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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 18, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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good morning. the war against terrorism triggers another night of chaos, violence and bloodshed as we've been seeing, it gab last night with a report two air france planes had been diverted because of bomb threats happening. one flight en route from los angeles to paris had to be rerouted to salt lake city. the second flight en route from washington to paris. the planes landed safely and the passengers diverted without further incident. the fbi is now investigating but the situation has barely come to a close when we started receiving word coming from paris of a massive police raid taking place in the northern suburb,
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the operation was tied to last friday's string of terrorist attacks that left at least 129 people dead. you're listening to the gunfire that erupted as police moved into the neighborhood. let's listen. the key target of the raid was reportedly abdel hamid abud described as the mastermind of the attack. it's not far from the stadium which was targeted by three suicide bombers last week. explosions and heavy exchange of gunfire you've been listening to erupted. at least four officers were wounded and two suspected terrorists killed. one was a woman who blew herself up with a vest and an innocent passerby was killed in that raid
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now more than five hours, five suspects are in custody, one remains hold up in the apartment and the fate of ababdelhamid abaaoud is unknown. what else can you tell us? >> well, i think what we are in right now is the quiet after the storm and maybe before the storm. as you noted there is at least one person still holed up in that apartment and it's a standoff. you got to believe that the police here in huge numbers and i'll step back and let the cameraman show you what we're looking at. here we're looking at soldiers brought into this small town, a town more if you're from new york it's queens. if you're from san francisco it's berkeley. it's an urban area but outside of the city of paris, about one
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mile and what we're looking at is soldiers. i'm seeing about a dozen. we are about three blocks away from the target of all of the attention of the police and soldiers, this apartment building where we believe at least one man is holed up and police believe, suspect, think they're not absolutely positive, but they think that maybe the mastermind of the attack left 129 people dead, 350 people injured, on friday night in paris, a man by the name of ababdelhamid abaaoud is there, but we don't know what for sure. he was the target of the raid. as you noted there's been a lot of casualties, two of the suspected terrorists were killed, one at a suicide vest and she blew herself up, a woman and another person, another person was killed we believe by a sniper. passer-by was killed in the back
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and forth and four police men were injured in the fight as well. they went in, the apartment building and then were forced back by unexpected, as they called it, unexpected show of force from inside, which really indicate somebody special is inside there right now, and that's why they want to preferably, a, get him alive, and b, don't want to lose any more to injury or to debt any more their police or security guards. we've been here about 40 minutes right now, taken has been quiet. we have not heard anything. we heard one blast, sounded like a stun grenade, we were warned about hearing another explosion which might have been what we had heard but it was a suspect vehicle that we were told was going to be detonated. it is a ghost town right now. we chatted with some residents along with you, kelly, and so
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they are still walking around. the absolute middle of the town has been evacuated, that is five or six apartment buildings around the targeted building has been evacuated, but once you get further out here, people are just being told to stay inside, i can tell you they are staying inside, i'm not usually in this neighborhood but i got to believe that at about 10:00 in the morning french time people would be out, going to the market, either be at work or bringing their family out. it would i'm sure have been a very, an active street but now we're seeing basically no one out here, except for army, except for police, special force police they're described as, anti-terror police, and a lot of focus on this if they can get the mastermind here, it would be remarkable. as you noted, kelly, the feeling was that this gentleman, this man, this man responsible for all the horror was holed up in
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raqqah, syria, which is kind of home base for basis. the isis group claiming responsibility of course for friday night's terror, and in fact, the first series of raids by jet fighters of the french air force as a payback for friday night carnage targeted raqqah symbolically at least to believe going after the man who brought all this horror to the city. but now to hear that he could be here, that's quite remarkable. he's moroccan descent but he's of belgian nationality, and that's the important thing we need to underscore here. there were french nationals involved in these attacks but as french president hollande described it, it was created in syria. it was the logistics were worked out. it was planned in belgium and then it was actuated, it was
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performed here in paris with the help of french, with the help of belgians and with the help apparently if you believe at least one passport of syrians themselves. it was an international terror operation brought a whole nation to its knees and now to a fighting stance and right now we could see the culmination of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of raids which we've seen the french security forces be involved in for the past three nights. this could be quite a climatic moment or it could be a false alarm again but certainly the hope is that the man behind it, these attacks could be about three blocks from where i'm standing right now. >> great, we thank you for your reporting and as you were talking i noted that there was a white sheet being pulled up about three blocks away from you. we're going to go to amy kellogg and find what that was about. we see white sheets we know
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something perhaps is going on. looks like they're setting up a tent, i take that back. we got the information now. but greg, stick with us, please. we'll get back to you with more details and more updates. i want to get back to you and talk about your experiences in paris, the place you know very well, before we do that, let me go to our colleague, amy kellogg, who is also standing by, amy is standing near the eiffel tower. amy, are you there? amy, how are you? >> reporter: hi, kelly, yes, we've been seeing some calls on french police. >> i can hear you, we're on delay. i wanted to ask you how are the people of paris responding to this? >> reporter: the people of paris are absolutely shocked that all of this is going on. they've been shocked since friday, when the terrorist attack occurred, but i've been mobboring french media this
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morning particularly and there's been a lot of discussion about the fact that this female suicide bomber blew herself up as police tried to get into that apartment. that is another first for paritions. that is really shocking. we have not seen suicide bombers in france. we really haven't seen them in europe, and then to have a woman which is reminiscent of those chechen black widows that seemed far away from all of this in the caucuses of russia, this is something new. i think people feel life has changed. there was a big debate in the national assembly the other day with the prime minister suspending himself against the opposition who were asking how do all of these people such as abdel had mid abaaoud, alleged mastermind of the terrorist attacks and a few of the bombers who in these attacks were already on police raid they have
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a particular folder in security, as doier on their radical activities and how do they mapping to be on radar and get to syria and back. ababdelhamid abaaoud left for syria in 201, tried to get back into europe. the got as far as greece it's believed over the winter after the "charlie hebdo" attack. it's believed he went back into syria and now the thought that he may be holed up in a paris suburb, so close to those hundreds of thousands of forces that have been searching for anyone in connection with these attacks is shocking. if he is apprehended today and if this is the end then it will be a huge sense of relief for paritions but at the same time there will be so many questions asked about how these people get across borders if salah abd
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salam who was that accomplice who fled to belgium in the early hours saturday, if he managed to pass security and come back into france that will leave people stunned by the security lapses, so that does not give people a lot of comfort. security forces are working around the clock. i don't think anyone can imagine what their work is like. it's terribly dangerous, terribly stressful and they thought the security of the country on their shoulders but people here do feel that things have changed, the prime minister said yesterday that six attacks similar to friday's were thwarted over the summer alone and he has warned there may be more, when there are hundreds of raids every night now of suspected islamists, that makes people very, very nervous. there are 10,000 people, kelly, who have thises doier on them. 10,000 french nationals who
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potentially have the intent or the desire to do harm to their fellow countrymen, so there will be relief. there will be shock when people wake up and watch all of the drama going on in nearby but people feel their lives have been changed not maybe forever but in the near term, kelly. >> amy, thank you for that, because you just laid it all out for us in terms of what the people of france are going through, and certainly rightfully asking questions about some very unsettling matters and it probably means that the intelligence apparatus of that nation has to reexamine itself and reconfigure how it will conduct business obviously from here on, especially given the fact that the prime minister pointing out that they thwarted this attack. amy, what we say here in the united states is that you have to be right all the time when it comes to these kinds of intelligence matters, and only
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the terrorists only have to be right and lucky one time. >> well, there's a famous physician here very close to the people at charlie heb dough. he used to write columns for "charlie hebdo," patrick lew, he was a friend of the charl"charl hebdo" and he was the first to race to the emergency room friday night when he heard about the attacks in paris and said it's not just the security forces but it is the entire medical community in france that needs to be retrained to deal with these war zone type injuries, when he said when people come into a hospital riddled with bullets and they're bleeding profusely, it's something that france is not used to dealing with, and if this can you see happen again in large numbers as it did on
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friday night, the emergency rooms here are simply not prepared to deal, not only that, these doctors are going to need psychological counseling. there's been a lot of talk about that. that's not the most urgent matter on people's minds right now, because there are manhunts on and in fact, we don't really know how many people are being sought actively in connection with friday's attacks because there have been differing reports about how many key attackers may have been involved but from security services to medical responders, it's a sea change for people here, kelly. >> amy kellogg reporting from paris, france, at the eiffel tower, bringing us an update on the sea change that's happening for the people of paris, the people of france, amy, we thank you. hopefully we can get back to you within the next hour and thank you so much for bringing us all the details about what's going on there. amy was talking about the intelligence forces, services there, and how there have been
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lapses in intelligence and it's unsettling for the parition people as well as for the people of france, they have a daunting task ahead of them, not only to apprehend the mastermind of the terror attacks of friday the 13th, which has been the most devastating attack on paris, france, since world war ii, 129 people being killed, 352 people wounded, 99 of them in critical condition, and people losing their resolve, losing their sense of balance and purpose and equilibrium in a life of what we call the city of life, where life was always truly remarkable, it's a romantic city if you've ever been there, a gorgeous place, a beautiful place and just so tragic to see this kind of ugliness unfold there, a nightmare to the parition dream. online with me now on the phone is dan bongino, former secret
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service agent who was secret service agent for president george w. bush as well as current president barack obama. the service is valuable given the fact that you were in the special forces. amy kellogg and greg calcott and steve pointing to something we've been talking about throughout the evening when this first unfolded, we always talked about the lapses in security, the lapses in information and intelligence. dan, this can be very devastating for paris moving forward, if they don't come together, share this intelligence gathering, and get ahead of the curve so that they can actually pinpoint where the attacks might be coming from. it's such a difficult, daunting task, particularly given the nexus of terror that's unfolded
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here, syria, isis, belgium, france, the attack being perpetrated on innocent people on friday the 13th. tell me what has to be done. >> indeed, we're in a perilous spot right now, clearly been a tactical shift amongst a lot of the terrorist groups looking to attack the world democracies, that tactical shift is at best summed up by the two say 9/11 and the small arms tactical assault that "charlie hebdo" by what we saw in the westgate mall in nairobi, kenya. now 9/11 kelly left some, i call them investigative bread crumbs, they leave a trail because there's contacts involved, flight training involved, a lot of logistics involved. depending on the estimates i've seen half a million dollars in money that changed hands for them to prepare for the 9/11
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style attacks. now this tactical shift toward small arms tactical assault there's a difference, kelly, but not a lot of, there are logistics involved, i don't want to minimize it but not as much as it would be in a 9/11 style attack and those logistics that shrunk in logistics network doesn't leave as many investigative bread crumbs for our investigators to pick up on to break up at tacks. that's one of the reasons the attacks sore dangerous. combine that with the fact that the training requirement to pull off an attack like this is far less than the training requirement for a 9/11 style attack. you don't have to learn to fly a plane. you don't have to see flight instructors. you basically have to learn to pull a trigger. that's why these things are so dangerous, the soft targets small arms tactical assaults, very difficult to pick off in advance. >> i'm just, you know, blown away by this, because this is something we were talking about
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not ten years ago but maybe nine years ago, eight years ago, after what took place here on our own shores on 9/11, we began getting a lot of chatter and actionable intelligence indicating at that time al qaeda wanted to attack soft targets and it looks like isis ripped it right out of the playbook, in fact they have and done it with a vengeance and with an act of cowardice attacking innocent people. benjamin collins, former green beret special forces when you're on the ground from a military standpoint, what can the green beret or special forces in france do to not only apprehend these forces but what can they do to prevent and thwart an attack? we heard from amy kellogg that
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the prime minister said six attacks have been thwarted, special forces do they play a role in this type of jurisdiction? >> well, they can in europe. we obviously we can't in the united states. >> right. >> but they certainly can in europe. and i think that you know, if i can you know, listening to amy discussing the, you know, people are saying how could this happen, et cetera, et cetera, look, we knew this was going to happen. they knew this was going to happen. "charlie hebdo" occurred, and some of the words that i keep hearing, there's going to be a sense of relief if they catch this mastermind and it's going to be an end of the chaos and people are going to wake up and start asking questions. to me, that's the wrong way to look at this. in my mind, this guy ababdelhamid abaaoud, that's not the guy responsible for this. the guy responsible for this is
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abu baker al baghdadi, the leader of the caliphate. abdulhamid was an operational leader. they've taken a page out of a successful playbook used by terrorist organizations in that this guy was moving back and forth, they set up operation and when the operation was coming to a head when they were 24, 36 hours out, somebody would move there, the operational commander, execute and move back. they could set up the people, the operations, et cetera, and then bring the commander in to execute and the commander goes back. now, you ask specifically what can special forces over here do? you know, rehearse, rehearse, e rehear rehearse, rehearse. after the "charlie hebdo" incident, we saw the way that they executed an active shooter and you had a lot of police standing around. we watched in the theater, you know, when the two terrorists
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here in paris went into the theater. you could tell and again, this goes back to the way that they split their command and control, the paritions national security command and control and when you have the head of that trying to talk to the president, getting information, i've got dead bodies, i've got wounded, i've got people here, where do i move my medical service personnel, where do i send the police, where do i send the special forces and then you have the situation, two guys inside, killing these guys one by one. they should have basically as soon as they had enough men execute. there was not time to stand there, watch the building, see what was going on. they should have assaulted. they already knew what was going on inside. what can they do now? they can tie their intelligence efforts and tie the medical personnel to the leadership, to the civilian personnel that has to make the decisions to the police force and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. that's what i would be do iing
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i was over there. >> that is a strong statement about how proactive all of us have to be throughout the world, all of our militaries, all of our special forces, all of our security forces, ben, it's right for to you point that out. when you serve in the military you constantly train, at least in our military you're constantly trained, it never stops. i can recall people being frustrated with some of the training that they do, but when it comes time when the rubber meets the road, how to respond and you are activated and ready to go out and do what you have to do, which is why our reserve forces are so vital to us as well in active military. i thank you, benjamin collins, four your service again and former green beret and thank you for your insights and effective, and sam you once ran for office, i suspect you might be doing that once again, thank you for your service as a secret service
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agent protecting the current president of the united states as well as former president george w. bush and thank you for your valued insight and we want to thank waleen perez, all three brought great insights into the ideology of isis and what we must do to combat that as well as the military strategy. i want to bring in greg calcott as we begin to, as i begin to wrap this up. also bringing you an early edition of "fox & friends" first a few moments from now, they'll have a special early edition to talk about the very issue we have been discussing. greg, you have lived in paris before. you were actually living there for quite a time, and you know this area. you know paris, france. it's like the back of your hand. did you ever in your wildest
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expectations anticipate anything like this? >> no, i think i mentioned it before to our viewers, to walk around that area, for example the music hall that was a scene of carnage and to imagine suicide vests used incredible. breaking developments, first we're seeing, pierre, just track that, two police vans going through. also noticing, a bit of a sign if pierre stays on the soldiers, they've gone from helmets to soft hats, to berets, that means perhaps a little bit of a step down at this position on security. does that mean we're coming to an end of this, we don't know. the latest numbers what changed a little bit. two suspected terrorists are killed. one was a woman, she died
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detonating a suicide vest, another we believe was killed by a police sniper. there have been reports unconfirmed of a passer-by killed, too. on the other side, five, five policemen were injured. remember, what happened is abhour long storming of the apartment where it is believed possibly the mastermind of the paris attacks had been hold up, led to a lot of firing and explosions, ak-47 fire, automatic gunfire from the police, woke up the whole town here. since then it has been relatively quiet since we've been here, about 5 minutes, the only sound that we heard was one eye rehn about five minutes ago, but this is important and a new number we believe detained five people as well, three from the building where one person is still holed up, two from an
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adjoining building and now to the one person who was inside there, it is believed possibly it could be, as i just mentioned the mastermind of at tacks, ababdelhamid abaaoud, thought could be in raqqah, syria, pulling the strings from there. firm high-ranking member of the isis terror organization. now the latest intelligence is that he could be right outside paris maybe about a mile from as you noted star defrance, the soccer stadium, one of the terror attacks here. we don't have that confirmed but we have to believe there's one person in there, taking hours not to go in there, security forces, and get him out, that he's maybe somebody important that they'd like to get alive and also the terrorists have shown themselves to be brutal
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injuring policemen. they don't want to lose any policemen or get any policemen injured. i'm going to turn around now, we're watching soldiers move down the street, and i think we're going to probably do the same if we can get closer, find out what is going on. it could be a sign that something is calming down. kelly, i want to throw it back to you, we'll try to make our way down there and see what's going on for our viewers. >> greg, do you that, we'll keep our camera on it as well to follow it. greg, thank you for your excellent reporting and one thing i to want to thank greg for is what he did in one of our earlier reports. he actually, we actually saw a family walking out now, this is an area that's under police intervention, families were told to stay in, yet we saw a young family walking out and juxtapose that against those who are in military gear and a young baby, young toddler and his father, and the wife walking towards
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greg, greg interviewed them, and the gentleman said that he was from germany and saw the military and police around but the one thing that was glaring in all of this is that in an area where there's a sea of despair that one particular video that interview that greg had with the father and child, that father and son indicated a sign of hope for the people of paris, that life does go on, even in the midst of turmoil. i want to leave you with this thought, no matter what's going on, like that person who we saw wauing the street in the midst of what you're looking at now saying we have a day to go on, we have a day to be grateful for all that we have. that's what it is really all about. we talk about ideology a lot tonight. never, never let your heart be troubled in terms of what you see. keep the resolve, take a stand against evil, stand up for
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yourself, stand up for the freedoms that we hold dear and value and treasure so much and cherish, hope still prevails. i'm kelly wright. this has been a special fox news alert report. we take you to an early edition of "fox & friends" first. it is wednesday november 18th, 2015 and breaking news on the fox news channel. it continues now in an early edition of "fox & friends" first, terror standoff. gunshots, a suicide bomb and one person still holed up inside an apartment in france after a series of arrests. the question now, is it in fact the mastermind behind the attacks that left 129 people dead? we're going to get right to our amy kellogg, live in paris where she's been following the developments all night long. what can you tell us is happening right now?
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>> reporter: well, right now it's been quiet for the last three hours, but the events started, the raid started at 4:20 this morning. several large explosions were heard by residents of the parition suburb just outside the beltway, very close to the stadium where three suicide bombers blew themselves up on friday night. the presumed target of this raid is abdelhamid abaaoud, mastermind of the attacks on friday. also some discussion salah abdeslam, who managed to get into belgium in the early morning hours of saturday, may potentially be among those holed up. he may now be dead. basically it was believed there were six people hold up in this apartment that was the subject of a raid and you can see from the pictures the absolutely overwhelming police and army presence on the streets, a
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narrow street, and some people have been evacuated, some told to stay inside but it is a narrow street, packed with apartments side by side, so clearly very frightening for residents there, who have had to be reminded several times by police this is not another attack under way, this is a police raid. we know that one female suicide bomber who was in the apartment, that is the focus of this raid, blew herself up when police approached the apartment. another one of these people in the apartment killed by a sniper, at least another person. three have been arrested from that apartment so it's believed that one remains in a standoff with police which of course is very tricky, because these people are not for negotiations. if it is in fact an i.s. cell, if it is part of the group that was responsible for the attacks on friday night there will probably not be a resolution to
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a negotiation peacefully. there are reports of a bystander being killed on the streelt. in the hopes of people in this area it could be the end of the hunt for the people involved in friday's attacks, however, it is very clear this is a city which is very much in fear right now. there's been discussions in the parliament, the president about security, because six attacks similar to those friday night were thwarted just this sum ear lone so even if this is the end of the cell responsible for friday night's attack, people are under no illusions, they know there are 10,000 french nationals with a special file that the security services have on them that indicates they are radicalized. this is friday attack really
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represented a sea change for the french people. while there will be a lot of hope and anticipation what the end results of this raid are, the story in its totality is not over and again, just want to point out while abdel ham hamid abaaoud is a presume target of the raid we don't know he's alive, we don't know salah abdeslam who has been on the run since at tacks is in there and don't know if there are other accomplices in another location. another question asked by the french is if abdelhamid abaaoud managed to get back into france how could that be? he went to syria, he was very visible with isis. he was in many of their propaganda videos and bragged about being able to get in and out of europe without any problem. if in fact during this time of heightened security and these manhunts across the country, this dragnet, how did he manage to be hold up just outside of
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paris, just beyond the ring road that circled paris? that will be a question that will be very much on the forefront of people's minds and also if salah abdeslam managed to get back into france after fleeing to belgium unstopped. in the meantime we wait for this to wind down. back to you. >> amy, thank you so much for that. and our greg calcott is following the story as well. you're about a mile outside the city center where all of the action is going on, the police cordonned off that area around the apartment. what can you tell us, what is the latest? >> reporter: we're maybe about two and a half blocks where one man remains hold up t might be a very important man. the target of the raid police have been telling sources abdelhamid abaaoud, the man it
1:36 am
is believed was the mastermind of the attacks here in paris friday night. the man we thought was holed up in raqqah, an isis capital of their open territory, a long ways way from here, if he is actually here this could be interesting. we were able to move closer, about oh i'd say about a block if you were following up about 15 minutes ago you saw us standing with a lot of soldiers, the soldiers have left from this area, but as you can see, pierre, why don't you pan the situation, it's a very i would say nervous but careful police keeping us at bay. they said we could not go any further than this so we are absolutely at the edge of this operation. let's recap the numbers because they have shifted in the past half hour or so. it all started about 4:30 in the morning, paris time, right now we're looking at 10:35 in the
1:37 am
morning paris time, for an hour, there was a massive fuselage of ak-47 explosions, machine gunfire, automatic gunfire. it went on and on and on for about an hour, local residents said. it sounded like a war was happening in their town p town, it's an urban setting just outside of paris. after that, silence. since we've been here about an hour and 15 minutes, we have heard no gunfire, no shooting but again, the word is there is at least one person remaining inside this apartment building that the police are very, very interested in. two terror suspects dead, one woman killed herself, using a suicide vest and another person in fact was killed using snipers. i'm turning around and breaking my narrative because we're watching soldiers now enter the
1:38 am
scene, go toward, in the direction of where we believe is the targeted apartment building. so you've got soldiers and you've got police, special riot anti-terror police alongside us, they're basically the outer perimeter and we're watching emergency vehicles come in, too. they are ready for something. this is a very big target that they are shooting for. in fact, if it is the mastermind of the carnage with 129 people dead, 350 injured, this would be a big catch indeed. let me finish talking about my toll as i watch what's happening here, two terror suspects killed. there have been reports of one passer-by killed but we don't have confirmation of that. importantly on the police side, five policemen were injured, shows you how serious this fighting was. these guys are top notch anti-terror police, they're trained day in and day out, to
1:39 am
view this situation and you had five policemen injured but again also you had five detentions of terror suspects, three in that building and two in an adjoining building. there have been major developments here and you got to believe the authorities here think they have surrounded something very important and they're ready to wait it out so a, no one gets hurt on the outside and b, maybe they can catch them alive unless that person is wearing a suicide vest, too. back to you. >> i wanted to ask you a little bit more about the area surrounding where all this is happening. ped reaps, people living in the area, they've been told to stay inside. is that correct? how long will that continue obviously until the standoff ends at least? you were in an area earlier until a short time ago that a cup well a young baby and a stroller walked by you. >> that was remarkable, but the mood is very much different now. again, we've closed in about a block right to the edge of the cordon, and now we're not seeing
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anybody walking in the streets unless they have a reason to be here. we have been told the immediate buildings have been evacuated and all other residents told to stay inside. authorities are waiting for something that once again could really cause problems for anybody that could be caught in the cross-fire. >> greg, that's one of the goals of the islamic extremists as we've seep not just to cause as much carnage as possible but to inflict fear and change the way we go about your daily lives. you mentioned the people in the building immediately surrounding that apartment building have been evacuated. where are they right now? are they in a safe place? >> they have brought to, excuse me, we're being told to just move to the side, i think here. i think they just want us to step aside.
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i'm seeing several vehicles behind us both ways. we'll just adjust ourselves here. yes, people that were evacuated are moving and sorry about our camera shaking a little bit but we go with the flow here. yes, sir, right back here. merci messier. soar sorry, guys. >> that's okay, this is breaking news. >> reporter: you were asking about the people evacuated, they were moved over to the city hall, the city hall is just about oh four or five buildings away from the targeted building because this is happening in the center of the town. it is a working class town, it's not chichi by any stretch but it's not a housing project either. it is a working class area, beautiful basilica here, too and as noted the soccer stadium that
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was the target, one of the targets friday night so it's ironic if it happens to be true that the mastermind of these attacks is hold up in a building three blocks from us and about a half mile from what he tried to blow up. >> and also remarkable if salah abdeslam is inside, one of the initial reports came out. he is the one we believe has crossed the border into belgium and initially had been stopped immediately follow at tacks. lot of information still to unfold here absolutely. greg we'll come back to you, stand boy so thank you for your coverage and stay safe. america is on edge and two air air france flights diverted. >> these threats come the same day russian officials confirm terrorists bombed a passenger plane in egypt's sinai peninsula two weeks ago. flight were diverted after
1:43 am
anonymous bomb threats were called in, the first flight headed from los angeles to paris with 497 passengers and crew on board landed safely in salt lake city. passenger recording the moment everyone was evacuated and then hours later another bomb threat forced an air france plane to make an emergency landing in halifax, nova scotia. the flight headed from washington's dulles airport to paris had 298 people aboard that flight. both planes were searched and cleared. investigators are looking into whether the bomb threats were made by the samer. . no arrests have been made and the scares didn't stop there, four middle eastern passengers were pulled off a spirit airlines plane at baltimore, washington, international airport. investigators say a female passenger became suspicion of a man watching the news on his phone while the plane was taxiing. she grabbed her daughter and ran to the back of the plane. >> very thankful if there was a
1:44 am
threat or someone believed there was a threat not out of paranoia but out of a reasonable belief then i'm totally fine with the fact that we stopped and thank god we made it here safely. >> the chicago-bound plane was evacuated, searched and cleared. the four removed from the plane a married couple traveling with family member and a male passenger and a scare at o'hare airport the bomb squad is called in to investigates two bags left unattended near an american airlines gate, the bags eventually cleared and terrifying moments when a drunk woman tried to open an exit door during flight. the 32-year-old was restrained midair and the flight landed safely ahead of schedule in boston. police are ruling out any limping to terrorism. the woman will be arraigned in a boston courtroom today. >> kelly wright, thank you for that. 44 minutes after the hour. a potential disaster
1:45 am
diverted in hanover, germany, where police evacuate a soccer stadium due to what they are calling a concrete bomb threat. two hours before the match authorities found two suspicious packages one on the stadium and one on a train headed to the stadium. the match is canceled. no explosives found but a nearby stadium and concert hall were evacuated as a caution. turkish soccer fans heard booing in the moment of silence and heard chanting allahu akbar, the islamic phrase meaning "god is great." the disrupted tribute held before kickoff of the friendly against greece, europe's governing soccer body requested that all european international games hold a moment of silence before the start of their
1:46 am
matches. and heather, the syrian refugee danger may be worse than we thought. the fake passport was found next to one the terrorist bombers. european authorities saying at least eight other syrian migrants made it there with the same paper. here at home refugees and legal imxwrants are blamed for ten terror case this is year alone including the chattanooga gunman, an opposition is mounting against the president's plan to bring refugees here to america. kristen fisher is live in washington, d.c., with that side of the story good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ana. republicans on capitol hill are moving quickly to pause the plan to bring in 10,000 refugees. they are working on drafting a bill they hope to vote on it likely tomorrow and want to temporary close america's borders immediately. so all syrian refugees. >> containing isis is not
1:47 am
enough. defeating ice sis what is necessary and we do not have that comprehensive plan in place. >> president obama is not backing down, far from it. yesterday while in the philippines the president said that the language he's hearing from republicans is offensive and that it "needs to stop." >> personally we're worried about the press being too tough on them during debates. thousand they're worried about 3-year-old orphans. this doesn't sound tough to me and temporary to who we are and it needs to stop, because the world is watching. >> at the same time 32 governors now say they oppose bringing syrian refugees into the u.s. and 18 of them say that they will not allow those refugees if they're indeed ever allowed in, will not allow them to resettle in their states. they have very little power if any to stop these refugees from entering their states that's why republicans in congress are now
1:48 am
rushing to step in, the focus of this new bill will likely be on causing syrian refugee resettlement until the administration can offer more assurances that no terrorists are going to be admitted into the u.s. those assurances would likely include full fbi background investigations on all syrian refugees. keep in mind already about 2,000 of them have been allowed into the u.s. since the start of the syrian civil war to 2011. >> kristin fisher, thank you. we have a question can you tell us about the screening process there, tell us a little bit more about that as the refugees being let in. >> that is exactly what the republicans on capitol hill are trying to sort out. the white house, the administration has said they do have a robust vetting process in place, but many people in the intelligence community and many republicans on capitol hill say it's not good enough and that's why they're trying to pass this new legislation which hopefully they may be able to vote on as
1:49 am
early as tomorrow. >> part of the issue from president obama was doubling down on his plans, both his strategy in syria and plans for the refugees. one of the issues was that part of that vetting process, one of the largest parts of it is the information comes from syria, so hoy do we know what information, we're getting all of the information that we need to let these people into our country. >> exactly right. over the next few days you'll hear a lot of republicans and perhaps even some democrats try to sort out a compromise on capitol hill. >> kristin fisher, thank you, kristin. >> thank you so much. when you're seeing the majority of governors, it's more than half, saying we do not want to do this. we need to press the pause button. we'll take you back to breaking news in paris, one suspect killed inside an apartment surrounded by police after a dramatic shoot-out and a bomb blat blast at a paris suburb.
1:50 am
>> we go our walid faris. i've heard you all morning long as this unfolded. my first question, how sur pridesed would you be if abd abdelhamid abaaoud the alleged mastermind of the attack was half a mile away from the scene, from the stadium and not in syria as per previous thought? >> that would be an answer to what isis or the jihadist network wants to do. he had the opportunity to go to syria, to cross the border, to go to brussels, to germany, to italy, the fame, but he chose to not just stay in paris but an area very close. the more important thing he had with him a woman who by now we know was kiltd who was a sue
1:51 am
identify bomber, a fee neal suicide bomber and also with him two or three jihadists, we'll know the exact number when the operation is over. my question, if it all this team was not involved in last week's operation, terror attacks, what was the purpose of them gathering at that time with the mastermind of the operation? my version is they were preparing for another one. >> they closed the eiffel tower down again so perhaps they were tipped off something was about to happen for sure. go ahead. >> reporter: the french authorities if i may say collected by coincidence, by legal sheer accident a cell phone which has a lot of formation and this is really because of the cell phone they were able to bust the cell. >> let's talk about the
1:52 am
communication because just like common criminals deckomesticall criminals are trying to stay one step ahead of law enforcement trying to track them down. rather than just using social media, and using cell phones and e-mail, what you hear they were doing is having a shared e-mail account in some situations where they'll just put communications back and forth with one another in a draft, never hit send so that it can't be tracked. also the possibility of using video gaming equipment back and forth. what do we need to do here in the united states to adapt as the face of terror is changing? >> well, in counterterrorism agencies are doing a good job, at least they are warning the public that isis is only present in 50 states. fbi leaders, homeland security leaders have been mentioning at least that there are many investigations going on, so the
1:53 am
problem is now we need to be informed at a higher level, policy level from the white house with congressional leaders to continue with the education of the public. why am i insisting on the public? because the agencies have some physical limitations in terms of observing and monitoring. the tunnpublic is a huge ally. we're talking about millions and millions of adults who can observe and report. if you see something, say something is the mantra here. >> you mentioned the number of cases in the united states, over 900, all 50 states. this is something people node to pay attention to. i want to ask you about the specific neighborhood where all of this is unfolding at this hour. you mentioned this is a neighborhood where french authorities don't necessarily like to go. >> well, let me explain this, because it is very sensitive for the french when we talk about it and we had two incidents in the past where the french did not
1:54 am
want us, did not want anybody to describe it as what it is not. these are the suburbs. we remember 2005, exactly ten years to the month now, november, they were sort of violent demonstrations, upridesings and riots, 10,000 cars were burned just in the suburbs. it was also across france but this is an area where you have a lot of gangs, where you have a lot of people angry at the government and also jihadists have been residing and infiltrating. this is why most likely this group selected because of that neighborhood thinking that french authorities are not going to go in. basically authorities can go in but they are not at ease. we have many videos which are on youtube showing police cars, french police cars going in first and then they were confronted by gangs and youth, violent, threw stones at them. so this is why you see this
1:55 am
deployment of force because it's still a risk of people attacking them. >> we have to wrap with up but we'll check in with you later for sure thank you. if you're just joining us, overnight raids happening in paris, two people are ked. dead. take the zantac it challenge! pill works fast? zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge.
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it is wednesday, november 18th, 2015 and this is a fox news alert. terror standoff.
1:59 am
gunshots an awe suicide bomb, two people are dead, five arrested and one person hold up inside an apartment in france, we're live with the breaking developments. here at home two planes bountd for paris diverted overnight after bomb threats we have the very latest. plus as the battle over syrian refugees heats up disturbing new details emerge on what the ones who were already here are up to. we're live in washington, d.c. "fox & friends" first continues right now. [ gunfire ] france waking up to terror overnight, a police raid turns deadly as authorities zero in on the paris massacre mastermind. >> at this hour at least two terrorists are dead but one is
2:00 am
apparently still hiding out surrounded by police in an apartment building. amy kellogg is live in paris with the very latest. good morning, latest. good morning, amy. >> hi heather and >> reporter: hi heather and ana. it is an active police raid. this could be the final showdown, the final standoff in terms of the hunt for the people who were behind the terrorist attacks here on friday. they had a violent response clearly expected to the police raids that started at 4:30 this morning. six people thought to have been originally holed up the apartment in the suburb of paris, the target is said to be believed to be abdelhamid abud the mastermind of the terrorist


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