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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 23, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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running the companies. >> people overlook so much in the world and yet worry about toys. do parents have responsibilities anymore? >> i think it makes it hard to find gifts now. >> see you tomorrow. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning to you. today is monday, november 23rd. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck, a fox news alert. americans on edge ahead of thanksgiving and the holiday as our nation steps up security, more than a dozen terror suspects arrested overnight in one major european city. we're live with the latest straight ahead for you. meanwhile, donald trump revealing his plan to stop the next terrorist attack. bring back waterboarding. you like that idea? does he have a point? we're going to discuss. yes, donald trump making news for a change. a development in the brutal murder of this pastor's wife. police ruled out her husband more than a week ago. but this morning news of an arrest. we'll give you that latest because "fox and friends," as
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far as we know, starts right now. welcome to monday. we have a fox news alert. belgium is on lockdown for the third straight day. authorities make multiple terror arrests overnight as the manhunt for the paris attacker who got away intensifies. back here at home, fears of a terror attack are growing ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. >> they sure are. we're live in the d.c. bureau with the latest. kristen, good morning. >> good morning. the only surviving terrorist is still at large. 16 people were arrested overnight in belgium in a string of raids that brought the country to a standstill. officials in brussels said there was a serious and imminent threat. hundreds filled the streets. the public was asked not to post anything about the government's actions on social media.
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and for the most part, people complied. despite the raids, brussels is still on high alert and so are many americans as we head into this busy holiday weekend. according to a new fox news poll out yesterday, 56% of the people think it is very likely that islamic terrorists will try to launch an attack on u.s. soil soon. 27% say somewhat soon and terrorism is also overtaken the economy as the number one issue for voters. a few hours ago france's president, francois hollande and britain's prime minister david cameron met in paris. they've agreed to increase their terrorism cooperation and tomorrow hollande will meet are president obama in washington at the white house. britain's prime minister just announced that he will seek parliamentary approval this week for britain to join u.s.-led air strikes against isis in syria. there's major developments overnight that will likely continue into today. this is a very fast moving story.
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>> thank you for that. she mentioned a fox news poll that was out. we're going to talk more about the details of poll. it said more than 6 in 10 americans say the fight is going badly. one of those who could possibly be asked about this, is a top ranking democrat, senator feinstein. takes it a step further and says the president's strategy against isis isn't going badly. it isn't working. here she is. >> i don't think the approach is sufficient to the job. i think there are general principles and there are general principles in terls of the administration strategy too, but i'm concerned that we don't have the time and we don't have years. we need to be aggressive now because isil is a quasi state. it has gone on too long and it's not gotten better. it's gotten worse.
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she's absolutely right. meanwhile, our president and everywhere i went over the weekend, you were the same way, terror is everything that everybody is talking about. they're talking about -- i was worried about going to church. if you're in church, you're a sitting duck. i heard time and time again over the weekend, our president said we need to calm down. he said, isis cannot strike a mortal blow against united states and overreacting to paris will play into extremist's hands. we will destroy them. right now this administration is carpet bombing them with words. we need action. when you look at that poll that kristen touched on a moment ago, terrorism right now, 24% of americans say that it is the most important issue. in august of this year it was at 11. it has doubled. the economy as you can see right there, has taken a back seat. now it's at 21%. it had been 30. to put it into perspective. i know there are a number of people on the political left
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that say climate change is the biggest thing scaring the country. 3% of americans, 3% say that is the big issue that worries them. >> in britain, germany and spain have all thrown out their climate change programs immediately. that's a side note. but in the big picture, president hollande is coming here tomorrow, who met with cameron today, who is going to meet with russia on thursday who wants to take out somebody we've been trying to take out for a year and a half. we haven't touched raqqah and concerned about innocents driving illegal oil to sell on the black market. anybody tough on terror on the right is going to be tough. people are wondering where the leadership is coming from in 2016. they've given up on the next year and a half because we get nothing but reprimands whether he's in the philippines or turkey. one of the people who increased his lead since the paris attacks
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is donald trump. he even doubled down yesterday when he was asked about waterboarding as a form of getting the most out of would-be terrorists. listen. >> we have to be strong. they don't use waterboarding over there. they use chopping off people's heads. they use drowning people. i don't know if you've seen where they put people in cages and drown them in the ocean and lift out the cage. we're talking about waterboarding. >> i would bring it back, yes, i would bring it back. i think it's peanuts compared to what they do to us. >> 56% in that poll believe it's likely that islamic terrorists will try to attack the u.s. soon. what do you think of donald trump's stance? he took some heat last week and now saying he would bring waterboarding back. let us know on facebook. >> we had dinner with a big wall street guy last night. >> you mean tall or powerful? >> he's a political independent.
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he said of donald trump's waterboarding comments, said, you know, it's right. you got to figure during that interview yesterday, george stephanopoulos a former high ranking democratic party activist and former member of the clinton administration, really during sundays he's running interference for hillary clinton. i'm sure donald trump said bring back waterboarding. he probably thought, aha, i got him on something. the way things are going, his poll numbers will go up. >> stephanopoulos was fine compared to meet the press. chuck todd was saying how -- talking about donald trump waterboarding. does he miss the fact that the president called out republicans overseas in the philippines and in turkey? >> the majority of americans right now don't feel we're doing enough about isis. the majority believe that terror, because it's on their minds should be on the top of the minds they put into elected office. >> they're missing the big point
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there. >> they are. >> we're trying to be smart about it. we got to be ready. we've been through this before. we have 14 years of -- >> brian, we are fearful because we fear our president and the country is not doing enough over there and how many times have we heard they'll do something over there so they don't come over here here. they're not doing enough over there. >> and france and russia. >> great to see you. hope you had a nice weekend. hope everyone did as well. got breaking news a tham in overnight. a teenager is under arrest and charged in the murder of a pastor's pregnant wife. indianapolis police say that 18-year-old larry taylor shot and killed amanda blackburn during a home invasion this months while her husband davy was at the gym and her 1-year-old slept upstairs in that same home. detectives say the surveillance pictures like this caught taylor casing and robbing neighborhood homes. he was questioned last week by police but was released. two others were also arrested
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for burglary after receipts from amanda's atm card were found in their car. police are looking for leads this morning after 16 people, including several teenagers were shot overnight at a new orleans park. police say about 500 people illegally gathered for a block party to film a music video when a dispute escalated into a shootout. witnesses say that several people had guns and then they opened fire on one another. at this hour, no arrests have been made. all the victims are in stable condition. more syrian refugees turning themselves in at the u.s./mexic. the two men and a family of three confronting agents is southern texas friday night. since then, they've been taken into temporary custody and determined not to be security threats we are told. the detentioning come as a fox news poll say the majority of voters reject -- nearly 50% say
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it's "very likely that one of the refugees could carry out an attack. music's most talented in one room to crown the -- one direction had one place to go. that's the stage. taking home the number one award. artist of the year. check it out. ♪ >> then the host of the show, jennifer lopez, stealing the spotlight with multiple wardrobe changes. then celine dion paid an emotional tribute to paris complete with a string orchestra. ♪ >> singing in french. then not quite sure how they pulled this off. just din bieber dancing in a downpour. watch. ♪ the evening's biggest surprise
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wasn't even an award. it was a jaw-dropping kiss. megan train or and charlie poout locking lips after their marvin gaye hit. people having breakfast this morning. they're making out. there you go. >> we need that justin bieber shower thing right there. >> they do. cool them down. spray them off. >> i don't know how they did that. >> you mean the rain? >> or the -- >> is that really water? who cleans it up? >> joe, can we recreate that? >> we're not recreating a makeout scene in the rain. >> we don't need that today. right now in new york city, it's 36 degrees and it feels like it's 28. it is the chilliest day so far this season. >> we don't want to go out with a wet head. don't do it. >> decided. despite more than a dozen arrests in brussels overnight, word is there's still an imminent threat of another terrorist attack. our next guest might know why.
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what the world leaders aren't telling the public, next. and the video is horrifying. a college student narrowly escapes death after he stepped in to save a woman's life and ended up with a gun right to his head. this morning, a major break in that case. oh, boy. it's winter. eat winter snacks. freshman. campbell's. made for real, real life.
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[ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. despite more than a dozen arrests, late last night, brussels remains a highest
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threat level today as the prime minister there warns of an imminent terrorist attack. what do they know that has not been shared with the public? howard gutman is the former u.s. ambassador to belgium and he just returned from a trip to brussels. how was the trip to brussels, ambassador? >> it started pretty normally on thursday night. i was with the foreign minister with the interior minister but at a 500-person black tie dinner for special olympics. friday night we went to a movie theater, there were soldiers with uzis out front. it was the hunger games. after the movie, they said stay off the streets, away from crowded areas. >> we're worried too. the prime minister says serious and imminent threat remains. what are they talking about? we're worried they're talking about a chemical event. >> it's hard to know without being in intelligence. but usually the last time
3:17 am
brussels had a level 4 emergency, i was the one who delivered it to the interior minister. then you heard overhears that said we'll get them or they'll pay this time or let's focus on brussels. but they start kicking down all the doors. it could be best friends, it could be grandparents. they'll take people into custody, ask questions and worry about releasing them later. making sure that the ones on the loose, i think they think there's a second person. they don't wand him taking a kalashnikov in belgium. they started to tighten up on monitoring people. apparently they have something like 500 prime targets which would require about 5,000 agents to keep track of the 500. only 200 people who actually do that kind of thing. >> right. when i got there in 2009, there
3:18 am
was no wiretap statutes. they weren't allowed to do surveillance by people. until last week, they were limited to the time they could do surveillance. they've learned their lesson and they kick down doors quickly. listen to overhears. the problem is to watch someone full-time takes ten people for every one person you're watching. if we've had 400 people gp to syria and 270 come back and they have their best friends, we figure it's about 500 people, that would take 5,000 agents. the country is only 11 million. we can't do it here. they're having trouble doing it there. two people with a kalashnikov can do a lot of damage. >> absolutely. overnight they had raid all over the place. they found no guns of any sort. no explosives, anything like that. ultimately, ambassador, isn't this what the terrorists want? when they've got the prime minister saying there's going to be a serious and imminent threat remaining and the terrorists who
3:19 am
just want to scare us, mission accomplished for them. >> steve, you could not be more correct. they have defeated belgium now. they should have the linder market, the christmas market, it's a ghost town. who is going to belgium for christmas this year? they have destroyed the country for six, eight months until it's back on its feet. they have won today but it's awfully hard to stop one or two with kalashnikovs. my wife got scared. we were in the heart of brussels. 20 feet from the parliament. 50 feet from the u.s. embassy. my wife had us go yesterday to friends in the suburbs. >> howard gutman, who says that brussels has become the real hunger games. ambassador, thank you for joining us live. >> thanks very much, steve. all the best. a woman trapped in aid flooding car makes a desperate call for help. >> i need help. please help me.
3:20 am
>> my car is full of water. >> details on the dramatic rescue. oh, my goodness. straight ahead. it ain't over until it's over. yogi berra is about to receive a special honor tomorrow. yogi's granddaughter lindsey shares what it means to her family, next. (wind noise) what's happening here... is not normal, it's extraordinary.
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got some quick travel headlines for you on this monday morning. a southwest airlines flight forced to land after three men started acting suspiciously. passengers say they were switching seats and not listening to flight crew instructions. the pilot made an emergency land not guilty kansas city, missouri, where everybody was
3:24 am
deplaned and the guys questioned. they were eventually cleared and rebooked on another flight. you could save at the pump this holiday season. a new survey shows gas prices falling $.11 over the past two weeks. it's $1 less than last thanksgiving heading into the christmas season. brian and elisabeth, over to you. tomorrow, one of baseball's all-time greats, yogi berra will be awarded the highest civilian honor in the nation. berra, who passed away a few months ago, not only a perennial all-star, 13-time world champion, he was a navy gunner and befriended the first black and latino players in the major league. >> lindsey berra serves on the board of the museum and learning senn terp and will be at the white house to receive the medal on her grandfather's behalf. this might feel a little bittersweet with the timing. >> we've been trying since
3:25 am
grandpa's 90th birthday last may. yes, it's fine lip happening. i would lying to say i wasn't sad. i'd much rather him be going than my uncles and my dad. >> any about what he's done as a manager, player and what he's accomplished. afterwards, this generation of players, the generation in between when he was manager, everyone in touch with him says what to you? >> everyone that he's touched at all in his life just tells me what an amazing person he was. and his reach after he passed away just millions of people. i'm not even exaggerating. twitter and facebook and all the people that reached out to me to tell me what he meant to them and how much he gave back and how important he was to their lives and how he touched them in some way, it was staggering. >> between his incredible service to the country in world war ii in the navy and his service to the game of baseball and so many, an american tradition beyond. we know a lot about your grandfather. as his granddaughter, how do you
3:26 am
remember him every day personally? >> every day personally, he's just a goofy, supportive, loving grandpa that says all the crazy things that you hear him say in public and real life. >> really? >> he's very much like what you see on television at home and he's just a wonderful, funny great guy that i really loved spending time with. >> when you told him, hey, listen, i'm writing the white house to get you this medal of freedom, you deserve it. what did he say to you? >> i read him part of a letter to hustle up the process a little bit. he said to me, you better be careful, insulting the king. i hope i didn't insult anyone. >> what does it feel like for you to receive this on his behalf? >> i'm so proud and i definitely am going to be sad and i'm sure there will be some tears. to be able to have this medal in the yogi berra museum and learning center which is his legacy and have kids be able to see that, it's like an
3:27 am
exclamation point at the end of his amazing life. i'm just going to be real -- >> go up to willie maze who is getting it as well and say i need your autograph and then i want you to go to steven spielberg say do a movie on my dad's life. that would be eye movie. >> i'm excited he's getting it with willie. they were buddies. >> he was the manager back then. >> willie was center field. it was great that did you this. your grandfather must have been so proud of you. >> so proud. >> to be there with your dad and the two uncles, going to be fantastic. >> we're proud of him too. three minutes before the bottom of the hour. the video is shocking. a college student narrowly escapes death after he steps in woman's life. he ends up with a gun at his head and bullet in his stomach. the online activist group anonymous have taken down isis
3:28 am
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visit to learn more. we're back with a fox news alert. the hacker group anonymous claiming it's taken down more than 25,000 accounts with ties to isis since the group declared war on the terrorists in the wake of those paris attacks. at first people were applauding the hackers for helping stop the flow of propaganda. did they actually do more harm than good? adviser michael smith works with i counterintelligence group to warn the government of terrorist's online actions. he joins us now. >> good morning, michael. >> good morning.
3:32 am
it's great to be with "fox and friends." >> how is this group doing more harm than good when it comes to cyber security and taking down these accounts with isis, sir? >> look, i think it's easy for the net effect of what anonymous is advising its members to do, to be one much interference, as an interference with ongoing, online intelligence operations. there's a great deal of work under way to identify important communications which can be gathered from various elements used as of social media. in particular, the islamic state's members and support base. if you're going out and putting pressure on twit toer knock down 1,000 accounts, it's likely that a number of the accounts are being utilized by the enemy and occasionally by people who want to gather information about what the enemy's plans are. >> when i heard that a couple of days ago when they had taken down 5,000 twitter accounts, i thought oh, that's really good. what you're saying is there actually is some value to some of those things left online?
3:33 am
>> there can be. frankly, any sort of disruption activity in terms of disrupting a terrorist group, that has to be coordinated with officials who have the authority to go out and find, fix and finish the enemy. not just rogue activity like this. >> michael, we keep hearing about encrypted apps. that being the problem that. we've gone dark in following them. these are the most higher up cyber security guys including the fbi director. what's the reality there? >> the reality is that in terms of my awareness of all of it, it largely revolves around the work being performed by collectors who are doing a remarkable job of putting together lists of not just channels advertised by the islamic state's propaganda's but real influencers online who are communicating through secure platforms. the fbi and other agencies are doing a remarkable job of frankly keeping their finger on the pulse of this. >> put they're putting their hands up and saying we can hear,
3:34 am
we can see. they're frustrate d and they're worried? >> no doubt about it. the islamic -- with the massive -- is overwhelming the system. there's need for outside eyes on the targets. but that has to be closely coordinated with the appropriate officials. in terms of things like telegram messenger, there's room for additional eyes on those targets. >> is there pressure from the government for this group anonymous to stop doing what it's doing. at first glance, it seemed like a good thing they're getting rid of the accounts. but if there's intel from the accounts, what kind of pressure is on the group to halt their activities? >> i think it's important for officials to highlight explicitly the net negative effects of what it is that anonymous is encouraging people to do right now. you know, there is room for outside support. everybody can appreciate their enthusiasm for this target. the type of activity frankly can
3:35 am
interfere with ongoing investigations. >> i just wonder if they're better than us? are they better than our cyber terror guys? >> i don't know that. i mean, they certainly have people there who have remarkable skill sets. i think the most important thing right now would be for the president to issue an executive order that gives fbi director comey greater latitude to utilize things like -- so that they can tap into the skill sets, the outside actors. >> michael, it is true that sometimes the federal government will say to organizations like yours, don't take down that particular website because we're using it, right? >> well, i'm unaware of any communications to that effect. >> of course you are. >> the fbi doesn't want people going out and breaking federal law in order to try to go after the islamic state. those are things that occur pursuant to court orders and again consent for otherwise illegal activity sniept all right. michael smith joining us today
3:36 am
from charleston, south carolina. michael, interesting stuff. thank you very much. >> thank you, michael. >> thank you. heather nauert is in place to tell us what else is happening, including what happened in new orleans today. a good samaritan acts and pays the price. >> this is an unbelievable story developing over the weekend. a gunman shot a tulane medical student on camera in new orleans and now this man is believed to be the shooter. in this 21-year-old. the video shows a suspect dragging a woman down the street and then when 25-year-old peter gold tries to intervene, cain attempts to rob him and shoots him in the stomach. his gun, thankfully jams when tries to shoot him again. gold is recovering from his wounds. a $12,500 reward is out for kaine's arrest. a good samaritan. unbelievable. a woman is trapped inside her car for 45 minutes after she
3:37 am
accidentally drives into a river in washington state. listen to her panicked 911 call as she runs out of air. >> water is up to my roof in the car. i pushed my head all the way up. i'm losing my breath. i'm hyperventilating now. oh, my god. somebody please. >> the woman drove around a road closed sign and thought she could make it through the water. we've heard that story before. as it turns out she couldn't. first responders eventually were able to save her. she was freegz cold but overall she's okay. george h.w. bush welcoming a brand new baby boy to the world. lauren bush, the daughter of neal bush shared this adorable picture of sweet baby james who was born two days ago. the first child for lauren bush and her husband david. he's the son of the designer ralph lauren. >> a beautiful couple and child too. hiccups couldn't stop this australian boy from belting out
3:38 am
his country's national anthem. listen to this. ♪ that poor little guy right there. 7-year-old ethan hall singing before an australian baseball league game, even though the hiccups came at the worst possible time. we can all relate to that. any parent can certainly. the crowd giving him a huge applause. the players then high fived him for that performance. he never gave up. those are your headlines. what a sweet little guy there. way to go. >> i knew when they say that when you're really scared as you would be performing in public -- >> at 7. >> hiccups go away. not the case. >> right. >> not scared at all. >> patriotic pursuit on his part. heather, thanks. extreme weather. the midwest is in a deep freeze. first major snowstorm of the
3:39 am
season. snow and single digit temperatures to the region there. >> in the state of michigan, you can see cars sliding all over the roads with dozens of fender benders reported this weekend. ahead of the busy travel week that we've now started, more than 150 flights at chicago's o'hare were canceled. >> maria molina has more, tracking all of it. >> good morning. we have quite the chill in the northeast. 35 degrees right now in new york city. those cold temperatures stretching even down into parts of the gulf coast. right now in mobile, alabama, you're at 33 degrees. we have freeze warnings that extend all the way down to the gulf coast. you see 28 in jackson, mississippi and in the 20s, very widespread as well across most of the state of alabama. taking a look at the radar, it's relatively quiet. we had the snow in the midwest over the weekend. now lingering lake-effect snow showers and couple of inches accumulation near lake ontario. the next storm system is
3:40 am
bringing in snow from the northern rockies through parts of california out there. some of the snow could start early tonight across parts of the cascades. in washington state and also in oregon, but we have winter storm watches already in effect again from northern rockies into the sierra across california because of as much as a foot of snow expected through wednesday. let's head inside to brian. >> going to michigan to get extra revenue for the kilmeade fund. let me tell you about the nfl. briefly and quickly. best day belongs to cam newton. five touchdowns and dominated the redskins. panther undefeated. they win 34-16. 10-0 on the year. good job. how about best comeback. tony romo. back on the field for the first time since the collarbone break in week two. he led the cowboys to a 24-14 victory over the miami dolphins. ned lost seven in a row. they're two games out of first. how about best debut. here's a name you probably have not heard of. peyton manning's backup.
3:41 am
he threw two scores. the bears give up the lead in late. -- five-time mvp peyton manning did not play. he had a foot, rib and everything else injury. osweiler's performance keeps the broncos on top of their division. matt hasselbeck does it again. 40 years old. the veteran threw a couple of touchdowns against the falcons while injured andrew luck watching from the sidelines. when is he going to show some age? >> that was a great birthday gift to watch matthew play. andrew luck, good buddy of his. >> i love it. proud of him. so many athletes over there, steve, it's scary. we should just give it up. >> brian, i gave it up years ago. >> cut the cord, baby. >> he's as good of a guy as he is a great player. >> as is your husband. >> let me tell you what's coming
3:42 am
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you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. quick headlines now. an fdny firefighter couldn't take the heat. cher lien holder graduated the academy despite failing physical tests. ten days into the job, she's on medical leave. she fractured her foot during an equipment check. she tried and failed the academy two times before. california firefighters took a 5-year-old to for a toy shopping
3:46 am
spree. he saved his grandma's life when he woke up when their house caught fire. most of the toys were destroyed in the flames. nice job. meanwhile, a fox news alert. a heartbreaking story we've been following for weeks now. breaking overnight. an arrest has been made in the murder of that indiana pastor's wife. 28-year-old amanda blackburn was pregnant when she was shot in the head during a home invasion nearly two weeks ago. kyle inskeep from fox 59 in indianapolis is live
3:47 am
3:48 am
3:49 am
and it's right on the label. what's going on in your cereal. hey, toddler, what you need next. >> she's not a toddler. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. shop like a pro at the bass pro shops thanksgiving 5-day sale with red hot deals like select redhead men's crews and henleys for only $10 each. save 25% on under armour men's and ladies' storm caliber hoodies.
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welcome back. a new lawsuit against general mills says cheerios protein only
3:53 am
contains a smidgen more protein and 17 times more sugar than the original cereal. and the information is written right on the box in the nutrition information. if you have a hard time deciphering that information, you're not alone. karen gilbert is here to help us. what's the claim behind this lawsuit with cheerios and what's the real information on the box? >> a lot of products we buy to for our kits thats protein that's alluring and sexy, i want to build my muscle. the lawsuit is claiming that really if you break down the nutrition fact panel, there's really not a lot of difference between those two cereals. >> we have a panel. we made it nice and big. >> here's the panel. >> how do you see what's happening? the.
3:54 am
>> regular cheerios is 100 calories and 3 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar, which is very little, which is great. here it's 210 calories almost more than double and 7 grams of protein which is also double. if you had a cup of the regular, you're at at same protein mark almost but 17 grams of sugar. >> it's claiming protein is the big difference-maker but this has more cereal in the serving size. >> and more sugar. >> they charge you more. they claim it's more healthy. sometimes i fall into that -- my husband falls into that. he thinks he's going to build more muscle. >> so do a lot. read your nutrition fact label. >> it says an equal element
3:55 am
kandz 18% more protein. cheerios protein provides a good serving of protein and accurately labeled. they're saying by the fda standard is meets the bottom line. >> you have to know how to read the bottom line. whole grains are -- the mantra is increase whole grains and you'll reduce diabetic. so when you look at the label, the guidelines are very loose for claiming something has whole wheat. lucky charms has this label it's whole wheat, meaning it has whole wheat as its first ingredient. the reason it's magically delicious because the ingredients after that are sugar, modified corn sugar.
3:56 am
don't be striked by, yes, there are whole grains, however, there are also a lot of other ingredient you want to avoid. >> one thing we see on labels is zero transfat. >> this kills me. this is tricky. transfat is something we want to avoid for heart disease and diabetes. fda regulates if a serving has has half a gram or less you can claim it as zero. >> zero doesn't mean zero? >> all these products shown has the ingredient hydrogenated vegetable oil which means there's transfat. however, there's zero transfat. peanut butter or creamer, it's easy to have two sizes, and you can can get one gram.
3:57 am
one gram is what you recommend. >> we have been taking a close look at labels. thank you for your time. rush limbaugh says isis is not the administration's biggest enemy. >> barack obama's biggest enemy is the republican party. >> what he says next. y put up w? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet?
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dpm. today is monday, november 23rd. a fox news alert. security stepped up ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. more than a dozen terror arrests made overseas. a college student narrowly escapes death and end up with a handgun at his head, bullet in his stomach. gun jams, thank goodness. one family says the touch of the pope helped their baby
4:01 am
recover from brain cancer. they join us. live from new york city and paris, it's "fox & friends." 7:00 here in new york city. let's now go to paris. with the fox news alert as we look at europe and the city of brussels is on lockdown for a third straight day as officials make dozens of arrests. meanwhile, the president of france is teaming up with world leaders to take down isis. greg palkot joins us live. >> reporter: first, what has been said in paris, a pledge much support and a new sense of urgency in the fight against sith. david cameron meeting with
4:02 am
francois hollande, paying respect to the music heal where 89 people died. here's a bit more of what david cameron had to say. >> the united kingdom will do all we have in our power to support our friend and ally, france. >> reporter: they are putting out a picture of the suicide bomber, saying they posed as syrian refugees as the hunt goes on for salah abdeslam. he fled the scene. he was last reportedly seen in brussels where overnight there were 16 more arrests. police say they're trying to break up what they say is another paris-style terror attack. four subways remain closed, schools and university shut down. police and troops out in fronch.
4:03 am
president hollande meets with president obama tomorrow, meets with president putin in montsco trying to bol center the fight against isis. >> keep in mind this, last thursday the prime minister. france came out and said there was a risk of some sort of chemical attack and they were worried about that in addition to everything else. we really didn't have much explanation of where that came from until this morning. the associated press is reporting at a hospital in paris, apparently that same day, last thursday, protective suits were stolen, the kind you would use in a buy crow hazard attack or ebola. three dos special boots resistant to chemical agents, gloves and masks. so that, it sounds like, is the
4:04 am
reason the prime minister came out and said, there's a possibility they might try to unleash some sort of chemical. >> isis is using them in syria and we know syria was using them rampant.-called rebels. meanwhile, if you were dissatisfied with the president's strategy -- >> what strategy. >> his former defense secretary were asks, how are we dood today against isis. >> we need to clearly define our political strategy as well as military strategy. who is the enemy? >> air strikes are great. we're hitting some tart gets. what isis has achieved is the ability to gain territory. and it's that territory, it's the caliphate, where they're designing their ability to kind of now do outreach and attack
4:05 am
other countries. >> the defense secretary saying this, more than 6 in 10 in the united states believe the fight against isis isn't going well. 56%, according to a fox new survey believe an imminent attack could happen here. that's likely going to happen. they're not sure the way the president is handling. when you hear for those with great expertise -- >> used to work with him. >> you understand there's cause for concern here. he went on to say we actually need more -- increase the tempo of air sfriks, sunnis and kurds, arm them, and increase our special forces and intel forces bying this them there. >> allowing them stay in mosul, they're selling all their oil. they're making a minimum of $1 million a day. you have to blow them out of
4:06 am
raqqah. last week we just started hitting their oil trucks. we were so concerned about getting oil back. it's been a year. >> we distributed some leaflets which said, we don't wanted to hurt you, isis guy, we just want to blow up your truck. thankfully russia started blowing up some refineries. take a look at this cover of "the new york daily news" and there's a picture of juan lapierre. it looks like some democrats are trying to turn this terror threat into more gun control legislation because they they say people on terror watch lists can buy guns. the democrats are using the threat to get more gun laws
4:07 am
past. these are the same democrats who have said in the past, watch list target innocent people. keep in mind, we don't want terrorists to end up with guns but the way the watch ligs work, there are innocent people who end up on them. >> ted ken. >> a child at one time. >> steven hayes were on watch lists. so what they're doing is trying to turn the isis threat into a perfect opportunity to pass more gun control. >> nra saying they don't want dangerous people to have firearms. only our objective is to ensure american people are due their constitutional rights. >> we don't want terrorists to have guns. all of a sudden they're profiling. i would like to push for it to
4:08 am
get ten kennedy after that. would you support me in that? >> i don't know if it's applicable anymore. >> rush limbaugh came on air talking about his new kids book. he went on with chris wallace. he was talking about the president and his approach. he says, i'm not a military strategist. i'm not going to tell you how to beat isis but the president has an enemy, it's not isis. it's republicans. listen. >> it's almost as though he thinks we've committed all these crimes, and it's time for paypack, it's time for us to find out what the rest of the world goes through every day. i think we are a great nation at risk in a dangerous world and the people leading the can country today don't see that. they see us as the problem, not the solution. they think we are responsible for some of these problems. they fall back and blame george
4:09 am
w. bush for what's going on. isis didn't exist when bush left office. >> he also went on to say the republicans seem to be the number one enemy. in malaysia, he said, we want better human lights to get better but we have our other problems in america. he has to point out -- >> the ultimate asterisk. meanwhile, nine minutes after the top of the hour on this monday and heather has another bulletin. >> fox news alert. good morning. overnight an arrest made in the murder of an indiana pregnant woman's life. 18-year-old larry taylor shot a man in blackburn during a home invasion while her husband went to the gym and her 1-year-old slept upstairs. he was questioned by police last
4:10 am
week. two others were arrested by burglary after receipts from amanda's atm were found in their car. police are looking for leads after six people, including several teenagers were shot overnight in a park in new orleans. people illegally gathered for a block party to film a music video when it escalated into a shootout. several people had guns and open fire on one another. no arrests have been made. all victims are in stable condition. this is dwight a story here. two women in this picture are accused of stealing $400,000 from taxpayers and still employed at the va, and will return to work immediately. they are both being demoted from regional directors to assistant directors after they were
4:11 am
accused of scamming the system to getting $400,000 in relocation money for themselves. they are calling that unacceptable and want them both to be fired. music talent to crown at ama. one directions taking home the number one award, artist the year. take a look. ♪ causing trouble and if you like ♪ >> the host of the show, va-va-voom, jennifer lopez, with multiple wardrobe changes. celine dion with a tribute to paris. ♪ >> the evening's biggest surprise wasn't even an ward, it was a jaw-dropping kiss of sorts
4:12 am
perform meghan trainor, fans freaking ining out. i like steve's decision, it was pour some water on those kids, right? one man using this picture of joey from "friends" tweeting, me watching meghan trainor and charlie's performance, then they make out. those are your headlines. >> as a woman -- you have multiple changes, right? >> where is this going? >> during the same show. sometimes you wear four or fife outfits during one show. do you wear them underneath? does jennifer lopez wear them and peel them off or does she actually change? >> she has people backstage changing her. >> those dresses are very lucky
4:13 am
to have jennifer lopez wearing them. >> or barely wearing them. i can see hundreds of children wearing the same jackets. these are kids in town for the thanksgiving macy's parade, on thursday. there's the tail end of them going up sixth avenue. usually, down sixth avenue toward macy's. >> preparations are under way. a big way in the city. a college student narrowly es sdaping death after he steps in to sav a woman's life. why would he run toward that danger? the psychology behind it next. a small town bakery becomes world famous for politically correct customers to get lost. that story coming up.
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
(waves crashing) (audio distortion) (splashing)
4:17 am
no doubt about it, donald trump is a hot guest on the sunday channels. since the paris attacks, his numbers have gone up because he's been donald trump. he's been very blunt brom the blank out of isis.
4:18 am
we'll get tough on these guys. then they asked him when it comes to water boarding. by the way, where did this question come from, i'm not sure because water boarding was used as an interrogation tactic. listen to donald trump when he got that question. >> we have to be strong. they don't use waterboarding, they use chopping off their heads, drowning people. i don't know if you've seen the cages, they put people in cages and lift them out. >> you would bring back waterboarding. >> i would bring it back. yes. i think quartboarding is peanuts compared to what they do to us. >> calling for strong interrogation, bringing back interrogation methods back. his numbers are up despite backlash last week when he said mosques should be monitored. >> here's the thing. i'm sure george stephanopoulos, someone who used to work for hillary clinton's husband back in the day, was trying to pose a
4:19 am
gotcha question but donald trump hit it out of the park. i'm looking at a number -- i would say a gigantic majority of people watching right now and have responded to the e-mail machine are saying, why not? he makes a great point about considering they're chopping off heads and we are waterboarding, this enhanced interrogation technique, they think waterboarding is a great deter rent. >> it's interesting. when he's comparing, they do this -- i don't think that's the argument that should be made. it should be made, if this is a means to say millions of lives, particularly lives here, then you can make that argument. you just think saying, they do this, we should do that -- >> in reality, cia will never do it because they got excoriated.
4:20 am
donald trump sgent want to pus muslims on a list but syrian refugees on a list. that's not cost effective. >> we monitored mosques in new york city until last year. from september 11th up through last year. he makes a point. what do you think? waterboarding, god forbid we would have to do that, good idea or bad idea? e-mail us. a college student narrowly ends up escaping death. the psychology behind that next. and walmart just revealed cyber monday deals. when you will be able to get your hands on them, cyber monday, light? not so fast. you're late for work.
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welcome back. first, $1 million, that's how much this iconic blue and white dress worn by judy garland worn in "the wizard of oz" could go for today. 2,000 items will be offered as online items by walmart this cyber monday but they're out early, starting sunday night at 6:00 p.m. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 6th hunger games. >> the final installment of hunger games hit the box office with the lowest of all hunger games franchise but still busted
4:25 am
box office. >> $100 million. tomorrow night's. soed features a family that inherits a wrecked ship with quite a bit of treasure. >> oh, yeah, solid gold. >> this is an emerald cross and ring that was found in 1982. >> he must have loved the adventure. >> he did. he was an awful -- >> this is not to on fox business. >> tonight. >> i remember the story of this ship. they found it and people have been -- how many years ago did they find the wreckage? >> from over 400 years ago. it was the atocha. mel fisher said today's the day, every day, until it it finally was, was the one that found it. he passed and left this incredible treasure to his kids,
4:26 am
but there's $400 million more, and taking folks twice a year down. we went out with them on one of the boats. someone found an emerald. treasure hunting is huge. people are booking adventure vacations. look at this. this is him with gold chains. apparently when they left spain they took their wealth in jewelry. not jewelry you would wear now. >> they didn't trust money. >> gold coins, jewelry, all that from the mel fisher -- >> that's a strange inheritance. >> it is. the fact they're letting folks go with them. but it gets stranger. two teachers from vermont went to tans nia with the permission
4:27 am
of his mother. gave him a great life but couldn't afford college but now can. it was a chinese screen. and apparently the chinese market has so much money we have right now, let's not go there politically, but they're trug to get all these artifacts back. this originally praised $2,000 and just sold for $250,000. teachers, school teachers in vermont and they can now send their tansnian son to college. it was his adoptive grandfather's so basically from beyond the grave this grandfather, who was a country lawyer, has now sent him to college.
4:28 am
it came from a female client. very physician tear yous, she might have been a spy. but you have to watch. >> strange, indeed. >> up enjoy. >> i'm going to click up one channel to watch "strange inheritance." >> thank you. we just heard donald trump saying he would bring back wa r waterboarding so how does he fare in the latest polls? >> our series in addiction continues from this guy. you know him from jt growing pains" but did you know jeremy miller battled alcoholism? next. i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus
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the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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jeb bushwe have to beave to be tthe world's leader.n. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
4:32 am
i want to share with you some of the great people i had a chance to meet in my recent jaunt in oklahoma at barnes and noble, noon on thursday. a lot of home school people and great people of oklahoma. it was great to be in tulsa. it was fantastic. then a chance to go to dallas where i connected with john gibson, who is working for westwood 1. and that's the child i decided to raise, who i met out there. and i went over do woodlands and had a chance to go over to the hastings by texas a&m, which is in -- >> college station. >> >> yeah, college station. i should know that. >> you were there. >> yeah. tomorrow night i'll be in philadelphia, then sea island, nashville. >> fantastic. >> the boom came out last week. first week at number three and now number two. >> just in time for great
4:33 am
christmas gift. it's a fantastic book. i say brian talks about history the way someone reads through sports announcements. our first war on terror. thanks for coming out. >> you have a special message? >> yes. good morning to all of you. a look at your headlinesed. we start with politics. a new fox news poll shows donald trump's lead widening. rubio and cruz threatened to take carson's right now. the neurosurgeon dropped five point in three weeks, the most out of any republican candidates. in another poll, rub yoe beats hillary clinton by a wide margin in a hypothetical head-to-head match-up. this is the first time a poll showing rubio beating democratic front-runners snoou. john con engineers koconnec
4:34 am
seeking a 27th term. sharpton bumped up his salary after actions network raised $it.7 million. career criminal picked the wrong couple to try to rob. albuquerque police pulled up to the scene after a burglary call and they found an elderly couple at gunpoint. they found the suspect putting their stuff in this suv. all the police had to do is arrest him. they made it simple. a politically incorrect front door sign is going viral. from a bakery in springfield, ohio, reads this message, merry
4:35 am
christmas and god bless america, to name a few other things. the owner saying it's a statement of their beliefs about the world, including freedom of religion and freedom of speech. there's a lot you didn't know about jeremy miller, like a difficult battle with alcoholism but two a two-step treatment he has turned his life around. the actor and his doctor join us at "fox & friends." >> when did your problem start? >> i started drinking around the age of 4. it wasn't an all-day -- >> explain that. i would run around grandma and grandpa's parties and i would finish off all the beers. it tasted good. i would go and go and go until i fell asleep or passed out in grandpa's chair.
4:36 am
>> did you drink on "growing pai pains"? >> no, i would protected and sheltered by my mom or people on the show. but any time i was alone or had access, if i had a chance to drink, if would go to excess. >> how much? >> to the point of blackout. >> you tried to get sober? >> for six years. i tried pretty much out there. i went to rehab, did outpatient programs, i did traditional 12-step. >> your mom had google. >> it made a huge difference. she happened to come across a program. it was an implant that started in australia. she said, we might have found what we're looking for. >> cue the doctor. doctor, what did he find in you? >> what a lot of people need to find which is a medication-assisted treatment.
4:37 am
all governmental societies recommend medication treatment. it is the new standard of care. most people in our country get inadequate treatment. they only receive the psychosocial behavior of recovery, which is absolutely essentially and critical but the first three to six months are constant cravings -- >> or relapse. how does this work? it's put into your body. does it matter where? >> it's a outpatient procedure, under local anesthesia in the local right quadrant where an appearen dekt would be performed. >> what does it do? >> it's a medication been around for a number of years to help with alcoholism or opioad, in
4:38 am
pill form and preferred in the injectable form but that only lasts three to four weeks. >> you got the impact in your lower belly. you had high hopes for it. in fact, while you were driving home, what happened? >> we were stuck in traffic, classic l.a. traffic, three hours to get home. we had to get gas, three-hour mack. she gave me 20 bucks and i blew by the beer and i stopped outside the door. >> how unique is that? >> never happened in 10, 15 years. >> what is this implant doing? >> when addiction sets in and it's fascinating because addiction to all these alcohol -- alcohol, drugs, gambling, video games, pornography they're mediated by the same pathways in the brain.
4:39 am
this can -- >> does it block it. >> the opiat receptor in the brain, which release dope amine. there's an imbalance in the seeking, drive, and the frontal impulse crave. >> you don't crave it? >> diminishes the cravings, significantly. people are addicted to the krafings and that's why they relapse. >> how fweblgttive is this? >> it's very effective. it's approved for alcohol and opioid addiction. it should be always used in conjunction with traditional psychosocial behavior. >> does it change who you're hanging out with, how you react to stress, but this will happen you. >> this is a tool, an instrument to help aa and working the steps it your counseling to be more present.
4:40 am
it allows the recovery program -- >> you're a believer? >> i wasn't able to hear any of that, going to 12-step, rehab, my brain couldn't process the info until i had this done. then when i wasn't pom bombarded with that craving, it started to sink in. >> people will go online. it's call biocorrect, b-i-o-c-r-x-x. for more information, it's available on online. >> is another website tells you where there are centers, programs available. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for coming. >> thank you forg me. >> it's remarkable. they're calling it medical miracle. what happened to this child, diagnosed with cancer after a kiss from pope francis, the family here to share their remarkable development coming up. a college student narrowly
4:41 am
escapes death. he gets shot but he actually survives because a gun jams. what would cause anyone to run in that kind of danger? a psychological look at that. first, this day in history, born on this sdatd in 1961, pizza got his start by selling his camaro to fund his pizza shot. who is he? you enter first and you'll be today's pig winner with.
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a complete stranger steps up to intervene. peter gold soon became the victim. the gun jammed and he survived. however, he had gotten shot in the gut. watching that video, would you do the same thing as that young man? and what encourages ordinary people to take these extraordinary risks with their own lives on the line? here to try to figure it all out is educational and forensic psychologist dr. chuck williams. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> good to have you. you look at the video and not knowing the guy had a gun, that young man, a medical student, 25-year-old peter gold, got out of his vehicle and went over and tried to help that woman. and then everything went to hell. what does it say to you about him that he would do that? >> well, first of all, this is a
4:46 am
very sad story that we still have to deal with these issues of senseless and reckless violence. it's very unpredictable. the silver lining and good side of the story is we had this hero, in my opinion, this brave and courageous man, who was a medical student. i believe even if he had seen a weapon, he would have behaved the same way. part of this in my opinion is about his personality, his temperament, his training as a physician to be. i think it shows while we do have senseless violence, on the other hand we have an opportunity if people are brave and courageous enough to stand up to senseless acts of violence as a way to keep our communities safer. >> we don't have video, but it was a couple months ago where there was that terrorist who came out on the train bound for paris and these three americans jumped up and disarmed him. of course, one of the guys got
4:47 am
stabbed in the process. but as we look at video like this, we wonder, where does that courage come from? >> i think, again, it starts with the individual. it's all about being selfless. these people who behave like this are selfless. they're not concerned about their own welfare, safety, instead they're worried about the safety of others. we saw this on 9/11, when first responders, emts, firefighters and police officers ran into a building that was collapsing. they are putting aside their own fears and concerns about themselves to help each other and that's what we saw in this case. >> it's almost as if god was with this young man. after this guy shot him in the gut, and he's going to survive that, but then the guy tried to finish the job. he's got gun -- >> his gun jammed. >> or this poor man, we would be
4:48 am
talking about his death. with all the things happening in the world these days, we need more people like him. >> i agree. i think this is a time of year for us to talk about it, as we approach the holidays, thanksgiving and christmas. it's a merry time, people can be sad, depressed, down. they look at all the things happening in the world that you cover on your air from the attacks in paris, terrorism, but these kinds of acts remind us there's also good in the world and good people in the world who it will do good for others. that's something we should focus on around this time of year. >> dr. chuck williams joining us today from philadelphia. thank you very much. >> a nice pleasure. >> thank you, sir. coming up, it's being called a medical miracle. one family says a kiss from the pope helped their baby fight brain cancer. that family joins us live with a remarkable development coming up next. how sweet is that? first on this date in 1999,
4:49 am
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guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. aren't you lactose intolerant? this isn't lactose. it's milk. ♪ now for the answer to the "fox & friends" trivia question. "papa" john schnatter, and you'll get a copy of the book brin kibrian kilmeade's book. doctors have done their best to shrink an inoperable brain
4:53 am
turm but nothing much changed until pope france kissed her in the streets. joining us to share their incredible story are her parents with their son dominique and daughter gianna. mom and dad, when she was just two weeks old, what were doctors telling you? >> they basically said, go home and spend the final days, weeks and months with your daughter. and, you know, we had some tough decisions to make. but that's what we did for the first eight months of her life, is kind of waited. >> waited. i know that the tumor, i believe, her tumor was the size of a golf ball. kristin, when you're living your days like this and she's struggling. she had a really hard winter,
4:54 am
breathing, hearing, seeing. when that's happening and then you hear the pope is coming in town, you felt the nudge to go see him. tell me about the time. you have this tumor that they're saying the location is threatening the life of your baby. you go to see the pope. what happens? >> gosh. when we heard pope francis was coming to philly, i had a -- i had a dream that she met him and i knew that he had to get her -- his hands on her. it was a miracle. him kissing her. it was a real miracle. her entire life has been miraculous. >> we see that photo of pope francis gising gianna. is he kissing her where the tumor is located? >> yeah, pretty close. it was amazing. right on the back of the head. where her tumor is in the brain stem, the pons area.
4:55 am
he came close. it was definitely divine. >> now, where does it stand now? i mean, what does gianna's health now? >> well, i think our outlook is significantly changed since, you know, eight months -- she spent the first eight months of her life on hospice care. at this point we're optimistic her tumor will go away completely and she'll regain all of her functions, movement. it might take a little longer. >> the tumor was to decrease through treatments, 5% over a long period of time. could they locate it after the pope kissed her 1234. >> yeah, you can see a blush of it. they called it a blush on the mri. >> they said the tumor was less conspicuous. >> is what radiology said. when we went through the first
4:56 am
six months it was decreasing 5% every time. this time it was just a massive decrease. >> a miracle. what do you say to families out there going through this very same struggle? what's your message to them today? >> that's a great question. what we would say is, god is real. keep the faith. prayer works. we think the kiss to gianna, the miracle in all of this is the people that prayed for her, it worked. the prayer and what everyone did for us to keep us where we're at in our lives is the true miracle. >> absolutely. >> there's really, really good people left in the world. >> we could not be more overjoyed for you. thank you for sharing your story with us today. dominick, too. >> can you say bye? can you say bye?
4:57 am
>> thank for having us. god bless. >> god bless is right. two breakinging stories we're following this morning. moments ago, new terror arrests in brussels and an arrest has been made in the brutal murder of the pastor's wife. breaking details next. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty.
4:58 am
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good morning to you. it is monday, november 23rd. a fox news alert. high anxiety ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. police in america training for potential terror attacks as belgium shuts down to prepare for an imminent attack. and overnight we are live on the ground with all the breaking details as it pertains to arrests in belgium. meanwhile, donald trump doubling down on his plan to stop terror. among other things, you could bring back waterboarding. >> we have to be strong. they don't use waterboarding over there. they use chopping off people's heads. >> well, your e-mail on waterboarding pouring in.
5:01 am
we'll share them in about two minutes. a stunning development overnight in the brutal murder of this indiana's pastor's wife. this morning, an arrest. "fox & friends," hour three, starts now. good morning to you. let's get right to that fox news alert now. five more people are under arrest in belgium, terror raids. bringing today's terror arrest to 21. >> it was 16 when we got up. this breaking development as president of france meets with world leaders to take down isis. >> good afternoon. >> just in the past hour, we got new word about those five more arrests as terror operations sweep through brussels and the outskirts. again, we've seen about 16, 17
5:02 am
anti-terror raids happening in that city, described as a hot bed of terrorism and in the regions. authorities still say they are very concerned about a paris-style coordinated, multiple site terror attack against their city. that is why they've extended that state of alert. it happened -- it started throughout the weekend. their metro, the subways closed down. got to be creating nightmares for their back to work scene there. schools and universities closed as well. all of these, potential soft targets for the terrorists. howard gutman said to "fox & friends" just a short time ago. >> they have defeated belgium now. belgium is a beautiful country and they have destroyed it for six, eight months until it's back on its feet. >> reporter: still on the run, the most wanted man in europe, salah abdeslam, he fled the
5:03 am
scene more than a week ag. last seen, we are told, in brussels. here in paris police are circulating a picture of one of the suicide bombers, wanting more information. he's one of two at least that authority went from isis headquarters in syria through turkey across to greece, posing as a syrian refugee. in paris, more tough talk from cameron, promising help. in his words, we will defeat the death cult that is isis. back to you guys. >> greg palkot on the streets of paris. you know, you've got to admit, there's a worry here in this country as well. people are afraid to go shopping, afraid to go to church and afraid of school. and they're thinking, there's
5:04 am
that big parade in new york city with hundreds of thousands of people. the president of the united states, though, had advice for all of us. he said, essentially, calm down. he says, isis cannot strike a mortal blow against the united states. and overreacting will play into the terrorist's hands. we will destroy them, he says. the people go, how are they going to -- >> we're not feeling -- >> bombing won't work, per se. >> the recent fox news poll had over half of people feeling islamic terrorists will attack the united states soon. only 26% of president obama and his administration have done enough. they have been about right in trying to stop isis. echoing those sentiments is top democrat, dianne feinstein who says our strategy right now isn't working. >> i don't think the approach is sufficient to the job. i think they're general
5:05 am
principles. they're general principles in terms of the administration's strategy, too, but i'm concerned that we don't have the time. we don't have years. we need to be aggressive now. because isil is a quasi state. this has gone on too long now. it has not gotten better. it's gotten worse. >> it's so funny because senator feinstein, president obama will yell at you for popping off without a plan to go forward. every time you want to put 50,000 troops in the area? you want to pop off? the pentagon gives him plans. he doesn't look at them. he throws them back to him. he had a year and a half coming to this. he had the interest in a coalition. we had a guy in retired general allen who quietly left because he wasn't getting any power to the throne to go ahead and wage
5:06 am
this war. now a situation where russia is going around to u.s., russia and uk, i have a form away around this. >> the problem is, we don't have a strategy. here's the thing. so, now -- >> those pop off. >> as we look to the next president and we will have near one in a little more than a year from now, donald trump leading on the republican side was on the george stephanopoulos show yesterday. he was asked about, we have to do more to get information was in, right? at one point donald trump brought upworrieding, it's a good thing. >> they use chopping off people's head. they drown people. they put people in cages, drown them and lift out the cage. we're talk -- >> you would bring back waterboarding? >> i would bring it back, yes. i would bring it back. i think waterboarding is peanuts compared to what they do to us.
5:07 am
>> someone has to go on the ground. i don't know if it will be france or us. anyway, we have to get on the ground. we asked you this question, is donald trump overboard to using waterbothering? ed said, trump is absolutely right. we should waterboard or do whatever else we need to do to these evil people to get info that would te ter isis from taking more lives. >> e-mail from brian coming in pep said, i totally agree with mr. trump. we should use whatever methods are used to protect them from terrorists. >> we should use a girls' voice. i don't approve of waterboarding but what he it is is true. >> when you take donald trump's argument to say, well, they do this, therefore, we should -- i'm not sure shaets the avenue we need to go to to justify obtaining information and intel, saying, they're doing this,
5:08 am
therefore, we should do something of equal or far less. >> obviously, a large portion much our audience feels that, you know, for whatever reason, you know, that george stephanopoulos brought that particular portion of the questioning up. they like the idea. >> i like the idea of getting intel. i don't think is has to be compared to waterboarding. news in the rast of a brutal pastor's wife. 28-year-old amanda blackburn was pregnant when she was shot in the head during a home invasion. live with breaking details on this most devastating story. kyle? >> reporter: good morning. sources tell us the three men arrested in connection call themselves a, quote, kill gang. also linked to several other burglaries in the indianapolis area and also died to another rape investigation here as well.
5:09 am
the supports are larry taylor, jalen wanson. watson and gordon were initially booked on unrelated parole rilgss. a fourth person who was aware of the rapeless, robberies and murder did not participate was questioned and released. detectives say the men walked into blood test burn home, where it was unrelated, and she was wait fog are her husband. here's what davey said about his late wife here on "fox & friends." >> amanda -- amanda was loved by everyone. the most important thing about amanda is she was absolutely in love with jesus christ.
5:10 am
>> reporter: they left with amanda's credit card. detectives tell us they have evidence of the suspects using that stolen credit card, including receipts. we're expected to learn more with a marion county prosecutor's office files charges. reporting live in indianapolis, back to you. >> kyle, thank you for joining us today from indianapolis. it's a busy morning on this monday morning. >> we just got tragic breaking news in overnight. two americans are dead this morning perform a u.s. apache hell lopter crashes in central south korea. it went down in guangong proven provence. tensions between north and south korea have been higher. we'll keep you posted. back at home, the gunman
5:11 am
kaupt on camera shooting a tulane medical student who was trying to help a wok under attack. the gunman has been identified by authorities in new orleans. police say 21-year-old you'ric cain is now wanted on charges of kidnap willing, armed roblgry and attempted murder. the suspect is seen dragging a woman down the street when peter gold rushed to intervene. the gunman asks gold for money, then shoots him in the stomach. point a gun at gold's head and pulls the trigger again and again. thankfully that gun jammed. his bravery impressing many. >> his temperament, his physician-to-be. i think it shows while we do have sense less violence, we have also have an opportunity if people are brave enough to stand
5:12 am
up to senseless acts of violence. >> you can see as he holds hi gun to his head. gold remains in guarded condition at the hospital. a $12,000 reward is offered for information that leads to an arrest in new orleans. southwest arps from indiana to ft. worth forced to make an emergency landing in can city after three men reported suspiciously. they switched the seats and refused to obey the instructor's positions. the evacuated were questioned and were eventually cleared and then put on another flight. those are your maed lines. i'll see you in a bit. >> people are nervous. >> absolutely. we're very aware. meanwhile, 12 minutes after the hour. four get the syrian refugees, there's one group of afghanistanies and afghan anies. experts say, you'll hear from
5:13 am
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5:17 am
president obama still standing firm in accepting thousands of syrian refugees into the u.s. listen. >> president, we're going to keep on stepping up and making sure that mix every america remains as it has always been. a police where people who in other parts of the world are subject to discrimination or violence, that they have in america a friend. and a place of refuge. >> what about the thousands of men and women who served as interpreters for american soldiers and iraq and afc. our next guest says they are the next we should bringing in. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> what's with the double standard? how many guys helped us out in those two wars today are waiting
5:18 am
to come over here? >> there are thousands still waiting to come over here. the siv process has been very confusing and opaque to people applying. >> dane, these are individuals that have, as you would a, already proven their loyalty to the united states. what's the real specific problem here? we look at the numbers of visas issued to afghans for work for the united states government. three in 2011, 63 issued in 2012. what is the main roadblock? >> right now, from my experience, it's been the state department. the state department has been trying to do a very good job of issuing visas and getting it through baz the process is opaque. these guys are in danger because they've been working for us. they're one. highest targeting on the battlefield. the state department has been stonewalling them. they don't understand what the
5:19 am
process is. >> dane -- >> it's taking a long time. >> this must be driving you crazy because you know they're going to be targeted. we have to tap back into them. it's the wrong message. what is your message to the president when he talks about 10,000 syrians who can't find much about because the government virtually collapsed? >> america has been a nation of immigrants. we owe it to them to give them a pace of refuge. however the afghan interpreters and syrian interpreters have fought for us, and we should put resources towards them instead of more coming in. >> the future translators, when they understand the united states isn't stepping it up, doing right, what is that about
5:20 am
those who might help us in the future? think another time before they decide to do it. >> i think it sends a moore message. it it a message we as a nation need to support. you know, definitely our next wars are going to be fought in a place that don't speak english. we need to make sure the people that help us, we help them back. >> null 500 afghans, 19,000 iraqis. i think think we could go to their government and find out what necessity did. coming up straight ahead, a woman trapped in her car as it starts to sink. >> i need help. please help me. my car is full of water. >> we'll tell you what happens next. and meet the mother of thanksgivi thanksgiving. the great, great, great grandson of sara hale joins us with family history you won't want to
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
quick police headlines. toys "r" us has caved into mounting pressure from consumers and ditched the boys and girls categories on its united kingdom website. both in lane and online, as well as brick and mortar stores now completely gender neutral. here in the united states, the company has already done away with gender labels in stores, but not online. the church of england threatening to sue british movie
5:25 am
theaters for religious discrimination. cinema rejeblgted a short film featuring "the lord's prayer" because it's too offensive, they say. it was to be shown around christmas with the new star wars film but that's not going to happen. let's pray for them. when gathered angst the giving table, give thanks to sara hale. >> it's a remarkable story. her efforts helped thanksgiving become an established tradition in all of the united states reaching far beyond new england. >> here is bob hale, sarah's great, great, great, great grandson. >> happy to have you here today. >> before your great, great, great grandmother wrote a letter to abraham lincoln. there's a copy. before she wrote the letter to
5:26 am
lincoln, how was thanksgiving celebrated? >> it was not celebrated every year. only a couple of the new england states celebrated it once in a while. >> spotty? >> yes. it waeptd celebrated at all in the south and west. she wanted a day of thanks because when she started, there were only two american holidays. washington's birthday and you understand pence day. she wanted a holiday for america that was not european. >> what did she put in that letter to convince lincoln to do that. >> she wanted the wound of the civil war to heal. >> we have a passage right there. she says, you may have objected for some years past there's been an increasing effort in this land to have thanksgiving held on the same day, all the states.
5:27 am
it needs a permanents can tuchl. what have what did lincoln do? >> throw days later -- >> it says, i do therefore invite my citizens in the united states and those at sea to observe the last thursday of november next as a day of thanksgiving to our father. >> three days, what a convincing letter and proposal. >> the cam came took about 27 years shp pefs editor of a national magazine but she, you know, ramped up and it -- >> what would you have here? this is slul china she used. i brought in an article from 1963 where a picture of my grandparents are holding this
5:28 am
china. . included her famous, including edgar allan poe. >> this year myheritaair said w authenticated your inattack actual -- >> what was your response? >> i said, we knew. >>? you have never heard of sarah hale before, you probably have heard of qult mary had a little lamb." she wloet it, right? >> she wrote it. >> i want to read this to the kids. >> and you stole from the library, how dare you. >> i have to return it. sthardz a picture. >> i wanted to out outrun original thing, this is her original back from 1857. this page here is the maoist mass tree that inspired the tradition of having christmas
5:29 am
trees in the homes of america. >> that's two holiday. we should say closer to christmas to spur the holiday shopping season. >> he moved it up and then the fourth thursday. >> to tell brat sently together. >> my, which behave vauked about if the past and of 0% offer when you use coupon code fox at the checkout. bob bail, thank you very much. special thanks to your great, great, great grandmother. straight ahead, main stream media says they should not weigh in on the ama. what everyone is talking about, and those singers answering the big question, do you even know him? ♪
5:30 am
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5:34 am
what the story talks about is how it is legal in this country for people on terror watch lists to buy guns. >> the democrats are passing legislation. they said federal law enforcement are already alerted when people try to purchase a gun. the inform does not want people to have fun with fire a.m.s. those wrongly on the list are afforded their constitutional rights to due process. >> it reveals an agaendaagenda. everything going on in our country someone drilling down on the nra because they do not focus or they think it's a problem when you -- >> no one wants a terrorist so have a gun. >> haven't it rahm immanuel
5:35 am
said, don't let us good police is trying to come up with good information is oftentimes, to your point, elizabeth, about how innocent people end up on fed fror watch list, waiz, bin clinton, once you're it seems hard to get off. >> we see how well gun laws fit in other countries. if you knows can to protect us from trop jews. they judge all gun owners because of a few radical users. interesting twist sl. >> what do you think? do you think that the daily news and other on the reply left had are using this crisis to postgame legislation? let us know.
5:36 am
friends and fem. meanwhile, let's will-g to headlines with healther. >> we have breaking new. 16 people shot during the filming of a music video, this happens at a park in 900 ward. 500 people got shot for you a joe and no permits for filming. miss have not arrested anyone. all of the victims are in stable condition some of them dpen agers my awe woman dropped inside for 45 minutes after she dives into a rising wond to our km antic . >> i'm losing my breath.
5:37 am
somebody please, she says. she drove around a road closed sign. first responders eventually saved her. she was freeding cold but overall okay. tool ent the most auto the directions, nun one fay away the heart of the year. ♪ you're traveling >> the host of the show, jennifer lopez, take a look at her. stealing the spotlight with a whoelg bunch of sexy items. see ledee onpaying an ee moelt trip xloot with oeshg strait stray . by the evening's biggest surprise wasn't an award, it was a kiss. meghan trainor is charlie pooth lojing loops after their marvin gay do you wet.
5:38 am
fans freaking out. hoping the two wroo be defeated. >> they crushed on the results twitter, so happy to be friends tonight. those are your headlines. >> that was a fake actor kiss. >> i guess so. that's quite a mug. >> lood, good. >> if you've been in the acting business, you know that's just part of the job. if you know what i've been through is. tloom happening. wid west is in a deep freeze. bring snow and single digit temperature togs the region. you're looking at good water -- >> is that reason? >> yes. >> maria molina is outside. not too prevent across parts of the great lakes, northeast we where we have sprid spread.
5:39 am
here's a look at those numbers. you can see in birmingham, 28 ygz and 27 in jackson, mississippi. now, on the radar we do have lingering snow effect shows. in michigan you could be looking at 3 to 6 inches of snow out there. much more significant forecast apart the west u.s., cass dating and also in california. >> i want to switch gears because squun has a 30-year anniversary this morning? >> she's in bed. >> we're here washington dblg. we're having a great time. >> tojts. our frequent. >> he came to visit our son who goes to america. >> the name of the puppy? >> this is pebber. nice to meet you congratulations
5:40 am
again. >> marimaria, vu pech. he's on occasion, let the wife sleep. >> i don't think this had a few. it's gold in new york city. >> you know what radio minds me of that couple? we're going to go early, watch fox and friends. in the more than, are we forward going to. >> watching on tv. she's the smul one. she's wearing the mrimentary robe. a20 minutes before the top of the morning. one muslim imagine's mejage is going accurate cal. he says everyone needs to hear these words. and wolfgang puck is here to cook one up in no time. >> why won't he wave to us?
5:41 am
ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours,
5:42 am
but we still need your signature. the sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select volkswagen models.
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5:44 am
let's track down these imposters. it's not the authorities who are going to get rid of them, that's us. a former radical jihadist himself. he says the message is how most
5:45 am
muslims feel, and also autd author of "undercover jihad ", joining us now. first off, yo -- video to that o and why it's getting allot of plays? >> he's saying what a lot of french-muslims are feeling, that mut lum lick will ferret it out within our rinks. >> why does it effect there's a family friend. >> you have 6 million fuss lips in france. if 1.01 isis were sild, it would be very difficult fighter. are dwengttive enclo -- general speaking, which families are radicalized, it's harder to infill rate. >> the girl blew himself up is
5:46 am
known as high jacketer. there's nothing pure about what they're doing. >> an excellent point for all the we're als, rear intlt, listen km. rereligion. it's the time to cover and cleep the behavior they're doing from inside the sum. >> katrina lidge on the inside, i think it's a intn intent so muslim, it's not a wear glens americans. don't know you that already? the west does not have a problem with us lums? it's the jihadists broeing us up. >> that's a great message. i think it needs to be reinforced more because at the end of the day, this is a common enemy. an enemy that attacks muslims just as it does mon-muslims. we need to understand that. >> what's the best way to take down isis? it's blood ef among military minds, have you to sleep them out of raqqah and stop them
5:47 am
working out of their bases where they field good. do you agree with that? null. >> yeah, the military option's really the only play. it will have to be in a ground operation. a the though guys among civilians. intersection xep excel rate the body count. that will come down to muslim nations and houses in his-seld cities. >> your message to regists light now is what? >> you're not muslim. you're not muslim, you're out. >> thank you very much. we need to harry from you over and over again. thanks so much. >> most welcome, thank you. separate ahead -- top of the hour, ird say. three days from golf brafl bang is here to cook up a kushgy in no time. the tips to make your dinner a brooes. lease check in with martha, who
5:48 am
does everything histories without a recipe. it's unbelievable. she ever shoots the target. >> the persist says they're a bunch of -- so, is the president is administration becoming in -- increasingly biased. a wide majority of polls say the president is not doing the job when it comes to isis. all top five jop candidates beat
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
. $160 billion is our first stop, the cost of a mega merger happening today. pfizer is buying algaren for the
5:52 am
biggest health care deal ever. $2.14. that's the average price of gas as travelers hit the road for what could be the busiest travel season since 2007. finally, ten days. that's how long a new york firefighter was on the job before breaking her foot during a routine equipment check. she was hired despite failing physical tests multiple times because a judge ordered she get priority for past discrimination. think about that. now watch this. >> you've been happy to see him on tv as a celebrity chef. now he's heating up our studio with a thanksgiving staple. >> that's right. >> joining us for "cooking with friends" chef wolfgang puck. >> thank you. good morning. good to see you. >> you know, so many people are going to have the turkey for thanksgiving. you have made it so much easier with your new low pressure -- >> exactly. look, you know why? because it cooks the turkey in under an hour. let me show you how i do my
5:53 am
turkey at home. i generally make two at home. two 14, 15-pounders. >> of course you do. you're wolfgang puck. >> it's a good strad i go. you don't have any dry meat. >> the meat gets try, you have to get up early in the morning. >> i use a little rosemary and put it underneath the skin and the breast here. like that. that's simple. then here i chopped up some sweet potatoes. they're good for you and perfect thanksgiving. >> you're going to end up eating those. or sure. >> we put the turkey on top. put a little salt and a little pepper on it. a little inside. a little pepper inside. if you have extra herbs or something, throw them in there. then a little olive oil. >> don't put the stuffing in. >> nope. i don't like the stuffing in. it cooks much better without the
5:54 am
stuffing. >> you're really drenching it. just go for it? >> just go for it. olive oil is good for you. julia childs would have put a pound of butter on it. now all we have to do is put the turkey in our oven here. put it at 450. put the lever down and seal here. >> it's locked in. how much is one of those ovens? >> about $250. >> that's all? >> and it saves you time. time is priceless, particularly on the holidays. you have people coming over, waiting for the bird to cook. >> this is in a little over 55 minutes. release the pressure. you hear, just like that. then we'll open it up. see the pressure? >> all steam and pressure. >> oh, my goodness me. look at that. >> all right. >> now that's a turkey.
5:55 am
>> boiling hot. >> look how beautiful the color is. close that up. >> wow. that's a pretty bird. >> i'm going to show you another good trick. i'm going to take the turkey off here. be careful. you see beautiful, browned turkey. i'm going to put that other here. now you can see i'm going to make the gravy. i'm going to add that. >> the drippings. >> the drippings, yep. >> man, there's a lot of it. >> there's a lot of it. i'm going to put some sweet potatoes in here. >> oh, give it a little thickness. >> yeah, exactly. instead of adding flour or anything -- >> what a good idea. >> this is the thickener. immersion blender. >> immersion blender or any kind of blender. if you're not on a diet, throw in butter. >> why not. >> it's thanksgiving. >> live it up.
5:56 am
>> i love you don't have to measure stuff. >> just throw it in. now, we always have to taste. if it's enough salt. not bad. >> not bad? it's wolfgang puck, of course it's not bad. >> you taste it, steve. i'll blend, if not. more salt? >> that's perfect. i love the sweet whoa tpotato. >> this you can mash up. >> this is the easiest thanksgiving. >> if you have six or eight people come over, how easy is that? >> no kidding. not only easy but fast thanks to your oven. wolfgang puck. >> thank you for saving us time. >> exactly. happy thanksgiving, everybody. enjoy. >> have your butter. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
5:57 am
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foam's show is bill: millions on edge as we head into a holiday week. the de facto capital of europe, brussels, belgium. mass transit shut down and police patrolling the streets. they have not accounted for all of them yet apparently. martha: a great to see you here. brussels is not only the name of nato. it's also the home of the european headquarters and it's stunningly quiet. they have 21 suspects they round up in an attempt to stop


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