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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 21, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> that's it for the show. thank you, gavin. gabriel bloom, ambassador john bolton, senator lindsey kkgraha. john devoer, joanne, catherine. tonight on "red eye." is national database of muslim full the binders of women of this election? the press would like to say yes. and a college student said she was traumatized by having to read. should all classes be on audiotape? and facebook refuses to let a manus his real name on the site. that's his real name behind me. i can't wait for the story. first, a newssssss live from america's news headquarte headquarters, i'm lauren green. the capital of belgium is at its highest state of alert.
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the interior minister citing a serious and imminent threat to the city. subways are shut down. so are many stores. heavily armed police are clearly visible. the u.s. embassy is telling americans in brussels to shelter here, was killed in the paris raids. and more violence in the holyland, a stabbing attack wounding four people in southern israel. run. this is just the latest in a string of attacks between israelis and palestinians that have left over a hundred people dead. secretary of state john kerry is returning to the middle east in the coming days. the folks in the midwest firing up their snow blowers. a storm system dropping up to 20
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inches of snow in some areas. the white stuff starting in south dakota and minnesota, moving to illinois and michigan. hundreds of flights have been canceled and much colder air is trailing behind that snow. an upset in the race for the governor's mansion in louisiana. john bell edwards winning the runoff election, beating the republican, who had been heavily favored. edwards will replace bobby jindal.2c i'm lauren green. now back to "red eye." now back to "red eye." >> welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm still tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy at the "red eye" news desk. >> happy absurd tee day, tom.
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>> i didn't realize that was today. how will you be celebrating. >> watching you defend donald trump. roll banter animation. let's welcome our guests. it is the star of the mtv you promo ticket to drive. it is joanne nosuchunsky. smart, handsome and fun loving, free think camille foster. she writes for the daily beast and today's beast is minitor. and he reins over a empire the the host of the pod cast anthony kumea. >> let's start the show. in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks hysteria is causing a group of americans to be labeled extremists because of their beliefs. that's right. i am talking republicans. now let's show you the story as it has been presented. donald trump has been condemned for his plan to
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create a muslim database. >> there should be a lot of systems. we should have a lot of systems and today you can do it. right now we have to have border and strength and a wall and we cannot let what happened to this country. >> i would certainly i'm -- implement that. >> you can hear trump is clearly talking about the famous wall. that's what he wants to certainly implement. out come the the comparisons to nazi germany. >> we have to stop people from coming in illegally. >> specifically how do you get them registered? >> it would be good management. you have to have good management procedures. we can do that. >> that's nice. what was he looking at? something nice. they were not done with trump. >> why won't the databases be
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the same as requiring muslims to register jews? >> you tell me. >> why don't you tell me. >> should muslims be fearful and will there beacons qenses if he doesn't register? >> betsy, welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. it is a delight. >> it is a delight and you are always a delight. we are always talking a media narrative. trump is an extremist or all republicans are an extremist. >> the narrative is trump is bad at saying what he really wants to do. he mumbles and doesn't make sense. he didn't say he wanted to put the muslims on a database. he is just saying random sentences and walks them back an hour later. it is not pleasant as a reporter to have to deal with people who are so bad
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explaining themselves. >> that's it. isn't it interesting. this goes into my theory that reporters are being driven nuts. how can you answer betsy's question. >> it is who he is. it worked well in business. i don't think he is very good at saying what he wants to say. the database thing, it seems a little -- that is a slippery slope there. >> i am saying the database -- betsy you want to jump in here, but who came up with the term and let's put his tweet up. put the tweet up. he said just like i was saying last night in the show, i didn't suggest the database. a reporter did. >> it is a reporter's job to ask questions. >> the reporter suggested the database. he had every opportunity in the clip to say no, i don't support that. that would be ridiculous. it is like asking people to
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register their guns. it is a ridiculous policies. but i have something that could make it safer and here they are. he doesn't have the sense to do that and doesn't have the policies. >> no one is hitting on my theory. >> you are saying essentially that reporters are asking him leading -- reporters are asking him leading questions. they were so frustrated because he doesn't say anything in terms of policy. there are no details. now we are getting reporters who are offering detailed plans. how about a database for muslims? he's like, yeah, sure. the thing is if you saw greta this evening with kimberly hosting. she did a lovely job. trump was on the phone and he said it was loud. i couldn't quite hear what he was saying. there are a lot of people spewing things at you and sign tionz things and multi tasking is difficult for men. >> let's look at the clip.
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it doesn't look that way. it is a fairly quiet room and we can hear him interacting with the guy who asked about the data business. he says in the clip 50eu78 kind of fine dark dash i'm kind of fine with that. >> reporters asking ridiculous leading questions is a time honored tradition. second he told kimberly that he actually just wants extra surveillance and a watch list for syrian refugees who come into the the united states after a three-year vetting process. which donald trump is off base there. once you are a lawful resident you have the same amendment protections. oh wow, i can't believe it. >> it something like terrorism tinder where everybody has it wrong. you swipe a terrorist and
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everybody is put on the list. jazz it up. make it today and now. >> this is why trump is smarter than you are giving him credit for. it was called "all in the family" and made by progressive liberals. he was a biggot and all of america tuned in. the -- it had the biggest in history. trump knows what he is doing because the people who do want a muslim database they say go trump. he candy. it, but for those who are into that idea they can support him. >> blind man touching the elephant. trump is what you want him to be. >> and he is brilliant. >> let's move on. we've got more here. does he go too far or is he fdr? in a speech self-described democratic socialist bernie sanders invoked the name of the a 20th century president to explain what
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democratic socialism means to him. >> it means building on what roosevelt said when he fought for guaranteed economic rights for all-americans. >> i could lissen to -- listen to him all night. sanders says it is decent job with a decent pay and adequate food and clothing. a decent home and decent health care. it all seems very decent. he gave credit to fdr for rescuing the country from the great depression. gyros vellet had -- rosevelt had a program that got americans back to work and took them it out of poverty and restored their faith in government. proposed, almostmost every program. every idea he introduced was
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called socialists. >> wow. why not marry fda, senator sanders? camille, i was surprised to see you nodding your head in agreement. >> i am not in agreement with the sentiment that fdr's policies are socialist and they took america in a direction that bernie sanders would actually like to continue to take america in. there is nothing wrong about that. where he is wrong when he talks about these policies being successful. there is a lot of historical evidence that he may have deepened the depression. one of his programs was buying food stamps and destroying it. when you have a depression higher prices for food. >> exactly. didn't they love that in communist russia and china? how about scru read "the forgotten man"? it has a detailed thesis as to
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why fdr prolonged the depression. >> that's a case he made. if it i can change the topic a tiny bit, as a reporter on the scene i think at the very least -- we confirmed this where you can read about it. it is for the creation of nato2.0. the fun part is he wants russia and arab league nations to be part of it. you refer to it as the north american treaty organizations which north atlantic. so the fact that he is featuring nato russia is fascinating. we'll keep you posted. >> that is fascinating. anthony would you rather comment on the story i thought was important or they decided
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important. >> i am listening going this is fascinating. >> you know first of all there were plenty of social programs enacted in the united states over the years and it doesn't mean socialism. every time you are in an argument on twitter do you like your roads fixed? we understand that there are certain things that must be paid for by the people. but bernie trying to -- what is he pushing back a little that he is a socialist? he is a socialist. i don't think it worked. [no audio] changinged the come police of how -- changed the company and how it is run bring up the japaneseen -- japanese intermnment champs. >> can we talk about that? world war ii is when we started to climb out of the depression. >> i was president alive. i wasn't alive and i don't
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know much about it. >> will you take some credit for fdr? >> oh yeah. i did some research and he was a president in the 30s. 33 to 45. is that possible? that was awhile ago. new york city, roosevelt island, beautiful. fdr drive awful trying to get to the airport, the traffic. you have to weigh the good with the bad. >> a lot of local references. i am glad you said roosevelt. bernie says rose veltd. roosevelt. >> can you solve that? >> shakespear, hemming way, gutfeld, too many famous white uh pour authorizes. is a student said she was
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discussing race at a panel. she explained she would not graduate because of the stress of the core curriculum. shy said, coat, it is traumatizing to sit through core classes. i have no power or agency as a black woman. where do i fit in? she said the core curriculum is whiter than tom shillue. i don't know why she dragged me into it. >> unfortunate. >> she pointed to her art professor called her primitive. she didn't speak up because she was too tired fighting other injustices. i can only imagine what they are. >> how about the word agency? a day does president go by. >> i remember one thing and now it is a new context. i don't know what -- it is more onion than the onion and
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these college students -- as a guy of my age i know i sound like you kids are all crazy, but you countries are all crazy. again i sound old and out of touch. go to school. learn something. stop with the social dumb activism gar garbage. they are just learning it from them so they can't blame these kids. >> i don't know where this will end. hopefully we are tired of watching how ridiculous it is that it it doesn't become entertaining for the news. feel free to talk about this or go on a diet driven by nato. >> it is to terrible she has to go to college and six figures of debt.
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that's awful. bummer. what i don't understand is it is an amount of money to get your woman studying this degree or whatever new degrees. just looking at the product doesn't make you that much more hireable and can wreck your life for decades. >> this student is gradges waiting in six years. >> she is? >> she was supposed to graduate in 2014. >> she added two years. >> you know what is more traumatizing? the zeros at the end of your bill. >> exactly. they extend them as long slingsz you are in scoot. i am glad she did that anymore. she would be much better off reading western africa.
8:18 pm
black africans were scelg -- were selling africans to slavery. >> learning the history -- >> history is full of sad things. the real problem with these kids is not that they are -- they are worrying about the one thing. mouses people have become enslaved or subjugeted. lighten the hell up. >> is it they didn't become priests fast enough? it is one of oppress and slavery and america is climbing out of that. >> kind of. >> get excited. >> this is so inspiring. >> coming up, do you love apple but who did more mansplaing 1234* you are in luck...... ♪ [special effects] lisa!
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trouble for explaining the service to women. it features mary jblige and friends. take a look. ♪ >> well, on cbs this morning they shocked the nation with this statement. >> i just thought of a problem. girls are sitting around and c tucking about boys and
8:23 pm
complaining about -- talking about boys and complaining about boys. we need music and it is hard to find the right music. sexism much? they accused him of pandering to women's inabilities. unless you spent too much time at grad school it is marketing to women. they talked about their inability to not become outraged and issued an apology. we created apple music to make it easier for everyone, men and women and young and old. our new ad focuses on women which is why i answered the way i did and of course the same applies equally for men. i could have chosen my words better and i apologize. it applies to men. we have inabilities too. they asked us to be in a spot for them. >> i miss my wife. >> tell me about it. >> oh no, you absolutely did not! >> i did.
8:24 pm
>> yes! yes! wow. >> it is like my wife is making me the perfect play list. down low. >> that's great music. >> now that will move some subscription services. >> for sure. >> how dare they suggest women have trouble with a high-tech device? >> how dare they? i don't noah lotted about tech. i -- i don't know a lot about tech. i need to be man-splained. especially if you are a woman who has her heart broken. you don't go to the music. you did movies with lots of ice cream. when you do listen to a heartbreaking play list you have that in your phone or
8:25 pm
ipod already set. it is counting crows and john mayer. >> is it random? >> there are two copings -- songs "color-blind" and" heartbreak warfare" and you switch back and forth. >> or do the magnetic field. >> is this a woman thing? i think you can appreciate a play list. maybe discover new music. >> for this guy's sake i am glad he didn't say it while wearing a shirt and then he would have on shoot him in the face and toss the pieces. stay safe. >> anthony, it is almost as if apple believes women are distinctly different from men in someway. >> it is 2015 and we are all the same now.
8:26 pm
let's wear mylar the same one no women's fashions and men fashions and not notice that you are attracted to the opposite sex. that's how we are supposed to roll. >> object -- obviously. there is different music to appreciate. it is the same song for everyone. >> i tell you what, i remember heartbreak and breaking up with a girl as a kid. and i listened to. ♪ all by myself ♪ wanna be so i did that thing that girls do. >> that was a great song. >> it was heartbreaking. >> that broke my heart before i had my heart broken. you almost wanted to get heart broken. >> it is called marketing. are we not allowed to make products specifically for women anymore? >> i don't think they made
8:27 pm
this product specifically. he was trying to talk about women issues. he has been a part of women's issues for so long. he knows what they want. i was listening to the classic album "the chronic" and when he talks about women he loves them and respects tham and cares for them. >> one thing he will never do is call them out with their name. hell ya. >> i love it. i love when the women get together and put on the music and dance, davens, dance. is that a myth? does that really happen? >> it happened in college and then you eat yogurt and talk about not doing your homework. >> when i watched "stella got her groove back." >> and then we had pillow fights. >> i bet you didn't realize
8:28 pm
that men do it too. me and my buddies we play our tunes. >> speaking to market cking, if you want to market to women you had carrie washington in your commercial. that is enough. >> i didn't give her credit. i said mary j bliej. >> you said and friends. there is another one i didn't know her name. coming up, half time. a man is banned for using his real name. day tuned. statatatatata
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm lauren green. brussels remains at a high state terrorist . police are clearly visible, subways and stores are shut down. the u.s. i?embassy is telling americans to shelter in place or remain at home. and in paris, there is a visible presence of police around the city. and we have new video of a nurse performing cpr on a man who turned out to be one of the eight terrorists involved in the attacks on paris. the nurse saying he discovered a bomb when he ripped open the man's shirt. officials are addressing
8:33 pm
growing concerns of terrorist attacks during this holiday season. security getting boosted at train and bus stations and the hacker group anonymous claims it up covered plans for isis to attack an event in atlanta sunday. agents are taking the warning seriously. an upset in the governor's race in louisiana. democrat john bel edwards winning the runoff election beating the republican david vitter. edwards will replace republican bobby jindal. this is the first statewide win for the democratic party in louisiana since 2008. a fire-breaking out in chicago, injuring five people, including a police officer. the 100 story building includes offices. the fire burnedño for about a hf hour before being put out. i'm lauren green. now back to "red eye." back to d
8:34 pm
eye. >> welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. hi, andy. rye hi, tom, how are you? >> good. >> excellent. let's go straight to your boy donald trump. i agree that trump doesn't want a database of muslims in the country. he was asked should there be a database of muslims in the country. he said there are systems beyond database. that's not enough for him. >> rube yes got into a similar thing. >> the rubio thing is dumb. >> it is inserting a story and seeing if they react -- react to it or. >> i like what you said what trump should have said. any chance you will jump in the races? >> no chance at all.
8:35 pm
>> see how he walks with that back? >> i agree reporters asking leading questions is a time honored tradition, but does it have to be fun? >> maybe you hospital have nuclear pods and people are like oh protect the caned -- candidates from these reporters. >> that's not what i'm saying. i'm not saying to protect the candidates. >> sometimes you ask dopey questions and you are surprising. right now we are learned thanks to this lady in question that the refugees go through a screening process. they stay on the unconstitutional watch list. >> i changed my mind. >> anthony, you suggested a terrorism tinder where people swipe and you are on the
8:36 pm
list. >> i actually think that's how our terrorism watch list works right now. >> it stipgs when you -- stinks when you don't know your left from your right. sorry. >> by the way, can we all agree it doesn't matter what trump said or what he meant? >> words don't mean anything. >> he makes quite the distance. >> why do you say that? >> it is not going to hurt him? >> he is letting it lay there because of people like you. >> see when i don't say anything it uh prib beauts me to agreeing with that. with trump it was i did not suggest a database. just say i don't want a database like you didn't say no i don't agree -- i don't
8:37 pm
want a a database. >> i think the point is you can't say do you want a database and then say rewon't rule anything out. trump calls -- it is essentially a lie that these reporters aren caging. >> on the other hand it is -- he didn't look back saying john mccain was a wore here re. it does sound like that's what he meant officially. >> there is no kind of about it. >> by the way, andy, a lot of people on the are say willing this is offensive and this data base warns of that of american citizens exercising their second amendment. they want a database of that. i don't care. maybe they will forget about the gum thing. >> that will go well. >> the old better than me
8:38 pm
gloss re. >> i just reached a point, if trump or hillary doesn't like it , i am leaving the country. >> and then after a week's vacation is all new! >> it will be a booked flight. bernie and sanders, camille, you said sanders is not wrong about his policy. this whole thing is weird to me. i don't think he is a socialist. he is a specialist democrat. is there a difference? >> yes. at the don't know if there is a major difference. i will take your word for it. >> they want to transfer the means of production to the workers. social democrats basically want a welfare state and they want some intervention into the economy. they basically want a more european america. i feel like that's what he
8:39 pm
is. i i get the sense he wants more than that if he can get it. >> betsy, you said you attended the suite. how was the crowd? >> you had to get in line. >> you were there? >> his speech was at 9:45. >> no it was at 2:00 p.m. it went for an hour and 15 minutes. some kids got there at 5:00 p.m. rvetion that is a nine-hour bernie sanders day. >> it is bizarre. >> the kids in line looked normal like hunter booth and georgetown prep shirt. it x didn't look like weirdies. >> i also had to find the bernie sanders snippits. >> well, the speech and the q and a were like the total.
8:40 pm
>> that's like four sentences for him. >> not an r. >> columbia student traumatized. you claim that the the opportunity to say it is whiter than tom shillue. first of all i doubt if you know where she is. sorry. >> that's her theory. that's what is so weird. >> joanne you pointed out she is taking six years to graduate. it took me nine years to graduate columbia. >> but didn't you go for free? >> for free? no. >> oh, sorry. >> three of those years i was in the army. but it leaves the same six years as her. i could be blaming it on the court instead of saying i was
8:41 pm
a lousy student. >> camille you said history is full of sad things of isn't that why college students shouldn't be exposed. >> most should be sent home and cooked quickly. >> tom you used this quote to illustrate what some people were upset about. girls are sitting around talking about boys and it is hard to find the right music. this that wasn't what they found problematic. quote, i always knew women find it difficult at times. some women define music. i think that was a more relevant quote. >> the first one made my point better. >> i have done a little rioting myself. anthony tell me about these
8:42 pm
futuristic milar stiewts. >> the boots will match and if we are in space shifts we will be amazing. and hopeful willly around for wonderful world. she was the other woman in the ad. >> thank you. >> what is wrong with you people. >> bye. time to take a break. when we come back should the parents of bullies be fined? more "stay" per roll. more "sit" per roll.
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i'm in charge of it all. business expenses, so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks.
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now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it. parents to pay out of pocket if they don't pay their attention to their kids. there is a ordinance that puts a fine on parents of children whoen -- who engaged in bullying behavior. police chief dan alt stands by the or nens. by the ordinance. >> it is the school's job to teach the kids. it is not the police's job to raise the kids. it is the parent's job to raise the kids. >> cops have to the received bullying complaint. it is not saying it won't come. if it is the parent's job don't bring the police in it.
8:47 pm
does that make sense? >> yeah. think of it this way if you have a dog and it bites somebody you can get a fine for that. if they are bullying, it is because it is for your browsing. >> is it a stereo typical punch in the stomach? >> that's the thing. betsy, if somebody was getting arrested for punching somebody in the stomp magazine, but bullying is defined in many, many things. >> books about white men. yolo. >> object yously it is better if a -- obviously it is better if the town does it. i still don't trust the small town government. >> a lot are bad like in missouri where there is a large lawsuit because they put these massive fines on people for having barbecues in the
8:48 pm
front yard and their paint chipping. they have thousands of dollars of fines. maybe just because it is a small government doing something doesn't mean it is a great, brilliant idea. there writ particularly something can go wrong. it is not that problem. >> what can go wrong? >> you can under value the virtual of bullying. a lot of those who do great things can thank the bully and the haters who pushed their is lunch money and didn't give them a chance, but they i will still made it. bullies build character. keep that in mind. >> look, if are you a bully and want to build character you pay a couple of fines. who cares? >> you are making it harder for them to build charter. if we don't have that, that could be exsac --
8:49 pm
exacerbated. of. >> joanne $124 and what is with the extremely specific fine? >> i don't know. they probably have a quota. at least five kids will do it. >> i don't think anyone in this government who came up with this has children. i don't see it is possible. then when does your child become an autonomous being? i know adulthood is 18, but technically you are still a irnt pa. if your -- if your 20-year-old son commits murder you are you responsible? should you also be punished in? >> 26. if you stay on your parent's insurance until 26 i say put the number there. don't let them vote and don't do anything. nothing until you are 26. they don't know anything. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story.
8:50 pm
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>> an uh strail -- australian man has been banned from facebook by using his real name. that is his real name. it is pro newnessed -- pronounced phu-da-bick. >> the 23-year-old posted his pic on-line to prove his identification. i have been accused of using a false and misleading name. is it because i am asian? is it? having my facebook shutdown multiple times and changing my name to put it out there, my name. yours sincerely, phuc-dat-bick. it is not the other word. >> we say it in divorce court
8:55 pm
for probably the entire length of the proceeding. >> you were quoting his -- >> i was quoting his name. why not? this is ridiculous. is this real? >> it is real. that's his name. phu. phuc. >> good for him. >> camille, what do we do with this guy? it looks strange. >> it is great. i think it is fantastic. i wish he would run for office. i trust him and i believe in him. >> that's a great idea. entering politics he would get press. >> it would be memorable, definitely. facebook is obviously racist. it is because he is asian. really though with a name like this, facebook is like the least of your problems. you probably run into a lot of
8:56 pm
other issues and especially on-line dating is hard. >> exactly. they would think he is joking, but can he drop the middle name? that's what is getting him in trouble. >> i feel i would up whip the whole thing out. you have a good conversation starter. >> you can say that and deez nuts has his own facebook page. they can't take them down. that's not even a real name as far as i know. >> it is someone's real name. >> it is his real name. >> so the consensus is facebook should allow him to use his i'm that. >> he should win. >> he is the kind of guy who you want as your next secretary of state. he will be running for office soon. special thanks to joanne nosuchunsky and betsy woodruff
8:57 pm
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