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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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have a great pre-thanksgiving weekend. >> the real story starts now. a week afterthe paris attack stunned the world, terror unfolding again. this time in the west african nation of mali. a al qaeda link group now claiming responsibility after gunmen stormed a luxury hotel. he hello everyone. the jihadi taking 10 special forces. now reports of at least 27 people dead. the original number was just three. the number climbing as security forces declare the hostage situation is over. paul is live in south africa with the very latest.
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hi, paul. >> reporter: hi. as we understand it, the u.n. is reporting that two of the jihadist attacker have now been kill but the operation to end the siege is still ongoing. we understand that all the hostages have been free. that's the reports we're getting but the gunmen, those are the numbers that are left of them are still in a stand off with the special forces on the seventh floor of the hotel. it's 12 hours into the siege and it's been bloody. a total of 27 bodies have been found so far. only about a third of the hotel has been searched. that number could change. we're not on the front line. they did end an intelligence and logistical capability.
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>> has anyone claimed responsibility thus far? >> yes, very interesting. two groups working together have claimed responsibility. a local mali al qaeda faction. interesting because the u.s. claims they killed him in an air strike back in june. he's been denying that saying he's alive. french and belgium citizens are amongst the dead. the french guests at the hotel may have been the real target here. isis is not known to be directly related to any of these groups in west africa but almost all of them claim allegiance to isis. back to you. >> thank you very much.
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for those who do not know, mali is a target because it's a former french colony and because french troops invaded the country back in 2013. troops to stop an islamist insurgency which is on track to take control of the country. how would the attack as attempt to strike at france in the wake of paris attack. >> well, first of all, the french are propping up the mali government. these groups hate the french because they stopped the take over of the country in 2013 by radical islamist groups and there's several. there could be been attacks against the french any way. the terrorist incident was a spark that inspired them to take
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this strike against france in the aftermath of what happened in paris. >> the take is related to the ongoing instability in mali. the fall of kadafi. the main terrorist group, i want to talk about that there is al qaeda in the islamic. i want you to tell us more about this terror group and its affiliation with isis since we're hearing the attack may have been directed by isis. >> i think there was a good chance it was inspired or directed by isis. the large al qaeda franchise has sworn allegiance to i believe it did this in 2014. i think it's possible we won't be able to establish a direct relationship between two groups. they want to get france out of mali. that's not going to happen. french president sent in troops in 2013 to drive this group back. no european state would help with troops. the u.s. wouldn't help with troops.
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the french did it on their own. >> that raises an excellent point because there's other islamic terror groups and many members have formed allegiance to isis. the french president asked u.s. to send state troops as you just mentioned but they refused. was that a mistake. does the u.s. need to take a stronger stance? >> i think the u.s. needs to take a straance. this shows the leadership of the french president. as we look at the situation many syria, we may be seeing a similar situation. maybe france and russia will lead a ground operation and be joined by arab states like france did in mali in 2013.
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we're not just talking about isis. what does it say about any country that tries to intervene militarily the way france did in mali and how it's backfired on them. many country would say don't get involved because look what happened in paris. >> there's going be backlash and consequences for doing this. the french are standing up for ha they believe in. they are standing behind their allies. we're going to have violent incidents like this. >> you would say he's acting as a leader, the question is, is our president doing the same thing? >> i would say so. on one hand we have a silly, isolation socialist and in france we have a socialist that sent in troops to fight a pretty vicious radical islamist terror
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organization. i think it does know leadership. >> all right. we're going to have to leave it there. thank you very much for talking to us. >> good to be here. fox news alert, one week ago today. this was the scene in paris the world will never forget as terrorists attack the national stadium, a concert hall and string of cafes and restaurants. new details about the cowardly attackers. the french prosecutors saying the second suicide bomber at this stadium has been identified. surveillance footage shows the suspected master mind in the subway around the time of the attacks. steve is live in paris. where does this hunt for suspects stand right now? >> each day we're learning more
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about the terror attackers and movements. police have announced they have discovered a third body inside the rubble outside that major siege just to the north of paris wednesday. seven hour battle between five suspected terrorists on the inside of that building and more than 200 police and military on the outside. more than 5,000 rounds fired. experts are trying to identify the third body. the other two bodies found were the ring leader and his 26-year-old cousin. >> it's been one week since the attacks. how is the crisis affecting france? >> reporter: affecting not only france but perhaps europe as a whole. the affects are starting to sink in now. there was an emergency meeting in brussels of interior minister. they are moving to try to tighten up the borders. the freedom of movement is something they've been so proud of and now that could be
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changing. france has expressed a great deal of frustration telling the rest of europe you need to wake up to our border problems. they are outraged this terrorist ring leerd, one of the most wanted men in europe was able to move relatively easily between the middle east and belgium. back to you. >> thank you very much. french authorities leaving no stone unturned in the hunt for possible terror threats following last week's bloodshed. since then, police have conducted nearly 800 raids detaining at least 90 people while placing 164 people under house arrest. russia and president vladimir putin going to iran.
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donald trump agreeing with a reporter that we should track muslims here in the united states. the question is how? his answer controversial. we're ask south carolina senator lindsey graham if he agrees with both trump and ben carson on this controversial issue. >> i think we should have a database on everybody. hopefully we have a database on every citizen who is already here. if we don't, we're doing a very poor job.
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meet with iranian's president. french president also set to meet with putin in moscow in what the cremlin is saying to be a step toward the creation of an anti-terror coalition. an al qaeda link group after gunmen stormed a luxury hotel in mali. 27 people are now feared dead after reporters took 170 hostages. u.s. troops and french special forces helping mali forces handle the situation. this attack is being perceived by many in france as a new attack on french interest just as the word marks one week since the deadly attacks in paris. joining me now south carolina senator and republican presidential candidate lindsey graham.
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thank you senator for talking to us. >> thank you. >> this past week has spoke volumes as to the challenges that the presidential candidates are going to face as they take office and the challenges that president obama continues to be scrutinized on on his dealings of this. france, i want to mention sent troops to mali in early 2013 to stop it from becoming major terrorist safe haven. he did not have the backing of europe. he did not have the backing of the united states and now look what has happened today. >> good point. what have we learned in the last week? we learned that president obama is overwhelmed when it comes to radical islam. he doesn't have much of a clue of what he's doing. any further thought i'd hear myself say this. i wish the american president would be as bold as the french president. i have the experience to win there war. i think you've sign in the last week a lot of republican candidates struggle. for two years i've been talking about a ground force to destroy
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isil and syria and iraq that would be made up of americans in the region. for two years i've been warning america that we're going to get attacked here and our allies will get attacked if we don't deal with isil by going in on the ground and destroying them. you have two choice, fight them in their backyard or our backyard. i choose their backyard. >> let's talk about our backyard. yesterday 47 demonstracrats joi republicans in the white house to support a bill. don't worry, it won't get past. what do you make of the senator's prediction and what is your take on concerns over the vetting process? >> i share the house's concern. after paris you should do a couple of things. have a time out on syrian refugees until we can figure out what we're doing. it's clear that isil and other
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groups can infiltrate the flow. it's symbols of failed policy. dealing with this won't make us safe. the only way, i hope people are listening, to protect america from another attack by isil or other radical islamist groups is go in on the ground in syria and iraq and destroy isil before they hit us. i've got an authorization to use military force that i will introduce after thanksgiving that allows us to go any place, any time using any means to destroy isil just like we did after we were attacked on 9/11 regarding al qaeda. the same concept. >> i want to switch gears a bit. donald trump facing some major backlash from political rivals for his most recent comments on syrian refugees. nbc news ask if there should be a database system to track muslims in the u.s. >> there should be a beyond systems beyond database. we should have a lot of systems.
11:18 am
today you can do it. right now we have to have a border. we have to have strength. we have to have a wall. we cannot let what's happening to this country happen? >> i would implement it. >> you called your rival a complete idiot for making this suggestion that we should have some sort of database and id every american-muslim in this country. i'll let you expand. >> i'm running for president of the united states and it's not constitutional to follow someone because of their faith. you follow people because of their behavior. they've got probable cause or reasonable suspicion that somebody is aiding the enemy.
11:19 am
having a watch list of people you're concerned about makes perfect sense to me. i'm glad he's walked us back. we're playing defense. i want to play offense. the way you destroy isil and prevent an attack on our homeland is to go where isil resides. a large regional army to take it away from isil. president obama's policies are not working. you cannot destroy these guys from the air. we're going to get attacked here from home. i've been here at home i've been saying that for two years. i hope people will wake up. i have a plan to win a war that we cannot afford to lose. i have the experience. i've been there 35 times over the last decade. 0 years in the air force. i know what works and what doesn't. this plan of obama's never going to work. >> thank you very much for coming on. we appreciate it. have a great weekend.
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>> thank you. well, fireworks on the campaign trail yet again. this time on the democratic side. hillary clinton blasting donald trump for his recent comments about a system we just talked about tracking muslims here in the u.s. plus, a shocking attack inside a walmart. take a look. this woman getting thrown to the ground not once but twice by another woman. . what sparked this? >> she grabbed me and she was like wham. she slammed me hard. i don't know this woman from adam. i don't know where she came from. i don't know where she lives. for the millions of americans suffering from ringing in their ears, there's no such thing as quiet time.
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you got to love stories like this. the walmart smackdown caught on camera. the victim was filling out work and stepped aside. when she was called back up, that's when the attacker rushed ahead of her and threw her to the floor. the victim gets up but the attack keeps coming. the suspect thought the other woman, this is why she got mad, it k cutting in line. the attacker has been identified. it's unclear if she's arrested or charges filed. this is a number reason two million why i say shop online. hillary clinton blasting dojds trump calling one of his recent comments about muslims shocking. what's the latest, mike? >> hillary clinton will be back
11:25 am
on the campaign trial with grass roots organizing vents later today. clinton game her foreign policy address yesterday in new york. here's a sample. >> islam is not our adversary. muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. >> republican candidate donald trump said in an interview with nbc last night in iowa that the u.s. should create a database of muslims in the country. trump said the government should use a lot of systems to track muslims and he could get them to sign up with good management. he said he didn't suggest the database, the reporter did. clinton tweeted this is shocking rhetoric. it should be denounced by all seeking to lead this country.
11:26 am
>> secretary clinton's had a lot of experience as secretary of state but she hasn't shown an ability to really anticipate what comes next. honestly, as a nation, we need to become a lot better at that. >> which candidate voted against the worse foreign policy blunder in the modern history of america? let me give you a hint, it wasn't bernie sanders. it was hillary clinton. >> thank you, mike. u.s. troops on the scene in mali. how they're assisting in the rescue operation on the deadly hotel siege. plus, president obama's strategy to defeat isis facing tough criticism. how white house contenders like jeb bush say they would defeat
11:27 am
isis. that brings us to our twitter question of the day. which gop presidential candidate do you think will be toughest on islamic terrorism. tweet me at julie banderas. we'll go through some of your tweets later. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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bars. convicted israeli spy is a free man after serving a 30-year sentence. the terms of his parole require him to stay in the u.s. for at least five years. supporters are seeking permission for him to move to israel immediately and never come back to the u.s. an appeals court upholding a 30 year prison sentence for a woman who admitted to pushing her husband after his death to a cliff. she admitted pushing him back in july of 2013. boston marathon survivor says she's unable to dance again all because an airline lost her luggage containing a $250,000 prosthetic leg and dance parts. the legs made specifically for her at the m.i.t. media lab. u.s. troops and french
11:32 am
special forces on the scene of the hotel attack in the west african country of mali. an al qaeda linked group stormed the hotel taking over 100 hostages and leaving 27 dead. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live from the pentagon. how are u.s. troops helping on the ground? >> julie, two american special operators did help the special forces and first responders. i'm told one american special operator was at the hotel helping move people to a secure location as that exited. another was in a joint operation center helping coordinate. u.s. troops were not involved in kicking down doors at the hotel in mali. they have helped train counter terrorism in the past along with the french legion. there were 22 department of defense and u.s. military personnel in the capital at the time of the attack today. the pentagon says they have all
11:33 am
been accounted for. a total of 26 american troops are stations in mali right now. a spokesman africa command said that six americans were rescued from the hotel. five on assignment from d.o.d. >> jennifer, what do we know about the terror group that took responsibility for this attack? >> al qaeda issued claim of responsibility. this is separate from isis and separate from the paris attackers. in terms of background aqim has been involved in horrific attacks in north africa including the seizure of a gas facility that left 38 people dead. among them three americans in 2013. remember in june the u.s. military sent two f-15s to kill the terrorists responsible for that siege. he was killed in a u.s. air strike in libya in june. the one eyed terrorist responsible for planning that
11:34 am
siege in january 2013. the state's department envoy to iraq and syria said in response to today's hotel attack that isis is not particularly present in mali al qaeda link groups have a greater presence in north africa right now. >> jennifer griffin, thank you very much. with isis claiming responsibility for the paris attacks and for downing a russian jet liner over egypt last month with a soda can bomb. president obama's strategy to defeat the terrorists is under increasing criticism. some arguing his approach is not only allowed isis to survive, but to expand. >> 30, 40,000 battle tested terrorists. that's where the energy comes from.
11:35 am
>> it's not only the president who is coming under fire. carly fiorina calling out hillary clinton for not saying we're at war with radical islam. >> not only is she refusing to say radical islam, but she also goes on in a speech today, once again to say we're not at war with islam. why do they feel it necessary to say that? everybody knows that, but we at war with isis. there are people, the foundation of isis philosophy is radical islamic philosophy. we need to call it what it is to be able to defeat it. >> allen holmes and mike gallagher fox news contributors. carly, fiorina, i would love to see her in a ring with hillary clinton. jeb bush is taking a strong stand on how the obama
11:36 am
administration is or is not properly handling the western war, the war against western civilization and saying they have declared war and we have not. allen, i know you say a lot of critics say the president is not doing enough when he is and he's doing stuff that people are accusing him of not doing. the question is if he's keeping up? >> of course. you have people looking for the republican banner to go after this president on national security. that's how they will fight this battle to try to win the presidency. the president has not been afraid to use troops when necessary. he's been clear we should not use ground troops. many foreign policy firnofficia and expert say we should not send them. >> i urge you to google the former director who has been saying for years isis has gathered steam and grown. members of the intelligence
11:37 am
community monitoring isis. when president obama who dismissed isis as the jv team, they're the jv team who slaughtered 130 people in paris. >> we're going after the oil fields. we're going after the transportation networks of the oil fields. >> is it too little lot? we started in iraq. we should have started in syria. by the time we got to syria isis had grown. now there's some 30 to 40,000 terrorists as presidential candidate bush points out, be size of indiana. it's growing. we're not keeping up. >> every republican is laying out a sense of clarity that this administration -- >> that's not true. >> president obama, hillary clinton are refusing to say we're at war with radical islam.
11:38 am
carly fiorina is right. >> he doesn't like using the word radical islam. you don't have to say the phrase that pays. >> it's not a religious war. they want us to be in a religious war. we play right into their hands. >> when they enter the hotel and tried to have people recite from the koran, and if they couldn't, they were beheaded. >> isis is killing more muslims -- >> let me get back to mali. in the 2012 obama/romney debate, mitt romney warned about al qaeda in mali. the same debate as russia comments where he was mocked. let's listen to his comments back then. >> mali has been taken over by al qaeda type individuals. we can't kill our way out of this mess.
11:39 am
we're going to have to put in place a very comprehensive and robust strategy to help the world of islam and other parts of the world reject this radical violent extremism. it's not in the run. >> okay. he seems pretty right now. >> romney was right. of course he was right. when he talks about a clear strategy, we're not getting it. >> we are getting it, but you don't like it. you think ground troops will solve the problem? >> these are religious extremists who are killing. >> you just heard romney say we can't kill our way out of this mess. the republicans are trying to out military each other saying we need more military. >> 47 democrats stood with republicans. >> they're all wrong. >> just like senators would be standing with republicans who are -- >> those democrats who voted against refugees should be
11:40 am
ashamed of themselves. >> good for them and diane finestein. >> i don't think the american people side on the side of caution. i don't believe they believe all the refugees will be terrorists. the problem is there's been refugees that have gone into syria via greece or on a boat from syria and they somehow manage -- can we trust the vetting system? >> i talked to senator and they pointed out there were two men arrested in kentucky who were trying to get their hands on a rocket and they were syrian refugees. >> let's close the country down and let no one in. that's what republicans want to do. >> all right. we got go. >> how's that's working? >> very well. >> didn't work well this paris. >> they were french nationals. >> there was very exciting to have you both in person. i really feel the heat when you two are together. the u.s. coast guard taking a big bite out of the booming
11:41 am
cocaine business seizing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of port. trace gallagher is live with more on that. >> the u.s. coast guard is working with the navy and together they are on a hot streak. in fact, they have never stopped this much cocaine coming north from latin america. this is a coast guard cutter unloading 25 tons of cocaine at the port of san diego. it's from a culmination of two dozen drug busts from late july to early this month. the largest hall was found on a self-propelled semi submerse vessel. >> this is a big, very big haul. it's not normal people come back with this much contraband on board. >> the coast guard and navy have nabbed 23 drug running
11:42 am
speedboats. so far this year 158,000 pounds of coke has been seized. that's more than in the past three years combined. part of the reason for the large number of busts is that the u.s. authorities are getting better at spotting drug vessels and part of the reason the cartels are shipping more cocaine than ever. even with nearly 80 tons of cocaine seized, the coast guard says 70% of the drugs are still getting through. take a look, if you will, at the hit the cartels have taken. here is the dollar breakdown, the drug math. a kilo or a brick costs about $2,000 to produce down in columbia. it's worth 25,000 here in the united states. 158,000 pound seize is $2.4 billion it's cost the cartel. even if you're getting a lot through, that's major hit. 700 smugglers have been arrested this year. >> thank you very much. a last second reroute for a plane forced back in the air
11:43 am
just seconds after touching down. what led to the aborted landing. donald trump pouncing on dr. ben carson who has taken a slide. why trump says the doctor isn't ready to be president. >> we're going to be involved with foreign policy. we got to get rid of that cancer out there. there's a lot of things happening. we have to be good and sharp on foreign policy or we're going to have bigger problems than we ever had. ♪ yeah. that's the one right? we forgot dave! thank you. so, can the test drive be over now? maybe head back to the dealership? it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new tiguan and other select volkswagen models.
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all surviving hostages are out of hotel in mali. at the top of the hour what we know about the al qaeda offshoot claiming responsibility. comparing al qaeda and isis. why one former fbi agent says today's attack could be a twisted competition between those terror groups. that's coming up.
11:47 am
welcome back. a commuter plane is forced to abort landing at the very last moment. the pilot of the city jet flight from london city airport forced to perform a go around procedure just seconds after touching down at the airport in southern ireland. officials are saying strong gusty cross winds are to blame for this quick thinking reroute. the plane was able to land safely a few minutes later. gop presidential front-runner donald trump says dr. ben carson's campaign is stumbling. he said he doesn't think trump is tough enough to handle serious issues and welcomes foreign policy to be president. >> if you look over the last week and a half, two weeks and maybe i helped it along by making a speech two weeks ago, which i thought was a really good speech. i was very proud of it.
11:48 am
i spoke for about an hour and a half with notes. his consultant said he is incapable of learning foreign policy. they said he was incapable of learning. that's devastating. >> larry, thank you very much. it's no surprise that donald trump is going to pick on the competitor and that's ben carson saying northeast a free fall because of his alleged lack of foreign policy expertise. his poll numbers have shown a bit of fall. in new hampshire trump is in top with 27%. carson is further down and tied for fourth with jeb bush at 9%. what has happened to ben carson's campaign and how much of it is due to his foreign policy inexperience? >> donald trump has sensed
11:49 am
weakness and when ever he senses weakness he's going to strike. he goes for the jugular. i don't think carson's decline has anything to do with donald trump's speech or anything else he's said. i think it's had something to do with a big event and big events can have big consequences in politics. terrorists was the big event. if ben carson has a weakness, it is clearly foreign policy. that's become evident over the past few months, not just few days or weeks. as a consequence carson has been dipping. i wouldn't say it's a free fall. i would say it's a decline. it may be permanent or temporary. remember we're in november in the thanksgiving season what goes down can come up and what goes up can come down. >> political ouders have had the upper hand. a lot of people wanted to look outside of washington. i will say that with the foreign policy measures that have been
11:50 am
taking place and the criticism in washington, a lot of outsiders are being extra scrutinized as far as who would be most qualified. ben carson has himself come out and said that he would be willing to learn. in other words he would be entering the oval always willing to learns he goes. you look at the measures on which he's raided. he's sky high on good guy. somebody who cares about you. somebody i'd like to sit down and have dinner with or a beer with. what does trump score highly on? toughness. toughness.
11:51 am
toughness. what's needed in a foreign policy crisis, toughness? >> that's all the time we have. thank you very much for joining us. a unique homecoming for a wounded warrior. why this navy veteran was given a brand new home for free and how it all happened, next. machine sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> airlines and travelers on high alert following the terror attack and threats across the globe. a spirit airlines flight from florida grounded due to a bomb three. one of many security incidents delaying flights this week. phil has the details in miami. >> reporter: on that spirit flight out of fort lauderdale last night, an unusual twist in that one of the men involved is now claiming that his civil liberties were trampled. spirit flight 396 was 15 minutes into the fort lauderdale to
11:55 am
minneapolis flight when it turned around and landed back at fort lauderdale. police then handcuffed two men on the plane, scored them off and questioned them. i talked to one of the passengers on the plane. thought they heard something about a bomb threat. >> kind of scary. it was a type of excitement nobody weally wants to have. >> the fbi and the airline now concede there was in fact no bomb threat made, just a, quote, misunderstanding. one of the men hauled off the plane has now lawyered up and says he i owed a big apology. >> i was in a big shock when the police officer came inside the aircraft and just jumped on me. you don't know how many things you have in your head when you -- you don't know. nobody told me what is go on, why i've ban been arrested. if a been treated like a criminal. >> such is the state of fear around airplanes, a week after
11:56 am
paris and ahead of the thanksgiving travel, another example, yesterday morning in los angeles, an airport worker spotted an off-duty pilot on the jetblue jetway without a badge. the flight was delayed, the plane was searched and cleared of bombs and the off-duty pilot hopped on another flight on another airline. and actually getting home sooner. back to you. >> thank you very much. one of the nation's heroes, jeremy bush, a veteran from portland, texas, being given the keys to his new mortgage-free home, who suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving in the navy in afghanistan. the veteran says a huge burden has now been lifted. >> we have struggled a lot since we got back, and with my disabilities and different things, and it takes a huge burden off of us. >> bush surrounded bily family, the -- sheped a -- shepard smith
11:57 am
is next. have a great weekend. ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪
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and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, 8:00 p.m. in mali, where americans are caught in the middle of a deadly terror attack. gunmen storming a hotel and taking hostages. u.s. forces on the escape two groups tied to al qaeda claiming credit. a week after the attack on paris there's world the suspect who got away might be in disguise and on the run from cops and isis. also, cutting off the islamic state's cash. we'll speak with a former u.s. point man on terror financing who said it's about a lot more than oil supply. let's get to it. good friday afternoon from the deck.


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