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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 20, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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treatment. harris: we are back on tv monday at noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. . (0209fox555a.ecl) is he on the wrong side of public opinion in this fight?
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plus, there is a threat when it comes to the refugees moving in the u.s. arrests in the southern border. it only takes a couple of bad guys to do a lot of damage. >> so how do we keep the bad guys out. >> security threats and diverted flights. are we doing enough to keep our flights here safe? it's all "happening now". we have a fox news alert. another terrorist siege. a luxury holtz in south africa with american guests. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee. the gunmen stormed the raduszon hotel killing three people according to the initial reports. we are hearing new numbers now. six of the americans were
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evacuated safely and no hostages remain inside. in the meantime, we are learning new details about the mastermined in the terrorist attacks in paris. we start with jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. >> reporter: we just learned that five u.s. troopses assigned to the u.s. embassy were in the hotel at the time of the siege and they all made it out safely according to a pentagon spokesmen. there were two military personnel in the time of the incident and the pentagon said they were all accounted for. 26 american troops are stationed in mali right now. u.s. forces did not participate in the rescue. but they did help the special forces there and first
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responders. one helped to move people to a secure location and helping to coordinate. the u.s. military along with the french legion worked to train counter terrorism forces. the u.s. has been helping mali since 2013. in february 2012 islamist rebels took control of mali declaring a new state. there was a military coup at on how the government failed to put down the uprising. there was 4000 troops there carrying out strike ands pushing the rebels into algerria. the u.s. helped the french with air lift and intelligence. there are 3000 french soldiers spread out in africa. remember it was the french that pushed the u.s. involvement to
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out of gaddafi in libya as well. maliris twice the size of texas, jenna. anti- terror raids in europe in the wake of the terrorist attack a week ago. agents conducted 800 raids last friday and leading to 17 arrests and new details emerging about the ring leader. it shows him on the subway after the shootings in the cafe. the french will not confirm that he played an active role in the attack, greg? >> reporter: first new details that we are getting about that massive amount of bullets in the raid. what we are hearing that the woman police had told us used a suicide vest to kill herself.
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she didn't use the suicide vest. new information about her. turns out she converted to radicalism six months before and before that she was a party girl drinking alcohol. and there was a third person. the mastermind was killed in that location. we are getting more information about the mastermined abo oud. turned out he was in a metro station in paris according to closed circuit video friday night just after the series of attacks against the cafes and restaurants that evening. also that station was near the attacks, leading a lot of us to believe that perhaps he played
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an active role or in one of the cars that was used to transport the attackers as they shot up locations. we put that to the police and they are not saying it was true or not. there was another person involved in the attacks that remains at large. new reports say he was last seen in brussels on tuesday and there is a massive manhunt in belgium and brussels for him. finally, jon, one week ago tonight, it all happen. the new death toll, 130 persons killed. nationalities. 27 nationalities involved. the numbers are different than 9/11 but the breadth of cultural impact on this unbelievable. and tonight at 9:20, which was the first stage of the horrible terrorist actions, the first
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bombing in the national soccer stadium, artist and mu sugzs in paris are organizing a mass demonstration. lights and sound and make noise and show light to show that in fact, the people of paris, people of from france, and the city of light will not be dimmed by the terrorist attacks. back to you, jon. >> we just got word that the french senate voted to continue the extended state of emergency for another three months. it passed in the lower houses yesterday and it has been approved by the senate there in france. greg, thank you. staying here for a moment now. a suspected terrorist plot foiled in sweden. prosecutor arrested a 22-year-old man in the north. he is said to have links to isis and accused of planning more
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than one attack. recent spate of terrorist attacks raises security concerns for americans from antiterror strategy. and threats to the home land. is the government doing enough to keep you informed. james rosen has more. >> reporter: it was back in early 2011 that the obama administration revealed the new system touted as the successor to the old color-coded threat system developed by the bush association is. >> we are instituting the national terrorism advisory system. it will provide alerts based on specific credible information about potential terrorist activity. >> reporter: except that it
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hasn't. the twitter feed reflects not a single tweet since coming on line. ditto for the system's facebook page. >> the same time americans are on edge. we see it in new york, washington and los angeles and in the heartland and in the south, people are saying, what is the government telling us? the government is not telling us anything. >> reporter: dhs said the system the be more effective because it provided information on a social media. the agencies focusing on sharing more targeted and restricted information with the fbi and other agencies and outroach to co commercial sectors. dhs secretary johnson admitted last month, that the obama administration system is not been used and now under review. his spokesman decloined to say how long it was under way or
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will take, jon? >> fascinating. thank you, james. six men were caught trying to cross from mexico illegally. they were part of the group smuggled in the country. no ties to terrorism found. but several similar cases. williams is live in los angeles with this. >> reporter: whether you are a syrian refugee or a foreign national makes it to the u.s. border to make a claim of persecution and incredible fear. and told they can stay. it happens thousands of time and that's what happen on monday when border found one pakistanis and afghans crossing with the mexicans. here is a short list of special interest aliens from
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afghanistan, egypt, libya, pakistan, and syria and saudi arabia, caught at the board in just 2013. there is a threat. the threat is not 0. it is small but not 0 and keep in mind, it only takes a couple of bad guys to do damage. >> see the problem is under the president's priority enforcement program, most are not deported. some have a sylum and some fail to come to court. they get a free pass because they are not a proprietary. ice doesn't pick them up. and sanctuary cities, illegal aliens are allowed to stay, no questions asked. >> sanctuary city is great for people from other nations who want to come to the u.s. and hurt us. >> i got a call from the border
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patrol. they caught three saudi nationals trying to avoid a checkpoint in southern arizona. they called the fbi and they were taken away. the fbi hasn't told us more about that. ashes parentally they were here on a student visa. but the border patrol doesn't believe in consequences. and don't know ya why they tried to avoid the checkpoint. >> thank you. >> millions of people are marking thanksgiving holiday season. amid the string of terrorist attacks, a lot of travellers are on edge. president obama doubles down on his plans to bring syrian refugees to the united states. he doesn't have the backing of congress or the american people either. we'll discuss that, next.
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>> a poll just out shows that president obama may be on the wrong side of public opinion. according to bloomberg, the majority of americans oppose bringing syrian refugee to the united states. 53 percent. we'll talk to phillip blunt can christopher bedford, editor and chief of the daily caller new's foundation, this is one of those issues, phillip, where the white house is putting its finger in the air and finding out what the public think ands going along with that view. the public be at this point is in opposition. >> exactly. more than half americans oppose. and another 11 percent think only christian refugees.
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and half of the democrats, little less than half democrats hold that position. ine the democratic pace is not on poored with obama. >> and they voted with republicans to put a pause or halt on the program. something that the president is threatening to veto. how does he answer? >> it is a difficult sell. he told the american people that they are looking for hundred good men to trust to be with guns in syria and now the administration has got to push in 10000 people and don't screen them and we don't do that and it is bigoted. and obama's ability to sell it with the public is difficult. if they hear donald trump to say
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there should be a reggistry for muslims in america. >> there are questions of the attackers coming in from syria. it is known that the ring leader was not thought to be in france. see he clearly sneaked in and got in under the radar and put the attack together. >> this is the big question and the point that mr. bedford made about screening folks. the problem is the director of the fbi said, they don't have good intelligence in syria. and see if you check the terrorist against the database nothing may come back. we are seeing intelligence failures that happen in france in particular led to this disaster and this assault. however, that said, the question of whether or not refugees were responsible for what happened in paris, there is no evidence of
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that is the case yet. and the mingling with what happened in paris with the deitate of the syrian refugees grets co-mingled. >> candidates are talking about this. and hillary clinton, you can argue that she is the architect of much of the president's policy with regard to the middle east and the arab spring taking place on her watch. but she said this in front of the council of foreign relations. >> time is of the essence. isis is demonstrating new ambition and reach and capabilityingly. we have to break the group's momentum and the back. our goal is not to deter or detain isis but defeat and destroy isis is. >> is she trying to talk tougher than the president. he said that on friday isis is contained. >> yes, it is difficult for her.
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as you mentioned she was a large architect of the president's policies. but she has to separate herself on president obama on foreign policy. she's not popular with the code pink wing of the democratic party. the question is here, we know we need to do something but what is it? the president said the biggest recruitment tool is american policy. but isis victories keeps them going forward. no one came up with a plan other than occupation to deal with. it or just more bombing. that is a problem for all of the candidates. >> we had walter russell mede on on the program. listen to what he said. >> i think what president obama is trying to do, where the government is unable to control the border on the south, to deal with people's concerns about
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infiltration and security, to saw i am a moral, person for letting syria go down in flames and you are immoral for not letting me look good in the press. that is cenacle. >> what do you take from that argument. >> it is a strong argument and statement to make. there is a very strong case to be made that the united states has not done much in the course of the civil war and led to the disaster and led to the refugees flowing the country because of the war going on. that is the case. but what happens to the refugees now is a separate question. and how it results as a long-term. somehow the islamic state needs to be beat. and none of the candidates are
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taking a very strong position on. that >> good discussion, thank you, both. >> final arrangements for baby dough, the baby who was found on the boston harbor beach. we'll have the latest on that, next. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> we are a week past the terrorist a knack paris. we are questioning who they were. we know several were french and belgium nationals. they committed this crime. but there is a question of whether or not the some were refugees. they are sharing the news as it comes in. the second suicide bomber came in to paris through greece in
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october and has been identified. it is one headline but begs the question. how the refugee crisis is contributing the chaos in paris as we have seen it over the last several days. there is an emergency eu summit where the leaders are discussing that to do about border checks. in europe, if you are a belgium or french national you are able to cross-borders easily. the paris prosecutors said the second suicide bomber came in to paris to greece. >> baby dough remains are in the hands of her father. he plans to have a private funeral for bella bond. she will be buried in the same cemetery as her great grandmother. her body was found on the beach.
10:27 am
for three months, the world wondered who she was. bella's mother and boyfriend are now charged in her murder. >> a man accused of spying on the u.s. government for israel walks free. he was sent behind bars for providing classified information to israel. he's out on parole after spending half of his life behind bars. >> johnathon polland may be a free man but not to move back to israel where he wants to go with his wife who lives here currently. still pollard was released from federal prison with with his wife estherby his side. he checked in to a federal probation office in new york city where he will be living and working according to his
10:28 am
lawyers. he had no comment when asked about his release. the attorneys are challenging the terms of the p role. pollard must remain here in the u.s. five years and wear a electronic bracelet with a gps tracking system and computers he uses are subject to monitor and questioning. still he is a free man. netanyahu said this about pollard's release. >> the people of israel welcome the release of johnathon pollard. y longed for this day. pollard was a navy intelligence analyst who was convicted of selling secrets to israel. he was arrested in 1985 outside of the israeli embassy in
10:29 am
washington d.c. where he was soaking a sylum. he was sentenced to life in federal prison in 1987 and paroled this summer. pollard, jenna, he would renounce the american citizenship and never return to the united states if allowed to move to israel where again he wants to be with his wife. but both the white house and u.s. justice department said there are no plans to alter the terms of his parole. back to you. a security scare on a spirit airlines out of florida. one passenger overhears another passenger's phone conversation. we'll tell you about that. plus concerns of how to screen syrian refugees and sparking new debate over a controversial program after 9/11.
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how will the government vet refugees that will be coming with little or no documentation. >> we need to know who is visiting us. and we need to stop the process and slow down and figure out who is already in our country and figure out if anyone here is inclined to attack us. and a crust made from scratch. because she knows that when it's cold outside, it's good food and good company that keep you warm inside. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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>> an update to a very sad story brought to you on fox you news. police made an arrest in the
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death of a seven-year-old girl who was killed during a football game. her parents had taken her to a high school football game and she was somehow separated from her mother. 25 minutes after being reported, she was found dead behind the high school. the authorities have arrested timothy madden. gabiel dull an was laid to rest yesterday. a fox news alert and update. two of the bombers who blew themselves up in thehí(z÷ socce stadium a week ago today had finger prints taken in october traveling through greece. much of the conversation in the united states is the question of taking in thousands of syrian refugee. it is reigniting a debate over
10:35 am
a controversial program entered in 9/11. it required anyone visiting from certain arab country. and critics say it profiled muslims and halted in 2011. and michael is a former homeland security advisor and you were part of homeland security when the program was launched. michael? >> it was the early days of the attacks and see it was predicated to go and see. and certain countries by the way. none of them european countries. and to see when you are coming in who are you and what records do you have and finger prints as well. and that was changed and what
10:36 am
they will say they have better intelligence sharing and now have a better foot print. >> and i was reading the news release and program suspended and happening again if needed and it is see much better than it was. and previous years when they started this. senator rand paul advocated this. >> i have advocated certain aspects of that program and i don't think you profile based on religion. but do profile based on suspicion and if they fit those characteristics and they have something in their behavior that warns you they are a threat to the united states and our people p. they have increased observation. >> what do you think of that? >> there is a expectation and that if you create a list, you will have a database to go in
10:37 am
like the show 24. there is facial recognition. and it doesn't work like that. because a lot of the guys traveling back can forth don't have a foot print in the security or law enforcement field. >> you are saying there's nothing to check them with. >> the finger print show they are a refugee. that is it a forennic and not proactive. >> that's what the french prosecutor was saying, they got finger prints and go back to october 3rd in greece when they were finger printed and at that point, that's all we know. we don't know what they were doing before or after that. >> and see for the system to work the way everybody expects it to work. you would have had to have that individual in a database to alert somebody that this is a bad guy. the databases are not -- >> that's true of any can common
10:38 am
criminal. someone without a criminal past and you did a background at work you would not be flagged even if you intended to commit a crime. >> the tsa doesn't just look at where the person has come from and where they travelled and as senator paul said what is their behavior and are they traveling by themselves and are they part of the traveling public? that is pushed back and saying we don't have the resources to do that. and complicating this is the resources. and hundreds of thousands of people are going into europe. what is the ability and the real- time to check them to see who is a public terrorist. >> there is a big question. and it is worth pointing out. it is it still a waiting period. if you have patience, you will come in under that guise.
10:39 am
and in the meantime french national ands belgian nationals and we know that the vesa waiver program is allowing citizen ises to travel. see where is the priority and how do we keep ourselves safe? >> ability to travel in europe is different than the traveling from outside of the united states to the united states. the another thing don't take our eye off the threat, that is the folks who are here. the home grown guys who are waiting to get involved. >> it is it a little overwhelming and i understand your list. home grown terrorist, french nationals and belgian nationals and anyone from europe. and then the refugees and then people coming over the southern boarder. it is easy to understand the
10:40 am
anxiety in the country right now. >> and absolutely. you look at 25 countries, what if you came from belgium and not on the list. >> see is there any more restrictions to put in place or the system in place adequate as long as we are more vigilant? >> it is it all about a layered approach. to try to prevent a single point of failure. you can't just have one analysis and said that is it, you are good to go. who do they know in the country? and what are their plans to be here? and the uptake in the resources to see if you are a threat. and we need more capability. and help the fbi. we should resource them more. >> great to have you on the program, more.
10:41 am
jon? >> to minneapolis from fort lauderdale. to turn around after a passenger appeared to make a bomb threat. a passenger was overheard making mention of a bomb. and after interviewing the passenger, the fbi decided it was a miscommunication. the incident highway lights -- highlights how uncertain americans are. >> reporter: we have all seen the sign, slogan, see, something, say, something. we have different perceptions of what constitutes a threat. less than a week before the busiest traveling. there are travel plans in chaos. in receipt days, there are numbous cases of airlines diverted or alerted to go back to the gate.
10:42 am
in one case, denmark flight had to return after a passenger made a joke about a bomb. they were arrested. in other cases, a suspicious passenger alerted a pilot back to the gate. but that is a typical pattern. fear and anxiety and what we know about the tsa. it's theater to make people feel for relaxed. but the recent dhs inspector generals have stuck 95 percent fake bombs in the system without detection. we are no better off from a security stand point than on september 11th. >> the recent attacks may be calling collective ptsd among many who remember 9/11. that's what the terrorist want to achieve. fear. >> recognize they are trying to scare us and learn how to manage our fear and our anxiety.
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>> right now security officialses in europe said the information on the terror attack was made possible by a cell phone left by the attacks. it led to the ring leader's hide
10:47 am
out. the isis uses social media and technology to spread propaganda. tina is a tech writer and expert. sheena, we'll go bit by bit. initially after the terrorist attacks we heard about telegram and there was a lot of questions of where terrorist were using encrypted society. how did's cell phone crack the case open, how can that be? >> that is correct. there were channels that the isis were using on telegrams and encrypted channels and on that phone they discovered was geo location was on the phone and recording where the terrorist was using the phone, and that
10:48 am
led authorities back to places that he had been including the hide out that they found, with his co-horts. >> we could have that on our phone and it is tracking us wherever we go, correct? >> it is in the settings is a layier for example phones track where you have been and tags your favorite places. and see they offer it as a service to better serve you and give you different locations around you, but it also can be used to track you in places that you have been. >> interesting, that could be simple to turn off in the cell phone and because it wasn't it cracked the case. and tell us about the encrypted technology. we know there is a track record. we have's screen for our viewers that has a lot of apps. iphone, or imessage is a tex
10:49 am
messaging apps that is under the radar. it makes it tougher for people to spy on you. >> and see what you are seeing in the graphic is posted by the islamic state to say to the members. those are the apps to use to communicate because of encryption technology that make its hard to track. you are see the unsafe apps are cracked by authorities. and they are using the telegram or safe chat and those are again encrypted and that means that people can't break in and they are not stored on servers for authorities to review afterwards. andul you will see them on smart phones and iphones that you use with your friends.
10:50 am
>> i was curious of telegrams and there is no evidence that it was used in that attack. telegram you can broadcast to 200 people and there was a question of that being able to make sure we're 3÷ comes to terrorism. >> i don't think there's an easy answer. you're seeing an intention between privacy and insecurity. there's been some efforts underway. the public wasn't on board with that. there might be some sort of way we can get the technology companies on board with tracking and sharing the tracks communications and then allowing authorities to review it.
10:51 am
i don't think there's an easy or quick answer here. >> thank you for having you on the program. we look forward to having you back. signed sealed and delivered. more on what he has so say. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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new information about the terrorist in the hotel attack and how many are dead as the operation is still ongoing at this hour. new details about the alleged female suicide bomber in wednesday's terror raids. authorities have id'ed the second bomber at the soccer stadium. donald trump causing some controversy saying he would implement a database system to keep track of muslims in this
10:55 am
country. do presidential candidates ben carson and senator lindsey graham agree. we'll be talking to mr. graham. find out more on the real story. dr. ben carson today, the last major republican presidential candidate to file for the first in the nation primary. making it official around noon eastern time and not wasting any time tackling the subject of terrorism and his rivals. >> donald trump started anew this debate over whether mosques should be closed and database to track muslims. he said he would implement the database to track potential terrorists and muslims. today in new hampshire, when he filed gave his 1,000 to be on the ballot, he took issue with that. >> if we're just going to pick out a particular group of people
10:56 am
based on their religion, race, that's setting a pretty dangerous precedent. >> jeb bush has denounced both trump's idea of closing mosques and the religious database. when carson was asked about it, he left the door open to scrutinizing but not necessarily closing the mosques. >> there are mosques where there's a lot of activity going on that's radicalizing people they must be treated differently. >> hillary clinton called it shocking rhetoric and there's already division in the republican party about it. >> the arguing goes on. thanks. back in a moment. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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have a great pre-thanksgiving weekend. >> the real story starts now. a week afterthe paris attack stunned the world, terror unfolding again. this time in the west african nation of mali. a al qaeda link group now claiming responsibility after gunmen stormed a luxury hotel. he hello everyone. the jihadi taking 10 special forces. now reports of at least 27 people dead. the original number was just three. the number climbing as security forces declare the hostage situation is over. paul is live in south africa with the very


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