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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 19, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we take attendance and it hurts our feeling. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. unafraid "on the record" starts right now. [gunfire] >> this is a fox news alert. the ringleader behind the paris massacre is dead. today, french authorities confirming this explosive and bloody raid on a paris apartment building took out this man, abdelhamid abaaoud and tonight for the first time we are seeing the terrifying moments one of the paris terrorists opened fire into a crowded restaurant. wouldyou will see much more of this chilling video in just moments. good evening, everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. "on the record" has live team coverage across the globe tonight. we are on the ground in paris, brussels, rome and
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washington, d.c. but we begin with fox news senior correspondent rick leventhal who is live tonight. we learned tonight the alleged ringleader of the paris attack was behind, approximately, four to six foiled attacks. what do we know about these plans? >> well, kimberly, first of all, this was a major accomplishment for the french police and security forces neutralizing the suspected ringleader of the friday the 13th terror attacks and apparently a plotter of several other attacks that you you mentioned. they also believe that he was about to take out another plot against a major shopping mall here in the financial district. so, a great accomplishment, again, for the french police and security. but the death of abdelhamid abaaoud does not mean that this nation can breathe easier according to the french prime minister who says france is under a long and permanent threat suggesting it's probable other extremist cells are active here. that's why we are seeing the unprecedented crack down on radical islamists across france and across europe as
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well. more than 600 raids in this country alone since saturday resulting in the detention of close to 200 radical suspects and the recovery of dozens of illegal weapons. those raids continue tonight and meanwhile, we're getting our first look at the horrors of the friday the 13th attack from a surveillance camera inside one of the cafes targeted during the shooting spree. the video shows patrons diving for cover under tables and behind the bar as the glass shatters around them. two women were spared when the gunmen stood over them and pulled the trigger multiple times but the gun jammed. tomorrow, the senate here is expected to give final approval to the president's request to extend the state of emergency for three more months. that will give the police and the military those expanded powers of searching and arresting which they have been using to carry out all these raids, kimberly. >> unbelievable. look what they have been able to accomplish in just the six days or so since these horrific attacks. i want to take you back to
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rightly interesting aspect of the story. they say they didn't know he was in uranium. what people were asking is how was he able to travel so freely. >> well, it's a very good question. this was the most wanted jihadist in belgium. he was famous there. he was on the watch list. people knew about him. he was convicted in absentia of kidnapping hesitate little brother who was 13 years old at the time and brought him to syria to fight there. they were lag for him everywhere. they suspected him and his involvement in this attack. and, yet, apparently he was able to move relatively free lie during that time. >> really disconcerting but they are definitely stepping up the game there and helping to keep all of us safe. you detailed how they had attacks planed here in the u.s. as well. rick, thank you so much live from paris. >> sure. >> for the first time we are hearing the dramatic moments from inside a daring terror raid in france. the harrowing footage showing heavy gunfire and the cousin of the attack's'
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ringleader. the first female suicide bomber in europe yelling at police as they closed in. [gunfire] [shouting] >> just moments later the woman detonated her explosive vest killing herself and collapsing the floor of the building. navy seal and a the man who killed usama bin laden rob o'neill will go "on the record" to tell us about this growing trend of female jihadis. and so many of the daring raids stemming from the paris attacks have begun in belgium. "on the record" has been on the ground investigating why belgium is such a terror hot bed. benjamin hall is live in brussels. benjamin, there have been new raids, we understand.
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>> >> that's right, good evening from brusms, belgium, kimberly. nine new raids and nine new arrests. the manhunt continues. those arrests were connected to the stade de france bombers. the other question belgium involved in this, what mistakes were made and what about the refugee crisis forefront of media attention. police are desperately trying to findeiss -- abdel is he lamb. there have been vigils across this city, as the period mourning ends people to ask questions how did this happen? how were they able to attack so easily and what levies can be learned? >> today i spoke to the security advisor to the prime minister of belgium. he told me that]
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>> okay. it seems that we lost him. benjamin was talking about that he was able to speak to the former security advisor to the belgium prime minister about the reasons for why it's so common that young adults in belgium are being so easily radicalized and as you noticed he was giving that report about the nine different raids and what's been going on there to really crack down on it, something we need to study going forward. we will let you know if we get benjamin hall again live with that report. we do want to thank him in absentia. breaking receipt now. disturbing surveillance footage showing moments before the paris attackers opened fire into a restaurant. take a look. >> it's 10:34 p.m. in paris. and this peaceful scene at a restaurant is about to transform into total chaos. daily releasing the chilling surveillance video of the massacre in paris. two minutes of total hell. as a terrorist unleashes a hailstorm of bullets, and all of it caught on camera. take a look at gunshots tear
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into the restaurant. sending the diners flying under tables under the bar trying desperately to save their lives. one camera catching the terrorist in the act. putting his ak 47 to the head of a woman out front pulling the trigger. but suddenly the gun jams and the terrorist takes off. the woman incredibly still alive and able to run for her life. on this camera, restaurant employees caught totally off guard by the onslaught ducking for cover and running down the staircase. when the killing spree ends, they return frantically making calls on cell phones to report the rampage, all of it just one glimpse at a night of total horror that left at least 129 dead and hundreds injured at places just like this. all across paris. >> you can believe that video? unbelievable. the gunman seen in this video is believed to be
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salah abdeslam. you heard rick reference that earlier and ben hall as well. terror threats against the u.s. growing. the video released by the brutal terror group takes direct aim at the white house. this direct threat coming a day after video showing times square. catherine herridge is live in washington with the very latest. so, catherine, what you can tell us about these videos? people want to know at home should they be concerned and about the content? >> well, thanks, kimberly, i have watched this new six minute video from isis. it's got these two unidentified operatives and they make specific threats against france as well as the white house. but what makes this tape stand out is that it's in arabic so it's not directed at an american audience and there is not a lot of graphic violence in the tape. late today we heard from the fbi director who said all of these videos were isis like a pile on of propaganda. this is not considered credible intelligence or
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evidence of a threat. just like the video we saw late last night about new york city was a recycle of a an old tape and not considered a credible threat against that city. kimberly. >> so that's very interesting because people were wondering did it's a fresh threat but it's a recycled threat more of a propaganda tool or element more than an actual threat tore concerned about. rest assured we are all very vigilant and aware and have have great security in the new york city and united states. today was there was another significant development because fbi director james comey actually specifically addressed this and he was accompanied by the u.s. attorney. >> that's right. late today there was some brief statements from the attorney general as well as the fbi director to address the ongoing threat environment here in the united states and direct comey said specifically that the intelligence out of perhaps had been annualized by a group called national counter terrorism center this is the hubble for threat analysis that was set
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up after 9/11 and they had found no credible connections between attackers in paris and operatives in the united states. comey said in the u.s. what they see is@!,s4 isis inperiod plots which were isis directed plots from syria, kimberly. >> there is a distinction whether it's coming directly out of a cell or someone inspired or someone moved by propaganda to commit acts on their own behalf versus specifically directed out of syria and raqqa like we saw in paris. catherine, always a pleasure and thank you for that update. >> you are welcome. >> fears spreading across europe and the u.s. state department now issuing a travel warning to american citizens traveling in italy. fox news courtney walsh is live in rome with the very latest. thanks for being with us. were there any particular threats that prompted this warning from the u.s. state department? >> actually, we heard prime
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minister. [oughtio cutting -- oughtio cut canning out] >>' vatican but also at bars, restaurants and other venues. u.s. embassy sent out a warning to residents i had one on my cell phone this morning. terrorists may use methodsá%eyk similar to terrorists in paris. the vatican stepping up security and banning drones and closing airspace during upcoming jubilee celebration that begins on december 8th. >> i wondered because we had a little bit of a breakup in the audio there. just in case people are wanting to know the beginning of what you said, you actually received the alert yourself from the embassy and specifically it says st. peters basilica and laskalia in millan. if someone leaves a back back or something like that. it never hurts to be vigilant indeed. also besides that i want to talk to you about the mood.
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italy is a place like france that people go to to really enjoy vacations, spend family time, the holidays. you know, it's always been one of those centers the people go to enjoy so many honeymoons and whatnot. how are the people there? what do they act like and do they seem very concerned? >> i think in the past couple of days there have been a lot of concerns. this happened after the january attacks in pierce there was a lot of fear. like my taxi driver said today i think we are going to be next. of the interesting thing too is the u.s. statement, the u.s. embassy also look out for bars and restaurants and other venues. that's going to -- however if you are if the exernt and walking around and all these people people accepting ton enjoying themselves. talked about false alarms the subway was closed down and the subway in millan a
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lot of concern for lascal large theater there. they have all kinds of heads of states will be coming and there is worry on the streets. it is a bit different than in january of last year. again, we have had, in the past though if you recall last april, italy rounded up 18 would be terrorists and two of them apparently had been body guards for al qaeda and they were freedom merrily from pakistan and afghanistan. they were also apparently plotting the vatican. >> right. there was a lot of confidence in the italian intelligence community that they really are on top of this. >> that is good to heafer that they are aware and aware to thwart attacks in the past. heed the warning like cafes and restaurants because they n rome.hskt, successful at thank you so much. the global intelligence
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community is struggling to transaction down any and outline paris parises tracked former scund secretary charlie allen goes "on the record." charlie, so, talk to us about the role of intelligence in tracking these isis terrorists down. >> we have a lot of capability. the united states is the most powerful intelligence apparatus in the world by a large margin. we use both human source intelligence and we use a lot of technical accesses that give us a lot of understanding of the islamic state, the operatives, how they move, how they are -- we can track them and we can geo locate them in many cases. we share the information on a very proactive base with our friends in paris and in brussels. >> speakly people at home want to know because there has been a lot of discussion about the role of the united states and our intelligence which is some of the most
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finest in the role in these successful paris terrorist raids that have been able to yield results. >> i don't know the specifics but i'm sure we give them -- help them understand. we have technical means of tracking isis and operation that cuferred, unfolded. the pub was in first. there is lot of -- i'm sure pairs got a lot of information out of interrogating people into tan into custody as well as brussels, but you combine all of the interrogations and then you combine it with other human sources we have. we have a very powerful counter terrorism center at cia and you just heard earlier about the work of the national counter terrorism center in looking at threats here to the homeland, inbound threats. we do an extraordinary job and we are -- and we are leaning forward as today the press spokesperson for the
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department of defense said that the secretary of defense and the director of national intelligence, jim clapper a great friend, are leaning forward and ensuring that we share every bit of information that we have with our partners in paris and brussels. >> okay. so this is something interesting. and i want to tag back to what catherine herridge was talking about because some people were wondering if there was a little bit of an intelligence gap in terms of one of the individuals we thought that he was in syria he has been able to travel quite easily back and forth. what's the problem with why we thought he was out of country and all of the sudden ends up dead in paris? >> it's my view that the french services, they are quite good. they are excellent but they are not perfect charlie hebdo attack that we saw. the french have conducted over 600 raids because they know some of these extremists and they have
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been interrogated either in belgium or france. i'm a little surprised but right now france is moving. they are moving militarily and they are moving their intelligence services are moving very hard and i have worked with those guys and they very good. >> they are very good and they got the job done and they were able to nail them. that's what counts the end result there thank you for your time this evening, sir. >> thank you very much, kimberly. >> the plan to bring syrian refugees to america. well, that could be on hold at least for now. presidential candidate carly fiorina here next. plus, we are following all the breaking news out of france. the ringleader of the paris attacks now confirmed dead in that explosive raid. but the investigation is far from over. we'll take you back live to paris coming up. stay with us.
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>> we cannot take a chance that some of these people coming in are isis. >> i think we need to do thorough screening and take a limited number. >> apparently they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the united states of america. >> the president says we are scared of widows and orphans. with all due respect to him what i'm really afraid of is our policy that creates more widows and orphans. >> you look at what five or six people did in paris and we have to get smart. >> just a short time ago the house overwhelmingly approving a bill aimed at improving the screening process for syrian and iraqi refugees coming to the u.s. the bill passing 289 to 1
11:22 pm
'37. president obama has vowed to veto the bill. and he has been calling out republican presidential candidates for speaking out against taking in refugees. even calling them unamerican. former hewlett packard ceo and 2016 g.o.p. presidential candidate carly fiorina is here to go "on the record." carlie, i'm happy to be here to talk to you about foreign policy because i think you are one of the first candidates to articulate with specificity a real strategic and strong foreign policy approach for the united states going forward. tell it us a little bit about your experience. >> first, let me just say that the house did right thing and how unbelievable it is that our commander and chief threatens to veto a common sense bill. how unbelievable it is that he is sitting in the philistines cass at this castigating republicans instead of standing up' when we need leadership. specifically you what we need to do is understand that isis evil waging war
11:23 pm
against us and we have to wage war against them and win. it's that simple and that clear. i have also been advocating for some time that we provide our allies most of whom i know in that region that we provide our allies with the support they have been asking for whether it's bombs and material which king jordan has been asking for or intel which the egyptians have been asking for. there is so much that we can and should have been doing. now we need to put our pedal to the metal it doesn't mean we have to put 20,000 or 10,000 boots on the ground it does mean only the united states of america can lead this fight against isis is. our allies expect support and resolve from us. president obama has not been providing it. and i will. >> okay. and a little bit more about your foreign policy experience because you feel very comfortable in that in terms of it being your wheel house. >> i have done business and charity and policy work around the world for decades i have been in the middle
11:24 pm
east and europe and china and i have met world leaders. more world leaders probably than anyone else running with the possible exception of hillary clinton. i have also chaired the advisory board at the cia at advised the cia, nsa. two secretaries of defense, secretary of state and secretary of homeland security. i have held the highest clearances available to the civilian. i know most of our military generals and i know what a tragedy it is that some of our greatest military minds whether it's stan mcchrystal or jack keane or mike flynn or general petraeus basically were shoved aside and their advice has been ignored much to the peril of this nation. >> most certainly and recently we have seen pretty strong criticism by president obama of the republican presidential candidate for their response to taking in these refugees, calling them unamerican. what's your message to president obama? >> president obama is -- he knows only one thing, politics. all he knows is a political campaign.
11:25 pm
so i guess he is like hillary clinton in thinking that republicans are the enemy. actually, republicans are not the enemy. isis is the enemy. russia actually is an adversary. iran is the enemy. this president continues to pacify our enemies. is he delusional about the strengths of iran and the strength of isis. it's an easy shot to talk about republicans. but, in fact, the house with many democrat votes has done absolutely the right thing here in saying this is insanity that we would let in syrian refugees if we can not determine whether or not they represent a risk to this country. >> yeah, it's very troubling to many americans that the president, the leader of the free world is saving his vitriol and most divisive rhetoric for those that are serving this country that are trying to run for president that are americans calling them unamerican. >> that's right. >> he seems to be angrier with them than he is with isis and the people would do us harm. >> politics is what gets his passion up, not leading, not being commander and chief.
11:26 pm
he reminds me of hillary clinton saying that we need to empathize with our enemies or john kerry trying to find justification for the charlie hebdo act. they still don't understand the nature of the enemy they are up against. >> they are reluctant, in fact, to even identify and call the enemy by name. hillary clinton, you bring it up. but she is refusing to say radical islam it's just absent from her lexicon. >> not only is she refusing to say radical islam or radical islam terrorism which is what it is, she goes on in a speech today once again to say we are not at war with islam. why do they feel this necessary to say that. we are at war with isis. the foundation of isis philosophy is radical islamic philosophy. we need to call it what it is to be able to defeat it. >> all right. fantastic. carlie thanks for much for joining me. >> thanks for having me, kimberly. >> brand new information now coming out about this, daring terror raid in
11:27 pm
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this is a fox news alert. the ringleader of the deadly paris attacks is dead. but even with the ringleader dead, the investigation is far from over. at least one of the terrorists is still on the loose tonight. france 24 anchor carlson is live tonight in paris with the very latest. what is happening with this
11:31 pm
investigation? >> >> well, the investigation is still ongoing as you are saying and the main question now or one of the main questions now is where salah abdeslam is at this moment. is he still on the run from police, we understand. salah abdeslam he is the suspected he's attacker in the paris attacks on friday. he was in his car it is understood together with his brother who later blew himself up this car together with his brother these men drove around paris shooting people on a killing spree essentially. so that is the link police are still looking nor man as i say salah be a desislam a french national who has been living in belgium. it was in belgium that we know last that he was and another question at this point is how the suspected ringleader of the attacks abdelhamid abaaoud could be in paris and in france without french authorities knowing about it.
11:32 pm
remember this is apted man. there were several warrants out for his arrest internationally. he is the suspected ringleader as well of the attack on a high speed train between amsterdam and paris in n the question is how did abdelhamid abaaoud make it there without authorities knowing about it. >> at what point did they, in fact, determine that he was in france set their sights to target on him and went and did this raid expecting there were people involved in the attacks on paris and they got him because he happened to be there. french authorities since the paris attacks have been carrying out 600 raids according to the prime minister. we understand that they acted on specific intelligence when they started the raid on wednesday morning.
11:33 pm
we understand that they learned or got a tip, essentially on monday already but it took until wednesday morning for them to act on that tip. we also understand that police were led to this apartment by a discarded mobile phone found near the site or near one site friday's paris attacks. this phone led investigators to the suspected -- she is the suicide bomber who blew herself up during the police operation on wednesday and it is believed that she is the cousin of abdelhamid abaaoud so once again, this phone led investigators to her and then it took them on to abaaoud. we also understand that he carried out wire transfer or wire transfer was carried out from belgium to a suburb where that information took
11:34 pm
transfer to come place. that also pointed the finger really at this apartment in saint denis. >> that was fantastic the way you put that together. thank you marcus carlson. a lot of very good important information. and rob o'neill, the navy seal who killed usama bin laden he is standing by to take us inside that raid we were just talking about that killed the paris terror ringleader. is he also going to tell us more about this growing trend of female jihadiists. it's straight ahead. stay with us. and france, russia and the u.s. absolutely pummeling with air strikes. raining down on the terror group in syria. fox news foreign correspondent john huddy is live in the middle east with the very latest. thanks for being here. we want to hear how ramped up are these air strikes this week compared to before? >>
11:35 pm
>> well, to give you an idea france's president today gave the go ahead to increase and ramp up the air strikes even more. i mean, every day we are talking about at least a dozen air strikes or at least overnight 10 fighter jets, french fighter jets being launched, being deployed to launch these air strikes. so now you mentioned you use the description of pummeling, well that pummeling is going to continue and probably at least from what we're hearing increase even more. this, kimberly as we hear now that isis commanders in syria are on the run. that at least according to the syrian observatory for human rights, london based group that really monitors and tracks what's going on on the ground in syria. it reports that isis leaders are essentially fleeing. they are scrambling from rackca. now rocca as we know is isis's de facto capital in syria. these commanders and militants are, instead, heading east towards the
11:36 pm
iraqi border and ultimately to mostly. mostly mu mosul remains an isis strong hold. this is a concern but air strikes have been putting the squeeze on isis in that region in that part of iraq. the pentagon says 19 air strikes were carried out wednesday in iraq hitting targets near cities and towns including kisik, mosul ramadi and sinjar. sinjar was in the news last week because kurdish person peshmerga fighters took them. sinjar sits on the very important highway 47 that goes in to mosul so taking over sinjar, basically most likely cuts off supplies, isis supplies going to mosul. so that's very important. and then jumping back once again across the border into
11:37 pm
syria, u.s. and turkish officials announced this week that both countries will be launching a joint operation to create an isis free zone along the turkish border with syria and a safe zone they say for refugees. now, these turkish and u.s. officials did not give any specific details about what this joint operation is going to ebb tail, but they said, kimberly, that it's going to happen, it's going to start within the coming days. we will keep a close eye on that. >> good news, indeed they are getting pummeled. you know i like that so i will use that a lot. john huddy from jerusalem. thank you very much. the former secretary of state hillary clinton taking swings at critics. who she set her sights on now straight ahead. inside the raid that took out the man behind the paris attack. the former navy seal who took out usama bin laden gives smart insight. you will only get it here "on the record." ♪
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this is a fox news alert. an american teenager is dead after a palestinian terrorist opens fire on israel's west bank the 18-year-old man from boston was delivering food to israeli soldiers when he was gunned down. two other people were killed and several more americans injured before the gunman was arrested by israeli defense forces. and in tel aviv two israelis were stabbed to death by a palestinian outside of a synagogue that assailant is now in police custody. the recent wave of violence has killed 15 israelis and dozens of palestinianians. receipt now former secretary of state hillary clinton is taking heat for not calling out radical islam. instead, she is calling it radical jihadiism and today secretary clinton fired back at those critics. >> the obsession in some quarters with a clash of ization or repeating the specific words radical islamic terrorism isn't just $qñ %afuócwg[
11:43 pm
which is obviously critical in figuring out ways to defeat them. the adherence of isis, the adherence of al qaeda and other terrorist groups are nod radical buddhists. they are motivated by their understanding of islam. it may be perverted. you can use adjectives like that. but that's what they think they're doing. and not to acknowledge that and not to be prepared to acknowledge it publicly i think is a reflection not
11:44 pm
just of a p.r. concern but of a more, a deeper inability or unwillingness to see what our adversaries are doing. and second this argument that somehow calling it radical islam will alienate moderate muslims around the world, i think just shows that hillary clinton didn't learn much while she was secretary of state. muslims themselves have been among the principle victims of these forms of extremism for in afghanistan and territory that isis controlled. now where women and girls don't get educated. i think presumption understand what -- muslims understand what this threat is it's arrogant and condescending to say they don't get it. >> it seems like a real disconnect. remember she was tethered to barack obama's failed foreign policy this living and breathing strong today a failure to be able to even identify the enemy to articulate a specific and strategic plan. the evidence is there.
11:45 pm
the facts interest r. there because it has not, in fact, worked because isis is gaining and we have been losing ground. so i wonder why they are so worried about the semantics instead of being more focused and concerned about alaska strategy that works. >> well, i think there is a form of political correctness that infuses the democratic party today. i think hillary hillary clintons very worried about giving any evidence of really separating herself from obama. there may be -- there may be some modifications to that as the campaign goes on. but she is very worried about the democratic party splitting away from her if she distances herself from the president. so, you know, this is the kind of thought control that people are imposing on themselves that interferes with the main objective which is defeating isis and al qaeda and actually rallying muslim countries to our side as we need to do to get the gulf arabs, get the kurds can, get the turks
11:46 pm
into an effective coalition against isis and the territory it controls. they understand. >> they get it. >> that these people are radicals. >> they certainly do. ambassador, once again on the money. thank you so much. >> glad to be with you. >> and "on the record" is going to take you inside the daring terror raid that took out othe man behind the deadly paris attack. the former navy seal that took out usama bin laden here to talk about that next.
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[shouting] >> the architect of the paris attack died as swat teams carried out a daring nighttime raid on a terrorist hide out. [gunfire] >> the sounds of explosions ringing out in a paris suburb as police search for
11:51 pm
the mastermind of friday's deadly attack. >> cops fired a thousand rounds during a violent overnight raid. >> french officials say abdelhamid abaaoud was killed during a seven hour raid on wednesday. >> that raid came just in time, according to the paris prosecutor who says the terrorists were set to strike again. >> that daring terror raid taking down the ringleader behind the deadly terrorist attack. abaaoud killed in the violent standoff. right now rob o'neill the navy seal who killed usama bin laden in the 2011 raid here it take us inside one of those raids. rob, thanks for joining us tonight. walk us through the raid and how it went down. >> hey, kimberly, always good to talk to you. the way this went down was really smooth. it was the great work with french police and some of the intel departments with finding suspects, arresting them, gathering intelligence and developing new targets which ultimately led to this target. they went there, they met
11:52 pm
some violent resistance up front which automatically tells you something is going down. something important is inside or there is an attack, some plants inside that are imminent. they surrounded the place. they put snipers out and they took some fire. they did what's called a barricaded movement which is to use shields to move in slowly. they were actually -- there was a female suicide bomber that was actually sticking her head out and actually yelling save me, save me. trying to lure the cops in so she could blow herself up. they did a great job. they have sent the canine in first which is what you should do. the dog is there a force multiplier just to go in case there is barricaded suiters or suicide bombers which in this case the woman blew herself up. i'm not sure if the ringleader himself was killed during that. some of it did collapse. they arrested some of the suspects. they took the place down and did a phenomenal job. >> they really did. this is interesting because a lot of people have been talking today about the evolving face of jihad the fact that they a h. a woman
11:53 pm
involved. she was trying to lure them in, blow herself up. cousin of the ringleader. this isn't something that sun familiar to you in terms of women part of the jihadi movement? >> no, it's not at all. i mean, there has been female suicide bombers since the war started. if you recall one of the most famous ones is the failed suicide bomber in 2005 in a hotel in amman, jordan and sent by zarqawi who ran al qaeda in iraq which turned into isis. they went into there. she and her husband, he blew himself up. she didn't blow herself up because apparently she wasn't that bright. she was arrested and she was executed after the jordanian pilot was burned alive just in retribution. the chechens have used them in moscow metros in the schools there. they were called the black widows. widows of fallen jihadis. used in afghanistan, boca ha realm are and nigeria uses them all the time. i have seen them before on the raid where we killed usama bin laden. we have had two women acting as human shields trying to get in front of them. i have heard friends of mine
11:54 pm
going out before on target where the women would stand in front of men and try to shine flashlights to try to light up the assaulters it's nighttime and trying to put lights on us so the guys behind can shoot at us and they use them as shields at the same time. this is not uncommon. we need to be ready for this. >> absolutely. and what's also interesting is this cell was actually pretty active and involved in a number of different plots to do things and, in fact, some coming forward. i'm wondering if you think that this female suicide bomber was actually involved in the original paris attack. >> it seemed if she was part of the cell. she was at the house where this ringleader was. i'm assuming based on the role that she played she was there as a defense just to take more of the infidels out as they came in to raid. this guy was not going to surrender. he was going to die in the fight. there is a rule that i'm not making this up, some of these female suicide bombers can have belts on them and blow themselves up if their house is raided without
11:55 pm
permission. and that's probably a good thing because i hate to blow myself up and then get yelled at. >> yeah it would be awkward in the aftermath. let's talk about the movement and what's going on because we have been getting a lot of intel coming in fresh off of the raids. there have been syrians detained several locations since the attack. how concerned are youwef[góii at their ability to move around the world right now. >> well, i have been concerned about it for a while. i actually predicted an attack like this that happened in paris where they would use suicide bombers and hit a soft target like a nightclub. schools and universities. at love these countries like syria do not have the infrastructure that the united states does. you can actually get real passports that are actually forged because the government is so corrupt. what these guys are doing right now they are going to athrough turkey brazil, mexico and trying to cross the border here. they are trying to get in the united states. what do you think these military aged fighting males are doing? they're not coming here to be migrants. >> you are right about that rob o'neill thank you for
11:56 pm
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