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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 18, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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or and this is the war we will win. >> good to have you in paris, from new york, "happening now" starts right now. stay with us. we start with the new fallout from the paris attacks, the deadly terror takedown unfolding for hours overnight turning one neighborhood into a virtual war zone. i am jenna lee. jon: i am john scott. the terrorist attack sparking the gun battle lasted four hours. actor was over two people were dead including a female suicide bomber who blew herself. several police officers suffered
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injuries. overnight raids across france netted more than 2 dozen arrests. we still don't know the fate of the terror mastermind. greg? >> we are at the scene of an incredible night and early morning of terror and fighting terror. i will step away for a sense of the neighborhood. the apartment building where the terror suspects were held up, halfway down the street, you see police trucks left and right, forensic activity now intense as evidence is sought in those apartment buildings, to explain these terror attacks. we heard from the paris prosecutor and he confirmed what we had been hearing earlier in the day. incredibly, the objective of this raid was the suspected
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mastermind of a string of terror attacks friday night which helped 129 people dead in paris. think about it. the police fought this man, behind the incredible carnage was hiding out in plain sight within a half a mile of the targets he was looking at. we are told there were three terror suspects who were killed, one woman we have been talking about with a suicide this in two other men. we don't know whether abdelhamid abaaoud was in there or not. it was a night of fury at least an hour-and-a-half, bullets, ak-47 fire, and grenades, you name it, it was all happening here. if the police were ready, but there were still overwhelmed
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initially, and several detained terrorists after 3 suspected terrorists. the pushback, ten blocks, they are keeping a cordon on the action. and it was thought there was one more terrorist inside. police moved in again. look at the street again, let's look at it again, this is the narrow street. you can see houses left and right, five or six stories high, explosion, gunfire. we talked to the one person who manage to live through that, and i asked could he imagine something like this happening in his neighborhood? take a listen. >> on the battlefield yes but another battlefield, which is
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what -- we like it here, we like eating here. >> were you afraid? >> you walk out a hear gunshots, it is normal. >> when i called the police, under control, you are not afraid. >> like a battlefield. that sums up exactly what this place must have been like. one note about this raid, it supported another terror attack against paris under the business section of the city on the western side, that apparently according to some sources was supported by this attack as isis stays busy, more reports of more hostages being murdered in syria and iraq and more details. and all around here, so are the
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police as we watch more police, the authorities on the trail of these killers. >> still lot of dance is to come in that raid, let's hope they got abdelhamid abaaoud. jenna: more from paris in a moment, france and russia stepping up campaigned on isis targets in syria. they are looking at military cooperation as they go after islam estate fighters in the territories they hold at the time. the military confirming command and recruitment centers and isis training camp. and ron launching long-range bombers as well from its nearby bases. where is the u.s. in all this? we go live to the middle east with more. >> reporter: the u.s. is still involved, coordinating force with friends on the air strike, u.s. central command says coalition forces continue to hit isis positions in iraq and syria
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including 116 isis vehicles in syria at transporting according to the pentagon crude-oil, presumably to be sold on the black market but the headline continues to be about russia and france's intent erica payne said and now that both countries will be allies at sea, the charles de gaulle aircraft carriers set up for the mediterranean sea bringing 24 fighter jets to the region to carry on the ongoing airstrike and it will also be working alongside russia's naval forces. yesterday as we reported russian president vladimir putin ordered his navy to cooperate with france's. 34 cruise missiles at prices positions in syria from its missile cruiser which remains in the mediterranean. both countries again will be allied at see this as russia
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continues its intent erica payne launching more sorties today with its long-range bombers. we continue to get that video from the russian military ministry. russia pounding isis targets in syria particularly the isis stronghold and isis capital in syria that has been the prime target of the past few days. the kremlin, talked about this, the kremlin announced a bomb brought down the russian metro jet airliner over the sinai peninsula in egypt. mostly russian citizens. vladimir putin yesterday vowing payback for those attacks saying those responsible will be punished a in the sinai taking responsibility for that terror attack. and french meters vowing payback for the attack on their country
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and the terrorist attacks ran the defense minister confirmed that ten french fighter jets overnight were deployed to attack isis positions again in and around the isis strongholds. these intent, ferocious, aggressive air strikes continue and most likely continue throughout the day as those countries now payback for the attacks. jenna: thank you. jon: growing controversy over president obama's response to the terror attack and his strategy to fight isis. white house press secretary josh ernest was pressed on that on fox and friends. >> our president's words matter not just to me and the american people but those around the globe who are very concerned. our president's words matter. he called this a setback. >> a setback seems cavalier bonanza the question. >> if you consider the
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president's remarks, he called the attack sickening, express profound sorrow at what had occurred. stenson time focusing on the president's actions, 0 hours after this terrorist attack took place the president was on the phone with the president of france to offer any support they needed in conducting the investigation and carrying out any response they recused carry out. and a national security team, the president invited the attorney general, director of the fbi, homeland security, secretary of defense and other leaders to discuss with the u.s. response should be. the first question the president asked was to make sure to verify all necessary steps were being taken inside the united states to ensure safety and security of the american people and the u.s. homeland. >> the spokesman for the president of the united states. joining us now, the washington bureau chief for the wall street journal. our president referred to it as a setback as elizabeth pointed out in that segment.
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the president of france who is calling this a war, your most recent column in the journal, is no war, how do we fight? >> i agree with mr. ernest. i am less concerned or focus on words than what happens. the air war is intensifying as we have been hearing. most military experts will tell you you are not going to defeat isis or any army on the ground without another army on the ground. the question is how do you create a force that ultimately can go in and do that job? two big questions have to be answered before that can be done. one is can the u.s. and russia agree on what the future of syria and president bashar al-assad is? that is where the problem is and will sunni forces from the region come together with an international support to do this job? those of the big questions. a lot of ways to do that, there could be you an oversight or nato oversight or a coalition of
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the willing, less formal coalition but also that is the question we are heading 4. >> jenna: will russia be willing to get together with the united states? they have gotten together with france. will they be willing to lb isis in a way that threatens bashar al-assad? >> that is the question. it to this point the answer has been no but there are encouraging signs, it does appear russians have started to do what they said they were going to do at the outset which was to go after isis targets, not just targets of militias opposed to president bashar al-assad. maybe there's a turn underway. i think the next few days are crucial, you have meetings between president and and president francois hollande and president obama and those of the big players, and can they come together on a united strategy to create the international umbrella would allow this to be the coalition. jon: you say the islamic state has the makings of a state,
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territory, currency, a leader and we ought to treat it as an enemy state. >> eighty-third they are state and have attacked two citizens of two members of the united nations security council inside russia and france. i think people keep saying you have to take them at their word but i don't think it is as important as what occurs now on the ground and i will go back to the point i made before. it is fine for the u.s. and france and russia to agree on an intense air campaign. ultimately there have to be forces in the region operating on the ground in an effective way. along way to go, that is where international efforts, something that will be focused on. jon: countries like saudi arabia and jordan as ones that should be enlisted in putting. on the ground with the american leadership or nato leadership. how do you make that persuasive argument? how do you get the jordanians
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and others to come in forces. >> the government of iraq needs to understand to be part of this effort and they felt they have basically been neglected by the shi'ite dominated government. there is another player on the list. and the saudis for example, they take forces not just on their border with an existential threat. the kurds in iraq and syria are effective fighters but ultimately other players in the region, and just put your finger on why it is a $64,000 question. where do these people come from? jon: the arguing could go on in the days to come. thank you. jenna: the trial for 16-year-old charged with raping and murdering his teacher delayed
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again after some comments the defendant made to his lawyer. we will tell you about that and more on the massive police raid on the outskirts of paris as a manhunt for terror mastermind heeds up. to the terrorist acts change your feelings about how you will vote in 2016? joining the conversation visit see you after the break. ..
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jenna: aftermath of the paris terror attacks and should what happened in france change our administration's strategy against isis? the growing consensus from around a need to send more u.s. troops to iraq and syria. even though the president disagrees with that. joining us is dale lamont from the council on foreign relations. the president does disagree with that. what will change now after the terror attack?
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how do you answer that? what will change? >> very little. you will see more of the same and real anding up of air strikes and special operations forces have been doing in the region. the question is whether they will move further forward and a lot more discussion about the threats crisis poses. in terms of concrete, the president said himself not long after he wrote that piece that he did not see ground troops as the answer and much of the american public would agree with him but the more isis threat is perceived as an existential one rather than one that could be contained the more you will see what i think is very healthy national debate about what is a role and what this threat of isis in marshaling them. jenna: we preferred to growing consensus, really that folks are considering for the first time maybe we need to think about it. what i your thoughts on that,
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how effective that can be three years in to the civil war in syria? >> i went through interview notes, one administration official said the script had been written, facts on the ground changed very dull since the spring of 2012. we are all known as a nation paying attention to this and as you know, less than one% of this country fought 100% of its wars the past 15 years and a puncture that is happening is up puncture in of the sense of normalcy so many of us are allowed to have. the question with ground troops do they strengthen the hand of isis who believe in the end base and can you keep pressure on to do the same or even strengthened. it has always been another line of arguments within the administration and said there are folks we could partner with but don't want to trust them.
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jenna: a source close to home, a veteran of the iraq war, who have confronted enemy's face to face, the sentiment in general, let us fight because we have to fight eventually. we know how to win. let us do this. bug report by benjamin hall, we will see more of that on fox news, he was speaking to a group of young men isn't thduubadash muslims on the street, europe has never been welcoming to muslims they say. is seems to be coming from europe as well. when we think of ground troops and strategy in the middle east, what about that other threat much closer to home? >> that is why it is interesting
8:21 am
about accepting syrian refugees. i have yet to see people saying we are on a manhunt for syrians. the men hunt going on in the street is aimed at europeans and we are watching all in real time unfold on fox and that is a real question. i did a story in 2002 right after september 11th on the german green card for high-tech workers but parents and grandparents have been in germany and they were still considered foreigners and at telling conversation i have been thinking about a lot certainly in the last few days about what is the strength of the united states in terms of integrating and assimilating and making americans from all quarters of the world. jenna: considering where these individuals are coming from, these are questions we need to talk about. nice to have you on the program. jon: the deadly attacks in paris
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jon: some crime stories we're following, felt chisholm's murder trial is delayed. he had an apparent breakdown during a recess telling his attorney he was, quote, ready to explode and hurt somebody. he is on trial for the rape and murder of his math teacher in 2013. washington college in maryland closed indefinitely as authorities searched for op missing student believed to have a gun. once suspended after allegedly brandishing a handgun while intoxicated in his fraternity house. he made some troubling social
8:26 am
media post's and took a rifle from his parents at home. the tragic case of a 7-year-old girl who got separated from her parents during a football game and was found dead just 25 minutes later. her body was found in a wooded area not far from a kentucky football field. authorities have not announce the cause of her death but they are willing and homicide. jenna: gas prices are expected to hit lows not seen in six years. the last 11 days, prices have fallen around the country to an average of $2.16 a gallon the aaa says the average price of a gallon of gas could go below $2 by christmas. last time that happened was 2009. crude-oil prices have remained low compared to years past making it cheaper. at least in certain parts of the country. and that could bring discounts. already seeing gas prices under
8:27 am
$2 a gallon. jon: bomb threats forced me to planes to make emergency landings, the flight from los angeles to utah because of an ominous threat received after takeoff. another plane made an emergency landing in canada because it and what had a similar threat. the latest from our west coast news room. >> reporter: light 65 took off from los angeles last night, received a bomb threat, two hours into the flight. it turned around and landed in salt lake city. all the passengers were taken off and the luggage searched, no explosives were found and the plane resumed its journey to paris. at the same time another flight out of washington's dollars airport was also diverted after a similar threat was received. that plane landed in halifax nova scotia, nothing fell, the plane expected to be for paris later today. bose incidents are a sign of the tension caused by friday's
8:28 am
attacks in paris. that tension on display in germany, the national soccer team was due to play last night, the brain damage game was cancel 19 minutes of 4 kickoff and even an ambulance packed with explosives. no bombs or explosives were actually found. on a more positive note listen to this. last night at london's iconic wesleyan stadium. ♪ >> reporter: the sound of 70,000 people, most of them english singing the french national anthem as a tribute to those who lost their lives last week. england played france and a soccer game that both teams described as a difficult
8:29 am
occasion but one that both teams also said was important to play to send a message to the terrorists that they will not win, they will not change the european way of life. victory last night for sanity never mind to won the game. whoo-hoo it is you goosebumps to hear that singing. jenna: for rental downpour's packing heavy winds. and those storms headed next. hundred of raids across france yielding dozens of threat since the terror attacks, the investigation, what does it mean? a former fbi counterterrorism director ways in next. did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health
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let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ jenna: the debt the rain and flooding in the pacific northwest, torrential downpours and high winds battering that area killing two people. storms snapped trees and power lines, snarling traffic and leaving hundreds of thousands in the dark. live from the wind ravaged town in washington state. >> reporter: this was a powerful storm, the damage was widespread and deadly. in the town of salt and be where we are in monroe, the river jumped its banks and led to several dramatic rescues the
8:34 am
residents used to dealing with flooding were surprised by this storm. >> i never saw it come up that fast. it seemed it appeared to me like a levee broke or something the way it came paso quickly. >> you could hear the boulders rolling down the river and did sounded like thunder. a very peculiar sounds, it is theory. >> reporter: three people were killed in washington state due to falling trees, two of the victims were driving cars, the third was outside in the neighborhood, a bus driver was hospitalized after a free and shore line outside a seattle crashed on his bus, thankfully no passengers were heard as cocaine on the eastern side of the state got hammered. two of the fatalities were in this area and scores of people are without power. that is the big story going forward. wind gusts hit 60 miles an hour in the area and a hundred miles an hour in the mountains which at one point, half a million
8:35 am
customers were without power, that number was lower now but you still have hundreds of thousands of people with no electricity, puget sound energy has 500 workers trying to get the lights back on but some will be out for days. the storm is over, the weather has improved and they expect to whittle the number down, several people, many people will be out of power for several days to come. jenna: thank you. back overseas, french police conducting a massive raids overnight at an apartment where the mastermind of the terror attacks may have been. we are waiting for confirmation on that. the siege lasted seven hours, seven people in custody, two are dead. the target remains unclear. it is important to note that since the terror attacks friday the number of arrests and weapons seized in and around paris continue to grow. french police made 60 arrests,
8:36 am
seized 75 weapons and 400 raids. the capture including military style firearms, rifles and handguns, in addition 118 people are under house arrest at the moment. the former fbi deputy director of counterterrorism, we certainly want to focus on the investigation into the terror attacks specifically justice for the victims if anything else but those numbers are alarming. the other arrests that have been made since the terror attack, what do those numbers tell you? >> those numbers are staggering and what they tell us are couple things. first of all you got a lot of information being discovered at the scene of the crimes, subsequent raids, more computers, all these things go into the command post and all this stuff is crunched can you have another hundred places to go and we can probably expect a
8:37 am
great deal of information in the united states. it is telling us something else and it is more ominous and that is isis has learned it is getting much better at pulling off what especially is a mini mumbai in paris the last couple days. jenna: how concerned are you about that threat coming to the united states? >> very concerned. i mention what we learn from things, they look at what happened in mumbai when 11 people took the city captive essentially back in 2008 or 2006 and 130 people were killed there. what is interesting is that terrorist group which is called bill et from pakistan is the same terrorist group back in the early 2,000s where the fbi interfered with 11 other people in virginia in northern virginia who were literally practicing to
8:38 am
commit the same kinds of crimes and go over and work against western targets in afghanistan. they were going to work on behalf of the islamic extremists. these people were already arrested here so we know they can do this kind of thing, build this kind of network and in that case in virginia it was stopped and we also know -- jenna: what was the key to understanding that? the practice in virginia at? to potentially cause this? how did we find that out? >> three of these people traveled to the same terrorist training camps in pakistan that the ldp members who attacked mumbai had trained at. we information and intelligence from there and let's face it we had a great deal of help as we started to figure out what to do and approaching it in that
8:39 am
community when we hear talk about closing mosques that would be a tragedy. this is not about the muslim religion. as the 9/11 commission report correctly stated and strategies, this is about a radical islamic extremist ideology. it is the greatest threat to our security and we have to identify properly if we are going to deal with it and we have to stop hesitating for whatever reason for doing that and think about political correctness when we are talking about -- help from a lot of corners of the earth and the country year and a lot of communities. jenna: maybe we need to learn. >> step in the game and understanding if we can do this we still balance of liberty's. jenna: maybe we need to learn more about that. is something we don't talk about. you hear donald trump talk about closing mosques for example, a question megyn kelly asked carly fiorina last night on her
8:40 am
program. listen to that. >> donald trump is talking about possibly closing mosques that we can show radical leaders. would you do that? >> i would not do that because i think that will inflame populations. what i would do is increase the number of agents we have on the grounds. here is a startling fact. we have more irs agents than fbi and cia. does that strike you as misallocation. >> reporter: we lost carry. that is in san francisco. that would allow us the interview. i want to pause on that sound bite because carly fiorina did bring up an interesting fact. does the irs have more employees? it has 85,000 agents, 35,000 and
8:41 am
the cia is a known for obvious reasons but what we were going to speak about is whether the numbers matter. what do you to specifically in muslim communities? in paris, france we have communities like that in united states as well so what is the right way to approach communities to have the right intelligence? this is interesting to note those numbers. jon: the cia is known in washington to be very small, the marines of the intelligence community, very small, very tight. the estimates are 6,000 or so. >> even more perceptive. jenna: a lot of room. >> more. jon: 10,000 fbi agents, a long way from the number of them. >> it is about priority. if we look at the government bureaucracy and wearing it is and we have priorities in the right places? or national security. and interesting question. jenna: the satellite gods were
8:42 am
not with us. hot wings not passing the smell test you might say. chicken giant recall sparked by customers complaining about an odor. also new details in the murder of an indianapolis pastor's white. what police found near the crime scene that could help investigators looking for a cold-blooded killer. this holiday i can count on someone's kid mistaking me for santa. i'm so sorry. come on sweetie. it's okay. and knowing right when my packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. one more reason this is our season.
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beaten tyson foods issuing a massive recall of chicken wings. 50,000 pounds of tyson's hot wings are being recall. the company says it received several complaints about the products odor. some people became slightly ill when they ignored the odor and a them anyway. maybe they'd hungry. what you going to do? either throw the product away or return it to the store for refund. jon: police have a new clue in a murder mystery in the heartland
8:46 am
lee investigators found a gun near the home where in indianapolis after's pregnant wife was fatally shot. the pastor also speaking out for the first time with more on the case let's bring in gregg jarrett. obviously has the huge coin. seemingly not obliterated. find out the history of the weapon, where it came from and who had last. >> inga prince, dna will be important, it could be incriminating of the pastor, it could be exculpating of the pastor and remember, technology so sophisticated now you can exactly match the slug to the barrel of the gun just like a fingerprint. that will be key. jenna: jon: nobody's thinking that the pastor, police basically said he is not a suspect. >> that is what they say. they have not named him a suspect or a person of interest that they cannot ignore, check out his story.
8:47 am
statistically husbands and boyfriends are the highest percentage of killers of female murder victims. it is 35% according to the the part of justice. that is very high, law-enforcement knows it and the problem here, they can't pin down when she was shot because she survived, went to the hospital and later died. is possible, theoretically that she does shot before the pastor left the house at 6:00 a.m. and went to the gym. brian: what about the guy who was seen in the neighborhood, they have surveillance pictures of a small in stature guy walking around who is supposed to be? >> he is supposed to be a suspect that there are problems, he broke into another home, broke in and stole televisions, put them in a dark suv, no surveillance of the suv returning and the blackburn home, no breaking and entering, no forced entry, nothing was
8:48 am
taken. that is inconsistent. almost as if the victim knew her killer. jon: the pastor has been speaking about the whole experience. >> you went on good morning america, and i get it, people would read differently, but there was no discernible sadness or pain or sorrow or tears or anguish and take a look at a clip of it. >> investigators said there is a code of silence that may have prevented people coming forward even if they have information that might solve this crime. what do you want to tell those people who might know something about this? >> we would beg them to get any information they have, extremely grateful for that, really hard to sort through the emotions of what we are feeling about all
8:49 am
this. we were confused, don't understand why, we are a in greek, we don't -- we are not sure what to do. jon: his abiding faith in the lord and training as a pastor, temper, his emotions. was not to some people during the course of the interview he was smiling. jon: he was not in the home according to at neighbor who heard gunshots. supposedly around 6:45 a.m.. >> the problem is your witnesses as they are known are inherently and consistently unreliable, not only as to what they heard, was there a gunshot, but when they heard it, people don't always look at the clock and say there is a gunshot, it is 6:45 so you have to take that into consideration as well. jon: this guy wearing the hoody who was seen in the neighborhood have they seen his face?
8:50 am
why haven't they released it? >> they have this shot and another shot at a distance from behind and it is similar and that is the of the curious thing about this, glad you brought it up, they are showing a better photo of his facial features. why are they holding that back? it is curious. they don't know his identity but they could be asking the public to you recognize this man and they are not doing that. jon: if you are trying to solve the crime and you have a shot the guy's face why not put it out there? >> makes you scratch your head what is really going on, why are police holding stuff back? jon: gregg jarrett, thanks very much, we will stay on this case. jenna: law-enforcement raising concerns about terrorists communicating by encryption technology. one proposing a plan to catch them before it is too late. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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jon: let's look at "outnumbered," what do you have? >> the latest on the deadly raid outside paris, the more terror attacks. u.s. intelligence singled him out in a warning. six months ago. >> president obama mocked gop concerns about admitting thousands of syrian refugees so why is the top democrat now saying we may need to hold off on bringing them to the u.s.. >> apologizing to protesters to verbally attack students in the library. i said that correct, and you heard it right too. >> hash tag one lucky guy, the mystery man enters, top of the hour.
8:55 am
jon: the massacre in paris, how terrorists communicated with each other to surprise these coordinated attacks. law-enforcement officials are concerned the use encryption technology that is virtually impossible to crack. david lee miller joins us for more on that. >> the head of the fbi, man and in district attorney's office and others are speaking out saying encourage the smart phones may be difficult if not impossible to go after terrorists and other criminals with a man and d. a.'s office, released a research paper on the subject, many in law enforcement believe the attackers used encrypted phones to avoid detection by law enforcement. fbi director, when recruiting followers isis uses less secure communications but when plotting deadly attacks the use devices with encryption. >> find somebody they think might kill on their behalf or might come and kill in the
8:56 am
caliphate, move to a mobile messaging apps that is an encrypted. the needle we are searching to find, and found was invisible to us. that is the growing problem. >> that district attorney singles out smart phone operating systems from apple and google, that have end an end encryption. even the manufacturers cannot access information on the phones even if compelled to do so by a court order. >> the solution summarized in a report is simple, make smart foes signed by judges after reviewing the evidence. to determine probable cause. >> avalanche google resisted efforts to weaken smart phone encryption. and it has to be some type of legislation to force them to modify their technology. >> that will be an argument, david lee miller, thank you. we will be right back. advisor ho understand
8:57 am
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>> i will see you back here, as will you. >> god willing. >> an hour, how about that? >> "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. major new developments in attacks on paris. gunfire and explosions rocking a neighborhood right outside of the french capital in the predawn hours. police targeting the mastermind of friday's deadly attacks a woman wearing a suicide vest blowing herself up. another suspect killed by police. seven arrests. did police stop a second attack just in time? this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, andrea tantaros, nationally syndicated radio show host of america now and fox news contributor, meghan mccain. today's #oneluckyguy, you know him from the "the o'reilly factor." the host of the "watters world, a brand new show on


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