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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 17, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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on route to paris and air face 065 from los angeles to paris were subject of anonymous threats and we're continuing to follow that. >> this is a fox news alert, two air france flights have been diverted to salt lake city. we're told the flights landed and passengers are deplaning. one flight was headed from los angeles to paris and diverted to salt lake city, the other headed from washington to paris when it was diverted to halifax, nova scotia. the flight from, diverted to nova scotia had 290 passengers on board. both flights were subject to an anonymous threat received by, or
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after their respective takeoffs and as a precaution, air france applying safety regulations in force, decided to request the landings of both aircraft. we're told earlier in the hour, that one of the flights received a bomb threat via telephone, the flight that was leaving los angeles. now, captain, we're talking a few momentsing ayes about what pilots are trained to do. in this situation, it looks like everybody was working and being aware of the possibility of a threat on air france flight. >> yes. it appears there is a chance this could have been a hoax with the intention to cause disruption and put fear and anxiety and this is something we can see more of. there is a time when bomb threats were easy by the fbi to
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trace via telephone. now, it's going to make it easier to do and more difficult to trace. right now, air france has to operate, as do most airlines with an abundance of caution. we know a vast majority of the bomb threats almost always turn out to be a hoax they're going to have to act with caution and do what is necessary. there is a procedure, and that they followed that and did not continue to destination. >> what's happening on the ground now? what usually happens when passengers return or are diverted? what do the pilots do? what does the flight staff do to make sure the passengers are safe and okay? >> they're going to get the passengers away from the aircraft. it's depending on how seriously they take the hoax, not to say a
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hoax, but the credibility. they're going to get a bomb dog team out there and go through luggage. so the different steps whether they think there is, how serious this level is and whether they believe it's a hoax or its something they need to be concerned about. >> there is a possibility it could have been a serious threat. we want to remind people that two air france flights here in america have been diverted. one from los angeles, which is bound for paris, and the other is from washington to paris. another diverted to halifax, nova scotia. the reason i wanted to question you kathleen, you think about the fact what happened to russia.
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the russia metro jet, many people questioned that u.s. and uchl k experts and investigators said there were signs of a bomb, russia waited and now they have evidence that tnt was used and a bomb did go off, and vladimir putin vowed to strike back and hunt down the terrorists responsible. you take that against what happened in paris, france, friday night. soft targets. bataclan. a nightclub or a venue where a metal group was performing. 89 people killed there. then, cafes, and a football stadium. there are concerns out there because of the security situations so you can understand why pilots, as well as air france would be concerned about isis trying to retaliate again. >> well, yes. i do think people will be taking
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it more seriously. it's looking like there is a good chance. there is the metro jet disaster. it could have been a bomb and russian government said they found tnt and explosive residue. it's yet to be confirmed but it seems like it's going in that direction. the security here is in contrast to what is at sharmel airport. one issue is that we might see more of the hoax-type bomb threats if that is what this turns out to be. >> we have to be careful about calling it a hoax. >> if that is what it turns out to be. you have to remember there was a time when this proliferated. and numerous airlines were targets of call in bomb threats, it turned out to be nothing. what this does is perpetuates a
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disruption to the air carrier and causes distress to passengers and anxiety for families. if this turns out to be a terroristic threat, they're accomplishing what they want is creating anxiety in the traveling public. we do have a top notch security here in the united states, but especially on international flights. i think people need to take this in stride and realize it's going to be one of the tactics we're going to see used. >> kathleen, thank you. we know our security team is doing their job we have to be right 100% of the time. terrorists only have to be lucky once. >> how true. >> kathleen, thank you, making sure she's telling you, the public to continue to fly. know you're safe and to recap cha what is going on, two air france flights have been diverted due to a security
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issue. we're told the flights landed without further incident. air france confirming both flights received anonymous bomb threats and were diverted. i'm kelly wright. we're going to take you now to bill o'reilly and "the o'reilly factor ". them i said you don't even show us the courtesy of telling us that you are going to put people into our states and you are doing it already anyway. >> unbelievable. >> yeah. it's incredible. >> it really is because i want america to be a humane place, an example for the rest of the world. and you know how many refugees we took from southeast asia after vietnam and all of that. >> my point to you on, this bill is we want to be a humane nation but our first job. >> is to protect the people here. >> that's right. >> i don't think a 6-year-old is going to throw a bomb on anybody but i could be wrong. now, did you watch president obama's press conference from turkey yesterday? did you see it? >> i did. >> what went through your
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mind? >> that this is a guy and i said this on saturday. this is a guy who lives in a fantasy world. he lives in world as he would like to see it not the way he it is. for him to say the things he said the other day from turkey are just fantasy land. >> stands out. >> started off by thursday saying isis was contained. >> was embarrassment, for sure. >> then he says our strategy is working. our strategy is working. tell the families of the dead in paris that our strategy is working. >> hillary clinton, do you think she would be tougher on isis than obama? >> no idea because if you listened to her in the debate on saturday night she said this is not america's problem but america needs to lead. i mean, that's the typical double talk from a politician who has been around washington too long. >> she did call for a no-fly zone in syria against president obama's policy, mrs. clinton did. >> right. as have i and others. anyone with any lick of common sense would call for that. >> now, if you are the presidential nominee of the republican party, do you go
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after hillary clinton of being soft on terrorism? do you make that a centerpiece? >> well, two things. yes, you do. >> so you think she is soft on terrorism? >> sure, she is a part of the obama administration that has been pursued this strategy and she was one of the architects of his foreign policy in the first four years. she needs to take responsibility for it if she doesn't like his policy then she should be speaking out now. not waiting until the general election and speaking out now against that policy and secondly i'm the oonly guy that has done. this what they were doing to take away the powers of our agencies like nsa. >> surveillance powers and all of that? >> big mistake and the american people now know that this has made us less safe and by the way in france, that took a lot of planning. that's an intelligence failure that they didn't catch that that toox a lot of planning for people in multiple countries. >> all right, governor we appreciate you coming in as always. >> thank you, bill. >> disturbing scene in
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oregon. anti-muslim demonstrators simultaneousing people going to worship. later, bernie goldberg and i will discuss so. dumbest things said in the wake of the paris attacks upcoming. marie callender knows that a dutch apple pie can make any occasion feel more special. so she makes her pie crust from scratch, and sprinkles on brown sugar streusel. so that you can spend more time making special moments with your family. marie callender's. it's time to savor. working on my feet all day gave min my lower back but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my lower back pain. find a machine at ♪ ♪virgin islands nice ♪ ♪so nice
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everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? in the impact segment tonight, anti-muslim backlash in oregon on sunday outside the mosque in mort land, demonstrators showed up. >> you are a pawn of satan. >> mohammed is god. allah is god. >> false religion. god hates muslims. >> i feel sorry for you. allah is not the god of the bible. >> these people will pray for you. >> with us now a spokesman for the muslim community. this is your mosque, right? >> that's correct. >> were you there when these people showed up. >> i wasn't there when they showed up.
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>> did anybody know they were going to show up? >> no. it was completely by surprise when we showed up and we saw them screaming. >> do you know who they are, these people? >> we don't know who they are or who that lady is who was just a bystander and she started debating with them because she was wrong. >> there weren't many of them, right? >> no, very small group. this is what the lesson is for us. what we know is there are great people everywhere. but there is also ignorant people everywhere. so for that reason that's what we are saying is people need to understand it's try to understand what true islam is all about so people don't have fears and misperception what is muslims are is. we invite feel to come and pick up a koran and study it and ask us questions. >> that's a good way to handle it but you have to understand and i'm sure you do that in this world there are so many radical muslims, so many that it becomes difficult for unsophisticated thinkers to separate the good from the bad. it's almost like germany during the nazi regime.
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not all germans were nazis. >> exactly. >> we this to kill them all and bomb the hell out of their cities to break that movement. you don't have to do that with muslims all over the world because it's not a central problem. however, i have got to tell you there is a lot of people that are getting a little fed up with this and i think they are getting fed up because they don't see a mobilization of the good muslims. yes, you make statements. your group someone of the best to do that. harris over the years has been a very, very solid american and very outspoken against this. but we don't see the million muslim march in washington i wish we could to condemn isis. you need that. >> and you are right. there are way too many and we can't just to the reality of that greatly outnumbered by the good muslims. what we can say instead is first of all recognize the work that is being done. by the ahmadiyya community and others. engage in debates with them meaning all the -- stop the
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crisis going on. including chicago tomorrow is all about undermining the very theology that they claim to be representing that they use for recruitment. >> right. but you need a better pr arm because as i said most people don't know what's happening in chicago tomorrow. i don't know what's happening in chicago tomorrow. what is happening tomorrow. >> we are the founders of the stop the crisis event. we chose crisis because isis is in there. we did campus events u.k., germany all about undermining the very theology. >> you are criticizing the jihad at these events? >> absolutely. we are not only because we are decent human beings but also from islamic perspective. >> you are saying they are wrong theologically. >> what about sharia law? sharia law disturbs me. are you a proponent of sharia law. >> the government of iran, saudi arabia, pakistan, yeah, i'm staunchly against them. if you are talking about sharia as defined by islam and the prophet mohammed i'm for that because that's about an individual. what what's your path to living as a muslim self-governance.
8:17 pm
>> most people don't understand the subtleties. basically an oppression carried out by a central authority that if you steal you get your hand cut off that if you are an adulteress you get your stoned to death. >> you are not a proponent of that. >> absolutely not. that violates the teaching of koran. only the bible does not the koran. >> you know you take the koran or the old testament, you can take stuff out thereof and cherry pick stuff out thereof all day long that makes you look like violent crazies. >> sure. >> and then you have the infidels and this and that i would tell you and every other muslim leader you need a million muslim march in washington with national coverage to speak out against isis so the whole world can see it. that's what you need. >> and that's why so when the leader of the largest international body of muslims in the world his holiness the khalif of islam calls us to do just that. >> tell the leader to do it and do it fast. >> when we tell people get a
8:18 pm
free copy of the koran. find the verses. talk to us. read the verses before and after and we will talk to you. >> get the march going on. that is what is needed. >> thank you so much. >> bernie goldberg on some of the dumbest things said in the wake of the paris attack. could charlie sheen possibly face criminal charges over his h.i.v. revelation? back in a moment. take the zantac it challenge! pill works fast? zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge.
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" behind the head rest, we had a sharp right turn, kind of off course, headed towards salt lake city. we landed about ten minutes later. >> everyone is safe and sound? >> everyone is safe and sound. we're waiting inside of the
8:24 pm
terminal that we're bussed to. once in the terminal. an fbi representative made a general announcement saying they'd be interviewing the passengers on the plane and it was related to an unsafe flying condition related to the flight. they didn't share anything beyond that. >> and once you found out there was a anonymous threat to your flight, what was your reaction? >> well, they haven't announced that formally. if it's an anonymous threat, hopefully, they'll figure out who made that threat and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. >> well said, that will likely happen once the fbi finds out who is responsible. the word is passengers knowing what took place, does this cause
8:25 pm
alarm to you in getting back on board and flying to paris? >> it's unnerving we're traveling with my fiancee on vacation. we're not ones to be intimidated. we'll make the most of it. and hopefully, we'll get there sooner rather than later. >> i hope you will be able to continue on with that vacation with your fiancee and give our best to the people of paris, france. they're now trying to get back to normalcy there as well. lot of work to be done and of course, french president hollande vowing they'll retaliate against isis and have done so already, conducting air strikes on those locations where isis has a strong hold. i want to ask you, keith, the things changed now. there is a new normal we're going to have to face. and it's, i think it's indicative of the fact that
8:26 pm
there are people that want to strike at the heart of america. what do you say to people trying to do that? and disrupt us? >> i won't say it's a new normal. i mean i'm only 26 years old but following september 11th, that has been the plan by these militants to try to you know, attack america or western civilization. if they can understand what i'm saying it's just a matter of time before they're all eliminated. >> keith russo do you have a military background? >> i do not. >> but you have a good american background? >> absolutely. keith, thank you for the statements you've said to reassure anyone flying that it's safe to fly and we should not allow our sense of purpose and sense of dignity and sense of hope to be lost on people who would try to rob us of that. keith russo, flying on that flight. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for joining us. again, you've been watching this
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continuing with weekdays with bernie. mr. goldberg rejoining us from florida. a man named shoddy hamid said this. >> ther refugee that was part of this out of hundreds of thousands, that's kind of a collective punishment if you say well then we are going to try to stop all refugees from coming in because of one person. >> that one person was one
8:31 pm
of the terrorists who killed 130 in paris so mr. hamid apparently knows that all the hundreds of thousands syrian refugees are peaceful, not involved with terrorism. that's amazing, is it not, mr. goldberg? >> yeah. this is a common theme, bill, on the left that we should let these people in, these refugees in because they need our help, which they do, and anyway, very few of them are terrorists. i'm sure progressives don't see it this way. i'm sure they don't think of themselves this way. but what it comes down to is that they are willing to sacrifice a few hundred innocent lives just so that they can show off their progressive credentials so that he can say you see how good we are? we want to help these poor people. these poor refugees. you know what? a lot of people want to help these poor refugees but there is a legitimate concern about even if 99%. even if 99. 5% are good
8:32 pm
people, we have a right to worry about the other half of 1% because they could do tremendous damage. >> and have done. i mean, the guy involved in the terrorist attack got into france as a syrian refugee. it took them a couple of weeks to wipe out these people. i have to dispute this. i don't think that the progressive community really cares about but the progressive community. and i will put forth that i, at the beginning of the program said if nato declared war on isis, and nato goes into syria, they could establish safe zones for syrian refugees and they could all come back from europe, all come back from turkey, wherever else they are because the nato forces would protect them. i don't think progressives would support the nato troops in syria, bernie, i don't think they would. so they really don't want to solve the problem, do they? >> they want to let people in because they honestly think that they need help and they would get help the way you described it, too.
8:33 pm
but, it enables them to feel good about themselves. it's the same thing in race relations where they show good racial manners. where they always want to show that they are the good ones. they are not the bigots. i think a lot of people on the left are trying to show, you see how good we are? you see how decent we are? >> look, they don't really sincerely. >> almost none of them. almost none of them are terrorists. what are you worried about? >> you really wanted to solve the problem they would go with the best solution and they don't. they jewels want to be lost in this progressive land. you know this guy most deaf. do you know this guy he is a rapper? >> i listen to sinatra but not most deaf. i know who he is. >> i heard the name but again i don't have much frame of reference. anyway he wanted desperately to weigh in on the paris terror attack. roll the tape.
8:34 pm
>> closing the border. how are you going to put innocent people under suspicion for crimes that they did not commit. closing these borders does not bring back any of them dead people. not one of them. >> right, right. >> and if it's all about prevention, that's nonsense. i don't think fran sway hollande cares any more about the parisian people >> unbelievable. so he is ranting about hollande closing the french border right after the attack so other jihadis couldn't get in and then he says that the president of france doesn't care about his people and he is on a par with isis. now, you would think that everybody would say, you know you need a vacation. you are totally out of your mind. but, no. nobody is going to say that except you and me, bernie. >> this is where i draw the line, bill. i will do a lot of things for you. this is too stupid for a reaction. this is just too stupid.
8:35 pm
look, but this fits a liberal theme and that theme is that anyone who is against allowing refugees in is some kind of bigot and they don't give any credence to the other side. there was one liberal, are you ready for this? chris matthews of all people came up with what i think is an interesting idea. last night this -- his program he said when these 10 syrians come in, the united states government should separate out the young men and say go back to syria and fight for your country because there are people here in america who say americans should go to syria to fight for your country. that doesn't make sense. we're not going to go to syria to fight for your country while you are leaving your country to you don't have to fight for your country. for chris matthews, that was a pretty good point. i live him credit for that. >> bernie goldberg,
8:36 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the legal segment tonight three very controversial matters. first up actor charlie sheen saying he has the h.i.v. virus a problem for mr. sheen because he has had a number of sexual partners. here now attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. somebody has h.i.v. they don't tell their partner. they have criminal liability? >> absolutely. in california he is looking at least a misdemeanor if you have unprotected sex with somebody, you know you have h.i.v. even if they consent to it that is a misdemeanor charge. i have got the statute right here. any person who willfully exposes another person with that disease to someone else is guilty of a misdemeanor,. >> a misdemeanor? this is a disease that could kill you. >> let's go forward. >> he said on "the today show" he had unprotected sex with two women knowing he had h.i.v. bam he has admitted to a misdemeanor. >> he admitted to that on tv. >> admitted to that on television. two counts one year on each. if you stack them. now, felony. it's harder for the
8:41 pm
prosecution. the prosecution has to show intent that you. >> intent? intent? >> intent. >> and had unprotected sex with that person. >> don't use protection and have communicable disease of course you have intent. >> the person gets it. >> i don't need the legal mumbo jumbo. >> that's absurd. okay. so he does, sheen, based upon his statements on the "the today show" have a criminal liability in the state of california. >> absolutely. >> for sure is a misdemeanor and felony. >> the victims don't have to come forward, the state heard it, the state can put him in cuffs. >> right. there is a number of people, tmz has reports of upwards of 200 people. >> i don't care about that. >> that could be multiple counts. >> here is the fascinating part. if the state of california hears this and they did, all right, then he flies back to l.a., they are waiting for the handcuffs. they have to do something about it. >> certainly admitted on national television at least a misdemeanor. >> we will see if that happens. >> very serious.
8:42 pm
>> now civilly, you can be sued all day long for this stuff? >> california supreme court in 2006 established the precedent to be able to do so. necessarily show that somebody -- you don't need to prove that they intended to infect. it can be a negligent transmission meaning you have unprotected sex with somebody and they become infected. >> civil cases all -- >> -- six women already that are coming forward to say that they want to file a lawsuit against him. >> against sheen? >> correct. >> he is looking at tremendous amount of liability. >> so many. >> negligent infliction of emotional stress. it's not that difficult to prove. >> i would not wanted to be him. black lives matter has a guy that works for them in some capacity shamed sean king. there he is. the new york daily news to its shame hires this man to be a columnist if can you believe it. >> the senior justice writer. >> now, this guy apparently or allegedly was soliciting money for charities that do not exist linked to black lives matter.
8:43 pm
take it away, guilfoyle. >> he also sent some emails to the factor saying every single donation from september of 2014 until last week totaled $15,580 from 251 donors there were four different entities. basically all these were failing to comply with irs regulations to protect people from, you know, for taxes and stuff for charities and the whole idea is to prevent people from being defrauded. >> these charities that these guys set up don't exist? >> they weren't properly put together. he can say it was his intention to do it but they didn't do a good job with it. >> where is the money. >> they returned the money. he got caught so then is he returning the money to be able to say. >> new york daily news picked up the tab? what a bright and shining moment on them. >> daily kos wrirtd as well. a lot of negative things. >> we said from the very beginning this black lives matter outfit this is not a good crew and any politician that supports it, take note. all right, finally, there
8:44 pm
was a muslim student in california that stabbed a number of people. we want an update, wiehl, on this guy. >> yes, the police are now saying the motive for this was he was upset getting kicked out of a study group. he goes in with hunting knife and stabs four people until a cop shows up and shoots him dead. once he is down they go through his possessions and find -- islamic state flag. >> isis flag? >> exactly. isis is involved. i'm sorry the fbi is involved now to see weather there is any ice sis connection or just a kid carrying around. >> he stabbed four people. >> they will all be okay. >> you just said he did this because he was angry of being kicked out of a study group? not because isis told him to do it. >> that's why the fbi is going to look back in his background to see if there is more to it. >> any kind of online -- >> -- this is ongoing federal investigation. >> it is. >> may have a cursory isis connection? >> we don't know. >> they will find out with his computer. but he is dead? >> he is dead. >> and the cop that shot him isn't arrested or anything, right? >> no.
8:45 pm
black lives matter chasing the cop down or something? >> yonks. >> wiehl thinks he might be more of a disaffected student. >> that's what wiehl thinks? >> so we had a disagreement in the green room about this. >> follow up on the story. ladies, thank you. on deck. if you oppose resettling syrian refugees here in the u.s.a.? are you mean? and then the factor tip of the day. watters becomes a political cartoon after these cartoon after these messages.♪ ♪ welcome to the most social car we've ever designed. the 2015 nissan murano. recipient of autopacific's best-in-class vehicle satisfaction award. now get great deals on the nissan murano. advil pain relievers are used by more households
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this is a fox news alert. in paris, details and reports indicate sounds of explosions
8:49 pm
gunfire. there is an unconfirmed report one police officer has been shot and wounded. the video here is from twitter. the reenlin of the stadium, the scene of one of last friday's deadly attacks. french tv reports the shootings broke out during a police raid tied to last week's attacks. . it's a fluid situation because they're looking for a man who is one of the attackers and one of the people involved. when you hear stories like this, we want to be sure to be clear that we don't have all of the details yet, but tell me what happened on the ground here. >> we don't have details but what i heard, and i saw now, the
8:50 pm
video, i went back four days ago when there was a projection that there could be more -- >> let me cut in quickly. we're hearing from unconfirms sources now that one of the suspects is being searched for at this hour, as this is underway in paris about the shots being fired in the paris suburb. >> yes. it is what is the area of the suburb. the fact it's happening there means likely we'll know better, but french police are active in trying to find the perpetrators or those who helped them.
8:51 pm
if there was a shooting meaning a shooting engaged with people who have weapons, that becomes serious. >> also, earlier in the night, news out of paris about 10:00 p.m. this evening that a second attacker got away following friday's carnage. that is information we're updating people with. we're listening to sounds coming are from the video from twitter. walid, getting back to this. a massive manhunt is underway for that particular man. let's listen to that just a moment. you can hear. so walid my french is not good. there is a lot of heavy gunfire we're hearing. and a lot of not just -- a lot
8:52 pm
of force in that voice there. >> first of all, any military expert will tell you, a person able to hear what is going on is that this is a exchange of fire. it's a machine gun and response to it. what i would be interested in also is a subtitle we had, explosion. what would explosion mean? that would be more serious than gunfire as well. >> yes. getting back to what i was saying before, the fact that a second attacker got away following friday's carnage. we know that they're looking for salah abdeslam. we know what these guys are -- not only deadly but willing to take their own lives to inflict terror on others. >> well, absolutely.
8:53 pm
i mean once you have an ridge attack suicide bombers ready to explode themselves and shooters knew at the end of the process they're going to be killed, those who fled the operation are equally suicide gjihadists. and the french authorities know that. it's going to end up fight until the end. it's not going to end up with a surrender unless the police is able to, with their own technology to make sure they can grab them before they kill each other. >> walid, stay with us. we're going to take a break and come back right after the break and follow breaking developments. we're hearing gunshots going on in paris, france. we'll be back with more details right after the break. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly.
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8:56 pm
machine gunfire, explosions. word coming in from france at this hour of a shooting in the northern paris suburb and we know they is been looking for a couple suspects. initial reports indicate the sounds of explosions and heavy gunfire in the region. there is an unconfirmed report a police officer had been shot and wounded. the video here now is from twitter. the region is the location of the stade de france stadium, the scene of the terrorist attacks. on the phone with us is fox news middle east and terrorism expert. walid, let's talk about this neighborhood. it's a telling situation, place. >> it could be. it could be.
8:57 pm
because of its history. 0 years ago, there had been a lot of demonstrations and the result of police shootings and young kids. it became known as the uprising of the suburbs. that is not what we're looking at now. we're looking at an operation by security forces to go after perpetrators and networks that are possibly supporting them. if it is over quickly it means potential authorities have their goal of eliminating whatever they wanted to eliminate or apprehend it. if it's going to be longer and we hear exchange of fire, then we can talk about the developments. >> there upsetting news out of paris that a second attacker got away following friday's carnage.
8:58 pm
massive manhunt underway for that man, caught on surveillance video. and of course we know they're looking for salah abdels lachla. you're mentioning during the break that jihadists want to draw police into suburbs. why? >> well, look at the incident itself. after the attacks a number of the perpetrators according to reports wanted to get out of the country to belgium, brussels or germany. we can see the engagement is a suburb in north of paris close to south of france. means individuals may have chosen to stay in that area.
8:59 pm
now, security forces are coming to extract them, there is a change of fire. so that would where they'd like to draw authorities into the area where there could be more violence not just their own, but others can join, later. that is what we're observing now. >> those neighborhoods have been solidified by people who are, can have the persuasion of being a radical islamist. we know they've been coming back into france being trained by isis and as a result of that, we understand that the shooting in north paris is linked to a hunt for fugitives from friday's attacks. we're going to continue to follow this story. they're looking for so many different aspects to find out who is responsible for the
9:00 pm
attacks, to get them and make sure they're taken out. it's going to be an uphill battle for them. we're going to take a slight break and join at the top of the hour with more fox news alert as we continue to follow this. >> this is a fox news alert. word coming in from france of a shoofting in a northern paris suburb. details are coming in that this is part of their manhunt. there is a unconfirmed report one police officer has been shot and wounded. the video is from twitter. it's the location of the stade de france stadium. shooting b


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