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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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the architect of that attack abdelhamid abaaoud was one of those who was killed. we will find out in time. investigators tracked cell phone calls and surveillance footage. thanks for joining us here tonight. we will have more tomorrow. have a good evening. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> the terrible events in paris were obviously a terrible and sickening set back. >> president obama sees the continues isis terror as a set back. but from what? what are the president's victories in the war on terror? talking points will address that question. >> many innocent americans have been killed. what are you doing to discourage sanctuary cities? >> the attorney general of the u.s.a. under fire for not cracking down on sanctuary cities. why won't the obama administration enforce the law? we'll have a special report. also ahead, has james bond been neutralized by politically correct madness?
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>> my name is bond, james bond. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the terror madness continues and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. overnight french authorities kill one suspected terrorists, perhaps the mastermind of the paris attack and another blew herself up, eight others have been arrested which could allow the french to gain many insights into isis. next week french president hollande will come to washington to try to convince a reluctant president obama to step up ground activities against the isis terror group in syria. as the world knows, mr. obama does not want to wage a full war against the jihadi. he prefers half measures and rhetoric. >> there will be setbacks
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and there will be successes. the terrible events in paris were obviously a terrible and sickening setback. even as we grieve with our french friends, however, we can't lose sight that there has been progress being made. >> and what progress might that be, mr. president? over the last few weeks russian airliner has been blown out of the sky by isis? hundreds have been killed or wounded in paris, an international soccer game has been postponed in germany because of terror threats. and a massive migrant crisis continues to confound the world. so i ask again: what progress are we talking about here, mr. president? the isis savages continue to hold the city of raqqa, syria, where they have established command and control. the terror group is said to be making $1 million a day selling stolen oil. isis savages are imbedded in dozens of countries here in the u.s.a. just today reuters is
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reporting that hun honduran authorities are holding five syrian nationals all holding stolen passports to cross into the u.s.a. any honest observer would have to prove that scant. obama's outsource to the iranians so they are gaining more power over baghdad. american bombers have caused some damage to isis but not enough to alter their terror activities. by backing away from the syrian situation, president obama has stimulated hundreds of thousands of desperate people to flood into other countries. he he is has also allowed the russian villain putin to bomb american allies inside syrian. is this progress? anyone? talking points well understands that millions of americans don't even care about president obama's performance. they like him.
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that's that. but there comes a point when a disaster has to be confronted and right now americans foreign policy is a disaster, which will have unintended consequences for we, the people. perhaps lethal consequences. finally, we can find few military intelligence or foreign policy experts who support president obama's contention that progress is being made in the war on terror. almost nobody believes that. and that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction. joining us from cincinnati republican presidential contender ben carson. very specifically, doctor, there is a sense of urgency now about isis. all right? they are on the march. how would you defeat the movement or at least beat them back for the time being? >> well, we need to recognize that it is really an existential threat to us as a nation.
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you know, they are part of the global jihadiist movement. and what i would do is take the war to them very specifically by getting our allies in the area. you know, we have many traditional allies in the area, you know, jordan, egypt, saudi arabia as well as our nato allies because the war is against all of us. you know, and i would cut off their oil because that's where they get a lot of their revenues from. >> that's a trumpism too. he said that early on you get the oil. >> how do you cut off the oil? how do you -- look, jordan is bombing them. egypt is involved with fighting isis. saudi arabia involved with fighting them in yemen. so, you have got to have a plan, doc. i mean and i'm not saying any american politician with a cogent plan at this point. nobody. >> the french have already
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started bombing the oil fields but i say you have to either destroy the oil fields or you have to take them. and we can utilize, you know, the kurds who are already in that area, particularly in eastern syria as well as our special ops people. i think some elements that work with us of the iraqis and of the syrians, the moderate groups, you know, it's a big comprehensive program and you have to really take the fight to them and you have to strangulate them in terms of the ease of access that they have with cash through world banking systems. i think we also have to. >> you know, doc, here's where all the politicians, including you, with all due respect, you have got to have specific plans. last couple of nights i said article 5 of nato means an attack on one nation is an attack on all so that nato should immediately be
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galvanized together and foot soldiers and air should be raised to go into syria to get isis. now, you can do it a number of different ways tactically and i don't think we should be telling the isis savages what we are going to do. but the first step is to get nato engaged, to get a formal declaration of war on isis. would you oppose that? >> no, i wouldn't oppose that. as i said we need to get all of our allies involved both the ones in the middle east and the nato allies involved and committed to this. >> okay, but that's not being done. it's not -- you know, hollande wants it, the president of france. we don't hear much from merkel. we don't hear much from britain. we don't hear anything from barack obama. so there is no leadership. >> that's because we are not leading. >> yeah. but you have to basically say, look, we're going to commit enough troops to the theater to beat these people and that isn't being done. i don't think it's going to be done under president obama. i do not think the man is
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going to do it. he has got 50 soldiers in there it's ridiculous. >> it's not going to be done and it's not going going to be done with a first phone call. you know, there will be multiple phone calls. we have to call the department of defense and tell them what the plan is, what our goal is and ask them how many troops do we need? do we need ground troops or do we just need he special ops people? >> no, we need nato forces in there. >> all right, the nato forces if they would go in would solve the refugee problem somewhat as well. if you send nato troops in they establish safe zones so these poor people don't have to go to europe or the united states. that being said -- go ahead. >> we can't depend on them. we actually should ask them to get involved without question. >> well, we should declare war. if the nato nations don't declare war, then they don't have to be a part of nato anymore. i mean, you have got -- look, why do we have nato? why is it there? it's to protect the world from this kind of stuff.
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it's just -- it's frustrating. now you as a christian, i have got to ask you this and i only have a short time with you. >> okay. >> you as a christian, all right? you know there are suffering my mying my my migrants. what do you say? >> we have to be extremely wise. if you were trying to infiltrate that group with terrorists you would see a golden opportunity here. so we need to make sure that that's not being done so the vetting process cannot be unilateral. it cannot just be one side, you know, the administration saying yes, we vetted them, this is great. it needs to be done in a way that's transparent, that everybody can look at and say yes, this is satisfactory. if you don't do that. >> almost impossible with the bureaucracy the way it is. i still nato got involved and we set those safe zones up that those
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refugees could go back there and we wouldn't have to deal with this madness. >> that's what i have said all along. that's the goal. absolutely. thank you, bill. >> okay. next on the rundown, hillary clinton says she has a new strategy to defeat isis is. ed henry has been investigating. later, miller on noah's ark. also stuart varney has two new villains to tell us about tonight upcoming. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
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than the commander and chief is not a lot different than what he he has talked about. for example, getting more allies and partners in the middle east to help us. have them do the heavy lifting. she alluded to this in the debate last weekend when she said this is not america's fight. but even martin o'malley said yes it is. >> that's what dr. carson just said. these are are not -- that's not a plan that's a wish. there is a difference between a wish and plan. there is a sense of urgency here. i think everybody understands it. well, we have some talks and get people involved. we will do this and do that not a plan. are we going to hear anything from hillary clinton tomorrow that's a plan? >> well, she moved quicker than president obama in saying we need to arm the syrian rebels. we need a no-fly zone over syria. something the president has refused to do. ground troops her staff has indicated she is not for that she is in favor of that limited plan you were talking about a moment ago with dr. carson with up to 50 special forces but there are not many people think
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that's going to make much of a difference. >> in arming syrian rebels 50 million they armed five of them? i can't imagine her coming out and saying we like that one. that one worked well. i think it's going to be more of the same bs, bs, bs, and i have got to tell everybody it's all politicians now. it's not just the left. it's not hillary clinton. it's not just barack obama. nobody saying hey this is what has to happen. the only solution, is nato. if you don't go that way, isis will win. >> one way to get ahead of the president is showing urgency with that speech though. i don't think the details are going to be based on what i'm hearing so far. dramatically different. you are right. she needs to bring urgency which president obama did not do in his news conferences. >> of course not. he is arrogant. he doesn't think that this rises to any kind of a crisis. it's the way he believes. you know what's interesting about president obama and henry did cover the president for a few years for us, he is not leaving
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any cya room, henry are. we get hit, we get hit, he goes down as the worst president in u.s. history, no doubt. >> hillary clinton is struggling with the fact that she was supposed to be bringing the best resumed to the table and she certainly has better credentials on national security than, say, bernie sanders who is a democratic socialist and barely wanted to talk about it in the debate saturday 24 hours after the paris attacks. but, observed, in a general election she is going to have real problems if she is the nominee because she is tethered to this president who does have a pretty difficult record. >> that's fine but you avoided my cya question which is, you know, village people song. if we get hit, we have a passive president who believes progress is being made and no one else believes that that i can see. all right? >> it will be a disaster for him obviously it's a big if and we all hope it doesn't happen, obviously. >> of course. >> hillary clinton in the debate tried to separate herself on saturday by saying we can't contain isis because that was one of the
5:17 pm
most outrageous statements this president has ever made. as you say i have covered him since day one of his administration. for him on friday to tell abc isis is contained, even if there had not been terror in paris, it would have been a ridiculous statement. the fact that there was terror hours later showed that the administration has been way behind the curve and who was their secretary of state for four years? hillary clinton. >> all right. ed henry, everyone, directly ahead had, the democratic party has lurched far left as you know what would john and robert kennedy think about that. why not cracking down on sanctuary cities moments way. does everybody make santa cookies? how does he eat them all? well, he gets hungry, and he's not a small man. he's got room. lots of it. [family giggles] why do you spray that? well, it magically keeps the dough from sticking to our cookie cutter. with pam nothing gets stuck.
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campaign 2016 segment tonight. no question the democratic party has gone far left. moderate democrats are few in congress and afraid. far cry from the leadership of john and robert kennedy who were generally hardliners when it came to foreign policy. this coming friday would be robert kennedy's 90th birthday. you will remember he was assassinated in 1968 while running for president. palestinian named saran saran shot him dead in los angeles that assassin still in prison. rfk was a tough guy and as attorney general confronted the mafia and civil rights offenders, i admire much of what he did. the question for us is what would the kennedys think of today's democratic party? we put that question to rfk's daughter, kerry kennedy. i spoke with her yesterday. >> the isis threat itself, the votto were no threat to the united states. isis is a direct threat to the united states and when russia threatened the united states, your uncle and your
5:22 pm
father were very tough on they were very tough on him. they had a very healthy sense of skepticism with regard to the pentagon and with regard to those who were calling for war and as you remember during the cuban missile crisis, the pentagon was saying we should bomb, we should bomb, we should bomb. if we had done that at the time we would have wiped out the entire city of miami. nobody was tougher on crew chef but they were very skeptical about going forward because they had both in the navy and seen war. it was hard what daddy would do now 50 years later. i think if you looked at his life, he, again and again, tried to avoid war and tried to save people's lives. >> we now face a very, very serious threat and we saw what al qaeda did on 9/11.
5:23 pm
let's go to the refugees. >> i think that he would absolutely say we should allow the refugees who are mostly women and children to come in to the united states. >> i agree that your father and i he know him through studying and i he wrote, of course, killing kennedy so i know your family pretty well, would have accepted the refugees, not single men. >> i think that it if you look who are the the refugees we are talking about, especially young syrian refugees they are in u.n. controlled refugee camps in our ally states like turkey and jordan, et cetera. they are vetted by the united nations first. then they go through the whole u.n. process under the united nations high commissioner on refugees. then next step they go through the u.s. process and they are vetted again by the terrorism task force. so these are very, very vetted people. >> i think your father would take them in and i would take them in. >> i think that's great but
5:24 pm
no single men. all right. now, i had a beef with you and your foundation over a group in morocco that your justice foundation had designated as a human rights violator. you remember the group, correct? >> i do, absolutely. >> that's who paid bill clinton and chelsea clinton $1 million to go to morocco to give a speech. i said your group should stand up and say no, human rights violators should not be included in the clinton foundation's donation deal. and you disagree, correct? >> well, i will tell you something, bill, you are so great because my father is one of your heroes. you come to our dinner almost every year, and you are so generous to us. we get donations from all over the world. and we definitely do not go to each and every one and vet them and find out who they are. >> ivetteed you and you don't take money from human
5:25 pm
rights violators but the clinton foundation does. it's as simple as that. i asked to you stand up and say that's not a good thing. you didn't do it so i boycotted you this year. i still think -- >> -- come back, we miss you. we need you. >> i think your justice center is worthy. >> thank you. >> if i'm going to contribute heavy money to a justice center i want it to be a justice center and when the human rights violater goes in and gives bill clinton a million dollars you can say you know what? maybe you want to rethink that that's just my opinion. i will give you the last word. >> i appreciate that. i think what's really important is what's going on in western sahara and i'm glad that fox news is talking about that. with the land that's been occupied by morocco for 30 years, it has massive human rights violations. >> sure. the people are dirt poor and that million dollars that that mining company gave to bill clinton, you think how much good that could have done for those poor people in the western is a sahara.
5:26 pm
>> we appreciate you sending it there. >> appreciate you taking the fire. your father is going to be 90 years old on friday. >> come back. >> the r.k. center for justice and human rights has a website rfk plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. stuart varney has his villains for us. they are inner tense tonight. the noah's ark and the war against isis. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm will carr. isis releasing a video threatening more attacks. in the video an isis representative says the violence in paris was just the beginning saying, quote: what is to come will be worse. but analysts say much of the video footage is old and was released in april, including a simulated attack in new york city times square. the nypd says there is no current or specific threat to the city at this time but that critical response command teams were deployed throughout the city following the paris attacks. two terrorists are dead, eight others behind bars following that overneat raid in the paris suburb. the target, the suspected hideout of the mastermind of the paris terror attacks. police launching the operation after receiving intel on 27-year-old abdelhamid abaaoud that he was hold up in the apartment but tonight the fate of abaaoud remains unknown. let's get you back to the o'reilly factor.
5:31 pm
>> factor follow up segment tonight, as you may know the obama administration has allowed sanctuary cities and counties to ununchallenged for seven years. that's led to crime like the murder of kate steinle. yesterday the house judiciary committee questioned attorney general loretta lynch. >> there is clearly a law in existence that prohibits jurisdictions from refusing to cooperate with the federal government when it comes to detaining criminal aliens, criminal immigrants. what are you doing to enforce that law? >> where we have a situation where that situation occurs, we certainly would talk with that jurisdiction. we would reach directly in and enforce the criminal laws against the individuals themselves. >> but you are not doing so. give me one example where you have enforced current law that prohibits jurisdictions from claiming sanctuary status? >> well, what i i would like to do, sir, is study that
5:32 pm
issue and provide information to you on that point. >> all right. now, attorney general lynch has been in office for about a year, all right? eric holder was in office for six years. neither mr. holder or ms. lynch has done anything about sanctuary cities. for miss lynch to sit there and say she doesn't know what the issue is startling. with us now to analyze eboni williams and monica crowley. i'm not sure what these hearings do to accomplish other than to embarrass the obama administration. i don't think you can embarrass them. >> that answer from the attorney general was a big nothing, it's a joke. >> she is a good woman. she did good work in new york city. say you have to study this the issue when? this is the one of the hottest intense issues in the country is embarrassing. >> particularly now where sanctuary cities are in the spotlight and now you have the nexus between national security with terrorists, those coming in across the border, we saw what's happening across europe, with refugee crisis. you have the nexus between
5:33 pm
illegal immigration sanctuary cities and national security. this is the gravest threat facing the country because it's an issue of life or death. for the president of the united states and the attorney general and the rest of the executive branch, who is responsible for enforcing federal immigration law and enforcing the border to not do it especially in the light of the recent terror attacks. this is a supreme dereliction of duty. hun hun temperaturian authorities with five fake passports. did not take to watch the soccer game. they are coming here. >> it's very alarming. also going to the testimony loretta lynch said something else i thought was interesting yesterday. she said we have a robust vetting. that is different what james comey said we don't have the intelligence to vet them. >> nobody has any confidence that anybody can be vetted at this point in history. >> clarity around the vetting issue to me that's the single issue. >> it's possible they have a
5:34 pm
good vetting. kerry kennedy put that forth but nobody believes it. >> republicans governors are not going to take them. this is a simple issue. the law is there as the congressman stated and the president of the united states simply isn't enforcing the law. >> that's exactly right. and, again, i bring it back to the terrorism issue. you talked about -- i sat on this set with you months ago, bill, when you were talking about indicate's law after her murder in san francisco, sanctuary city. you said to me well everybody in congress is going to go for this it's such a common sense thing we need i said to you months ago no, the democrats are are going to stop. this and you looked at me like i had three heads.hp%,v harry reid blocked it. >> he blocked it. >> the reason why the democrats block this is because it prevents their leftist agenda from taking effect. okay, which is flood the zone and then to vote to illegal immigrants. now that you have a national security wrinkle to this
5:35 pm
which frankly we have had since september 11th, the fact that they won't enforce federal immigration law on the border sanctuary cities and frankly enforcing our own sovereignty, a great nation cannot remain so if we don't. >> the saddest thing about kate's law is that we have existing law on the books. priority enforcement program, it says it should be a priority. if the san francisco sheriff's office had enforced the existing law we would have had had a different situation here. >> they won't do it. that guy was booted out. he was the first domino. we haven't given up on kate's law but i have given up on the obama administration i must tell everybody tonight. i have given up now. i do not believe that the president of the united states, all right, is concerned enough about the safety of the american people for me to feel comfortable. >> he is not and he will not change. he hasn't changed. >> he isn't going to change. he is going to go out -- that's what i just said to ed henry the cya problem is enormous. >> the policies are suicidal.
5:36 pm
>> ladies, thank you. when we come right back, it will be miller time. why is somebody building a full size replica of noah's ark? and then later, is james bond now a politically correct guy? those stories after these messages. fact. when emergency room doctors choose an otc pain reliever for their patients muscle, back and joint pain. the medicine in advil is their #1 choice. nothing is stronger on tough pain than advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. (vo) wit runs on optimism.un on? it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, let's get right to the sage of southern california who is here in new york city this evening. >> i had to get in because that's the best ty knot i have ever seen. >> spent a lot of time on it. now, president obama's press conference from turkey after the attack, your impression? >> well, to say that barack obama gives radical islam a wide berth is to say that the kardashians are willowy. i just wish that he would start to be as nasty with radical islam as he is with his fellow citizens who simply disagree with him. i mean, he gets really. >> he gets more are teed off against us. >> it's amazing how cranky he gets. the only -- like group that had some sort of religious ties that i have seen get flattened over the past few
5:41 pm
years is the tea party. nobody hears about them anymore. >> the little sisters of the poor. >> they got but they finally stood up. the tea party absolutely got flattened he won't jump to conclusions. all i ask you president obama if you are watching and i know you watch the factor, why don't you jump to conclusions with radical islam like you do with, say, the boston police force? can you do that? >> you know, the thing that disturbs me the most is that he doesn't even cover his own butt. you know, most of these politicians, they -- they are not honest and they don't do the right thing. they calculate well, maybe i should just do -- like hillary clinton tomorrow is going to put forth an isis strategy okay, sure, because she wants to cover her butt in case they attack. >> you said it, not me. obama is out there with no coverage at all. >> the reason he won't say cya because he thinks it's an isis splinter group and
5:42 pm
he doesn't want to get them angry. >> people always let him off the hook when they say he was born somewhere else or think he is a muslim. i'm not saying any of that but it is entirely fair to say he has islamic sympathies. >> i think that's fair. >> to a large degree. he certainly doesn't want any part in the war on terror. in massachusetts, which is, you know, a little kooky at times there is a church of the flying spaghetti. i'm not kidding and i'm sure they will get a deduction. lindsey miller calls herself apastafarinn and she has this photo on her drivers license. >> she is not a call in girl because she is a coal coal collander girl. >> whatever is in is way[,bt overcooked. >> the authorities in massachusetts allowed her an arcky.
5:43 pm
that's what this is. >> this is going to be an arc ysm the only way that they will ever shut down syrian immigration here is if the illegal mexicans start protesting. am some point if the illegal mexicans say there are too many illegal syrians. >> the illegal mexicans are going to feel they are endangered. what are you putting us in danger for. >> that woman will be in congress in the next two years with that thing on her head. >> let's go to williams town, kentucky. they are building noah's ark there i don't know why would but we asked miller to investigate. the ark is going up in williams town. >> now, there is a religious symbol that the left will wade in on. they will particular tick tack that thing to death you can't build this. why only two of each animal? why can't we have an across the board welcoming of all animals? no, they will nickel these
5:44 pm
people to death. >> here are the facts it can hold up to 10,000 people and even more animals than that. and it is going to be in the creation museum. >> very realistic, billy. this have dunno vision in there check into the room you get a little bit of a dung smell from down below. if it rains a lot. people in williamstown come over to the ark. >> right above the bull cage. >> poor miller is he so misunderstood. that movie didn't do him any good either. >> russell crow. didn't do him any good. if i would have known there would have been a lot of lightning on that one. >> billy, good to see you big man. >> quick reminder just one don't be a pinhead show left in phoenix, arizona at the comerica. we will see you there. info on bill o' stuart and varney on deck. twovilleians he want to talk about james bond is he
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test. test.
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back of the book segment tonight, barney's villains our pal stuart has picked two villains who deserve scrutiny. here now fox business anchor mr. varney. a dartmouth college administrator, correct? who and what did he do. >> she. >> oh it's a she? >> a black lives matter students held a vigorous demonstration in the dartmouth library. >> and they were yelling and swearing and screaming? >> and they were intimidating the students who were trying to study. they were in your face f.u. you white s. et cetera, et cetera. they held a support meeting and apologized to the protesters because of the
5:49 pm
bad media coverage when which that demonstration has produced. >> so what is this woman's job at dartmouth? do we know? >> essentially an administrator in the support faculty supporting the students. >> she supports the students vice provo of student affairs edge least inge-lise ameer. she was sorry that people like me and i guess you reported negatively on that. >> what she had done was to encourage this disruption. she encouraged racial confrontation. in fact, she caved to intolerance. she caved to campus fascism. >> she is a villain. >> she is indeed. >> now at the v.a., problems continue for vets going to some of the hospitals, not all but some but the v.a. administrator is a villain in stuart's eyes, why? >> bob mcdonald is his name. he handed out $142 million worth of bonuses to 156,000
5:50 pm
managers, executives and employees, an average bonus of hundred dollars. did this, he says, to retain top talent. >> which was last year 2014? >> 2014 the bonuses are paid for. >> that's when the real heat was coming down. real heat was coming down, when mcdonald took over. he awarded the incompetence, by some. but, come on. >> 66,000? you tried to retain top talent for all 156,000? >> all right. now, steward barney, when i first met him, was a british subject. hung out in pubs, a lot of guiness, you know how it is. >> now, that's no longer the case. what happened? >> on thursday -- i'm sorry, november 12th. there i am. i stood in the ceremony for the
5:51 pm
swearing in of new americans. i stood there with 90 other people, 30 other countries and vowed to the allegiance of the united states of america. it was one of the most emotional and wonderful days of my life. >> so you're an american citizen now. you ditched your british passport. you're not dual, are you? squl i can be. i have sworn that i will forgo allegiance to any foreign potent takes. >> are they mad at you? has the queen sent you a little note? >> what does it take to become a citizen? >> you eve got to pass the test. >> you took a test? >> yes, you take a civics test. >> give me a couple of questions on the test. do you remember? >> oh, yes. the jentle man said to me what's the last day when you can file your federal income tax return. i knew the answer -- >> that's easy. >> but wait a minute. he said you're over 65, aren't you?
5:52 pm
>> i said yes, sir, i am. he said you've been here more than 20 years. you get the short, easy test. who was the first president? what's independence day? and what's the last day to file your federal income tax return. >> and that was it? >> i was in. >> it was an emotional experience. >> can you imagine? 31 countries represented in this room. and you're razing your hand, you're swearing the oet, you're singing the star spangled banner, they're playing america the beautiful. there's hardly a dry eye in there. everybody was well-dressed, waving the flag from all over the world. it was a terrific moment because everybody understood that citizenship is more than a passport or voting or taxes. it's an idea. you belong to the idea. you can come from all over the world and you live in peace and liberty under the constitution. >> all right. well, we're glad to have you, stuart. thanks very much. we appreciate it. factor tip of the day. james bond. he's a british guy.
5:53 pm
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factor tip of the day, james bond, getting a little too politically correct. we have a book for you called factor words. you can get it free. it's pretty much the only wap you can get it with any purchase of more than 60 bucks at the bill o'reilly store. akd the must be that you spend goes to charity because everything i get is donated. so we do hope you do your holiday shopping with us chlts everybody wins when that happens. . bill, i agree that nato is the best hope for defeating isis. your idea 06 nato establishing safe zones is the best i've heard. >> you honestly think nato can protect refugees?
5:56 pm
once nato got involved in kosovo, things turned around. you might be confusing u.n. troops with the alliance. we cannot allow president obama to bring people to america who are fundamentally opposed to our way of life. >> bill, i was looking at some of the charities you donate to. one of the items lested for purchase is a usa strong sweat shirt. but you're not strong anymore. the country is still strong. the elected politicians are week. and we hope american voters begin to wise up. bill, i emigrated to this amazing country from england 38 years ago. i am appalled with hour our country is deminnishing leadership. doing a class presentation to alert my classmates. that is a great thing to do.
5:57 pm
senator reid, blocking law, but we're not finished by any means. when i first started reading killing reagan, i was disappointed to find he wasn't perfect. by the end of the book, i come to realize you humanized him. that was my intent, which you got. now, this ad, right there, will appear in the new york times tomorrow. we appreciate all of you who have read it and continue to say nice things. proof that you guys can, indeed, handle the truth. >> my fifth grader was so excited after reading "lincoln's last days" that i had to get him "hitler's last days" we're hoping parents and grand parents get the urges to give history books for stocking stuffers. jam it in the stocking and they'll like the book once they open it.
5:58 pm
finally tonight, the factor tip of the day. when i was 12 years old, my father took me to see the first james bond movie. >> i need another thousand. trench. i admire you a lot. mister? >> bond; james bond. >> mr. bond, i suppose you wouldn't care to raise the limit? >> i have no objections. >> looks like you're out to get me. >> mr. connory who has been my favorite bond. so far, grossed $550 million all over the world.
5:59 pm
amazing. things have changed in the bond universe. the opening scenes are tremendous. but then things go downhill about half way through. james bond and his girlfriend, madelyn do a number of not-so-smart things. they walk right up to the bad guy's house in the middle of the day. connory would never walk up to the bad guy's house. for the life of me, i don't know. james bond has walked up to the guy's house. come on, man, that was dumb. on balance, specter is okay. knack xx tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news tobacco xx web site. then, we'd like you to spout off
6:00 pm
about the factor. word of the day, do not be a jackanapes. i'm bill o'reilly, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. >> breaking tonight, new information on an islamic state terror video that prepares to renew a threat against new york city. less than a week after they attacked paris, islamic terrorists were already gearing up for a second attack in the city of lights, which french security teams stopped last night in a dramatic shootout. stwl there is a lot of breaking news tonight. welcome, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. >> praise for the attackers in paris and then seem to suggest a suicide bomb plot for times square. just twro blocks from the studio in which we bring you this show.


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