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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 19, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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we are all in here talk being about that woman and those shocking of this shocking jih i jihadi. thanks for watching. this is a fox news alert. i'm steve harrigan in paris. the french prime minister has announced that the ringleader of the paris attacks is dead but he also announced at least one of the gunn still suspects could s the loose. isis could also be plotting a chemicals weapons attack. a new video showing a french
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cafe showing one of the gun democrat mampb. the terrorist walks off -- the womt survives. . in other footage from the cafe, a woman appears to be talking with an infant. finally france is likely to pass tomorrow in the senate a bill extending state of emergency for three months. it is under this state of emergency that allowed raids like this. tonight isis is right here on american soil. house homeland security chairman
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says there are now 1,000 investigations into the terror groups spread out across all 15 stat states. reports earlier today were two syrian families were detained along the southern border in laredo texas. president obama is flalt hurricane old a ignore i ignoring -- >> -- that only proven christians should be admitted, that's offensive and temporary to american values. i cannot think of a more recr t
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recruitment tool for isil. >> president obama continues to spew dangerous rhetoric about the syrian refugees. watch this. >> the idea that somehow they pose a more significant threat that all the tourists pouring into the united states every single day just doesn't jive with reality. >> here with reaction, texas senator ted yuz. i think when tpresident was tai recruitment tool, i want your
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reaction. >> first in turkey the president called my un-american where in manila where he said he was offensive. apparently that is that the obama/clinton plan to bring in tens of thousands of syrian-muslim refugees, when fbi said they lack the -- instead of defending this nation just
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attacks you an me -- >> he just said this is no danger than any tourist coming to america. i illino illino ill. >> no different that be to hour. >> with that bring in syrian refugees pose a greater risk to americans. >> it is clearly a makes of kwern. >> concern is dm syria. lack of our footprint on ground in syria that bsh kwsh it is a lack of information.
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>> i don't obviously put it put dshg to infiltrate operatives among these refugees. >> if someone has never made a rip the in the pond in syria in tw that would get their interest in our database, nothing would show up because we have no record on that person. >> there is some fear that some of these refugees my be stloo r st . >> we should be kchs of the potential to embed agents within
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that population. >> senator been if the president prefruss to will listen ton our top intelligence dmunt seems he is willing to gamble with the lives of the american people. >> you aric actually right. there president is so driven by radical yitology been -- this president refuses to say the words radical islamic terrorism. they don't acknowledge the simple reality that the people they are bringing in are terrorists. i am leading the fight in the senate to stop barack obama and hillary clinton's plan to wri in syrian refugees.
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common senwe should shouldn't h isis terrorists coming back to america using u.s. pass poerts in ortd to page o wage. the second is legislation that i've deuced that would block refugees from libyaer with lshg and isis control large poreses of territory, . there these refugees can he resettled in the middle east. beer's already paying more ever that bill that be any country on earth, yet the president insists
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we have to -- when i brought both of these up on the senate floor the senate democrats stood up and objecten if the democrats can't tell difference between immigrants coming, huddled masses yirning to breathe free and that's what's wrong with foreign minister in the first place. >> there achange. contribu cultures. if you grew um under shoe raria,
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how do we ascertain whether or not you still hold those values, or maybe even more extreme values? there's no vetting process. >> there is a religious philosophy that encourages them to carry out joo jihad. it is a cancer and we will not dehe. >> in lilt of the refugees that
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committed has to terror attacks on france -- the democrats seem like they're welcome to gam bam with the slivsz of americans. who will have blood on their hands? >> we know that at least one of the terrorists who xwhited theets horrible attacks in paris came in with the refugees. apparently they're willing to take the risk that hupdz or thousands of americans will be murdered by jihadists. you know what seems to make president obama's angriesy esan.
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isis is cruise fighting are ever ever ever ever ever ev blx . why is it this prpresident is s opposed? >>i ins this more per vazived a cal islam in th. is this a more pervasive mind
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set the world is welcome to acknowledge? that was supposed to it be a moment much sigh lenks. >> are are axwlshg. >> the gmo/clinton foreign policy toppled libya, they topped mubarak in oegypt.
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islam is not our aidversary. mark stein is with us. 6 6
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. welcome back to hannity. the democrats continue to say the words radical islam. the latest example comes from hillary clinton during a foreign policy speech earlier today. watch this. >> let's be clear though. islam is not our adversary.
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mu tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. obsession in some quarters with a clas clash of civilization isn't just a distax, gives these murderers more standing than this he deserve. gop presidential candidate, ted cruz. she couldn't say it today, bernie sanders thinks climate change is a bigger national secure threat. i want you to respond to that. we have new footage from inside the paris cafe some of the refugees attacking thee innocent men, women and children. what's your answer to her whether she says these things?
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>> they have a blimpbdness to ot ratd cal islamic drifts and ep danger e -- the one time president obama and hillary clinton are willing it use military sfors when using it benefits radical islamic terrorists? g gadhafi was targeting terrorists pendant what happened did obama and clinton doo? tho led nato a around bombing gadhafi to drive him out of the power any hatchedhood ksh one of the reasons benghazi lapped. four americans were murdered. it was the failed foreign policy that handed that country over to
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radical islamic terrorists. same thing in egypt. mubarak with a terrible human rights record but he consistently stood as and ally. borm and clinton mishd mubarak out and -- >> that -- mubarak referred to the israelis and decent ants much apes and pig. >> morsi. >> morsi. >> if they succeed in tomorrowing dshg blshg are blshg r blsh a bhoel r a whole bunch
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of republicans believe we should be puttinging in a no-nye zone. buy would we want know country to be governed by radical zam being being zamic terrorists? >> we can create the safe zone. we're spending mms and millions on humanitarian assistance. i want to play two or three days ago how to john kerry says i understand the legitimacy or rationale of the "charlie hebdo" attack but there was no basis for that one. i was stun by that estimate. i'm going to put up some immigration sta it is tix of how many people america has taken in for muslim countries.
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>>. >> of there was as particularized opus, prepares even rationale that you could attach yourself -- go. >> look, john kerry's statement is shameful. eshd resign. i've called on him to resip multiple times. of this's all served as an poll gists for islamist terrorists. i remember whack to the national prayer breakfast that i attended the day after isis lit a
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jordanian pilot on fire. president obama said yes, isis has done some bad things but jews and christians have done sonl some bad things, too. the argument he's using that isis is just like the crew sadz and inquisitions, is harmful when the president and secretary of state is defending radical islamists. in texas they just caught eight syrians trying to cross the border illegally.
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but as commander in chief we will defeat radical islamic terrorism. my philosophy is to borrow a page from ronald ray gap and the cold war, we win, they lose. >> the 9/11 commission reports said they're at war with us, we're not at war with them. senator, thank you for your time. coming up -- mark stein is here to react to our interview with senator tet cruz. and paul ryan on this busy news night. 4 i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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. mark stein released a new musical album titled "feline groovy -- songs for swinging cats." >> it's my cat album. last time you had my -- >> eggnog is disgusting. >> ten minutes later mitt romney loses the election. >> let me ask be with i'm watching now, peace and prosperity decide elections. this cycle, peace,
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prosperity/immigrati prosperity/immigration. >> ci think the fellows like trump and ted cruz are on the right side the issue. it also means interestingly that certain democrat house members and democrat governors have also begun do move. the first duepy of any govern is the defense of its border. we see the failure of that in -- >> that favors ted cruz and donald trumped most. >> he can say he is serious about that in the way of the kind are compassion argument. what was striking about the president is in turkey where
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he's representing as the head of the united states, and seems like some sort of slight lly peeved university lecture psh but those warnings were grotesquely offensive to the people of france. >> but look at the follow-up is republicans are the greatest recruitme recruitment tool for isis.
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>> they've got networks here already. people are astonished that the amount of isis chatter that comes from u.s.-based isis supporters, where they use people of passports of 11 different countries, they can take undisassimilated pem borp and bred in bell jim and france, people who arrived 20 mants ago -- >> i don't remember a time -- i fom the news. this is all i do. can you remember a time in a single week since these pares pr attacks, 16 syrians have been caught trying to come to america? >> this is his issue. i set the entire middle east
7:30 pm
alight. >> he created this environment. a >> if they get 10,000 in, millions of beam are refugees because america abandoned the middle east. iraq's the weltiest terrorist group that ever -- >> with more lachbd mass and every ear terrorist dmpb. >> they control seaports and they control individuals. >> can you tell me why the president knowing what happened with the refugee community infiltrated in paris would gamble with the lives of the american people? why would he risk this?
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>> it is identity politics to him. when christians get executd by isis on the beach, he samade no mention of the fact that they were krigsz. when a white cap shoots a black robber, the black guy is the good guy, the -- >> he's rushed to judgment. three high-profile cases. ? same thing here. murz immigrants are the good guys and the white -- >> when an american dies and an attack like what happened in by
7:32 pm
a refugee he lets any -- >> he don't think he cares. this refugee -- >> the president doesn't care that americans are at risk of dying? >> no. because what's horrible about that statement is the bloodlessness of it. if you remember john lourd, the xwraut vail prime minister after 9/11 said this is no time to be an 8 o'% ally. what do you think the dprench think obama is? a 12% ally? that's how he came over in turkey. >> will paul ryan help republicans keep the promise they made to you the voter by defunding obamacare? stopping amnesty. balth budget. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels,
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. this is a fox news alert from. french authorities have confirmed the death of alleged match thor mind of last friday's terror attacks by warn the situation declaring this is possible more than other act you have cells are here. authorities say they were putting together another attack
7:39 pm
against a shopping mall. cell phone found had abaaoud's number on it. france has been aggressive hunting more raids, detaining 200 more suspects and more raids are being carried out across europe. tomorrow french senate is speshth expected to give police and the military greater poiers. last night congressman paul ryan joined us.
7:40 pm
>> we talked a lot yesterday about this immigration bill syria and the refugee problem. you are new the new speaker of the house. i don't think i would ever want this job. 6 e -- on what i keep hearing from conservatives is why won't the house respect use their enumerated constitution oa enumerated constitution ol of te purse? >> i think it is a little more complicated than that. we have to be a more effective
7:41 pm
opposition party but that means using all tools at our disposal. i think we have to use all the tools at our disposal. the senate will be bringing -- so we are using the budget. >> there were parts of obamacare -- >> obamacare is an entitlement. that requires 640 vot0 votes in senate. we passed this in the budget, the senate is taking it up next week. we're using the one crack we
7:42 pm
have for obamacare. the senate can filibuster all by one bill and that's the from you trace. the other key thing, we have to show people we don't like what we stand for. we think the president's taken the country in the wrong direction. what does the next tax system look like? how do we rebuild our military? how do vhave four years of obam?
7:43 pm
if we go on offense on ideas and if we give people of this country the election they deserve, which is let them decide what kind of country they want to have. i have issues, dealt with at the end of the year. i look forward to going on offense on 2016. >> i laid out balancing the budget, controlling our borders, choice in education. and a strong national defense. how do you do that?
7:44 pm
i watched newt gingrich. >> i don't know, this is a bottom-up organ iic process. one of the reasons i think people asked me to be speaker -- i was not a person making these decisions in the past, it is because i am a policy leader. i put out a budget in 2008 that had eight supporters. i put it all on the line and we've been able to pass it the last four years. because i have walked the walk in addition to talking the talk, i think that's why people skwd my to step um and be speaker.
7:45 pm
. >> more tonight as "hannity" continues. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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i see them all the time. did you finish your derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. . welcome back to "hannity" here is more with our interview with the new speaker of the house, paul ryan. >> as chairman of house ways and means, i think this is the right question for you.
7:50 pm
these are the numbers, mr. speaker, and they're daunting. social security, headed for bankruptcy. and 50 million americans in poverty. 46 million americans on food stamps. median income is down in america. i looked at that, to me, it is daunting. i don't know -- how do you dig yourself out of that hole? and neshgdz would you put every republican in the conference in a room and say we've got to agree and save this country from bankruptcy? put it on paper? >> yes. sean, that is what we're talking about. one of the conditions for doing this job is we've got to give the country an agenda and take it to the country. so yes. because i don't think we have time. >> we don't. >> we cannot afford another
7:51 pm
progressive presidency. >> it's scary. >> we're not adding the iranian deal, which i hope you can stop. let me ask you this, is my last question to you. i want you to address the 60% of republicans that feel betrayed. they didn't have the fight. they were too timid. they wouldn't use their power of the purse. i need to talk to them and tell them how things are going to be different. >> i find myself giving civics lessons. i think people had expectations for what we can accomplish beyond what the constitution allows us to accomplish. you have to pass laws to do these things. we've passed bills out of the house, but you have -- >> you have the power of the purse, can you use that? >> we put lots of riders on very, very things. the power of the purse doesn't effect all of groups.
7:52 pm
so the only solution to this is having the white house as well. the person in the president picks foreign policy, churns out the regulations. does all of these things that obama has been doing. that is why we have to have not only the white house but congress and yes, i think there is a case of expectations set in the wrong place, and the limits of the constitution limited us. do i believe we can be better at being opposition party? you bet i do. do i think we have to be a proposition party? i do. >> i lied and i'm going to ask another question. sorry. cheating. every conservative can expect you're going to layout an inspiring agenda? >> yes. >> and your promises is that you'll get this done?
7:53 pm
>> sean, what we have to do, what the people deserve is a choice. if they, like we don't -- >> we can read it. >> yes. >> sign their name to it. you know? john hancock. >> we're doing this together at the conference. look. members of congress know my i'm willing to take risks. and so yeah, we're putting an agenda out there. we'll let them make the decision what kind of america do you want? >> can i cheat? >> no. i have to get going. >> do you promise no amnesty? >> i've been saying that for weeks. >> mr. speaker, thank you for being with us. >> you bet sean, thank you. >> and we need your help. our question of the day, straight ahead. when heartburn hits
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it's time for our question of the day. are you worried about the isis threat here at home? i certainly am, you should be. we want to know what you think. go to facebook and twitter and let us know what you think. time for our ask sean segment. >> we have money to house these refugees. why hasn't that money been used to house the homeless? particularly the let's -- vets? >> that is a good question. we've been spending billions on health care, criminal justice system. you're right. we don't help our vets, add to that we're not helping awful those people and things we can do in america like infrastructure, it makes no sense and we have $20 trillion in debt and $120 trillion in unfunded liabilities. we can't take care of everybody, unfortunately. that is all the time we have left this evening.
8:00 pm
we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we take attendance and it hurts our feeling. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. " tomorrow at 7:00. good night. ♪ ♪ >> hi i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. go to the testimony story. french officials confirming the death of the vicious, vicious ringleader behind last week's terror attacks in pairs. 27-year-old abaaoud was killed yesterday in a bloody raid in the paris suburb of saint-denis he was linked to other terrorist plots in europe as well. weighs thought to be in syria before the paris terror attack raising questions how such a dangerous terrorist could go go undetected throughout the


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