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tv   Bob Massi Is the Property Man  FOX News  November 22, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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today, i am 100% cancer-free and in complete remission. >> we wish the governor and his family the very best on this thanksgiving. that's it for today. have a great week and a great holiday. we'll see you next "fox news sunday." topping the news this hour, brussels on lockdown as french police ask for help identifying the body of a man they say was the third attacker at the soccer stadium. >> iran reportedly sending the detained american journalist to prison. why his employer is calling the case a shame. plus, winter is here. how a cold front is adding insult to injury for a big part of the country.
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we begin, with the terror alert in brus else. it remains at the very highest level. belgium's prime minister announcing brussels, also home to the european union and the headquarters of nato, the whole city right now remaining under a virtual lockdown heading into the workweek for fears of a paris-style attack. a minister says several suspects tied to the attacks could be at large in belgium. among them is this man, the suspect suspected attacker saleh ah abdesl abdeslam. benjamin hall is live in brussels where it's just after 9:00 p.m. >> this is usually a very
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bustling city. the situation is very fluid. just a couple hours ago the prime minister announcing that the threat level would remain at the highest level through tomorrow. what that means is there is suspected, serious, imminent attack. so tomorrow's schools, universities, public transport links will all be closed down. there are about 1,000 soldiers on the streets in brussels. people have been asked not to congregate and avoid public gatherings. the government has been warning of an attack just like in paris, saying many gunmen, many locations. the authorities announced the threat wasn't just connected to the paris suspect, salah abdeslam. the concern is there's an isis cell in the city waiting to attack. they also just release add photo of the other suicide bomber who remains unidentified. he's thought to have traveled through greece on paper under the name of m. el mahmoud.
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police are trying to figure out where he came from and who he is. i spoke to the former security adviser to the prime minister and he told us that while belgium had a struggle, it wasn't alone. have a listen. >> this is not a moment to seek for the one you can blame and say it's all the fault of belgium. believe me, this is not the conclusion. it can give you a good feeling in short terms. you will soon discover all the other countries are facing the same problems. >> reporter: nevertheless, the focus is still on belgium. a particular district called mole land beak. we did hear today that is,alah had been in contact with some frentsds in the area via skype and is desperate to make his way back to syria. according to the people who drove him from paris to belgium,
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they say he's wearing a suicide vest and is very agitated. the u.s. embassy urging any americans in the city to stay indoors, americans thinking of coming here to stay away. >> clearly they believe he is there on the loose and trying to prevent any possible attack. benjamin hall, thank you. we've had a few of the air scares in the wake of the paris attacks. now a new one. a turkish airlines flight carrying nearly 250 people from jfk to is btanbul. the search of the aircraft using bomb sniffing dogs did not find anything. no explosives. investigators are trying to figure out who was behind this latest threat. brand new fox polling revealing a potential match-up with hillary clinton. florida senator marco rubio hold
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as serious edge of his gop rivals. kristin fisher is reporting live from washington. >> this is the first poll that shows marco rubio beating hillary clinton in a hypothetical match-up by a fairly wide margin, eight points, 50-42. it's worth noting this same poll shows many republicans beating carson. bush, carson, trump, cruz and christie ahead of her. but rubio ahead by the most. listen to what he had to say this morning on "fox news sunday." >> on these polls, you want good news, not bad news. we've never gotten too excited or depressed about them. they're going to fluctuate especially in early states where voters wait to make their decision. >> rub wroe is tied with ted cruz at 14%. a three-point bounce in just three weeks. donald trump is back on top, back to that big ten-point lead over ben carson, 28-18.
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carson showing some real signs of slipping ch. he's dropped five points in three weeks, by far the most of any candidate. that may have to do with his honest and trustworthy ratings, dropped seven points in three weeks. it's still better than most of his rivals. all those questions into his past seem to be taking a toll with voters. as for democrats, that race is stagnant. clinton holding a 23-point lead, only dropping one point. keep in mind the iowa caucus is really not all that far out, just ten weeks away. arthel? >> we're counting down, kristin fisher, thanks. >> you got it. turning from politics to an early spell of winter weather. take a look at that. a deep freeze settling in across the midwest. the cold front driving temperatures down into the single digits. turning this season's first major snowfall into an icy mess.
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senior meteorologist janice dean is live with what's beginning to look a lot like winter. >> you are correct. we're seeing the first big snowfall of the season. the temperature proving our point that, yes, it's just around the corner. 33 in minneapolis, 25 in chicago, 54 in dallas, 45 in new york. still 77 in florida. that's the hot spot today. with the current windchill, yes, what it feels like with the wind, 15 in chicago, 24 in minneapolis. overnight tonight we could get into the single digits. your lows tonight extending as far south or that cold air extending as far south as the gulf coast. 37 in dallas, 31 in memphis, 41 in new orleans. we have freeze advisories up for almost a dozen states here where we'll see a hard freeze overnight. protect that sensitive -- those sensitive plants out sigh. bring them in the you can, or cover them up.
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past 48 hours shows the storm system, most of the snow moving into canada. we are getting lake-effect snow. the cold front bringing showers and thunderstorms across the east coast and some of that cold air could bring snow overnight to parts of the northeast coastline. we are watching the next storm system. this is the big weather making bringing rain, wind-driven snow over the rockies, the northern plains. this is going to be our troublemaker as we head into wednesday and thursday. we've got the storm system across the northern plains and the midwest. central u.s. could see stormy, maybe severe weather. but the east coast, spectacular for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. there's our little friend the turkey right there. >> that's great news. can't wait for the parade. >> it's going to be great. >> okay. thanks. there is a new setback for an american journalist jailed in
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iraq. jason rez cyan suffering more punishment at the hands of tehran. the latest on his legal saga. >> do you think we should allow more refugees from syria into our country. lawmakers are raising questions and concerns about the president's plan. coming up, one new york congressman will be here, a member of the homeland security committee on what he thinks we should do, what we should be worried about and the action america should take.
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11 militants who pledged loyalty to isis are now dead after a russian raid. the militants were hiding out in the country's north caucuses region and were reportedly killed after opening fire on law enforcement officers. the predominantly muslim area has become a target for isis propaganda and recruitment.
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house bill to pause the process for syrian and eiraqi refugees. it calls for tighter restrictions on those fleeing the horrible violence and human cats free, all coming to the safety of the stars and stripes. that is bringing mounting concern with the discovery that one of those attackers may have snuck into france posing as a syrian refugee. president obama has been defending the process that calls for 10,000 more syrian refugees next year. the house homeland security committee says it's found some alarming gaps. should we accept more syrian refugees? joining us is new york republican john cac co-. thanks for coming in today. >> thanks for having me. >> we've opened our hearts to refugees. there are concerns about syrian refugees in that they could pose a threat.
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what have officials told you and what are the concerns? >> absolutely it's a threat. of course, our country was founded on immigrants. my parents and great grandparents came here as immigrants. we have to keep our country safe now. al qaeda and isis have both said they might infiltrate the west through a syrian refugee process. >> we've accepted just over 2,000 or so over the past couple years and haven't had any problem. let's point out the numbers are so small and there is a screening process even though fbi director comey has said there's problems. there use a multilayered screening process now. are you comfortable with that? >> i'm not. in the past several weeks, we had lebanon, the metro jet plane downed. isis is stepping up attacks, and they say theer coming the the west and have to take that
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seriously. >> let's say the visa waiver program. you can come from 90 days from about 40 days. that's how the 9/11 hijackers got there. >> besides that, would you be tightening up. we've got holes they could exploit. >> we have huge holes. i was head of the task force to combat terrorist, we took six months. we have 32 key findings and 50 recommendations for both sides of the pond. >> what did you find? >> in western europe, their security measures was were lax. they simply don't screen the travelers the way we do in the united states. that presents a big hole in western europe. western europe can easily travel the united states on a visa waiver program, if they don't know they're bad guys, they can get into the visa waiver program. that program is all about exchanging information. >> if you get a fake passport, it's a legitimate one, you can
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get right through this program. what are we doing about that? >> sure. part of the report, recommend beefing up security measures in europe, but also beefing up the visa waiver program to make sure the information those countries are giving us is good information and that they're doing a proper job of vetting the individuals. >> do you think that can help? these guys in paris, they were under the radar completely. >> they were under the radar because they don't screen their citizens the way we do in the united states. 5,000 individuals from western europe have gone to fight in syria and come back. that's what we know of. 250 have come from the united states and gone back. there cou we don't know about. >> when we talk about 250 that have gone to fight for isis, these are americans citizens. without divulging anything classified, how do we know if they try to sneak back. the fbi saying they're watching
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900 active investigations right now in all 50 states of isis them thighsers. >> that's correct. really straining our resources on the federal level. we'll have to partner better with state and local law enforcement. the bottom line is it's exploding in the number of investigations we have which is further credentials to the fact that isis is trying to come here. >> quickly, isis is coming here. do you believe they are here already and do you believe sadly it may be a matter of time. >> i think isis sympathizers are here at a minimum. whether they're here or not, we don't know for sure. we do know people that support isis are here and are in all 50 states. >> the challenge of our time. congressman cac co-thank you so much. thank you for your work. arthel? >> the pope is condemning the recent terror attacks in mali. pope francis's messages to extremists ahead of his
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three-country tour. the pentagon is expanding its investigation to see if it was altered to see like more gains were being made.
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time for a quick check of the headlines. iran reportedly sentencing an american journalist to prison on various charges including espionage. tehran's court convicted jason rezaian last month. "the washington post" foreign editor says the whole thing is a, quote, sham, and the paper is calling for his immediate release. pope francis strongly condemning the terrorist attack in mali. the vatican saying the pontiff is appalled by the senseless
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violence. the pope is set to visit three african countries next week. after an eight-year drought, democrats have taken back the governor's mansion in louisiana, john bel edwards defeating david vitter last night in the runoff. he will replace governor bobby jindal who was term limited. >> i have communicated once again to both the chairman of the joint chiefs as well as secretary carter that i expect that we get to the bottom of whether or not what you describe has been happening. >> that was president obama responding to the pentagon's investigation into allegedly bogus intelligence reports on isis. those reports apparently giving a falls back tour of the reality on the ground, that the u.s. was making more progress in beating back the terrorists than it really was. joining me to discuss this, retired navy captain chuck nash,
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fox news military analyst. good to see you. >> nice to see you, arthel. >> let's start here. how big of a deal is this, and what are the ramifications and also why did this happen? >> well, if it's true, and we don't know that yet -- that's why there's going to be an investigation -- if it's true that somebody was cooking the intelligence books, that's a really big deal, not that intelligence has never been politicized. intelligence is politicized in this town frequently i think. that's not the issue. the issue is, if you're taking something and turning it happy to glad, that's one thing. if you're turning it from bad to good, then decisions are being made on faulty assessments, and then the question is whots the motivation, who is doing it? secretary gates, former secretary of defense and a long-time cia person has recently gone on record in saying that the white house national security council staffers were contacting members of the chain of command and the
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military out in the field with regularity. he was absolutely appalled by it. if that's happening, where you're having people from way up high in the shan of command diving down below the buffers down into the guts of the organization, that can be perceived as putting pressure and people may start to change things where they shouldn't really change them, either because they're concerned for their job or maybe they're trying to feather their nest. so that needs to be looked at. >> absolutely. a couple points i want to get to before we run out of time here. what is the damage as far as knowing how to tackle isis in iraq and everywhere else? >> it's difficult to make decisions in wartime when you have spot-on information. if you're getting information that's being watered down or changed, in fact, then it's almost impossible to make good decisions. the national command authority president trying to make decisions on issues, if he's getting bad information, there's
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nowhere good you can get from there. >> this has to be concerning to the american public, to someone like yourself, wondering who we can trust. if you can quick this response, i have to get to breaking news coming in, captain nash. >> absolutely. a 2012 report that lieutenant general flynn said was the report that no one wanted to see. and it called out the fact that isis was building, these islamist groups were merging and a caliphate would be declared. it was spot on and nobody wanted to see it. >> thank you very much, captain nash. >> you bet, arthel. thank you. >> australia is the headquarters for the eu as well as nato. right now the capital city of that country is under lockdown. take a live look. take a look. downtown brussels police have closed off roads.
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that is because there's concern that one of the terrorists is on the loose, may have a suicide vest on him. salah abdeslam is from a town near downtown brussels. if anyone thinks the threat is not real, they're telling people not to go out, to stay away from the windows. the city basically lockdown. schools are closed. a certain indication of exactly what they're going through there. our hearts and prayers are with the people of belgium. that is going to do it for us. we'll see you at 400 eastern. right now "journal: editorial report" is up next.
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up next on the "journal: editorial report," last week's terror attacks in paris and this week's siege of a mali hotel leave president obama on the defensive. will the administration rethink its response to islamic terror? as congress votes to step up screening of syrian refugees, is the security risk real? and with terrorism and national security front and center on the campaign trail, is the 2016 landscape about to see a major shift? first, these headlines. live from america's news headquarters i'm arthel neville. at this hour the


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