the enemy. that part i think is unquestionable. now what we have to be able to do this time, in the wake of this attack, is to find the right balance because the pendulum always seems to go from either here or over here. it has to calibrate somewhere in the logical center, right? we need the surveillance capabilities. at the same time, of course we don't want to over reach. of course we want checks and balances. that goes without saying but we
7:47 am
do need the capabilities. the more they learn, you know what they do? they go dark. martha: right. >> they use technologies to get smarter or dumb it down. it becomes more difficult to monitor or identify the attackers. martha: not necessarily like having a huge bucket of stuff. i know we talk about this a lot. when you have phone numbers and people were listening in on phone calls. mostly what they were doing is watching numbers going act and forth. when they have a number they're concerned about, they pull that number but that is limited to certain extent. david cameron and francois hollande we'll cut down, cut back on freedoms we know because we have no choice and we have to get close to this. but a lot of that involves profile, doesn't it? smart profiling? >> profiling actually works. that is the little secret nobody wants to talk about. and i'm sorry if that offends people but right now the threat comes from the radical islamist community. now you don't target all muslims. already muslim advocate groups
7:48 am
coming out saying you can't go back to that, immediately default. we have to target all muslims. we're not talking about targeting all muslims. we're talking about targeting individuals who are sympathetic or support of terrorist organizations. that is pretty simple. martha: i would assume well-meaning moderate muslims want to be protected in cafe? of course they do. of course they do. we need to be smart who we are going after here. when the president said yesterday, europe has thousands of these people gone to thousands of people gone to syria, we only have hundreds. we have the ocean that protects us. is he right? >> i'm not sure where he is getting his intel from. i would like to see that we don't really know. much like we don't -- martha: even if it is hundreds only takes seven or eight. >> we don't have an accurate count. the fbi stated, ever since the hebdo attacks, they have active
7:49 am
investigations, probably 900 plus active investigations around the country. right there you have to assume more than a couple hundred people they're concerned about. we don't have the ability right now to identify. we never will. it's a human chain of events, right? it will never be perfect and never get risk down to zero. i keep going back to the same thing. we don't want to overreach. we need to be smart and pragmatic how we do this we don't want to overreact one side or another. director brennan said very well, when he said look, all the metadata people were so torqued about and got their knickers in a twist over the snowden leaks, a big room of metadata doesn't seem scary after attack in paris. martha: somebody walking up with a gun and shoot you in a cafe. >> right. martha: mike, always good to see you. let's look at jenna lee with what is coming up next on "happening now." >> more coverage on attacks in paris. the threat to america. we'll talk with presidential
7:50 am
candidate mike huck buy. talk about the guiding of isis and how we can effective stop them. that is coming up at top of the hour. martha: thank you, jenna. the new clue and how it may help investigates track down the main suspects in the paris attacks who are out there still when we come back. does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. bill: more developments now. headlines from germany. police arrested five women and three men. to the west in brussels, belgium which is where this investigation seems to be moving hour after hour. apparently police there have found explosive residue in one, if not two different homes.
7:54 am
arrests have been made we're told as well. benjamin hollis tracking all of that. he is live from brussels with more on there. benjamin. what can we say? reporter: hi, bill, a massive manhunt underway here in brussels. they have tracked the mastermind of the attacks as one of the suspects to the belgium capital here. there were dramatic scenes as police tried to get access to these apartments. they arrested seven people. they released five. those two were found in possession of explosive material and have been charged with terrorist offenses of the belgium connection is becoming every more obvious. early on during the siege, cars with license plates were found. nevertheless. saleh abdeslam was able to cross from belgium. those two are arrested and he remains at large and armed and dangerous. also wanted is suspected mastermind. abdel hahm mead abaaoud.
7:55 am
he escaped after a shootout but the others were taken. the justice minister at the time saying they didn't get their guy but presumably would. here we are a year on and was able to plan four other at incomes in the meantime. he has been sentenced to 20 years in absentia. he too, is loose, armed and dangerous, bill. bill: that same suspect within the last year, benjamin is on camera bragging how he could move from syria and belgium his home country and back to syria without the police even noticing that. that is significant issue. why then is there such extremist history in the country of belgium? what does that go to? >> it is very interesting, bill. this country has higher percentage per capita of jihadis since iraq and syria. country of 11 million people. 600,000 are muslims. up to 800 have gone to fight over there. now, in particular, there is a little district just around here, about a mile away which
7:56 am
perfectly identifies it and it is at the cause of all these problems. they're trying to deal with this problem here. armed men, dangerous manhunt still going on. bill. bill: he also said he was able to obtain a safe house and weapons with ease. benjamin hall, thank you, reporting live in brussels, belgium. more from that development as we get it as well. martha. martha: thank you, bill of the as you guys were talking about the search for answers in these attacks stretches to at least three countries now. authorities not taking any chances with thousands of extra police being deployed. we're live in paris with an update on security efforts and the manhunt for the mastermind. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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8:00 am
martha, certainly to be more throughout the day here on fox and into the evening hours. martha: and at home here, the reaction continues to the president's statements yesterday about how things will change now here as we wait and we watch. "happening now" starts right now. ♪ ♪ jon: russian and french bombers hitting new isis targets in syria as the manhunt for terrorists behind the paris attacks expands into at least three european nations. good morning to you, i'm jon out. jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. german police say they're questioning three people arrested there after a tip that one of them might be linked to the terror attacks in paris. in the meantime, police in belgium deploying up to 300 extra soldiers to provide security in major cities, and in france the government mobilizing some 115,000 security personnel


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