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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  November 23, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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in complete remission. >> we wish the governor and his family the very best on this thanksgiving. that's it for today. have a "sunday morning futures." have a great day, everybody. \s on the buzz meter this sunday, the media showing anger and outrage over the paris massacre, challenging the administration, especially president obama. >> i guess the question is, and if you'll forgive the language, why can't we take out these bastards? >> jim, i just spent the last three questions answering that question. i don't know what more you want me to add. >> anchors add reporters stepping out you have their usual role. >> president obama has made it quite clear in that q&a that lasted more than 45 minute that is he has accepted there are evils in this world and evils in
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place like paris, france, and this is something we all must face today. if you are waiting for clarification on your feeling through that q&a? you aren't going to get it. >> and how are the paris attacks transforming coverage of the presidential campaign? >> give me the specific steps you would tail and how you would do it. >> i would get everyone together and black the hell out of them. i would blast the hell out of them. >> what do you think the president should be doing right now? >> first ask our allies to invoke article v. this was clearly an act of work. on muslims and syrian refugees. who is right? plus charlie sheen take to the "today" show to reveal the secret he's been hiding. >> i am here to admit that i am
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in fact hiv-positive, and i have to put a stop to this onslaught, this barrage of attacks and of subtruths how the tabloid forced him -- and this is "mediabuzz." he showed his annoyance. >> more than a year-long bombing campaign has failed to contain the ambition and the ability of isis to launch attacks in the west.
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>> have youunder estimated their abilities. >> and do you think given all that you've learned and all the criticism about your underestimating them do you think you understand this enemy well enough to defeat them and protect the homeland. >> all right. so there is another variation on the say question. >> some journalists not holding back. >> he said something that was pretty incredible, according to many of the military experts here and around the world who i have spoken to, that our strategy is working. people do not believe that to be the case. >> in the face of terror, will we panic? or be calm and deliberative in approach? confronted with those who want to change our life, will we abandon our freedoms and the rights granted by the creator or welcome had you had you would
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masses learning to breathe free? and we will not let the rhetoric lead us to self-destruction. >> joining us mary catherine hamm and fox news contributor. susan fa richt. ccio, and fred francis now with we're so happy to have you back, especially since you'll be giving birth soon. >> i try to fit in everything. >> your reaction? >> i think all of the folks we saw there are channeling the american people's frustration and confusion with why obama is not channeling their frustration and confusion. he gave came up and gave this press conference, a little peeve, a little annoyed, and,
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but i wonder also if the american people don't make the distinctions between anger, opinion anchor and reporters that we do in the media world. >> those are important distinctions, but still in a time of tragedy, journalists are robust and sometimes show their emotions. >> in fact one of the most unprofessional things i have seen this week. it's incumbent upon journalists to be journalists and not confuse the audience with whether they're commentators or giving their opinion, but give some facts. they're not doing that this week. sure, everybody is upset about what happened, but given facts and playing it straight, even when the president is not at his best, and boy, he was not at his best. he was crank,, he was jetlagged, but the repetitive and el torrie questioning, i was ashamed as a journalist 9. >> does it, invite criticism
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when journalists speak out to you tipped your handle, we know what you think, can you really be fair? >> it doesn't 'em they were editorializing. what you saw the reaction on live tv was the raw emotion about the 'tacks and this incongrewant emotion from the president. he's alwaysing aloof about big issues. that's part of the way he's been, and i think you saw people reacting, ground zero with the president with his bullhorn. people are looking for that, and i think that's the reaction on the ground. to saw do you understand the enemy? >> but the question was -- >> amanpour was fact checking
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him. he said people in the military community don't believe this is work i working. >> could it have been that they weren't satisfied with the president's answers? >> that's my take. >> foreign policyions have always been a problem of the president. >> if four people in front of you have asked the same question, don't you think you could have a fallback question? something specific that you've done some research on? >> such as? we dropped 6,000 bombs a day in iraq. why haven't you dropped any bombs? why can't you turn the lights out? >> why can't we go get these bastards? >> that's cnn's jim acosta. this morning in malaysia,
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president obama took a slightly tougher tone. we're going to get it done, we're going to pursue it, but a lot of people were surprised tows white house correspondents as aggressive as they were with the president, because that handle always been the hallmark during this administration. >> and it was refreshing to see a bit of that. i think there's better ways to phrase some of these questions, and i think somehow they are trying to tweak hem a bit, so he reacts, but this again is the central question. >> but to say to the president, why can't we get these bastards? it was a question really to make the highlight reels? >> no, i think it's a question people are wondering. >> but that's not a question a quous correspondent shouldn't
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ask. >> so you're accusing jim a costa of showmanship, as if that's never happened before, but you're also saying the question was inappropriate or not specific? >> i think you should be more specific. if the policy is not working question it why. don't just ask a showboat questions. >> speaking of journalists sharing opinions, elise labott tweeted this -- house passes bill that could limit syrian refugees, statues of liberty bows head in anguish. elise apologized. cnn suspended her for two weeks. what do you make of that defeat? >> in my mind she's a reporter. she has very little leeway on the opinion side and anchor more, and i can say what the heck i want, but again i'm not sure that regular people make that distinction. two weeks was a pretty stiff
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suspension, i thought, compared to some other things that cnn has doled out in the past. >> social media has become a real mix of opinion journalists, and nonopinion journalists and they all get wrapped up in the conversations, and i think some of the journalists forget that they're just journalists, they're knolls jonah goldberg opinionated, this is part of the problem. there are no editors on twitter. >> i got a lot of reaction to this when i criticized it, you know, she's right and we can't lose or humanitarian approach to refugees and all of that. this is a debate. some people say, you know, reporters they should be fair, but if the opinion is one you agree it, then it's okay. now, this seeks, this whoa question of what to do, toughens the scrutiny they would get. seems to be an emotional issue for the journalists.
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huffington post saying it's a disagree. some journalists frame it on being a moral question, therefore the normal rules don't apply? >> again, i do gab to do your research. that started early in the week. it was not until friday that we learned or from journalists that of the 700,000 refugee that is have come into this country, only a handful involved any investigations. it was just a couple days later that it takes a full two years and four federal agencies to vet these refugees. but that didn't come out. >> by the way, conservatives on fox and elsewhere playing out the 30 governors, one of them a democrat who were saying we don't want these in our state, but the fact is they don't have anything to say about it legally. it's a federal matter.
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>> it was pointed out only occasionally. >> i think the president is comfortable making this a mortgage food fight. all the reporting is an internet memes and hashtags, and the white house is partly to blame for that, because they put on the first, this is how we're welcoming refugees, instead of explaining this is how we scrutinize refugees. >> both sides are politicizing this issue. the candidates are slamming president obama on this, and he, by the way, has taken to mocking them, are they afraid of 3-year-old orphans? >> so the orphans and widows comments got a lot of coverage, what didn't get coverage is the fbi director saying we bring in 10,000 refugees, there's no way to fully vet all of them, but i think there's been polls showing that most americans really don't
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want syrian refugees here. >> the notion that this is a fringe position, i've got to get a break here, fred. get you on the other side. don't forget to send me a pledge, let us know what you think. hat, should television network air propaganda from isis supposedly starting new york and washington. and ben carson rips -- th
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the media have been challenging ben carson,
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especially after struggling to answer this question. >> i would call for all of the arab states to be involved. i would call for all of our traditional allies to be involved in this. >> that question about carson assembly a coalition to go to war against isis. then "new york times" publishing damaging quotes from a carson foreign policy adviser who said the candidate need weekly conference calls to we can make him smart, he aded, no one has been able to get -- one eye otto of intelligence information. >> carson said this about the 83-year-old claridge. >> for the "new york times" to take advantage of an elderly gentleman, is an afran to good journalistic practices. >> was there something --
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>> it was strange to see one of his own advisers to talk about him that way in "new york times." what is this guy doing? but i think "new york times" article did even more so was expos the atypical campaign that ben carson is running. he does not have a huge stable of foreign policy divorce like jeb bush or president obama did when he ran in 2008. he's got a real skeleton crew helping him run for president, and it is atypical. so far the public is lapping it up. he'ssh but foreign policy is a problem for him. >> let me zero in on this question. is it an affront to good journalistic practices "new york times" says that armstrong williams, a friend of ben carson, speaking for him on tv, about you is not part of the referred the paper claridge, and gave them the number.
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is there anything wrong with quoting him, by the way, on the record? >> no, in fact they went to another adviser, and talked to him and got a lot of positive response about carson's foreign policy. i thought it was balanced, but it was pell cute yar, peculiar this adviser was willing to go on the record and talk to "new york times." i think it exposed a broader issue of how his campaign is being run. >> i think carson has largely won with the attempt to poking holes -- he told me last week they were deliberately trying to damage him. i don't agree. does -- >> it depends on what the public thinking. that's what i would say. right now it's terrorism concerns number two right now with voters. actually scrutiny is going to come, whether he likes it or not, and his answers are going to be really important. >> but my question to you,
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particularly in the wake of the paris attacks, is the needia scrutiny and what he knows and what he would do, is that unfair? >> only if you compare it to the ware that they look at everybody else. part of the problem in the middle east rests on her shoulders based on what she did in libya. i don't see "new york times" unleashing their stable of reporters to really look at her job as secretary of state and what happened in libya and how it partially led to the advancement of isis. >> reporters have looked into hillary and a benghazi, but as far as isis, you have a good point. 18%, that's second play, donald trump 28% is up a by and ted cruz, marco rubio tied at third. the "national enquirer" editor on how he broke the
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charlie sheen story, and was the actor telling the truth on "today"? and our media microscope is up next.
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today's question for our media microscope -- have the paris attacks changed the way that top candidates are covered? our new research comes from dozens of sources. he's talk about last week before the par i attack donald trump dominating. marco rubio at 12%, ted cruz way down at 6%. let's look at this week after the paris tragedy. here we zoomed in on the top networks, newspapers and web sites.
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trump nearly unchanged, but ben carson dropping down to 20% of the stories. that's a decline of one third, jeb bush jumping from 14% to 18%. marco rubio essentially unchanged, but ted cruz, who's been out there hammering the administration over isis and leading the charge, more than doubling his share of media attention to 14%. what about a tone of the coverage? let's go back to last week. negative in red, positive in green. donald trump 60%, carsing with. marco rubio 64%, and ted cruz taking a lot of flack, 70% negative. fast forward to this week, the paris story dominating the news. donald trump rising to 68%, negative up eight points, ben carson winning the negativity
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sweepstak sweepstakes, that's not a prize you want. more than 4 out of 5 as he ballotsed question about his knowledge of foreign policy. marco rubio 70%, and then jeb no change, 66%, and ted cruz, you might call him the winner. his coverage was only 61% negative, a nine-point improvement. bottom line, paris changed the equation, but trump pretty much impervious to the news of the week and rising in the latest poll today. coming up, trump trying to talk his way out of the trouble, some saying he suggested a database for a muslims. he says it was a reporter's idea. and should television be airing isis propaganda videos.
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arthelle neville. as the media's campaign
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focus shifts dramatically to terrorism refugees, donald trump and ben carson both having dust-ups with reporters. trump said he'll have to look at a lot of things, and then came this exchange. -- >> there could be a lot of systems beyond databases. we should have a lot of systems. today you can do it, but right now we have to have a border, strength, a wall, and we cannot let what's happening to the -- >> i would certainly implement that, absolutely. but trump caused a stir by tweeting on friday i didn't suggests a database, a reporter did. we're back with the panel, mary katherine, there's this withhold -- >> well, it did get trumped up by some media to some extent. i pointed out on friday it hit
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on fox news after which donald trump decided to come after mer for pointing out that the reporter had said it first. >> on twitter. >> yes. the problem is, as always with trump, i don't think he's thinking it through, he as just affirming the question, moving on, and then you get affirmations seemingly from his staff that everything is on the table, so there is some misunderstanding by that. >> his campaign manager saying perhaps trump didn't hear the full question -- >> i think that's a problem with what a lot of trump does. he may be hard of hearing sometimes, not just with the hoopla of the campaign. sometimes you see him lean in to hear the whole thing. but again, donald trump speaks and then thinking. he doesn't take anything back. >> fred, a lot of people like what he is thinking about. >> but can he execute what he's talking about? he never has any details. >> i want to speak with the
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media. this came after he was at an event and dr. carson asked about the syrian refugees, made in analogy, if there's a rabid dog you probably will not assume something good about that dog, but he wasn't again all dogs. >> this go the widely recorded and then carson said this. >> so what is the news media do? carson says the syrians are like rabid dogs. this is the kind of thing they do. fortunately it only works on gullible people, but the problem is there are a lot of gullible people. >> does the press misrepresent his analogy? >> i think anytime you go with the word dog and rabid dog, you will see some backlash. the president is happy to make this just about are you racist and unamerica? when a lot of american people are saying, hey, i'm concerned about this. carson is trying to tap into
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that. >> cars many is a great target -- >> the only target for some. and reporters need to -- when they ask a question of a candidate, reporters have to get -- when they get an answer and it's a newsmaking answer, reporters should say, would you repeat that again? make sure they get the candidate on the record. so the candidate can't then go back and say i was -- >> it was ambiguous and all of that. >> exactly. hillary clinton in one way perhaps has an advantage as a former secretary of state. in another way are the media doing enough as her report on terror, on libya, and all that? >> i would, of course, love to see more aggressive questioning of secretary clinton on the trail. she doesn't allow for that very often. bernie sanders could take a shot, but he's not been willing
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to do that. >> he doesn't want to make it personal. >> yes. i think it will change the coverage of the race and you will see more asking specifics. >> i'm not sure it changed much, whereas donald trump, people like there's no specifics. they like we're going to gather and bomb them. >> well, he projects strength with those things and that can be appealing when you have 120, 130 people dead in paris. i don't think reports are asking enough specific questions and i don't think the cannes have specific answers. >> and one of the reasons for that, france, when you get into questions of should we send ground troops, and -- says, well, if you just sent ground troops, what do we end up with? what he was really saying is we don't want a rerun of the iraq war. we all want to be strong, i not necessarily without cost. >> there's a cost involved here,
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but nobody has mentioned -- nobody at this table wants to see just the americans go ought it. but what if the french president comes here this weeks and asking for american support, with the french, with the germans, with the nato allies, what if he does that what will reporters and candidates -- how will an invasion take place? >> and conservative commentators and mainstream media faulting the president. some are saying he seems tone-deaf to the fear and concern. >> when you look at the polling, obviously people are concerned. he's not willing to acknowledge those concerns. he's talking about this is un-american, before he talks about this is how we're vetting the concern. >> what is the media's role here in terms of holding the president accountable? >> one is to drill down how we
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do this vetting and how he expects people to -- >> how about a question to the president or to the candidates? is the president just marking time until the next, you know, to the next administration? >> you know the answer will be there -- no, he's fully engaged. >> and on foreign policy, there aren't easy answers, that is true. once you commit ground troops, will you staying there no nation building? butti the job of the president and national figures running for president to navigate the schizophrenia of the american public. >> it's our responsibility to get to those answers. >> that's what i was going to say. thank you both. it was good to see you. why did the media slack off until the horror of the carnage in paris? and later charlie sheen says he paid millions to cover up the fact he was hiv-positive. why he was compelled to
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the latest isis videos conveying a threat against new york city and also washington compose a familiar challenge. chuck todd made a point of explaining why he wouldn't air it. >> we're not showing the video, because we have had no credible evidence there's anything to this other than isis looking for a propaganda score.
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>> minutes later todd's program does show a a
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the "national enquirer" someok years ago exposed john edwards and his axq%r)xd and child out wedlock but he wast( runningĂș president. a salacious vpstory, but why ist worth all this time and energy on your part to expose ani] act who h!& had public meltdownse1
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before? before? whyt( journalistic story in your view? >> this isq nott(t(xd just the p your top tweets of course. how stephen colbert's cbs show is turning off republican viewers and another setback by "the washington post" reporter being held by iran.
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the outrage over iran holding a "washington post" reporter hostage for more than a
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year on trumped up charges just got more appalling. rainian tv reporting that jason ra zieen has been sentenced to prison but authorities don't say how long he'll serve. they say the sentence isn't final meaning technically he can appeal. i haven't given up hope there's some kind of pardon or release potentially in the works after the nuclear iran/u.s. agree. me mentment. i don't understand there's not more of a public outcry. time for your top tweets. the media being fair to both sides in the syrian refugees debate. media divided into two polar camps. no questions asked. acceptance of refugees versus mean people with doubts, black and white. that can be a mistake. mark hoover, what hasn't been cover bid anyone i've seen, vetting procedure, step by step, not to say it hasn't been covered at awe. no, at usual, they don't present all the facts and make obama look like a prince and
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republicans evil. the media couldn't even math to cover a mets/royals series fairly. the question when stephen colbert took off cbs' "late view" if he'll bring a liberal shti shtick. the audience sees the guy as someone who begged joe biden to run for the president is split. nbc's jimmy fallon almost even, 36% democratic, 31% republican. and colbert? 47% democratic, only 17% republican. now, colbert does more politics than his rivals and i kind of like that, but he does seem to be driving away conservatives. that's it for this edition of "media buzz." i'm howard kurtz. like our facebook page. we post a lot of original content there. we post your buzz videos. and you can always e-mail us.
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media buzz@fox ask a media question and i'll try to sponzrespond. we are back next sunday 11:00 and 5:00 eastern. be with us then for the latest terror raids and arrests in brussels. aid a very -- and a very real imminent threat of attack, maybe one or more. sending one of the great cities into lockdown. i'm harris faulkner and this is the fox report. a news conference after today's raids. it just rap -- wrapped up. at least 22 now, the number has bumped up today. as many as 16 people arrested. belgium, usually a city popping with tourists and now today representing a war zone. military vehicles in the streets and out in force and people hunkering down and told to stay away from windows. schools an mass transit all stay


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