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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 23, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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foam's show is bill: millions on edge as we head into a holiday week. the de facto capital of europe, brussels, belgium. mass transit shut down and police patrolling the streets. they have not accounted for all of them yet apparently. martha: a great to see you here. brussels is not only the name of nato. it's also the home of the european headquarters and it's stunningly quiet. they have 21 suspects they round up in an attempt to stop what
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they feel is an imminent terrorist attack. but the man they have been looking for was not along those that they brought in last evening, and that's problematic for them. we are hearing reports he may be wearing a suicide bomb and roaming belgium. he will not go down if that's true without an attempt to take other down with him. reporter: last night 22 raid across the city with 21 arrests. the media were asked not to report any specifics until after the raid were finishes. in the district of molenbeek one suspect got away and he found later in his car shot. there were connections to what
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the prime minister called a serious and imminent attack on this city. there are reports of another isis cell preparing to launch multiple attacks in multiple locations. salah abdeslam got away and people are asking how he's still at large 10 days after his attack. he reached out to his friends via skype. this city has been in lockdown for the last three days at the highest tear roar level and 1,000 resources have been dropped into the capital. police have told citizens to stay indoors and away from possible targets. this would have a huge effect on people here. you just can't keep schools,
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universities, shops closed any longer. bill: from france investigators reporting details about the attack in paris. this man believed to be one of the suicide bombers during the attack november 13. his body was found alongside two other terrorists. he detonated his vest alongside one known isis mill tanltd and another man found near a syrian passport. martha: here at home security teams are on alert. the nypd holding active shooter drills over the weekend trying to hone their techniques. commissioner bill bratton says while they are improving their preparedness there are no specific credible threats.
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but homeland security chair michael mccaul says that doesn't necessarily matter. >> how does a complex sophisticated coordinated attack, how did that go independent the radar in the only explanation i have is they were using these dark platforms in dark space to communicate. even if we have a court order, we can't see. if you can't see what they are saying, it's difficult to stop it. while homeland security officials say there is no specific credible threat. you need to factor in that analysis that there are communications under way that we quite frankly can't see. martha: paris officials said they felt their system was a failure. google and apple won't let jim
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comey behind those walls. but they are communicating through play in station and other ways. bill: clearly the belgians know something. now tomorrow the president meets with the african much president francois hollande who called for a sense of urgency in defeating isis. before he headed home web said everyone chill out. >> the most powerful tool we have to fight isis is to say that we are not afraid. to not elevate them. to somehow tbien their fantasy that they are doing important. they cannot strike a mortal blow
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against the united states pore france or a country like malaysia. but they can make people fearful. >> bill: byron york live in atlanta. how do we define a mortal blow, byron? >> this was known the reassure americans. i don't believe saying isis could not strike a quote mortal blow is that much of and reassurance. september 11 it was not a mortal blow. the president's intention was to reassure americans. not sure he actually accomplished that. bill: here is the polling from fox news sunday afternoon. are democrats doing the right thing in defeating radical islam.
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56% say wrong. that shows you a lot of unease, byron. >> it does. look at that unease and concerns against the president in this malaysian news conference. downplaying the capabilities of isis. isis is a bunch of killers with good social media. if you are willing to die, you can kill a lot of people. the president just before the attack said isis was contained. but isis proved it had a reach. it reached into belgium and paralyzed brussels. isis extended its reach in recent times. so that seems intent on down playing its capabilities. watch did not see and hear have much in the malaysian news
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conference was new details about what's new, what additional the united states will do in the fight against isis. the president seemed more animated and passionate with his argument with republicans over admitting syrian refugees into the united states than he has announcing new, improved increased attacks against isis. what we haven't heard is anything new if he would do as opposed to keep on keeping on in a campaign mayor once are worried is not effective or too slow. bill: byron, thanks for your time. martha: national security clearly takes center stage. the new focus not hurting the republican frontrunner. brand-new fox news polls show donald trump emerging strong in the wake of the tragedy we
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watched unfold in paris and lots of fears about what could happen here. he's at 28:00, ben carson fell back to 18%. then you have got the rise of marco rubio and ted cruz at 14% and jeb bush at 5% as national security becomes the lead conversation. trump is facing a new controversy saying he personally witnessed american muslims cheering on 9/11. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down. i tbhawched jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. thousands of people were cheering. so something is going on. we got to find out what it is. i do want surveillance.
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i will absolutely take data base of the people coming in from syria if we can't stop it, but we are going to. and if i win, i made it known, if i win, they are going back. martha: more coming up on that statement. stunning polls. look at the difference in the matchups between hillary clinton and these top candidates. marco rubio scores strongest, 8 points higher then hillary clinton. look at bee ben carson, donald p and chris christie all beating hillary clinton. this picture has changed dramatically. bill: complete has been number one for a long time, now, you see national security in there.
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new details on the deadly attack in africa. we'll take you inside the radisson blu when the rain went down to take out those terrorists. >> there is a scenario that's frightening to me. you have a group that says it wants to attack us like bin laden said he wanted to attack us. martha: chilling word from former cia director mike morell. bill: president obama, is he heard on the gop than is on terrorists. john sununu is here to talk about it. first rush limbaugh with chris wallace. >> i think we are a great nation at in a dangerous world and the people leading in the the country today don't see that. they see us as the problem, not the solution.
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they think we are responsible for some of these problems.
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martha: we are getting a first look at some of the video in mali showing hostages running for their lives.
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it left 19 people dead. two of the attackers were dead. authority showing pictures of a man and woman they suspect helped to plan that attack. >> barack obama's number one enemy is the republican party and the conservative movement. he gets animated. he doesn't need cue card when he start ripping into them. but when you get isis on the board, or the middle east, very cautious, precise, don't want to offend them or make them mad. i think the country is in more danger than people know. bill: rush limbaugh calling out president obama. former new hampshire governor john sununu, he was the white house chief of staff.
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and he's the author of the new book "the quiet man." where are you on this argument about fighting republicans as instead of stare terrorists as some have been alleging. >> this president want to avoid the main issue and seeks to talk about everything else except the problems associated with isis and terrorism. he's talking about refugees. he wants the u.s. to take up to 40,000. there are between 4 million and 5 million refugee. so as usual the president is just trying to get some talking points by doing a oak tn gesture. what he is balancing against that is what we have to balance against that is the reality of the threat to security in the united states. this president has no idea what his responsibilities as leader
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of this country are. bill: limbaugh made the point with wallace that sensitivity is the priority. >> it's not about bigotry or racism, it's about the defense and protection of the united states of america and our constitution which is what is the primary job of the president of the united states and again he doesn't seem to be oriented in that direct. bill: he went on to say as if it's time for payback for america? this is what limbaugh is arguing. time for payback to find out what the rest of the world goes through every day. how are we to read that? >> i'm not sure where rush was taking that. with that's refugees they ought
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to be settled near home in a safe haven in syria or some of the arab land that are ajail sent to syria. they don't have to be sent top europe and the u.s. they would rather be close to home. the fact is if we provided support and urged our arab allies to be doing the wrong thing, then this token gesture and sensitivity gesture of what less than 1% of them would not have to be balanced against the potential of terrorism. bill: limbaugh says it's almost as if he obama thinks we committed all these crimes. the coming says the u.s. is at war with radical islam. obama has not fought the war against isis aggressive enough, and the war is going badly. terrorism is the top problem facing the country and an attack
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here is likely soon. >> america is concerned. they are concerned because there is a lack of leadership in the white house. they are concerned that there seems to be an evident coming out of the white house to try and do everything except deal with the reality of the terrorism issues of the problems with isis. the more this goes on, the more concerned they are going to be and the more the perception of this president will plummet. he's already head towards his lowest point. bill: john sununu in new hampshire today. march report syrian refugee crisis is fast straight aheading and creating stresses at our on border. a new group of refugees showing up at the u.s.-mexico border. bill: how you can own a piece of movie history.
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bill: judy garland from "the wizard of oz" playing an iconic role. that dress is being sold for $1.2 million. 10 dresses were made for that movie, but this is the on one
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still in decent shape to be put on the auction block. did you watch the wizard of oz thanksgiving day every year? martha: now "it's a wonderful life" and "home alone" is all see usually on thanksgiving night, one of my personal faiths. take on the issue of the syrian refugee crisis. a group of syrian refugees turned up along the u.s.-mexico border trying to get into the country. and there are questions whether isis militants are trying to sneak in with these groups. how many were involved in this latest incident? reporter: the feds tell us five syrian refugees turned up at the mexico border as we headed into the weekend. it happened in the texas border
6:26 am
town of laredo. officials say a family of three and two other men turned themselves over to customs and border protection. we are told they were not trying to sneak in, rather voluntarily turned themselves over to agents, seek asylum after five other syrian refugees also turned themselves in last week and also at laredo at the border crossing. they are being held until an extensive background check can be done, then they will be turned over to i.c.e. or temporary detention, martha. martha: they are always concerned there about people crossing the border illegally. now there are protests? reporter: texas is one of a growing list of states where governors have said we are not going to put up the refugees in our state. the topic is so heated in texas,
6:27 am
armed protesters, armed gathering outside a dallas area mosque over the weekend. an anti-muslim group protesting at that large facility outside offort worth. a large police presence was on hand. but no outbreaks of violence the that protest, martha. we start a shortened week of trading with the thanksgiving halliday. the dow closed 91 points up on friday. we'll let you know how we go today. martha: the manhunt is ramping up for the man who got awaypolin before the raid started. bill: voters say donald trump is
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the best choice on terrorism. how are people reacting to this comments over the weekend. i think water board is is peanuts compared to what they are doing to us. what they did to james foley when they chopped off his head. if i would absolutely bring back interrogation. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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martha: donald trump says we need to get tougher on terrorism. >> they don't use water boarding over there. they use drowning people. they put people in cages and drown them in the ocean, then lift out the cage. we are talking about water boarding. >> you mean water boarding? >> i would privilege it back.
6:32 am
waterboarding is peeve nuts come fired what they do to us. what they did to james foley when they chopped of his head, that's an entirely different level. i would bring back interrogation. martha: who do voters most trust to handle the issue of terrorism. donald trump gets 42%. 42% want him to answer the call to deal with the issue of terrorism. jeb bush 18%. rubio 13%. carson at 10% and cruz at 9 person *. you listen to that sound bite about water boarding and what he
6:33 am
talks about in terms of james foley and the dunking of people in cages and they come up lifeless. maryanne it's obvious that's resonating with a lot of people in these polls. >> in the republican primary yes. the important thing look for is does donald trump start to take true swing voters, independents in a state like new hampshire. if he does that it signals the end for rubio and kasich to take new hampshire. is new hampshire a true swing state and more in play than it might be already? donald trump's supports are die
6:34 am
hard supporters and he's probably only going to gain more in the next few weeks despite his policy position on this. a lot of republicans and others, republicans. martha: the pulling over of independents and some democrats. we saw 47 democrats vote in favor of not allowing syrian refugees into this country. there are people in the middle they are talking about loudly. >> despite what people in washington may think, particularly in the white house. the american people also -- they understand that we are at war. and they want some one in the oval office who accepts that sobering reality that we are at war. when donald trump talks about bringing back waterboarding, it's important to talk about why that's important.
6:35 am
it's not about comparing us to what isis is doing. we are higher standards than that. water boarding and enhanced interrogation techniques work to keep america safe. it gave us the ability to take down to al qaeda leaders and gave us the ability to stop attacks in the planning stages. when you look at what happened in paris, beruit and mali. people are saying first things first. we can't do anything necessary our lives unless we are safe. enhanced interrogation has kept this country safe and it needs to be safe moving forward. martha: the most important issue facing the country. the economy is generally in every election, that will be number one. pocketbook issues are number one. now you have terrorism at 24%. you look at hillary clinton who
6:36 am
will be closely aligned with the policies of president obama on this issue. and donald trump saying he wants to surveil mosques. he wants to reinstate a program in new york and new jersey where they were allowed to surveil mosques if they thought they were hot beds where radicals are hanging out. why shouldn't they do that. >> water bearding doesn't work. martha: i understand that you are on different sides of it and many people are, but katie believes it did work. >> dianne feinstein said what khalid sheikh mohammad i'd did not work. hillary clinton gave an impressive speech. check the report that came out.
6:37 am
>> the partisan report cia debunked several times. six top officials said it was not true. they provided the evidence they took down to al qaeda leaders. the cia said especially in the instance of khalid sheikh mohammad and the architects of 9/11 waterboarding did not work. martha: there were people involved who were in the room believe it was the thing that put him over the edge and forced him to divulge information. it's interesting to hear from leon panetta that he wants stronger leadership. you have to wonder if he's trying to help hillary clinton set herself apart from president obama. >> i think you have to look at hillary clinton's speech which
6:38 am
got rave reviews by everybody, then leon panetta who was more aggressive than the president. when you have leon panetta coming in, they when they served together in the obama administration. you have to believe and read again the lines that they will be. martha: katie one more thought on this mosque surveillance issue. >> people try to focus on the issue of the mosque. but the bottom line is we need to pursue terrorists wherever they are. it was effective before, unfortunately they took it away, and it's not about the mosque and it's about fighting radical terrorism wherever it lies. the follow-up on your point
6:39 am
about hillary clinton, hilly will have a hard time distancing herself from president obama. the president saying isis was a j.v. team, they weren't. and that they were contained hours before the paris terror attacks. the american people want someone who will be honest with them and move forward and do things to protect the country from another attack. martha: donald trump is saying he wants to put people's safety first and that's clearly getting him attention. great to see you both. bill: a rollercoaster ride, cincinnati in arizona, bengals and cardinals. the bengals came back from a 14-point deficit. tied it with that field goal. cardinals go down the field.
6:40 am
a penalty is called against if cincinnati, left the cardinals with a chip shot for the victory 34-31. come on, give me a break. martha: bad day at the hemmer house! bill: 44-16, they blow them out. carolina perfect 10-0. tonight tom brady and the patriots put the lid on their perfect record. what was this -- bill: you have got guys ripping each other's hearts out. martha: tom brady tonight, can he stay perfect? probably. we'll look at that tomorrow. president obama calling for answers into on nations that defense officials cooked the books to make it look like we were doing better than we were
6:41 am
against isis. the steps the pentagon is taking to find out where this came from and how high up it went. bill: how today's threat out of isis looks familiar to an earlier era when america was caught off guard. >> they have the single most important advantage, a safe haven building that capability. when just had a major attack overseas. it should be a wake-up call. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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>> it's frightening to me. you have a group who says it wants to attack us just as bin laden said he want to atalks. you have them building the capability as bin laden built. we don't have great visibility into that capability.
6:45 am
they have the single most important advantage, a safe haven. we just had an attack overseas, the embassy bombings and now paris. it should be a wake-up call. bill: terry, welcome back. he made a major point about acting too late. and isis territory to plot and plan. what are we to understand from that? mike morell, a guy who is very plugged in washington. >> if i think back to the days i was in the bureau in 2000 before i retired in 2001, we were having countless discussions about why we needed a counter terrorism division. and we kept running into the same thing. even though we had the embassy bombing, even though we had the
6:46 am
attack on the u.s.s. cole. we kept being asked, you haven't shown a threat, clearly illustrated a threat to the american homeland. that's where we were in 2001 and 2011. bill: jon john kerry was on nbc. >> about 25% of their territory that they control has been taken away from them. leadership has been eliminated from the battlefield. whole towns and community have been eliminated. the answer is no, it has to be picked up, the pace has to be picked up and more need to be done and everybody understands that. bill: the pace has to be picked up. is that a shift in policy? is that what he's saying? >> i think it's kind of meant to remind people that the obama
6:47 am
administration has been on top of things. maybe a little more is needed. the problem with all of this. these things coming from john kerry, thing coming from benjamin rhode. we have been told so many lie the from the administration, it's hard to know what the truth is. i think the truth is they ignore terrorism. they ignored the growth of islamic extremism and regarded this as somewhat of a nuisance. that goes back also to free 9/11. it was obvious both political parties looked at terrorism as a nuisance and something that could be hand by law enforcement. this is way, way beyond that. this is way beyond the line of law enforcement which is the last line of defense. twhrament we are now and that's where we were then.
6:48 am
i don't see much difference. bill: tom donelan says it's different and more complicated than ever before. question, how did we miss this, meaning isis and its development? how? >> i think people in the pentagon and the f.b.i. and cia, i don't think they missed it at all. i think the administration didn't want thing reported. when you let let's take iraq. there was a period of time in iraq before the rights of isis that every sing day police officers were being killed. recruited were standing in line and being bombinged outside of recruiting stations. that's the first indicator that something is seriously wrong. we look to america. even our politicians have made an issue of the fact that the police are too well armed or too
6:49 am
militaristic. i defy any politician to look at what happened in paris then look at the guys going into the safe houses and try to take over and grab people wearing bulletproof vests. these are the raw issues -- these are the wrong issues to be focusing on and that's where they were. if they don't change their narrative and don't change their mind, were in a lot of trouble. i think that white house is going to have to across knowledge that its strategy failed and that if it doesn't come around it will see a catastrophic failure. bill: thank you, sir. thanks for your time. martha: the president says he want answers after intelligence reports were reportedly altered to make our strategy against
6:50 am
isis look more successful. bill: the homeland security chief saying there is no credible threat at home. congressman peter king on whether we are missing something. >> while, you know, homeland security officials can say there is no specific and credible threat, i think you need to factor in that analysis that there may be communications under way that we quite frankly can't see. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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martha: the pentagon is expanding their investigation as president obama calls for an inquiry to find out with intelligence reports were doctored to show a more optimistic assessment of the
6:54 am
enemy's capabilities. so the pentagon inspector general has been poring over emails and they are comparing the assessment cia analysts did about what was going on on the ground with isis versus the reports that their supervisors filed to the white house and others and saying there is a big discrepancy there. why would somebody be trying to paint a rosier picture and who would authorize such a thing? >> the first answer is they wanted to please the obama administration. if you look at president obama's messaging. al qaeda is on the run and nearing defeat. isis is on its heels. this is the messaging out of the white house the last few years it's not surprising some folks
6:55 am
at centcom and the inner workings of the pentagon, it wouldn't be surprising if some folks wanted to keep their job and please obama administration and keep in mine with what the administration was putting out to the public. martha: it many stunning when you think about the iraq history and the weapons of mass destruction. now you have got director clapper saying we underestimate this group, and analysts screaming at top of their lungs, this is my report and it's not getting up to the top, so what good am i? >> if isis is on its heels and being contained, how did it take an airliner down over jit. and of course, the paris attacks. isis remains bold and confident and challenging the united
6:56 am
states and the west at every turn. the reports going to the white house and the facts on the ground seem to differ big time. isis has a mini caliphate in the heart of the middle east and syria and iraq covering 600,000 care miles of territory doesn't seem like they are on the run to me. martha: these analysts are rising up yelling at their superiors about what's not getting through. eric thank you very much. good to see you. bill: we are getting new information out of paris. official said to be guarding that city's water supply. worried about a chemical attack by isis. what do they know? .
6:57 am
(0209fox555a.ecl) . .
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martha: so police launching massive raids in the streets in the brussels, belgium. they are hunting for the most
7:00 am
wanted man in europe right now. looking for a suspect in the paris attack. he has so far eluded the police and he is the only one they previous who is still out there. he remains at large. the and potentially has a suicide belt on. very frightening situation for the people in brussels, belgium today, as we welcome you to brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'll bill hemmer. 22 raids in belgium, 22 suspects in custody. the aircraft carrier charles de gaulle joins the battle against isis in the eastern mediterranean, launching airstrikes in iraq and syria. martha: senior foreign correspondent greg palkot joins us from paris. tough talk from the french and now the brittish, greg. reporter: if you're looking for tough talk about isis come no further than paris. we heard that today, the city feeling the sting of isis
7:01 am
terror. u.k. prime minister david cameron visiting francois hollande. they visited the anticipate at the music hall where 89 people were killed. there was promise he and u.k. would fight alongside france against the terror group. that is include sharing of counterterrorism information. getting behind, so far have not done this, direct airstrikes against isis inside of syria. here is bit more what prime minister cameron had to say. >> united kingdom will do all in our power to support our ally and friend france to defeat this evil death cult. reporter: of course authorities here in paris are watching closely the terror raids up in brussels. the attacks here were plotted there. many of the attackers here came from there. of course as you mentioned, still very much on the run, so-calledth attacker, salah abdeslam.
7:02 am
he left the scene of the crime here. fled over the border into belgium. he has been seen reportedly around brussels but still on the loose. martha? martha: so, greg, here at home we're being told we don't have too much to worry about. there is a lot of precautions being taken, but in france it is very different story. we heard interior minister say they're very concerned about the possibility of a chemical attack and perhaps targeting the water supply? reporter: exactly, martha. in fact french prime minister last thursday said the isis group is capable, capable of a chemical or biological attack. and there have been reports following that, a message that the water company here in paris is stepping up its vigilance. we got in touch with them today. they agreed they are ready for just about anything. they say the access to reservoirs are strictly limited. small number of security agents with easy access to the authorities here if anything happens.
7:03 am
also been reported that the little of chlorination has been -- chlorination has been increased. they told us especially with massive upcoming conference regarding climate and climate change here in paris that starts next week, with over 100 heads of state coming here including president obama. they are ever, ever vigilant. one final note, president obama will be meeting with french president hollande in washington tomorrow. i can imagine what the conversation will be. back to you. martha: will be interesting. greg, thank you. bill: so the terror threat spreading in europe. italy increasing security measures ahead of the vatican's jubilee. three more were arrested at the airport with fake passports. amy kellogg live from her post in rome. what is the latest from there, amy? reporter: bill, this just in, four moroccans have been deported from italy. they were based in bologna, they had been monitored some time.
7:04 am
the decision was made today to get them out of the country. a new poll, bill, says 52% of the italians are frightened about the prospect of a terror attack. this as rome gets ready to welcome visitors around the world, catholics answering the call made by pope francis for extraordinary jubilee of forgiveness and mercy. security is stepped up around the vatican, with extra 2,000 police officers on the street. isis warned numerous times that it wants to march on rome. they put on a fbi tip that five suspected terrorists were on the loose. their potential targets, st. peters and la scala theater in milan. and also possible targets, included churches, synagogues, restaurants, theaters and hotel. 50 people are known to have gone to join isis in iraq and syria from italy. some 60 have been deported from the country since the beginning. year the foreign minister said
7:05 am
we must not give in to the alarm. that would simply be a gift to isis. bill: you're watching the pope's trip to africa. we'll talk about that very soon. amy kellogg live in rome. martha? martha: back here at home, homeland security secretary jeh johnson urging americans to go ahead with your plans for thanksgiving despite the deadly attacks in paris. >> we have no specific credible intelligence about a terrorist threat against the homeland. with this holiday season coming up we want the public to continue to go to public events, celebrate the holiday season, travel, be with their families and the like. martha: but some lawmakers are warning that isis could be cooking up something big and potentially keeping it under wraps in the dark net by using encrypted communication. >> while, you know, homeland security officials can say there is no specific and credible threat, i think you need to factor in that analysis that
7:06 am
there may be plots underway and communications underway that we just quite frankly can't see them. martha: new york congressman peter king is republican on the homeland security committee. congressman, welcome. good to have you here. >> thank you, martha. martha: sort of on one hand and on the other hand argument let's be safe. we all feel since 9/11 you have to go about living your life. you don't want terrorists to win which is a phrase we use a lot but at the some point you could get copycat actors and you could also have this dark internet communication going on with no one knows about. >> listen, we live in very dangerous world. i would agree with both mike mccaul and jeh johnson, as far as jeh johnson says there are no credible threats. that is also what they're saying in new york with bill bratton, who has a very good intelligence operations going on here. on the other hand we don't know what we don't know. considering the world we live in, i would say right now, we can't be hiding or running.
7:07 am
we have spotted threats in the past. just last summer, for instance we detected threats against new york city. that was detected at both national level and local level. eastern though they have encrypted apps, we still have ways to find out what they're doing, not as good maybe a year or two ago. the fact we're doing all we can. we have to make a decision, do we go into hiding or employ the best defense we have? if we do see something, let the police know. if the police and fbi see something, let us know. martha: think about the contrast in brussels where they have locked the city down. they're obviously very concerned about abdeslam. the one who is out there. they haven't gotten him yet. look at president where they have got this country with an observe separateses, we're better at a simulation. do you think that is true and is that good way for us to be communicating?
7:08 am
>> we do have less threat that we don't have the hostile population in the united states that they have in certain european countries. having said that we're the number one target. the president gives us a false sense of confidence. we have to be alert 24/7, use increased surveilance. we can't be apologetic, with limousine liberal happy talk that we'll win because we're the good guys and they're the bad guys. no, we'll win when weigh kill them and stop them from attacking us. there is no need to be panic or no need to be scared. but we can't for a second let our guard down. these people want to kill us 24/7. they are trying to find a way to kill us. right now we don't think they have a plot in motion. we always ha to be on our guard and be on guard against lone wolves and copycats. what isis is appealing to u.s. with these videos? people on the fringes, borderline psychos if you will, who have responded to isis in the past. just a year ago they attacked
7:09 am
new york police officers with a hatchet. canadian parliament they attacked the parliament. that is ones isis is appealing to right now. martha: let's look at a poll show how americans are feeling about this. numbers rin creasing. 56%, you combine the very likely with somewhat likely in terms of islamic terrorists that will try to launch attacks here on u.s. soil soon. you've got 83% of americans who feel this. so just a huge disconnect, congressman king, the way americans are feeling what is going on out there and the way the president is speaking. look, a bunch of guys pretty good at social media. they're just trying to make a name for themselves. such a disconnect. reminds me of jaws, when the mayor says go ought for the forth of july, don't worry about anything and meanwhile the guys are out on a boat looking for killer. >> this is the worst example of leadership in war-time situation. it is important to instill confidence in the american people. that is important. you don't do it by saying this
7:10 am
is not real threat. this is real threat. this is it enemy that wants to kill us and it's a deadly, diabolical enemy and the president seems unable to walk, do two things at same time. try to go ahead with your life as normally as possible. at the same time realize we're in a battle for civilization. we could be attacked at any moment. i would say there is 100% chance the enemy wants to attack us. they will if they get aness cha. the idea for to us keep them on defense. if he doesn't start doing more overseas to put them on defense there, if he keeps undermining law enforcement in this country makes an attack more likely. we have to stand with the police, stand with the fbi, be tough overseas and here at home. martha: thank you very much, congressman king. >> thank you. martha. happy thanksgiving. martha: if you basically talk about them as being smaller than they are, that you know, that's the better way to be. if you make them appear bigger than they are, that is exactly what they want everyone to do. he wants to do just opposite of that.
7:11 am
bill: a lot is morphing into the campaign in 2016. who has the better arguments? is it hillary clinton likely democratic nominee or is it one of the republicans? we'll talk about that coming up here too. there has been harsh criticism for the white house from former defense secretary, leon panetta, who said this just recently. >> first and foremost i think the u.s. has to, has to lead in this effort because, what we've learned along time ago, if united states does not lead, nobody else will. bill: so what he says we need to do to destroy isis. fascinating interview in a moment. martha: marco rubio, is the republican who can beat hillary clinton. breakdown of latest polls on 2016 race. brand new numbers. we'll give them to you when we come back. >> we're here. >> we've been here. >> we aren't leaving. bill: there is anger and frustration on many college campuses. why more americans say the government should limit your
7:12 am
freedom of speech. see what that is about. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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jeb bushwe have to beave to be tthe world's leader.n. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. martha: president obama talking about isis, warning americans not to overreact to the paris attacks. he says that fear will play right into the terrorists hands. >> those of house are charged with protecting the american people are going to do
7:16 am
everything we can to destroy this particular network. they're a bunch of killers with good social media. martha: some say that really minimizes this group. british prime minister david cameron also weighing in on the fight against the terror group, taking a slightly different tone. here he is. >> i firmly support the action that president hollande has taken to strike isil in syria and it is my firm conviction that britain should do so too. we face a shared threat and we must share information and intelligence to better protect ourselves from these brutal terrorists. martha: kt mcfarland, national security analyst. also served as deputy assistant secretary of defense in the reagan administration. so, kt, back to the comment, they're a bunch of killers with good social media. he said that same phrase when he spoke in turkey during that press conference. so clearly this is the way the president wants to label these guys. they're just a bunch of killers, good at social media, just they
7:17 am
are. >> just a bunch of computer nerds, weirdoes in granny's basement tweeting out bad things. he has underestimated this threat from the very beginning. you called them the jv team. within weeks they took the second largest city in iraq, took mosul and they absolutely intimidated iraqi army. we saw just hours before the paris attacks the president said, look my strategy is working i have got them contained. now he has the nerve to say this while in belgium. schoolchildren are hovering at home, not allowed to go to schools, they shut down transportation. the french prime minister has come out said, we're worried about chemical attacks. we're worried about chemical attacks in our water system. while the british have come out and even the pope is worried there is threat at the vatican. this attitude we'll ignore it, therefore the threat is going to go away, it has only metastasized and grown. here's the problem, i worked in white houses before when there have been national tragedies and crises. people in america want their
7:18 am
president to come out and say, not just don't worry about it, they want to know, here is plan, this is a problem, we've got it under control because we have done a, b, c, d. this president comes out and says don't worry about anything, this is bunch of computer nerds in the basement hacking away. martha: strikes me, phrasing them that way they're just a bunch of computer nerds in the basement as you say or a bunch much killers pretty good at social media, getting their mersage out, it detaches it from underlying from jihad, islamic terrorism, of the broader scale, desire to form a caliphate and eventually take over the world. that is the broader underpinning gets lopped off the top with that phrase. >> that is really important point you have just made. why? because if you dismiss the threat you don't have to deal with the threat. he is now facing global jihad. the french get it. the russians get it. the bell gums are about to get it. british get it, italians get it. we're still saying no, has nothing to do with religion of
7:19 am
peace. it is not our problem. the issue that we in america, everybody knows this is a problem. if you have a president and leader who is just, shirking that responsibility it makes us even more anxious. martha: how striking is it, this sentiment expressed by these two people, leon panetta, dianne feinstein, let's listen to what they had to say. >> it's very clear that we are going to have to commit additional resources to this effort. we got to have, we have to speed up our airstrikes. airstrikes are great. we're hitting some targets but airstrikes alone are not going to win here. >> i'm concerned that we don't have the time and we don't have years. we need to be aggressive now. this has gone on too long, now. and, it has not gotten better. it has gotten worse. martha: a lot of urgency from
7:20 am
7:21 am
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martha: so iran says that "washington post" reporter jason rezaian has been sentenced to rezaian has been sentenced to a sentence was handed down in court without how long the sentence will be. state department has been unable to confirm details. "washington post" is also in the dark about this the sentence, whatever it is, will be approved by iranian leaders. boy have they been in the dark on this whole thing. bill: back here at home. there is a break in the case of a pregnant woman's murder. amanda blackburn a pastor's wife, shot dead in her indiana home during a burglary. an 18-year-old teenager is arrested. mike tobin in. what is pastor blackburn is saying today? reporter: davey blackburn is choosing, hope, forgiveness and
7:26 am
love. he is not letting emotions drive his decision. the man being held in the savage murder is 18 years old. he is larry taylor. taylor and two other suspects were captured because of grainy surveillance pictures. they entered the blackburn home when davie went to the gym. her one-year-old was still in the house. two of the home invaders took her atm card to withdraw money. taylor stayed back. ultimately he raped and shot the young mother. following the arrest, davie is staying asking tent with his faith and that of his late wife. what he said all along. >> amanda, amanda was loved by everyone. the most important thing about amanda is she was absolutely in love with jesus christ. reporter: indianapolis prosecutors are expected to seek formal charges later today. at moment, taylor is held on preliminary charge of murder.
7:27 am
bill: a brutal story. what do we know about the other two suspects arrested? reporter: they're being held. jalen watson and. they're being held on violation probations. they used to call themselves a kill bank. according to information that is develop, they made sport of these particular home invasions. police say they just burglarized the home in blackburn's neighborhood when they saw davie leaving for the gym. they saw a target of opportunity and took advantage of it. police say they left behind a lot of evidence including dna evidence and atm receipts. bill? bill: mike tobin on a tough story out of chicago. thank you, mike. more to come on that. martha? martha: the paris terror attacks putting a new focus on the race for the white house. brand new polls just out. who is surging now? plus there is this. ♪ bill: i mean it is the worst time, when you want to hold your
7:28 am
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.bill: the latest fox news poll
7:34 am
shows donald trump with 28%. carson at 18% and cruz and rubio at 14%. good morning. every time the numbers roll in we change direction a little bit. you believe the direction is the rules of gravity are changing. that's the argument you are making. how? >> it's been a cliche' for a long time. particularly about donald strum d particularly about donald trump. so far trump remains immune because it's governed more by the rules of entertainment gravity. but ben carson had a drop in the polls since the paris attack because he does not seem equipped to talk about foreign policy in a coherent and informed way.
7:35 am
and you have seen this -- there has been a lot of bad stories how he's struggle something get up to speed on it. he's being asked by the on the sunday shows where he says i'll have to do my homework. that's a credible response, but it's not the response people want to hear in the wake after terror attack. bill: do you have think he can recover from that? >> he has the brain power to. and we learned this from scott walker, too. it's difficult to get up to steam on things once the campaign has begun. you have to do your prep work but run for president. it could be he will get a swing at things, this could be a temporary dip in the polls. time is running out, the holiday season is coming and the debates will come up sooner than people think.
7:36 am
bill: look at the matchups head-to-head with hillary clinton and all the leading in the republicans. rubio tops out at 50%. but then you see bush and carson and trump and cruz and christy. the only two that tied are carly fiorina and hillary clinton. that's pretty telling. >> there are a lot of takeaways from that. hillary clinton is a very flawed candidate for a change election wet inaccumulate tbenlt president is unpopular. those are not great circumstances for anybody running for a third party. rubio, the reason he's best suited to take her on is he is -- has been running on a generational change platform for a long time. he's trying to do the jfk, new torch, new century approach.
7:37 am
it's also the fact he's a latino, speaks spanish. and you have got to remember one of the reasons why howard dean i am float 2004 was -- and i often thought howard dean was the front runner in this cycle. we get voters talking about how much they want to win and beat incumbents party. they tend to go for the guy who's the most electable. bill: we found 78% thought it was important just to win. republicans want a winner on that point. given the events of the world the past two weeks, who do you believe in the republican field is best equipped, best positioned to handle the issue of national security in these matters overseas. >> i personally think both rubio and cruise are up to speed on
7:38 am
foreign policy in a way they are ready to do it. i think christy talked intelligently about it. he's trying to play that former prosecutor card. i think jeb bush knows all the issues. i think donald trump doesn't. he gets the bluster through by projecting real power and strengths. he says if you don't think there are any easy answers you are not looking hard enough. so i think most of the republican field is frementy well situated for this climate. bill: jonah goldberg reacting to the latest numbers from fox today. thank you, sir. martha: this little boy from australia as he sang "the national anthem," watch.
7:39 am
[♪] he's so cute. his name is ethan hall. he hit all the knows with the we hiccups. he got cheers from the crowd and a high five from the players. bill: he's going to get a second shot. martha: maybe he gets hiccups when he's nervous. bill: seismic shift for free speech. millennials save the's okay to limit someone's free speech if your comments are deemed offensive. good grieve.
7:40 am
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bill: violence break out at a soccer game in greece. fans from rival teams clashing with riot police on the pitch in athens. the game was canceled. police were unable to get the scene under control. the fighting started outside the stadium two hours before game time. martha: government intervention against offensive speech find growing favor among millennials leading to sit-ins like this one that happened at christian university and other demonstrations spreading across the country to show support for
7:44 am
the protest at the university of missouri. in a new pew research poll. 40% of mill lenials are likely to support government prevention of public statement that are offensive to minorities. many translate that as tushing their free speech. ask welcome, we talked about this a lot. but this issue of -- when you have got 40% of millennials saying it's okay in certain circumstances to tell people they have lost their right to free speech. are you all right with that? >> i'm not sure. it cuts both waives. -- both ways. but i think what any len a.m.s
7:45 am
are saying, they are a generation that for the first time in history can get more information out there in the world rather than having to go to their parents to get information. what that says to me is there is a lot out there that young people are learning about history that hasn't been taught before that isn't being passed down from generation to generation. martha: there is a also a lot of stuff on the internet that isn't correct. >> you have a lot of young people getting active and they connect to each other. they are rightfully questioning. martha: you are referring to the woodrow wilson picture at princeton. the halloween costumes that caused a brouhaha at yale. you take a look at what's going on. one of the things that strikes me, we are doing all these
7:46 am
stories on isis and paris. are these kid living in a bubble that this is what they are concerned about at college universities? these are the things they are so passionate about that they want everybody to do a sit-in over? >> i see it as p.c. gone wild. you have to keep in mind the number of student who have been indoctrinated with this nonsense. these individual want more government intervention? this is an affront to our freedom of speech. our country is free. freedom of speech is one of the pillars of our country. martha: i have a dmairt college. i feel like college kid, these are the things they are fired up about. this is what they are focused on. you look at what's going not world and in some ways they
7:47 am
harken back to the 60s, and the riots. those were about the vietnam war. that was something going on in the larger world around them that they were aware of. these college kid are living in a little bubble. >> i would disagree. i think these young people in college are more aware than we were when we went to school. i don't take away them -- i think they can multitask. they can fight for what they believe in on campus. but i think it' appropriate for them to say i'm going to a school with someone's name on it. it's appropriate for me to learn if the name on this school -- if i'm walking into a building and the name on this building is someone who used 0 own slaves. martha: don't they have to understand the context of the time in which that person lived? >> does that make it correct? martha: negate he good thing the
7:48 am
person may have done? >> how would you feel if somebody did an affront to your family. you would probably feel concerned about taking part in any with that person's name on it. same thing for an african-american. martha: think about the leaders who weren't in favor of women voting. am i going to want them erased from history because of that viewpoint? >> virginia would be busy trying to get rid of everything with robert byrd's name on it. he was a klu klux klan recruiters. these student need to be in class and they need to learn about history, and figure out how an individual like robert byrd got into that position of notoriety. i find that outrageous.
7:49 am
>> one of the thing i think need to come out is college campuses are incredibly appropriate to have this conversation. if you are going to talk about history in its full context, there is no better place to do it. >> they are intimidating people. they are rushing the president's office at princeton. they are going into the library at dartmouth silencing student who want to study. martha: the president said he was upset because they wouldn't let a woman speak who was against feminism and was upset. aren't you the president of the university and there is nothing you can do? >> this is nothing new about what we are seeing. what is new is you have more and more people of color doing this and fighting back and pushing back against what they believe -- and i think there i truth to this, that these colleges in many ways have a history that need to be put in
7:50 am
its context. some of that context may be uncomfortable for some gift need to be discussed. bill: several states legalizing marijuana for recreational use. the marijuana proposals that could wind up on your ballotn and which party is likely to benefit. one of nascar's greats wrapping up a long career.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
martha: a big comeback for a nascar driver. >> kyle busch, the 2015 nascar sprint cup champion. martha: kyle busch clinching the
7:54 am
sprint cup for the win in florida. this after he missed the first 11 races of the season with a broken leg. jeff gordon coming in 6th place in the race with his final season with nascar. jeff gordon gets ready to close it out. bill: california kid made the crossover. took the sport to a new level. voters in a dozen states could get to vote on marijuana initiatives this election season. in massachusetts marijuana advocates gathered signatures to get a pair of proposals on the ballot. if it happens, who does it help? reporter: the latest fox news polling show that democrats favor legalization over republicans. reporter: the best way to insure
7:55 am
you get a lot of youth voters is to make sure you hold election during a presidential election year. reporter: 63% of gop millennials. reporter: it will be an elect to watch as the initiatives go across the country. in massachusetts democrats outnumber republicans 3-1. then there is a dueling proposal which seeks to legalize recreational use of marijuana but with fewer government restrictions. opponents of the proposal include the republican governor charlie baker.
7:56 am
>> i believe properly used under a doctor's supervision it can be a benefit to people dealing with seals showers and other circumstances. but there is no reason to legalize marijuana. when i speak to people in the healthcare community they say it's a bad idea, and i'm opposed to it. reporter: several swing states are among those that may see recreational inhe i shall toughs on the ballot. martha: schools and businesses shut down as security forces conduct terror raids searching for the suspect still out there from the paris massacre. ou don'. . (0617fox555a.ecl) it's a van that speaks volumes.
7:57 am
it's spacious and flexible. it can carry heavy loads and go the distance. and for small business owners, it will make a strong first impression. .>>
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martha: a tribute to the paris terror attack victims. celine dion performing. show producers said it was important to show our solidarity. wonderful to have you back. jon: new terror raid sweeping across brussels. the city that's home to nato headquarters and the european union remains locked down and under the highest state of alert for another day. good morning, i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. belgian police carrying out a series of raid as they hunt for a suspect called the 8th paris attacker. they shut down subjectways,


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