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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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thanks for joining us this evening i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta. i will see you monday night on the five. tune back in to "on the record". greta is back with you. have a great weekend. hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor election 2016. it's an election now being framed terrorism. the isis attacks in paris and the al qaeda linked attack on a western hotel in mali. there are few signs the terror threat is going away any time soon. the presidential candidates are sounding off on how they would protect americans from further threats the two leading republican candidates ben carson and donald trump have come under fire for their remarks. here is what carson said about keeping terrorists from sneaking into america with syrian refugees.
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>> if there is a rabid dog running around your neighborhood, you probably are not going $b asomething good about that dog and you are probably going to put your children out of the way. it doesn't mean that you hate all dogs by any stretch of the imagination. >> muslim interest groups like cair condemned carson's remarks and carson later denied he was comparing syrians to rabid dogs saying he was just using a met for. meantime republican frontrunner donald trump has suggested the united states may have to close down some mosques. also wouldn't rule out keeping track of muslims in america. >> >> there should be a lot of systems beyond database. we should have a lot of systems. today you can do it but right now we have to have a border. we have to have strength. we have to have a wall and we cannot let what's happening to this country happen any longer.
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>> >> i would certainly implement that, absolutely. >> how do you think effects that how would it work it? >> would stop people from coming in illegally. we have to stop from coming in illegally. >> how do you get them registered? >> it would be just good management. what you have to do is good management procedures. >> trump later posted on twitter that it was the reporter, not him, who suggested a muslim database and said he was in favor of strong surveillance and a terror watch list. nevertheless, hillary clinton called trump's remarks, quote: shocking. several republican rivals also denounced trump's comments with ted cruz saying, quote: i'm not a fan of religion registries of american citizens. how would all of this play out on the campaign trail? joining us now with reaction michael a republican strategist and from tampa michael goodman a g.o.p. strategist. will trump and carson be hurt by these latest comments controversies? >> i really don't think so. i mean, we have all been
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shocked by the event events in paris. we want answers and remedies. paul ryan waspvm#÷ very sharp this past week in saying we have got to push the pause button and get control of this process before we move forward with syrian refugees a lot of governors are starting to say we are not ready to accept refugees into our various states, the problem here is and this is what the election is about right now, eric, whether we like it or not. there is a lot of insecurity and anxiety. that permeates throughout the american public and they want answers and leaders who are strong, courageous, tell it like it is. stop playing political"t correctness and put it on the line. at times, some of that rhetoric might be considered over the line. when it comes to terrorism, there is a bright line that i think all of us as americans have got to erase and eliminate and i think that's where the common purpose and common ground will be found moving forward. >> so michael, what about do you think some of the comments carson's and trump's in particular will be a problem?
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>> look, i think there is a point in which flame flowing doesn't help. flame flowers flame out. one thing to take these issues seriously. serious issues with isis and terrorism. this rhetoric particularly going to help. >> carson says it was just a met for. >> fundamentalists or islamists who may be coming over with refugees just as a met more you see that as flame flowing? >> the language that you use matters and he is using environment that we are in if it you use a bad met for you will get called to the carpet for it. we are starting had to see that there is a limit to how much war son can get away with. >> what about donald trump? donald trump was literally asked a question by a reporter while he is walking, signing autographs walking down a line. is that fair to say to pin that comment on him especially after he walks it back? >> absolutely. he is running for president at this point. he has got to be willing to
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take responsibility for what he says if you are going to react on a whim to a comment like that that is clearly to american principles you better be ready sounds like donald trump will say things that americans are thinking and it doesn't hurt him what michael is contending here. >> you said it in your question it's what they are thinking. a lot of people. michael would agree with this that we should get to the bottom line of what is really driving a lot of this. we have a president who is acting like neville chamberlain did when he thought he could through appeasement and conversation back down a guy by the name of adolf hitler. we have an enemy that will not be negotiated with, that will not be silenced and won't be stopped until someone stands up and stops them. that's where donald trump and others who are putting it straight on the line. he actually went. >> the point is that this language isn't going to help the situation. right now we study the
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language of leadership. what americans are looking for now is a leader. they are looking for someone who is going to be responsible with rhetoric and positive will solutions. whole notion of getting into a fight whether we call it radical islamic terrorism or whether we point fingers at others we have tested it. >> michael, you are almost saying that we shouldn't call it radical islamic terrorism because you are worried about the language and, you know, the p.c.ness nature of you putting those terms together radical and islam, people don't want to do it. obama doesn't want to do it. >> everyone knows who we are talking about at this point. every time we spend time fighting about the language. >> why don't we just declare war on radical islam? is political correctness just keeping us from declaring a world war on radical islam? why don't wei[ actually declare war on the people who are attacking us. >> they are. aren't they the ones that are attacking us radical islamists. >> every time we focus on the language in that case we are politic siding the situation and taking the focus away from agreeing on the solutions.
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we have much less of a gap, i think, on many of the policy solutions than we do on this rhetorical debate about radical islam. >> my problem, adam, is we are worried about the words and what we are saying than what really matters. there are people dying around the world. there is a scoreboard between al qaeda and isis who is going to win and the numbers going up on the scoreboard is how many people they have killed. why don't we call it what it is it's radical, it's islam and stop worrying if donald trump mentions something in a line or ben carson uses a met for. >> i think that the essence of the campaign of 16 so far and the reason that the outsiders have had such groundswell of support so far is they say we have seen what happens when you use words and nothing happens. seen what happens when nothing happens. we want things to get -- we want to get things done. we want leaders who are going to get things done. we are looking at a situation in paris where, once again, the president led by the president, we didn't stand up and lead, which is kind has been our
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nature and ethos. we have to do it again. >> the candidates that perform best under these circumstances are ones that are focused on the solutions that we need to implement not on this rhetorical debate about radical islam. >> got to leave it right there. thank you very much. the attacks in paris have reignited the debate over government surveillance. how much is too much? we'll have that debate upcoming.
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citi got involved very early on and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa. i really believe we only live once, and so you need to take an idea that you have and go for it. you have the opportunity to say, "i've been part of the creation of over 27,000 units of housing," and to replicate this across the entire african continent. in the unresolved problem segment, surveillance terror, and election 2016 we now know that the ringleader of the paris attack planning 11 months before he was killed on a police raid on a paris suburb on wednesday. how does such a well known
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jihadiist go so undetected. some blame the secrets by edward snowden saying it gave the terrorists intel and scale back spying efforts. they found these encrypted apts and they knew to use encrypted communications because of the edward snowden revelations. what was it you said. >> about snowden? i said i thought he ought to be brought back to the united states and tried before a jury of his piers if convicted of treason which i think is the appropriate charge. i would give him the death sentence and i would prefer to see him hanged by the neck until he was dead rather than merely electrocuted. >> wow. >> i think the blood of a lot of these french young people is on his hands. >> but presidential candidate rand paul says the paris attacks absolutely do not justify morevt spying. when they stand up on
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television and say the tragedy in paris means you have to give up your liberty we need more phone surveillance. bull [bleep] [cheers] >> joining us with reaction in washington, d.c. senior magazine and in florida michael suleman a former nypd special voter. michael, you police the biggest city in america. in your opinion do we need more or less surveillance. >> i listen to rand paul and i'm scratching my head the man is a opt monthly gist he should have his eyes see the nose on his face. talking to students who do nothing all day but violate everybody else's civil rights by posting garbage on social media all their friends and everything else. confidential information is confidential. in order to build a case he case in his life. in order to build a case you have to vote for reasonable suspicion.
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ream suspicion from there you find out what it is pass it along it the u.s.a. and they build a case of probable cause and they go after a warrant. >> let me just ask you and push back. if omar calls his cousin 22 times i'm sure he is on the nsa watch list and already being surveilled in paris, in france, they don't have the privacy laws the protections in law that we have here constitutionally in america, yet, there still was a booed bath perpetratorred on the parisians, more information didn't seem to help the parisians. >> no, it didn't it's gotif got to be collective. we got to start talking to each other. it happened prior to 9/11. let me ask you this. whole haystack to find the needle. does that work here?
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>> i don't think it does. not only does france not have the protections that we have the privacy protections. they actually expanded their surveillance capabilities over the summer prior to these attacks and it didn't help. you know you talk about snowden and it's worth remember there was international terror attacks. there were attacks this london and madrid. unfortunately. terrible tragedies and it wasn't as if there were no international terrorist attacks before snowden's revelation. i think what snowden has done has enabled the debate and brought transparency to a process that is really worryingly secret and the obama administration in particular tried to keep secret, tried to keep out of the eyes of the public because they didn't want people to know what was going on. >> so here's the debate right here. we are setting it up with you two gentlemen. on one side there are people who want all the information. they want it collected and saved by the government. on the other side thepi lynn
5:16 pm
tarrens say no, if you want the information you are going to have to go through the legal channels to get it. is there a happy medium? let me start with you, michael, is there a happy medium where you can get the information, the server, verizon, googles, they have to hold it and you still have to petition the court. is there a problem with that? won't that make it accessible enough. >> no it will make it accessible enough. you can't just keep it. if something looks funny you have got to talk about it and pass the information along. look at all the confidential information thaten6yp rand paul has in his office about his patients, medical information coifidential. nobody wants that leaked out. and it's the same thing here. i mean, we have got information that we're holding as confidential. the nsa has to be trusted that they have got it and they are only going to use it when they need it. we have to. >> is this a fair compromise where you tell verizon, at&t to hold the information and if the nsa or the intel department wants it they can petition the fisa court to
5:17 pm
get it that seems like a fair compromise. >> i think it's dangerous to allow the nsa to have special dominion over this information because the nsa is part of the government and these sorts of sweeping indescripple that the programs, these don't just collect information from people who are likely to be terrorists, who are suspected terrorists. they are picking up information from millions of americans. we know this, in fact we know that in part because of the revelations provided by edward snowden. millions swept up. >> i gave you that i said the nsa -- is not allowed to just collect all data mine every single american. they require various carriers to hold the data. if the nsa want it they can petition the fisa court is that a problem. >> you still give the nsa special access. in sa getting special access
5:18 pm
to the information that millions of americans, to private personal information, records who you are calling, how often for how long, where you are and this could be you. it could be me. it could be be any millions of people. >> i still think it's okay to not give them complete cart blanche over every single piece of data in america. certainly give them a first crack at it before anyone else does. i am going to have to leave it there, guys, peter and michael, weúv have ran out of time. obama's isis policy is under fire is that going to hurt democrats on the campaign trail? he we will debate that coming up next. yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people,
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in the impact segment tonight, president obama's isis policy under siege. remember that just a day before the paris attack, president obama told abc news that isis was, quotes: contained. republicans have slammed the president for those remarks but democrats, they defended him. >> last week president obama said isis was contained. was he right when he said that? >> we are prepared to defeat isis by any definition. the president has engaged with more than 65 other countries to defeat isis. the president knows better than any of us the threat that they pose to security of the world and to the american people so i have confidence in the president's take on what is out there. same president who called isis the jay vee team back in january 2014. within months, they have taken over a third of territory in both iraq and syria.
5:23 pm
hillary clinton was asked about that this week. >> do you believe that president obama under estimated isis when he >> look, i don't think it's useful to go back and replow old ground. >> just say yes. joining us now for reaction the democratic strategist and from washington rebecca hendrix a fellow at the hudson institute. democrats keep trying to have to defend the president's comments about isis, is that going to be a liability on the campaign trail? >> of course it will. president under estimated isis. he continues to under estimate isis. until hillary clinton is even willing to use the words, muslim extremist or that these are radical islam i.s. she won't identify who it is we are at war with. until we get around to use these words properly and identify the enemy, i don't know how about how anybody can expect to defeat them and ultimately kill them. >> what is the risk of saying the president was wrong? >> because he wasn't wrong. >> jv team.
5:24 pm
>> full speech from a week ago. listen to the full speech he was talking about containment in iraq and syria. he is talking about cutting off the head of isis. >> are they contained. >> they have more contained than they have ever been. >> but they are not. >> go back to preobama policy. more than they have ever been. >> that's not even accurate. don't spin this. they are spreading. >> they are not spreading as of last week. when you look at military, when you look at the troops on the ground there, he this are being attacked militarily. they are being attacked, you know, listen, honduras, they caught those guys in honduras at the border of honduras. that wouldn't be possible if america wasn't sharing their intelligence across the world. it is america's amping its intelligence. it's america's amping up of national security and internet security. >> i'm not sure how our intelligence shared with the rest of the world caught five syrian fighters that wanted to come across the border in honduras. rebekah, what about anyone coming out and saying enough, we were wrong. function it president obama. i mean, nancy pelosi, what's
5:25 pm
in it for her to back the president in this failed strategy? >> the american people want people to speak clearly not treat them like children but just explain things to them and let them know what's going on. that's how you gain the confidence of the american people. >> why aren't the republicans -- republicans are talking about. >> trying to establish. >> banning muslims. >> caliphate that's what they're doing. the establishing islamic caliphate by spreading territory and maintaining and actually establishing a government. isis is now able to distribute goods and so. >> you are pointing out refugees. i think 47 democrats just voted with republicans in saying enough. at least slow down the syrian refugee policy or make it much more harsh. what about that? >> you know what? here is an area where i'm just as mad as democrats as you are. >> those 47 democrats from representative cinema to representative murphy are more interested in voting along with trey gowdy an extremist republican than
5:26 pm
with fellow democrats and leadership. >> what about voting the right way and concern of the american people and voted the way they felt. of jewish refugees coming to america. there was a poll that came out a few weeks before saying auto% of americans didn't want those refugees. guess what we pushed that boat back and what happened? a quarter of those jewish refugees were sent into the holocaust and died. we don't rule by polls. we rule by leadership. >> i keep hearing this over and over 1939, 1942. we got it we understand what you are doing here. isis wasn't around then. 53%, rebekah of americans say stop all syrian refugees right now. >> i find it really interesting that my colleague is able to use the words republican extremists but finds it impossible to use the word islamic extremists. >> she has got a point. >> the president wants to demagogue those who disagree with him who are afraid. he said the republicans are
5:27 pm
afraid of widows and orphans. they are not they are afraid of their neighbors becoming orphans and widows. >> the refugees are overwhelmingly widows and orphans. only 2% are under 24. >> i don't necessarily disagree with you the president isn't even trying to persuade the whole point of beiunited states and operatig in a democratic system that we have is to persuade those that disagree with you. instead he mocks and ridicules and demagogues who can blame the republicans? >> let me tried to persuade know micky a little bit. are these radical. >> absolutely. >> are they islamists? >> some are and are some are just they are using islam in the name of terrorism. >> they are using islam in the name of terrorism. they are radicalizing. >> they are radical in the name of islam i would call that radical islam. >> islam is a peaceful religion. >> nomiki got to government rebekah, thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this
5:28 pm
evening. should americans syrian refugees? we will debate that some more. ben carson and chris christie enter the no spin zone this week. we will bring you the highlights and hope you stay tuned to those reports. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. jeb bush: leadership means it's not about yappin'.. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created.
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we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it. courage. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society. >> this is a fox news alert. i'm trace gallagher. the latest terrorist attack has claimed the life of a citizen. the state department has
5:32 pm
identified one american among the victims killed in today's attack by islamic extremists in mali. it happened at a radison hotel in the at that capital cif bamako the death toll 21 including the gunman who launched the attack. at least seven others were wounded. in paris thousands turned out to honor those killed in a terrorist am page a week ago today. some lit candles and others held hands in a moment of silence in a public square that has become a public gathering site. cafe and concert hall where 130 innocent lives were lost exactly one week ago today. continuing coverage of the terror attacks throughout the night and the weekend. i'm trace gallagher. now back to the o'reilly factor. >> in the personal story segment tonight, how to handle a syrian refugee crisis is now a centerpiece of the presidential campaigns.
5:33 pm
meantime new polling from bloomberg shows the majority of americans 53% do not want the united states to take syrian refugees. just 28% think the u.s. should move forward with the plan to resettle 10,000 refugees without religious screening. 11% say only christian refugees from syrian should be taken in. joining us now from washington, david good friend who worked for president clinton and here in new york brook goal stein, the director of the block fair project. let's talk about this a little bit. 53% say don't immigrate any of the refugees whatsoever. what's wrong with that idea for now just until we find out what's really going on? >> well, you know what? there is nothing wrong with the fact that americans simply do not trust the obama administration to deal with national security issues. how can we trust them we have a failed foreign policy and president going around
5:34 pm
joking and accusing everyone of being racist?w if they imminent security threat. that's what the poll. >> there is analogy going around the internet all day today whether it's m&ms or skittles or grapes if you have 100 in a basket and you know one of them could kill can you, would you eat the grape, the skittle or the m&m? >> well, i want to try to bring this conversation to republicans in congress route now who i think is a true statesman and somebody speaking the truth to the american people and that's what we need right now senator bob corker chairman of the senate foreign relations committee top committee for dealing with foreign affairs. what does senator corker from tennessee tell us? he tells us we are focused on the wrong problem. i think we need to listen to him. he says when we talk about the refugees and refugee admissions program, that's really not where the greatest threat lies. the greatest threat lies in visa waivers. student waivers waivers for
5:35 pm
travel. the minute he talked about that heritage foundation said don't touch the is a waivers we have a lot of employees and tourism dollars they are putting money ahead of our national security. i'm with bob corker. get some facts out here and talk reasonably to the american people. >> clearly, david and brook and you can weigh in on this there are a lot of issues with people overstaying their visa. people coming across the border is an issue. and not knowing who the syrians are. how do we vet these people? i know it's a long -- based on what? war in syria for three years. we have been seeing pictures of dead syrian children for way too long. and all of a sudden, obama says we have to open up our borders and if you disagree with him and we don't let
5:36 pm
without the vetting process we are all racist? we have to stop and think about this. >> let me jump in because there is a real answer, eric to your question. it takes typically about 18 to 24 months for anybody, anybody in the refugee program administered by the united nations where someone is referred to the united states and then begins two year >> that's no longer the process. >> excuse me you are wrong. >> they are cutting down the length of time by half. >> you are wrong. >> they are also increasing. >> you are absolutely wrong. how you am i wrong? they are cutting down the length of time. they are increasing five fold the amount of refugees they want to bring into this we have for 2015 has to be completely overhauled. we have to step back and listen to the experts. i trust the counter terrorism experts when they tell us. >> me too. >> don't have okay process going on here. >> i trust them when they say that the house passed bill means nothing because
5:37 pm
there isn't even a resource allocation for doing something differently. look, again, i'm coming back to senator corker, the chairman. >> forget senator corker for one second. >> really? >> there is an important issue here. do you know that the state department said they only track refugees 90 days after they enter the united states. in 90 days they are free to go. frankly as it is they can probably go from state to state freely and there is no one tracking them. we know there is an issue of homegrown terror and issue of measures getting radicalized i have to think a syrian coming over the border is easier to radicalize than an american growing up in new jersey high school. >> listen, let's look at the actual enemy here, those terrorists who did that terrible act in paris. how many of them were actually french or belgium citizens confirmed? i believe it is 7. a vast majority they could have come if you are a dumb
5:38 pm
tears and there are some, i'm sure, you go in and try to get in as a refugee. if you are smart you try to get in under a visa. that's what senator corker is telling us. you are barking up the wrong tree. >> we are worried about the really smart terrorists. all right. we have got to leave it right there. david and brook thank you very much. hot debate. ben carson and chris christie were here earlier this week. we will show you what they had to say to bill directly ahead. with chantix. i have smoked for thirty years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in three months. and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and
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alka-seltzer plus. thanks for staying with us on this o'reilly factor 2016 special i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. as we mentioned earlier in the program, the worldwide terrorism madness in the refugee crisis its created is having impact on the race. bill spoke to two of the g.o.p. contenders about how they would deal with these issues. >> very specifically, doctor, there is a sense of urgency now about isis how would you defeat the movement or at least beat them back for the time being? >> what i would do is take the war to them, very
5:43 pm
specifically you by getting our allies in the area, jordan, saudi arabia, as well as our nato allies because the war is against all of us. you know, and i would cut off their oil. >> but how do you cut off the oil? how do you -- look, jordan is bombing them. egypt is involved with fighting isis. saudi arabia involved with fighting them in yemen. so you have got to have a plan, doc. i mean, and i'm not seeing any american politicians with the cogent plan at this point. , nobody. >> the french have already started becoming the oilyq fields, but i say you have to either destroy the oil fields or you have to take them. you know, it's a big comprehensive program. and you have to really take the fight to them and you have to strang do you go late them in terms of the ease of accesses they have with cash through world banking systems. >> okay. but all of that -- you know,
5:44 pm
doc, here is where all the politicians, including you with all due respect. you have got to have specific -- now, last couple of nights ago i said is article 5 of nato bheens an attack on one nation is an attack on all. so that nato should immediately be galvanized together and foot soldiers and air should be raised to go into syria to get isis. now, you can do it a number of different ways tactically and i don't think we should be telling the isis savages what we're going to be do. the first step is to get nato engaged. to get a formal declaration of war on isis. would you oppose that? >> no, i would not oppose that as i said, we need to get all of ourãallies involved both the ones in the middle east and the nato allies involved and committed. to this. >> okay. but that's not being done. it's not -- you know, hollande wants it, the president of france but we don't hear much from merkel. we don't hear much from
5:45 pm
britain. we don't hear anything from barack obama. so there is no leadership. >> that's because we are not leading. >> yeah. i mean but you havecháo basically say, look, we're going to commit enough troops to the theater to beat these people. >> you have been adamant in saying no syrian refugees in the garden state. why? >> because i don't trust this president and his homeland security department or state department to vet these folks. i just don't. >> what if they send you the names of people that they would like to move into jersey and you had troopers and the intelligence apparatus you have vet them? would that be acceptable? >> not sufficient because even the fbi director says with their data base his fbi director jim comey said we don't have the data on these folks to be able to do the right kind of background checks. >> you would assume that 10,000 refugees, which is just a pittance of what there are, okay? the people that come to the united states would be the people that have passports and ids and fingerprint
5:46 pm
checks and all of this. we are a humanitarian nation. >> he would are. >> all right. you are a christian. >> yes, sir. >> i'm a christian. the pope says we have got to help these refugees and i'm thinking if i'm a governor, i say i'm going to do my own vetting and if my people say they're okay and i would take mainly women and children, only a few men who were family heads, then i'm going to let them in. would i be wrong. >> i think you would be and here is why. we don't have the data bases to be able to do this at the state level, we just don't. we count on the department of homeland security and the fbi and the and so this president has the degraded those folks and demoralized. >> that's what i'm saying. if you get a list of names and your guys in jersey can't say to you, look you in the eye, these people are safe, i wouldn't let them in. >> they don't even communicate to us. we know that they have been placing refugees in states, including ours without even communicating with us. >> let me stop you here. you have refugees around the world in new jersey that you don't even know about?
5:47 pm
>> correct. >> is that right? >> the administration places them directly with nongovernmental organizations and they do not even give the administration and the state the courtesy of the information. >> give me an example of that do you have any? >> we have about 7 a syrian refugees that have come in since january. it's a new jersey that he we were never advised about, never. >> where are they now? >> now we are trying to find it throughout by going to the nongovernmental organizations. >> like catholic charities. >> like catholic charities but the administration places them directly through those organizations? the catholic charities and other charities are not obligated to tell you? >> they are not doing it. >> they just show up these people. >> i wrote and said you don't even show us the courtesy of telling us you are going to put people in our state and you are doing it already. >> all right, governor, we appreciate you coming in. >> thanks, bill. >> how the terrorist attacks and crisis impacting the evangelical vote moments away. et to book a flight
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based on his driving, not theirs. get snapshot and see just how much your good driving could save you. in the second impact segment tonight, the ever important evangelical vote. ted cruz has seen the recent rise in the polls and according to some analysts a large part of that is due to his courtship of the evangelical voters. as part of his strategy, cruz has emphasized that he would help christians trying to flee the violence in syria. >> i think it's a very, very different circumstance for the christians right now. but this is heart breaking. we need to be working to provide a safe haven for those christians being persecuted genocide and at the same time letting terrorists into america. >> joining us now from dallas, senior pastor of the first baptist church robert
5:52 pm
jeffress. pastor, which republican candidate has most impressed the evangelical voters? >> well, i think it's up for grabs right now, eric. i mean, look, trump has been at the top or tied with carson for a long time. you are seeing ted cruz rising but i believe it's going to be the candidate who demonstrates the greatest resolve and the best plan to defeat islamic terrorism. you know, eric, we understand individually as christians we are to love and to forgive but we also understand that government has a different responsibility. the bible never calls upon the government to turn the other cheek or to forgive. instead in romans 13, paul says government is to bring wrath upon those who practice evil. and i pointed this out to my congregation sunday. i even quoted trump's line that we need to start bombing the you know what out of isis. i didn't fill in the blank but they got it and they gave a loud sustained standing ovation more than 200,000 people downloaded my message. and i think that shows you
5:53 pm
where evangelicals are. they are going to look for the candidate they feel like can best protect us. >> i'm a christian, i light candles over at saint patricks five days a week and i go to church on sunday. i'm trying to bridge this gap. where do i land? compassion on one hend end, security on the other. where do i draw the line as a christian? >> well, the line is, look, individually, we are to pray for, to love, to share the gospel of jesus christ with everyone, including our enemies. but government has an allqçñ together different responsibility. government is an active actor, a vengeance against those who practice evil. it's the same thing with the refugee crisis. you know, individually, eric, we can pray. we can support samaritans purse and other relief organizations. but government has a different responsibility. they are supposed to secure the border. you know, borders are not an anti-christian idea. acts 17:26 says god is the one who established borders
5:54 pm
and determined which people should live within them. so i think the line is let's do our individual responsibility but let government do their responsibility to protect its citizens. >> i'm listening to the campaigns of the various g.o.p. candidates and i hear ben carson quoting the bible quite a bit. i hear donald trump saying it's his favorite book of all time. are they on the right path? are they saying the right thing and will they stay be able to as donald trump points out bomb the s out of them? >> well, i think they are saying the right things. and i tell you what else they are saying that's right and that's politically incorrect and that is when it comes to christians and muslims, we have to acknowledge there is a difference in their propensity to terrorism in today's world. i mean, eric, when is the last time you ever heard of a group of christian terrorists who in the name of their faith are bombing and maiming people and shouting out jesus christ is great instead of allow is great. you don't have that in the
5:55 pm
world today. people say what about the abortion clinic bombings? do you know how many people have died in abortion clinic bombings? a grand total of 8. that's not even a good hour's work for islamic terrorists today. we have got to acknowledge there is a difference and go ahead and act accordingly. >> all right, pastor. we have to leave it right there. thanks very much tonight. a quick reminder. please go to bill o' if you sign up for a premium manipulate you get killing reagan for free. great read and great deal. bill is making the no spin zone free this weekend usually available for premium members but check straight ahead, a visit to another world, watters world. we're going to tell you all about that in a minute. if a denture were to be
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in the back of the book segment tonight, a preview of a brand new fox news program hosted by a man you know and maybe even love jesse watters. after becoming a big star here on the factor, jesse watters is launching a new weekend show called, you guessed it, watters world. not only will jesse be sampling opinions of the street he will be offering no holds barred opinions himself. >> i think if obama really wanted to help these refugees he would have prevented them from being gassed by assad and stuck with his red line. i'm a compassionate but i'm also not suicidal. and the president just hasn't been confident. he hasn't been competent managing the v.a. the secret service is a mess. the guy can't even launch a website and now 10,000 refugees he is not going to make one mistake? this sounds like an isis easy pass to me. >> jesse, does anyone else get to talk on this show? now, what's up with this watters world? >> listen, o'reilly coined it and if it's not broken
5:59 pm
don't function it. >> tell us about it it's going to be me on the street and the beaches. i know you love to see me at the beach and i will be back in the studio as you saw there pontiff if i indicating and offending people and making insightful comments like you hear me do. >> what's up with the collar? does it still get popped. >> collar will be popped on the show when i'm out there. there is rules and regulations. only has to be over 70 degrees and the collar goes up. >> airs when? >> airs saturday night 8:00 p.m. if you miss it sunday night(z i know you will be watching. >> i'm looking forward to it leave it right there, jesse. thank you. you can catch jess jesse's premier this edition of watters world this saturday at 8:00 p.m. thank you for watching this factor special election 2016. be sure to catch my show "cashin' in" airing saturday morning 11:30 a.m. eastern right here on fnc. i'm eric bolling in for boilg who will be back on monday. please, remember, the spin stops here because we are
6:00 pm
looking out for you and jesse. breaking tonight, freedom under assault as the terrorists take the world by storm launching yet another deadly attack on innocent people plus reports just coming in tonight that the belgium government has now raised its terror alert level to the highest there is in the capital of brussels. warning of an imminent threat. welcome to the kelly file, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. we are following this disturbing report out of belgium as we learn more about an attack earlier on a hotel in the african-american nation of mali. a hotel frequented by westerners and linked to an american company. at this hour we can confirm that a number of our fellow citizens were there at the time of the attack and at least one of the dead is an american.


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