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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 17, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> we'll be back here in one hour. see you then. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: we begin with a fox news alert. big developments in the terror attacks in paris which killed at least 129 people. french officials reportedly looking for a second fugitive thought to be directly involved in the paris attacks. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith, andrea tantaros, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis and today's #oneluckyguy, fox senior national correspondent john roberts and he is outnumbered. glad you're here to help us dive into the breaking news. >> it is terrible what is happening in france and what could potentially happen elsewhere around the world. i think the sense of urgency to get to the root of this is growing. hopefully nations around the world will finally see there is a threat that needs to be addressed and addresses quickly. harris: we have sense ever urgency to get to the news. let's go.
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the search for the two fugitives are reportedly underway as france launches new air attacks on the islamic state overnight. they lit up the command and training at that silt in raqqa, the capital of the terror army so-called caliphate and the french have some company. russia also hit targets in raqqa and other syrian cities. terrorists indeed brought down that the russian passenger jet in egypt last month. on the ground in paris officials say they conducted more than one one hundred raids before dawn. they say they are making progress in the investigation but still have not caught the suspect who rented a black car and was outside after concert hall where 80 people were slaughtered. second fugitive is yet to be identified. on "america's newsroom," ambassador john bolton, america, america is being reduced to a bystander in the fight against isis. watch.
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>> what you see primarily is reflection of the lack of effective american involvement and absence of america directing how we want to see this fight defense isis go. into the vacuum that we are creating france and russia moving for their own reasons. harris: and this is developing. dates on the calendar. next week for french president hollande to travel to our nation's capitol to meet with president obama followed by a trip to moscow to meet with russian president vladmir putin. let's go to paris with co-host of "america's newsroom," bill hemmer. this is big question. are we seeing the beginning of some sort of an alliance? bill: likely. and, that was professed yesterday when the french president said he wanted to meet with vladmir putin and wanted to meet with barack obama and see what these three nations and these three governments could do to carry out the fight against isis in syria.
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not an easy task. russians want to take out those who oppose assad. we don't want assad to live another day in the country. so this is complicated. he will be there in a week in the white house. go to the kremlin two days after that on thanksgiving day, november 26th. harris, the latest developments here in paris are this. they are looking for what they believe a second suspect who eluded capture after the attacks on friday night. what is interesting that in belgium the investigation seems to move further north by the hour. they are now arrested two men who drove to paris on saturday morning, and picked up 26-year-old saleh abdeslam. his brother was one of the attackers who is dead. abdeslam is the only other suspect we have been talked about, or told about up until a few moments ago. he is unaccounted for. it is quite possible now that these two men they're holding in
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belgium are giving a bit more information and that is why this investigation is spreading by the minute. harris: that is fascinating. this whole brother connection is talked about a lot, bill. before we go around the couch i have a quick question about that because we saw the tsarnaev brothers in boston, we have seen the cousins in illinois. this family thing. they know the cells will probably hold together better if they have more in common and have each others backs in more of a familial way. bill: i would add to that, close isn't communities you -- close-knit communities you find in france and belgium, keep this in mind, the "charlie hebdo" attacks were two brothers that carried out attacks on the newspaper. point well-taken, hair remembers. >> the bill, sandra smith here. you talked about the president's press conference on the sidelines in the g20 summit calling these terrorist attacks in france a setback. i wonder what you hearing from
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the french people about our response in particular our president's response to these attacks? bill: yeah, that has not gotten a lot of traction at least where we are here in paris and i'll tell you why. because the french president is under enormous pressure to do something. he has been resolute day after day saying his country is at war and they will respond in kind. what i think is very interesting though, sandra, to go to your point, is that this was personal to the people of paris. these were innocent people, victims, not combatants. they're at a restaurant, they were at a bar, they were at a concert. they were, some of them in one case were at a soccer game. but now they have the realization, but any one of them could be victims. that is really how this entire story has changed. to think about the innocents among us but doing nothing but going on with their average day.
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andrea: bill, it is andrea. what do you know about the asks that president hollande is going to make of president obama next week? we're reading headlines here at home. it seems hollande is already teamed up with putin and they're teaming up on airstrikes, the sorties that have been discussed all morning. what are the specific asks that you're hearing hollande will make of president obama? and will president obama be put in a position where he will have to say, no, since he already told us yesterday that what we're doing is working and he won't deviate? bill: three things on that, andrea. i think the president played his card yesterday. he told us the strategy will take a long time but will work in time. that is his position. it is not changing for now. hollande is working with the russians because he wants greater military action now on these targets in eastern syria. that is why that is happening. with regard to the requests he will make on behalf of barack obama, we were given an idea yesterday when the president said that greater security cooperation will be
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happening between american and french intelligence agencies and the military, as it relates to eastern syria and western iraq. and, according to the president, that gear is now in motion, as of today. >> hey, bill. it is john roberts. i know this might seem counter intuitive but the french have been conducting dozens if not hundreds of raids going into people's homes in the country. are the french police being cautious about overreacting here? part of isis strategy appears to be to cause grievance among muslim communities across europe. having french police and other police going into people's homes or knocking on their doors or knocking down their doors is part of that strategy. so are the french police being wary of being overreactive here? bill: i can say this, jon. one of the bombers who is dead, grew up in a town 20 miles south of here. he was born there. according to locals he left town
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five years ago. i spoke with a reporter last night who was in that town all day yesterday with the international business times. she spoke to the imam from his mosque. the imam claims he never knew the guy. but what i was curious about, was the police presence. you know what she told me, john? she saw zero police in that town the entire time she was there. zero. when you talk about these close-knit communities whether it is in paris or whether it is in brussels, my sense is that you have people living in two different orbits and they just rotate around one in another, day after day and now we can, week after week here. they are separate and apart and, two cultures that do not comingle. >> bill, this is melissa. what is the sentiment like on the ground there to the revenue gee crisis? obviously that has become one of the biggest questions in every country and ours as well?
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the response to the refugees that are flooding in because i say this france and paris has always been such an open culture and open society. now obviously you would things have changed. but what have you noticed? a change in sentiment? >> 800,000 men, women and children have come in over the past year and, melissa, you know, in europe they work to break down their borders and tried that for 30 years so people like you and i can come here to travel without a passport. that has been achieved. you can travel visa-free, that has been achieved. now they're questioning this policy. the hungarians said we'll build a fence. germans said we'll take a million people and now that policy seems to be changing. and it is not clear right now how this, how this all works out. and to give you a an idea of the sheer numbers, there is a crossings point between austria
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and germany in the bavarian section of europe they're processing up to 5,000 people a day, refugees and migrants. that system is not set up to handle it. that is repeated in country after country. it is an enormous issue. between the 26 or 28 countries involved they haven't figured out a way forward together and i would imagine they won't. harris: bill, i want to press in with a final question on the search these two suspects now, with you breaking news of the second suspect. french armed forces, police and soldiers numbering to 115,000 that france has put into motion. i would assume that is both for the investigation and for security inside of the country but what does that look like? i mean just, do you see people with guns crawling the streets? what does that visually look like? bill: all the time. there were soldiers that crossed our path here at the republic plaza every hour of every day. sometimes they increase in
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numbers and sometimes they drop back. sometimes they're in plain clothes. but i want to tell you what the police are going to do here in france? all right? they will change the laws or at least try to make it easier to search homes. they will try to make it easier to detain suspects. they will try to make it easier to revoke citizenship of french people they believe that could be suspicious. there is system here can called the s-files. s stands for security. there are anywhere between eight and 10,000 people here in france on the files. doesn't mean they're guilty. doesn't mean they're guilty of anything. perhaps they sent a tweet or message or email online that put a flag up on behalf of french authorities. many would argue here on the outside that is very orwellian. i think it is clear for the french president he didn't want to take any chances in order to secure his country and push yet again for extension of the state of emergency. the s-files, s for security. harris: i know as part of that
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they will be looking at dual citizenship, bill. that kind of goes right in line, if you leave france and go get convicted of something that has to do with terrorism, not only do they want you back, you lose your french citizenship. real quickly, not my final question but jon john. >> what you were saying bill in terms of new laws they're trying to get enacted in france, we just had a long briefing from general keane that talked to us about isis overall strategy and how they want to divide and conquer and try to suggest to muslims across europe that they're disenfranchised. these new laws that the paris authorities are trying to have implemented which would make it easier to search, easier to go into people's homes, are they worried that could feed in, exactly feed into what isis is trying to do there? >> i haven't heard that sentiment at the end there, yet, john. i tell you why i think that is the case. they moved away from their grief
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and moving toward anger and moving toward the possibility they too could be a victim. that is really a calculus as i mentioned at top of this report is something that made a significant change and shift throughout the french people. one other thing i would add, how many bombers were there? how many attackers were there? we don't have the final number. was it seven, was it eight, was it nine, was it 12? this appears a combination of people working out of syria or who came from syria and either sleeper cells here in france and most definitely in the country of belgium. so now you have these competing forces, working together, whether they were living here or not, whether they even left the borders of france. it is something that these authorities have to figure out but it is certain that bomber, sorry the mastermind rather, who was on camera a few months ago, saying he moved freely in and out of belgium from syria. he is bragging about it on
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video, without police even noticing. i mean that has to raise a lot of alarms, whether it is here in france or in belgium to the north. harris: we nobel gum has two-sided situations where people can cross into that country and cross out without a lost eyeballs on them. that has been well-documented over the years. bill hemmer, thank you for joining us and reporting on latest from paris. bill: sure. harris: president obama is under fire for labeling the terrorist attacks in paris as quote a setback, as members of his own party are questioning his strategy to fight the islamic state. washington state is ramming up a security after new threat from isis. what is being done to keep us safe here at home? is it enough? click the "overtime" tab and join us via the live chat. we'll include your comments as we always do. hit us up on fox news media pages, facebook and twitter. stay with us. i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and
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♪ andrea: president obama getting a lot of criticism for comments he made about the paris attacks while responding to reporters at the g20 summit. the president calling what happened in france, a setback, and saying he is sticking by his
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strategy to deal with isis. arizona senator john mccain is slamming him for it. >> it is embarrassing when a leader of the free world says that a obviously failed strategy, particularly in light now, we know that isis has nearly global reach, that things are going fine. for him to stand there for 45 minutes and allege that the status quo is fine and quote, we are making progress, i just hope we don't make more progress. mr. president, you don't get it. andrea: a top democrat is breaking with president obama on isis. here is california senator dianne feinstein. >> i have never been more concerned. i read the intelligence faithfully. isil is not contained. isil is expanding. andrea: melissa, she is not alone. a number of democrats troubled by president obama getting this wrong on isis. they're hearing from their constituents. people want some kind of action. were you shocked by him doubling
9:20 am
down or quadrupling down yesterday? >> i thought it was one of the most heartbreaking press conferences i have ever seen especially contrast with what is going on in france. you see francois hollande going out there to talk very firmly. the president says is he talking to generals and people who agree with him. dianne feinstein is ranking member on intelligence committee. she be a ousley didn't think it is the right thing. general jack keane is saying his strategy is not boots on the ground and go in and support people who are there, we're not even doing that. we're not even doing the minimal thing he says that we are doing. now we're watching a coalition form. why don't we get behind the coalition that is, that is forming in spite of him at this point? it is just really disturbing. andrea: john, melissa mentioned general jack keane he was our one lucky guy yesterday. president obama says it is great and they're on board he called it strained.
9:21 am
seems there is a difference in opinion of our strategy. >> there appears to be a lot of frustration here. i'm a correspondent and i'm supposed to stay unopinioned. the president doesn't seem to fully grasp the situation the world is facing when it comes to isis. general keane told as you little while ago the president needs to get all-in on this. needs to retask special operators not only to be advising indigenous forces on ground and get together in groups of 50 or 100, going in to conduct raids to chop off heads of isis in all these little cells. clearly the president is getting a tremendous amount of blowback saying it was a setback, what happened in iraq. would he have described what happened here in new york back in 2001 as a setback? chris christie, said just a little while ago, quote after president obama called the events in paris a setback, it is clear he is completely hopeless when it comes to understanding the threat of isis. there is a growing chorus of voices say if you want to attack
9:22 am
isis you have to call this for what it is, a civilizational conflict with radical islam. and that is only way to describe it. that is the only way to approach it. >> i feel i want to put the word setback into the context which he said it so people can decide for themselves how it sounds. he said thrill will be setbacks and there will be successes. the terrible events in paris were a terrible and sickening setback. we just asked bill hemmer on the ground in paris what the people of france make of the president of the united states saying that. and he says he feel like it has really gotten traction yet. we have yet to see a response on the ground there to those words. it makes you wonder, john, what has to happen for the president to stand up at the podium and say, we're losing, we're weakening the strategy, it is not working? after this horrible, horrible event and multiple attacks for him to say we have to do something different and change course. >> would appear to be same
9:23 am
mentality we saw in the fall of 2012 when attack on embassy or consulate in benghazi was blamed on video as opposed to terrorists. ben roads, deputy national security advisor was on television this is under control. don't worry, go about your business. it would appear clear that we're missing a big part of the picture. i know we'll talk about this in a little while. cities like new york city and washington, d.c. say we're not waiting for this administration to take action. we'll take action prudently and appropriately on our own. i think there is a growing disconnect between people who think the president's not doing the right thing and administration believe it is on the right track. andrea: you hear from people what will it take? will it be attack here to step up? will he change his tone? i spent morning reading newspapers in france. you don't typically see the french people united on something like this. they have a large muslim population. there they are more of a liberal country though they're very traditional.
9:24 am
they're united around hollande largely because he puts out a strategy and seems determined to win. if the president would do that here you might see a similar response. harris: my baseline question. so he defended question after question, he got upset all the questions were so similar because his answer was same each time. it was non-answer. how he doubled, tripled que draw draw -- quadrupled. last time you spoke it was not a complete strategy. what did it happen? andrea: is non-strategy a strategy? we've got to go. speaking of here at home security is ramps up as isis threatens our's capitol in a video. what is being done to upgraded safety and is it enough. governors pushing back on plans to relocate syrian reef fuse to their states. so should the obama administration reconsider plans
9:25 am
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♪ sandra: security ramping up as isis threaten's our nation's capitol. washington police rapping up k-9 patrols and random screenings on public transportation. the district is redeploying assets to high-value targets. after isis singled out washington, d.c. in a 11-minute video yesterday. the terror group praising the attacks in paris, and warning more of the same faces coalition countries fighting isis. the fbi saying there is no credible threat to the u.s. at this time. but certainly, melissa, you live in the city. we've seen, wee seen police presence ramped up here. washington, d.c. is seeing that as well. but, you have to ask, are we doing enough to protect this country? >> you know it is amazing, everyone is making the point,
9:30 am
this is a new face of war. there is battle going on battlefield somewhere else and retaliation is coming at home to whatever country is involved. seems like this is what we're going to see, we noticed it over the weekend, walking around new york city. many more police cars and sirens. some ways makes you feel insecure. other ways they're taking it seriously and paying attention. it also is the reach of the enemy when you see things are planned in syria, coordinated in belgium, carried out in france. it is really a danger everywhere. one of the reasons why this idea that if we hang back and we don't offend anyone, we'll stay out of trouble isn't real and isn't viable. inevitably our whole way of being and way of life offend someone. we have to protect our country at this point. we have no choice. andrea: -- sandra: i don't know about you, after having general keane on couch, he left a sense of fear we're not on offensive and the world is viewing us as weak now,
9:31 am
harris. harris: one thing for sure we have people like general keane in our lives. we know they exist when things go wrong they are turned to. what i would like to think they're being turned to and not telling us everything. if that makes me pollyanna, i grew up, child of a military colonel. i happen to believe they don't tell us except or need to know of the those guys are among us. when the president needs help he has somebody to call on i will say this. i mentioned to my dad, he watches us every day, talking about homeless and how you ladies don't feel safe as much under current mayor walking streets of new york. i hope your city get as handle on that, when there is chaos, that is when evil takes hold. because they see the opportunity to move in. things are not being watched. trash on the streets. could cause chaos without being noticed as easily. sandra: we do know, andrea is some is being kept from us but james comey the director of fbi said there are the 900 open
9:32 am
terror investigations in the united states. as harris points out, we're told they live amongst us. andrea: not only that, james comey said in his last report, that there are websites isis is using that we're not able to encrypt or get into. last night the bill bratton the police commissioner was on new york 1 here in new york city and saying all the steps the cities are doing. so they're taking steps. what is really troubling, sandra, cia director john brennan stood up yesterday and said everything we've done politically because of pc culture, because of politics has crippled our intelligence gathering capabilities this is coming from the cia director. that to me is very, very troubling saying a lot of things we've done to protect civil liberties has made us less safe. that is worse. >> marco rubio taking aim at ted cruz and rand paul saying we should crack down on surveillance and not allow it to happen the way it was before. what new york city really has going for it is bill bratton. he knows how to do this. they have a new counterterrorism unit.
9:33 am
100 officers. harris: he announced that yesterday. >> on daily basis assigned to special targets. there will be special weapons and tactics, more people involved in that. but it is troubling with cia director brennan and fbi director comey who shade there are more attacks in the pipeline against the united states. only one has got to get through. what comey is saying is preparing the idea it may happen here in the united states. harris: i think we get it. it has happened here on 9/11. we saw it happen in paris. people get it. the house is expected to consider a plan this week that would postpone the president's refugee program. comes as 30 governors, that number was 29 before we went to air, 30 governors in america are opposing or refusing to allow ref few geese into their states. the pushback after one of the suspects involved in paris terror attacks entered europe possibly among the current wave of refugees. they have paperwork to suggest that. the obama administration
9:34 am
announced in september it would take in thousands of displaced syrians. legal experts say there is little legally the governors can do to stop this. >> this is common sense and it is important we take this pause and protect our people. >> if there is even the slightest risk that the people people coming in from syria are not the types of people that we want them to be we can't take the chance. >> this is prudent to make sure terrorist element is not entering our country. it is incumbent upon the department of homeland security to do that. >> can't distinguish those who pose as refugees that may pose as terrorists. >> background check of someone living in syria is absolutely ridiculous. harris: we've seen some of the gop presidential candidates come out. i believe former louisiana governor bobby jindal was among the first. donald trump with new instagram video out today, only 15, 20
9:35 am
seconds long. that came out as we hit air. list of governors is growing, john. >> unfortunately for the governors there is little they can do legally to back up what they say. harris: why say it? >> they want to be on the record saying they don't think this prudent policy to keep america safe. when you have the democratic governor of new hampshire on board with all of these other republican governors, you know this is bipartisan issue. look at what the white house has been saying. again back to ben rhodes on the weekend on television saying we have very thorough vetting process in determining these background of these refugees and whether or not they pose a threat to the country. immediately contradicted by jeh johnson the secretary of homeland security and other people in this administration. so it would appear, objectively as i could possibly state it the white house has somewhat of a pollyannaish attitude towards these refugees where other people are saying wait a minute,
9:36 am
we can not guarranty these people are safe to let into the country. i know for a fact that the fbi is worried that somebody is going to slip through. harris: so when the president said yesterday, sandra, in his news conference he said look, if we have some sort of religious test for people, we let people in, not if they're muslim only if they're christian. he said you can't have that. you can't have these tests not only are against the law but offend our sensibilities and values as americans, not letting people in. so what do we do? do we put moratorium on it? >> that is the problem, right? president obama says let 10,000 in. we have to wonder once the 10,000 are in will you open the door to more? will there be 20,000 more? something sandra said yesterday stuck with me when she said this administration shows they couldn't effectively put up a website to run it was a complete mess. now they say he have this a perfect vetting process for refugees. i understand we have to consider
9:37 am
the situation because it's a horrible situation for many of these refugees. i don't think anybody has the perfect answer here but, certainly just opening the door without a perfect process is -- harris: then if you look at our recent history, andrea, for vetting people, god forbid we see a cross-section between the refugees who are here for untoward reasons, not those who are really seeking to come and be safe and start a new life gain access to what, a sanctuary city? andrea: i was just thinking, we weren't able to deport francisco sanchez. we weren't able to run the va properly. if we take them at their word the irs is incompetent. the obamacare website. this government is flat-out incompetent and government said it would take two years to vet syrian refugees. i don't trust them. hillary clinton wants 65,000 refugees. my question is this, we just handed the saudis $89 million in late september in humanitarian aid. to the liberals out there, and
9:38 am
to the news anchors and everyone else says we're better than this, this isn't who we are, we're a pretty benevolent nation but we're not fools. we have given so much money to the gulf states, arab states, they need to step up and need to take refugees because this government has shown we're not competent enough to handle it. by the way unemployment is sky-high. african-american unemployment is sky-high. youth unemployment is sky-high. how about taking care of americans first and we'll worry about refugees. >> people are making comparison to world war ii, if you go back to 1930s, more we could have been doing for the jews. you know what more was? stepping up sooner to wipe out nazis. stepping up stronger. harris: we'll move on. she is betting her leadership on the world stage will put her in the white house but hillary clinton may discover her record as secretary of state may be a double-edged sword. republicans are calling it an albatross especially because of what happened in paris. ♪
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♪ andrea: she touted her skills as a strong leader in a scary world during saturday's democratic debate but republicans believe that hillary clinton's record as secretary of state makes her vulnerable in the aftermath of the terror attacks in paris and, that she deserves scrutiny because she was the face of the administration's foreign policy as president obama's top diplomat. here's hillary in iowa yesterday >> the attacks in paris, as i said last night at the debate, are a sobering reminder of the challenges and the threats that we face. and the importance of american leadership. this is a worldwide fight. as i said, i know america has to lead it but we can not and should not do it alone. andrea: as far as strategy goes, harris, i think republicans might want to move away from the
9:44 am
emails just a little bit and start talking about libya. bring libya center stage. because in her book, "hard choices." she takes full ownership, that it was her idea to topple qaddafi. she owns the situation to create vacuum that isis uses as breeding ground and terrorist camp and republicans should press her harder on libya especially now. harris: for boko haram to fill the void and boko haram pledging allegiance to isis and now the all the scorpions are nesting together. i think it is fair to comments on both. i think republicans or critics if they have an argument make both. to pick one or the other i think is probably not in their best interests if they want to keep this conversation going against an opponent looks very likely to be the next democratic nominee if that is the road they want to go down.
9:45 am
i have a lot of questions how libya was handled, particularly benghazi and what we're looking now with terrorists reaching out across nine countries with isis, so on and so forth. and what she would be doing differently. andrea: the last debate, not the one the past saturday, first one, hillary clinton claimed that libya was stable. the things she has said have gotten her in hot water here not in just respect to benghazi but everything. calling for 65,000 refugees. won't say isis is war or we're fighting islamic terrorism. she has a lot of achilles heels here. >> potentially now that the debate turned towards national security and terrorism in 2016 election. reminding you there is still a year before people vote. she may be more vulnerable than she was. it will be interesting to see how far away from president obama she distances herself. she was on the record just the other day saying, no, it is not contained. we need to destroy isis. that is contradictory to what the president said. but she also has to be careful
9:46 am
that she doesn't ice the president out. if she hopes to become president she needs what is left of the obama coalition to get behind her. >> what she said contradicted that, talking about leading on the ground in syria, she said i don't think that the u.s. has the bulk of the responsibility. i put that on assad and iraqis and the region itself. she wants assad to lead? that puts her in direct conflict with the president. i would have said, when did you start to dramatically disagree with the president's approach and what have you done about it. andrea: not even that. align yourself with vladmir putin, who says leave assad in power and let's all unite to take out isis. sandra: what i thought was interesting with the press conference with president obama we learned even the mainstream media is questioning whether he underestimated isis's influence and powers correct? that was a big change. they pressured him, when would we get the b-words, we rolled sound bite so i can't get in trouble saying that, but when
9:47 am
hillary clinton at democratic debate saturday night was asked specifically do you think the president underestimated isis? she completely dodged question. tony took notes on it. what president consistently said, this is her quote, that i agree with, we will support those who take the fight to isis. that was a no comment. andrea: we heard she was confused. we heard she gets confused today a lot. charlie sheen is announcing he is hiv-postive. why he is coming forward now and what to make of the reports that he failed to disclose his status to several partners. that's next. >> a hard three letters to absorb, you know? it is a turning.this one's life.
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's get to jenna lee what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." hey, jenna. >> the suspects hundred is intensifying this hour. rick leventhal, catherine herridge with more information. latest on word from the russians it was indeed a bomb that took down that russian metrojet in egypt. the russians say it is terrorism and they're pointing at isis. we'll talk about how to keep our planes safe. speaking of flights, flights in
9:52 am
and out of denver canceled after 200 were canceled yesterday as the city gets it is first big snow. severe wither in texas as well. we'll tell you where it is all headed next top of the hour. sandra? sandra: jenna, thank you. >> actor charlie sheen is announcing that he is hiv-postive. the former "two and a half men" star saying he found out about the diagnosis four years ago and decided to go public with it now to put a stop to extortion efforts and tabloid reports that he failed to disclose his hiv status to multiple partners. >> i stopped this onslaught, this barrage of, of attacks and of subtruths. i was so depressed by the condition that i was in, that i wasn't, i was doing a lot of drugs. i was drinking way too much. i was making really bad decisions. that part i own. i have a responsibility now to, to better myself and to help a lot of other people.
9:53 am
if there was one guy on this planet to contract this, that is going to deliver a cure, it's me. harris: wow. four years later though, right. sandra: he has known about this four years. and took this why? why do you think harris. why do you think he didn't say something sooner? harris: gosh, i don't think i can break into charlie's brain and tell you that. i can tell you that very soon after magic johnson was diagnosed, in the nba i sat down with him, did a long form interview with him. he was so open. and i mentioned this to you, john. what was your response in the difference tweens thee two men. why would one be so open? >> given the background that led magic johnson to contract hiv, i think he had a pretty strong moral compass and still has a pretty strong moral compass. what we know of charlie sheen's history over last decade i'm not so sure the same thing could be said about him.
9:54 am
here is where i depart from some people. i don't have a tremendous amount of respect for the man. i met him years ago before the craziness really started f he wasn't deliberately going out there having sex with people without disclosing to them his status, i don't think that he should be the subject of a tabloid witch-hunt. he deserves some protection of private estimate i think about all of this. if this was contained in a small circle of people who all knew what was going on, i don't think that he deserves to be blasted apart. >> that will be the question. he said clearly in the interview he did not have sex with anyone without disclosing what was going on. although he did have unprotected sex after he found out. it is incredible turn of events. he said that he did this now to stop extortion. he also said, you saw him at the end, if somebody will find a cure, if somebody will bring attention it is going to be him. andrea: certainly getting attention.
9:55 am
i mean, matt lauer also asked him how much he spent over the years to try to keep this quiet and he said it is in the millions. it is embarrassing. i understand he didn't want this getting out there. who would? but i think it's a lesson. i mean problem mess cuety, intravenous drug use, multiple orgies with prostitutes over an over. how did you think this story was going to end? harris: it is sad. andrea: i think it is really sad. harris: there is a woman by the name of brea olson, one of the goddesses he was living with in a big mansion. this is the kind of stuff that will come out. she has been badgered. she start ad rant on twitter, a rapt response i should say to be sensitive to that. i myself been to the gynecologist this year and tested across the board for everything and always tested across the board clean every time. now you're going to be delving into people's personal lives. seem as you say, unless, it would be against the law if he
9:56 am
had sex with somebody and knew he would infect them and didn't tell them, unless that happened how far do you really want to go. andrea: doesn't mean being delved into. she was on howard stern this morning. >> if you want to be advocate for something, you get out there as soon as you find out. >> so tragic, so much talent. now, more "outnumbered" on the other side of this. diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults... ...with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication
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sandra: we want to thank john robert for joining us today to be our #oneluckyguy.
10:00 am
>> great to be back here. see you sometime soon. sandra: we'll keep it right here for "outnumbered overtime." click on the "overtime" tab. we're back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern time. "happening now" starts right now. attack. >> the new suspect was directly involved in the massacre. the eiffel tower remains cloaked in darkness. russia news said the bomb brought down the plane in egypt and vladimar putin is taking action. and a small community stunned by a murder of a pastor's pregnant wife. >> it is hard to sort through the emotions. >> now the pastor is speaking out. who would kill this young mother? >> and


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