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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> that's it for this "special report," fair,ñdá; balanced and still unafraid. martha maccallum in for greta van susteren goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. tonight, "on the record," a second terrorist suspect is on the loose. a massive international manhunt is expanding for two terror suspects that are believed to have been involved in the deadly attack in paris and then in germany, frightening moments this evening as a packed stadium is once again evacuated due to fears of another attack. and then we look at russia, moscow confirming today for the first time what the world has suspected, it was, indeed, a terrorist bomb that took down the packed passenger jetah cruising over the sinai peninsula and taking the lives of 224 people, most of them
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russians on their way home from vacation that were on board that plane. very serious stuff for you this evening, everybody, as we welcome you. i'm martha maccallum in tonight for greta van susteren. "on the record" has live team coverage for you across the globe from paris to belgium to theip middle east. but, first tonight we begin with my colleague, the co-anchor of america's newsroom, bill, good evening, reporting once again tonight live from paris. tell us, if you can, the situation there this evening as people head to bed. yeah 1:00 in the morning, martha. good to be back with you again on the other side of the clock tonight. a lot of movement on the ground and in the air. the french defense minister late tonight on french television says that 10 fighter jets are in the air tonight looking for targets on the ground in eastern syria. he also says by the end of this weekend the charles degal aircraft carrier will be positioned in the eastern mediterranean to bring the total number of fighter jets to 36. the french clearly behind on
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the military front. it would appear tonight they are catching up quickly. the russians. you mentioned that a moment ago, more than 2,000 sorties flown in two days. that's what the kremlin reports earlier today. with regard to the u.s. military, for what is believed to be one of the first times more than a thousand tanker trucks loaded with crude oil, the that isis sells on the black market to fund the terrorist activities, more than 100 of those trucks taken out overnight last night. on the investigator front, numerous reports throughout the day in the country of germany, at least five people said to be arrested. some women, some men, but late word tonight indicating that most of those five apparently had no connection to what happened here in paris on friday night. further west in belgium, significãarrests though. authorities are telling us that two men in their 20's have been arrested. they are accused of driving to paris late on friday and saturday morning picking up
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one of the terrorist suspects and driving him back to belgium. that's the 26-year-old is a law is a law be a deslamb his picture across the country where is he tonight on the video two of the gun metropolitan get out of the car open fire from several feet away, several people at 9:30 at night eating dinner having drinks on a friday night. there is driver inside that car who is unidentified and tonight the french authorities are trying to locate him as well. no name given but you get a sense at the level of tension that is in this city and in this country yet againfw tonight. martha, back to you. >> two very key suspects who are on the run and there is a manhunt for these
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individuals. bill, thank you. we will see you back again tomorrow morning. and as bill has just said a key terrorist suspect is still on the run tonight, and now his brother is urging salah abdeslam to turn himself in. >> my advice to him is to turn himself in to the police. we are a family. we are thinking of him. we are wondering where he is. is he afraid? is he eating? the best would be for him to turn himself in so that justice can shed complete light because i am reminding you salah still hasn't been questioned by police. so he is still presumed innocent. salah didn't neglect his obligations. he prayed. he prayed. he wasn't drinking.
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he would go to the mosque from time to time. he would wear normal clothes, jeans, pullover, jacket, nothing that would make you think he was a radical. the fact that he was praying, that wasn't something that happened last week. he was doing that for a long time, a long time. rahim and him for fasting. for us to lived with him, this wasn't what would make us think he was radical orwñ not. >> the disbelief in that man's voice as well as everybody tries to digest what has happened here fox news correspondent rick lesson that you joins me live from paris with a bit more tonight on the search for these suspects. rick, what have you found out?
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>> well, martha, there is a lot of tension here in this city, and we have seen evidence of these aggressive for anyone connected to the terror plot or anyone connected to radical extremists. and we saw actually an arrest go down right in front of us about 30 yards from our position here at republic square. we don't know if it was connected to the tear terror plot obviously. heavily armed officers jumped out of their car and surrounded a vehicle that was stopped at a traffic light in front of them. they barked orders at the men inside. two of those three men were put in handcuffs and hauled away in less than five minutes. there have actually been nearly 300 raids carried out across france in the past couple of nights. we will see many more carried out tonight as well. more than 100 people have been detained as a result of those raids and dozens of weapons seized. still no sign of salah abdeslam. the other terrorists were killed in the terror
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attacks. he has been described as eighth terrorist. now authorities say they're looking for at least one more, a ninth suspect directly involved in the terror attacks. but they haven't described that suspect. they haven't given us a name or photo, only that they are looking for this man, martha. >> tell us a little bit about this stadium in germany that was evacuated. what were the circumstance is there, rick? >> it was a really unfortunate situation. in hanover, germany, there was this exhibition match, a friendly match between germany and the netherlands, the german chancellor was schedule attend the government want'ed to send a message it woo wouldn't cow to terrorism and stand up to terrorists. 90 minutes before that match was said to kick off, the stadium was evacuated and the game was cancelled because of what the police chief called a credible threat, information about an explosion that was planned for inside the stadium. and a second stadium in hanover where a concerted was scheduled was also evacuated as a precaution. but no explosives were found at either venue and no
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arrests were made. of course, these kind of threats come into law enforcement every day around the world. and most of them turn out to be nothing. but, the authorities have to gauge how credible these threats are and certainly now in france and across europe they have to take everything a little more seriously, martha. >> no doubt that's not the last time we are going to see something like that happen. rick, thank you very much. so security forces hunting for more suspects tonight. it is an ongoing manhunt and suburb outside of brussels. one area in belgium that has that has links to terrorism and to misdeeds. fox news foreign affairs correspondent benjamin hall now joins us this evening live from brussels. what you can tell it us about this community? >> well, martha, as you say the investigation has now brussels, there is a massive manhunt underway just about a mile from here in that key area there were dramatic scenes yesterday as police
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officers from buildings to troy to find those responsible for the paris attack. released but the two who were captured have now been charged with terrorist activities and they were found to have explosive materials on them. now, this belgium connection is becoming ever clearer, ever stronger. we know that salah abdeslam was able to escape here along with two other can accomplices. those were the two arrested. he is both dangerous and armed and people should stay away from him. also from this city, this neighborhood nearby us is the suspected mastermind. is he)/ another bell belgium. he is fourth in syria. he has bragged about killing infidels and the police continue to search for him here. he has gone on to plan four major attacks over the last year killing many, many people. he has been sentenced to 20 years but he is still at large. belgium itself still under the spotlight. it is the highest at percentage
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from europe gone to fight for syria and iraq. 600,000 muslims here. they say that 800 have gone from belgium to fight in syria and iraq. and most worryingly 130 of those have come back. that area nearby here that you have mentioned is called monthlien molenbeek. we were there earlier as we walked around we could tell that this was dangerous and the deputy told us there were secret prayer sites, secret mosques where people went to pray. we have also been told that the country has little control over that area. people we spoke to today said they would not talk to us on camera because they were afraid if they were seen talking to us, people would arrive, find them later with knives and even pistols. yes, the areas around here have jihadi sentiments, those people out here are near us at the moment. >> thank you very much,
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benjamin. back here in the united states prevent a similar attack here at home from taking place. just yesterday isis released a brand new video talking about the attack in paris and saying that they will hit washington, d.c. next. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani joins me now as he goes "on the record" this evening. mayor, welcome. good to have you here. i think few people in this country have felt the wrath of this kind of attack in their city as did you on that day. now, when you are here again and thinking about it happening again, what's going through your mind? >> what's going through my mind is this is what i expected to happen in the year after, two years after, three years after september 11th and it didn't. i have happened to be in london a half a block away from the bombing in london which is kind of odd. but i have always realized that this is notvç over. and these people are at war
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with us. this is going to continue for quite some time. i think it's gotten more complicated. i think our pullout from iraq has caused isis, direct cause of isis. and i think we better get serious about destroying isis. meaning that the united states of america, not just france, not just a few countries in europe. but the united states should join this effort to wipe them out. and you do not defeat an army with bombings. you defeat an army with an army. and. >> boots on the ground. >> there is no boots on the ground which is now -- i think the president says no boots on the ground more often than he says anything else. there is no boots on the ground is absurdly stubborn position when you have these killers who are now threatening washington, new york, they have already carried out attacks in parsz, a number of attacks in france.
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these are very dangerous people. >> we know that there are 900 cases, something like that that the fbi is investigating? >> that's an extraordinary -- >> -- hundreds of people have gone over and some who have come back. what do you
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air strikes, pounding isis in syria in retaliation for what happened in the streets of paris. and now you have got russia,
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also pummeling isis targets as well. fox news correspondent johnzlj/@ huddy live in the middle east for us this evening. john, what you can tell us about this effort? >> well, martha, the air strikes have been?p they have been aggressive, they have been intense by both russia and france as you mentioned and as bill talked about at the top of the show. france's defense minister confirmed that 10gu÷ more french fighter jets have been deployed to carry outhhú air strikes on isis positions to pound isis in syria. and, martha, we are waiting for more details really about the number, total number of air strikes, how many missiles have been fired. bombs dropped and also any of the damage so far inflicted. but having said that, as we know earlier tuesday, and i say earlier tuesday because we are in the overnight hours here wednesday morning, but french fighter jets were also deployed, dropping more than a dozen bombs, according to officials on isis targets in syria, in particular
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positions in and around raqqa which is really isis's de facto capital in syria. as mentioned, russian bombe+5vjñ long-range bombers, we have seen the video released by the russian military have also been pounding raqqa, targeting positions in raqqa as well. pay back for the attack on that russian airline that went down over the sinai desert in egypt october 31st, the kremlin as mentioned confirming that it was a bomb planted on board that took that plane down killing all 224 people, mostly russian citizens and in a significant show of support and solidarity, we talked about this, russian president vladimir putin has ordered russia's navy to coordinate with france's navy in the mediterranean as basically allies, france's navy led by the aircraft carrier charles degal 26 fighter jet aircraft carrier. russia, martha, has already
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attacked isis in syria with long-range cruise missiles from one of its naval cruisers. a u.s. defense official told fox news, martha that at this point it's highly unlikely that both russia and france are coordinating with the air strikes. the air strikes as mentioned continue and as the leaders
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these paris attackers that slaughtered 129 innocent people on the streets of paris? the latest onob& the ongoing manhunt tonight for two suspects who are on the run and thereyd< is1oyhñ an army afr theseea individuals. plus, the list ofç2í?ñ governors who now say that they will refuse syrian refugees into their state is7emdz getting longer tonight. one of those governor john kasich,((lc]v hio governor is here to go "on the record" withdducñ us next. ause . i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it.
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breaking right now, we are learning more about the suspects behind the deadsg4(p&c9 innocent people dead. "time" magazine correspondent jaysq is live in p%u with good evening to you. >> martha, hi, martha. great to talk to you. well, it's been another intense day in the manhunt here in paris and across actually all a of europe, including belgium. be a did he is a lamb"p4j4(p&c@ basically they still think in belgium. i spoke with belgium authorities this morning and they thought he is still in that country. there is a huge23 manhunt all across that country for him. they have done four raids on houses. arrested seven75s people. two they are charging with terrorism related to the terrorist attacks. identity of the last two bombers. they are still trying to figure out who the lakyn)' two were. we have identities on at least five of them plus the one who is on the run.
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in terms of the people? are they pulling together or fear inú/ó[t were talking about how evn3,7e is still afraid to go to the markets. there was apóa really big panic in the -- where they did the huge rally in support of the victims of charlie hebdo inw< january. on sunday, and thereen-bñ was, you knowv think someone people starteda
4:25 pm
unfairly one of the attackers was an immigrant but saying, you know, there has been a lot of racism, a lot of nasty words in the in particular wearing head scarves. and so there is a lot ofb
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and win. our great country from syria. we don't even know who they're. >> slamming the door in their faces would belu=ñu a betrayal of our refugees into this country.[o >> they could be isis. they could be anybody. what's our president doing? kw-fn those 33@ g.o.p. presidential candidate governor john kasich goes "on the record" for us tonight from boston. governor, goodyo' evening. good to have you here. >> hi, martha. >> talk to us about your decision and why you believe that there should be at least a pause that you don't want to lead any of these state? >> well, martha, you know one of my daughters said to me last night why, daddy, why have you decided not to let them@-nní in? and i said the reason why i have decide is because we don't noe who they are. from. we can't really trace them. and the last thing we want to do is bring them into ohio or bring them into the
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neighborhood right where we live or in ourñtx friend's neighborhoods and then bad things happen. so we need to take a pause on this. and, martha, you know, in some quarters have been criticized for having a big heart. 'qp)t. butrwoñ i also have a pretty good brain and it seems to the sense in the world to can determine who these people are and until ou{ intelligence officials tell us clear live that we are in a position where we can determine who they are. you know, i'm curious what you thought when you watched the president or, you know, perhaps yesterday when he spoke in turkey. and he talked about the fact that this is just, you know, he said these are just ah)2] group of people who have seeking glory÷f0 and they are very adept at socialed media what did you think about the way he characterized this group? >> well, martha, look. i really believe we need a coalition made up not only of nato forces but also the
4:28 pm
egyptians, the gulf states and we cannot wait. i believe we need to go and boots on the ground to destroy isis where they exist, particularly in iraq and&y short-term, i would support no-fly zones. i have proposed them with sanctuaries for refugees not to have to leave to be jordanians. people like the kurdseín$ and perhaps"kryñ some humanitarian and the saudis if they will look out for these people. but&dxqlxhu president i mean, look, at the end of thelñ2ñ day, martha, thisntld is an attack n western civilization. we saw today that thedì stadium. thi3fullnot going to go away. you have got to go to the root of this problem and ideas. the judeo-christian western ethic needs to be promoted throughoutld( we are for, freedom of speech, freedom tor]+[ gather. equality for and some things and not the path to death like isis represents.
4:29 pm
>> the president would say he would say, you know, was the expression he used yesterday and heu)ñáz basiypsr5 was irritated. he said, look, we are doing all these things so everybody just back off, essentially. >> well, first of all, he did said that the no-fly zone was a consideration but then who2oaú would manage the ordanians,s,];&÷ secondly, there is indication that we're going to put a coalition together to go and destroy isis.idaeñ i not only believe it ought to be come -- comprised of nato partners but friends allies people with common purpose in the middle east in the middle east and it effects the west. the more we wait the more we have onto pay later because ultimately wednçw are going to have to do)rq this. there is no way around it when we do it, we need to
4:30 pm
lead with good ideas about do both of those things together and it will work. >> it's pretty heavy lift to p)d and they haven't been on that way yet. >> got to work it that's what diplomacy is. that's what a leader does, martha. he brings people together and explains the bigger purpose and the vision. let me tell you, we have no choice. we can't cower. we can't hide, we can't run away and we can't delay. i hope the president will get that message and we can act with america being a leader which we have alwaysij to confront these giant issues throughout our history. >> governor, thank you. good to see you tonight. >> okay,6xñ martha. thank you.fjs >> andw>%qç double trouble in europe this evening a second suspect in the paris attacks has now been identified on a videotape that shows one thought wasa55 involved in the shooting at the cafe. and was the president's speech that he gave in turkey that we were just turning point for the press in this country and the
4:31 pm
president? fox news geraldo rivera goes "on the record" and that's next. hey marc. how you feeling? don't ask.
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breaking right now, european authorities in hot pursuit of another fugitive in the brutal terrorist attack.ñ hundreds of raidsz;ó=l have been hours as police try to zero in /ñ!qdñ two suspects that ther believe are still out there are avoided capture but they9pñ
4:35 pm
france 24 anchor tom watson joins us m-jut tonight from paris as this manhunt continues. tom, what you can tell us? what are you learning in >> well, as you said,ce there is now a second person thought to be on the run. the so-called ninth attacker because, of course, theref0@[ were three cars involved in this operation, all three vehicles, we understand have been recovered. and that ties in with what the paris prosecuturro said from the outset. three separate teams went on evening on three separateehn3w locations. up until this point we were aware of 8 attackers involved in those three cars. it appears three cars three people in each one and, of rampage in two separate areas of paris which were filled with young people and a stadium. the man on the run, the prime suspect at t5?ee moment,
4:36 pm
was intercepted on the border as we know on saturday night. uncomfortable questions for the french police as to why no further questioning. as the identity of this as the identity of this second man on them3ç details. >> obviously a tough moment for the police when they let him cross thatkbmq border once again. we have heard from hisp/c of questions how thisb happened and iíkb of questions how thisb about this. in terms of the feeling in paris and their perspective on how this has festered, you know, sort of right their relationship with think? 9/11 paris is in a deep state of shock everyone in the country is in a deep state of?y shock. not the least of which 3 or 4 million muslim people feel
4:37 pm
say the attackers are .f8)x genuine muslims. that seems to be what i'm heab25 a lot amongst the guests i'm interviewingb muslim community groups against islamophobia and so on. i think one of the thingsqhg&ñ people are very nervous aboutsá people would think wouldyúkm play into the hands of the jihadists is a split in where ittd1>r becomes more of a us andhf0x them feeling people say to fall into the trap of fingeretu pointing, making or 4 million muslim people who live from this country are peace loving people would be enormous trap. that's one line of discussion but there are also people who have been quick to pointec"-m fingers and there have been -- there has five days. >> there is no doubt if you look at their plans and the
4:38 pm
cases. that divide that youáqá1 talkhy speak to tonight. our thanks to him. attack, is the pressb@ in this country beginning to change its attitude towards the strategy on -- of presidentuó obama? listen to this.ái ñ >> more than year long bombing campaign in iraq and contain the ambition and the ability of isis to launch attacks in the west. their abilities? >> if i could ask you to that you are reluctant to diplomacy over using the military makeswbl&ñ the united states weaker ands$cq emboldens our enemies? >> youqóin have not under[efi this is an organization that you once described as a jay
4:39 pm
vee teamgsp÷)pá evolved into a force that has mhhw÷ occupied and is now able to#(b> use that safe haven to launch attacks how isñsop that not under estimating their @&c@ geraldo rivera live in paris. geraldo, good evening to you. of questioning it is a very different tune we%6+t heard in the past. they were challenging the president. he was getting irritated by theiríhrb questions. amanpour and j.n5"dh tapper ñ a different tune yesterday questioning how the president could possibly think 8bq' doesn't require a change in strategy given what happened in paris.vw-/]f7í you know, martha, there is no 0)pá we have failed in our prosecution of the war against isis. t is fuelingrt take isis nearly
4:40 pm
isis. bombing campaign against thein < been going on for two years?je
4:41 pm
thephy real problem here. it is the military problem. we have to dismember that caliphate that they hav%iufq.vp >> they oncei? walter6@% against the war in vietnam the am ei-s. manez>jx takennings demeanor, this too cool foóqnc @ school. i understand that it is plaintf'su2ów complicated. everybodyl#+k does. don't want it to be christianity in thea+quq/"vu although that battle hashzdi though is that ice4x sis74z; is a country. they have ree+b"y havoc. they havesò; cut people'scdef8
4:42 pm
off. they have burned people. religious minorities. there was an entity that deserved the full wrath of t is isis.ák let's stop with thef all unite with our french allies ineis7cvt their battered state and say possess. geraldo, thank you, always good to see you. tonight, france and russia 'cjátjodgdñ7[h and as geraldo'qé mentioned the u.s. also the first time hitting but will this have an impact
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you hear 2400 sorties going out of russia. is this more intense this effort than what we have been doing all along? >> absolutely. if you look at it. isis declared a caliphate 17 months ago. since we have been involved doing air strikes since last august, we have had a little over 8,000 total strikes sorties ourselves. now, as a comparison, when we went into desert storm and key decided to use air
4:48 pm
power for all that we have in order to take out an enemy and to make sure that we get our way and do our will and win the war, we had over is thousand strike sorties a day. we have averaged about 15 sorties a day ourselves and a very anemic response with pinprick strikes very unreal his sick, basically elements of positive identification and collateral damage that are having our pilots sometimes going home with their bombs while we are allowing isis to continue to reign terror on its people and then use it as a propaganda tool to recruit additional people in their very sophisticated social media campaign. >> what about the fact that the president said it's not that i haven't spoken with our military. i have sat down with them. we have talked about no-fly zone. i'm following their recommendations and as you say we're hearing reports that there are pilots like yourself, combat pilots going out there and coming back with their
4:49 pm
take out command and control and take out leadership and logistics. we are finally going after their source of income in the black market oil. we have got to take the gloves off and use air power for all that it can do. right now this administration the bar has been so high. they want to make sure we don't kill one civilian truck driver while then allowing isis to reign terror on tens of thousands of civilians. this is insanity. we can do this if we use our air power in a much stronger way. we are seeing russia and france now showing that example. it's time for us to stipulate up as well. >> as you point out scores of civilians lost their lives in the meantime. congresswoman thank you very much. good to see you. >> absolutely. and "on the record" tonight investigation the mosque where one of these terrorists prayed. coming up next.
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breaking news tonight a major international manhunt continues this evening for suspect is in the deadly paris attacks. international business times middle east reporter joins us now live from paris with the latest tonight. >> hi, thanks so much for having me. >> tell us what you have heard. what's the latest from where you are. >> so today i visited elementary schools in the 20th district of paris which is a very immigrant heavy community and we spoke to kids and parents will how they are talking to their kids about what happened last week. >> and what did they tell you? >> most of kids we spoke to were between 6 and 7 years old and they actually were very well informed. i had young girl who was
4:55 pm
about 7 and a half who told me did you hear that they found the car full of explosives 10 minutes from here? and i said yes, i did. i asked her if she was scared and she said no, she wasn't scared. these were very impolite people. they did something horrible. >> fascinating. so obviously these children are very much following what's happening. was there any sense of the division that we have talked about, of the concerns on the part of french citizens and how they are absorbing that? >> i have actually felt the opposite. he think that it's much less divided than it was after the attacks of charlie hebdo. >> thank you investment. you have an h. an interesting day. good to have you with us tonight. we have more "on the record" coming up straight ahead. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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and some breaking political news tonight, governor bobby jindal has dropped out of the presidential race, failing to gain traction in this race.
5:00 pm
his departure leaves 14 republicans still out there though. thanks for joining us tonight, everybody, for our coverage of the paris attacks this evening right here "on the record." i'm martha maccallum in for greta. i will see you tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> he said something that was pretty incredible, that rure strategy is working. people do not believe that to be the case. >> president obama under uncredible scrutiny even from friendly outlets like cnn for ice isis policy or lack thereof. tonight we will continue our reporting. >> this prophet mohammed demon and he worships satan. >> anti-muslim backlash in portland, oregon. is this a sign of future confrontations. >> we will never ever ever change this world we live in if we do not change ourselves. >> also ah


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