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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 19, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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that's it for us tobts. please remember, we're looking out for you. >> breaking news tonight, a new terror threat against the united states. a chilling warning from the f.b.i. director himself. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. seeking to reassure the american people that there is no credible threat against america at this time. but it was what happened off camera that caused concern. away from the microphone, dozens of people in the u.s. are being intently watched by the fb ix.
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americans are trying to join isis overseas, which could potentially be so that they could follow the mandate to kill where they are. sources tell fox news the feds will maintain a heightened posture throughout the holiday season. and americans may notice heavily armed personnel around busy landmarks. still, authorities want to get one message across, lud and clear. living in fear lets the terrorist win. >> that's what terrorists do. they seek to fear, they seek to intimidate. they will not be intimidated. they will not be in fear.
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>> threatening to destroy the west and specifically to turn the white house black with fire. >> tim clemente and jeff jones. megyn, isis has singed out but entirely more on edge today than a week ago. that concerns being echoed by the federal government, jointd terrorism task forces are all, kwt tightening their posture" through the holiday season. everyone from travelers to shoppers to sports fans can expect so' a larger, physical presence in highly pop ewe lated area. in d.c., arm guards around the capital.
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but the raelg key to the heightened prerns is the un-seen law enno, sirment. the ones monitoring surveillance and gathering sbil jens. it's increasing the number of agents working around the clock at field offices. no easy task. consider the f.b.i. is considering some 900 isis related individuals chlts dozens are being intently watched because they're deemed a high risk or copy cat attack. >> together,we are watching people of concern yuging all of our local tools. if we keep watching them, that's when we'll work to disrupt it. >> consider one day, around if clock surveillance may involve 340 people.
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hoe aed mitts that might be because isis is urjing people not to travel so they can kill where they are. so far, no creditable threat. . >> so what duh that mean mean to america right now. tim, let me start with you. question eve seen isis come out and we will destroy your tower.
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goes onto say we have started by you, we will enat the so-called white house which will end with black and our fires. >> some of what they're saying is brag doeshs. they're trying to make themselves appear bigger than they really is. we don't necessarily have to have intelligence to pree. an attack. in this case, the director wants the american people to be individual loent, but not to live in fear. individual lens is good. overwhelming fear causes people to do things that don't necessarily help law enforcement. we don't want hundreds of thousands of calls going to the f.b.i. that are suspicious activities that have no credible threat in them. people need to be individual
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lent, aware of they're surrou surroundings and look for things that really matter. >> we have braugts isis back and your message is that is when terrorist groups like this sometimes increase the terrorism on their weltz tern targets even more so. >> megyn, that's right. just think for a moment. isis's nay jor power is now tar getting with iraq and syria. we've seen some recredibilitily restoer powers that there easter ror strikes against ball, against university. it's because they're not controlling the ground they're used to. so that he're taking those resources and putting it to
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terrorist attack. they also do it in spain in 2004. what about the f.b. imt saying nef dozens being watched and dozens of potential come pill cats. we were told that the f.b.i. only has the ablt tomono6-to hch 7. what does it do about them? i said what are we doing to enhance funding. and the f.b.i. says none. >> especially in new york and washington,that he're taxed to
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the hit: >> they're a little more active on e-mail or twitter or dealing with overseas personnel that may be suspicious. >> we're groik to get this later in the show but how hard would that be, zet. they haven't, as far as we know, gotten it. well, megyn, we know they've tried to get their hands on syran. to actually get those materials into the united states or to try
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to get it to conduct an attack would with pretty difficult. there are very few organizations, one of them is in japan to get them to do this. it's not clear that they have it, at least at this point. >> i just want to say, before we go, we ran the stats tonight. just remember, folks, you have a much better changs being killed by a bolt of lightning or in a hark shark attack and the felt low riss feel they are kboings to that shopping mall. >> gentlemen, thank you. voting where the republicans
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to slow counsel. senator marcco rub ix o is here on what new evidence may be coming up next. >> as president donald trump is pressed, we are getting new video out of virginia. some folks are going very popular with their opposition to a new mom. >>. >> every muslim is a terrorist. i'm always there for my daughter.
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let me show you how we got to paris. he sets himself on fire in the arab spring. it goes into the collapse of libya. we come to the collapse of lib libya we have a kwlaps in spain, italy and france.
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we start running guns out of benghazi to syria. that's how we get to paris. this guy is wrong every single time. tonight, the former head of u.s. military intelligence is adding to that saying that his agency and those warnings were ignored mplt in august, 2012, the defense is giving isis the space to flourish. the d.i.a. warned of a grave
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danger this hosts. the man who run that under president obama, lieutenant michael flin posts this particular report. knob wampblted to see. it was disregarded. >> frankly, at the white house, he didn't meet the narrative. mark rk , it didn't meet th narrative. we were three months away in which barack obama was campaigning in which he had one, ebded the war in iraq and, two, put al-qaida on the path to defeat. this report informed the
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president that one, the war in iraq was not over, that it could flare up very quickly. and, two, it was not on the pass to defeat. it was rising. he put his head in the sand and dismissed him to the j.v. team. everything but the d.i.a. said in that report. >> well, megyn, these are not new am gagss. they're so general, they're not really able. i think it's the e yif lent of saying things could get worse. >> you don't think that's august of 2012 to be facing a re-election in 2012? >> no. i had nothing to do with the morning.
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>> that was not the only warning. >> i don't understand what he was saying he ignored. >> go ahead. we'll tell you what mr. flint was alleging he ignored. it was just one intelligence report. and that would be one thing. in 2012, that same year, president obama's national security team, general petreus, marty dempsey came to him and warned him about the threat in syria and urged him to fund the straight syrian army. and congressman ed royd, last summer, revealed it was not just the iraqi government warning him. since august, 2013, the iraqi government was begging to quarry up bombings next year. >> whether or not president
6:18 pm
obama has done all the right things to combat this threat. >> whether he underestimated the threat. >> you could say we all underestimated the threat. i think that we obviously have to do more. but i don't -- what we don't know is what has been prevechted. this is a very comely kated issue. >> we're talking about a president who calls them jv. i give you john brennan, head of the nra. this is what he said president obama inherted. >> it was pretty much december mated when u.s. forces are there in iraq. it has u maybe, 700 or so. and then it grew quite a bit in the last years. >> it is your honorly did. we're seeing it now, but what we don't know is what it has been preventing. what has been successful.
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we know what we're dealing with now is very scary and people have a right to be scared. and we need to be strong. we need to take more. >> they are. they are. where he do know what's been picked up. we know that isis has been successful in taking other territory the size of great britain. >> let me finish. they've taken over territory the size of great brat tan, they're bringing in 2 pbt 2 bill i don't believe dlarsz. they are the largest fwl history. and he's worned by the d.i.a., the c.i.a., by ebb his own secretary of defense. >> my point is that we don't know what has been prevented. we don't know -- >> you already say that:
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>> make a new point. we'll have to do stronger and do more. >> richard, what do you mean? >> let's go. what kid you counter? people are scared. they're looking for acountability. look at the history. >> to say that president obama has gotten this all-wrong, i think he's right. we'm have to do more. >> also tonight, we have gone through surveillance video of a terrorist attack last friday. . we will not only tell you what's discovered, but who about what have saved their lives. plus, as donald trump suggests, u.s. mosques should be under surveillance.
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yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select volkswagen models. breaking tonight, new video coming to light showing the refugee is coming to light in the wake of attacks. >> some of the people in the crowd became very vocal about opposition to the plan. >> nobody, nobody, nobody wants your evil colt. >> we don't want it. >> you're terrorists. every one of you are terrorists.
6:25 pm
i don't care what you say. you can say whatever you want. but every muslim is a terrorist. >> dr. judy is founder and president of the islamic forum for democracy and a battle of the soul for islam. judy, good to see you. that is just -- the truth is that's how many people feel. it's an evil colt and all muslims are terrorists. it's getting stirred up now in the wake of paris. >> megyn, thanks for having me. i listen to that and i understand the visceral response america's having. i understand they wonder where the leadership is. and, yes, they have a ledder ship problem. we helped build a mosque here in scotsdale, arizona. but the majority of americans came to our defense and said, you know, the terrorists want us
6:26 pm
to have these freedoms taxen away. those ideas begin to dissipate. because the muslim brotherhood thrives on victimization. they thrive on underground networks. uniform has a bigger problem with hate speech because of their hate laws, number one.
6:27 pm
>> let me ask you about donald trump. he was skds whether his surveillance could include warrantless serges and whether they could include the requirement that muslims register in a data base or use special ids in response to which he said we're going to have to look at a lot of things very closely. we're going to have to do things that we never did before. your take on that? >> well, listen. my family escaped the fascist reunion.
6:28 pm
our leaders need to be precise and accurate. we also need to identify that our la ratorial to counter those ideas. we're going through cataclysmic reform. ask egypt. it doesn't work. >> good to see you. >> thanks, megyn. >> we are also investigating reports from u.s. intelligence achblgen sills worried to get his hands on kem cam weapons
6:29 pm
now. and, as isis is on the warpath to syrian ref ewe gees are seeking asylum arnold the world: senator marco rubio has thoughts on that. and he's next. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel.
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earlier today, we received reports from iraqi and u.s. intelligence officials who are telling the associated press that the islamic state are aggressively seeking to produce chemical weapons. trats gallagher is live tonight with that story.
6:33 pm
trace? megyn,those who track the group say they're made with things like savage lice like chlorine and mustard gas. beyond that, u.s. intelligence officials do not believe isis has the capability to use nerve gas. former agents say al-qaida tried for years to develop chemical weapons and failed. and unlike al-qaida, isle sis haz shown itself to be much more inmoe vative with funding. they, meaning isis, now have complete freedom to slerkt locations for their labs and
6:34 pm
production sites and have a wide range of experts to aid them. those experts include former members of sadham hussein record book. and then there was the eye raising statement that said bullets and bombs could replace this. >> and when your goal is to attack major cities, the purr suit of happiness is alarming on every level. >> over the border control
6:35 pm
system saying he thinks the pair of attackers used the crisis to slip into europe, december piet that the ring leader was a known jihadist. then, late today, more than 300 democrats delivered a stun ing blow. a big enough margin from the house: >> we cannot allow terrorists to skbim date us into abandoning our values. that is not who we are. we are better than that.
6:36 pm
>> it just doesn't jive with reality. your thoughts on that? the 5:00 e accusation that you out of reality? >> they're taking this incredibly unique position. but what aes so outrageous about that. this is not slamming the door on anybody. this is we should not allow anyone into country you believe less they can pass an accurate back ground check. this is one of those issues where you allow 10,2000 people in, you get 999 of them right, but you've missed one of them, you've aloufed an isis fighter into the country.
6:37 pm
that's why it doesn't zur prize me that three dozen dem kratzs have broken from the party. >> so the house has enough to override a presidential veto. what's going to happen in the senate? >> in the senate, we feel some peculiar rules. >> this makes no sense to me. we can't conduct background checks on all of them. >> what the president says is he came out and mocked the gop this week saying you're afraid of widows around orphans, but you think you can take on putin. >> but, look, the one thing is a widow and orphan. and the vast majority of people are not just womens and orphanings. it's all sorts of people. many of them -- in fact, most of
6:38 pm
them are seeking a refuge from where it could be. but if you just get one or tw or three of them wrong, you've got a big problem. and we nope that isis is dl deliberately delivering the isis crisis in its own agency. there's no way we can conduct the kind of back ground checks that we conduct in other parts of the world. there's no verification system. this's no data ways,there's no country we can just call up mplt doctor forgeries which are ram panel in that apartment of the world now is evidenced yesterday. it happened in hon horse of letting in the christians, but in a moment the muslims, which president obama and hillary clinton both say that's just playing into the ser rest narrative. >> that's already part of the law.
6:39 pm
clearly, they're not just persecuted, they're slaughtered. everyone there, i have to be able to pass someone's bark grounds check. that's a well-known member of a well-whether he shacommuni. it's not that we're discriminkr nasing against anybody unless you know exactly who they are and why they're connelling and my points is it's exceedingly difficult to do that with that apartment of the world priegt now. >> there's been a lot of talk about what we should be doing here in the united states with that mos rk now. and one of your fellow kanld dats is suggesting we nay need to close mosques that have problems with radicals at the top. what do you say? >> i any we need to far get radicalism.
6:40 pm
>> but it's not about closing down mosques. whether it's a cafe, diner, internet spot. we've crippled our intelligence programs by some of the things that this president haz put in place. so whatever facility is being used, it's not just a mosque. any facility to radicalize and inspire att be a place to look for. >> well, also, tonight, we have now gorn through surveillance video of if paris attack last friday: and weapon will not only show you what we diskovper ds next, but we will speak with two come bands vat rans about what
6:41 pm
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. breaking tonight, an up close look at the innocent pe reegss on friday night. obtaining exclusive video from inside tar getted one of the material riszs. we must warn you, it is disturbing.
6:45 pm
it starts at 9:34 people. unaware that in moechlts, they will be part of the worst terror attack in history. 934, all hell breaks lose. two co-workers cling to eecht other and she's been hit. hurls herself behind the bar. seconds later, another customer races inside. bulls fly arnold him, missing him by implgs. 11 seconds into the attack, the first climpbs ochlsz attacker. he's carrying an asaults rifle is eerlgly kaumg chlgt he sees smgs, raisings his riechlt and
6:46 pm
shoeings. two terrorists run for their lives and then the material riz reaneats;. he hof hofers by the door, but does not congress nnlds vrjts he's pointing it irks from what's abhead. and the del wants away. 51 seconds after the first bullet was fired. a car pulls up and the kwun gunman shines in. some wr hurt, but no one was kids.
6:47 pm
you have to get away from there and create distance. the other thing to pay attention to is these are very speernds ds guk mep. so flrching is very important. >> the other thing is the ds are in y favor if they've won. >> they're not very
6:48 pm
well-trained. they're just out there freelancing and trying to do their own thing. they're 5:00 clean uply just spraying their weapons. you see that after the ods of the attack. >> else specially if you're rumpbing away. squl. >> what about somebody like that porn woman. this guy was looking other her, i mean, if you are face-to-facement. >> whon you have no other option're an to fieblgt around get out of the way. i live in the city and my regular carries are flash biebds somebody. >> abds you did it to millions of peemg. >> you tomd me that years ago and it does make you feel mump
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betteser just to give you a couple of extra sexes. >> i know you also talk about. >> yeah, gre needs tend to go upward. >> and is there any sort of psychological add viesz? you're supposed to gain #in a variety like this. your can american tally resursz.
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6:53 pm
. we are learning more about the young woman involved in that six-hour siege in france. young woman died an extremist death when she detonated a suicide vest.
6:54 pm
joining me now, a reporter from the daily mail who interviewed a few of this woman's friends. >> thanks for having me bang over the last couple of days my colleagues have been pain stainistain i painstakingly putting to the, a tale we're throw her head landed on a police car. selfie showed her poising naked in a bubble bath wearing nothing but yule jewelry.
6:55 pm
tantalizingl tantalizingly, an eye wngs saw the ringleader of the gaining sating on the step of his apartment a few hours after the atanks in that claimed a -- but this just paints a picture of two people ho have two very different than i mute expect. we know growing up she was
6:56 pm
tomboy, per miss cue with us. she only started wearing an islamic face veil just a few months ago. there seems to be very little for the police to go on and very little evidence that she wassen extremist. this was very worrying for americans and europeans is we speaking to on the ground. >> they say that's how it happens when the women are involved, she flow someone. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? ♪
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we are all in here talk being about that woman and those shocking of this shocking jih i jihadi. thanks for watching. this is a fox news alert. i'm steve harrigan in paris. the french prime minister has announced that the ringleader of the paris attacks is dead but he also announced at least one of the gunn still suspects could s the loose. isis could also be plotting a chemicals weapons attack.


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